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Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Part 1: Conspiracy of Wealth – Episode #35

Podcast Transcription

[00:00:00] Hey guys. Welcome back to the Conspiracy podcast. We’re here again, Let’s do it. What are we, episode 35, 5. Yeah, that’s about right. That’s many, that’s a mini. Things are picking up. Things are getting a little crazy. Um, yeah, we haven’t quit yet, so that’s good. We love all the feedback we’re getting, pretty heavy on Facebook and a lot of, disagreements, which is fine.

You, Hey, it’s, we welcome it for disagree with us. Sure. I mean, that’s almost our point is, is to like, to create dis not, I don’t wanna say discord, but like to create conversation to question everything. Yes. Thank you. Yes. That’s, that’s what it is for. Thank you. That’s a tagline. Also, as a reminder, we are three guys with three high school diplomas.

Nothing more. I mean, high school, but we got a PhD in conspiracy. We do not claim to be experts at all. And what did we establish? We have a Eagle Scout. We have an Eagle scout. Shawn went to college for, I be a chemical engineer. And, uh, I played baseball throughout [00:01:00] high school. Played baseball in high school.

Okay, so we are now diving into Jeffrey Epstein. Okay. the big douche himself. Yeah. This, this took a bit to put together, but, um, it’s a heavy one in every, in every survey, in every, uh, poll. Uh, it was always in the top five, top 10 Oh yeah. Of what people wanted to do. So, cause it’s like still, It’s still fucked up.

Yeah. No, it’s pretty, it’s pretty fresh compared to a bunch of other conspiracy we’ve been doing. Right. I mean, you’re gonna see, I mean, you guys know a lot of the story already. Oh, yeah. You guys know a lot of the, the research itself, but you’re gonna see there’s many people who are still around today. I mean, most, who are most of ’em, most of ’em still, except for Jeffrey.

He’s the only one that, so we, this should be, this should be three episodes, maybe four, depending. We’ll see how long, you know, it takes us to get through this. the first episode, I’m just giving you guys, you know, the rundown, what we’re gonna do. So episode one is gonna be about the life [00:02:00] of Jeffrey Epstein and Jalaine Maxwell.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. and then episode two, is it gonna be all about abuse? Yeah. And just Yep. What they did, you know, including the flight, the Lolita Express. Mm-hmm. who is on it? The island, all that stuff. The, the, the episode three is the island. Okay. Because there’s also, there’s also his Palm Springs house.

Yes. Which is the whole thing too. Like, God. So episode three should be about, his island and his death. And then if, if we need episode four, four, we’ll, yeah. Then we’ll all we’ll, div divvy. Dive into that. All right, well, here we go. You wanna dive in? Let’s do it. Okay. So, Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for the final time, July six, 2018.

He was charged with sex trafficking minors in the state of Florida and New York. federal authorities have identified 36 girls who came forward, or who admitted to, that’s who shit went down. Yeah. Being abused by Epstein. Yeah. That’s so many. 36. And that’s just the ones that [00:03:00] came forward. That’s what we know about, right?

That’s right. So this is also only in the two thousands generally, that the people came forward. Oh, yeah. There’s not a lot In the nineties. Nineties. Oh. Everyone was way too afraid. And like there was a, like a. I feel like when you were a rich piece of shit, you’re too powerful. Oh, you’re too powerful.

You’re fucking destroyed. Or they pay ’em off. They just pay ’em off and they’re , they shut the fuck up and they’d just be miserable for the rest of their life. Big time. Yeah. so a couple people have said a couple witnesses. They say they saw 70 to 80 girls come in. Oh, I’m, I’d be surprised if it’s not in the Hyundai.

Hyundai. It’s in the hundreds, if not thousands. Yeah. Yeah. Cause it went on for years. And it’s also just not, I mean, that might just be the 36 that came forward just Yes. With just Jeffrey fucking with him. True. Not including all the other people that were involved. True. So it’s got, I I I totally think it’s in the thousand.

That’s true. So he was arrested July, 2018. By August he was found dead in his cell. Such fucking God. Am I gonna say shit? , same year. Just a month later. Yeah. Basically saying just, we’ll, [00:04:00] we’ll wait to get outta that. It’s, yeah. And so, six days later, the New York Medical Examiner ruled it as suicide.

It’s okay, we can’t talk about this right now cause I’m gonna get too fired up. Yeah. So if you didn’t know about Epstein, that’s the, the short synopsis of what all of it is about the, at the end, what happened. Yeah. You know, what all of it is about. What’s really crazy to me is his story, of what he got away with, I guess is his, his rise to like, yes.

His rise His rise is crazy. Crazy. It’s crazy. It’s, it’s so, it’s, it’s bizarre. Yeah. It’s strange. It almost doesn’t, you can’t even write like a, a fake story about it. Yeah. Cause it’s , it’s too un, it’s too ridiculous. It’s like those, uh, it’s so ridiculous. Like the Ponzi scheme, people that you just, all of a sudden they just, you know, rise and you’re , what the hell?

Where this guy come from? , But yeah, he, he was connected as, as if you wrote a book and said, oh, this guy did this, this, this and that. You’d be like, it’s, it’s a lie. There’s too much fantasy. I know. It’s like, Harry is not real. Harry Potter’s spinoff. Yeah. It’s ridiculous. So Jeffrey Epstein was born January 20th, 1953 in [00:05:00] Brooklyn.

His mother Pauline, worked as a part-time school aide. His father Seymour was a groundskeeper for the New York City Department of Parks and Recs. Oh, nice. Yeah. Okay. So his mom is a teacher. His dad is a groundskeeper. He had a younger brother named Mark, Mm-hmm. That’s like humble beginnings. Yeah. It’s like, he’s like good people. Middle America type.

That’s right. Epstein was considered remarkably bright. he even skipped two grades. wow. Okay. How We don’t know, I know anybody can be smart in sixth grade.

Let’s be real. So he graduated Brooklyn’s Lafayette High at the age of 16. Okay. Okay. Cuz he, you know, he, that’s fine. Moved a little forward. He and ruled at Cooper Union and later, fuck that is New York University in the late seventies. But he dropped outta both. Hmm. Yeah. Remarkably bra my ass. Okay. So already things get weird.

 instantly already. Yeah. Okay. He dropped out of those [00:06:00] schools. So he only had a high school diploma? Yes. Okay. Us like us, it’s like us, us, us three. Yes. Us. So at 16, well it’s not 16. No. Cuz he went to school for a little bit. He went to, he got a couple credits. Yeah. You know, whatever. Okay, so he took like pe So then, yeah.

So then in the Upper East side at a prep school named Dalton School. He got a job as a teacher. Teaching calculus and physics. What? But he has no degree. He has no qualifications at all. Nothing. So, like how did that happen? How, I have no idea. Especially at a prep school. Cause people pay a lot of money for those , especially in New York.

Yeah. They paid big dollars for that shit. So, he worked there for two years. He was fired. For what? . So it was for poor performance, whatever. Cause he, no, he’s not a professor like calculus. They’re like, dude, we gave you two years to figure this shit out.

 you have not done anything. Honestly, I remember in high school, I think I did one. Period in calculus. So I had [00:07:00] calculus 0 0 1. Like it was like, what does calculus mean? That was it. I still don’t even know what that means. I skipped all that. I mean, I think it’s, it’s perfect. He probably chose that cuz it’s so confusing that Yes, nobody knows it.

No kid doesn’t have to explain anything. Just like read the, read the shit you decide and everyone’s , Ugh. Calculus. Yeah, he probably already had white hair by then. Glasses, his giant face reminds me of like, what was that? Catch me if you can, or whatever. He just reads one chapter ahead and he just teaches them You’re right.

I concur. Doctor, do you concur? You con I should have concurred. It’s okay. Okay. So, but an important thing is that before he left his teaching job at Dalton, he was able to make a connection with one of the parents. And one of those parents was named Alan Greenberg. Alan Greenberg was the CEO of Bear Stearns.

It’s like, what the ? That’s rewind. This is what I mean by these prep schools being expensive. Yes. The CEO of a giant hedge fund. Mm-hmm. Like this dude’s rich ass fuck. Like, oh yeah, Park [00:08:00] ave. Like penthouse level type dude. Not even just rich , like powerful. One of the richest rich people on earth’s, like he’s top 1%.

Yeah. And then he is , oh, I teach her some calculus. We should be homies. And you know, Alan Greenberg became pretty famous in his own right. You know, later on and with the whole collapse of the economic markets and stuff like that. Anyways. Oh yeah, yeah. So he, he got that, whatever in and why all we know is that he was impressed by Epstein’s ability to use and to manipulate numbers or just, it was probably just to manipulate people.

So all, all it was is he’s good at math. It’s, I guarantee it was, but he got fired for performance. Yeah. Poor performance. Yeah, exactly. I think it was, it was most, it was most likely because, As we’ll probably get into, he was a very charismatic Mm. You know, people , I think that’s the, I think it was just he, that’s the main thing.

He was probably able to manipulate this guy into thinking that he was something that he wasn’t. The guy’s like, damn, this guy’s the shit. Yeah. It’s true. So was a talker. That’s true. [00:09:00] You know how to talk his way into everything.

 So Alan Greenberg gave him a job, it was an assistant job in 1976 at Bear Stearns.

It gets even weirder over a couple years. He climbed the ladder miraculously from an assistant to just climbing a ladder. Climbing a ladder, until he was literally made partner. What are you serious? Yeah. Which like, people like work their entire lives and never get partner. And he did it pretty much in his early twenties.

But, but also, you don’t normally start off as an assistant and then you’re made partner of Totally. Bear Stearns. Bear Stearns. Especially Bear Stearns. Like he, yeah. Did he ever take his like series seven, like, did he ever like get his like trading license? Like how the fuck do you make partner at a company that trades stuff?

Honestly, you don’t have his stuff at. Honestly, it, it’s so weird. It just, what did he do? I, dude, I’m gonna like look up. We don’t really know. Series seven. What are you looking up? So the series seven is what you take [00:10:00] in order, in order to to, to trade, other people’s securities. To trade, yeah. To trade securities.

Yeah. It’s a securities license. It’s really So you can advise, you can like advise cause we can trade securities, but Yeah. But when you’re gonna advise can take somebody else money. I can’t take somebody else’s money to do it. Yes. I have use my own money. Yes, that’s right. I can do anything I want my own money.

Mm-hmm. But being able to, that’s why people say not financial advice. Yes. Because they don’t have a license. They give you financial advice. They don’t have a license to actually give you financial advice. Yeah. Not financial advice. This is not financial advice. Sell this shit. Now.

 What I know is a reoccurring theme in this. Is that how he got his money? Nobody really knows, dude. It’s super vague. At the end of this, I’ll tell you his net worth, but when he died, well, if partner at Bear Stern, but out, you out got some money.

No, hear it out. He left in 81. So he was, so a couple years later he makes partner. He’s like, yeah, he’s like, gets you the top. He, he takes like, he takes like the fucking, the buyout package, like come out, he was there less than four years and he gets to [00:11:00] partner in four years. Fuck. After, after being a teacher for two years that he couldn’t do.

So he left and he established his own Financial consulting firm. What the fuck? And he called it, fuck you guys, I’m gonna go start my own shit. I know this, I could do this better. And he, he, he called it Intercontinental Asset Group, which he specialized in helping clients recover embezzled funds.

Also assisted clients who were the embezzlers. What? Wait, what? Like professional Wall Street type shit. I consulted them on. He’s like, here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna go to, you’re gonna go to The Bahamas. Okay? You’re gonna open up an account. Yeah. In your grandmother’s name, you know, she’s dead.

That doesn’t matter. They don’t care. I, I’m gonna teach you how to embezzle this, okay? There’s a little place where we go. It’s called the Bermuda Triangle. Everything just disappears. Don’t thes, don’t worry. The devil’s triangle. Don’t worry. All the paper trails disappear. Everything disappears here. Yeah.

Hop on the Lolita Express. Oh my God. Brazen. Is that for an additional 6% [00:12:00] on your initial investment? Okay. So that was what he said he did at that company, and it was around that time that there are multiple reports of his colleagues saying that. He said that he was an agent. For foreign intelligence, intelligence agent, intelligence agent.

I mean, this, you know what, this sounds like, this sounds like a,. He’s, he’s like a, and actually more intelligent Lee Harvey Oswald, you know, cause Lee Harvey OAL was like, oh, I’m, I’m a, I’m a quadruple agent, right.

I’m working for the Russians. And he a job, he was also a job hop. I know Job. He’s had like 72 jobs in like eight years. Although that claim has never been verified. These are just witnesses, third party witnesses saying that he said it. I, well, 100% believe he did that. Yes. That he said it a thousand percent.

Whether or not we believe that he was a foreign agent for. Dude, this guy, you know what I mean? Iran, I, this guy’s been bullshitting everybody since we sex 16. Yeah. Like he’s a professional bullshit or, yeah. Yeah. So, but the only thing that continues to make that a real thing is that [00:13:00] he constantly was traveling, overseas and he knew all these government people.

He, you know what I mean? He started to get in the limelight of all the people that are hot. He was a schmoozer and he was , oh yeah. Connected with some power. Yeah. I think he did the right, that’s why he had that money laundering company. Yeah. That’s why you get in with all the big wigs, oh, oh, how much money did you make illegally?

How much, boy, yeah. Look at this donor arrest me next time. Appreciate how to embezzle this. Yeah. , I guarantee that’s how he got all those , you know, lines in with all the top, top. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So we fast forward a little bit. he set up something called j Epstein and Company in 82. and this is where it gets.

Even more vague. So now we’re gonna just speak in vagaries because, because unknown, there’s not a lot of information. Yeah. You can’t know. You can’t verify. Shell company, shell company, shell company. You know, shit. Yeah. Yeah. So in 1987, Epstein began consulting for a collection agency called Tower Financial, which ended up being a half a billion dollar Ponzi [00:14:00] scheme.

Oh, Jesus. People say Epstein was one of the people behind it, but he never got convicted first. Never got, never got anything. It fell apart in Fancy that, yeah, it fell apart in the early nineties. Oh. It just fell apart. And he made like 200 billion from Whoopsie. so then, in 1988, Epstein’s Company, j Epstein and Co, it transformed, I guess to a financial management firm.

Where he said he only served billionaires. So he basically said, the only clients I take are people with a net worth of a billion or more. And at that time, and at that time, just to put it in perspective, there’s probably like 60, right? Literally 60 on earth nowadays. There’s like fucking 600 now there.

Yeah, there’s like 600, 3, 400. There’s three or 400 now. honestly. You get one client and you’re like, I’m in, I’m rich. Well, yeah, it’s in You think even if you make , you know, let’s say you make three to 4% tops on, on what they invest, you’re rich as fucked. That’s right. And you get bonuses if they make a certain amount.

Like, dude, yeah, you like you need one, one dude, and you’re set. [00:15:00] That’s what we gotta be doing. I know. Why do we, why do we need to get a hundred thousand podcast listeners? We just need one. Listen, this is not financial advice. You’re a billionaire and you’re listening. We just need one subscriber. That’s a billion.

Yeah. I can teach you. I’ll teach you If we get one billionaire that’s listening right now to invest what I’m saying, I will take the test. Yes. Literally. We’ll, from there together, I’ll, I’ll pay someone to take the test from me. Don’t, don’t worry. You can subscribe via like Monero cryptocurrency. Yeah.

We’re gonna give you, you know, whatever it’s called. Eternal Ed Free. Yeah. Okay. So at this time, this is when he met and became the official financial advisor to Leslie Wexner. Have you heard of him? Leslie Wexner is the gentleman who he owns, Victoria’s Secret. Mm. Ah, billionaire. He also owns a bunch of other shit.

He’s a, he’s big in retail fashion. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. He’s a billionaire. He lives in Columbus. His, his, his main, his main headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio. Nice. I’m from Ohio, so that’s why I know. Shout out to Ohio. [00:16:00] O h Let’s bull

my Buckeye fan. What’s up? O o They’re saying io in their cars right now. Io okay. So, he became the official financial advisor for him.

, and in the mid nineties he moved L Brand in Victoria’s Secret, the corporation and j Epstein Company to the US Virgin Islands. Mm. This is a common practice where you’re avoiding taxes. Exactly. You know, apple is an Ireland. Yeah. You know, it’s, that’s rights. You just avoid taxes.

Yeah, yeah.

Now, I don’t wanna say it’s right or wrong to move your company there. You know what I mean? Like, it, it is a way to avoid taxes. It’s wrong to, to pay taxes. Lemme tell you that. It’s not illegal. I agree. No, its not illegal at all. But I just, it’s taxes. I just noticed in journalism, whenever somebody says it, , it’s a negative connotation.

Oh yeah. No, but the thing is, he moved to a shady island, to The Bahamas, to, that’s to, to skirt paying the United States. It’s due money. That’s usually the, you know what I, that’s kinda like the, the, the message behind it. Yeah. The thing that’s so stupid about that is , you [00:17:00] realize that there’s a tax code.

 people are like, we need to make billionaires pay more money and be , they’re never gonna pay more. No, because that’s point. Cause they’re the system. They’re literally choosing the tax code. Yeah. They’re following. Change the tax code. That’s the exact thing of capitalism is to try to not Yeah.

Make us much as as possible without giving anyway. Exactly. Yeah. So by 1992, Epstein purchased the largest private residence in Manhattan. So he purchased that from Leslie Wexner. There you go. So Leslie, the weird, this is a really weird thing about this.

Yeah. . Wexner, I think he originally paid, I think he paid like, close to 70 or 80 million. Yeah. For this fucking, lemme just tell you where this 92 is that what you said? He bought it earlier, but that’s when Epstein bought it from Wexner. Epstein bought it from Wexner for right now for 20 million.

 I remember you telling me Yes. Bought it for 20 million when it was worth, dude, that’s, he literally bought it for a, . 25% of the cops. That’s crazy. Let me just tell you this place. Have you been to New York? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Have you been to Central Park? And so yeah. Why does Eric think that?

I’ve never left the fucking city here. I literally, I know [00:18:00] i’s been in New York more times than I have, but I was born there. I was literally born in New York. I haven’t been there that many times’. I’ve been there few times. Times. Okay. Keep going. I always see the pictures you posting. I know. I’ve been there many times.

The, I just happen to be looking at him. I’m not,

um, racist. Okay, so this so Central Park, right? You can. Basically throw a rock from this place to Central Park. That’s how close it is to the, to the hotness there. And it’s, it’s humongous. It’s massive. It’s massive. It’s massive.

It’s massive. So, like what, like a multi-story penthouse? Oh, dude. Yeah. It’s like a house. Yeah. It’s like 20,000 square feet. Wow. At the time it’s the, the biggest, biggest reside residential home in New York.

Yeah. Yeah. And it was worth probably 80 million at that time. And he paid 20 million for it. Yeah. That’s insane. That’s weird. So then the question and fishy, so when for fishing, so when we bring that up, . Where did he get the money? How did he talk Wexner into doing this? Yeah. Hey, give it to me. Give it to me for 25 cents the dollar.

Yeah. Trust me on this. How easy is it to tell a [00:19:00] billion billionaire? Well, what was he, what was, what was he holding over here? That’s the point. That’s the point. Now, I don’t usually jump on these with you guys on the No. You know, the, you’re usually like, well, there were homies, bro, no data. But this doesn’t make any sense.

Yeah. And I’m actually on board with you. There’s something like he’s doing something. It can’t just be all charisma. No, no. The thing is like also on it, right? If, if you, you cannot charisma your way outta 60 billion. Dude. Dude, if you like, listen to any of the billionaires talk that they’re almost every single billionaire is notoriously shrewd.

Yeah. They’re like, no, I know every penny I spend. I’m gonna fucking not of one things out. I need to control everything. Do you think he is not gonna let 60 mil slide? No, bro. You think Bill Gates is wasting his money on Uber Eats a little Chick-fil-A doubles.

Fucking fucking one. Hes like, I’m gonna buy all the farmland on earth. I’m gonna donate to this cause they’ll get it to me for free Forever. Forever. He’s the guy own Uber. Uber Eats. Okay. So within a few years, Epstein bought homes in Paris, Miami, New Mexico, and bought an entire island [00:20:00] called Little Saint James.

It’s like, where’s all this money coming from? This is so much cash. Okay, you bought an island, a home in Paris, home in Miami, and a ranch in New Mexico, and the also expense a home in New York. , he’s got one client and he’s not, he can’t be investing that much with you, for you to then become a billionaire yourself.

Yeah. It doesn’t, it’s just weird how he like magically is , I’m the riches motherfucker on earth. Yeah. It’s all on credit. Listen to American Express. Yeah. Trust me. Look, you know, look at, I’m connected with that. Can you imagine I’m gonna, I’m gonna need a credit line.

Third days, 2 billion, third days, no big deal. 2 billion. What’s the interest rate on that? Don’t worry about it. Somebody who was close to him, like an investor told New York magazine in 2002, he said, my belief is that Jeff maintained some sort of money management firm. Though you won’t get a straight answer from him because he is a pathological liar.

He, he once told me that he had 300 people working for him, and I’ve also heard that he manages Rockefeller’s money, but no one ever knows. It’s like looking at the Wizard of Oz, [00:21:00] first of there’s no one manage, no one manages Rockefeller money, bro. Rockefeller is the money or the money. You can’t manage them.

They manage you. Yeah, exactly. It blows my mind. So in early two thousands, Epstein expanded to financing media companies, developing securities funding, hedge funds, startups. He created his own nonprofit called Jeffrey Epstein, the Fifth Foundation. He donated one of the biggest gifts in one time to Harvard.

Of $30 million in one gift to Harvard. But why Harvard? Of all places? Yeah. It’s like first all, he didn’t even go there. First of all, you’re from New York and you’re gonna be , give it to the Boston schools. Who trader. He donated to Harvard to, he didn’t go, he didn’t go anywhere. You’re gonna love this.

He give it to high school. He, he donated to Harvard to establish a mathematical biology and evolutionary dynamics program. Did he? Fuck what? He’s like Disney. He’s like this donates to the cryogenics department. Harvard. it just [00:22:00] sounds like one big Ponzi scheme going on. Like money, money, money looks so similar.

Yeah. Sounds so similar to the Madoff shit. Mm-hmm. You know, he’s just taking money and then he’s donating over here to make himself look a certain way. It’ss like how rich I am. Yeah. Pay off certain people. Make certain connections. Then everybody the same. Thinks you have money somehow it’s smart. Fucking shuffling.

Use the money to pay the money to then get more money. To use the money to pay them. Yeah. But nothing. Well, maybe you’re gonna get into is, I don’t know, but like nothing was ever found out as far as like a Ponzi scheme that he was running. Right. Nom, Nope. Yeah, so he hid it better than Madoff? Yeah.

Oh yeah. But also that’s also Madoff. Madoff was ticking from thousands of people. Oh no. Madoff had a big one cuz Yeah. It was so many people involved. Yeah. That he couldn’t keep up with the Joneses. Yeah. So it almost seems like Epstein just had three and he is like, Hey, does that make sense? He just takes three billionaires and you’re , Give me more.

Trust me. Look what I’m doing over here, bro. I’m gonna make that money back easy to fot. I don’t [00:23:00] know though. But, but to your point, like a billionaire is counting every single penny going out that they’re investing so what do you think he had to have something over these guys?

So what do you think he took, he took Lex out in Ohio. He took him out in on town, got him drunk, did got some girls, video. He got like, we’re homies now. Got got some blackmail guy. It’s not we’re homies now. It’s , Hey, I got pictures of you with that, 15 year old homie.

 I think you’re my number one investor now. Yeah. Oh yeah. And I’ll take an X fee. Yeah. He’s like, yeah, annual fee. Annual fee. And you know what? I like that house. 20 million sounds, sounds good, right? Yeah. And he’s like, uh, what’s, what’s 2% of a billion? 20 million. 20 million. 20 million a year.

10 years, 200 million. Makes some moves. Yeah. Yeah. But he was investing a billion. He was worth maybe a billion. No, but if you’re managing it, no. Lex. Yeah. Lex’s. Lex’s Worth? No, no, but he maybe billion. Oh, okay. Yeah. But still, it’s like, gets even crazier. So even know it gets, even, it gets even dumber. I know.

No, but when, even when you’re worth a billion, [00:24:00] like for example, you know, , Elon Musk is worth 200 billion, but that’s net worth. So that’s , yeah, that’s all of his assets. and he also, that’s what I’m saying, he legally can’t sell all of his stock and like cash outs, you can’t do fucking crash in market.

So in terms of like, in terms of like liquidity, you know, maybe he’s got , the biggest credit line on the universe and he’s , bottom line, he’s making, you know, 20 maybe even more million from this guy. Just from one guy. Perhaps. Maybe. I perhaps don’t even know. Perhaps. Yeah. Or maybe he’s just getting gifted it because he is like, do it now.

I’ll fucking expose you. So at this, this point, he, somebody submitted in his crew that he should be put on the Forbes billion list. But Forbes disputed that he was a billionaire. Yeah. They’re , but we don’t have any record of you doing anything. Right. So in this era, era, you have one bank account, produce, you have a Bank of America account with $400 in it.

Billionaire. So in this time period, he becomes, they called him a jet setter and he became, you know, he had his own plane. He had homes in different places. Oh, he [00:25:00] is? He’s going there. He is going here. He’s people like mine. You’re so cool. Oh my God, you’re rich. Yes. And he’s attending all the right parties.

Oh, yes. Being, being seen with the right people. Yes. It’s like what I. Did in Vegas when I was young and single, I just looked like I was rich and all this good stuff happened to me. No, it’s true. I had $8 in my wallet. I was poor. Yeah. And literally I just looked at the part.

Yeah. I just had the time of my life and I didn’t pay for shit cuz people just assumed I had money. So I was like, he doesn’t have to pay all. Yeah. And I literally, it’s weird, isn’t it? I no money. Yeah. It’s, it’s weird. You can, but you can do that. Fake it until you make it . So something he became known for in this time period is a collector of, it’s like a name dropper. You ever meet somebody , yeah. Like who’s always name dropping?

Like, I’m with important people, I do this. Wait, is that like a story topper? Cause that’s another kind of person. Oh, that’s another kind of, oh my God, he’s a story. No, that’s different. No, you’re talking about like a name dropper.

And you know what’s crazy is I think, and you guys correct me if I’m wrong, but I think those people are less charismatic than, than most if [00:26:00] they’re name, if they’re constantly upping your story. Oh, oh yeah. Do you mean story? My, you can’t get anywhere like that. No. Because then you’re just , I’m gonna leave now.

Yeah. Like, leave me alone. Alone. But I think what he learned or whatever was that, you know, powerful people, well they, they need that sign. They’re like, yeah. Oh, you know them? Okay, cool. Now you’re, now I know that you’re one of us. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So what he would do is he would meet people and then you would say, Hey, anytime you need to use my plane.

Call me. Oh, see, that’s why Now that’s the favors, that’s where he starts the favor game. Right. So just imagine you’re at a party, tell you on me, you’re at a party and this dude just offered me a plane, and I’d be whatever I want. , you you serious about the plane though? Yeah. Even if I was, even if I was not even a big celeb, I would be , okay, you know, here we go.

So that’s, and we’ll talk about it later, but here’s an example. so then his plane started to be used by other people. Mm. Bill Clinton, Chris Tucker flew on his plane to Africa. What, what year is this again? Like, this is the late nineties and early two thousands. Yeah. Cause [00:27:00] I was just thinking , nowadays, everybody’s got their own plane.

All these celebrities got their own plane, you know? I know, but back in the day it was, but now it’s like a sharing thing, not thing really. Yeah. Right. I think, yeah. Yeah. I think so. I think it was hard. I think it was hard. Yeah. So, so then this guy offers you his plane and you’re like, oh yeah. Hell yeah. I mean, I’ll PJ it up.

It’s hard not to , Especially when you don’t know he’s a piece of shit. At the time. Time you’re , Ooh. Right. So here this guy’s, this guy’s kind of cool. Here’s an example, right? In the mid late nineties, Chris Tucker was hot. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. It was like, it was rich. He was doing rush hour. Yeah. Do you understand the words that are coming outta my mouth?

Yeah. Friday, he, he was friends with Michael Jackson. Dude, he was massive. Oh yeah. He’s huge. Yeah. So he took his plane to do, he’s like, I’ll take it to Africa. He took his plane to Africa to do some AIDS charity. Oh wow. That’s cool. Okay. But good for you. But he’s on the flight logs? Yep. Oh, to the island?

No, not to the island, but No, just on the Lolita Express, quote unquote. Yeah. Who was, yeah, did he have some like , but I can’t say for sure that Chris [00:28:00] Tucker partici. You know what I mean? No, I don’t know, but like maybe, well, it does put everybody into question dudes. Yeah. It’s like you’re, they should be interviewed at least, right?

Well, look, the thing is in this type of situation, no one is beyond, that’s another, yeah. No one is beyond reproach. Yeah, everyone is, I mean, if you’re there, the pilots, the, what was he doing? You know, we’re gonna get into that. But to be fair, it wasn’t you walk up to the plane and it says Lolita Express.

Yeah. It’s we, you know what I mean? Young chicks aboard. Exactly. Yeah. It’s on like the wing. Yeah. Okay. So according to the flight logs, Clinton, multiple times for Clinton, right? Yeah. Several times. 2002, 2003, uh, 1999. he was all day like, oh baby, it’s, this is campaign. At the time, Epstein said, I invest in people, be it politics or science.

It’s what I do. See, that’s our, he meant, he meant to say, I buy people out. Yeah. It’s like meant to say , I get shit on them. So then, that’s, that’s the investment. It’s [00:29:00] the long term investment is , make you like me. Yeah. Yeah. Get shit on you. Or even if you can get whatever I want from you.

Or even if you can’t give, get something on them, he gives them a favor. Yes. And then you have a little bit , Hey bro, you used my plane six times. Can you invite me to this party where the queen is there? Or it’s like, Hey, I need a little lone ski. Yeah. I’m trying to do, I’m trying to do 30 mil for Harvard.

, hook up brother up. I know you’re, I know you’re good for it. You got 10 billion. Yeah. Okay, fine. So, um, so Clinton wasn’t the, it’s just like that shit. So Clinton wasn’t the only president. Associated with Epstein. Also, Donald Trump was friends with Epstein. Yeah, I know about that. And the whole thing at Marri Lago, and there’s pictures of them.

Yeah. Video of them. Was Trump on his plane or just at his? So Jesse was, he was at Margo. This is the hard part. He was at Margo. He also, well, Trump was in Paul Spring. No, so was Epstein was at, Epstein, was there, and then they took a picture together Or they somebody somebody. No, there’s a whole video. Oh, there’s a whole video too.

There’s a whole video. That’s right. Correct. It’s actually pretty funny video. But you gotta understand, and this [00:30:00] is not for or against Trump. No, no. Right. This is the data. At the time, Trump was not the president. No. He was just a rich dude. 25 years earlier. It’s another billionaire. Another billionaire.

And let’s just take out that fact. But just say he was a, he was into women. He was a womanizer. Right. Yeah. You know what I mean? He was, he was into it. And all, in all due respect, if I was a billionaire at that time, so would I, I would totally be doing Exactly, exactly. Models on models to pretend like we wouldn’t.

Is a lie. Yeah. It’s kind of pompous. Yeah. No, it’s like, it’s like saying like, yeah, I wouldn’t do that. Hey Sean, you’re 21 and you’re a billionaire. What are gonna do? Well, I’m gonna tell you what I’m, and here’s the conflicting reports. Okay. cnn, uh, New York Post, they all say Trump was in the logs mm-hmm.

On the plane mm-hmm. With his nanny, but, they did release the logs. Oh, they did? Okay. Yes, but half of them are abbreviations. Oh, like code names and shit? No, I mean, you know, like Steve d X, you know what I mean? Yeah. Like, [00:31:00] you put D and then you put teenager, teenager, and then you, you know what I mean?

And like, you’re like girl or girl or, and you put like, , teenager Clinton. There’s a couple that are like that. Oh, that’s, that’s Acot. But you, there’s, it’s Well Clinton’s easier. Like, Hmm. Yeah. It’s not like, could it be Clinton followed by like five teenagers? Like Clinton, Monica, teenager, teenager, teenager, Monica.

But here’s, here’s, here’s the part is is it’s not like it’s Ellis Island and, or it’s, it’s not the dmv. I know. Paper’s like a picture of you. Yeah. And then you’re like, yeah. That’s also who, and also I’m pretty sure Epstein was keeping those logs for himself. Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But even if he went on the plane, we just established Chris Tucker went on the plane too.

True. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything. No. It just means that you knew him. Yes. And Trump admits to knowing him. No, and I, I think that even , not even this, not even talking about Trump, just like anybody, I think it’s highly probable that not every single person who went on the plane was fucking young people.

Highly probable. Yeah. Highly probable.

 Yeah. But [00:32:00] you say that and then like, that doesn’t sound like Trump. No, but my, he doesn’t need a ride. My thing is , everyone who went to the island was fucking doing some sketch shit. Yes. I don’t think Trump went to the island, probably was flying on the pj. No, but, but I could agree with you on that.

Clinton was a, I think anyone who went to the island was fucking people. I think the, I think the odds of the island trip for sure. Mm-hmm. Are much higher of something went wrong. Yes. Substantially higher. Yes. You’re there for like four days. you drink like a mojito and you’re like, wow, I feel weird.

Yeah. And then they’re like, Ugh. Pandering, they’re like hot people at you and you’re , Ugh, what’s happening? Yeah. So to just prove this point. In 2002, Trump said to a magazine, he says, I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Mm-hmm. Okay. he enjoys his social life and he likes women on the younger side.

He’s a terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It’s even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do Trump. You know what I mean? Like that’s, we know what Yeah, we know. I’m just trying to, we know who Trump is trying to, he’s [00:33:00] made it very clear. Yeah. Yeah. I’m just trying, you know, he just said, fuck supermodel.

 So moving on from that. so in 2007, Vanity Fair columnist, Michael Wolf told the magazine that he had flown on the private plane in the nineties. Epstein was, quote, was followed onto the plane by, how shall I say this, by three teenage girls that were not his daughters.

They must have been 18, 19, 20. But they were very model like, oh, well, 18, 19, 20. That’s legal bro. Sorry. I’m sorry. Sorry. I don’t know. He just thinks that, oh, you’re right. He did this. Say he just, Correct. They must have been okay. Yeah. Okay. He goes on to say he was, I thought they were gonna be like 12, 13. I be like, arrest him.

 He goes on and he says he was, he’s never been secretive about the girls. At one point when his troubles began, he was talking to me and he said, what can I say? I like young girls. I replied to him and I said, maybe you should say I like young women.

That’s a good point. Wow. Yes. It’s like, maybe you should just stop saying the word girl. Yeah. And say women. He’s like, I like teenagers. No, but 18. Oh no. Like just [00:34:00] stops. What are you doing?

Okay. So essentially that is, that is Jeffrey Epstein up to when he started to get. So she started a little weird little, little chop, started getting careless and just didn’t give a fuck anymore. I know. He was like, oh, I’m invincible.

I’m God now. And that’s, now here’s the weird part. Okay. So we went over at the beginning, 80 girls, 70 girls maybe, but there was like 30, 36, I think they came. but the reports or the witnesses or the victims or whatever, it usually starts in the late nineties. Oh. So yeah. So it’s like any, anywhere before then, it was just like nothing.

Yeah. So, so there, that begs the question, it’s not like he just started all of a sudden when he was 45 years old. No, no. The thing is , even you see, do you know what I mean? You see like with the whole, when the whole Me Too thing happened,

 But it, there was a point where women were started to feel more comfortable Oh. Talking to, to come forward and be like, Hey, this is what happened to me. Like, yeah. You know, this person in power abused me. And, and there was a fear, especially I think. This. I think the Me Too thing is [00:35:00] more tuned towards in the business world.

Yeah, yeah. Because yeah, you have like the power against you, you’ll lose your career. Yeah. And it’s , that sucks taking advantage. Exactly. As opposed to, yeah. But I think, I think the same thing applied where it’s especially, it’s like, okay, you’re a young girl and you have this guy who’s worth billions and he knows all these people.

He’ll destroy you. Yeah. And it’s like, you know, you’re afraid I would be fucking afraid. Yeah. I’d be afraid if some billionaire was , yeah, I’ll ruin your life, . I’d be like, oh, okay. I don’t wanna say shit. I’m gonna, let’s lay down. I agree. Yeah. So, yeah, I think especially at that time it was a point really , yeah.

Really easy for them to be , what are you gonna do? Yeah. That’s gonna do shit. That’s a good point. Also, it’s, it’s possible that he created this weird system. I’ll go over the system that he created so I decided that it was very important because there’s another individual who’s part of this.

That we should go over this because she’s still alive. Yeah. Ghislaine, she’s, she’s still on trial. Like Amid she’s the trial or what’s happening with that? No, I thought that was No, she was convicted. That’s why she was convicted. Yeah. Yeah. [00:36:00] So we’ll go over that at the end here. before she commits suicide, but, okay.

So basically Ghislaine, Ghislaine. she was his right hand man. She was, or right hand woman. And she, she not only was his, I guess, lover Yeah. But also she was very much a part of this. Oh no. Yeah, a hundred percent. She was, she was the doer of the things.

Yeah. so he would be like, this is what I wanna be done and she would be the one to do it. Yeah. Right. She would procure the women. She would fucking, she’d do everything. It’s crazy. Yeah. So I just wanted to give you a quick little history of her and how they came together. Then now we’ll know all the way leading up to Yeah.

Like who, who is she leading up to? Okay, now he’s starting to do this stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So she was born Christmas day in 1961, she was born in, England. Three days later. So she was three years old, or three days old, sorry.

Yeah. Yeah. Three days later she was 18. Yes. Three days [00:37:00] later, a car carrying her. 15 year old brother Michael crashed and alongside Oxford Shire Road. And he spent seven years in a coma. And then he died. Oh fuck. That’s so the, he was the older brother. Okay. She was born to material abundance. Her father was the publishing tycoon.

Robert Maxwell, her father. Father. So she was already rich. Yes. Richard’s fuck. So he owned the daily mirror. I don’t Europe. What is that? That is, it’s, it’s like the New York Times or something. Yeah. It’s like the Post. Okay. In Europe, a little bit more scandalous. See, and a little bit more like, but still huge.

I know. Like the queen freaking Yeah. Fucking rum. , but so, I mean, accounts say that her early years were, were riddled with neglect because they were super upset about. The brother dying and your dad’s a tycoon, so he’s like, I gotta work. It was just, you know, so the nannies will feed you set up. So there was, abuse, [00:38:00] abuse, yeah.

Physical abuse and emotional abuse in from the parents or the nannys from the dad specifically? Yeah. Yeah. that doesn’t excuse her. It just sucks. Oh, yeah. The sad story.

 Throughout her childhood, she would attend these lavish parties and they were thrown at Heddington Hill Hall, and it was like politicians, celebrities, VIPs, et cetera. But then, and there were tons of these parties over and over and over. But everybody would leave and she would be all by herself.

And it was just like a weird childhood to be brought up to. Yeah. Like what the fuck in these big, huge, exactly. What the fuck. , and her dad came from, Czechoslovakia and he was Jewish and his entire family was killed in the Holocaust. Oh fuck. Damn. And so he became a war hero and then he became a publishing magnet.

And then he owned the daily Mirror. And then anyways, he became billionaire. Basically. He was killing the game. A millionaire. I don’t know if the game Heavy Millionaire. Yeah. Not like one, but like Yeah, [00:39:00] 10 to a hundreds. Yeah. Yeah, there you go. Exactly. A DECA million. A DEA Million. A million. I know you’re , you know, people, I think people abuse it.

They get to like 1 million, $1. I’m a millionaire. Yeah. I’m like, well, not really. I’m a multimillionaire. I mean, 1,000,001, I made a million. Twice. Yeah, because I lost and made it back again. It’s like I lost the dollar and made the dollar back multi, multi times. I mean, I’m talking shit, but I’ve never done it.

So know. I know. I wish I did. I wish I could say that. So she, , at first she was neglected and then over time, she became the favorite one actually, she became the favorite one of the dad. And this was just a, a constant trying to please her dad please her dad and keep him happy Cetera. I was, I was running for the, the full on rebellion phase.

Right. Fuck you dad, no. Yeah, no. And she became a socialite. And so she would attend these grand parties with him and she was, you know, gracious and she had charisma and she [00:40:00] talked the talk and she was the rich, you know what I mean? Yeah. On his arm and, you know, and she was actually rich with , she didn’t have to lie.

Yeah, exactly. So eventually she became his favorite. Yeah. Right. So much so that he named his boat. Like the Ariss, the Lady Ghislaine. Oh, the Lady Ghislaine. So his boat was named after her. You know what I mean? He, I wish that one, one day. One day. My sweet daughter. Yeah. A boat.

I know. It’s my boat. My boat. It’s after you. Maxwell Sr. He, he really had high hopes for her. He even wanted her to marry JFK Jr. I mean, so did every day. Yeah. Marry the Kennedys baby, trust me. She went to, she went to Oxford. She studied history. Oh, wow. Languages. A fellow student named Anna, pastor Knack, she said of Ghislaine.

She said she was one of those people who said parties who were always looking over your shoulder to see if there was somebody more powerful or more interesting while she was air kissing you. Mm-hmm. I don’t like that quote because it’s kind of [00:41:00] after the fact. No. You know what I mean? And you’re kind of fishing a little bit for Yeah.

I knew she was a rapist. Yeah. I was looking over my shoulder she’s trying to touch my butt hole. Yeah. I knew she just wanted bang, you know? Of course. Like, of course, you know, 20 years later, I always knew it. So after graduating Oxford, she was appointed by her father to, to be a director at Oxford United, which was the.

Football club or soccer club. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, I did. Yeah. Anyway, so she became this massive socialite millionaire. she founded a private club for exclusively for women. Oh, wow. and was like to champion feminism and b you know, whenever Yeah. Hang out, talk shit about their husband, details, whatever that bullshit is.

I already don’t like it.

We’re gonna get six bad reviews for that. Just that a lot. We love women. That’s like [00:42:00] big time. Big time. I am hella time. I’m very subservient to my wife. Just so you know. Ladies, I follow orders

anyways, so in 91, her father acquired the New York Daily News. Oh wow, that’s good. So she was sent, sent to New York to be the ambassador of the family. Go take this shit over. Yeah. And that’s when she entered the social scene. This whole thing reminds me of, what’s that hbo, succession? Yeah, it succession, yeah.

It’s like, reminds me of like the guy, it’s news, the daughter. Yeah, it’s, I know. Yeah. Like Chevon Chevon. Her name is girl. I hate her, by the way. It’s a good show, by the way. It’s a great show. But I hate her. Iise her. but in November of 91, her father went on The Lady Ghislaine in the Canary Islands, right into the Bermuda Triangle boat went missing into the triangle.

What? Into the boat went. The boat went missing. It turned up, they found the boat and his body [00:43:00] was floating in the sea. And he died. Mm. Shit. Very interesting. Devastated. So she was, I’m telling devastated. She was devastated. She wasn’t there too. She wasn’t there. She flew straight to wherever where the yacht had been taken.

She was inconsolable. She had to give a speech. She can go see the speech on you automatically think that she did it. Mm-hmm. What’s crazy is they don’t know who’s on the manifest. They rule, they ruled it like they ruled it as an accident. No, I mean, it does happen. Like Yeah, it does happen. Yeah. You know, he probably, I don’t need the crew.

I’m fucking ball. Shut the fuck up on the mountain boss I to look. I would’ve to look into it more. I don’t think he took the boat out of, the yacht himself. You know what I mean? Yeah. I think he, you know, but like, how did the crew not what happened to the crew? I don’t know. He’s having a cocktail up in the deck.

See, that’s the only thing about , when you’re that rich and you have a boat that big, it’s like you can’t drive it yourself. , no, there’s people on the boat. No. At all times. No, no. Yeah. It’s not me. I’m gonna go out . Yeah. And you know, I’m like my two seater. No, absolutely. I mean, a rowboat, I would take you [00:44:00] along.

I know we both days. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. They’re like, we found an empty case of beer. And there was just , so her whole world was shaken. Right. And then it came out right afterwards that Robert had raided the company’s pension fund, which was 580 million. Wow. Robert. And took it. Robert is her dad.

Is her dad. Right. So he’s the CEO of the company. And the owner. And the founder in-law. Yeah. But he, but he took the pension. Yeah. Of all 32,000 employees. That’s a lot of employees. And they all lost their pension. What did he do with it? What? Nobody knows. Oh. And then he just magics it. That’s a lot of money.

500 million. The thing is that then, then he magically dies. That money went, dude. That’s what I’m saying. There’s nefarious play. Right. Aren’t there? Isn’t this. Yes. Like, it, it, it’s not like, oh, it’s karma. Like No, no, no, no, no. People do that shit all the time and they’re still living their best life right now.

 Then it became this whole court thing, and the British government and all these people, the British government eventually paid a [00:45:00] hundred million towards the bailout of the fund to at least, so you like alleviate 32,000 employees. Give them something. Yeah. Dude, that’s so fucked. Yeah. Oh, that’s so fucked.

Yep. In, in 92, 2 of the sons, so her brothers mm-hmm. Were charged with fraud. Oh, for the same thing? Or different shit? For the same thing. Oh, they were a part of it. Oh. They were all part of the company, but they were acquitted five years later. Oh, was it? Because later, oh, they were just charged. They were charged.

Oh, she didn’t actually, but she was, was, she was part of the football team. That’s it. But I, but why did she go to New York to like, be the ambassador? I don’t know. It seems like you’re part of the company. Yeah. Yeah. So she continued to defend him. She continued to defend him saying he wasn’t a crook. He just needed to borrow the cash.

She said a thief to me is somebody who steals money. Do you think that my father did that? No. I don’t know what he did. But the money, obviously, obviously something happened. Did he put it in his own pocket? Did he run off with the money? No, and that’s my definition of a crook. So she’s like, look, he took it, but he didn’t give it to himself.

So he’s [00:46:00] not a thief, he’s just a borrower. He just borrowed it for a purpose that I don’t know why. All of her siblings accept that he died as an accident or killed himself. Okay. She always insisted he was murdered. I think he was murdered. , yeah, that makes sense. Especially cuz he took all that cash out, Yeah, it’s really.

Interesting. It happens right then. Yeah, exactly. So during all this, this is chaos. This is her home country. Her whole family’s coming apart. Her dad dies, all of this. Yeah. It’s kind of shit. Shit. Sand. She doesn’t have any money anymore. Yeah. She now she’s like us. She’s done. Right. So she, to being a peasant, , and it’s reported, she’s never going back to New York?

No, no. She pieces outta Europe. She buys a one way ticket to New York all she had, this is what she did have. Although she, she’s still richer than we are. But even when she’s broke, she’s still richer than, she was given 106,000 a year in a trust fund. Oh. For, for the rest of her life.

For the rest of her life. Yeah. It’s like, God, all I heaven, so only have 10 million [00:47:00] left. All I get is a, that’s all I get is a hundred, only 106 K in the eighties. Like so. It’s like 500 K in hell. Like the fuck. Yeah. Seriously.

So does it say like, what happened to the, what happened to the company? It shut down or it keeps going or Totally it shut down. Yeah. Totally sold off. Sold all the sold off, basically. Right, right. To other people to try to pay off the 32,000 employees or whatever. That’s right. Other pension.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. All right. So she’s like got nothing. She’s got nothing except for the 106 a year. Right. Which is not nothing. Yeah, I know, right? It’s a lot of something actually. Yeah. Funny enough. Yeah. So essentially she then moved to New York and she continued to be a socialite and, somebody introduced her to a man by the name of Jeffrey Epstein.

Mm-hmm. At a dinner. And he is like, neither if you need to use a jet. And they, they created a relationship. Now the interesting part is nobody really knows what kind of relationship they had. Obviously they were sexual. Yeah. They never married. Yeah. Yeah. [00:48:00] So, but they would share maybe they were just sexually open fluid.

Yeah. I friends with benefit, friends with, you’re also gonna do all my dirty jobs. And like, he’s like that 160 K is not gonna sustain. So So then you need some more money. Money. So then she got her way into a penthouse in New York, about a 5 million penthouse in their early nineties. No big deal. Yeah, no big deal.

That was supposedly paid by Epstein and then she’s back on track. No, she’s like right where I started. Yeah. And that is when things got out, schedule fuck. Mm-hmm. Or at least the reports and the witnesses. And so that’s when they as a team Right. Started to abuse people. And so what they would do is they got real stream, they got a real streamlined Yeah.

They would recruit girls that were young and they would recruit these girls to come and to give him. A massage and to give [00:49:00] him pleasure and then to be a sexual person for them and pay them. Yeah. And to then do that, to do that for other people. That’s right. And so, so it’s like, this was happening in New York.

New York. It was happening. It was in New York, Florida. It was happening all the places. But initially in the nineties they both moved to New York. Yeah. And he had the big penthouse, you know, the 77 million. He, he had the big, he the big house or the house. Not even a penthouse house. It’s like a house. House.

So they start recruiting these girls and it’s like, Hey, you wanna make some extra money? Yes. Probably girls don’t have money and it’s probably way more money than they would ever make, like fucking type of, they go Starbucks, right. That’s where, where we’re gonna stop this episode because the next episode we’re gonna talk about the abuse. Yeah. We’ll try to, you know, it’s, it’s a really rough thing and, and especially cuz you know, a lot of people.

Their lives were ruined forever for it. And we don’t want to, obviously we joke, you know what I mean? I was just, I was just about to do a disclaimer, like, I don’t want you all to think that we’re insensitive to this cause we’re not. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah. But you know, the, the whole purpose of this podcast is [00:50:00] to be able to, we want to discuss these topics and these subjects, but still have it be fun to be with us and, and discuss it.

Yeah. Us making a joke or something does, it doesn’t mean we’re trying to make light of the situation. Yeah. When Jeffrey Epstein, like, what happened to these girls is fucking appalling. Yeah. If anything, you know, both me and Jorge have daughters. yeah. If anything like that happened to one of our daughters, like, trust me, I’m not like Right.

It’s not fucking Yeah, exactly. Not fucking funny. It’s fun. Like even groups and charities that fight this, this kind of stuff and Yeah, that’s right. So I just, just wanted to like make it known that we do care. It just. But we gotta go over it’s, and we don’t want to sit here and be , just for the next hour.

Cause you know why This is my thought on it is it’s actually really hard to confront. Yeah. so much horrible shit and so evil. Right. Fucking evil. And it’s hard to confront that. So sometimes We’ll, if, if we try to make it lighter and we can, you know, Wes do that, so like, you don’t feel like try to confront it.

Yeah. By the time you get to work, you don’t feel like shit serious. It’s like, you know, like going the office like, great, I wanna [00:51:00] hate everybody. At least , okay. It happened and now I I I understand more about it if I Yeah, that’s right. If I didn’t know about it before and it was just us trying to make it better for you.

That’s right. That’s right. Because we’re making it better for each other to discuss it. Because , I think sex trafficking is honestly the biggest. It’s the, it’s the biggest issue on earth and mm-hmm. I don’t think it gets the light that it gets. Yeah, that’s right. So people more fucking worried about bring, fucking gonna bring, ooh, who’s gonna be elected?

Ugh. Who gets a shit like . When you got these kind of issues. For sure. Yeah. Yeah. It’s bullshit. So next episode, we are going to go into, , a lot of the victims. Yep. I don’t know if you guys know this, but there were four recruiters that were women. Mm-hmm. who would recruit the, the recruit girls?

Four. I did know that there was , multiple one, there were four recruiters or main recruiters who are also victims. Oh, wow. So it’s they got Yes. Oh man, you, it’s just, you like, it’s multi-level pot like situation. So you abuse somebody and then they’re tied in. They’re locked in. Yes. And then you get them to do, [00:52:00] they don’t want to get abused anymore.

And then so they, they’ll get more people. It’s psycho, but it doesn’t justify what they did. No. Cause they are the ones who brought them in there, you know? Anyways. Yeah. Fuck. Crazy. Yeah. So, so we’ll go into that next episode. Love you guys. Thank you. All right guys. See you. See you next time. Fuck. 99. 99.