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Episode 16: The Freemasons Part 2: From Stonemasons to the Brotherhood

Podcast Transcription

Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is, uh, Sean. This is Jorge. What’s up guys? This is Eric. We are back for part two of the Freemasons. Mm. Picking up right where we left off. I thought a lot about this. The Freemasons, Eric is, is the next candidate for right now. I was. I was. He wants in. He does. He’s ready.

I was like, you know, it’s, it’s. It anyways. We don’t have to, we don’t, to start, start off with that, I was a fraternity in college, so I’m good.  and, and for those of you guys listening, we did take a, you know, a little bit of time off in between one and two, so that, you know, that’s also what you’re talking about.

Like Yeah. You were thinking about it and you even drove by one, one of these places. Oh, yeah. Yeah. There’s, they’re, they’re all over the place. Yeah. Eric’s had a lot of windshield time. Yeah. , they’re, they’re all over the place, but. , anyways, go ahead. Let’s, let’s start, start. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Start the episode, but, oh, keep in mind if you have not listened to part one, just don’t even, yeah, don’t even do this episode. So just go back, yeah, just go back, go back. Do yourself a favor. One. So I wanted, I wanted to start this one off with, , this, it’s, it’s very large, but still short list.  of people. So over the years, there’s been a large number of famous Freemasons.

Everyone’s kind of speculated Ooh, the Freemasons. So true. I think it’s also fueled kind of the conspiracy vibe. They’re like, well, all these awesome people, Freemasons. And I’m not, it’s conspiracy . It’s true, it’s true. So, um, real quick, real quick. Do you know, I don’t know if you know, but do you know how many people are part of this?

I know, I, I don’t know the exact number. Um, , I know as of I think 2008. Mm-hmm.  in the uk there. R, I think around 300,000. Wow. Damn. Okay. In the uk. In the uk, yeah. I would think it’s bigger over here though. No. Well, there’s more people, right? So I mean, I think, oh, there’s more people in general. Yeah, that’s, that makes sense.

Yeah. So it’s like, you know, we have like roughly three 70 million people. Yeah. It did start over there. Yeah. It seems like the estimates, say the estimates is that it’s five plus million people on the planet. I think so too. And the uk. That includes Scotland and Includes like, oh, true. The provinces of the United Kingdom.

, but, but anyway, it’s , you know, this, this list includes presidents, civil rights activists, artists, athletes, musicians, I mean, you name it, they’re on there. And, , I just wanted to say this is not all of them. It’s just, this is not all, this just what? This is not all five. This is not everyone. It’s a small fraction.

So just bear with me  I’m gonna go through this list. It may seem long, but in the grand scheme it’s, it’s short. So just listen. So I’m gonna start off with George Washington Crazy. Mm-hmm.  Ben Franklin. Mm. Theodore Roosevelt. , Franklin d Roosevelt, both of the Roosevelts.

Mm. Gerald Ford, Harry Truman. These are all presidents, by the way. It’s named of the name. Six Presidents. Crazy free. I mean, that’s a, that’s a cra. I mean, if only them were Freemasons. Yeah, that’s like a conspiracy in itself. See, that’s, that’s a 10% of the president’s if GW. If GW is a mason, it might be worth looking into

not George Bush, but no, George Washington. G Dubb. Dubb, yeah. Yeah. G Dubb original G Dub.

The rich is the original G

Do you know what I mean? Like it might be like, Hey, I’m gonna check it out. What’s the IQ requirement? Yes.  George. I wonder what he got to. Oh, he’s probably, he’s probably the czar of the Mason, right? He’s probably the king, king dick of the mason. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. So then we move on to like, , obviously more influential people.

Henry Ford, Walter Chrysler, Charles, hi. Colonel Harlan Sanders. That’s right. The KFC man himself. Really? Wow. Dave Thomas, the Wendy’s founder. Yeah, I know. No wonder where’s like half of fast food. Is that and, and, mm-hmm. . I know this. It’s half. Yeah. Where, who’s, where’s, where’s Mr. Taco Bell and Jose. Jose Bell.

No, sorry. . You gotta do those jokes. I can’t do those jokes. I can do the white jokes. No, I’m gonna cancel you real quick. , cancel. Can you get canceled if you’ve never. If you’re not there yet,  guys, help us get there. Leave us a couple reviews. It’s like, you know, it’s if a tree falls in the wood, don’t even hear it.

Like if a guy gets canceled, he’s not famous. Does anyone care? I’m gonna send out a press release. I was canceled . They’re like, who the fuck is this guy? It’s got one view. , it’s you. Anyways, we got, it’s crazy. We got Winston Churchill. Yeah, few UK lads. We got j Edgar Hoover, former director of the fbi. Wow.

And then we, we certainly , wasn’t, wasn’t, uh uh, sorry to stop you, but wasn’t Hoover  the top? Top? Hoover was Hoover made it to Hoover. Hoover made it to the 33rd degree of the Scottish. Right. Which is the highest love you get. So did J. So did G Dubs. Yeah. And I think Ben Franklin is one. Really?

Yeah. So that’s Eagle Scout. It is Eagle Scout. I actually saw there’s about, you know, I was gonna bring it up, I think every year.  in the Scottish, right. I think there’s anywhere from one to 200 people who, who move up to that. Oh, okay. That’s, that’s the sad I saw that could be wrong. Maybe. Maybe one to two a year.

No, one to 200 a year. Yeah. Oh one 200 a year will make it to the top. We’ll make it to the tip top. It’s, but it’s exactly like Eagle Scouts. I was researching this because I don’t know if our audience knows, but Jor Jorge is an eagle. Eric is in love with Jorge now. He, yeah, he just recently learned that it’s fucking being friends for it’s incredible years.

Yeah, it’s incredible. Uh, but it’s a similar thing where not everybody makes it, obviously. No. So, you know what I mean? So this is similar where a couple hundred every year will make it  true.  Leonard Rip. I’m just curious. Like, why, why is, what’s the secretiveness?

It’s, it’s their there is no secret, if you talk to somebody No, that’s a secret. It is, it is. So if, if, if we had a mason on, I’d be like, Hey, what’s up with the masons? They’d be , I can’t talk about it. No, he would just, he would probably give you some blase answer, but in terms of the rituals that they do?

Exactly. I could, that’s what secret is behind doors weeks, there is no data, there’s no information about any of the rituals that they do. Mm-hmm.  any of the shit, and they’re all like, , you know, it’s actually, you know, kudos to them. That’s a pretty, that’s a pretty dope group of homies.

They’re not gonna the beans five hundreds or thousands of years or what, what was it like? When did they get started? They, well, I mean, that’s hundreds of years for sure. I mean, technically in the, the late 17 hundreds, but like, yeah. Then there’s like, they go back to the Knight’s Templar, quote unquote. So it could be, it’s a lot later.

Who knows? It could be like ancient alien times. Yeah. , maybe different planets, but was. Hundreds, hundreds of years of Freemasons. Jesus was a carpenter, not a mason. . Yeah, you gotta be a mason. That’s how it started. Don’t know. I dunno.  don’t know the answer. Jesus. I don’t know. No, I, no, seriously, it’s like it, we’re getting cancel.

It’s contradictory to like, oh. Because free Masons were started by By Stone Masons. Yeah, that’s true. That was the whole, that’s why they’re called free Masons. They’re, they’re like, they’re like, screw carpentry jerks. Eric, Eric is trying to get his cancel. It’s like the, it’s like the navy jerk. It’s like the Navy Army.

Goddamn woods woulds wood boys in the wood mason. Yeah. Wood.  I don’t mean to like, make fun of anybody. I’m not trying to do that. What I’m just pointing out is that there are so many different people on that list from totally different walks of life. Oh, no, wait. It gets, it gets weird. It gets weird. Keep going.

It gets way more direct. Do you know what I mean? Like there’s a big difference between FDR and J Agar Ho. , in my opinion. No, it’s a big difference. It gets right, and so it gets way more diverse than you could ever imagine. Yeah. So. , Mustafa Kamal at Turk. This guy was the, the founder of the Republic of Turkey.

Mm. Okay. Free Mason, Wolfgang Mozart. Mm. Free Mason. Yeah. Bach. William Bassi, who’s like one of, like the Sebastian Lake. Great. Sebastian Bach, is that how you say it? Yes. Sebastian. And then William Bassi is like a great jazz guy. Mm-hmm.  back in the day. , so there’s, there’s artists, there’s politics or pol politicians.

There’s, there’s, there’s statesmen, there’s, uh,   I’m just gonna keep going. Just so you guys, yeah, keep going. Yeah. So Simon, do I see Mark Twain on there? Yes. You do.  I love Mark Twain. Mark Twain, Oscar Wild Voltaire, Dan Brown. Which is weird cuz you wrote the Da Vinci Code and he is like, he’s like talking shit about the Masons, but he is , I have one

No wonder where you got all the insights Scoop. I love how voluntary right next to Dam . That’s such a funny, I know, I know. That’s crazy though.  Um, Simon Boulevard, which Jorge obviously know. Yes. He got, he got one guy, one Hispanic, 99% white guys. And the guy single handedly freed South America in Spanish rule.

It’s crazy, a majority of our history is, it seems like left out South America. Yeah. , like a lot of it, right. Sore, just like, well, we just, oh, there’s Alamo  that’s as far as south we go. That’s as far as San Antonio like,  pichu is crazy. That’s it. That’s all we know. All right. We gotta, we gotta do another episode on, uh, more pyramids and include Picchu in there. I know, dude.

Then we got, um, guys like, uh, famous scientist, sir Alexander Fleming guy who discover the penicillin. Yeah, I mean, holy shit. We got Edward Jenner guy who pioneered the smallpox vaccine. He’s known as the father of immunology.

We got Joseph Lister revolutionized the craft of surgery. Steve Wasniak, co-founder of Apple. Hey Steve. He’s still around. Yeah. Yeah. Seems like a cool man. Yep. We got Jesse Jackson, Booker t Washington, w e b.

Thurgood Marshall, Al Sharpen, all these civil rights activists. Wow. I know,  all right. So then we got like famous explorers. We got Dave Crockett Lewis and Clark, Charles Lindbergh, buzz Aldrin.

And John Plan two astronauts. So where was the moon landing? Orchestrated by the Masons thes. No, they know. We need you to join and find that out. . Yeah. Eric, you need to get the inside skate first. If I can. If I could swing it. We’ll see. You can swing it. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I wonder what it takes to , cuz I know  I keep bringing it back to being an Eagle Scout.

Becoming an Eagle Scout, you had to become an astronaut, do things to get badges and, you know what I mean? You had to, you had to fish to get your fishing, fishing badge. I’m basically a free mason. I mean, you know, Eagle Scout, . No, I just, I, I, I honestly, I genuinely wonder what those things are that you need to do.

Yeah. To move up in the levels. I wanna know too, trust, I’m super curious.

 Then we got Phil Collins. Brad, what? What? What? Yes, yes. I can feel, I could feel that. I could feel that one. We got Brad Paisley, Billy Ray Cyrus. Nat King Cole, like that one threw me for a loop. I was like, wow, that motherfucker was a Freema.

like Nat King Cole, huh? Damn. Then we get into athletes. We got Shaq, Scotty Pippen for real. Bob Dole. Scotty Pippen. Scotty Pips is a Freemason, but not Michael Jordan. Because Michael Jordan didn’t need to be,   he’s like, I’m already a goat.

 Beltway. Don King , sugar Ray Robinson, Jack Dempsey. Okay. I love the mixture. Arnold, Arnold Palmer.

I love how we’re not kept to a category. We’re like jump around  and well Don King’s in sports world. I had to throw him in there in that same category. And then the last three, which are probably my three. John Wayne. Okay. Nice. Harry Houdini. Oh, and Richard Pryor. That’s cool. Wow. That’s cool. All right. All right.

That’s impressive. Very cool. But I mean, seriously, what’s, that’s impressive. There’s so many, like weirdly, it just all walks. Oh, absolutely. All the spectrums are yeah. In these famous people. Every aspect. So they really  at least every famous aspect, it’s spiderweb into like all the aspects of, so.

Does it seem like it’s, it’s it’s majority wealthy people? Uh, well, no, no, this is, okay. This list is specifically of famous people. Okay? I didn’t make a list of , Steve, Tim, that’s true Next, knows my next door neighbor. , no one gives a shit about that.

 So moving on, um, since I literally, I couldn’t find a absolutely anything about rituals at all. Zero.

Yeah. Like if I know it’s probably confident, not even speculative. Yeah. Not even someone like talking shit. Yeah. Like, oh, this is what they do find zero. So I decided to, we’re gonna go over, there’s, there’s 14 slash 15 main. Symbols that are okay, kind of coincide with free masonry that, that are known of free masonry.

So I just wanted to kind of go through those so we, you know, so everyone can obviously get, get a good feel of that. The biggest one is the square encompass, which is the actual symbol, right? Square being a perfect 90 degree angle. What you use in masonry, you also use in carpentry? Yeah, anything in building and the compass, which is , you know, if remember in your, your old math class with the Yeah, with the, the, the spike and the pencil.

Yeah. And you can make a perfect circle  so there’s that. They’re overset over each other. All, it’s all with roots of. Masonry work. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, so the square company, it depicts a builder square joined by a compass. Yeah. Uh, the meaning behind it is quite literal with the square representing morality and that free masons need to square their actions by the square of virtue with all mankind.

Oh yeah. So that’s what they believe. That’s nice. So the compass then measures the ability to wisely conduct actions within certain bound. In other words, together with the Square encompass, remind Freemasons to explore the desires and passions without stepping outside the realms of moral behavior.

I mean, so when you beat this shit, they’re like, seem kinda like standup guys. I mean, and that’s like their, does that’s their main logo? Is it a logo symbol? Is that, is the symbol, what they call it, the logo? It is a symbol of the Freemasons symbol. Okay, fine. It is that’s, that’s definitely the main one.

The most known one. Yeah. Cause that is, that’s what you see on the lodges. That’s what you see , That’s what, that’s what lands, right? That that’s what you see on the Denver Airport, by the way. Exactly. Lucifer.  You guys gotta check out that Denver airport episode that we, it’s just, it’s pretty funny.

Yeah. Yeah. We have one. It’s pretty, we have an episode on that. Check it out. Yeah. Connecting flight . Can I just open until , Midnight like the restaurant , they’re closes. Seven. It’s upsetting. . So upsetting. So in that there’s also the G. So the G, the actual letter G. Okay. In and of itself is a separate symbol, but a lot of times incorporated in the middle of the square encompass.

So the G at a center remains subject to dispute. You know, some experts believe that, , the G is a symbol that represents geome. And these are, these are, when I say experts, these are, it’s m i t who thinks that this is the thing. ,  so obviously Geometry’s very critical to the free Masons, you know, they’re really into that kind of thing,

But others believe that the GE represents God. The grand architect of the universe, though that’s, that’s like me. Okay. The freema is considered God the grand architect of the universe. That’s, that’s what it’s called. Yeah. So others believes that it represents the word no.

Meaning knowledge of spiritual mysteries. Which is big component of masonry. Others still devis, that the letter G is in, in ancient Hebrew had a numerical value of three, which is highly referenced throughout history when talking about God. Mm. It is, mm-hmm.  apparently. So I’m, I’m not a biblical scholar, so I, I don’t really know.

No. Well, I mean same, but I don’t know. It’s the first time I hear it. That’s cool. That’s cool though. Well, you think of like three,  the Holy Trinity. Oh, okay. And know that that’s true. The God things happen. Holy Spirit, like Yeah. And the Sopranos . Exactly. Sopranos happens in threes. I think The Sopranos is a metaphor.

What is it? God, uncle. What’s his uncle? What’s his uncle’s name? He’s got the shaved head. I know. He was terrified. Things happening in threes. Oh, he was. And so That’s right. That’s what he, he thought he was gonna like, he’s like, oh, is that  coming for me? Yeah. , everything. Things happen in threes.

So is, so that’s that one. So the next one that everyone knows about is the all seeing I. Mm. So I thought that was a Illuminati. I mean, I know it’s confusing. We’re we’re learning some new shit. This is why it all mixes together. All right, so I have a, I have this part, this, this is the part where us normal folk don’t quite, you know what I mean?

So the old thing I is also known as the Masonic Eye of Providence.

Mm-hmm. So it’s up there as one of the most recognized free mason symbols, especially since you can see it on the dollar bill. Mm-hmm. It’s been around since, , 1797 when it was first introduced in a publication that’s called the Freemasons Monitor. That was like their Okay. Their own little thing. So in this use to eye representing the all saying Eye of God serves as a reminder that humanity’s thoughts and deeds are always observed by, Who is referred to in Masonry as the great architect of the universe, which we just went over.

So popular among  conspiracy theorists is the claim that the IA Providence shown a top. The unfinished pyramid of the great seal of the United States indicates the influence of free masonry in the founding of the United States, however, common Masonic use of the eye dates to 14 years after the creation of the Great Seal, which I do understand because.

I wonder, it would be interesting to look at who created the dollar bill. Oh, we’ll get Oh, oh, okay. Here we go. All right,  for tat. All right, so furthermore, the only mason among the members of the various design committees for the Great Seal was Benjamin Franklin, whose ideas for the seal were not adopted.

Mm-hmm. . So that’s kind of like a mis number. Some of his ideas were not adopted. Some of, so they’re, I can see them trying to cover the tracks. No. Mm-hmm. , some of them weren’t. But some of them are. So, in 1782, die of Providence was adopted as part of the symbolism featured on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States.

It was first proposed as an element of the Great Seal by the first of three design committees in 1776, it’s thought to be in a suggestion by an artistic consultant named Pierre Eugene Des Maier, .

 At the time it was a conventional symbol for God’s benevolent oversight. Mm. , so when the original proposal to the committee, , December TA. Place the eye over shields. , so as to symbolize each of the original 13 states of the union, , on the version of the seal that would eventually be approved.

The eye is positioned above an unfinished pyramid of 13 steps. Mm. Okay. Again, symbolizing the original 13 colonies. Yeah. But also incorporating the nation’s potential for future growth. Meaning it’s unfinished, we can build bigger. Right,  so this type of symbolism is explained through the model that appears above the eye. Anit, meaning he approves our undertakings. Okay. So meaning God approves our undertakings.

Yeah.  So perhaps due to its use in the design of the Great Seal, the eye has made its way into other American seals and logos such Oh yeah.

Yeah. Similarly, the, uh, the symbols featured in the front page of the Constitution of Serbia. Okay. From 1835 in Nigeria. The I symbol is part of the Nigerian Custom Service logo. Wow. This is, this is everywhere. It’s deep. It’s the fucking everywhere.

It’s everywhere. Yeah. And it’s not just white. It’s and Nigeria . It’s just white guys. . It’s not just white dudes. So it’s also found in religion, the I is mm-hmm. , an association. , the association of an eye with the concept of divine providence is found in Christianity in late Renaissance European iconography.

The eye surrounded by a triangle was in the explicit symbol of the Christian Holy Trinity. Okay. I think it’s back to the threes thing. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So, so, 17th century depictions of the eye sometimes show it’s surrounded by clouds or sun. , the Eye of God in a triangle is still used in church architecture and Christian art to symbolize the trinity and God’s omnipresence in divine providence.

Okay. So yeah. You know, it’s, wow. It’s never. Yeah.

No, I was gonna get into the conspiracy of that all, you know, just how they’re always watching. Like that’s, that, that’s kind of like what it symbolizes, right? It’s a little 1985, George. Oy. What isn’t it? What? Isn’t it more like, God’s watching. God’s watching you. Yeah. Or is the free Mason ? Well, I know, but I mean, isn’t it, isn’t that what it’s, that’s that’s the, the point of it.

That’s what said is that hey, that’s what they, that Hey, no, I, I, and correct me if I’m wrong, cuz I’m not a Mason yet, I’d love to. Mm-hmm. , I’d love to explore that further. But, um, . But no, the idea behind it, I think is that act like you would if your creator was watching you. Yes. That’s what it’s supposed to represent.

Right. So that’s why what I’m doing, but no, like you get the logic behind it, right? Correct. The, the logic of the thief logic, but the conspiracy Yeah. Yeah. Is that we’re  always watched and we’re always monitored and controlled and Yeah. I mean, this is true. But that’s why if I, if I’m doing, that’s what this old, old show is about, so,

So maybe like, you know, you know, get with it. Question everything. Everything. Oh, good. Well, well, next time Eric’s doing some unsavory acts. He’s gonna flip his dollar bill over. No, I’m gonna be like, until the, I’ll be like, I, I should probably act like. My creator’s watching me,  

So the next, uh, the next big one, uh, symbolism wise in Freemasonry is called the Anchor and the Arc. Okay. It’s literally an anchor. Mm-hmm. . And the Arc being like an arc, Noah’s arc. Yeah. Okay. So the anchor is used Latin Christian symbolism, uh, and has been adopted by Freemasons to have similar meaning.

Basically, it represents.  as well as peace against stormy weather. Okay. You know? Mm-hmm. , , it’s like anchor you down. Yep. So an anchor is used quite literally as a way of grounding a ship. We all know that. And in the same way this symbol talks about living a life that is grounded in hope and peace.

  so when the third degree, which is the, you know, the various degrees, third level, But how many degrees are there again? Well, it depends on three, depend. No, no, that’s in the Scott. . Uh, in, in, in traditional and in normal Mason news, there’s only three. Oh oh, okay. Yeah. This is news to us. Uh, we did it on the first episode, boys. Sorry. You know, so Eric and how, I forgot everything.

 No, but that’s, so that’s the highest level in, on over here. Yeah. There. It’s called Master Mason, is is would be the third degree in some forms of masonry. Obviously in the Scottish right, there’s a 33rd degree, which is the highest level you can get to.

Mm. Okay. So in the third degree whose teachings all relate to life and death, the anchor in the arc are emblems of a well grounded hope and a well-spent life. Okay. They are emblematic of the divine arc, which safely wass us over the contemptuous seas of troubles. Holy shit. That was a mouthful. . I know.

Emblematic, by the way. Emblematic. Emblematic. Yes. That’s a great word. And that the anchor would show safely, Morris, in a peaceful harbor where the wicked cease from troubling, and the wary shall find rest. I mean, this is a quote, just so you know. I didn’t make that up. Mm-hmm. , you’re like, that’s not, that’s not my normal vocabulary.

Communicate, yeah.

 So the next, uh, symbol is the Masonic gavel. Okay. So, um, in the operative stone Mason era, the common gavel was a tool, a tool used to break the rough edges from the stones in order to perfectly fit them into place. So it’s an actual, like, you know, it’s like a  hammer.

 Yeah. So the Masonic gavel is an emblem of authority used by the Master of the Lodge to show his executive power over the assemblage by punctuating its actions.

In, in this capacity order is maintained and a structured outcome to the proceedings is achieved. Order. Order in the lodge.

So, um, in, in speculative free masonry, the Masonic gavel is used to symbolically divest the heart and consciousness. What’s speculative masonry? It is just another, it’s another, it’s an option. It’s another chapter. It’s another brand. There’s like 40, it’s an option. There’s like 40 different types of Fri Mac.

Yeah. Okay. So.  that is used symbolically to divest the heart and consciousness of all the vices and excesses of life in order to ready ourselves as if we were living stones. So it’s , you know how the, the hand used it, the stone to make it perfectly fit. Wow. Yeah. It’s to make yourself fit the life you’re meant to So this isn’t Judge Judy’s gavel. Like a That’s what I was gonna ask. It’s not really different. It’s got, it’s not really a, like it’s got a little order in the ga order in the lodge type of gavel. Yeah. So, so the head of the gavels, rectangular and, , the, the flat, , it’s flat on one end and it could be slightly pinched.

To come to a point, almost like a, like a little spike ish. A little house type? Yeah. It’s like a little triangle. A little triangle house, at the bottom, you know? It’s flat,  you just said. Top triangle. Yeah. It’s meant for , you know, you can imagine like as a mason, back in the hissy, like you want like a little sharp little end.

You can like that. And then the hit hit it off at the rectangle side. Yeah. Almost like Andy du frames. . Little pickax. True. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. That’s, you are a pop culture king right now. Damn. Jesus Christ. Yeah. You’re on point a friend. Yes. We’ll put a picture on the website so he can, can check that out.

Yes. And we’ll, we’ll put up all these symbols so you can see, cuz they’re, they’re very obscured and know about any of them.

Oh, man. So the, so the next, , symbol is the Masonic Shea of corn. What the, the fuck? Yep. So the Masonic piss off. What is a sheath? Corn. What’s the sheath? It’s like a bundle. It’s like, imagine like a little bundle. It’s with the hairs in the Yeah, it’s , you have a little, it’s rat little rap, little bundle.

 Can see take a little bundle thing. Yeah. This is like a bundle. Okay. It’s a. It’s a shef. Yeah, fine. Exactly. That’s a sheep. So the Masonic chief of corn in King Solomon’s day, they’re always going back to King Solomon.

, represented part of the wages reaped from the Master Mason’s labor. So the chief of corn represented the coin of the realm to our ancient brethren. The people of Israel. That’s what they said. Mm-hmm. . Okay. while we were paid in dollars and cents today, corn, wine, and oil were the wages of the fruits of their labor.

So yeah, kind of represents exchange for  services rendered. Yeah. Makes sense. Yeah. You’re like, Hey, , what well done today. Here’s a sheep. Here’s a sheep . How many Shes for today’s services. So, um, today it is used as a symbol of  that time long ago. Mostly during the dedication, , constitution and consecration of a new lodge, , and in the lane in the cornerstones.

Cuz they’re obviously, they’re masons, so like, They put a big deal on like laying the cornerstone of like the, the building, right? The first one. Yeah. Yeah. So at those times, the Masonic Chief of Corn represented the fruits of our laborers are sacrifices in all we have done to deserve them. It also represents charitable giving to the less fortunate.

So the next is the, the acacia tree. , the Acacia tree is an incredibly hardy, durable tree and as such, has been used to depict immortality throughout ancient history.

, both the Hebrews and the Egyptians believe that because of its hardness, durability and evergreen nature, that this tree was a symbol of both innocence and immortality. The Hebrew people use to mark their graves with a sprig of acacia for this very reason, aligning with the, , masonry belief in the afterlife, the acacia tree represents their enduring immortal souls.

 So the Ark of the Covenant, we’ve all seen Indiana Jones. You know, when they’re like, covenant, don’t look at, don’t look into the arc. So,  so as we discussed in the first part of the Masons, uh, a lot of significance has been,  tied to Kings Solomon’s temple, right?

I think it’s because that was  the first major thing ever commissioned.  Supposedly the arc of the covenant was stored at Kings Solomon’s temple before it was rated and stolen from from there. , so the arc of the covenant can be found in the Bible as God’s promised to David Freemasons draw significance and symbolism from it, as today.

It represents God’s continued forgiveness of their transgressions.  That’s what they believe. The arc supposedly contained a golden pot filled with manna. The Lord commanded Moses to fill a gold vessel filled with manna and keep it in aor in, in memorial to future generations of how God fed them in the wilderness.

The golden pot of manna signifies eternal life. So it, it’s man up with two Ns. Oh man. Up with two Ns. That changed thing. Mm-hmm. , it makes really, oh, he’s about to do an explanation. . So hurry, there’s level 17, man.

 An edible substance, which God provided for the Israelites during their travels in the desert. Mm-hmm. . So there was a gold pot filled in that . Yeah. , there was also Aaron’s rod. Sounds tasty. Mm.

I’ll have the salad please. I can go for Savannah. Right now I’m on the side of the Ezekiel bread. . I like that. I like it. I like it a lot.

 have you ever tried bread and wine? No. , that was like a staple, like dunking it? Yeah. Like it seems like it was a staple. Staple real bread. Like, okay, you’re sour. No bread. Maybe dip it in wine.

I don’t think they had sourdough back in the head. Sourdough . He’s like, it was, it was a Ezekiel bread. Come on. What kind of bread do you think it was? Dude, it was made with millet. It was like millet bread. It was a Ezekiel bread. Sounds what they, they dunk it in wine cause it tastes like shit.

Right. You think there was gluten in it? No, it’s gluten free. It’s gluten. It’s millet. Yeah. Gluten free.  , I wonder They were so thin . I thought they were like, they were in the desert. I’m like, . Meanwhile, I’ve got like a patch of gluten right here.

you know what I mean?   It’s definitely, it’s definitely not the Coors Banquet. Yeah, it’s not the Coors banker. That’s not the problem. No, no. How many There’s, there’s, there’s sometimes less calories in than some millet bread. Yeah.  It’s the bread.

It’s the bread. It’s the bread. It’s Monsanto, it’s mon . It’s what it’s.  Anyways,  so there’s a Masonic altar . So today the Masonic altar within a Masonic lodge, , upon which resides the Holy Books, which I would love to see what’s in those, like what’s up in the Holy Books, bro? The Holy Books. The Holy Books.

Interesting. Yeah. Cause it’s not less like Bibles. It’s probably some other , Other books, you know what I’m saying? So it’s , it’s an altar. It’s a literal altar. Like you walk into a church, it’s like an altar. Okay. So it’s a symbol of a place of communion with the supreme architect of the universe.

Okay. I mean, it’s, I want no wonder people just call it God. No one wants to say the supreme architect of the universe all the time. No, I like to give thanks to the supreme architect. Sure. It’s so much words. Yeah. Stop saying it. However, in ancient times, um, this is in ancient times, they were a place of sacrifice, atonement, and communion with the supreme architect.

Mm-hmm. . So maybe like back in the day that were doing some blood sacrifice, blood oath, it was their own two days , their own religion , whatever you wanna call it. Yeah. Don’t, we’ll get into that later. I don’t know. I don’t think it’s, so, Eric is  about to become a lawyer to defend it.

Doesn’t, doesn’t I know. Anyways. The next is the cable towel, which is really, it’s just like, it’s literally rope. Yeah. So this cable towel is part of the dress of a candidate in which he agrees to go to the aid of his brother with all of his power. Mm-hmm. . It’s literally put onto his, , it’s put onto his thing on his rope, and it’s rope, and it’s tied up like this.

So you’re , listen, okay. No, explain. So the, yeah, no, no, I get it. And it ties your robe together. Yeah, kind of. It doesn’t really, but it’s on your robe. It’s a pretty hot excess. By access, he means accessory. Yes. No one for those. Not paying attention for those, not up with pop cultures like Eric is. So the length of the rope is symbolic of the first brother’s abilities.

It is defined also as a cable’s length, uh, which is symbolically measured as three miles for an inner apprentice, obviously he’s, he’s not wearing three miles of rope.

It’s possible. Right, right. So with its two ends, it binds the mason to the fraternity as well as bonds, the fraternity to the mason. Mm-hmm. So it’s almost saying , Yo. We’re with you, this is, you’re not getting out. You got me? I got you. Yeah. And you say some shit about a ritual

Yeah. This, I’m gonna yank that broke. Yeah. That rope it is going scream. Gonna hang you. Yeah. Put that shit right here. You’re gonna hang yourself. From like a broom closet. When you guys, when you guys talk ghetto, you guys remind me of Will Smith trying to talk ghetto.  bad boys. When he bad boys go, yo, hey, I’m Mike Lowry, , Mike Lowry.

That’s, you’re like, well, are you really ghetto? Will you driven for Yeah, ghetto. No. Even if Mike Lowry dress of Ferrari he was doing, Martin Martin was the one that. Oh, I’m Mike Larry. Oh, yes. Mike Larry. Mike Larry. You wanted Mike. Larry. You got Mike. Larry. Larry. It does make us laugh. We’re still talking about it 30 years later,

I know. Seriously. Yeah. Good on you boys. Good on you. Coming out with another one. No way. Yeah, . Seriously. The last ones was not good. Know the last one. I’m sorry, the last, but I do love the Bad Boys franchise. I do, but Bad Boys too was great over, dude. The last one was trash.

But are you gonna go, are you gonna watch it? I mean like anyone comes out, you’re gonna surprise. You gotta shop. Probably.

So the next is the, the, the Masonic shoe, also known as the Masonic Blue Slipper. So the Masonic shoe,  is symbolic of physical confirmation of a spoken deed.

So the unloose of one shoe and give it to another was the way of confirming a contract in ancient times. Mm-hmm. , because , I guess , you know, she was mad important. You were like dog. I promise you, I’m gonna give you these goats  take. Take my shoe. Take my shoe plan. Somebody’s like, what are those?

You get what I’m saying? I love when you guys go get up, . I love it. Keep going. Keep going. Sorry. Need some fresh cakes. Let me get you that Masonic shoot. It’s a fresh drop.  did. I got those Masonic fives, bro. Fucking ain’t ready for them. Masonic fives.

That’s a good one. . It’s a fresh try. Dude, you gonna be dripping all through the fucking, all through the temple on these, boy. Okay. You ready for it? Okay. So for us white people, we don’t. I don’t even know what dripping means. You know drippings a good thing. No drip. You know what? The drip, you drip. Drip. You drip.

What that means? You fucking drip. It’s of erectile dysfunction and dripping out and . That’s the droop. Yeah.  not the drip. That’s how off I am. Okay. So, um, All right, here we go. So, in the first, by the way, real quick, it’s actually fun fact,

mm-hmm. . You can get custom convers converse. Ooh. Oh, with the masonic with, yes. Check it out. Oh, damn. I’m might get Eric some. . You should. You could do like prints on demand. Fucking converse with the symbol. I’m on the other side. Put question everything right there. . Yeah. Eric walks in for his, for his first meeting.

 So, uh, in the first degree, the shoe denotes a promise. In the third degree, the symbolism is altogether different. So the third degree removal of both shoes went on sacred ground, and then it’s called the, it’s alation.

It’s a ceremony. So, wow. It’s a ceremony of the removal of both shoes. It’s a token of. When we are on or about to approach holy ground. So it’s almost , you know, you walk into a Buddhist temple or something that kick your shoes off. It’s a, it’s like showing respect. It’s a respect type thing.

 You know, the crazy thing about this podcast, which is which go ahead. This adventure that we’re on this, this podcast adventure is, is how deep do you want to go?  in every story that we take up. Eric wants, wants to go deep. Eric wants and join the free Mason. That’s I’m, he’s like in six years, so I’m gonna come by.

Yeah. So the up update, so we’ve got a couple upcoming that, that I’ve been working on that, , are OJ Simpson and also Robert Kennedy. So it’s kind of , how deep do you want to go? And the same as with this, the Masons that we’re talking about. How, I mean, do we do a couple hours? Do we go investigate investigative journalism or do we, do we, do we go, you know what I mean?

It’s, it is just an interesting, I found it going maybe I’m done. You know what I mean? Yeah. , like jfk when we did jfk, JFK was, it was a lot. Just kept opening it up more or what? Yeah. But I realized at the end I was , I don’t want to do it anymore. , we’ll be five episodes. Yeah. Do you know what I mean?

Yeah. , well, you get to to the point where Yeah. You’re , I’m done. Yeah, I know what it was. And, and not only that, like similar to what Sean’s going through, it’s there’s nothing else out there that. I know. Like unless you go, other than, other than going in Exactly that or Exactly.

Like, yes. How don’t wanna get, how, how don’t I, and also, I don’t, I want to, Also respect them. I don’t wanna like hack their shit. No, of course not. Like break their confidentialities and , you know what I mean?

So, so the last of the last of the, the major symbols is called the 47th problem of Euclid. Mm. So the 47th problem. 47th problem of Euclid. So the 47th problem of euc. Ucli is a father of geometry, by the way. Okay. , but it’s also known as PY Theorem. Yeah. I remember that.  It’s symbolic of the need to square your square. Cause obviously if you look at PY, Ethereum, and it’s actually, it’s accompanied by a very interesting, um,  kind of symbol.

It’s like three different squares and it’s,  the three five. The 3 4 5 problem it’s exactly what it’s called. But yeah. , so in everyday practice, this means to keep your life in order and in building infrastructure.

And it’s a method Free Masons fellow when Lang Foundations. So it’s actually, literally, it’s  Euclid was trying to solve this problem. Yeah. So Euclid solved this problem, , 150 or 200 years before Pyron existed, before he was even there. And so then Pyros came up ion theorum, but it’s literally about.

 It’s a geometric problem. Yeah. Yeah. And you’re able to solve it. It’s really confusing.  But basically it’s supposed to represent what, keep your life in order.

Is that what you said? Yeah. It’s just, , you know, , it says, keep your life in order and building infrastructure. Check, check, but check yourself. Yeah. You better, you better square your square. You better square your square.

 So now on to the finale. , these are the conspiracy and there’s, they’re really weird and so, okay, I just wanna say this now.

Yeah. Bef like, this is, I’m just reading. Yeah, I’m, I’m literally just reading. I, these, these are not my core beliefs. Okay. I’m just, I like the disclaimer. I’m just reading. I like the disclaimer, so I’m literal this note that I’m reading. Okay. Okay. So firstly, like, so some of the conspiracy using, involving Freemasons and the Illuminati, there’s a lot of , you know, like the Illuminati Freemasons are  in cahoots also include the Knight’s Templar and the Jews.

Yeah. As part as, as part of a supposed.  to universally control the society. Right. So I hate to be the idiot in the crew, but , too late. , you’re already there. So what’s, what’s the difference between the Masons and the Illuminati? , so, oh, that’s, that doesn’t make you an idiot. I, I also, you were confused right when you started researching this.

I think a lot of people are, so they’re two,  they’re in essence, they’re supposedly separate entities. Mm-hmm. , so. , the Freemasons being more of a fraternity, although they’re still classified as a secret society, the Illuminati being. , almost like a cabal. Okay, okay. Like in essence, like a group of the quote unquote, even more secretive and more.

Oh yeah. Cuz people don’t know if elusive, they don’t know if they really exist or not. I see. Whereas the Freemason, you go to free org of documentary. There’s document, there’s, there’s lodges everywhere. Yeah. I see it just waltz on. Yeah. Like we could go down the street tomorrow and No, there’s, there’s sign up there within, there’s literally , there’s three lodges that I know of within, within three square miles.

All right, so here’s the first one. And like I said, this is, this is not my beliefs. I, I’m not Kanye. So just let, let me know. So the first one is that, that Freemason  can, sorry to even read . I’m reading this. This is not how I believe. So the free masonry is a Jewish front for world domination or is at least controlled by the Jews for this goal.

It’s absurd, right? So an ex, an example of this is the anti-Semitic literally forgery the protocols of the elders’ Zion. Whoa. Which is one of the things we’re actually gonna do in the podcast. Yeah. So, Adolf Hitler, that piece of shit. , so he believed that free masonry was a tool of the Jewish influence and outlier.

Wow. Yeah. He really, he’s outlaw, he outlawed free masonry and persecuted free masons for this reason. So here’s what I don’t.  based on everything we’ve done now, three hours of this, two hours, whatever, almost three hours. Almost. Almost three hours. And what, what is the negative? See, I think we’re about to get into the experience.

I’m saying if you’re Hitler and you’re , what’s the logical negative of this? They’re just trying to be better people. No, I think, I think that, I think the ne Mr. Hitler. No, no, I’m just saying Hitler, why would you ban it? Hitler looking at the Freemasons. Yeah, he banned it. Hitler banned cuz he, he had the idea that it was something else.

Yes. And so I think, I think what comes into the negative thing that it was just just, yeah, Jewish people just doing the, the Jewish stuff. That’s what he thought. So I, I think it’s, and that’s why he banned the negative comes in cuz like, you don’t know, you don’t actually know what’s going on. You don’t know what they’re doing.

So he, he more banded on a secretive society. He a group that he couldn’t join. Well, I mean, Hillary was very known for being like a very impulsive kind of guy. He’s like, oh, you’re talking shit. You’re. Or like, you know, like easily, he’s like, no, I was just saying that the brisket was delicious and like, you know, you’re dead

Right, right. So, I mean, obviously there was fucking psychopath. Yeah. And uh, I know, I know that’s an extreme example, but I’m just saying , what’s the negative here? There, it’s. Officer, this is dudes trying to be better people, right? Mm-hmm. , I mean, that’s, correct me if I’m wrong, , I mean, Eric, I get it.

No, for sure. No, it’s true. No, in a way for sure. It’s true. And that’s what’s promoted. Yeah, it’s true. Yeah. You know, but I mean, like, and that’s what’s on the website, but the For sure. Exactly. I get it. Yeah. But , but, but the unknown. The unknown. I’m gonna say six, six Presidents director of the fbi.

Exactly. I’m just, To me, it’s the eye overlooking everyone. The i I, I personally believe that , yeah, if there’s that many politicians, I’m , something’s, they’re doing some sketch shit. Yeah. Like a hundred percent. Because politicians, unfortunately, the SLT people on earth. Do you think it’s chance that all these powerful people are free basins chance?

I don’t know if. , I don’t know if I would, . I don’t know if I would call it chance, but uh, you know what I mean? , I don’t know if I would call it chance, but it’s not really chance. Right. So if it, if I, I don’t think it is. And then, no. So there’s all these , powerful people that are in charge of , making laws and, and regulations and overseeing a lot of people.

But, and that’s where the, the conspiracy start. I go back.   Everything that we’ve learned so far is that it seems like they’re just trying to be better people for sure.

You know what I mean? They’re just trying to be , Hey, I’m trying to, , God’s watching me. Let’s come dark. Keep an eye on me.   because God’s watching me and so I’m gonna be a better person. Let’s, I’m gonna be a better person. Can we get to our, can we get to our conclusions?

Like Jesus Christ? They need to put you on like the fucking front page of , God, you were like willing to die on the cross for these guys. God, this is, I cannot believe Hitler would ever believe . Let the man talk. Yeah. Alright, go. Gotcha. We’ll, I, I totally respect your views. Yeah. Yeah. And I, I agree with a lot of them, but I will save the conclusions for the, I just wanna read these off.

Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . So also, um, on that same note with Hitler’s fucking psychosis, um, the covenant of the Palestinian Islamist movement, Hamas. Who literally hate the Jewish people. Okay. They’ve been at war for like fucking 700 years. Yeah. Mm-hmm. , literally, uh, they claim that the free, the free Masonry is a secret society founded as part of the Zionist plot to control the world.

Mm. And then Aire, bak thought Jews had inaugurated free masonry as a bridge between themselves and their hosts. Yeah, I really don’t know what that means. Their host, but their host. Host, obviously like these, you say host? Yeah, hosts. Hosts. Oh, okay. So obviously like host this, this one, as you can see, it’s like you’re taking like.

Multiple factions of people who hate the Jewish community. So like, this one’s kinda like, okay, it’s like what Hitler believes. I’m like, okay, it sounds, sounds like believed that the two, like okay. Yeah. Right. Sounds like propaganda. Yeah, I mean the first one is as ridiculous. That’s why it was really hard to read it cuz it’s  kind of insane.

So, , Related to that is that free masonry is tied to or behind communism. , the Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco had often associated his opposition with both free masonry and communism and saw the latter as a conspiracy of the former, as he put it. The whole secret of the campaigns unleashed against Spain can be explained in two words.

Masonry and communism. Mm-hmm. In 1950, Irish writer Dennis Fahey re republished the work by George F. Dillon, under the title Grand Orient Free Masonry Unask as the Secret Power Behind Communism. Modern conspiracy theorists such as Henry Macau have also claimed that free masonry intends the triumph of communism.

Mm. I mean, I’d love to see like what they’re basing that off of. Yeah, cuz I, I don’t, communism is a crazy subject. It really is in itself. , you know, it doesn’t really fit a lot of the other, um, personalities that we’ve seen or we don’t. People that, that you named Definitely not at the beginning. Yeah.

Like GW really wanted communism, huh? Right. . I just don’t think, yeah. He literally is the founding father of a democracy. Right, right. He started, I know the free capitalism, but, but it’s the planet, , you know, but it’s also, it’s, I just like, I can see like maybe where they’re going at is , if they think that they’re, they’re looking for total control.

Communism’s a great way to do it because it’s, it’s a way to, , it’s a way to make people believe that they can’t be more than they are. So from that perspective, I get it, but it’s still come kind of, it really doesn’t make sense, honestly. It’s kind of ridiculous. , but I see  if you think that this group is trying to take over Yeah.

Communism’s a way to go because yeah, you can really make your population feel like they’re shit. Right. So, so anyways, the next one is, um, uh, Freemasons are behind income taxes in the US Yes. This is the one. This is the one. So, , one convicted tax protester , fuck Texas has charged the law enforcement officials who surrounded his property in the standoff over his refusal to surrender after his conviction were were part of a Zionist Illuminati Freemason movement.

The New Hampshire Union leader also reported that the Browns believe the IRS and the federal income tax are part of a deliberate plot perpetrated by Freemasons to control the American people, and eventually the world . All right, so the next one is, um, that The Boo, which is the Sigma Pi five fraternity, is and has been a cornerstone of Prince Hall Masonry’s political influence with Masonic Congressman, such as Louis Stokes, John Conyers, Charles Wrangle, August Hawkins, John Lewis, Ralph Metcalf, quesi Mu Fumi, Elijah Cummings, and Jesse Jackson.

Wow. So I guess they’re saying like they’re pretty much pushing their political influence Yeah. Through these avenues. Okay. Uh, yeah, we already talked, I, I already mentioned that. Like, that’s what I think like Yeah, not necessarily, you know, a hundred percent what you just mentioned, but , definitely the politicians are in there and they’re, it’s not, it’s not nepotism, but it’s, it’s a similar thing to that, right?

Whereas’s your homies. Right, exactly. Right. So , let’s. Yeah. Like, let’s hook up Eric. Yeah. Maybe. Yes. He’s my homie. Yes. He’s like, lemme see your resume looks great. Yes. Yeah. , I’m rolling. I’m trying to be Comptroller . He’s like, I see Eagle Scout on here. Scout. I’m trying to be comptroller of, you know,

And I’m a, I’m a. . Yeah. He is like, uh, exactly. But then you’ve got another guy who’s not, you don’t know him. La la You haven’t broken bread. You do this, you do the secret handshakes. Yeah, exactly. Which, which there are multiple. And you’re like, I see the secret sacrifice. So what you’re saying is, you know, ceremony, what you’re saying is, I should’ve joined this.

Like, dude, we, maybe it would’ve been 2002 by now. . Damn. Okay. Missed out. So the next is, uh, the Freemasons have strong links with the more selective secret in semi-secret society,  the last of this particular category is that,  that groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Orange Order are intimately tied. The orange green order masonry. Wow.

 So the next is on the religious occultism spectrum. Okay?

, the next is that they worship, , the hall, which is an evil figure in Islamic, , eschatology, similar to the antichrist Christianity. So pretty much like. The devil in essence. Um, so pretty much he would pretend to be the promised Messiah and he would appear before the day of judgment. So in essence, it’s like, imagine Satan, but like in a different religion.

Yeah. So there’s that. Um, and then, but that kind of goes against everything else that you’ve been talking about, episode one episode and then this episode . As far as, um, . Yeah, just as far as like the, the, the, the whole everything connected to, you know, the religion, Christ, the, it does go against what they’re saying.

 Like there’s nothing on there as far as the rituals or as far as anything else. It’s very true. It’s very. I don’t know. I dunno about that one.

I know. I don’t know about that one either.

 Obviously they follow Judaism a lot. You know, the king’s solo’s temple and all this stuff. Mm-hmm. , arc of the covenant, all this , Moses, you know, so, so yeah. So, so pretty much it all revolves around, you know, political, cultural, and religious kind of subterfuge and control is what all the conspiracies are really based around.

Right. So now I’d love to hear Eric’s. Side here. What do you believe, Eric? Um, and, and what did you believe at the beginning? Well, at the beginning no, no. At the, honestly, at the beginning, I didn’t really understand any of it. , frankly. Yeah, same. I didn’t, I didn’t really get it at all. Like same. I didn’t even know what it was.

You just kinda , hear about it and you hear, you know, some stuff going around, flying around. Yeah. Nick Cage . Do you know what I mean? , oh, this is a Masonic symbol, declaration of Independence.  Um, so I didn’t, I didn’t know anything about it.

So, uh, but after, after all these, all this. Research and this, this information. Um, I actually like it. I actually really like it. I’m be honest with you guys. Wait, in what way? Expand on that. I think, I think, , the innate purpose of it is good. You know what I mean? , they’re trying to be better people and they’re trying to be, , you know, whether or not later in time it got skewed to.

being, you know, manipulative and mm-hmm. , you know, politically, you know, inclined. And I don’t want, what’s the, it’s not nepotism, but it’s a, it’s like favoritism. Well, nepotism, favoritism part. Yeah. Ne nepotism. Nepotism, familial. Yeah. But the ne fraternity, your brothers, therefore it is nepotism cuz your family.

Yes, exactly. So , obviously if you have two candidates and you are a mason and you have two candidates in front of you, and one of them is a 33rd class Mason. The Scottish writer or . Oh, you, you’re teas he’s in. You’re gonna take, yeah. That person’s gonna be more inclined to see. Oh, so you were a janitor before.

 So with that being, but, so that part maybe seems to skew it.  like to the negative. Mm-hmm. . But, , overall it seems, it seems like they’re just trying to be better people. So like 80, 20, 80, positive 20. Yeah. Conspiracy. Yes. Yeah. For you, like I don’t, I don’t, I mean each of their own.

Cuz there’s the list that he said at the beginning. Mm-hmm.  covers so much, such a big spectrum.  that it’s everything, you know? Just because fucking astronauts . Yeah. Just because athletes just cause Jagar presidents. J. Just because Hoover was like a dick. Doesn’t mean that mason’s, they’re all dicks.

Yeah, dicks. Yeah. You know what I mean? For sure. Or whatever, you know. So with that being said, I think it’s great. . I think it, I, I am For any organization that is trying to improve a person No, totally. And just being , Hey, for sure. , Hey, don’t fucking do drugs and don’t, and be a man and be a good person.

, how can you be, be against that. I’m a hundred percent for that.  But it feels like we don’t know the tenants.

No, for sure. Right. No. Right. No, we don’t know. No. We’re not indoctrinated into their systems. Exactly. Exactly. So you can’t really fully know until, so, so in my opinion, you’re in there. Yeah. So in my opinion, if you’re a Mason and you’re listening, I. No, totally. Alright, and we want you to call in more about it.

Send us an email or something. I don’t know to, because the strange part is it is shrouded in mystery. Yeah. Because, because no one, yeah. We’re obviously doing an episode on it. Yeah. For for sure. You’re shrouded in.  Mystery. Mystery. You know what I mean? Yeah. And some conspiracies. I mean, I do believe some of the, maybe a mixture of the conspiracies that you went over.

Mm-hmm.  as far as like, um, you know, I do believe that. It started Yeah. As a different thing than it is now. Yeah. Mm-hmm.  and, . Yeah. And, and, and there’s a lot of, , in political influence. . You know mm-hmm.  coming from there and whatnot. And so that’s where I think the conspiracy, comes from. Do you have other members that are not maybe, you know, oh, part of conspiracy?

A hundred percent right? Hundred. Yeah, for sure. Probably the majority. Probably the majority. The majority. Probably the majority. , but I do think that, um, yeah, there’s definitely a lot of conspiracies are, are, are,  substantiated, but, you know, maybe not substantiated, that’s the wrong word, but , , I definitely believe some of these conspiracies that, that, that, you know, we went over in, in like a mixture of ’em, necessarily not Yeah.

You know, one by one, but yeah, I don’t know. I, I just don’t get what they’re doing wrong. No. Okay. Well, here’s no one’s saying they’re doing anything wrong. Right. I mean, but I am I, where I’m at, it’s I do believe it was founded for a good purpose. Yeah. That I do believe founded. Yeah. That was a long time ago though.

No, no. The hearing. , I do believe it was, it was brought about on a good purpose and I do believe for the most part, it likely is still going on like that. Yeah. I do believe probably 98% of all three masons are like just trying to be better dudes and just trying to be good. Be part of a fraternity.

Yeah. Be good fathers, be good fucking brothers and uncles and dads and like. You know, sons and just, you know, trying to live their life and be fucking great and be happy. Yeah. But you know, there’s that other 2%.  And that’s where like there’s, there’s too much, there’s too much influence to be had.

. And it’s really easy to manipulate a platform like this because you have Yeah. In, in  yeah. Supreme access to all the, the top people that you need to network with. Yeah. In order to make shit happen and yeah. And I’m sorry, but too much power.

A lot of these, that’s the thing. Much power. It’s too much power. And you have, it’s much power and it’s really easy when that’s what you don’t like. It’s it too much power. It’s really easy when you have such a, such a nice, that’s where the conspiracy starts flying. That’s good thing to fall back on. And you’re , oh, we’re mason’s.

Oh, it’s all about the end of your life. Live your life. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then when they’re top, it’s almost who, funny example, the US go. Right where it’s founded by GD Dub and the boys and they’re , . And they’re , yeah, you know, we this, we’re not gonna have the same English. That happened again. And then what do you know, . The whole reason, the whole reason the US exists is because the colonies were , stop taxing us King. And the king’s like , I’m on the island.

And they’re , no, no more taxes. Fuck this. We wanna be our own place. And they revolted. And they won and they created the United States. And what do you know? The IRS comes fucking, we’re gonna need that text, gonna need that text, text, text. No, no. This is a different, this is a different conversation.

No, no. But that’s taxation without representation. . I understand that’s a different, that’s a difference than tax. Yeah. But who’s rep? The founding fathers did not not believe in taxes. Nope. Just so we’re all clear, but listen to me did not, not but Eric. Yeah, they believed in taxes. But Eric, who’s, they did not believe in taxes without representation.

Who’s, who’s representing you? What do you mean? The Senate and the representatives? Yeah. No, that’s all those people. That’s my point. Look at the. Look at all these politicians that are mason’s. Yeah. They have your best interest in mind. Well, no. Whether or not they have my best interest don’t. This is different.

That’s different. See that what you’re saying, that it doesn’t have anything to do. The system is set up that way. No, it’s, it’s, it’s set up that way. The system is set up to vote for somebody who should have our best interest, but Right. See, but see, that’s where I, that’s why I think that this gets, , this, that’s where the conspiracy is and that’s where it’s , it’s all about power.

It’s all about manipulation because unfortunately, Almost all politicians are pieces of shit. . Yeah. It’s a, it’s the truth. It truth it’s truth.

And, and there’s a great, there’s a great point. And the funny, the funny person who made this point was Joe Biden. Okay. Like 30, 40 years ago. Yeah. When he, when he first got elected to, what is it, Delaware or Maine? Yeah. Senate. Yeah. And he was , he literally is on an interview and it is a little video of him on an interview and he is , he’s like, well, you know, I wouldn’t say that, , I wouldn’t say that I’m not corrupt.

You know, he’s like, you know, someone’s gotta pay for the, someone’s gotta pay for the campaign, and then, then you gotta, then you gotta, you know, then you’re in their pocket. I took this video out, off sending the video. It’s ridiculous. I’m paraphrasing what he said, but he’s literally like, yeah. In essence is saying, I am now in the pocket of someone who pay.

He’s a, campaigns are expensive. Right. He can’t afford that himself. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And no politician can, and no  civic servant, public servant to serve the people. How, how was every, almost every politician a multimillionaire? How was that possible? They weren’t multimillionaires before they got in politics.

How are they now? . How? Well, no, that’s how, how is that possible? How is it so statistically possible? Cause it’s corrupt and so therefore Okay, but fact, no one, how does that, it doesn’t mean it’s , it just means it’s, it’s money related. No, it’s, it’s corrupt. I know, but it just means you’re using, it just means the upper class more.

No. Cause of the, no, I know it’s Sean. Listen, because you’re the one making the point. No, hear me out. I’m almost done with my rant. Okay. Okay. Uhhuh. . It has nothing to do with, oh, the upper class against us, these mother, it literally ISS money. No, but listen, it’s money. These , our elected officials weren’t upper class before they became elected officials.

And then magically, On their, on their case case, their, no, no, you’re, you’re speaking generalities. Okay. That’s a case by case, I would say, but he’s also speaking in major majorities. That’s weird. Know what I mean? I would say likely the majority, that’s who we’re talking about, likely 80 to 90% of people weren’t multi-millionaires before becoming politicians.

We would’ve to see that sta I don’t know. I promise, honestly, it’s probably true . I promise you. I promise you that. I’m pretty sure that is true. Promise. My thing is , it’s, it’s just, it’s bullshit. I think. I think that they’re using, I think they’re using political influence to do things. I don’t know what they’re doing.

I don’t know if it’s sinister. Any, those meetings. I don’t know. It’s, it’s world domination. , but they’re doing, I think some unsavory shit is happening. Okay. When you have this many  people in positions of power. Yeah. And you can be , yeah, yeah. You can be , Hey, and that’s what, hey, that’s, that’s what sparks all this conspiracy.

But I’ll, you know, I’ll give ’em props. Like, it’s very secret. They’ve kept it. They, they’ve kept kept it. They’ve kept shit secret.

 Have you seen any good thing come from a ritual? Still, still not a, not a one. Good thing know, not even in fucking Black Panther. Two , like not forever. It’s outta . So rituals in badly. I feel like it’s outta context, of what a ritual is.

I love, I love political. We’re getting all of awesome. Yeah, no, I’m just saying that obviously they have a lot of political power. I know. No, no, no. I, I know. A ritual is a religious or solem ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. Hmm. Relating to or done as a religious or solem.

Well, it could be anything. Sounds like it could be a lot of different super. Yeah, I know. Be tradition sounds super innocent. No, tradition is different.

 I do, I do believe, make the record clear. I do believe that practically the, the vast, vast majority of Freemasons are probably solid.

Awesome dudes. Awesome. Yeah. Just like great dudes, dudes. Like I agree. Fucking dudes that I would love. Agree. Like, you can come to the podcast. We’ll have some Coors Light Banquet beer . You’ll be great. I agree. I, I’m just, I’m only talking about like, The politicians, the weird, the weirdest stuff. It’s just the politicians.

I’m like the power, the weird stuffs. And especially when you get into athletes and musicians, I’m , they’re all sls. I’m , Ugh, this is gross. So in summary, I think,  I mean, I don’t think, I think it’s, I think it’s the cool, cool group. I don’t know what to say. I know basically in summary, You’re at the same spot when we first started.

Yeah. Yeah. But I didn’t know about them. Okay. So I don’t wanna say I’m at the same spot because I did learn a lot and I, , I didn’t know about them at all. Yeah, true. And so now I’m , I actually think it’s a, a pretty cool organization. I could say I’m at the same spot. I don’t know about Shaun. Like I don’t trust them.

 I think they’re trying. You know, like, get together, fucking control us and fucking all the conspiracies. That’s what I believe. Wow. . I, I think I’m actually, I’m in a slightly different spot. I, in the beginning I was like, they’re shady . They’re doing some real dark web black ops shit.

Dark web , like, you know, the stuff like gws on the fucking dark web,  like they’re doing weird stuff. Snake eyes and No, but I think, no, I, I do believe that my change on that, and I, I agree with Erica,  any organization that is trying to benefit man and trying to be better people like you, you have to give him the benefit of doubt.

you know, good for you. , yeah, I, I appreciate you trying to be better people, but I, oh God, I was just about to high five you. No, no, no. That was it. No, I was be , we’re, I still believe, I still believe that the leadership is doing shady . Mm-hmm.  I hundred, I full 100% believe that the upper echelon leadership of the free.

Are tied to nefarious things and they’re making shit go in their favor in order to achieve some sort of end goal, whether it be more power, more influence, a hundred percent’s happening. That’s crazy. Hundred percent you don’t even knows happening. Don’t know who that is. That’s crazy. Sads ass. Part of the, I mean, aside from the slips, well, no, no, no.

Seriously, these are just the six presidents that said, . Yeah. And notice how that ends 60 years ago. It’s true. And then they, they’re like, we’re gonna stop letting people know that we’re free masons. Yeah. It’s true. You know, it’s like, this is bad for our, our brand. This is not the last branding. It is.

It’s super bad. So they stopped saying it. Obviously George Washington was like, yeah, I am . Who’s gonna say shit to me? Right. Yeah. I’m George Washington. I just made a country . You know, do whatever you. I love that. It’s true. He’s , I have good teeth. You fuck off. I love that. I heard that he , it’s a, uh,  , where people go, like a pilgrimage for Freemasons?

Mm-hmm.  is to go to his. Home. Oh, probably his tomb and something like that. I’m just saying , because he’s, he’s like an OG Mason. Be before we end off here. George Washington was a badass, bro. Dude, I love that guy. . He, he became , he became a gentle, he was 20. Oh . I really love that guy.

I could barely like support my life at 20, let alone be in general of an army against the biggest power in the world.  fuck that. Anyways, we could go on for hours and hours and hours. All right, we’re gonna just stop talking. We love y’all. Yeah, we want to hear from you guys too. If you think we’re psychos or full of shit.

Or do you think Eric is full of shit? Yeah, just feel, feel free to comment. Whatever you do, don’t leave a one star. Yeah. Just find us. That hurts us. That hurts us in our core. Find us on social media. I’d rather you, I’d rather you call me email cus me out. Yeah. Wanna hear from you guys? You don’t need to do the one star  fuck.  99 folks. 99.