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Episode 16: The Freemasons Part 1: From Stonemasons to the Brotherhood

Podcast Transcription

so for today, ladies and gentlemen, uh, we have for you the free masons. Mm. I know this is like the, the great shrouded mystery Yeah. Of the free masons. But I wanted to take it back, back to the beginning. Back so we even know.

Cause I don’t even know what the fuck. Yeah, I, I didn’t know what nobody knows free fucking are or what they are. Well, you just hear about a bunch of conspiracies, but you don’t really know what the fuck this is. Yeah. Well, didn’t didn’t Nick Cage. I’m pretty sure Nick Cage is the original free Nick. Yeah.

I’m. I’m gonna steal the Declaration of Independence.  on Con Air. Yeah. Like, yeah. The bunny Freemasons con seconds. Let’s ride. Let’s ride . Love it. That was like seven Mees only once. All the means seven means all in one . All right, so what does Freemason mean? So Freemason is, I guess the earliest documents that refer to Freemasons are written in Latin.

So I’m gonna ly say some Latin words to you. Slyly. Wow. Okay. That means in the fashion shit.  shit. Leek. It’s an adjective. Yeah. So, um, sculpt Taurus, lek Liam, oh my God. Magister Laham, Liam Patera. , Mara Mason. The friendship here, honestly, it sounds like you’re doing a Hogwarts spell. . I am, yeah. . A hundred percent.

Actually, it was not that bad. No. So those are, those are pretty much, that is all relating to the Freemasons, but pretty much what it, what it means. They all signify a worker in Freestone, a grainless sandstone or limestone suitable for ornamental masonry masonry. Working with stone or brick. Okay. Like the ancient way of building shit, that fucking bricks.

Yeah. So yeah, that’s, that’s what Freema work with Stone. Do we know, do we know what, what year we’re talking about? I mean these, these texts, uh, the oldest one is from 1212. Damn. Um, that’s, that’s, um, from London and then it goes in like 1391. 1351. So those are the earliest official English documents.

So say like, back in the day, like being a mason was a pretty legit job. Almost being an architect in today’s world. So, so, uh, if you were, I don’t know, you had a fam, you had a family, were like, you had family. , I need to build a house or an addition. You would hire Mason. You would hire a Mason. 

You have to, yeah. In order to build anything, you had to fucking hire Mason. Mostly it was, is to do with, , large scale buildings, especially England is a lot of this, , so to build all the cathedrals and all this shit, all masons, they literal. , I had to draw the shit on. They’d, they’d map it out. Like the right architects?

Yeah. Nah, but you know, for, for, for a second at the beginning I thought you were talking maybe , they, they were sculpting stone and shit. No, no, they were actually, it was brick in concrete. In actual, in stone, but they would literally have to draw out and , this is before you had fucking AutoCAD , like, you know, where you’re just , do the physics calculations for me.

They had to do this all in their head on paper shit. So it’s, it’s, it’s pretty impressive. It’s super impressive. They were able to do what they did back in the day. Right. So, so back in the day at Medieval Master Mason. So that’s , you know, somebody who was a master at Mason. Sure. Uh, they would be required to undergo what passed for a liberal education in those days.

So what that means, so in England, they’d have to leave home at nine or 10 years of age, already literate in English and French, educated at home or at the petty school, which is like in essence middle school for kids. Yeah. Uh, from then until the age of 14, they would attend a monastery or a grammar school till they’re.

Or as a page in a nightly household would learn deportment in addition to his studies. So pretty much they’re getting fucking trained as kids. It’s like child labor , like from nine or 10, you’re instantly getting, you have to live with other people. Yeah, you gotta leave home with, you gotta do this whole thing.

Do you know, do you know what it takes to become master? Like a master? Oh, I’m sure there was Jeremy. There’s, yeah, there’s probably like different levels, fucking, different degrees of, I’m assuming masonry, and then you get to the master, I guess, or whatever. So the, the, the i w master masonry? No, but this is back in the day, in order to be a ma, an actual mason, this isn’t free masonry.

This is this masonry in general. In order to be an actual, to build the cathedral, this is what you. . Like, your parents gotta be cool with this. , take him. Yeah. He’s nine. Yeah. He’ll be ready. But they, but they probably, , back in the, I mean, maybe you can, you’re gonna get into this, but , they, they would probably stay in the family. 

Right? So, so between the ages of, of, uh, 14 and 17, they would learn the basics, skills of choosing, shaping and combining stone.

And then between the ages of 17 and 21, be required to learn by rote. A lo rote means like it. . Just exact, it’s almost like verbatim. Yeah. Yeah. A large number of formal problems in geometry. So like they’re literally being trained for the age of nine. These are 21 now. They’re just learning geometry. So three years as a journeyman would often finish with a submission of a master work dealing with a set problem in construction or design.

At this point, he was considered qualified, but still had a career ladder decline before at obtaining the status of Master Mason in a large project. I see. So like you had to work your fucking fucking old life. Yeah. Wow. Just to be able to build some shit. Yeah. Years just in , yeah. Okay. So, so nine to 21.

Okay. That’s. , that’s 12 years. Just to be able to be , that’s insane. All the stepping stone demand. Yeah. That’s insane. So that, that just shows you the importance and how Yeah. How much they put behind this. Yeah. So nine to 21, that’s. , that’s all you do. 12 years every day. Just, geez, dude. The whole, and you don’t learn geometry until you’re 14.

Yeah. It’s like, damn. , I’m hiring people right now for my role. We don’t have to talk about my job but , but I’m hiring them and they have 18 months. Experience. Yeah. Experience.  But this is 12 years. 12 years. And you’re not, not even a master mason. Specific, specialized specifically, you know, day in, day out, brick laying.

Wow. Roll. Oh, dude. It’s a crazy, yeah.

All right, so originally Masonic Lodges Now, now we’re into, we’re starting to get into more Freema, so Masonic Lodges were only for actual Masons. People who were actually. So these are lodges that they would have just for masons and a lo they’d be like, Hey, a lodge is like, I’m a mason. Mason, let’s go grab a beer.

Yeah. A lodge is like a, it’s just like a place, it’s like a building. It’s like a hangout. It’s almost like a bar. You can consider it like a bar. Yeah. Okay.

 So Freemasons are actually the oldest fraternal organization in the world. So fraternal. So fraternals like fraternals, like a fraternity. But fraternal actually means men only. That’s actually, that’s actually, if you look at the definition of fraternal, it means men only. Yeah. Um, so beginning in the early 17 hundreds, , now to date, it’s actually the largest worldwide secret society.

While some people dispute that it’s actually a secret society, it does conceal many of its rituals, customs, and activities from the public. So I think that’s why it’s commonly known as secret society, cuz shit’s like on low, low. Mm-hmm.  secret. You know about it. You know it’s got conspiracies. Mm-hmm.  if it’s secret.

But here’s my, here, here’s a big question and maybe you’ll answer it, but can I go join one now, I mean, I think you can. Yeah. But I think you, in order to join for Masonry, I, I may be speaking of a turn here, but I think you actually have to know someone. Oh, it’s a sponsor thing. Yeah. Like someone has to be like, Hey, I, I vouched for this person to join the group.

And I think that’s like how, I think, that’s how I’m agreeing up on it. I, I, you know, before we were gonna do this, I didn’t, I didn’t see anything about that. I think you could just join, you know, but figure, it’s like series seven. You know, you get a little sponsor, , you get a guy take a test. Yeah, take test.

But you gotta go through the, not the rituals. What’s the word I’m talking about? The initiation. Don’t they have that too? I have, we’re gonna get to that. I’m sorry. We’re jumping, we’re jumping on gun here. Yeah, I’m sorry. Yeah. All right. Right on. All right. So originally, so Freemason revolved from the guilds of stone masons, like, which we just mentioned, how it started as like they were just masons and the lodges, uh, and cathedral builders of the middle ages.

So that makes sense. With the decline of cathedral building, some of these lodges, um, of operative masons began to accept honorary members to bolster the, their declining membership. So they’re like, we need the cash. I’m like, yeah, join membership, bro. Like, you know what I’m saying? Yeah. . So a few of these lodges started to develop like symbolic and speculative freemasonry.

That’s, that’s where freemasonry kind of evolved. Mm-hmm.  from these lodges of actual stonemasons, and they started to kind of do some other shit. Yeah. You know? So, um, the 17th and 18th centuries adopted the rights and trappings, trappings means signs or features. Hmm. So  so a a right is like a, something you do, it’s almost a ceremonial, you could almost call it a ritual. A right is almost like a ritual. Okay. It’s like a thing that you do. Like for example, if I’m a football player and it’s like my right before every game, . I know I gotta tap my shoes and tie ’em three times.

I see. Like, you know, yeah. That’s kinda like a ritual. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s almost like, it’s almost like a ritual. Yeah. So they adopted almost a superstition it. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Right. So in the 17th, 18th century, these lodges started to adopt these types of rituals from, uh, ancient religious orders and civil rich brotherhood Crick does mean chivalry.

Like a shris, like, almost like a nightly, A nightly brotherhood. Yeah. Okay. So in 1717, the first grand lodge, , was founded in England. Wow. So a grand lodge. It’s like the main, it’s like a, almost a, it’s the top, it’s like a, it’s top, almost the ruling body of the, the similar lodges Yeah. In the area.

Mm-hmm. . So it’s almost like, you know, Uh, it like the mayn sounds like, and it almost sounds like, and I’m gonna stop you, but , it almost sounds like this is a bro club. Yeah, it is. Yeah, it is. Yeah. Back in the, back in the hundreds of years ago is , Hey, let’s, , you know, let’s get  out of the house.

Mm-hmm. , do you what? I’m like, think I’m at work. Yeah. No, I gotta go because it’s , I’m , I’m initiating. It’s the grand lodges beating. I gotta go. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Billy, Billy needs to be initiated. Billy, I gotta do it. Oh, Billy. So I gotta head down to the lodge. Alright, so, so technically I have the definition for a grand lodge is the overarching governing body of a fraternal or other similarly organized group in a given area, usually a city, state, or country.

So it doesn’t, it’s not just specific to Freemason. Yeah. It could be anything, right? Yeah. Like it’s just long, like Grand Lodge is like Yeah. It’s like the main body. Right. But yes, it’s definitely a broken line. Oh yeah, a hundred percent. Sounds like a bro club. A hundred percent. Bunch of bros trying to drink some mead.

Yeah. . I’m trying to get lit. By the way, have you had mead? I have. It’s fucking delicious. What does it taste like? It’s, well, meat is like, it’s beer. It’s honey based. Oh, so it’s so, it’s , it’s a liquor, , one of those um, what, a dessert wine type shit? No, no. Brandy beer? No, it’s like, it’s a, it’s like a beer, but , oh, it’s a beer instead of using fucking corn.

They used honey, , I said, using barley honey is the main thing. It’s ancient. Why is that not a thing here? Because it was fucking ancient technology. No, I know, but, but why is that not a thing? Like, can we not go to a mead? I mean, we could find one. I’m sure we, we gotta find one except if, uh, free mead.

If anybody knows we’re a nearby Mead, Mead Bar, bar. Just get some mead . Wouldn’t they be rad? Be? What are you doing? What are you doing? Saturday? Bang up topic, boys. I’m going, I’m going to a mead place. Cut. It’s all right. So there, there are numerous, numerous, numerous like theories, speculations of alternative histories and beginnings of the Freemasons,  tracing back to ancient Greek mathematicians Euclid and Pys and then Py theorem, even back to the Knight’s Templar, ancient Egyptians, even Moses.

 Yeah, there’s a lot of speculation. But the generally accepted history, Is what I’m giving you right now. Yeah. Okay. Like quote unquote. Yeah, right. This is where it came from, quote unquote. Yeah. Just, I just wanted to give you as a backstory, so Freema, literally since it’s inception, it is encountered like considerable opposition from organized religions.

Okay. Uh, especially most specifically from the Roman Catholic Church. , so Freemasonry really is not a Christian institution. , it is actually, it often has been mistaken for such, like a lot of people think it’s baseline Christian, , as like their, their baseline like belief system. But Freemason Freemasonry contains many elements of , , of a religion in itself, teachings that pretty much promote morality, charity obedience to the law of the land.

Like really? Yeah.  It promotes those types of things, but it’s actually technically not a religious organization. So while it has a lot of, so it doesn’t believe in a, a supreme being. Well, they they actually do. No, they do, they do that. That’s actually like, but isn’t that what dude, isn’t that, isn’t that what religion is?

Dude, it’s weird. Okay. I’m just tell you, it’s like, how do you define it? It’s weird. I don’t think they say a specific supreme being, right. Exactly. So they’re not, they’re not, and I’m gonna get into this later, , okay, later in this you’ll, you’ll actually get a little more data. But like they’re just not saying that it’s Christian specific.

I see. Right. Okay. Okay. Even though they do believe in all that a hundred percent. Yeah. But they’re just not saying it’s Christian specific. Yeah. Okay. But they did say no Catholics, is that what you said? No. No. The Roman Catholic church. Every, everybody else is fine. No Catholics? No. The Roman Catholic’s not saying you know Christian, but everybody that’s not Christian, you’re not welcome.

Can’t sit here.  Saints tag. Saints taken, no, this means that the Roman Catholic Church was like opposing them. . Oh, okay. So like the Pope was probably like, fuck this, I’m not gonna, you’re not gonna build cathedrals. No, that’s right. He did. I don’t remember which Pope, but it was one of the popes that did actually , you know, come out against it.

I, at some point, I don’t remember really. So I think Freemasons, yeah, like they, he, a pope came out and said they actually coined, or they said the term. Yeah, we are, we don’t agree with the free Macy. Yeah, he came up with, it was a whole thing.

So, um, in most, in most Masonic traditions, the, the applicant for mission is required to be an adult male. All but listen. Done. Listen. Here we go. No, no check. All applicants must also believe in the existence of a supreme being and in the immortality of the soul check. So like I’m saying, that was, That was, that’s it.

Those are the only two things. No, but I was totally, I was gonna get to that. Yeah. About the religious thing. It’s like they do believe in the supreme things. I, and they do believe in the immortality of soul, but it’s not specific to Christian. I see. Right. I see, I see. And so in ar Roman White, and let’s be honest, is it white only?

White Anglo-Saxon ground? Let’s be honest. Let’s be honest. So you believe in Supreme being you, you have no melatonin. Your skin. Yes. . You have a receding hairline. Receding hairline, and you’re white most likely. Yes. Yeah, Jorge is likek. Uh, what’s went on? The Free Macs are bro next door.  Masons. What? . So anyways, on a side note, yeah. As, as I mentioned before, you know, Freemasonry is you had to be an adult male.

Okay. So for a very, very long, sorry. I feel like, I feel like there’s so much more here. . No, I’m saying for a very long time. Yeah. For a very long time. Free masonry is only males. Yeah. So I just wanted to add this in cause we love our female listeners. Mm-hmm. , we love you. 20%.

20% female demographic. There’s a thing called co masonry. So co co masonry means they accept both men and women. No way. So this star, this started in France, no offense, but No way. . This is like 14 hundreds. Listen to me. This is later in time. Literally women couldn’t do anything. This is way later in time.

Yeah. I just wanted to add this sentence as an aside. So this is 1984 ? No, this literal like 2021 . No. So it was started in France by a chick named, uh, Mart Demus. Okay. This is in the late 18 hundreds, actually is spread to England in 1902. Uh, there was all kinds of shit that went down in existing lodges.

People were  resigning in weird shit happening. So in 1908 there was a formation of a grand, a new grand lodge, which became, it was called the Honorable Fraternity of Anant Masonry. Mm-hmm. So under a clergyman, , the Reverend, Dr. William Frederick Cobb as grand master of that, of that, you know, lodge.

Yeah.  he retired. He was like, yeah, I retire. Yeah. Then they elected their first ever female grand master the first time it’s ever had. Wow. Okay. Huh. So then in 19, oh, this was five or two. This was in, uh, 1908. 19 0 8 19. So this is 200 fucking years later. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And so then, , they, this is in England still?

Yes. Can you say that? No, this was in, uh, this in, this is in England. Yes. France, no. Began in France. France spread to England. And this is where this started happening? Yeah. Okay. So they reverted back to the original legal meaning of brotherhood, uh, the members, , pretty, no, the members addressed each other as brothers since 1908.

And then, um, even the curls. Yeah, still they call each other’s brothers.  and then, um, don’t make any sense. . I dunno what to, I dunno what to fucking tell you, bro. This is the data. I’m just a guy. I’m a dude playing a dude. Pretend, no offense,

No, but serious. Fuck up. No offense. Okay, so anyways, so in 1913, tensions were still kind of shitty with like a bunch of these lodges.

Yeah. Yeah. So they actually ended up splitting, , so there’s a lot of politics that goes along with these, lodges. Yeah. So they ended up a couple of these lodges wanted to split and like, create higher degrees, which we’ll get into very shortly. Mm-hmm. Um, so they.  pretty much went into , , the Royal Arch.

So the Royal Arch. Mm-hmm. , which like I said, we’ll get into later. That was another kind of branch of Freemasonry. And then, so then these people left, they left that lodge to form the honorable fraternity of the ancient Freemasons. So now both these societies are, are exclusively female. So now there’s actually multiple societies that are exclusively female.

Yeah. No males at all. Oh, wow. So it’s kinda heard. Yeah. So it’s kind of like the, the, the, uh, it’s Christianity. So you, you go off into different branches. Mm-hmm. Exactly. Is that there’s exactly pretty much what we’re, what we’re talking about. It’s a very good analogy. Yeah. Kind of. No, cuz the only Latter Saints you got No, no, I know what you’re saying, but what I’m saying is, what Sean’s saying is that it’s still the whole.

thinking and the whole, the way of acting of Free Mac from me, but they just separated the, the chicks and the guys. No, no, no, no. It’s, we’re gonna get into it really shortly, but shit’s bizarre. Okay. There’s like all these mother, these motherfucker are all over the place. Yeah. That’s hard.

That it’s complicated. Yeah, it gets super complicated.  It’s not just Freemason, it’s, it’s like, there’s not straight 30 different sex of Freemason race. So, just to catch everybody up, because I, I’m very new to this and just making sure I understand. So what would be the point of us?

Like what would be the point of view joining this Jorge?  For brotherhood. For , so like the camaraderie? Yeah. It’s like a fraternity. It’s a fraternity. It’s like you join a fraternity, you connect frat house from 19 to get outta the house from s. Yeah. Have some beers. Yeah.

Make connections. Exactly. Get a sweet job after graduation. Okay, so you’re guys, I’m a mason and I need a job. I’m like, I’m hook up with the other Masons super handshake. So it’s like a, it’s like a 400 year old union. Yeah. Kind of. It’s like a 400 year old fraternity. Yeah, fraternity, okay. Not a union.

Paternity is better. Yeah. But it’s work related. So that’s why I use the word union. It is work related. You’re right. It is like a union  with, with no benefits, with no bennys. It’s like a union with no Bennys. It’s like the railroad union, but it’s, uh, but they don’t negotiate your pay. I’m just trying to understand  why would, what’s the appeal?

I can imagine the appeal in the 17 hundreds when you, you actually were a mason. You’re like, yo, those are my homies. Yeah. Yeah. These are my guys. They, they know what they do in 20 22, 20 23.  and what’s the, no, it’s just guys have, like Sam Adams on tap or what’s up? Yeah. . Yeah. No, 2022 is, or so it’s like’s like a club shit.

Okay. Okay. It’s a club. So it’s, it’s it’s a club that you decided to join, , and it originated from similar work. Exactly. That’s exactly good. Okay. So, so pretty much, so what I mentioned the honor fraternity of Ancient Masonry. So they restricted, they stopped, they stopped having male, you know, guys join and they restricted to only female.

The last male member left in 1935. Wow. Because they couldn’t, they didn’t kick, they didn’t kick the dudes out that were already in, you know. Yeah. And so the, uh, the older society having started working higher degrees, changed its name in 1958, uh, appending the Order of Women Freemasons as are known today.

So now it’s the Order of Women Freemasons. Hmm. So I just wanted to add that in there. Can you imagine, can you imagine. If I was, if I was a I. So you’ve been, you’ve been part of a, a club for 30 years and now it’s , and now it’s all women and you’re the only one . You’re like, I’m, I’m gonna retire, dude.

You’re like, you know, I’m gonna back up. I’m gonna back up from this. I’m gonna, it’s been real. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Tired man. I no one to talk to anymore. So you’re like, I’m dead. So anyways, okay, so the, here’s, this is a little, another little side note cuz Yeah. We were kind of talking about this earlier with, with the Jorge joke cuz he’s Spanish.

Yeah. So in practice some lodges have been charged with prejudice against Jews, Catholics and non-whites. . So it’s a white club. It’s a white club. But you can’t, a white club can’t be Catholic. Or jhu. Yeah, . It’s like, it’s like ridiculous. So what can you be only white? A Christian? White. White only. Yeah. Yeah. 

Christian White. We’re not saying it gotta be Christian and white, but, but you can’t be not Christian and white. Maybe one atheist a hundred. I’ll let you in as, as long as it’s black. Yeah. I’ll let you a new white guy. So generally Freemasonry in Latin countries has attracted those who question religious dogma or who oppose the clergy.

ORAS. In the angle of Saxon countries, the membership is drawn largely.  from among white Protestants. Mm-hmm. . Mm. So that’s where it start. It started in the Engel Saxon countries. Yeah. White Protestant males are the, the key demographic. You know, you know what’s crazy is the more, uh, podcasts we do, the more, , horrible white people seem,  not a thing.

Yes, yes. I’m asking. I’m asking you too. A hundred percent. It’s not the thing because every, every episode we’ve. Literally the white people are like the, we need to find some like his naked, some black conspiracy. Yeah. Slippery, fully, honestly, what we on, but they just don’t exist. We should do Cause you’re hot, don’t roll like that.

You know? We should just find like a, like a black serial killer story because there’s, there’s none. They’re only white. It doesn’t make any sense. Only serial killer are white. It’s, it’s bizarre. They’re, you know, the, the hillside triangular was Mexican. The what? The who? Hillside Strangler in La Mexican. He, he was like 20% Mexican though, 

He, he was like 80%. Well he looked exact. Here’s the thing, I love why people, cuz my dad’s white and he’s the best guy now. So like, I love the guy there. You. And I’m, you know, so like the black half of me is like white, white people. White dudes are cool. Yeah. White dudes are dope. You have, you have both pictures.

I know you have. You know what I mean? That’s now like, the more we go back on these stories and these conspiracies, you’re right then white people are fucking asshole white people. Yeah. White people have, well, when you rule the world, you’re gonna have to be the only assholes that are True. True. Like, you’re the only person you can blame are the assholes who are in charge.

True. So that does make sense. Anyways, I digress. Yeah. So now we’re gonna get into the various things like the, the different the degrees and the hierarchy of freema.  Yeah. So here’s where things get weird. Okay. Cause it’s like super, it’s super it’s just different.

Yeah. So in most lodges, in most countries, Freemasons are divided into three major degrees. Enter an apprentice, which is the first degree fellow of the craft, and then master Mason. Wait, are we also, are we talking about now present time or are we still back in the 19 by this? This is, this is from, from in the past to present.

Okay. We’re talking about in all time. Yeah. These are these, these are the three lodges. These, these are the breaks. Yeah. In, in most lodges. Most so, in many lodges there are numerous degrees. Sometimes as many as a thousand people or degrees. What the fuck? What, I know I’ve told you this. Where’s chicken? No way.

These degrees are superimposed on those three major divisions, so they’re like within those three major divisions.

But it’s still, it’s still ridiculous. It’s like, , you got 300, 300 degrees every, it’s like college credits. It’s kind of like that, but a junior, but you got 77 credits, , and then Exactly. To get to the senior maybe fine. All right. So , it’s, it’s just not uniform. Among from country to country is different from each SEC to SEC is different.

So it’s like sect, there’s like a sect, like a section. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, so pretty much there’s no standardized ranking system across the globe. , or maybe that’s what they want you to believe. . . So on the Freemasons website, I went to the website cuz they have, they have their own website. They have their own website today they actually have their own website for each state.

But then there’s, then there’s a main national website.  Like, we should try, we should, we should. As part of the research, we should try, honestly, we should try to get. . They need diversity. I could see you in that ritual. I’m nty Well, well, you’re, you’re a racist. Well, well, no, super white racism.

You’re, you’re a white Anglo sax and male. I would, I would be, honestly, you, I would be a master. They’d be like, instantly, they’re like, bring this guy up. Bring, yeah. Like Jorge comes in, they’re like, we now appoint you to the janitor. Yeah.  degree. You’re, he’s like, wait, what? You get one degree? And I’m like the, I’m the cook

You’re never really a member. . Fucking sure. Sean. We’re your dues. Pay your dues quickly, Sean. There’s a 12 year entry. . There’s a wait list. Sorry. Resets every six years. Sorry, bro. By Valentine’s Day, I’m a fucking Master Mason here. Eric’s got, Eric’s got four bars on his shoulder. Fucking general.  Don’t know what they do, but I don’t know either. He’s, he’s a 1000 degree black belt. Fucking that’s Mason . That’s right. 1000 degrees black belt Mason. Yeah. And me and Mario are like, yeah, dude, can we get a drink, bro? Like waiting for 20 minutes.

So anyways, so on the Freemasons website, they literally, okay, so here’s how they break it down and here’s what they say for each of the three degrees. Okay. So I wanted to give you exactly what they say. Yeah. So I’m not being biased.

Yeah. So the first.  entered apprentice straight from the website. So what’s the word? Enter. Entered? Apprentice. Entered. Entered. Entered. Apprentice. Apprentice. Okay. Yeah. So it self, self explanatory. Enter Sandman. . So as a candidate, as a candidate’s, first experience with the , ceremonies of the fraternity, this degree is intended to be an introduction to Masonry.

It is like all Masonic ceremonies, a solemn and meaningful event. The entered apprentice is entrusted with Secrets of the Masonic order, which are all moral and ethical in nature. Why do they have to give that? Okay. Why do they have, they have to give like the, like the like little den. They’re all moral and ethical.

We promise. We don’t do any weird shit at all. ? I have no, no, no. I think.  and I, I don’t mean to like shit on them. The, the first 30 minutes of this podcast has been us, like joking about them. Right? Yeah. But, but like, maybe they are good guys. No, no. Maybe, maybe the entry level is , hey, keep your shit together.

Like you True. Can’t be like a Coke addict. You have to get, you have to have morals. You have to be somewhat of an up and up person to be part of our crew. I understand that. It’s just the way says, I know. It’s funny the way it says, just listen to the wording this, the wording from the website, this is exact wording, they entered, apprentice is entrusted with Secrets of the Masonic order.

Are those secrets? No. No. That’s what I want. No, no. Listen. The thing. Listen. Yeah. So that means addition, which are all moral and ethical in nature. Oh, so it’s like, oh, it’s a disclaimer. Yeah, it’s a disclaimer. Disclaimer’s. Disclaimer. The moral and ethical problem in nature and Oh, I get it. So it wasn’t about the person, it wasn’t about the person.

It was about, it was, it was about, it was about the secrets. So, you know, we’re not doing. Yeah.  Yeah, I get it. I get it. So that’s why I think it was a little sketch to make that little blurb. They could have left that out and have been totally fine.

Once a candidate completes the entered apprentice degree, he takes his first step as a Freemason and enjoys the title of brother. Okay, so now they say on the second degree fellow craft, that’s, that’s the second degree. So fellow craft is a term used by the ancient guilds of operative masons that refer to skilled members of the craft, a literal fellow of the craft.

Within Masonry, the fellow of the craft references a more advanced search for Masonic wisdom, symbolism, and philosophy. For skilled craftsmen, this degree would have a marked a person’s progress from an apprentice to Ajo journeyman, which brings it increased responsibility, learning, and work. Once completed, the candidate may advance to the third and final degree.

Hmm. So the third, but I wonder how, how, all this applies to present time now, because Yeah. You know, they’re not fucking pumping out masons. Like . Yeah. Shit. Not, but you know, you know, they might, no, no, no, no. But also now, I think now the free masons are not, I think now it’s not an active, thriving community.

I think now it’s more of a fraternity. I think now it’s more of a fraternity. Right. As opposed to , that’s what I think in the,  it was like, yo, listen, there’s a group of dudes like who do work. So I wondered like what all these things that you’re going through and you’re moving up to , but what’s crazy?

Yeah. But like if you drive down the street, I bet you within 20 minutes you would find. A lodge. A lodge, dude. No, there’s a lodge. There’s a lodge, right? There’s there’s a lodge off.

There’s a lodge. That’s what I’m saying. Really?  Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. So lodge growth, like it must be a thing. Yes. So the birds, it’s a thing like the, like the buildings are here. Mm-hmm. . No, they’re, they’re here. They’re everywhere. It’s not, no. That’s for sure. I, this is not like an arch archaic theme. It’s, it’s a global organization. Like it’s global. Yeah. What the fuck? Like you’re talking about all these levels that they still got going on still, and, and you still call ’em apprenticeship and journeyman and blah, blah, blah, and like, Of what?

What are you doing? Like mason grade? No, no, no. That’s what It’s still confused. We’re halfway through the episode. I don’t get it still. Listen, the third, I’m gonna be honest with you, Jorge. I don’t get it. That’s the thing, like I think they hide behind all this confusion. All these really conspiracies are, are hiding behind the but confusion.

But maybe there’s, there’s a, uh, a set set of rules of, or no, like, well, we’re obviously fine in it. Yeah, no, I know, but, and live fine. I think it’s be better, better person. I think what They’re right. Okay, fine. Yeah.  It’s like an honest man thriving, right. In society.

That’s what it seems like. But there’s, there’s nothing wrong with that. Like actually kinda and behind that course. No, that, that sounds cool. Right? Fucking, that’s what it was. It’s better than, it’s better than not having, it’s not what it is. Like True. But here, you’d rather have a crew that is trying to better themselves.

Right. Right. True. Right. Yeah. So , there’s nothing. . Let me, I’ve yet to find anything wrong with it. Well, lemme this is thing Eric, Eric believes whatever the fuck is on their website, Eric’s already a Master Mason , Eric, master Mason, like, like that’s cool. Eric is literally bought in, like dial in.

Eric, the white Protestant males, literally speaky. I was like directly right now he’s like, this sounds like a group I want to be a part of. Yeah, it sounds like, I mean there’s nothing wrong with it so far I’m tell, there’s so far there doesn’t sound to be anything wrong with it.

Okay. The third degree, master Mason, this is what they see on the website. This is the pr. Okay. Yeah. From them. From them, not anything else. The third degree symbolizes man’s maturity and life or age and is increase in knowledge and wisdom. The last of the lodge ceremonies, the master mason degree completes the initiation ceremonies into the fraternity.

And the new Master Mason may enjoy both the rights and responsibilities of membership,  this sounds awesome. , . God, Eric, you are the demographic like this. Yes.   A master Mason has the right to visit lodges throughout the world. Sharing in fraternal fellowship.

Dude, it’s like a gym membership everywhere. . It’s like anytime I’m like in Chicago, anytime I’m in Chicago and I’m like, Hey, I’m gonna hit you up. And they’re like, Hey brother. Yeah.

No, but the funny thing is, on the website, they, they make a point to have black dudes on those. Oh really? Oh, for sure.

A hundred percent. They’re , They’re with the times. They’re not. They’re woke. They’re not trying to get canceled. No. Oh, so there’s, so there’s uh, no, there is, there’s, I wanna say it, but like, dude, there’s on the website, jump in there. Mexican. There’s black dudes full regalia. Really? Oh yeah. I did. See, I’ve never met a black mason.

I’ve never met, met real Mason. Mason. I’ve never met a black person.  . I’m literally doing the podcast with you, idiot. I am black. That’s the funny part.

Yeah, I did see that when I was researching, for, for this episode of, um, There’s a YouTube video or something, but there was a black guy and they had a, A Hispanic guy, an Asian dude. Like no, they had like 10 white guys. . They all standing behind him. I know. Like they’re like, you’re doing, you’re doing good.

Jamar. Just keep going. Jamar, Jamar. Jamar. Sounds like an episode for that one. What was it? What are those guys? Peel and Keenan. Keenan Peel. Keenan Peel. Keenan Peel Kids. Keenan Peel. So good one. So this, this like  Ryon. No, it’s a Aron A A. How did you fuck up? I’m sorry. You know. Anyways, so they can visit lodge out the world, sharing a fraternal fellowship with like-minded men who now share a common bond.

One of the largest groups of Freema is called the Scottish Bright. Oh, yeah.

That’s, so the Scott, the Scottish Rights is, is heard of. That is no. He just said it sounds good. Sound is ra, it sounds, sounds, yeah. I’m interested. Yeah. Eric is, Scott’s so cold hook for this shit. No, I’m, I’m literally waiting for this to end so I can sign up. Eric is, I’ll literally call Eric tomorrow and he’ll be at the fucking lodges door.

So the Scottish Wright. So compared to the three degrees in standard free masonry, the Scottish Wright, an offshoot of free masonry mm-hmm. Has 33 degrees. Now most people have heard about this 33 degrees. A free masonry.

Yeah. You know, if you, me, if you listen to conspiracies and stuff, like you’ve heard about 30, 33 degrees of mainstream No, we are the conspiracy podcast, but we don’t know anything. I have heard, I have heard of it numerous times. Okay. So 30 of these degrees are appendant degrees for like added degrees, , in that they are not higher in ranking, but lateral.

So the little lateral rankings, they’re not , means like, oh, it’s not a, you’re not , it’s I’m a colonel and you’re a captain. I’m a above you Right. Type thing. Yeah. Okay. So, um, so this means that a member of the 21st degree in the Scottish right, is the same ranking as someone of the third degree in masonry.

Okay. So it means that you’re all kind of the same. So granted what they’re saying is , the third degree of masonry is a master mason. So , even if you’re a 21st degree, you’re still a master Mason.  So you could think of these additional degrees as honorary, given to those masons who have, uh, maintained consistent, significant participation with the order. These degrees are given based on merit inability, although Master Masons cannot progress through these degrees without time and examination to attain the 32nd degree.

For example, a Freemason must have been a Master Mason for at least 14 years, fucking 14 years. Hmm. That’s a long time. Wow. And have been elected Master of the Lodge and have satisfactorily served the Supreme Council. Alright, so there are more, there are more than an estimated 160,000 members, specifically of the Scottish Right. In the world. That’s just, just the Scottish, right. , now only in the world.

In the world of the Scottish, right? Yeah. So it says with just about 4,000 of them holding the 33rd degree. Mm. So they’re saying 4,000 people to Scottish Right. Have like the highest possible degree. So they went full. Yeah, they went full. They went full for it. Yeah. Full, full. Yeah. They weren’t put in, now they’re lifers.

Yeah. The first, or at least like a month. But, but no, you gotta be in there for 14 years. A minimum of 14. A minimum of four, just to get the 32nd degree. You have to be in at least 14 years. Wow. Minimum. And, and but what do you have to do? You have those 13 years. You have to quote unquote satisfactorily  satisfactorily satisfy.

Do I just have to serve the Supreme Council? You have to just send dues. The what? No, no, you have to like, like what do you have to do, bro, for those 13 years, he’s gotta satisfy land. Like send in a card. And I’m like, here’s my due all it said, no. It says you have to, you have to have been elected by the master of the lodge.

Oh. So you need to sponsor The master of the lodge has to be like, yo, but you also have, you have to have satisfactorily serve the Supreme Council. So, ha. So it’s a whatever that Yeah, it’s a, a political, it’s, it’s like you’re doing favors. You’re like, you get paid over.  So the fir But but anyways, the first three degrees are the same.

Are the same. Like they’re the same. Okay. So up to Master Mason is all the same, but everything else gets like split. Yeah. Yeah. So now we get into the weird fucking, so these are the 30, these are the, the 33 degrees. I’m gonna, actually, I’m gonna name them out. You read all 33. I’m gonna le read all 33 for you.

Oh, Jesus. So it starts off, I’m gonna, this is gonna be, I’m gonna go real fast, like machine gun status.  Yeah, . All right, so now I’m gonna, just gonna read to you, so it starts off as the first, I, I’m only reading it just so you can hear, like Yeah. All the things, . Yeah.

Okay, so, so the first level, it’s called the lodge of perfection. And so here, here’s how it begins. Master traveler, but wait, wait, wait. Real quick. Okay. This is not like confidential of their thing, right? No, this is not on their website.

This is, no, this isn’t from the website, but this, these, these, but I mean, it’s not like, they wouldn’t be offended by, you know. No, this is what they’re called. This is the names of the shit. Yeah. I’m just, they should be wondering. Wasn’t this way. It’s not, it wasn’t like secret handshake. We were about to be nice.

No, I didn’t know if you hacked the system. No. How the fuck would I do that? No, you know, you join, you join, didn’t you? I’m not a white Protestant male. Like, good pass. So anyways, Eric got jealous for a second there. . Fuck you Eric. Fuck you. He says, shit, will Smith. Yeah, right. I’m like, white bitch, white Smith.

Honestly, you guys are like the exact, I know. Is he half black? Oh yeah. Yeah. Pretty sure. Who’s his mom? No one’s I that no one’s full black in that color, bro. He look at me, he’s, he’s pretty, he’s pretty like, uh, he’s brown. Uh, vanilla latte. , yeah. Know that he’s like me. He’s a little, he’s he’s darker than me though.

Yeah, he’s darker than he’s, wait, wait, wait. If you had to put me in a Starbucks cup, what would I be? You’d be like a, like a Americana, a flat white , Americana. This blackish shit. You, no, it’s flat white. No, no. A flat. A flat white. Yeah. America super expensive. No, Americana is just like, it’s like 90% like boiling water.

Yeah. But black, I’d be like, America Cappuccino. Yeah. You’d be, you’d be a cappuccino for sure. Yeah. You’d be like, milk . Just like, it’s like just leave the coffee now. It’s like half and half.

Put cup. So anyways, we start off with the logic, perfection. Yeah. So it goes, and these are the 33. So these are like the ones that are above the third degree, which is master. So what, you’re a master. Here we go. Master traveler. Perfect. Master.

Master of the Brazen. Serpent. You know what it, you know, you know, on the, even though we’re only on the third one, but , it sounds like the boys’. . This sounds like the Boy Scouts. Well, no. Listen to the first. First couple things. Master of the brazen circuit. You’re the first one. Master traveler. It’s like a badge.

True Eric. It’s like a, you know what I mean? Fun fact. I was a Eagle Scout. Fuck off. Yes I was. You’re an Eagle Scout. Yes, sir. That was the biggest echo I’ve ever heard. Are you kidding? You’re an Eagle Scout Eagle. Yes, sir. Are gonna salute. Hey guys, are you kidding? You better salute now. I Eagle Scout. Do you know how fucking hard it is to be an Eagle Scout?

It’s pretty fucking hard. Do you know he’s an Eagle Scout? I don’t really care. I don’t. No. Dude. Eagle Scout is, there’s a very small percentage of people on Earth who are Eagle Scouts. Great Eagle Scout. I didn’t know. Yes, I am. Yes. A hundred percent. A hundred percent. I got all the fucking matters. Are you kidding?

No. Holy shit. Pause, pause, pause, pause, pause, pause. . Are you kidding? I’m basically a free mason at this point. You’re a master Mason. Hold on man. Hold on. Now I’m, now I’m questioning it. You’re an eagle. Eagle scout. Why is he fucking questioning me? Cause you’re an Eagle Scout. That Im an Eagle Scout. If you were white, if you were white, you would take it without Exactly.

No, no, no. This is not a race thing. Dick Hole. You’re an Eagle Scout. Yes. Okay. How many times did to fucking say it? I’ve never met an Eagle Scout. Are you serious? Yeah. Have you met an Eagle Scout? I never cared. I don’t. I still don’t care. Dude. Do you know what it is? It’s like a huge deal. It’s the highest ranking of the Boy Scouts.

It’s huge. Fucking Boy Scouts not, it’s like, whatever. Uh, I didn’t know it was that. Get huge of a deal.  What do you mean? I’m just, I’m just saying you get, you get the floor, like, that’s fucking crazy. Dude. Ladies and gentlemen, you’re an Eagle Scout. Yes.

Oh my God. . Are you serious? Do not ask. It’s say, why would he keep this lie up? Don’t, it’s not, it’s not that I don’t believe you. No, no, no. It’s just that It’s hundred percent not lying. It’s awesome. Not lying. Like it’s, it’s, it’s very, like, I’m pretty sure I still got all my fucking badges. I got my little vest.

Yeah. Yes, dude. I actually feel like  like starstruck . You know what I mean? Nervous now. Like, that’s awesome, dude. There’s an Eagle Scout. Yeah. Do you know what an uh, you don’t know. Shawn doesn’t know.

I’m literally gonna put in all of our promotional pieces. Eagle Scout that we need to put it in in our, in our fucking body. It’ll like, I’m not joking, it’ll be like two dads in Eagle Scout. Mexican Eagle Scout. Yes. I’m literally gonna put, instead of three, three dudes with a high school diploma, it’s gonna be Eagle Scout.

Two dudes in an Eagle Scout,  two. I’m not kidding. You see, I’m fucking not joking at all. This is actually impressive to me. Yes. That’s awesome, dude. Let’s go. Yeah, that’s awesome. That’s great. That’s fucking awesome. I mean, can get kudos to you, brother. Honestly.  That’s insane. Yeah. Why is it so difficult to be an Eagle Scout? Oh God. You’re just gonna A bunch of shit. It just takes years. Yeah. Years actually. Years, yeah. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Probably years and years and years of work.  and badges and  thank you. Congratulations. Okay. Back to the fucking podcast. Jesus, right? Yes. I’m sorry. Podcast time. We get to know each other and that’s amazing. I mean, God, you Likeactually won the Powerball. I’m like, my God, how many, how many Eagle Scouts are there on the planet?

I don’t know, but I’ve only met probably like two other. That’s what I’m, so to your point, yeah. So sing is, but, but I don’t go around ask you to eagle.  Can we please do the fucking podcast now? Like, fuck Jesus Christ. Okay. This shit never happens when you’re doing it. That’s not true. On a 20 minute tangent about fucking Eagle Scouts, it’s because he’s,

So then there’s the, the master of the brazen. Serpent. This is the middle one. This is number three of the 30. No. Oh. Then there’s Jesus Christ, provost, , provost and Judge. Indent of the building. Master of the Temple Master Elect, sublime Master, elected Master of Mercy, master of the Ninth Arc, grand Elect Mason.

And that’s, that’s not even all of ’em. That’s like just a couple of ’em.

Like , here’s, here’s some of the stuff. For example, the 17th degree of the Night of the East and West teaches about the importance of seeking truth in our life path and avoid repeating past errors. I’m like, what does, what does this shit even mean? So weird. The 18th degree night of the Rose Cruces of H R D M teaches laws of versatility and intolerance’s.

Dm, I don’t even know. I’m the saying, like there’s a lot of weird shit teachers laws of versatility and intolerance. Like it’s crazy. It’s almost like they were like trying to figure out life, like their own little, they are. I think it’s, I think it really is based on like the reason we’re here. Yeah. Yeah.

Their little , their own little, yeah. Purpose.  But Yeah. But like purpose of like, , why are we here and what are we here? Little like religion, almost. Almost. Yeah. And almost like they, they were like, you know what, I’m not, I’m not super down with the church, so I’m gonna create a crew with you.

Right. Like, let’s just say it was us three. Mm-hmm.  we’re like, Hey, I’m not really , into the church thing. Yeah. But like, hey, I, I’m into you guys. I mean, us started as a union, so Yeah. Like, so, like, hey, let’s figure out how to be happy. Yeah, yeah. Right. But, but so here, here are, I mean, that’s a nice way to look at it.

There’s, there’s a little religious tone in there. There is true. Well, they’re like, it doesn’t make sense though. I know. It’s weird, but they’re kind of in integrating their religious tone to Knights of Jeru Jerusalem.

But this is also the, you know what I mean? Like, like, what the fuck? This is also the, the, the offshoot one, the one that broke off, right? No, this, this is the, this is the, , Scottish Wright? Yeah. The one that kind of like went off on their or no, the second most popular one, on earth. Okay. Yeah.

Yeah. So what’s the most popular one? I don’t know. I guess  regular masonry. I don’t, I don’t know. I mean, I’m saying the Scottish Rite is one of the most prominent ones on the planet. Yeah. So then you get to the 33rd degree, the infamous 33rd degree. Top. Top. So this is the Eagle Scout.

This is Eagle Scout, this is Eagle Scout, this is Jorge. So the 33rd degree is a supreme honor bestowed only on those who have demonstrated outstanding service of the brotherhood, as well as professional and personal accomplishments. So you gotta be balling out professionally in order to, , you can’t be broke.

You can’t be a loser. Like can’t be a loser. That’s like, sorry, play boy. That’s, that’s the one where all the conspiracies are happening, man. Oh, that’s what I’m telling you. Yes. That’s fucking, that’s fucking Jay-Z. You what I’m saying? Like, real fuck. JayZ was not part of this. , okay. No, I think he was.

Allegedly part of the Illuminati. That’s Illuminati. This thing, right? I’m pretty sure he is Mason.  He could be both. Why not? Yeah, it’s like that’s another episode. We gotta do the Illuminati episode. Both Char. Yeah. Well, sorry. So anyways, , so aside from the Scottish, right, which is the one we just went through, , there are several other orders, , with more than three degrees, cuz obviously basic macer needs is just a three degrees.

, so there’s like the New York, right with nine degrees, there’s a Swedish Rite that has 10 degrees. So it seems like the difference really between each of these rights, a free macer knee, the degree system which they use. Yeah. So, which it seems like they kind of make it up depending on where you are.

Exactly. So I’m just gonna read to you real quick. The, the, the various rights that I’ve, I’ve found. , and these are just the different right systems. So there’s the, , I don’t know how to say this word. A aan, right? There’s the ancient and accepted Scottish, right? Which you one we went over.

Okay. , ancient and primitive, right? Brazilian, right. French Wright, Moorish Wright, national Mexican. Right. So a represent,

A right is a religious or other solemn ceremony or act. Second definition, a social custom practice or conventional act. . So it’s like a custom it’s like the Scottish customs, the Scottish practices. Okay. , okay. Their practices of free masonry. Okay. Okay.  Yeah. There’s, there’s a lot. So I’m not gonna, I’m gonna get in all that stuff. But I did want to get into another thing. I have a little pictorial document here that I’m gonna go through and I’m actually.

We’ll, we’ll post this on the socials. Yeah. Yeah. Just because put it on the website. When the website is gone, like the insanity of it is just like crazy. So they’re like, at the bottom boys, you can see like, there’s normal free masonry, the three degrees. Okay. Yeah. And so, so real quick. So the, the symbol of, of free masonry. , the Square and Compass.  Both the Square and the Compasses are architects tools and are using  , metallic rituals as BLEs to teach symbolic lessons.

So there’s all these different orders and the, and like, just so you know, like, and like said, we’ll post this is that this is just in England and Wales.

Really? Mm. These are all the different ones in just England and Wales. Describe, describe the image. Right. So image is pretty much at the bottom. You have craft free Masons marine, which is the, the basic three degrees, which we’ve already explained. And then there’s literally,

there’s like 20, 20 offshoots that all , and they flow. It’s a, almost a flow chart. Yeah. They’ll flow into each other. Mm-hmm.  and then uncertain ones, certain ones that admit all faiths and other ones only admit Trinitarian Christians. So tri uh, Trinitarian Christian is someone who that believes in and then like then God, God, it’s like there’s like the Spirit God and, and the Son. And now they’re all one in the same thing. Hmm. And so that’s what a Trinitarian Christian is. Wow. Believes that those three things are actually one in the same thing. Okay. Kind of forever in like a circle. Symbolically.

Three. Exactly. Trinitarian, like the Trinity. Yeah. The Holy Trinity. Yeah. You know, the father son, the Holy Spirit. That’s the Holy Trinity. Yeah. So some only allow Trinitarian Christians, but , it’s crazy. How it goes. Then there’s order of the Secret monitor, order of Mark, master Mason’s Order of the Holy Royal Arch.

 It’s so confusing. Control. There’s so many. It’s like, it’s so convoluted.  There’s not, it’d be easier if there was , we all believe  the same thing, right? But it’s there’s so many different belief systems.

It’s really hard to keep track and which is why I think it’s so weird. Mm-hmm.  because there’s like so many things. So anyways, that’s crazy. Another thing I’ve noticed, so doing a lot of this research, .  In Freemason, there is a lot of correlation to King Solomon’s temple. Mm-hmm.  All over the place.

They’re constantly talking. There’s an order of King Solomon’s temple. They’re  everywhere. Yeah. Which is weird. I always thought it was weird. So a quick backstory on how King Solomon’s temple.  relates to free masonry and like why they talk about it all the time. Yeah. So according to biblical accounts, the first temple or King Solomon’s temple, which was apparently the first temple, was located in Jerusalem and completed in, in, , 1957 bce.

It was under the reign of King Solomon. Mm-hmm. Hence his temple. Yeah. So before Solomon, the Hebrew Bible describes the story of Solomon’s father David, who united the Israelites and captured Jerusalem. Solomon’s father received messages from God to construct a great.  that would provide a final resting place for the arc of the covenant.

Boom. So this is a big thing, you go back and like people are always searching for, they were actually searching for Kings Alamo temple to find the arc of the covenant. Mm-hmm. , which, so the arc of the covenant was an elaborate chest encasing the two stone tablets of the 10 Commandments. That’s right.

So it’s literally holding Moses’s tablets this. Harrison Ford. Harrison Ford. You look at it when they open it, you turn to a skeleton. Yeah. Oh, Nazi knuckle oil eyes. It’s a lot of Nazis in those. Yeah, I know. Like really’s a lot. There’s such a good enemy. I know. He’s such a good, it’s so easy to hate those areas.

So this chest would be, uh, pretty much within the innermost room of the temple. Mm-hmm. . . So it’s like the holiest of holy things, you know, it’s a fucking tent commandments. Holy shit. God made himself So, King’s element, , was known as a determined builder. He elicited the support of stone masons to construct the temple on behalf of God’s message to his father.

Mm-hmm. . So this is how it, this is how it ties into the Freemasons. So scripture indicates that the temple was later looted and destroyed in 5 86, between 5 86 and 5 87 BCE by the Babylonians and King ne NEA ii. What are dicks? I know. Well, why not? You’re like, you’re like rape land. You dunno, like, you dunno Know what like the do forever.

They like what is fucking stupid rocks. Break ’em. That’s true. Yeah. Shit. Fuck them. Rape them. Rape all of them Rape the bricks. Yeah. That’s so ridiculous. Fuck rape them all. . I feel like that was the, I know the mentality rape them. You got a hole, you’re getting raped, . Fuck it. Honestly.

So the, the biblical text describes how the Jews return to the location of the temples ruins. And they rebuilt what was known as the second temple to find, only to find that the arc of the covenant was gone. So, according to Mason’s, beyond any religious context, which is hard to imagine, the building of this great structure provides a symbolic foundation for the process of self-development in free masonry.

Okay. Masonic tradition and ritual refers to the physical architectural processes of the temple’s creation, but as a way to emulate the possibilities of self-growth and enlightenment. This structures depicts the capabilities of men when they work collaboratively, using the right tools to diligently develop themselves in order to better.

In order to be better for the world. Mm-hmm. . But the one thing I find super, super odd mm-hmm.  was that if you noticed, earlier in the episode we were talking about how Masons had typically been , kind of like excluding to To Jews. Yeah. Yeah. Catholic. I’m , and you realize that Blacks and Mexicans, yes.

King Solomon was the son of King David, who was literally the, the king of the Jews. Yeah, . Literally, this is in Jerusalem. Jew Jerusalem. This is where Jews originated. They originated from Jerusalem. , yeah. So it’s so weird how they’re basing all their tenants off of , yeah, the temple of fucking King Solomon.

It’s crazy. And they’re all Jewish. They’re all Jewish people. So in this, uh, when you were, when you were looking at this, so who are there like famous people who are , kind of, that I wanted to get into on the next episode?

Okay. I just wanted to give you guys an a, a as best of an overview basics. So you just understood the basic principles, where it came from and what it is. Yeah. So here’s what I got from it because I, , I started listening and not knowing anything. Yeah. Actually mm-hmm.  not knowing anything, but what I got from it, it was a, it’s a club, , to a, like a brotherhood club to achieve better understanding of life.

It seems like that. Yeah. But it’s also like, doesn’t it seem like, but it also seems it’s, it’s a little interesting. You only get rewarded if you’re , prospering in life. Yeah. It’s you can’t advance unless you’re killing the game. Yeah. Which I think is a little weird. That’s kind of cool though.

I think like I know. No, because it’s , okay, you’re trying to better each other. You’re trying to better yourself. But it’s almost this club emulates  life. It’s you only get accepted if you’re crushing it. Like even if you’re the best guy in the world, no. You get accepted. You’re saying you don’t, you don’t advance.

I’m saying you can’t advance you, you can’t. Yeah, I see. Even, doesn’t matter how good you are, doesn’t matter how, what you’re doing for the community, if you’re not prospering at a certain level, they won’t let you go up. Yeah. But because there’s a big, , , point, or, I dunno what the word is, but like there’s an a, a, a section to it or whatever, that they’re also very charitable, right?

So if you’re not prosperous, you’re not killing a game. You’re not helping the charitable aspect of them too. See, but I, I, I personally believe that’s fucking bullshit. But isn’t it the same in, in anything? No, I know. I personally Isn’t it the same in anywhere? What do you mean? Any group that you join if

no, it doesn’t mean you’re a loser, but it’s like, let’s, let’s, let’s be honest, right? If you’re, I mean, maybe at the beginning,  maybe at the beginning it’s different. You go, Hey, I need some help. Right? , I’m not doing well in my life. Yeah. You join in cuz you want the then 10 years in if you have not changed or done better.

Yeah. Then you’re kind of , hey. No, but okay, imagine. No, no. This is in any group that you join. No. You’re like, this guy’s just fucking No, but this is right. He just kind of like fucking here to hang out.

No, but you guys aren’t like fucking looking at it. Like for the big picture, like my thing is like, okay, let’s say I joined this group. It’s like, okay, cool. I’m doing great. , , let’s say for my life, I’m doing great. I’m making 150 k. I’m doing happy, I’m living my best life. And they’re , you’re not prospering enough.

You can’t advance . I’d be like, so it’s up to them. I’d be , Dick. Yeah. It’s , if you’re not doing, that’s bullshit. But that’s what I’m saying is , if they’re not doing good, enough’s interesting to their standards. I I see. Why would that mean I what? Saying my family’s happy. I’m helping the community.

I’m volunteering, I’m donating money. So it’s, it’s, it’s, why am I not good enough for you? So what you don’t like is that there’s a council determining exactly what success is and what is which, which I think is bullshit

success. Success to me may be completely, drastically different from success to another person. Yeah, that’s right. Like for me, it’s , yeah, sweet. I’m make a million dollars fucking killing it. Yeah. To someone else, they’re making 50 k, they’re , fucking killing it, bro. I’m dominating. Yeah. But, or it’s not even necessarily money related, but it’s , Hey, I have like a family.

I’m obsess. I have a family. My, my family’s happy. I can provide my kids, my kids go to good schools. Like, yeah, I’m in a soccer team. I live, I, I’m happy, stoked. In general. That’s success is what, that’s what you’re saying. That might be, yeah. That might be. That’s, that’s what I don’t like someone else is deciding success you can advance or not based on what they believe I see is what is successful because the council has to approve.

Yeah. Progress you’re talking about to move up to these different levels that they going on? Exactly. To move up to the degree I And is that the same for like every branch, whether you’re talking about the Scottish or the English or American, between Get into every branch. You, you have to, from the higher ups have to approve you moving up through the, through the ranks.

Okay. That’s what it sounds like. Which it sounds like, I don’t, it sounds like almost you’re, you’re in Dojo and you have to prove that you’re ready for Brown guy. Exactly. That’s what you cut, cut. At least you know what the fuck to do. No, but see, this is , this is more a bakery, this is like a corporation of that.

Imagine, imagine being a big corporate company and they’re , well, you didn’t make the cut this time. No promotion. That’s exactly That’ss. Exactly. And they’re fucking big corporations. And they decide corporate. And they’re shit. They’re like, well, like, well, we reviewed your and um, you’re not ready to, it’s not a corporate ladder.