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Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Part 2: Abuse & Power – Episode #36

Podcast Transcription

[00:00:00] okay. Hey guys, welcome back to the Conspiracy podcast, episode two of Jeffrey Epstein and this psychotic, the Jeffrey Epstein saga. God. The series, series saga trilogy. Yeah, it might be a saga cuz if it, if it goes to episode four, it becomes a saga.

Automatically. Automatically, automatically. Saga. We’re gonna try to keep it three. What’s the three? Is that Trilogy? Trilogy. Trilogy. Trilogy, yeah. Okay. It’s Trilogy. Yeah. But anything over three is a saga. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. There’s nothing else to call it like a quartet. It’s, I dig it. So, last episode we did, basically the story of, of Epstein, uh, and then a little, little tidbit on SLA and the how she got to be where she was.

Yeah. And then how he got to be, you know, well, at least big time. What we could find. How the hell, how the hell did he make it? Like how he weasel his way to cross the stardom? Yeah. By the way, I think it’s Ghislaine. Giz. I think I thought it was Ghislaine. Maybe it is Ghislaine. Let’s just, let’s just verify that

 I just had the dude, the dude was like, he sounds [00:01:00] legit. He’s like, this is how we blo G Lane. Yeah. I’m gonna go with that one.

Yeah, I’m gonna, that guy sounds, I’m gonna go with Ghislaine. Well, I’m gonna go with Glanine. All right. That’s 66.6% against you. Yeah.

 In this episode we’re gonna go over what they did, you know what I mean? So, uh Okay. So it gets a little, little heavy little, yeah. This is a double disclaimer.

we’re not condoning it. Yeah, we’re not. Okay. This is gonna be, this is not fun. This is gonna be, very over 18. It’s super dark. It sucks. And it’s tragic. Yeah. We know it sucks. Yeah. Okay, so, we’ll do a timeline basically of what happened, basically. So I’m gonna say, basically, basically, basically fucking times.

I was gonna say, basically do that again. Basically do that again. Okay. So basically, basically basic, basically, so basically stop saying it now. You keep saying, I gotta say it. , Haley Robson was a 16 year old South Florida high school student when an acquaintance of her at a pool said, Hey, do you wanna make some extra money [00:02:00] given a massage to an old billionaire in Palm Beach?

Think I just like that dude. I, my daughter’s not allowed to have friends. Yeah. The friends are out. Friends are canceled. And that’s the crazy thing about this part of the story is that it was a pyramid scheme of, of sex work, of abuse. Yeah. It’s crazy. Yeah. Because it wasn’t , because it’s like people that you trust Yeah.

And, and, and recruiting you, or maybe not trust. Maybe they trust Maybe were front. Yeah. Maybe they’re not friends that you trust. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And they’re girls. Yeah. It’s, that’s crazy, man. Yeah. It’s, it’s fucking Herbalife, but for, for like sex work. Yeah. But it wasn’t cuz I mean, obviously the MLM of traffic.

I know. Literally, so, so Epstein wasn’t out on, you know, south Beach, you know mm-hmm. Walking around going, Hey, 16 year old, you wanna come with me? You wanna see my billfold? Yeah. It was all through these people, right? Yeah. Yeah. So she agreed. Are you gonna get into if these girls were, you know, part of this. Inner circle or this? Um, [00:03:00] yeah. Oh yeah. We’re, we’re gonna do that. Yeah. Or, okay, go ahead. Yeah. so she agreed. She went to his house, and was set up for a massage, and he was laying there and she was massaging him.

And then he tried to grope her while she was giving the massage. he paid her extra to be wearing just a thong. How did you not realize that this was a, that’s the first red flag. Come on. Like, what? You have no massage skills whatsoever. Yeah. I’m gonna need you to be in a thong. Yeah. So I paid extra. He tried to touch her and she pushed his hand away.

Okay. Then she went back 12 more times to the mansion. I mean, there, there has to be like, once again, not condoning it, but there has to be a point where you’re , What are you doing? Yeah. Stop, stop doing this. She, for sure, but, but also the money, money. So this girl just draws you in, I’m sure. You know, I mean, your allowance at home isn’t enough.

Like, you’re 16, what do you need cash for? [00:04:00] That’s what I’m saying, , are these girls part of this, like Richie Rich life? They’re not, they’re not. They’re not. That’s what I’m saying. They’re in a different area and they’re just, oh, maybe. Well, they’re, they’re so broke. They’re like, I need this to survive.

Mm-hmm. Okay. That makes more sense, I guess. Yeah, that makes, I mean, they’re 16, right? I just, that’s the other thing, like in high school, I, I don’t know, I don’t know. When I was 16, like more easily, 200 bucks, I guess 200 bucks would last me for multiple 16. That’s a lot. Yeah. And this is, this is early two thousands, late, late nineties.

 So she kept going back, but she was I guess groomed or she was put into a new role, which was a recruiter. Oh. So they made her oh. Okay. If you don’t want to do the sexy stuff, maybe you’ll get other people to do it and we’ll still pay you.

That’s right. Give the cash. Right. So in a deposition, so now she’s , I don’t gotta go through this. Yes. Painful thing, but I can make money. Yeah. Yeah. So in a deposition later, she said I didn’t have to give, convince them the girls. I proposed to them and then they took it. Oh. So it’s , I don’t [00:05:00] need you, but if you, you, whatever, you wanna make some extra money.

Right. But she’s probably also not saying , what’s about to happen? What’s gonna happen? Totally. Yeah. She’s just saying Totally. Yeah. You wanna do a massage? Fuck this old guy. Yeah. Cash. They’re like, just come give him a massage. Easy peasy. Yeah. So, , in a series of unsealed court documents and depositions, new interviews came about saying that there was a small group of women who would essentially lure girls or at least propose to them.

And then they would take it. Yeah. Right. That sucks too. Cause it is like, you know, girls do typically trust other girls and know Yeah, because, and they’ll, I think they’ll be much more inclined to be like, yeah, oh, they’ll be like, you know, I, I did it. Yeah. And it’s like, totally fine. Do you wanna do it?

That’s right. , I’m just not doing it anymore. And they’re , oh, well she did it. Of course I’ll do it. So he also had, in the civil suits, an organized network of quote unquote underlings. And these were the girls who were trained on how to approach people and then get them to come back to the place

and then also [00:06:00] office assistants who booked cars. Oh, book travel. This is before whole fucking system. Yes. This is before Uber. So they’re not even arranging multiples, meaning shit on the daily. How many know guy? This wasn’t just like a random daily like it’s system now.

Yes. And also, I’m sure you’re gonna get into it, but it’s not just him. No. Oh no. It’s probably other old guys that are staying at the compound. So, uh, none of these people were charged or even named as co-conspirators. Oh, the, the girls. The girls. Oh, because they were, they were also victims. So the That’s right.

DA was probably like, oh, the sucks. That’s right. So, and yeah, you’re totally right. And it became tricky because they’re victims in them. They were abused, and so then they’re coerced to do things further. I know. So it’s almost like they wouldn’t have done it on their own volition, but since they, they were already like, but they still did it embroiled.

Yeah. I mean, that’s a little weird because , I’m sorry. let’s say if I was a parent, Like one of those bitches [00:07:00] like had got my kid into it. Yeah. I’d be like, I’m, would you put them on the same terms? Prosecute him. Fuck em. I don’t give a shit. oh, I need the justice. so you would put them on the same terms?

I’m just saying maybe not the same exact terms. I’m just saying , it’s hard. No, it’s hard to say cuz right now, what I know, but I’m saying if I, I can imagine being a parent of a kid who was coerced by one of these girls. Yeah. And put through that. And then they’d be , well, she was the victim too.

I’d be like, well, fuck off. There’s some sort of I don’t care responsibility there. Yeah. It’s if for example, let’s say it’s why groom you? Why groom you and you get into this gang, you know? Mm-hmm. Gang is a very similar thing. You’re, you’re so, you’re a gang banger, you’re groomed in this lifestyle and you start recruiting other people and you do it, but they’re like, well, hey, you’re a victim, bro.

Right. It’s like, well, you robbed and killed someone. So it’s , I’m sorry. Yeah, but you did it. Yeah, you are. You did the action. Yeah. So you are liable for it. Yeah. It’s, it’s really weird cuz obviously they are victims. It’s strange. They’re a hundred percent victims for sure. Yeah. I’m not denying that.

Right. okay. So here are the four women. [00:08:00] Yeah. Okay. , Sarah Kellen, Leslie Gruff, Adriana Ross and Nadia. Marcona. Cova. Marcona. Cova. Yeah. So these are the people that were the groomer, the, the, it was thought.

Yeah. These are the recruiters for Yes. Yeah. They contended though in the court documents that Ghislaine managed the network of recruiters. Yeah, she was the, she was like the project manager for that ship. Yeah. And actually made like a semi playbook on how to do it. Right. Like a, Gary V sales training.

It sounded fucking corporation. Like Gary, here’s your s o on how to recruit other girls and , yeah. So you say this refer to manual page six. Yes. Yes. For this. And the idea was that if they paid the person $200, then they would also get about a hundred dollars per person that brought it. Yeah. So you bring in 15 people, how much money are you’re making?

You make 1500 bucks and no one’s touching you. So it’s like easy money. Yeah. So they were allegedly told to target young, financially desperate. Oh, see [00:09:00] that’s what, see that’s, yeah, that’s where it is talking about. And to promise, advancement of whatever they were into. Meaning, okay, you’re into arts.

Epstein’s a billionaire. Oh, of course you wanna go get you to the best art school. You wanna go to the, the university. Yeah, absolutely. Done. He put in a good word for you. He he knows the dean. Yeah. So he know. So those are the, and none of those women got to do anything on that. Yeah. Like this, this is, put that out there.

Yeah. In fact, come over and you’re gonna meet the dean. Yeah, I know. He’s, you’re massaging him. Like, so, one girl in a deposition said Ghislaine said that if the guy Epstein likes you, then you know it will work out for you. You’ll travel, you’ll make good money, you’ll be educated.

So essentially like this girl named, Virginia Guffy, she took that job and she, soon, she became, she says that she became Epstein’s sex slave. Constantly providing him sexual favors, but also [00:10:00] acquaintances that she didn’t know who they were, but they were prominent businessmen and government officials.

And he goes to like, Hey, like I need you to do this for me. you want to keep this, you want to keep going. Right? The idea is to go, go in this room and the idea myself, massage to make them happy. Anything else? The idea is like, Hey, I need you to make blah happy. Can you go give them, make them feel better?

Mm-hmm. And you know what I mean? And then she says, my whole life revolved around just pleasing these men and keeping Jalaine and Jeffrey happy their entire lives revolved around sex. I mean, it does. It does seem crazy . I mean, wouldn’t he want like a break? , you know,

and he is like having him come like all the time. , I’m sorry, but I’m , dude, like, well, Ghislaine is, you need a break. I’m like, Vero, but like, Jesus Christ, like that many massages. Ghislaine is quoted as saying that Epstein needs to release three times a day. Really? Or, or what? Or he is gonna fucking turn into like fucking He’s insatiable.

Dr. Jekyll? No, like, just that he’s insatiable. Oh. , you know, must drop nuts. Yeah. And so, [00:11:00] yes. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Sorry. Please refer to the disclaimer, yeah’s. Yeah. So the, yeah.

So one of these four? Yeah. Her name’s Sarah Kellen. Yeah. she was considered the assistant to Jalaine. Mm-hmm. she kept names and numbers of all the girls who gave Epstein erotic massages. And, she would call them whenever he was in town asking if they were ready to work. And so they have documents of her saying, are you ready to work?

Are you ready to work? Mm-hmm. Oh, and it’s so loose that you can’t Yeah. They’re not, you’re ready to jerk off. Like, yeah. Epstein thinking that’s like work. Yeah. So you’re right. It became this organization. It does seem like really, it’s like a club promoter type type, right?

 Type group. Like you have your, like, like an organization or a system? Yeah, just like that. Okay. You get paid to bring more people on the club. Yeah. Yeah. And then when they, when we have another thing, you hit those same people up and you keep bringing ’em back and it’s , it’s very set up like that.

Yeah. In one interview, a victim named Mrs. [00:12:00] Ransom said that Sarah, one of the recruiters. Yeah. And the main girl. She’s the main girl, right? She was the A assistant. She’s one of the four. But she said she was assistant, like almost the assistant. Yeah. Delaine’s assistant. Yeah. Basically she said that, that Kellen and Jalaine gave her tips on how to give him massages, including how to rub his feet appropriately and how to best satisfy him sexually.

She said it was Jalaine and Sarah that showed me how to please Jeffrey sexually. Then one of the other girls, one of the other four, we’ll call ’em the four. The four, right? Yeah, the four. Mrs. Gruff, Ms. Gr, , she was his Epstein’s executive assistant for 20 years. Holy shit. Damn. So she knows, oh, she’s the things, okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. 20 years, like she’s one of four should be also prosecuted.

She’s one of the, so Ms. Groff was, was, wasn’t prosecuted. I mean, my, I’m sorry. No, she You’re the person personal assistant for fucking 20 years. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a little too long to be like, that’s right. You’re victim. You are now part, you now [00:13:00] organization now. Fucking conspiracy. So later on we’ll talk a little bit about it, but at a certain point the FBI starts going through his trash.

Oh, smart. Cuz it’s pub, public property, maybe. And so they find all these, like, remember back in the day the little notepad mm-hmm. Of like a phone message. Oh yeah. That had like, yeah. Little flippy flip. Johnny called and he wants to know when your laundry is gonna be picked up, you know, blah, blah, blah.

They found tons of these and they had all these, not very coated messages, but a girl calling. And saying, Hey, 17, 18, and 19 can be here at five. Yeah. What does that mean? Yeah. You know, and or blah girl is ready to work, or, you know what I mean? They found all these messages, obviously it didn’t say, yeah, she’s gonna give you a hand job.

No, but it was, it was like 17 strong hands. Yes. Blah. Ready to go. Yes. Exactly. Exactly. And he is like, perfect. Yeah. So she said though, in an interview with the times that she would answer the phone, manage his [00:14:00] schedule, and include meetings with scientists, wall Street, foreign dignitaries, American politicians, et cetera, girls, scientists, who the fuck is he meeting with scientist for?

So she says over the years that she formed a special bond with him anticipating his needs and knowing exactly what he was thinking when he would needed it. I mean, see that’s what I’m saying. She’s not a victim anymore. No. Fucking, she’s fucking super complicit. Yes. Yeah. But my thing is like, also like this just proves that he wasn’t doing anything.

How was he making this money? And he is just all he does is get crazy. All he does get his fuck on all day. And he all day. That’s so much work. I know God. Time for this three times a day. That’s like, God, it’s crazy. I know. It’s insane. When do you, like, when do you work? She, she said, she said that as part of her employment that he would help her obtain a fashion degree at a prestigious school.

Did she, did she, I don’t know. I’d have to look that up. I don’t know if she ever did it, but I don’t think so. Probably not. Probably not. But it goes back to this , that’s his, the carrot. Yeah. Giving the [00:15:00] favor and the, you know what I mean? I’ll do this for you. Yeah. You’re gonna go to Juilliard.

Trust me. Yeah. 20 years later. Nothing Phillip’s fucking g e d.

but in the lawsuit, in the original civil suit, , She said, at no time during the employment did she ever engage in any misconduct and ever knowingly made travel arrangements for anyone under 18. That’s a fucking lie. Straight up. It’s also, it’s like I didn’t know that he was, I didn’t know they were gonna fuck him.

Mm-hmm. Like, how would I know that? I just, I just thought he needed multiple massages every day. one of the four, , she was quoted as saying, the more you do, the more you make. Well, yeah. That’s, that’s, yeah. That, that’s classic. That’s how he kept, yeah. and then the fourth person is, , Ms.

Marna Cova, and she was a former model a 16 year old told. Miami PD detectives that she was giving Epstein a massage when [00:16:00] Marcona Cova came in the room and told her, if you wanna make an extra 200 bucks, you have to blow Epstein right now. And she reluctantly agreed. And Epstein’s like, well, she said it. I, what do you want me to do?

Yep. Oh God, I can’t, I just can, it’s not me saying it. I just can’t imagine that they doing any like, yeah. And so Mark, mark Kova, there’s about four reports of different people where she did this same exact thing. Like she was like, so she wasn’t even just you, you just suck the dick. She wasn’t even just recruiting them.

She would walk in mid and be like, let’s up the Anton. This is what you gotta do. Yeah. She’d probably have cash, Yeah, yeah. For this to make it more real. Like show $200. Yeah. But here’s the part that’s crazy. She was underage too. What the fuck? How old was she at the time? Wow. 16. Jesus. That’s ruthless.

They’re, these bitches are complicit. Like, [00:17:00] I’m sorry. You are, you are not. No, they’re those four. The victim is the four. Those four. The four. Those four. Yeah. I’m sorry, the four. I’m sorry. That’s bullshit that they weren’t charged. I, I recanted. But she’s under age too. She can’ts not under age. She can’t charge a minor.

She’s, she wasn’t a minor when this shit came out. Yeah, but that, yeah. But when it happened, wouldn’t, it happened? She’s a minor. You can’t charge him. Yes you can. You cannot, bro. What? No. No. You can’t charge him. No, I don’t think so. What bet, so you’re 16 and you go do something, you would be charged as a minor?

No. Eric? No. So, okay, so like, here, here’s, give an example. I don’t know. That’s a good question. Let’s say I’m 16, I kill Jorge. They find out when it’s murder’s. Not the same thing cuz murder. There’s no age. No. No. Do you know what I mean? You can still be charged with a minor. A hundred percent. For murder. A hundred percent.

No, but, but, but if you’re over 18 when they, when it got found out and there’s evidence, there’s no statute limit charged limitations. No, but it doesn’t, there’s no statute limit. It doesn’t murder, and, it doesn’t matter. Say if you’re, okay, let’s say you’re doing sex traffick and you’re 16, they find out and you’re [00:18:00] 20.

They’re not gonna charge you as a six, 16 year old when you’re No, they’re not. That’s retarded. I’m gonna look this up. This is bullshit. It sounds like they wouldn’t Yeah, because you’re a minor. Yeah. Like if you’re currently doing it still. Yeah, that’s right. Four years later you’re 20. You’re still doing it.

That’s different. Totally. Yeah. As an adult. Totally. Because, because you could charge ’em. Right. Like right now. Totally. Whatever they’re doing now. But if you’re , oh, you found out what you were doing when you were 16, you’re not gonna get charged as an, as an adult. As an adult, adult, adult. You’ll get charged as a minor.

Sure. No, you, you, you only get charged as a minor when you are a minor. Yeah. But if you didn’t act when you were a minor, you can’t get charged later for. Do you know what I mean? Yes. You, you what? I send you to juvie when you’re 25. Like no, no, you’re not gonna get charged. You’re gonna get charged, but you’re gonna get the, the lenient.

 No, you’re not gonna get charged. No. No, you’re not. No. Okay. Look, so I don’t know. I know. Look, the majority of states you can be charged as an adult, as a minor. Florida’s one of them. Sure. Oh yeah. No, you can, I’ve seen that. [00:19:00] Yeah, I’ve seen that. Or if, if you’re not, you can get a ex, the judge can explicitly write and be like, Hey, they’re gonna be charged as an adult.

And at that point you can be charged as an adult, as a minor. Yeah. So as an, if you can be charged as an adult, as a minor. Yeah. So like, if you’re a minor, you can get charged as an adult. Correct. But what if you’re over 18 and you’ve, they found out about some shit you were doing when you were 16.

You’re, but now you’re an adult. You’re an adult. So you get charged as an adult. No. Yes. No. No. Oh my God. No, I’m with you. I’m, oh my God. 2 1 1. We we beat Shawn. Yeah. Democracy please. I’m sure we gonna get so many democracy. We’re gonna get so many comments. Republic. I’m big security. You’re new. Only the Dylan absolute Senate.

Then you’re truly lost, my friend. You underestimate my power. I will do what I must.

That is the best. One of the best scenes ever. Woo. Shit. All right. Anyways, I’m sweating now. Nolan, [00:20:00] write in. I need you guys to write in to make me right? Yeah, yeah. We probably got some lawyers like I know there’s some smarter humans. Humans than us to policemen or somebody’s listening. Listening. So, so write in.

Tell me. And the next part is, is is about a little bit about it. Not quite the same thing, but it’s basically, prosecutors said later that it’s. A thorny legal issue in deciding whether to charge the associates because they’ve initially been victims themselves before. I understand we’re talking about, before we’re talking, we’re talking about we’re about the the victim thing.

Yeah. That’s different than the minor thing, but yeah, correct. Right, right. So determining criminal liability is complex decision. If a person has been exploited for sex in the first place and then used as a pawn to recruit others, but then the, I mean, with her coming in, want 200 bucks. Yeah, exactly. I mean, that doesn’t seem like you’re, like, under duress.

Just a lawyer. A lawyer who focuses on it, says it becomes really, really tricky when you’re trying to process. I doesn’t scene, but like I know, I don’t know. If you put yourself in her shoes, then I feel she might be like, oh, I’m gonna go back to, you know, the [00:21:00] lower ranks and I’m gonna have to be the one in, in the room now.

I, I don’t know. It’s so complicated. It’s rough. It’s rough, it’s so complicated, but. Anyways. Shawn’s wrong. Okay. But yet, yet, I’m like, oh, murder. Oh, murder’s different. Murder’s different. Like, so, okay, so there is, that’s not me. It is like, I’m not liable. So there is a,

like, so there is a fifth girl. I thought it was just the four, like the four, the four horsemen. So there is a fifth girl and her name’s, g Robson, miss Robson, right? And she’s a former stripper and, waitress at Olive Garden. She was not classy, she was not among the four who were part of the original, lawsuit.

But some of the detectives wanted to prosecute her. So I’m telling you about her because, because she worked at a hall garden. She was the fifth fuck all. And so she was a recruiter, she was part of it. She was the fifth recruiter, but there was not enough evidence to have her really part of it. Okay. The [00:22:00] four are the four.

Then there was a fifth and it said, her role in Epstein’s operation was significant enough that the detectives planned to charge her more than a decade ago. She was sued twice civilly and described her role in the, in a, in the deposition. So when Epstein would fly into Florida, she would get on a call on her cell phone from Sarah, one of the four.

Mm-hmm. And tell her how many massages that he would need for the upcoming visit. The two of them would then schedule a scheduling coordinator. Oh my God, she’s so funny. So you would be like, I’m in town for eight days. I need nine massages today. Yeah, no, the thing I understand is like, they wanted more like 24 3 a day.

They wanted to, they wanted to charge this fifth one, but the, the other four, they’re like, well, you know, I think cuz there wasn’t a much documented evidence. The other ones there was in the trash. It was everything, you know what I mean? No. But they had more evidence on the floor. Right. [00:23:00] Not her.

Right. But they wanted to charge this fifth one. But with these four, the, oh yeah. Well they were victims but her, they were like, fucking burn her on the cross. Fuck her. I know. Like she was a stripper. She worked an olive garden piece of shit. I’m gonna tell you what happened and you’re gonna be super, super mad about it.

Did she start off not a recruiter or did she just move into recruiter status? Yeah, straight recruiter. Straight recruitment. Off the bat. You like, you’re a stripper. You could be a recruiter. You know, that’s a good question though.

I don’t, I don’t have that. I would have to, I don’t have that. Yeah, there was a lot of girls. Yeah, I bet. Lot of, so she said in a deposition, she said I would have a girl that would be available for those dates and times and that’s what she would send to Sarah. Who would send it to Ghislaine. Who would send it to Epstein Excel spreadsheet.

Yeah. Yes. Seriously. Monday. So this is what she, she told lawyers though, this is what she told her. She made $200 for every high school girl she brought to the house. She recruited the girls from high school, including one who was 14 when she brought [00:24:00] a 23 year old. Epstein got fired, said no, too old. Sent her away.

Oh my God. 23 is young as fuck. Damn it. That’s like a lifetime away from me. Like, yeah, no, my know, 23. I’m like, oh my God. In the deposition, she said, the more you do, the more you make. If you were topless, if you were working in your thong, if you’re working in your bra, you’re going to make more than a hundred.

And then she was reached out by the time she says, I have nothing to say. I would appreciate it not being contacted again. Dude, what the fuck? So she was straight at like, so she was the fifth. Okay. So in 99, Epstein allegedly forced an underage girl to have sex with Prince Andrew. Oh yeah. I heard about, oh yeah, I heard about this. Believe it fully. So Virginia Goy fully believe it. Virginia Gruffy is one of the first survivors to ever speak out, and she’s on the Netflix documentary.

Mm-hmm. She’s, she came out in a lot of stuff. She worked at Mar-a-Lago. Yeah. So that’s the also the weird connection. You [00:25:00] know, everybody knows everybody. Like, she’s probably a beer cart girl. And they’re like, get her. So she worked at Mar-a-Lago in 99 when she was 15.

 So Gefrey accused Epstein of sex trafficking her and said he forced her to have sex with Andrew, the Duke of Yorker. He and he got fucking exiled, bro. Yes. He got excommunicated from the royal family.

They’re like, fuck off. Nothing to do with you. So, so Prince Andrew denied the allegations. So do you remember the photo? Yeah. There’s a photo of Andrew. He’s got his hand in the chick. Yes. He’s and G’s in the background. And G’s in the background. It’s like his hands almost on her butt.

That’s right. and so then he did an interview and you should watch the interview when you have a spare moment. It’s the most awkward interview I might have. I might have seen, I think I might have seen it. Haven’t seen yet. Cause he’s like, you know what, I’m gonna get ahead of this. I’m gonna get ahead of this.

I’m gonna do an interview. And he, he gets on the interview and he is just outta control. He’s like, fucking, you know what he’s talking about? He’s like, you know, I didn’t ever did anything at all. I never had sexual relations with [00:26:00] that girl. 2002. Epstein is accused of raping a high school student in New York. Jennifer, aas was 14. Oh my God. When a woman alleged, a woman allegedly approached her to take her to the townhouse in New York, Araz told n bbc, she returned to the mansion several times over the next year and was coerced eventually into stripping down and giving him erotic stuff and massages and stuff.

Why do you keep going back and, right, that doesn’t make any sense. Accused she accused him of raping her in 2002. Dude. And, um, I’m sorry, but like. I I, it’s just weird to me the first time you go there, there’s like some fucked up shit that goes down. You’re not going back if you don’t have to. Like, no. It’s one thing if you’re , kept prisoner,

maybe they were so, yeah. I’m trying to understand it, but maybe they were so financially hard up that they had to dude, but like, okay, you don’t mean financially hard on people, still survive without fucking people. Right, right. I’m just saying , and it’s maybe when you’re 14, you’re a kid. I know.

Fourteen’s different. [00:27:00] You don’t, you don’t have to like bring in the bacon for your kids. That’s right. I know. It’s different Fourteen’s different, it’s different. you’re a child, you’re in school. Yeah. okay, so in March it’s fucked up. March in 2005, this is when the police started to finally, they’re like, Hey, some shit is gonna, something’s going on.

Stop gonna stop this. Yeah. From happening. so Palm Beach police, they began investigating Epstein after the family of a 14 year old girl reported that she was molested at his house. Yeah. Wasn’t there mult? I think there was, there was actually multiple. Yeah. Complaints and like reports. It, it took , yeah.

It was like the fifth or sixth time when they’re finally, they finally do something about it. Right? Yeah. You’re right. So multiple girls came forward and said that, he was hiring them to give him sexual pleasures. Pleasures. Yeah. She said a female acquaintance again and a classmate at the high school.

Fucking fake taking her fake friends. Yeah. Taking her to the house to give him a massage. In exchange for money. In April, now Palm Beach police begin [00:28:00] pulling his trash and they discovered the telephone messages that we talked about. Mm-hmm. Right. With that girl’s name on it. So then it would like verify.

Oh, so you confirmed Yes. Yes. And a time that matched the time that she told the police. So they’re like, oh, she said it happened. Yeah. Then they found the names and phone numbers of a bunch of other girls on a bunch of other message slips in the trash October. Police go into full probe. One of Epstein’s assistants calls one of the girls, just as she’s being questioned by the police.

She’s like in the room, she’s literally being crushed by the police. The phone rings and she’s like, oh, Tim. Investigators begin interviewing more girls as well as Epstein’s Butler’s who tell them that Epstein frequently gets visits from girls throughout the day. He’s never working, and this guy has never fucking worked a second of his life.

What the fuck is he doing? He keeps going back to that. I don’t have a, I don’t have a time to smoke a cigarette during the day, fucking working like Jesus Christ. So by the end of the month, they get a search warrant, and they search his house, [00:29:00] okay? by finally, no fuck damn fast forward. Now they haven’t done anything.

So they fast forward all the way to the next year, 2006, may, what happened to the warrant? And he’s still making trips back, Ugh, they’re just gathering evidence. Please sign a probable cause. Affidavit charging Epstein and two of his assistants. So two of the four. Mm-hmm. With multiple counts of unlawful sex acts with a minor State attorney Barry Cher instead refers the case to a grand jury.

Okay. So he basically wants a jury trial instead of a Yeah. A, a judge. Right. So May, 2006, , they signed the paperwork to officially charge him, July he’s arrested and what he’s arrested on is a single count of soliciting prostitution. What the fuck, what one count. And it’s not even with a minor, it’s just he solicited a prostitute.

So this relatively minor charge shows, and that’s gonna go [00:30:00] to a jury trial for that. So this, it’s like a fine. Yeah. So this relatively minor charge draws newspaper articles and critiques and, you know, that sort of thing. Essentially in the news articles that were coming out at its time that he was given special treatment.

Well, no shit. Yeah. It’s like I killed like 10 people. They’re like, he’s being charged with one, like aggravated assault. Yeah. It’s like slap on the wrist. Mm-hmm. so he was arrested and then, the grand jury after hearing only from one girl returns an indictment of one count of solicitation of prostitution. So he was arrested for the one count, and then he, they heard from one girl. What happened to the other girls?

Oh yeah. They just didn’t, they didn’t, I him.

These fucking cops suck. Not only that, these guys are worse than the OT trials. They, they’re way worse than, they disregarded them being a minor. So he was, so, it was the equivalent of him going to Miami in his find a hooker and getting a hooker, and then it was a sting operation. And then he got caught for trying to get a hooker.

Yeah. But the hooker was [00:31:00] like a sophomore in high school. Like, what the fuck? What the fuck? Yeah. Dude, these cops suck. Fuck these motherfuckers. No, the legal, not the cops. The cops aren’t part of the, no, sorry. The lawyers are court. Whatever happened there. The district attorney is Is on the payroll. Yeah.

Yeah. He got massages. So at this point, so at this point, of course, Epstein hires the legal team. Of course, of course. It’s like dream team number two. Yeah. With all of his fake money that he magically has. I’m a fuck. So then he starts to negotiate with the state attorney’s office on sentencing and the punishment for a plea deal.

I’ll take plea. I’ll take a plea. It’s community service. Yes. Yes. I He can slap on the wrist. Yeah. So at that time, The police chief of Palm Beach was pressuring the FBI to open up a minor case about minors saying, oh, okay. Hey, , dude, this is not what, okay. He’s not just going to get a hooker.

So the police chief is like, fbi, you need, this is a, , federal crime. I actually recant my statement about the police. Thank you. Police. Yeah. The lawyers are, the shit are terrible. Yeah, that’s right. Child prostitution and [00:32:00] child crimes and child sex thing is a federal, oh, fuck it is f b i jurisdiction kind of thing.

So then they, they begin their investigation, they start interviewing people, et cetera. Right? So now go to 2007. The US attorney, , prepares to present a case to the federal grand jury. Right? Epstein’s attorney Request a meeting to discuss the investigation before it happens. Okay. Okay. There’s a 53 page indictment that’s prepared.

That’s a fucking woo, that’s a whopper. At the same time, the plea deal. Conversations Start with Epstein’s legal team. Oh. They’re like, you get a win. Automatic victory. So the grand jury subpoenas the computers. His computers. Okay. Okay. At the time, the US attorney in Miami is by the name of Alexander Acosta.

Mm-hmm. Later on, this is gonna be important. Yeah. Was on the fucking manifest. Mm-hmm. He enters into direct discussions about the plea agreement. Right. [00:33:00] As well as delaying Epstein’s computer subpoena. See, this is where they’re like, oops. See, I don’t know where they went. The computer’s to disagree.

Yeah. So federal prosecutors in September dropped several plea agreements that are rejected by Epstein and his attorneys. And Epstein then signs a non-prosecution agreement. Now what does that mean? Yeah. It means that you can’t be prosecuted for that crime. That’s right. It’s in essence, is in essence like amnesty.

You have amnesty from that crime, but you have to give them something. That’s right. You have to give them something in like for it. Okay, good. So that’s what’s happening right now, right? They’re going through the paperwork and this and that. He’s like, he’s, he’s, he went through his Rolodex. He’s like, who can I give those?

Who can I like burn? With the non-prosecution agreement being debated still, Acosta meets with Epstein’s lawyer at the West Palm Beach, Marriott, to discuss, finalizing a deal among the terms agreed upon is that the victims would not be [00:34:00] notified that the deal was being struck.

What? What? Jesus. Okay, so say So they can’t know, so they can’t be pissed. Like, that’s right. Yeah. Yeah. That’s so, not only is he getting off, it’s like, this is crazy. They can, no, dude, what the fuck? How was this like flying? How, like how did they let this fucking shit out? So Epstein’s lawyer objects to an addendum that they put in the agreement and the provision called for a special master to appoint an attorney to represent the victims in a civil compensation trial.

So he also objected to them being able to sue him civilly for money. Oh, of course he did. Yeah, he’s a fucking prick. He’s like, I need that for my massages. So then December comes around. The two sides continue to debate the addendum. So Epstein now has attorney named Kenneth Starr. You heard that name guy?

Sounds like, sounds like he fucking wins. Okay, sounds like a winner. Savage, just so you know who the Kenneth Starr is, he’s the prosecutor [00:35:00] who prosecuted Bill Clinton for getting oh, okay, okay. Okay. Just to know who he is. You know what I mean? Yeah. For impeachment. Yeah. Yeah. He was the one who put forward for impeachment anyways.

Okay, good. So Kenna Star asked for a review of the agreement by the US Department of Justice further delaying it. But the victims are told this entire time that it’s just continuing. Yeah. It’s just the legal, the legal process that works. 2007 now comes around cause of years later, federal prosecutors prepare an indictment against Epstein, but for a year, the money manager’s lawyer engages in, talks with the US attorney Alexander Acosta, about a plea agreement.

Okay. So this is just the delaying, delaying, delaying delay mean he could just delay this forever. Yes. And he could just, he could go to any country that doesn’t extradite That’s right. In any of his time. Just dip. So one thing that was, they were stuck at was that, Epstein’s lawyers were continuing to say that the accusers were unreliable witnesses and non-credible.

Mm. So they were [00:36:00] They’re too young to be impoverished. Impoverished. It’s probably all, it’s all part of the game. It’s like you take these low, these low income people, he’s , oh, I’m such an upstanding citizen. Yeah, they’re trying to, you’re gonna believe them. They’re coming at, they’re coming at me for money.

Yeah. The massages was non-sexual. I, I, she wasn’t, she told me she was 18

Fucking Epstein. Right. So it’s just like a power play. who are you gonna believe them over? Me. You’re gonna, yes. So then Epstein, I’ve donated 30 million to Harvard. So then another thing that Epstein does is he says, Hey, I don’t agree to this because it requires me to register as a sex offender because you are, you piece said shit.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell. So meanwhile, during this whole thing, the f b I continues to probe.

Our system sucks Dicks. That’s like the worst. So the Justice Department issues finding that if a plea deal is not reached immediately, then he will be prosecuted. So immediately then he agrees to a plea deal. I let him said like immediately in that case, oh, [00:37:00] okay. Three years later, like immediately, this is what he agrees to.

Okay. In 2008, okay. He pleads to guilty. One count of solicitation of prostitution, weak sauce, one count of solicitation of prostitution with a minor fine. Okay, good. He’s sentenced to 18 months in jail, which he didn’t serve, followed by a year of community control or house arrest. Wow. Okay. That’s, he must register.

That’s twice a year in Florida as a sex offender. Good. Yeah. Wherever he, okay. So that was what he got. Okay. It’s not great, but it’s better than nothing. But here’s the part that’s crazy in that agreement. He agrees that he can never be charged and his co-conspirators can never be charged. And additional co-conspirators can’t be named.

Wait, wait. So say it again. Okay, so, so pretty much no one can be charged. Nobody can be charged. The co conspirators can’t be charged. So anybody who else might be a conspirator, meaning, [00:38:00] Prince Andrew. Yeah, exactly. Or anybody else who was at his home can’t be charged. Cuz it’s anybody who, this is also probably spirit, this is also go, probably goes into his like little, his little favor game.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Oh, look at I did, I protected you. Oh yeah. Yeah. I fucking protected you. Yeah. Additionally, the victims weren’t told about the plea agreement. It’s just so weird. Like, why? I don’t understand that. Yeah. Oh. Just so they wouldn’t file civilly and they would think it keeps going. Right. And then the statute of limitation goes out and they’re like, they can’t file civil case.

So they freaked out and they filed a, an emergency petition basically. But by that time he had already signed, sealed, delivered, and reported jail did he actually served the full 18 months. So here’s what it did. A in jail.

He was approved for work release from the county stockade. Okay, so he is picked up by a private driver six days a week he’s transported to his office in West Palm to get massages where he can see whoever he wants for 12 hours a day. And there’s , no, [00:39:00] there’s no one supervising him. He then returns to the stockade at night.

This is bullshit. It’s like Goodfellas. So he, he gets his lobsters delivered into the fucking, into the place. So he serves, 13 months in jail, which in essence, 13 in that, in the stock case jail in the, in 13 months in jail. It’s, it’s actually like six hours a day.

Yeah. He’s actually prison. Yeah. So he’s supposed, so he’s released, he’s supposed to register as a sex offender and is on probation for a year. So he’s supposed to stay at home for a year. But doesn’t the records show on his planes and this and that, he goes to Manhattan, he goes to the Virgin Islands, he goes all over the place.

Did he actually register registered sex offender? Yes, he did. Probably did. Yeah. He thought, oh, I lost the paperwork. Whoops. A few months later, over a dozen civil lawsuits were filed by women who alleged they were molested by Epstein. he settled pretty much all of them out of court. I’m sure he did.

Mm-hmm. He was like, mm-hmm. So, okay. So 200 how [00:40:00] many times? Right. All right. 20 Gs is that fine. In November, one of Epstein’s former Butlers tries to sell an undercover FBI agent, a black book that is filled with names of hundreds of girls in young women that Epstein allegedly procured for sex. The Butler tells FBI agents, he witnessed nude, underage girls at Epstein’s pool and had known that the millionaire was having sex with them.

He also saw porno that was underage porno on his computers. Alfredo Rodriguez, who is the. Butler. Mm-hmm. was later charged with obstruction of justice and sentenced to federal prison. He died, oh shit. He died in 2015. So this, this is, this is so fucked up.

It’s like, this guy’s , I’ll give you the evidence. And they’re 20 years in prison for this fucking obstruction of justice de penalty. Okay. So 2010, I’m just pushing us through this, right? 2010, the flight logs are obtained. Fucking Christ. And this shows a lot of different things. We talked about it a little bit earlier, or at least on the other episode.

 We [00:41:00] talked about on the other episode. Yeah. Bill Clinton, national Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, the Columbian president, lawyer, Alan Dershowitz. Alan Dershowitz was one of O J’s lawyers. Oh, of course. Wow. See there were so many people.

Now how we have this confirmed or do we also only have the initials? Like how do we know it was these people? , good question. I don’t, I don’t know the answer to that cuz here, I’m gonna go into it a little bit here. Stop asking questions for, and I’m gonna tell you everything. I’m gonna tell you who the news reported.

I’m not reporting and I’m not saying this right, but I’m saying the news reported this day. Yeah. Live action news, Eric. Yeah. Reporting breaking news. Go ahead, Eric. So Jeffrey Epstein’s former pilot testified, in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial. So that was recently, like a year ago or two years ago. he said there’s a lot of powerful men who went on the plane, including Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

In 2002 and 2003, Clinton took a total of four trips on Epstein’s plane, one to Europe, one to Asia and two to Africa, [00:42:00] all under the concept of the Clinton Foundation work. Yeah. Clinton fucking corruption foundation. The logs show Trump taking four trips. Okay. Wow. 19 93, 94, 95, and 97. Where’d they go? Did they say where they went?

Because like they had fucking explicit details on Clinton, Africa. Africa, yeah. Trump’s name appears in the 94 flight logs. Alongside the names Marla, Tiffany, and a nanny believed to be a reference to his then wife Marla, and then infant daughter Tiffany. Okay. So, okay. So if he went with his family, he, with his kid and his wife.

He’s probably not fucking a 14 year old. Yeah. Now here are so like Clinton, it shows him with like five other teenagers, Clinton plus six. Oh my god. So here are the names that are. Reported by the Associated Press and cnn. Mm-hmm. Okay. Trump, Clinton, Kevin Spacey. Mm-hmm. Kind of believable dude. . Kevin Spacey’s, you know, obviously getting sued for all this shit that in all the, the men that he raped and shit.

[00:43:00] So it was two or three of the main people going after him. All, some magically died. No way. Really? Yeah, dude. I don’t know, but does Kevin space have clout? I mean, I don’t know. Dude, he’s, he, he might pee.

Not really not he might. No, he just might be in with the people that are all fucked up and like, they don’t want it to get out that he’s in he, these like weird. I mean he went on the plane. That’s what I’m saying, dude. That’s what I been on the plane. That’s what I’m saying. Okay, here’s like Kevin Spacey accuser. Linda Culkin dead after being struck by car massage therapist suing Kevin Spacey for sexual assault dies ahead of trial. What was it? Girl? There’s a girl and then a guy and then Kevin Spacey accuser dies by suicide day after actor post killed them with kindness video.

Kevin Spacey won’t face criminal charges in groping case after accuser’s death and just gives, what the fuck? And then there’s a picture. The next is a picture. I’ll show you guys and I’ll show the camera of Kevin Spacey in GLA Maxwell. Oh wow. Really? Oh yeah. Mm-hmm. There you go.[00:44:00]

So just saying. So there you go. Kevin Pacey was complicit,

I believe. I mean, I mean, the fact that him and Ghislaine looked pretty. Yeah, he pretty looks the kind. Oh yeah. He looks like he’d be sliding. There’s a reason he is canceled. Really? Oh, for sure mean, yeah. Okay. So then Chris Tucker, we talked about him. Yeah, we talked about that. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Bill Gates, he’s, shit.

Sorry, I sneezed. Bill Gates, prince and Andrew and Andrew Tuck. Chris Tucker or Bill Gates here. Bill Gates. Here’s, here’s one that I didn’t expect. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Ooh. Yeah, that’s, I don’t know. I, I’m not, I dunno, I’m just saying, I’m not sure if this is true. I don’t know. We’re not recording. This is, this is from Associated Press and cnn.

Mm-hmm. So this is for them. And you can Google this. This is. Up there, it’s still alive. And RFK meter is, I mean, he is running for prison. US Senator John Glenn, former senate Majority Leader, George Mitchell. Anyways, those are the [00:45:00] main, so I don’t know. I mean, this is loose. If, now here’s the thing. If the associated Oppressant, C N N. Based on abbreviations, then that’s fucking, then that’s fucking lame reporting.

I know. That’s super. Right. But like who’s famous with these initials? Like, fuck. Which can’t put that past them either. But I know. But I know, I don’t know. I mean, if it was rf, like believe if the initials were rfk, I mean like Okay. I just say like making that connection. R F kj. RFK J. Hard period. Look, I mean, yeah.

But there’s, I don’t know. We don’t know. This is, we don’t know. We don’t know because they refuse to release people. Cause here’s the, here’s the thing I, right now all we’re guessing on is who we really are a suspect of. Yeah, exactly. Do you know what I mean? Like, but we don’t know though. We don’t know if Donald Trump did.

We don’t know if Bill Clinton did. Honestly, we don’t know if Chris Tucker did. We don’t know if Kevin Spacey did. Yeah. We don’t know. It’s just, we don’t know. We’re just guessing. But these are, I mean, these are most, we’re just going based off of most [00:46:00] famous, one of the most famous. News reporting agencies.

Yeah, we’re just going based off of the research that we can find out there. That’s what they said. I know. Anyways, I just wanted to repeat that over and over. And that’s what say, this is not, this is not financial. We dunno. We don’t know. Okay. So in 2011, the hope don’t shit on us on social media. Face know, please.

I feel like we’re gonna get I we’re gonna least clip and look you fucking, you guys can’t report this shit. Blah. Earth’s not flat. I know. It’s like not us. Not us. Yeah, not us. Not us. Next. Eric, please. Okay, so the US district Judge Kenneth Mara rejected the argument that it was under no obligation to notify victims prior to striking a non-prosecution agreement with Epstein.

So pretty much he’s , that’s bullshit. Yeah, he can’t do that. They’re like, why? What’s the, so in November it was determined that Epstein must register in New York as sex offender despite efforts by him to try to. [00:47:00] Wait, wait. I thought if you were a sex offender you had to always be registered everywhere.

I’m no longer a sex it a federal crime. So that’s, it’s a federal crime. That’s my point, isn’t it? The whole, I think Sean’s right on this one. Yeah. Seems weird. It’s also you. But he probably like weasel his way out of like, okay, I only gotta register in Florida. And then that’s, he’s like, sell the, sell the house now.

Sell the Palm Springs house immediately. But you know, what’s that Subway guy? Oh, uh, Jared. Jared. Jared. You know, he is gonna register everywhere. Oh, for right. Oh, he’s registering everywhere. It’s not like he’s only gonna get one state. Oh, well everyone just knows though. Right? Right. So it’s like he doesn’t really have to register cuz like we all know, by the way, there’s a documentary on him.

It’s fucked up. It really? Oh yeah. Ugh. Everything’s documented. And he was a loony tune. Really? Like everything’s documented. I know. He literally, he mentioned the most horrible thing you’ve done but’s everything. Documented aspect of it. Yeah. oh, it’s like literal. It’s all on camera. Yeah. It’s like him, like saying, Ugh.

What’s [00:48:00] it on? Is it It’s on Netflix. Oh, I’m gonna check that. Yeah, you gotta check it out. It’s, it’s called like fucking, it’s called like some footlong. Yeah. Foot long footlong. I’m sorry. It’s like subway, I don’t know. Okay. So, and then 2015, Virginia, and we talked about Virginia. She filed court papers in Florida claiming that she was forced by Epstein to have sex with Prince and Andrew.

Andrew that she was also underage at the time and that’s when she released the photo. Yes. Yeah. She claims that Jalaine worked as Epstein’s. Madam like a prostitute madam. Yeah, Madame. Anyways. Like a female pimp.

Yes. Yeah, exactly. She’s like the brothel runner. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Female pimp. I like that. I like that. That’s better. Yeah. So a federal judge ruled that Roberts cannot join the Federal Crimes Victims Rights Act lawsuit.

And the judge struck her affidavit from the case against Prince Andrew. So Prince Andrew said, see, I’m vindicated. But in reality it was more [00:49:00] of a technicality that she couldn’t join the, lawsuit Couldn piggyback on this. Yes, exactly. Yeah. I told you I didn’t do nothing. Yeah. So in September, Robert sued Jalaine in New York claiming that Epstein alleged Madame defamed her in public anyways, and there’s a lot of lawsuits going back and forth.

Yeah. It’s is everyone’s sue, counter Sue, Sue, counter Sue in 20 about the office in 2016, a lawsuit is filed in Manhattan by a woman who once was named Katie Johnson. She claimed that she was raped by Donald Trump at a party at Epstein’s house in 94 when she was 13. Oh my God. When she was 13.

Yeah. Trump and Epstein both deny it ever happened. I just, I mean, I’m just going off said, I’m just go with the facts . Mean, Trump is typically dis boning, supermodels in their, I don’t think he would need mid, mid to late twenties. I, I don’t know. You’re saying, he would need, he, he doesn’t need to do, no, I’m just saying his, his preference that he’s shown is not 13 year olds.

I see. Whereas Epstein, Epstein was like, 23, get [00:50:00] the fuck outta here. Right. I’m too old tin outta here. I mean, it was dismissed. I don’t know. So I don’t, I don’t want, you know, I’m just, I’m just, I’m just going based off like data that we have. It’s like what? We’ve seen them work. These are just, people are accusing people.

Yeah, of course. Right. I, I’m gonna accuse, I’m gonna jump on the bandwagon here. Yeah. Try to get some money or what, I mean, whatever it can get just flat on the pj. So in 2017, Trump nominated a former Miami federal prosecutor named Acosta. Oh, that guy? Mm-hmm. So he was nominated by Trump to be the US Secretary of Labor.

Mm-hmm. That’s such a weird job. He was a prosecutor and he is gonna be the Secretary of Labor. That’s weird. So at this time, things got started, the story started to focus on Acosta giving him. A lenient, letting him go on one solicitation when there was 30 girls. Oh dude. Yeah. It, it’s very lenient.

It’s extremely lenient. And the, the plea deal was you can’t prosecute me any of my homies. Right. Or my home. Yeah. Or me [00:51:00] even. Yeah. Or me. Yeah. So, so it got a, horrible coverage I guess. Oh, for sure. In, in this unusual whatever. When Trump was president, they went on and, you know, I dunno, trying to shit whatever shit out for it.

I mean, can you, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t look good. That’s a bad play. I know. This is not a this. Yeah. So, so then we fast forward and in July 6th, 2019, Epstein is arrested on federal sex trafficking charges. After federal prosecutors in New York conclude they weren’t bound by the terms of the earlier deal.

Fucking sucker. Fuck all. Yeah. So days later, Acosta resigned. Ooh. Do you remember that? So Acosta resigned. Wow. Amid public outrage over the investigation. That’s interesting. I did not remember that. I feel like when you resign, it’s like you’re pretty much just saying, I’m guilty. Right. You’re like, I, [00:52:00] okay. I did it.

Yeah. So there’s actually a video you can watch and it’s his resignation. and it, Trump is standing with him and he says like, Hey, he’s a great guy, and this is just happening and it just happened.

 Mm. Yeah. I probably wouldn’t. So Trump’s right there next to him. Yeah. While he’s doing like this speech. Mm-hmm. Yeah. So he is kind of just saying, you know, I still support him, but he’s resigning. Yeah. I’d be like, I don’t support hims. Yeah. I’m not, I’m gonna just get away from this.

 That was July, 2019. So August 10th, 2019. Guards walk in to the jail cell and they find Epstein dead in his cell with a bed sheet around his neck, leaning forward where the bed sheet is at the lower part of his neck, not the upper where you’re hanging, but lower and forward the same guards that we’re supposed to be.

Watching and protecting him. Give away the next episodes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ll get into this later because I’m fired up about this shit. So then a year later, [00:53:00] July 2nd, 2020, federal prosecutors in New York charged Jalaine Maxwell with sex crimes saying she helped recruit the underage girls that Epstein sexually abused and sometimes participated in abuse herself.

Yeah. Yeah. She would , so sometimes she would be , Hey, eat me out. Yeah. I want to be in this. Yeah. You know what I mean? And so she was part of it. So, December of the next year, after a month long trial, a jury convicts Maxwell of multiple charges, including sex trafficking, conspiracy, transportation of minor for illegal sexual activity.

She’s sentenced to 20 years in prison. See, it just, it’s so weird that it’s , only you only got 20 years. It just, it seems a little light in light. I mean, but she was silent. She compared to him. She didn’t, well, he died. He didn’t get convicted at all. Yeah. This was before mean. Oh, later. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I get it.

I get it. For the first one though. No, but still it’s like 20 years, that seems like that should be kind of like a lifer type scenario. Yeah. Yeah. Like if you’re trafficking minors, it shouldn’t be like auto life. Yeah. Like automatic life. It’s not one [00:54:00] time, I don’t know, it was like, no. It’s like everybody like fucking hundreds.

Hundreds of fucking hundreds. Yeah. That’s a good question. I don’t know. The precedent, meaning like, like what did Jared Fogle get, or what’s his name? Jared, I think it is Jared Fogal. Jared Fogle. I think it’s Jared Fogal, the subway guy. Oh, okay. Did he get, . Um,

he wasn’t really trafficking though, was he? No, he was, he was literally, he was fucking having, yeah. Yeah, he was. It’s a little different, but still. 15 years for, yeah, 15, 15 years. But it was, it was for child pornography and sex minors. I see. That’s still not a lot. I, I feel like that should be, like, it feels like it’s not enough.

If you should , that should be like maximum sentencing, . It should be like firing squad. Yeah. oh, you were the fuck a kid. You’re dead. We, we kill you together as a girl that’s say, I don’t know the precedent, meaning I don’t know what people get right for it. I don’t know, but So there you go.

So Jalaine, she never spilled anything about anybody. Do you know what I mean? Oh. Because she’s I, that we know of, I think. Right. Cause nothing or that we know of, of nothing Ever got, nothing ever got came out. So we don’t [00:55:00] know least from what happened. What, I mean, she never said anything about Prince Andrew.

Yeah. Even though Prince Andrew then was removed, right. Sean? Yeah. The Royal family was , no, you’re , you’re done. No. , get the fuck out. He got, , he got, all of his titles were stripped. Yeah. And he’s got no, he’s got nothing. Yeah. The guy Dick. Yeah. So they know something.

Oh, of course they’re not. Yeah, they’re, they’re like, they’re not gonna do that for nothing. Dude. The royal family’s a enterprise bro. You know, they trying to fuck that up. Yeah. You know, the queen was , sat down, Andrew. It is probably what happened. She probably was , throw, sat down. He is , I’m sorry, grandma.

And he takes a glove. I’m like, bitch, slaps him. And then he’s outta my sight. No, I mean, honestly, honestly, I would assume, I would assume, I would assume the queen would’ve been two. Her intelligence agency. She would’ve been , fucking kidding. Give me the real data. Mm-hmm. Oh, she knows what happened.

Give me, give me the real info. She took that to her grave. Mm-hmm. You know what I mean? Like, I wanna know exactly what happened. And then she found out what happened? Oh, she’s like, you’re toast. And then she’s , I’m not gonna kill you. [00:56:00] You’re not gonna go to jail for this. No, but you’re, you’re out.

You’re done. You’re done. Done. You’re done. You’re done. Right. You’re done. Done. Yeah. That seems like she a hundred percent knew what happened. She was, but you know what? She really did? She was like, you stupid ass.

Jesus Christ, God. So there you go. I mean, we got a lot more to dive into. We have to go over, there’s some crazy stuff about his death dude’s dude. Like some weird, you know, seven coincidences. Mm-hmm. What’s, you know what I mean? Like, it’s like if it’s an episode of csi, we’re , this is so fantastical.

This is ridiculous. More than one coincidence equals a conspiracy. Like Yeah. Equals question. That’s what we’re gonna get into equals the reason our podcast exists. So, so next episode we’re gonna do, we’re gonna do the death and then we’re also gonna do the island. Yes. Because the island has its own.

Mm-hmm. The whole other thing. Mm-hmm. It’s actually really two islands. It is. And I think someone just bought it too. Yeah. I think someone actually bought that. So it’s a whole thing. Anyways, so there you go. I know it’s heavy, but at the same time, It’s needs to be [00:57:00] talked about. It does. And and it’s not talked about enough.

I know. Yeah. It needs to be. It needs to be, we’re gonna, especially, it’s a tough subject, especially a lot of people don’t wanna bring it up and talk about it. Yeah. It sucks to talk about it. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s like anytime there’s underage kids involved, it’s very uncomfortable. It’s the worst, it’s extreme.

 It’s very uncomfortable. Mm-hmm. I, and that’s why I’m like, I know, 15 years, 20 years. I’m like, I know. They didn’t, they don’t like fucking shoot your kneecaps out and like, fucking curb stop. Like, what the fuck? Also, also there’s more about what he did. He did right before his death. He moved all his money off.

Sure. Oh sure. Yeah. So he, all of his fake money that he magically got. But, you know, but you know what’s crazy? What sucks is all the victims, they, they don’t get paid. They can’t sue him because the money is international waters. Oh wow. So he knew, I mean, he fucking, he literally ran a company for embezzling money, knew what he was like, what the fuck [00:58:00] it was for embezzling money, like professional embezzler.

Oh my fuck God. I mean, the real question that comes out of all this, obviously everybody knows Epstein and he’s gonna be tainted forever as this guy. But really what I was kind of hoping we would maybe dive into in maybe the next episode or the one after is, is, well, who else? I mean, he was four people involved in this, this, this was an enterprise like this.

It wasn’t like he doesn’t have enough time in his four, four horseman assistants. Yeah, you have, there’s way more people involved. I mean, worst case you have Jalaine, you have the four people. And then fifth. No, but can you and all the other people, but, and the fifth girl. Just imagine the logistics alone for coordinating all the flights to the, to the island.

Yes. I mean, just the logistics alone. I can’t even, it’s a whole corporation. Can’t, can’t even think about how much that takes, man. I know. Just kind coordination. Likes call narcos. Like they have their own corporate system. Like somebody, somebody runs the drug. I know somebody runs the, the money, [00:59:00] whatever.

And there’s layers cuz of what it does. The traffickers have their own fucking system too. Well the traffickers it it, what it, what you do, you set it up so it, in, it insulates the person at the top. And that’s why they created Right. They created the Ricoh laws and the, the Rico laws were to, to pretty much the kingpins of like the mob and all the stuff.

They, they couldn’t be charged with anything cuz they didn’t do anything themselves. Mm. Right. So you’re able to, to charge, keep distance. You’re, you’re able to charge the leader. and a conspiracy for for everything that was done under their enterprise. So it’s a criminal Rico, it’s a criminal enterprise, so, gotcha.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. So that’s why they created that, because that’s what the guys will do. he’s at the top, he’s not doing shit. Right. Yeah. He’s not making any calls. I didn’t ask you, I didn’t ask you to me. She showed up. I don’t fucking, it was on my dick. What’s on my dick? Even like, no. Even the girls that he recruited would come in and ask for the thing I know.

He’s like, I didn’t say it. He’s like, I’m just laying there. He’s almost, I’m just laying there. I’m asleep. The girl comes in like, she jumped on me. Yeah. And she’s like a waitress. She’s like, damn, that’s a lot. You know what I mean? [01:00:00] Ugh. Okay. No worries. There you go. Well, we’re gonna leave you off of this.

Have a great day. Yeah. I, what a downer. Enjoy work on your Tuesday. Fuck. Think about how our court system failed us. Exactly. Can, and how you can’t trust your coworkers so you and your kids shouldn’t talk to anybody in high school. That’s right. You should homeschool because Yeah, they’re all athlete. All the kids are, are fucking, they’re all traffickers.

So anyways, all right. Night at night. That’s you guys. We’ll catch you guys next time. Bye. Night at night. Goodbye.