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Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Part 3: The Island – Episode #37

Podcast Transcription

[00:00:00] All right. Hi everybody. Welcome back to the Conspiracy Podcast. Let’s do episode three, part three. Part three, part three. Epstein J jla, J jla, Maxwell. this is the episode on the island. Fucking, yeah. Barf. Yeah. God. Yeah. Like Christ. So if you didn’t listen to, episode one and two, obviously don’t be a ding dong and, uh, just go back.

Do yourself a favor. Yes, yes. I don’t wanna get any, ig hate. Yeah. Unlike fucking episode three suck. , episode one, we did , Their upbringing, I guess, and, and how, uh, they rose to wealth, rose to fake wealth magically with no qualifications whatsoever. Yeah, and we still have no answers to that, but it’s okay.

It is upsetting. I, it’s just like, you know, like it’s not just wealth, but it’s, it’s like obscene. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Ridiculous wealth. Yeah. Like in wealth and power when 99.999% of all other humans are just grinding every day trying to like, make it, and he’s just like, oh, just. [00:01:00] Favored my way into , yeah, it’s not even like just tricked my way into being a professor.

It wasn’t, it wasn’t , It’s who you know or whatever. It was weird. You guys gotta go back and listen to that. I know. We only have one verified client. I know one. And that’s it. I know. Like, what the fuck? I cannot possibly take all his billions. No. And the fact that he had a company that literally launders money for you.

Yeah. It’s like, what the fuck? Like I’m an expert in embezzling money. Yeah. It’s , what? Okay. And nobody cares. I know The government’s like totally legal. Thanks for the taxes. Yeah. So this is the episode that we’re gonna go into the island. All right. , Peto Island. Epstein Island. Epstein Island. Sin Island.

Yeah. Somebody, all these different names. Apparently. I think somebody recently bought it. I don’t know who. Yeah. Really? Yeah. Yeah. So are you just gonna bleach that place down, down like whatcha gonna do? Like could you imagine? No, I burn it. I could not imagine. No, this is not like a bad, just burn shit down and build it up again.

Yeah. Like, Hey honey, we’re taking the kids to the island. No, we’re good. We’re not gonna go. so [00:02:00] this island is called Little Saint James and it’s a private island off of, the Virgin Islands, you know, the United States, Virgin Islands. And it’s located. southeast of another bigger island called the Great St.

James. Yeah. Oh, hence the name. yeah, exactly. This island itself is 70 to 78 acres. It’s pretty big. That’s pretty big. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, for private island it’s pretty big. Yeah. In 1997, little St. James was owned by Venture capitalist Arch Cummin and was for sale for 10.5 million. That’s a fucking steal.

That seems like a deal for sure. So in April of 98, a small company called L S J L L C purchased the island for 7.95. Said that hard balled them. Yeah. Documents later would show that the sole owner of L L J L L C is none other than Jeffrey Epstein. Of course, I’m a shell company.

Some random ass shit. So how he got the money where that money came from? Here we go again. So we don’t know. [00:03:00] No, that shit was probably funneled through multiple other organizations before it made it to Lsj. Yeah, that’s right. in 2019 it, it was estimated the value was now at 64 million. Wait, what is the name of the company in, was it.

L S J L L C. You know that little St. James l l c, like I had to think about it for something. I was like, wait, what? Lsj little St. James. Yeah. That’s super sketch, right? That’s fucking sketch. That’s fucked. I’m gonna open up an lsc. The just buy this island. Yeah. The creativity of this man. I, I know I’ve got a great idea.

I feel like he doesn’t have any shame. I guess he doesn’t have all, he just is like, no, you know, I am a rapist. L L L C. , this became his primary residence. He called the island Little Saint Jeff. Oh my God. What a fucking cock. Yeah, that’s the worst. I hate it. Now, , according to former staffers, Epstein had 70 employees that were working there.

That’s a lot of employees. Just 70 full-time employees working there. 70 staff. Oh, just Oh, the staff that still the staff, yeah. [00:04:00] Oh, like maids and shit? Yeah. Damn. I mean, 70, that’s like a acres. That’s resort. One and eight. One per acre. One per acre. I guess everyone could grab your fucking, grab your rakes.

Yeah. One, yeah, I’m an anchor six. Stupid. Uh, so in 97, the island had a main house, three guest cottages, a caretaker’s cottage, and its own desalination system to help with the water. Yeah. You know what I mean? We talking about that earlier. Talk about it had a helipad. It had its own private dock. yeah. I mean, standard shit for rich people.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. No big deal. so this island is a weird island. it, it’s been known that Victoria’s Secret models were coming there because of Les Wexner. Mm-hmm. You know, he was, you know, he’s his client. Yeah. His client. The only client records do show Wexner visited the island. Of course he did.

Yeah. Yeah. records also show Prince Andrew visited the island. Oh, yep. Talked about that in the other [00:05:00] episodes. Yes, we did. Staff there. Say he visited several times. Bet he did. The records show. I looked in the, the flight logs for this one. his name’s only shown once. Yeah, cuz he probably, they probably went under our alias.

Like, but yeah. Right. Pa that’s the funny part is in the records it goes Prince Andrew. And then they’re like, what you doing? And they’re like, well if you’re a prince, are you really gonna write? Prince Andrew. I No. Only, well that was part of the other, part of the thing that we talked about in the other episode.

There was a bunch of just abbreviations, initials and Yeah. So you don’t really know. I know he’s a psycho narcissist. I am Prince Andrew. Yeah. That I was trying to determine, cuz a lot of has been said about people using his jet. Yeah, right. Fucking everybody. And then in the flight logs, it does show to a nearby airport that’s an island nearby.

And the Virgin Islands are popular. Yeah. Yeah. But, but, but they didn’t have an airport there, right? Or not at least a landing strip? Or Not a little St. James. No, they just had a helicopter. [00:06:00] You’d have to, you would’ve to fly into a local one and then take a boat. The, I’m pretty sure we can deduce like where they were going.

Yeah. No, I’m not going to his island. No. No. James. I’m James. Great. James. Yeah. King James. Yeah. Clinton, bill Clinton reportedly used the jet to visit 700 times visit, to visit it multiple times between 2002 and 2005. A hundred percent believe it. So Bill Clinton now is, not the president, you know, in 2002 to 2005, he’s, Bush had taken over Yeah.

For him. This post nine 11 too. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Right. A year later. Yeah. You know. , in a lawsuit that Virginia Roberts also known as Virginia gfr, claimed that while working at Donald Trump’s resort, Mar-a-Lago, she was lured into a sex trafficking ring run by Epstein.

And while traveling with Epstein, she saw Clinton on the island. Damn. He was probably like a hundred percent. Hundred, hundred percent. Yeah. He was probably like in like some [00:07:00] fucking old school boxer, you know, like the, yeah, the box. Like there weren’t briefs just like boxers from Silk. I know, right. You know, he was like with a bathrobe on fucking Ron Burgundy people know me.

, so Roberts also claimed that Clinton traveled to Epstein’s retreat on Little St. James in 2002 as well. But, United States Secret Service records say that this has no evidence. Okay. But they’re, I mean, are the secrets the Secret Service aren’t gonna narc on the guy they’re protecting? No. I mean, really That’s true.

Still has power. They say in the flight logs that are official. Released or whatever it said, Clinton did go there, but not to that island because like, you can’t fly into that island. Right. Yeah. That’s, that’s such a shitty loophole, like why didn’t fly to the island. Yeah. And as, recent as 2019.

Clinton’s spokesperson said Clinton never visited Actually little St. [00:08:00] James. That is a false fucking lie. False. That is a lie. A hundred percent false. Dude, he’s, he was trying to get away from Hillary from day one. He’s just looking for an out at all times. Yeah. So according to the independent, Epstein’s Island developed a reputation for depravity.

And it is alleged that underage girls were gang raped on little St. James, and it acquired such nicknames as Peto Island, island of Sin and the orgy island of The Bahamas. Yet nobody does anything. It’s this fucking bullshit. Like literally. Yep. Like he brought, he’s fucking broadcasting it and no one gives a fuck.

Yeah, it’s crazy. So the documents in the suit allege that the 17 year old, Virginia that we’re talking about. Mm-hmm. She was 17 then was forced by Epstein to have sex with Prince Andrew on several occasions. is she the one that sued him? Yeah. Okay. Including as part of an orgy on St. James. I just, I never understood like, well, some people are into like an orgy, and to me it’s just a little, it’s a little too weird.[00:09:00]

You look over and there’s like another dude and he is like looking at you and you’re like, Ugh. And then, and then, you know, then you look up and there’s another dude, and then there’s this dude’s everywhere and then there random. I don’t know. I just, I think it, I think it goes back, back to my thing.

Remember in one of the episodes you had talked about. doing something and then it becomes, okay. Oh, that’s true. And then it slowly you go down this path of , oh yeah, that’s a good point. Oh, you know, the one joint’s. Okay. All right. And then you go, okay, you’re likeable heroin. Yeah. And then, and then you’re doing the whip bottles.

Exactly. And then, you know, you go down the path of it. I’m assuming it’s the same. You’re like, okay. No, that’s a good point. Yeah. And especially cuz now he’s , he’s already got you under the thumb. Yeah. And then you’re like, He’s got now you’re going. And they’re probably fucked up on all kinds of shit by the time he died.

Totally. Oh yeah. He’s like, you’re in the orgy. You’re not, you’re, you’re in no question. Or you’re dead. Yeah. And you’re , okay. Or you know, or they’re into it or, yeah, that too. This is not a problem. No, I was gonna say, or he has something over him already, so he has that video or whatever. He is like, you’re in, you’re in.

No question. I’m videoing this too. [00:10:00] Yeah. And you’re in. I know, right? so there’s a lot of people that, it’s claimed. You know, visited, I mean in, here’s the weird part. Remember we went over the, the. Where he became a registered sex offender. Yeah, but only in, but only in LIC Florida? No, no, no. we looked further into it.

And that’s federally. Oh, so federal. Just everywhere. Yes. Okay, good. So I was like, this is fucking bullshit. Like, there’s no way. It’s like Absolutely. Only in one county. Yeah. Like what I Absolutely, I even edited it out. Oh, perfect. Sir. I’m gonna edit this out. No, no. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s very accurate that once you become, A sex offender.

It’s like it’s federally and it’s the nation. Yeah. You, you need to register within a certain time period in each state. So say you become a, registered sex offender, sex offender for Florida, and you move to Ohio, you have a certain amount of time. You have a certain amount of time per the state that you’re moving into.

Oh, so what if, but so he is different technically, but he lives in the Verde denials. Technically. He could just, he could just never live somewhere. Correct. He could just, maybe he just, Virgin Island, probably [00:11:00] the the law. I gotta go. Yeah. I’m not, look Mike, this Lsj is renting this house. I’m not. That’s not me.

Yeah. But every state has its own law, how often they can visit, how long a vacation is, how long they have till they register, you know? Well that state is different, so I don’t wanna say that’s a constitution, baby. Yeah, there you go. Constitution is, the state said that every state can make, every state makes their own laws.

True. There you go. So anyways, so just like we can conceal, carry now America. Yeah. So that’s why Yeah. I always thought it was weird is that he became a registered sex offender early on in this whole thing. Oh yeah. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. And nobody cared. Nope. Banks didn’t care. they like, can I use the jet Still?

Governments didn’t care. They, they don’t, he could go though, like, oh, but technically the, the bank is not gonna check if you’re offender. No, but technically the government, they do business. They can’t, I don’t think. Good question. I don’t think the bank or the government can actually , From a business perspective, well, we’ll go into a, that is fucked.

We’ll go into a recent, settlement that JP Morgan did. Oh my god. Big dollars And he did it based on this big, big dollars. [00:12:00] Okay. So we’ll go on that a little bit. You know what I mean? Yeah. But anyways, so I just think it’s weird that, that he got away with this and nobody seemed to care. You know what I mean?

Life just went, life just went on. It just kept going. Yeah. there’s so many people that that. Claimed to have gone. A little black book of guests, I guess you would call it. Oh yeah. Mm-hmm. Probably a big black book. Yeah. Jimmy Buffett, Courtney Love, other celebrities, politicians, executives, the founder of LinkedIn.

Mm-hmm. the founder of Barclay Fucking Bill Gates. All Bill Gates, all of these things. So here’s just a few, I know we went over a little bit last time, but here’s just a few. Donald Trump. now here’s the thing about Donald Trump is Epstein and him, go way back. They were neighbors in Palm Beach.

 Epstein went to Mar-a-Lago multiple times was videos. Yeah, there’s videos and pictures, photography and all that stuff. it’s claimed that Trump was in the Black book of the airline to, the island. Okay? , there is only one. Entry of Donald Trump on a plane. It’s not to the island. I see. Just [00:13:00] on his Oh, oh.

But it was on Epstein’s plane? Yes. Okay. it’s not to the island. Okay. Okay. So, so we’re not saying that he didn’t makes it a little bit better. We’re not saying that he didn’t go, but we just don’t know, right? Right. Yeah, that’s right. There’s that information.

But things changed between Trump and Epstein right. At a certain point. and Trump actually banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago. I knew that. I knew that he banned him from Mar Lago. Yeah. And allegedly, the reason why he was banned from Mar-a-Lago was because he made inappropriate comments to his daughter, oh God.

To Trump’s daughter. You’re like dead man. You’re fucking man Who was underage at the time. Yeah. Who was underage. I’m surprised. I’m surpris to say that he didn’t hang himself in. Yeah. And so, and then even Trump goes on to say, you know, we had a falling out or whatever. And you know, at a time he said, yeah, he is a terrific guy.

He is like you party animal, you know, finance guy. And then later on he was like, We had a falling out and we haven’t spoken to each other. We definitely haven’t fallen out. If you say some shit about my daughter, I know motherfucker at Walmart. Look at my kid wrong. I’m like, fucking, we’ve fallen out. Yeah.[00:14:00]

We haven’t fallen out in the parking lot. Let’s go. It’s like, we’ll see you out there. Yeah. , so obviously Les Wexner, went there. Of course. I feel like, I’m pretty sure Les bought the island. Yeah, yeah, I know exactly right. but it is, it is confirmed that he visited the island in 98. with a bunch of Victoria’s Secret models.

Of course. Yeah. you ladies wanna keep your jabs? They’re coming with me. Yeah. And due to his connection to Epstein, he stepped down as CEO of Victoria’s Secret in 2020. I mean, that’s a, that’s a long time away. Still rich. Still not, yeah. Yeah. okay. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, allegedly flew to the island four times.

 and this is where Virginia Roberts was reported to have sex with him three times. Okay? Yeah. Buckingham Palace says, no way, no how. Of course they’re, they’re never, they would never, in no universe, even if they had him on video, they’d be like, no, it’s, it’s doctor wasn’t me. I know, but I got him on the counter.

It wasn’t me.[00:15:00] and then you brought it up that, that, He was stripped of everything. Oh, yeah. Th this done. That’s why they’re like, they’re like, he didn’t do anything wrong. Yeah. He’s fucking cut him, cut him, cut him off. What’s interesting is, I bet if you asked anybody, they would be like, yeah, he, yeah.

Oh, for sure. Hundred percent. I mean, the moment the crown’s like you’re no longer part of the family, they’re he made fucked up. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Okay, so here’s the weird one, and there’s a photo of him at a party on the island, and it’s Steven Hawking. What, dad? You didn’t expect that, did you? That’s for me.

I did not expect it at all. I saw the photo and I was like, what? So my, I was like, confirm what? It’s on the island. Yes. You know how difficult it would be just to get him on the Yes. It’s so fucking, but here’s. Here’s the information on it. Okay. He wasn’t there on a pleasure trip. He went for business. Are you sure?

Are you sure it wasn’t for pleasure? So Epstein funded a conference on the island that Hawking and several other scientists attended while they were at the conference, they attended a few [00:16:00] parties. Mm-hmm. Thrown by Epstein on the other side of the island. Oh yeah. What? What were they putting in his juice box?

Yeah, the good. And that’s so weird. But if you think about it, that’s smart of him. So he is kind of like hiding in the, you know, you know, this is about science. This is just such a weird photo too. I could see him like as a little cock. I’m, I’m talking about Epstein, like he’s smart as fuck’s smart. Fuck. Oh, he just invites everybody.

Yeah. Yeah. So now it’s , What’s that ? Possible deni. Possible deniability. Yeah. It’s like we have all these respectable people here. Exactly. We can’t be having, we just had a regular conference going on. Yeah. Stephen Hawking can’t even fuck somebody. How could we be doing these things? okay. I mean, it’s so funny.

It’s about the whole story about, Hawking, but all I can see is just him being like, Yes. Yes.

Do it again. Yes. Not even funny. It’s amazing. , okay. , in 2017, in a deposition in the, [00:17:00] Lanine trial, yeah. Mm-hmm. , there’s a woman by the name of Sarah Ransom, and she was a victim of Epstein, and she claimed that Epstein coerced her into a threesome. Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.

Okay. So Alan Dershowitz was, if you remember, it was one of ojs. Oh, that’s lawyers, right? Oh, okay. It’s all whole, the family, the conspiracy continues. He just jumped from major scandal to the next, and they’re all connected. This guy’s got his fingers and everything. Yeah. Literally. Oh, I’m sorry for that weird pun.

Yeah, that’s gross. , so that was a, that was supposedly at Epstein’s Mansion in New York. So, ransom, who was 22 when she met Epstein testified that the woman started undressing me in the room. And so basically they all knew what was happening. And then another girl started undressing her Dershowitz came in.

Oh. And he is like, oh, what are you doing two doing here? Exactly. I’m naked too. Weird. Yeah. She, ransom added that they got on the bed, [00:18:00] and I kind of knew what was going on from that. Jeffrey then walked in the room, oh, he started masturbating under his clothes. He put his hand in his trousers. A few minutes later, Alan walked into the room.

He started undressing. He got in the bed with redacted. We don’t know. He was unsaid, human redacted, and myself. And we basically had a three-way sexual interaction. I just tried to get it done as soon as possible and get out, get out of there. oh wait. But then, so, but Epstein wasn’t even involved. He was just in the corner.

Mm. He was, he was doing a Lucy K He was just like over there like, ugh. Ransom described the encounter as a traumatic experience and described dershowitz as pasty skinned and wrinkly. Oh God, that mean that’s traumatic for me. So reached by on, on a phone, by The Daily Beast. Of course, Dershowitz, said he never met her. Never, never met her in her, in his life. He insisted that since it’s his second wedding in 1986, he has not had sex with any individual other than his wife.

That was his statement. Mm, yeah, sure. , she was also grilled by the [00:19:00] lawyer about whether Dershowitz had a bleeding penis. Whoa. What the fuck? What? That, like, that’s, that’s his like smoking gun. He is like my dick bleeds. Haha. See? And it wasn’t me, I’m just, I’m honestly, I’m just quoting this, I don’t even know what it means.

I couldn’t figure it out. I understand. Yeah. Under questioning by lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell Ransom said, being with Dershowitz wasn’t a pleasant experience. ransom was asked if. She had seen any evidence of surgery on his body, including bandages. Ransom answered. She couldn’t remember. And that lawyer said, did you see him bleed through his penis?

Oh, Maxwell’s lawyer asked to Which ransom replied? Not that I recall. I mean, she’s like, the lights were off. I don’t know. Yeah. So Dershowitz then says, she has no idea what my genitals look like. She made it all up. I mean, I’m sorry, but .

In, in, in every rape case ever. Are they ever describing like the penis? No, I know, I don’t underst understand. No, no. They’re describing the dude’s face, that’s what he looks like. They’re record, cataloging with his dick looks fake. Deitz went on to say any lawyer who asked her a question about a bleeding penis is engaged in [00:20:00] unethical conduct because there would be no basis for that.

Thank you. Thank you. There’s no basis for that. Yeah, it’s ridiculous. Dershowitz said I want to see a criminal investigation done of any lawyer and any person who made up stories about my penis. And was part of the conspiracies to make up stories.

I’m sorry, he’s just, just like, once you’re in this, can you wait? So d was just actually pissed that they bought off. Who made up this rumor? I know this is beautiful. And then he keeps talking about it and I’m like, maybe stop talking about it. Oh God. I, I couldn’t even get it to get through with those. Sorry, I moved the strike. Yeah. Yeah. So when Epstein invited ransom to Little St. James, he had an assistant book her in An Economy Class Ticket from Newark. Classy. in the emails, in the filing, it says you’ll be going with a girl named Redacted.

Oh God. And a guy named Redacted. Mm. Okay. This means remember. Okay, I know why it’s redacted cuz remember. Um, When Epstein took the deal. Yeah. As all of his [00:21:00] associates. Anybody could be. Exactly. So they, so they get redacted. Cause I was wondering why the fuck is redacted. That’s why. That has to be why, what the fuck?

Crazy. Then he says, they will both be staying at 3 0 1 E 66 as well. I have a car picking you up at 6:45 AM if you wanna meet in the library Anyway, so this is all just evidence of him getting her to fly out to the island and Yeah. You know, that sort of thing. Yeah. seems like man, his business was , I’m pretty sure his business was sex trade.

It wasn’t , it seems like it, yeah. There’s so much effort and time put into this and the system is all run . That’s where he has to be making the money. Yeah. And he’s gotta be, he’s gotta be charging all these rich cunts, like billion dollars. It’s almost like, I know, and we’re not trying to be shallow, but, but take it from a, an external like look, it’s almost the, the providing the sex is the commodity that you’re talking about.

Yeah. That that is the, that is his, it’s the, that’s what he’s like asset. That’s his product. Yes. His product is Yes. Is that thing. Yes. And then that’s how he’s getting. He’s probably [00:22:00] using his investment fund as the the front, the cover. So they get a girl and then they invest money, and that’s how he gets paid legally.

He gets the money through the investment. There’s no exchange of No. It’s like, no. Oh, you just happened to invest cash. Cash. I’ll invest the money for you in my pocket. Yeah. Like he must have had something on Wexner. Oh, for sure. Oh, for sure. Oh, a hundred percent. The big. Oh, he was, that seems like the big one, right?

Oh, for sure. I think Wexner was, was, yeah, we went over that and Wellner, Wexner was his in, Wexner was his, in to the, to these rich people. Yeah, because you don’t just magically get to hang out with a billionaire. It doesn’t, doesn’t work that way. Yeah. Just doesn’t, does not work that way. So, Epstein, a couple other things that, were in the trial and in the filings was he had no qualms about having sex with women in front of others.

According to Ransom, the girl in one of the deposition Transcripts. She described watching Epstein have intercourse with a woman on a bed in the back of the plane. Of course, that woman’s name is redacted and so there’s no way to interview that person. Mm-hmm. Yeah, of course. , but Epstein was, [00:23:00] was in his bed on the plane having open sex with redacted for everyone to see and on display.

Redacted was straddling Jeffrey for quite some time. I watched them both ejaculate with each other. They were having quite a good time. Ransom said, and the door was open so you can quite easily have sex and show the whole plane. That’s so uncomfortable, which is how the plane is designed, I guess. Yeah.

Like there’s like no doors on it. The bathroom has no door. What the fuck. Yeah. Yeah. So on the island, a couple other things. Epstein and Les Wexner,

ransom described a photo of another girl, and it was in Victoria’s Secret pajamas that they were supplied by Wexner. So basically they would get a bunch of girls to go to the island. And then Wexner would be , Hey, dress up time. Oh, and it’s all scantily cla. Yes, yes. And use all the outfits. And they were clothes provided on the island, , bikinis, nightwear, et cetera.

Mm. And it was, and and so now, so now it’s like a business, a business trip. It’s like right off. Right off. There you go. Oh my [00:24:00] God. Yeah. I’m gonna need to expense that. Yeah. Around this time, Wexner also granted Epstein full power of attorney. I know. That was the weirdest thing to me.

Okay, so power of attorney, what is power of attorney? Power of attorney means that you can literal, like the person can make any decision in your life for you. That’s right. So if I give any decision, so if I give Sean Power, I can change your fucking name. There you go. Oh wow. Okay. Yeah. I could literally go and I could change her name.

Right now it’s basically you are acting as, as me. Yeah. His. Yeah. Yeah. If, if I signed over power, I have permission to do anything on your behalf. Yeah, that’s right. Like I have permission to, I have permission to change your will. That’s just power of attorney. Crazy man. It’s too much power. I could literally transfer all of your money into my account.

Yeah. Like, and they would not, which probably what happened, they would not blink an eye, put this bill. I know it’s probably, I’m gonna need another bill. Okay. I own all your money now. That’s the stupidest thing you could ever do to, especially as, I mean as, but, and the question is why or how? Dude, he had to have, what the fuck?

He had to have him so much on [00:25:00] him. He had to have him on film like fucking a goat or something. Like there had to be something like you can’t come back from even. The best is friends. No, I would never give you power of attorney. No, none. Never fucking over my fucking dead body. I mean, what would it take?

It would nothing. I’d have What would it take exactly? I just, I don’t, I don’t, I can’t. I can’t think of anything. If we had, if we had some blackmail on you, that’s what it would take. No, I would be like, put it out. Fuck it. Like I’ll deal it. Attorney is also, can you put somebody in a mental hospital? Oh, for sure.

A hundred percent. Oh, right. Oh yeah. Yeah. Can you, you can literal, you could do all the things. You can do anything you want to, I mean, anything. You could, you could Britney spears them. Yeah. Yes. Yeah, you could. That’s exactly what happened. Exactly. That’s true. Yes, because her dad had fucking the power. Yeah.

Wow. That’s crazy. Yeah. , so she goes on to say he samples the girls, he has friends come over to New York, to the island and they get to see who all the girls are, and then they get to pick one that they wanna be with. So, gross. He fact, he didn’t, she says, but yeah, he didn’t line them up like a, like a brothel, like, [00:26:00] yeah.

Mm-hmm. But he, you know, and say, Hey, pick the vagina you want, you didn’t do that blatantly, but it was spend time with us. And then who do you like? Come to my room. Yeah. Gosh. She described some of the buildings on the island and she said there were various buildings around the island where he used to have all of them in in his guests

and they used to have sex all over the place, including instant beds where you would just kind of like put them up and Like a cot. Exactly. Yeah. It was like, yeah, so like, what the fuck? There you go. I mean, there, you know, one butler said there was a black book. I’m sure there is. I’m sure Epstein had it.

That’s it’s, that’s the thing, right? Well, that’s, yeah. That’s his power. That’s his evidence. Mm-hmm. That’s, yeah. Question is what happened in the back book? I mean, I mean, either somebody took it and is now wielding the power, right? Or seriously, or it’s like in some safe somewhere that someone can’t find.

So here’s a couple witnesses from the neighboring island. They’re like with binoculars, like the fuck is going on over there. Well also, cuz you have to fly in and [00:27:00] then, you know what I mean? Probably take a boat from the island. You had to like flying over to a little plane. The guy’s like, like bearing left and it was just people fucking, they’re like, oh my god, what’s happening?

Locals say Epstein continued to bring underage girls to the island as recently as the year he was arrested. Jesus guy cannot stop, which is a decade after he was a registered sex offender. The authorities even down there didn’t do anything. Right. He was paying people off, right? Yeah. Two employees who worked at the local airstrip told Vanity Fair that they witnessed Epstein boarding his private plane on multiple occasions in the companies of girls who all appeared under the age of consent.

 According to the employees, the girls arrived with Epstein aboard one of his two jets between 2018 and 2019. He died in 2019. Jesus. He still was going for it. Like he could give shit. Like I can’t be stopped. Records show the jets were airborne at least one of every three days of the year.

What the fuck? Oh my god. [00:28:00] How much gas you much fuel his, my God. And this is one of the guys, former air traffic controller at the airstrip. Who asked to remain anonymous? Well, yeah. He’s like, I don’t wanna die. Yeah. He like chokes on a bar of soap in his bathroom Face. Redacted. Yeah. Redacted.

Redacted. Redacted. My name. I’m gonna change my name. Redacted. Redacted. Redacted. Redacted. If I have to have to trial. So redacted. who is it? Who is redacted? Yeah. so he says, on multiple occasions I saw Epstein exit in full view of my tower and bored his private jet with children, female children. One’s incident in particular really stands out in my mind because the girls were just so young, they couldn’t have been over 16. Epstein looked very angry, hurled his jacket at one of them.

They were also carrying shopping bags from stores, not on that island. I remember thinking, where in the world have they been shopping? Mm, I know. It just. It’s so weird. No one would say anything. I know, and this gets [00:29:00] worse and I’m mad at this employee now because the next part. Yeah, like that’s why he was like anonymous piece of shit.

Yeah. The employee adds that. He and his coworkers would joke around about what they were seeing. Oh my. And I quote, every time he landed or took off, it was always brought up. We’d always be joking How many kids are on board this time? But the employee also says he felt pure, disgusted, calling it insane that a convicted sex offender was able to move around so openly.

Even during the era of Me Too. Oh, of course. I mean, how, how, how convenient that he’s like, I was disgusted now girls. Now he says that. Yeah. Yeah. You fucking lie. Epstein apparently made no attempt to hide his travels. The airstrip in St. Thomas sits in plain sight of a central highway nearby parking lot of the University of the Virgin Islands.

Uh, His plane is always parked right in front of the control tower. He, he just doesn’t care. He, he like thought he was like the emperor dude, like he thought he was invincible. Like, no one can stop me. Then he ends his statement with quote, but it was said that he always tipped really well. Mm. So everyone [00:30:00] overlooked it.

That’s like, that’s how like he should be charged. So many people are like, I know. Fuck redacted. We’re coming for you. This is bullshit. Yeah. Yeah. In fact, it appears that local thirties did not. Investigate Epstein’s repeated trips with young girls, despite the fact that he was listed on the island’s registry of sex offenders, cuz it is US soil.

Yeah. It’s, it’s a, it’s a province in the United States. So, chief William Harvey, a veteran of the police department, said to Vanny Fair that he does not know who Epstein is and he is unaware of any investigation into him. This is like in 2017. So he was like, what? I, I don’t know who this guy is. Yeah.

There’s also so many islands. The guy’s , I’m on this, what do you fuck? Right. What do you want me to do? Look, Yeah. Lawyers for Epstein. , when he was charged, when he was arrested, said flatly, denies any illegal involvement with underage. See, like, could you imagine being a lawyer for him? , I couldn’t do it.

I I know. I I could not do it. I know, I, I have some sort of morals. Yeah. I, I couldn’t, I could not do so last year, little St. James [00:31:00] and the neighboring great St. James. Or listed for 125 million For sale. Oh, for, for both The double, for the double up. Oh, I thought it was just the one. So, wait is the one, is that the one who fuck down?

Great. St. James. Eventually he did. Oh, he owned it too. Bought, yeah, he bought the Oh really? He bought the other, what, for like $1 million? Had something on that guy. I know, right? It was actually a gift. But didn’t you, didn’t we say at the beginning that somebody ended up buying? Yeah, so this is this basically.

So, in March of 2022, his estate lawyer mm-hmm. listed the islands and they were listed at 125 million. And the lawyer said it was, he would use the money. Just settle the lawsuits. Oh, okay. That never happened. but as you can tell, I mean, can you imagine you’re not gonna get full sticker price on Epstein Island?

God, no. I’d be , you know what I mean? So, yeah, we’ll start the bidding at 10 grand. So in May, 2023, which is , a couple months ago, two months ago, a couple months ago, , little St. James and the neighbor in Great St. James, , were sold to billionaire Steven [00:32:00] Decoff. In his firm for 60 million and he says he, , plans to build a state-of-the-art five star world class luxury 25 room resort.

Yeah. So he is pretty much , I’m just going to burn everything to the ground and just start anew. Yeah. God damn. It’s so Who, who is that guy, that billionaire? What does he do? What? He just owns an investment firm. it’s called SD Investments. Didn’t just a random billionaire. I know. I didn’t, pretty sure he taught math and college.

Yeah. I didn’t really look further into what did Mr. Decoff. Yeah. Anyways, that’s the, that’s the island. , you know, it was, I mean, dude, this is just a story. It gets the, the more it goes, it’s just the more , So many people, the amount of people that just did nothing and turned a blind eyes it Actually, it’s actually almost worse.

It’s almost worse. Than the people involved. Yeah. There’s so many people that are like, so many. Well, you know, he gave me 500 tips, so I guess I’ll just let him fuck underage girls like, what the fuck is wrong? Definitely not worse, but goddamn damn. It’s, it’s not worse. It’s just bad. Just as bad. [00:33:00] No, but I mean, no, I know You mean I know what you mean though, but

I’m editing This episode makes me so mad. Think about it. No, this is bullshit. It’s like, and I’m, yeah, I’m sure everybody listening right now is , So pissed about the stories, I know. It makes me, you know, so pissed. It’s rough to li Yeah. It’s rough. It’s, it’s rough to listen. Yeah. But, so look , I just wanna go back to that statement.

I didn’t mean it’s worse that I just, I just mean like that it’s, it’s so fucked. You would think, like, you like to think fucked. That fucked up. If my neighbor, you know, saw somebody. Yeah. A dude with like a, you know, with a bunch of 16 year old girls and , it was clear that there was no, all the time, all the time.

They’re different. They’d be , Hey, what the fuck are you doing? Yeah. Right. , isn’t, you know, he’s pimping them out. Isn’t, isn’t it? Yeah. You correct me if I’m wrong, call somebody, , do something. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it kind of similar to the whole me too thing of the last 50 years of women being treated poorly and does anything?

That’s good point. You know what? Now you say that it’s true, [00:34:00] meaning is it? I’m not, no, it’s not. It’s underage, minor trafficking. Oh, he’s saying, just saying of negligence, of going like, oh, true. Know, true. That’s just what Weinstein does. Yeah. Eh. You know what I mean? No big deal. But the thing is well, it just starts to get normalized, like you were saying.

Yes. Again, you know, they’re right. And then people were just , eh. Then it just keeps on going. But people haven’t been cool with fucking kids since like the 13 hundreds, bro. This is like, no, I know. Fucking this shit has been, this has been like off, off limits for a long time. This even criminals. Even criminals in prison.

 you know, true dude. Fuck yeah. They get nuked. Yeah. All the time. Yeah. Even the, yeah. Even the criminals are like, fuck these guys. Yeah, I know. They’re dead. You’re gonna fucking die. I know. They get hung. I know. And alone in their jail cell. I mean, I honestly, I honestly think it, it was a debauchery place, you know?

I was, You know what I mean? And I actually do believe it. You know what I, I started thinking of , well, I’m going, maybe, you know, maybe I’m more into conspiracies, you know, I’m thinking [00:35:00] maybe it was , you know, little, little satanic worship place. You know, like sex and fucking rituals and, I don’t know.

But nothing shows any, everything that we’ve done is so nothing but illuminati free basins. Just that he likes to get off. No. Well, yeah, that’s it. Yes. Oh yeah, right. Like that’s his. Maybe he had some, it seems like he had a condition, I mean, for a man of his age. Oh yeah. The, the, how can you be fucking that much?

Oh yeah. That’s so much. It’s way too, it’s like Viagra. It’s not even that probably, I mean, God, it’s probably more the higher up, the higher up upgrade than whatever. Yeah. Like Viagra mixed with crack. Yeah. Cocaine. Fucking shoot it directly in it. It is wild that, that he would have so many people who probably didn’t participate.

Right. I mean, and that’s what I was trying to say earlier is that’s why he holds these conferences and this , yeah. So like he legitimizes it. He’s insulated. He’s also insulate. Insulate. That’s what I say. Because you know Steven Hawking’s not dude, Steven Hawking can’t even move like his, he can barely move his eyeballs.

[00:36:00] No, but I, I do think that, I do think there, I, I really want to know what he’s got on Lex. . I know he’s got, he’s got , it’s gotta be something so despicable that Lex feels like he can never come back from it. So you’re saying there’s no way, no way.

He could have just been, he’s my. He’s my ride or die. No, there was a no, there was a negative percent chance, if that’s the case, absolutely. No, no way. There’s actually a less than 0% chance if that is the case. Because what you said earlier, I agree. you know, no matter what you have on me, you’re not getting power of attorney.

Fuck. Put it out there. Fuck it. Right. I mean, I’d be remiss to give it to my wife. Exactly. That’s a lot of power. It’s too much power. She, she gets sick of me one day and she’s , oh. She’s gonna go.

So there, there’s one story of a woman, I mean this is also the same woman, Sarah Ransom, and she said that she was on the island. She had been raped three times that day by Epstein, and she recalled jumping on a quad bike to flee, and [00:37:00] she planned to swim several miles. To the neighboring St. Thomas Island.

She was spotted on surveillance cameras that lined Epstein’s Island and was quickly stopped by a team of his staff. So ba basically she was wanting to get out of there so bad that she, she was like, I’ll swim it. Fuck. It was gonna jump into Alcaraz Sharks. Yes, I’m out. Yeah. But what was interesting is that, even Jalaine says they’re video cameras.

Oh yeah. The, what Jalaine had said that there, there were cameras everywhere in the New York house. Everywhere. Yeah. The, the, the ranch, the airplane. Right. Epstein Island. She even confirms it there. That’s probably also why you bought the other island too. He is like, oh shit. Yeah. No, they really can’t escape.

Yeah. Okay, so both, so let me just paint this picture now. So we have New York, so there’s cameras. Mm-hmm. There’s Palm Beach. Yep. Cameras. There’s cameras. There’s the New Mexico Ranch. Cameras. Cameras. There’s the island, obviously. Tons of [00:38:00] cameras there. Yeah. Just everywhere. Yeah. Okay. So you have four locations with, let’s say, on average, 10 cameras and, and you’re in a situation with like constant lewd activity happening.

Yes. Yeah. And powerful people. So how many cameras just throw, just throw in tits with four 40. 40 cameras. Well, dude, you know, at a minimum, minimum, 40 cameras, there’s way more. There’s probably 40 cameras just in the, you know how big in one AC New York House is just in one acre of the island. The house is like 12,000 square feet, bro.

They got a hundred cameras in that motherfucker. Thousand square feet. There’s a hundred cameras in that fucking ass, I guarantee. So let’s say just on a very low conservative, 50 cameras, thousand cameras, let’s just say that’s conservative. Let’s just say 50 cameras. Yeah. Let’s just, just for the sake of being at the low.

That’s way too low. I know. Yeah. Just for the sake, we’re going conservative. We we have two cameras and three square feet. What the fuck? Well, the point I’m going with this is where is the video? Right. Any video? Zero. There’s been nothing leaked. Ever. And also too, like they didn’t [00:39:00] have like, you know, terabyte hard drives back then he’s got, there’s gotta be like a warehouse full of fire.

I know. Tapes. Tapes tape. Jesus Christ. Still mean There’s gotta be, there’s still, there’s gotta be something. There has to, even if they were confiscated, somebody has them. Oh dude. And somebody has seen something.

I think it’s strange. I think I, I think it’s, if it’s, there’s gotta be somebody of importance doing something they shouldn’t be doing and I more than one, even if it’s, maybe it’s just one, but so powerful enough that they can go, I mean, get it all destroyed. Get ’em out. Make it so he can just go through the

you know what I mean? Like, I don’t know. It’s just gotta be somebody very powerful. I know. And is Wexner that powerful? No, I don’t think so. I don’t know. Well, he’s a lot of money. Well, he didn’t, he didn’t even have his own power of attorney. How powerful can he be now? Damn. True. You know what? I know. That is a great point.

He his own power too. True. But it may be also just an exercise in, in what Rich does. No, I [00:40:00] think I, I think Rich gets you so far. I think that’s what, you know, I do think this enterprise was founded off of the, of Wexner. Wexner was the keystone. Yeah. Without Wexner, this doesn’t happen. Nothing. Right?

Yeah. He doesn’t get to this point. But then the money is, the money in this case is, is just to fuel. Is is the fuel? It’s just to fuel the enterprise. Yeah. So the money’s fueling the enterprise. Yeah. Les Wexner gets him into the, the in with these parties and hit people, Hey, I got a plane.

Hey, let me use it. And so Wexner can fund it. Wexner is like the seed money. Wexner is the seed money for this massive, this massive enterprise, this sex trafficking enterprise. Then he had it down to such a good science and he had, he had fucking spotters and, yeah, yeah. And system wouldn’t pick, pick him up.

He had a whole, he had a fucking sales pitcher. They like have a booklet like how to do it. Here’s how you get, it’s fucked up. But I’m telling you it wasn’t actual enterprise. And I think that’s what he was, that that’s what his business was. [00:41:00] Right. I’m telling you. That’s a good point. And he, and he figured that out.

And he ran a fucking company that literally teaches you to how to fucking embezzle money. So it’s, I’m telling you, it’s fucking, Ugh God. It’s like a perfect storm of how to basically keep this going for years and I know forever. Yeah. Yeah. And then it starts fueling itself and then you have more favors and more power.

Right. And it just snowballs into this Right, I’ve got ex-presidents and , , you know, 10, 20, 30 other billionaires that are hanging out and Stephen Hawkins come to conferences and like bunch, I’m bunch of, bunch of different celebrities, actors, all, all kinds of people I’m buying fucking islands.

Yeah. I feel like it’s, it is an extreme version of, of the Weinstein thing, right? it’s just so many people that are, that didn’t do anything and then we’ll see everybody’s , just kill him. No, the w with the Weinstein thing is it’s way different because Weinstein was just doing it for him.

Weinstein was just a sick fuck. Yeah. But nobody did anything. Oh, that’s what you mean. I thought you meant like, just like, because [00:42:00] obviously we know that he dude likes the fuck, but I think he was doing it as as like income. Yeah. Yeah. Where Weinstein was already Oh, I see. Like Weinstein was already rich and he was just like, oh, I’m, I’m so ugly.

I need, you have to have sex with him. I wanna get something. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got you. No, but it is the same, like you’re too afraid of the guy of the power. Right. Especially the guy is. One of the probably top three, top four most powerful producers in all of Hollywood. I know. Yeah. Yeah. And if you wanna work in Hollywood, you have to make me happy.

Right. Or I’ll blackball you. Right, right. Using their position and whatever. Yeah. Hmm. God. Well, I mean, it gets even weirder. And it’s gonna be next episode, which is, on his death. , and there’s just a little tidbit I wanted to say before. Wrapping up this episode, which was, so on August 10th, 2019 is when he died.

Okay. On August 8th, he redid his will. Of course he did. He transferred all his money and his will and his estate To the Virgin Islands. To that L l C or what? Not to [00:43:00] that llc, but just to the, to the offshore. Oh, just, oh, he moved his money offshore. Oh, okay. Offshore. Oh, so it can be two days. Hmm. So my thing is like, it’s, it’s still.

Can it still be seized there? I don’t know what the laws are in. It can, but it’s harder. It’s almost like he, here’s the thing, the loopholes like the FBI and, and the other federal agencies or whatever, they have jurisdiction there.

You could just go and get his money. Well, it is the US for island. Yeah, but it’s a territory. Yeah, there you go. It’s not part of the 50 states. So the the laws are, are different. I mean that’s the thing is why did he do it? Why and why did he do it 48 hours before his death? Did he know or, or did he do it?

Or like Wexner was , I have your power attorney bitch got him Checkmate Udo reverse card, or, or was it like a weird thing or was it a weird thing where, you know, the, his more powerful friends came to him and said, Hey, you’re done. Or, or they probably gave your shit in order, or maybe they gave him an ultimatum , you do it or We’ll kill you.

Yeah. And [00:44:00] they’re , anyways, bitch. Yeah. You know? And he is , all right, well gimme 48 hours, 72 hours to put my affairs in order. I don’t know why would they let it, for what? I feel like you shouldn’t be allowed to do that from I don’t know, like you’re on. Why you, you should have no rights. No, no, no.

I’m saying , why didn’t they freeze his accounts? Like, what? Doesn’t that seem like a smart thing to do? Freezes assets? I know. No, we’ll just let him transfer it on over. No big deal. Just cash app. I, I had heard that it made it harder for victims to sue. Oh. Cause they, then they have to sue another entity and then they, that’s not the US and it’s not technically him.

And maybe it’s a company. Yeah. Yeah. And then you’re like, or the state is harder to sue than, you know what I mean? Yeah. So I don’t know, but it was just, it’s nefarious, it, you know, it’s, it’s, I know it’s like two days before you die. Everything, you know what I mean? It whatever you do, two days before you die, you change your insurance policy.

How many times in forensic files did they change their insurance policy and then they die the next day. I know, right? Have a resident [00:45:00] CSI expert here. I know what the fuck they went, the fingerprint analysis. You touched this document 76 times before. My thing is I just have a hard time believing that.

Epstein is this fucking Lex Luther evil genius. I, I just can’t have it. He was a billionaire. I can’t have it. I isn’t know what everybody goes for, but I can’t. It just, I just, I know, I just don’t see him as being that, that smart. Right? He’s that capable and like I understand the charismatic guy.

Cool. And , you know, I can see him weaseling his way into the situation, but , I just can’t see him. Yeah. I, I feel like there’s somebody else involved who made him do that. Yeah. Okay. I just can’t see him being the ultimate mastermind. Anybody who fucks 18 times a day, you don’t have time to like, think.

You don’t shit. and when do you sleep? Like, I understand. Yeah. Well, so in next episode, we’re gonna go over, Almost his hour by hour in the cell. And he made a couple phone calls that nobody knows who he called. He’s got a [00:46:00] cell phone in the cell. What the fuck? And, this is Goodfellas, this is bullshit.

Who knows? You know what I mean? It could have been he made a couple phone. Isn’t every other inmate’s phone call screamed? they’re just on the phone too. They don’t know. You know what I mean? Fuck, it’s, it’s so stupid. I know. The next episode’s crazy cuz at the end of it, you’re gonna either be.

Wow. Our jail system is so bad. Or it was obviously a setup. Well, you know, that’s, that’s, you’re gonna be on either one of that. I’m gonna leave you, I’m gonna leave you with this. Yeah. The, the prison system is, is a private organization, which most people are probably aware of. And, you know, guess who, guess who owns the prison systems in America?

Mm. Black Rock. Is that true? Yep. That’s crazy. I’d like to read about that one day. Yeah, dude, it’s, it’s about there’s, do they have a p and l on No, there’s on prisons, know what I mean?

I’ll give the real quick. I’m sure I’ll give you those. I guess it’s real estate and it’s, it’s all the things. It’s a real quick spiel. Real quick spiel. So the, when, when the prison systems went private, they were. Pretty much silly. It was like [00:47:00] privatized and it was I forget the exact year, when it happened, but they were like, okay, cool. we’ll, we’ll buy ’em all. Yeah. But the, the, the amount of, the percentage of, of how many inmates were in there. So I think it was like maybe like 30 or 40% capacity. Of what was done.

Yeah. And so after they bought like within two years, it’s 90%. Wow. Like literally. And, and, and it has not gone below 95% in like 15 years, 20 years. It’s just interesting, more inmates equals more money. The business yeahinteresting. It is. It’s, it’s a business and I don’t want people wanna think about that, but it is a business.

Yeah. They make money. Every inmate the gu. It is money. Your tax dollars are paying them and it’s a great business for them. Jesus Christ. So, but the business you can definitely buy out, you know, people in there. How, and that’s how. What we’re gonna get into. Yeah. How does that work? Do they have contracts with the Yeah, the penal system.

Yeah. So they have with the, with the, yeah. Government contracts. There’s the department or the Bureau of of Prisons Correction. Department of Corrections. Yeah. It’s permanent of corrections and. So they are the overseeing body over all of [00:48:00] them. Mm-hmm. But all the prisons are, are private.

They built, private company comes in, builds them. It’s not like a government organization that does it. It’s all, they’re all private, all prisons except for fucking Guantanamo Bay and , shit like that. And like military prisons are, are all, I think, I think there might be a couple, maybe a couple of the federal, some of the federal prisons are probably owned by the government.

But other than that, . Every state penitentiary is not, it’s all, they’re all private. Interesting. All private. Interesting. So, yeah. Woo. All right. That’s a big one. Once again, have a great time at work. God fucking hide your kids. Fuck. Well, join us next time as we talk about the death of Jeffrey Epstein and also what, , Jalaine, Maxwell’s up to these days.

Yeah. Yeah. 99.