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The OJ Simpson Saga Part 3: The Civil Trial and a Robbery – Episode #30

Podcast Transcription

[00:00:00] What’s up everybody? Welcome back to another episode of the Conspiracy Podcast. We are doing part three of our OJ Saga, or what do you Yeah, it’s Saga Simpson Saga. I think it’s a s cause it’s anything more than the trilogy is a saga. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. Yeah, that’s right. And it’s lasted 30 years.

Jesus. The Epic. Yeah. Welcome back everybody. Yeah, we’re, we’re happy you’re here. we’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on the last, uh, couple episodes. Yeah. Appreciate the listen, you know, should be good. Get my mom got some press too. Getting my awesome press. Yeah. A couple news stations picked it up. And maybe abc, Columbia, Hollaback, couple small towns.

Yeah. You know, Columbia’s not that small. Columbia. South, south, south, South Carolina. Yeah. All right, man. It’s high. It’s inside. It’s no New York, but you know, we’re about to lose. All our Columbia listeners know. They’re like, I fucking hate these guys. Okay. So, what did we cover in, in part two? So that was the trial

yeah, [00:01:00] that was the, you know, that was, we went over obviously the, the cop, the glove didn’t fit the glove. Cochran, Furman. Oh yeah. Furman guy. Yeah. Furman idiot. Yep. I don’t remember saying the N-word. Not one, not not one time. And the, the jury, the four hour deliberation. Oh, right.

Four hours. I still can’t get over that. I thought about that for like a long time. Mm-hmm. After we finished, I was , I know, four hours. You know it. I would’ve been insulted, right? Yeah. Hmm. Yeah. I haven’t even finished a conversation with my wife, my wife, over four hours. I’m still in an argument for four argument, four hours, four days, four years now.

What’d you say last time? Uh, what? We can’t even get through. Podcast. Podcast episode. Yeah, I know. Fuck yeah. So that was ridiculous. Yeah, I know. But so, he got, he got acquitted. Yeah. So, uh, celebration in the streets. that’s another thing. Celebration in the streets. Yeah. Well we were going over outta here that last episode cuz it was so close to the Oh, the LA [00:02:00] riots?

Yeah. The LA riots or, or, um, but what was, yeah, it was the LA riots, but what was it? It was because of that. Oh. Uh, um, name Rodney King. King Rodney King, yeah. Yeah. So, you know, everything was still fresh there and so, but it’d be a little bit different if it was for something really good f for African American people.

That’s, you know, something like thought though, right? It was like, you know, you know, we won gold in the Olympics. , no, but it was , you know, justice, finally I don’t know. Yeah. But, but it, the irony not justice, not justice, know, it’s anti justice, the system failed. Do you think it was a step back?

Oh, a hundred percent. Yeah. You know what I mean? I totally think it’d be any, anything where you’re glorifying the murder of a Yeah. Of a, of a person and the person gets off and you’re only happy just because it was a black person that got off, or a white person, or Nixon or an Asian, yeah. Doesn’t matter what any, any time.

I think that in and of itself is weird. Yeah. Yeah. So after the verdict polling was done, and it showed that 75% of white [00:03:00] Americans thought he was guilty, while 70% of African Americans thought he was innocent. Really? Those are pretty, this is at the time of the verdict. It’s a pretty thick divide there.

Yeah. Wow. Okay. So 75% of white Americans thought he was guilty. 70% of African Americans thought he was not guilty. That’s crazy. I would’ve not. Guess that. Yeah. So at the end of this episode, I will read you what today’s poll is. Mm. Today’s, and I wonder how many people they actually pull, especially when they do these polls.

Like that’s another point that’s they’re only taking like a, a sample size, maybe like thousand, 10,000 max. So it’s really interesting to see how they’re, I love how they generalize, like a thousand white people. Yeah. 90% of white people. And it’s , you know, that’s why they get the, election polls so wrong.

I know. They’re so wild. Because they go, oh yeah, okay. I was in Baton Rouge and I did a hundred surveys. Yeah. And like in like this neighborhood, one neighborhood. Yeah. Yeah. That’s why statistics can be skewed so easily. Yeah, yeah. So [00:04:00] in 1996, after the criminal trial in 1996, Fred Goldman and Sharon, the parents of Ron Goldman and Lou Brown, the father of Nicole Brown, they filed a civil suit against Simpson.

Mm-hmm. I remember that. Yeah. And so it was a wrongful death suit. Okay. Yeah. I mean, they had a different judge. It was a whole different trial. Yeah. Right. The judge was named Hiroshi, Fuji. Saka. Saki, Fuji, Saki. Yeah. So, and, and the purpose of the trial is what? To get money cuz you, except for money.

Yeah. You’re not gonna go jail for this. Right. He can’t criminal it’s double jeopardy. He, he cannot go to, he cannot go to prison for the same crime. That’s right. Yeah. That’s crazy. , also in a civil suit, you’re, you’re suing the individual. You’re not, it’s not the state versus OJ Simpson. That’s right.

That’s true. That’s very true. Yeah. So it’s, it is like, yeah, it’s the, it’s the city prosecutor who’s against that per, okay. Yes. It’s Fred and Sharon versus OJ Simpson. Right. That makes sense. Yeah. so in this, [00:05:00] completely different than the trial before. So the judge didn’t allow cameras. It also took, it took the jury 42 minutes.

Uh, the jury was not sequestered. Oh, they get, just do whatever they want. No, no one cared. it was in a different county. It was in Santa Monica, and they were not, the defense was not allowed to use the racism angle of the LAPD versus, you know what I mean? I wonder how that works. Like why not?

 that’s part of their, it was part of, well, I think their defense, I mean, it was part of the, what actually happened. Yeah know, but, well, yeah, it’s true. I’m just saying I, I don’t know. I just wondering. I, I agree, but I, I don’t know. That’s the argument, right? Is, does, does that prove innocence or guilt?

That’s how you believe in things, right? So if you’re a kid, okay, I go, I shoot him. I shoot Sean. Yeah. You’re watching, right? Okay. I shoot him. You’re watching. You’re the star witness. Okay. Okay. So is it [00:06:00] correct for me to dig into your entire life and see where you stand in your politics, for example? If you’re defending me, I would want you to do that.

I would’ve want my lawyer to do that. Well, no, obviously, the whole point, the whole point, the whole point though is did you see it though? Yeah. See the whole point? It’s like, yes. So if you, if you’re a liberal, it doesn’t mean you didn’t see someone get killed the murder. Okay. That’s true. Yes. You know what I mean?

Noor, Jorge, you’re right, Jorge. Stop thinking as a defendant. Js like, but I don’t wanna go to jail. Like, hell yeah. Digging his background, put him on trial. Exactly. Put him on the stand. Anyway, so that’s just the differences. I know. You know, it, it is debatable and you’re, you’re not wrong.

Yeah. there is that you’re right. I mean, you know, I could see like, for example, no cameras, cameras, you’re also doing the, the, uh, credibility of a witness. So you’re, exactly, yeah. So if you’re a crack addict, I’m gonna, and you’re, you lie constantly. And you are a just a bad [00:07:00] person.

Yeah. I, as a jury member, I might go, Hey, maybe they’re lying again. Maybe he’s lying again. Right? Yeah, exactly. So there is that. I agree. But racism might not, I do agree that there is, that is an important factor, but I don’t think it, it’s weird that that matters so much when just the, the evidence. And I think they were, yeah.

And I think the reason that it was probably not used for this because obviously in the criminal trial they were going with the physical evidence that was there. And since he was the cop, they were trying to spin it as if he could have manipulated that evidence. They planted it. Yeah. So that’s why I think probably why Yeah.

Like in the civil case or , well, no, we don’t care. You know, it’s not, it’s not as big of a thing as opposed to Right. You know, a mari he could have physical weapon. He could, he technically he could have picked up the glove. Yeah, he could have moved it over there. You know, he could have wiped little blood on it.

Yeah, it’s true. I, so it’s weird. Also, you have to take into account. the prosecution were different people then in the criminal court or case. They were just different people and they had a different strategy. Yeah, they [00:08:00] did different things. True. They messed up. Oh gosh. They just messed up.

Monument. So a couple things of note, they, you remember when we went over what they found in the Bronco? Yeah. Yeah. Cash. The passport, the fake must, the defense in the first trial didn’t bring that as evidence. Oh my God. Are you kidding? The first thing I would say, he literally had eight Gs. Yeah. A fucking disguise.

This is the past person that’s you know, this is the person that’s trying to get away. Trying to, yeah. Yeah. So strategically they just, they didn’t, do you see what I mean? So, I don’t know. It’s like a bat, like the coach. Tried a different thing. They were you know, don’t pass it to Steph. I don’t know, you know, they just didn’t they just put Steph on the bench.

Yeah. We’re gonna cut. Yeah. Look, we’re Steph, you’re on D we’re up to one of the series. Fuck. This is rest, rest of starters. So I don’t know. So a lot of different things were not put into it. So, the other thing was, so you remember the, the, the shoe print,[00:09:00] the, they found a bloody shoe.

Yeah. It was like lead on the walkway. Yeah, that’s right on the walkway to, so they found in the criminal trial that it belonged to a Bruno, Magley shoe Right type of shoe. Sounds like they only made like 200 of these. Sounds like a nice fucking shoe. Bruno Magley, yeah. Sounds Deluxe. They only made like 200 of these shoes.

So it was very, Smallest specific. And OJ bought 42 pairs of Yeah. And he’s a six three, you know, giant man. Right. So it’s not he’s wearing 10 and a halfs. Right. You know? Okay. So they found photos of him at a football game doing commentary, wearing the shoes. Oh my God. Wow. Okay. The shoes, the Bruno Bagleys.

Yes. And he said in an interview, I would never wear those shoes cuz they’re ugly ass shoes. I would never wear those shoes unless I was on tv. And then I would wear those shoes. So in the first court case, they never put the photo of him wearing the shoes. We should, we should. It sucked. We should be pro, we should be prosecutors.

You see? [00:10:00] Yeah. You see the, they just did the strategy in the whatever. They just didn’t do it. Yeah. You know? And so, um, so this was then included in the civil trial. I see. Right, right. Okay. Also, OJ took a polygraph test. Which is not admissible in court. Yeah. This second time or the first time He actually did it the first time.

Yeah. But they didn’t put it into the criminal case because it’s not admissible in court. I, yeah, I know. But they did put it here as Oh, just, just fly, just to show like, he failed. So as much as you could fail, like the whole time, it’s like, hey, like it’s just going. He’s is your name oj? It’s like, yes.

Did you kill your wife? Of course not. So results from the, the polygraph test. the note says that Simpson. Had extreme deception. So, so pretty much he’s without saying it, he’s hundred percent liar. Lying, he full of shit. He was the technical term. I imagine he was the technical term. Hundred percent liar. Hundred percent. Hundred percent.

But like you said, [00:11:00] it’s not admissible because, cause it’s, it’s not a science. It’s, it’s not, it’s, you know, they could have had, you could be, you could be nervous. Yeah. You get the shits. Yeah. Yeah. So you, you don’t really know, but we’re just, I’m just taking the things that were included in the civil of course trial that were not included in the criminal trial.

Totally. Yeah. Okay. Totally. Furman did not testify. Oh, fucking wow. Fancy that. So, well I plea the fifth. I saw that one play the fifth. They knew what he was gonna say the whole time. Yeah. I love black people. So Simpson did testify. Oh, really? On this one? He did? Okay. Yeah. Do you like have a couple fake tears in there?

Ooh. So it’s kind of hard to know because they didn’t film it. Oh shit. That’s right. True. So there’s a lot of drawings and, and things like that. It’s like the caricatures. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Court artists who gets that jaw that’s like, yeah. That’s when you know, you’ve like hit rock bottom. You’re like, I’m a, I’m a court artist, so you probably make Bank man.

Oh, [00:12:00] thanks. You probably do get bann. I’m I’m talking shit. And they’re like, make more than I do. Do you think they go from like Venice Beach to, to like drawing to Santa Monica Beach? I was singing more like, they go from you know, Disney doing characters to like men do. Hey, that’s a pretty good picture.

No, I think the Disney ones are the top right? The artists? No, no. God no. They’re doing caricatures, bro. I know. It’s not like they’re doing like, no. Are we talking about getting paid or skill? We’re talking about getting paid. Oh. Oh. Getting paid. Disney’s probably getting, they’re probably getting paid.

Everything at Disney is expensive. True. Have you had gotten a water from Disney? Fucking $400. That’s true. Aard. So in this trial, they also did, these interviews with OJ and they’re kind of interesting to watch where he had to go and he had to get grilled by the attorney who actually knew how to interrogate somebody.

Oh, wow. Attorney who’s actually good at his job. Yeah. So compared to the detective who did it. Yeah. You know, all we time ago. Yeah. Yeah. The detective and the freaking state, prosecution? Prosecution, yeah, yeah, yeah. District attorney. Yeah. They, Jesus suck. They suck.

Fucked [00:13:00] it up. But anyways, he took the, he took a stand in his first trial, right? No, no, that’s what I thought. Okay. Yeah. No, I was like, I was like, man, how did I miss that? Yeah, he didn’t. So in this one he did, and, and the only thing we can take from it, because we weren’t there and we don’t have the video, is that it was similar to the, it, I was told it was.

I wasn’t fucking told anything. I was told for my research. First off, we’re gonna delete, we’re gonna delete that. I wasn’t told a goddamn damn thing. I talked to the Judge Mato, where his name was. Judge Edo called me and, uh, no. Okay. so what I read was that it was very similar to his interviews that he’d done on camera that was ripe for the trial by the attorney.

Mm-hmm. Right, right. So, , in it, he’s very much, and this is what we had talked about, where he’s, he’s very loosey goosey with how he replies. So, hey, smiley faces and shit. Yeah. So, Hey, where, how did you get that cut on your finger? I don’t know, man. I was in Chicago, I was traveling, you know, this is in golf.

We don’t know, man. You know, you [00:14:00] play golf, you get nicked up here and there. My ass, the golf play, all kinds of sports all the time. A little scratch here. And this is, this is how fast I am, brother. Man. I could been running into the bathroom. I’m saying autograph. Yeah. The juices don’t know when he’s picked up the juices.

Don’t know. He talks about some of the third person as the juice. Yeah, the juice. Don’t know when the juice gets cut. The juice. Don’t worry about no cuts. Although we’re progressing

when, when the juice, right, we squeeze juice. Now. Now, now it’s like in the bayou, like its like. That was not racist. No. Listen, we all, no offense, 70% of Americans believe that’s not racist. Yeah. . So, uh, but in it, so he just kept being this vague thing, and this is when he said, Hey, I didn’t hit my wife, but I’m responsible for what happened to her physically bruises.

[00:15:00] And that’s what I never understood. It’s he’s like, I didn’t hit her but her face, but yeah. Yeah. Hit her with a fucking pillow. how did you beat the, then the guy goes, but I didn’t hit her. Then the guy goes, did you punch your wife? And he goes, I did not punch my wife. I’m responsible for this, this situation and the, the, the condition that she was in, but I did not punch her.

Did he hire someone to punch her? , you kind of like, it’s like a kid. Yeah. You’re they’re like, I watched you take the candy. I didn’t peg it. Yeah. I told you not to take the iPad. I didn’t take the iPad, but I’m responsible. I watched it. Watch, I take it, I watched it. It’s in my bed right now. I was like, Def, define take.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that happened. The, the civil suit, the jury found Simpson liable for the murders and awarded the victims of the families 33.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

Oh, did he actually pay it though? Oh, that’s another thing. That’s true. [00:16:00] It’s so one thing is winning. Yes. And now the next thing is collection is actually getting paid. Interesting. Like how Literally, exactly. The way he explains what happened with Nicole is exactly what happened in this trial. He’s, it’s like literally, it’s like they find him guilty.

He’s like, well, I didn’t kill her, but I’m responsible. Right. For being dead. Right. Like, you gotta pay 35 mil. Well, I gotta pay, but like,

we gonna do that. I got checkins and a savings. Let’s see. The way it works, it counts. I, you guys are not wrong actually, because over the next two decades, this has been a, they’ve gotten like 60 bucks. Never ending. Two decades. Decades. Okay. So, so this is deal to this day. This is 96. Shit. Like 20 years. Yeah.

Fuck. Literally. So, so what happens is right after this happened, he filed for bankruptcy. Oh, there he goes. He’s like, wipe my sleep clean. Okay. Then he, eventually he relocated to Florida. [00:17:00] Right? Yeah. And so Florida, the good thing, and or the bad thing about Florida is they have the laws where it protects your pension and it protects your, your residence.

Oh, so they, they can’t take your home. They, you have to be able to live. That’s right. Yeah. And your pension. Oh, so it’s pension. Where did he get his pension? Probably from the nfl pa, NFL pension. So how much is that? I don’t know. It depend. It depends. I think it’s, I think it’s a hundred grand a year.

The rest of your life. It might be something like that. Cuz the NFL pa, like they, they pretty much invest that money for you. So they, yeah. So you, you have health, you have healthcare. Yeah. And you have money for the rest of your life. That’s right. So all of that was then protected right. From this thing. So now he has, I mean you, this is fast forward a little bit too, because he had to sell his, all of his rent all, yeah, all his memorable bill stuff.

So, so did he pay some of it? Okay, so here we go. Matter any of it. So his remaining assets were seized and auctioned off with most being purchased by critics of the verdict trial to try to [00:18:00] help the plaintiffs recoup the cost of litigation. Oh, wow. So it’s like a bunch of rich people who hated him. Like, fuck it, we’ll buy it.

Yeah. So also, like his Heisman Trophy was sold for quarter million. Damn. To an unknown buyer. But see who would want that though? you, can you like etch off the name? I know an undisclosed ensurance, but it has been told that 1% was paid to the Goldmans one. Wow. 1%. 1%. So that’s, that’s 3, 300, 300, 300 grand, yeah, 300 K.

Which the, the Heisman Trophy was two 50. What if, but okay. Really? But it’s weird that only 1% was paid, but like just one item sold for almost the 1%, you know?

And what I stuff is Facebook marketplace price. It’s $7 discounted Facebook marketplace price. All right. All right. I got a seven ton OJ statue. 9 99 pick up only. Yeah, pick up obo. [00:19:00] You ain’t got Venmo. You don’t need to reply. Right? Right. Don’t ask me if it’s still available, if the listing’s up, it’s available.

But here’s what’s crazy and I don’t get it. And , maybe, maybe one of our listeners who knows more can help us, but if he had to sell his Brentwood home, why was he, why did he only give 1% to, you know what, it probably is probably the bankruptcy I. So just went into the pool of the bankruptcy. So the bankruptcy paid all debtors?

Yeah. He filed bankruptcy and then so they’re like, oh, well, you know, first things first, we’re gonna take care of the Yeah. Take care of the debts, the density debts true. And then he can only pay this, this, you know, remune thing out of what he’s left with. Yeah. At the end. Okay. Which is kind of bullshit, but the creditors don’t care.

They’re like, fuck, pay us first. Give, they don’t give shit any, they don’t give a shit about the families. Yeah. Now it became a battle between really the Goldmans and OJ on finding his money [00:20:00] and getting paid for it. Yeah. Now, the Goldmans did say, specifically the dad, Fred Goldman Yeah.

Specifically said that he didn’t do the civil suit. For money. He probably just wanted to prove like he was, he said he was so crushed that nobody acknowledged, from a court standpoint, nobody acknowledged that he was liable for the death. Like when it was the not guilty good for his man, I wouldn’t done the same shit that he’s like, I know this fucking guy killed my kid.

Yes. And Nicole. And so he’s like, the next best thing I can do is get some court of law to say, acknowledge it. At least acknowledge it in some way. I, I could see that, man. I would do the same thing. I would, I wouldn’t have, I would’ve pulled a fucking, I would’ve been like, I would’ve pulled a Samuel Jackson from found him in an alley.

That movie. oh my God. It’s so, yeah. It’s with Matt McConaughey. It’s so fucked up. Yeah. But that’s what I would’ve did like, just in the courthouse. sorry. Oh, time to Kill. A Time to Kill. Yeah. God, it’s a great movie, but it’s so [00:21:00] fucked up. So fucked up. Yeah. The girl’s raped. Anyways, yeah, basically, if you haven’t watched the movie, what I’ve done, if you haven’t watched the movie, Sam Jackson’s.

Daughter who’s like 11 gets raped by these two dudes. Yeah. And then they’re gonna get a lenient, they’re gonna get a lenient trial cuz it’s in a white community. Yeah. This is like in, this is like, back, isn’t like, this is like kind of back in the day where its , yeah. It’s , you know, Mississippi sixties seven.

Yeah. It’s like, think it’s like sixties. We’re still really mistreated. Yeah. He was fucking, he went to like nam or some shit. Yeah. And, and then he literally kills them in the courthouse. Yeah. So he just takes It’s a little Batman when they, when they got off. Yeah. When they, not when, when they, when they pretty much in essence got off.

They didn’t get off Scott free, but they got super lenient. Oh, that’s true. Yeah. And then he kills ’em and then McConaughey gets ’em off in the end. Spoiler. Well look still, I’m, I’m not trying to, I watch that again. I’m not trying to leave him with the shitty cliffhanger. Oh, she’s great. And they get off like, oh, come on.

This is a terrible story. It’s very true. they’re just okay, next podcast. [00:22:00] Click this one off. Okay, so next we’re gonna get into. The book, and this is the book called, if I Did it, it’s just like the worst. So in 2006, 2007, oj some say it was O J’s Daughter, but let’s be real. It was probably O J’s idea, which was to write a book called If I Did It, and it was essentially from his standpoint, he, and this is what he says, he says, I wanted to tell the story, the real love story between myself and Nicole bullshit, and also have a slant on it of if it were something that I did do, how I would’ve done it.

The night of that I didn’t do it, and he just happened to needed some money too. I know. He’s like, just so happened to hug. He’s like, he’s making a hard play to get you know, that publisher to pay him up front. Right. So, cuz first what he does is he does, he does this interview and the interview [00:23:00] is similar where it was called OJ Simpson, the Lost Confession.

And it was an interview of the hypothetical way that he would’ve done it, if he could have, if he did do it right. And so that’s the start of the idea that happened. And so then, then he brought it to the table and he actually wrote this book with another writer. Yeah. Obviously he didn’t physically write it.

Yes, exactly. And it was called If I Did It, I think. And so I’m gonna go over a few of it cuz I did read the book. Uh, pain Was Pain, uh, painstakingly. Yeah. It was very, very difficult to do. Also, I felt okay about it because the proceeds of the book purchase actually goes to the Goldmans. Oh, thank God. Oh yeah.

Okay. Yeah. And it’s part of this story, so I didn’t really wanna, you know, I don’t know. You weren’t supporting him, you’re supporting the Goldmans. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, okay. Not that we’re biasing us on this podcast. No, no, no, no. Listen, we’re like a jury open. We’re we’re like, we’re like a, we’re just bringing you guys the facts.

Listen, just [00:24:00] information. Yeah. We’re very rogan open. Yeah, all humans are equal in my mouth. You the story. I have no predetermined decisions yet. Okay, so the Goldmans found out that he was going to write this book and the Goldmans were like, fuck this. We’re gonna stop this. We don’t want this book coming out. This is retarded. He is. Going to make money off of, even if he didn’t do it. He’s writing a book about what maybe happened that night.

Let’s just say he didn’t do it right. Let’s just say he didn’t do it. I, I can’t even say that, but, but I know. No, I know. But I mean, if Okay. Go, you know, he was acquitted, right? Yeah. So, but my thing, yeah. Like, who, who would write a book on? Well, I didn’t do it, but here I think I’m gonna get into how I would do it.

All the evidence. Look at a, all the evidence says I did it, but, you know, I didn’t do it. But if I didn’t do, but if I did, I want to get into a deep, don’t want a deep dive Yeah. Into how I would’ve killed my wife. I’m gonna give you this random waiter that only I would know. I know. What the fuck inside the mine [00:25:00] of a, of a potential killer That didn’t do it.

Damn. All right. Sorry. Continue. Okay, so it was gonna come out and then, so Fox, so Fox owns a lot of different things. Yeah, of course. Right. And so Fox owned the publishing house that was going to release the book. And then they got tons of backlash from people going, oh, I bet they did.

 What the hell? And a lot of people already hit it. The Murdochs. Yeah. And so actually though Murdoch recognized this and he stopped the book. Oh wow. Smart play, you know, smart business, al business sense. Little, little thumbs up on Murdoch’s choice on that. Right. Because I agree with that. Okay, good. So granted, ready to make some moneyed, he probably, he originally, he thought it was a good idea.

He saw the bottom, he saw the bottom line. He was like, he’s a businessman. He’s sort of like, it’s not worth it. Yeah. Yeah. So he’s squashed it. And then the Goldmans then took, , OJ to court and OJ again. Yes. For the book rights. Yeah. Oh, so then also OJ created a shell company and fucking, [00:26:00] Guam. Yeah. No. And put his kids as the owners Oh. Who were publishing the book, but it was him. And so then the proceeds would go to the Shell company.

Yeah. Does that make sense? Yeah. So, so then the Goldman, so it’s not his money. That’s right. It’s not my money. You can’t take it. It’s my, it’s not my money. It’s the kid. The kids published them. Right? So the Goldman sued him for the rights of the book and the proceeds for anything. That itself, this guy’s, so this guy is just the same game everywhere.

I mean, I did it. I didn’t do it, but I did do it. I did it. I didn’t do it, but I’m, I’m responsible. It’s always the same game. I didn’t make money, but I’m responsible for that money. Money. I’m responsible for the money I spend it, but it’s not my money. I spend it. But I say I didn’t do it. Oh, man. Okay. So they won, they won the rights and the judge determined that the Shell Company was a farce created by oj.

Oh, of course it was. So that was the determined,

 okay. [00:27:00] So they won the rights. Then what happened is, they decided to use it as a confession. Hmm. Oh. They were like, great, now everyone will know he is full of shit. So what they did is they changed it from, if I did it, I did it and they had to No, and they had to keep it the same. They were told that it has to, it’s the, that’s what they won was the title was called If I Did it Right.

Oh, they couldn’t. So on the book it says, I did it in like 200 font and then if is in literally four font. Really? Yeah. So if you go look at the book title cover, I gotta look this up. Yeah. It’s so tiny. That’s legendary. All it says is, I did it, but Per the law, it’s if I did it. That’s hilarious. With the Ultimate Troll.

It’s like they wrote if in like white font. Mm-hmm Hmm. Oh yeah, dude. Even your dad is like, I am never gonna let you go Look at that. It’s not a joke. Yeah. I did it. Yeah. I’m, I’m gonna sh I’m gonna share this to the, isn’t that crazy? Yeah. And it’s confessions of the killer. Yes. Wow. You know, and it’s like the killer and yellow man. They really did. So they decided to do that. And then in the [00:28:00] book they, I would say a big chunk of it is a forward by them and was telling the story of this and him hiding the money and the Shell Corporation and the whole story.

Yeah. There’s painting the light of the shady, the shady shenanigans. And then there was a part too about the person who wrote it with OJ, where he was just saying, Hey, I gave you dozens of times to change this and this is what you wrote. So are you sure you want to write this? Meaning like he gave him all the opportunities in the world because OJ later came out and said, I didn’t really write this myself.

Mm-hmm. I’m responsible for it. Yeah. Here we go again. Oh God. Exactly. I didn’t write it. He’s like plausible deniability for everything. Yes. What? What? Yes. Okay. So one of the biggest changes from what we know is a story of it in the book is that he says there was another [00:29:00] guy there. Yeah. And he says there was a guy there named Charlie.

 Yeah. Right. And Charlie alerted him, he went to his house in Brentwood. And alerted him that there’s some crazy shit going on at Nicole’s house. Mm-hmm. How, what’s Charlie’s last name? Oj. I don’t really know the juice, don’t really remember things like that.

I never, I’m a first name basis type player. Yeah. So that’s the weird part. And he is , and I’m gonna read a couple excerpts, right? Yeah. And it says, it says Simpson’s friend Charlie was the one who alerted him to go to Nicole’s house that day. He says, I quote, I don’t know why he had been buying Nicole’s house, but he told me you wouldn’t believe what’s going on there.

And I thought whatever’s going on there has gotta stop. So according to Simpson, both he and Charlie got into his white Bronco and drove to Nicole’s house, which is like one fucking second away. Yeah. So like, literally it’s drove across the street that’s just walk, drive to my neighbor’s house.

Literally drove into my [00:30:00] driveway. So he says, He says they parked in the nearby alleyway and Simpson pulled out a knife from under his seat and he believes that Charlie took it. Oh, okay. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Okay. He talked about blood and stuff, that there was a scene at the crime and it reminded him as things got heated.

I just remember Nicole fell hurt herself and this guy came out of nowhere and started doing a karate thing, Ron. So Ron was a black belt. Oh, he was? Oh, debris. Yes. Yeah. Okay. And he said, describing the hypothetical moment, he kept saying, this is hypothetical. He was like, I just brute forced it. Well, he tried to do some crowdy shit.

I just ran him over. And so he, OJ says, and I said, well, you think you could kick my ass? And I remember I grabbed the knife and I remember Hypothe hypothe. I remember hypothetically, and I remember I grabbed the knife. I do [00:31:00] remember that portion taking a knife from Charlie. And to be honest, after that, I don’t remember, except I’m standing there and there’s all kind of stuff around what, all kind of stuff by like corpses.

This is, I wish, I wish I was as good as him. When I got into arguing with my wife, oh my God, how the hell does he get away with everything? And you’re I’m responsible, but I’m not. Like I knew about it, but I didn’t. But hypothetically I would. I would, I would remember this kind of stuff. Yeah.

My wife’s like, you do this. I’m , well, hypothetically I remember. Well, I’m gonna try to pull that one hypothetically. Hypothetically. If I didn’t take out the trash, then, you know, I didn’t do it, but I’m responsible. So he says, I hate to say this, but this is hypothetical. I don’t think, why would he hate to say it?

And he says, I don’t think any two people could be murdered the way they were without everybody being covered in blood. Everyone was covered in what? There was blood. Everybody say [00:32:00] that again. Say that again. Okay. I hate to say this, but this is hypothetical. I don’t think any two people could be murdered the way they were without being covered in blood.

Meaning that whoever murdered them Yeah. Would’ve been covered in blood. Yeah, it’s called you changed your clothes, it’s you went to your house, which is a fucking like a half skip and a jump away beret. And he’s saying that there’s no evidence, right, that I was not covered in any blood. That’s true. And the way they were killed, he’s saying it would’ve been everywhere man.

Someone beheaded. I mean that’s there’s gonna be arterial spray fucking all over the place. Exactly. True. But the fact is he’s literally admit, but what about’s literally admitting him that even, even without the hypothetical part, that he went there, Dee was doing some karate shit. And then he, and then I’d, I’d blacked out.

I know. And that’s the problem is in the book, it’s, there’s so many vague things , you know, I mean there who’s this Charlie guy? And also why would he say , come over. You wouldn’t believe [00:33:00] what’s going down over there. Yeah. There’s a waiter over your girl’s house dog. He brought our glasses together.

Well, this’s his fucking fucking crazy. Well, I dunno if you remember, I don’t know if you remember, but in the original crime scene, they found candles everywhere in her house. Now they don’t know why. Maybe she was trying to get a little, like a little bubble back. A little bubble. A bubble bath.

I know. So there she was about to get down with the waiter. There’s theories. No, there’s theories of that. There’s theories of that. Good for her or there, honestly. Or there’s also, we’re three dudes, so we don’t know the idea. We’re not gonna take a bubble bath with candles, but girls might. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.

Solo girls, they want, you don’t know. They want, I don’t know, the fresh scent. I don’t know. Yeah. Okay, fine. You know, for our seven female listeners, Hey, let us know how many candles is the appropriate amount of candles alive? Do you ever have candles outside of the bathroom? I guess that’s the question.

Good question. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. I, I get what you’re saying. , you know, if you’re gonna take a bath, like you’re, you’re, you’re a chick, right? You’re gonna turn on some candles, but all over your house. Maybe [00:34:00] not. I’m saying probably not. Maybe she just needs so solo. It’s just the confines of your bathroom, right? I wouldn’t think so.

That’s what I’m saying. Even and even that doesn’t make sense. It’s not solo difficult light for shakes. It makes sense. Stupid. We’re not, we’re not the right, we’re not the right folks. Demographic from kettles. We’re not the right folks. So then there was a, , passage in his book where he talks about, removing, his glove before taking the knife from Charlie. Right. And so then he spoke about it and he says, you know, I have no conscious memory of doing that, of removing the glove, but obviously I must have, because they found the glove there.

First of all, they, those weren’t driving gloves, were they? Were they like racing gloves? They’re very, they’re high end leather gloves, but who wears it? Were they winter gloves or like, like snow gloves? They were la they’re like, not. But my thing is like, why would you , you’re , let’s get in the Bronco and go to the house.

That’s a mile away. Let me put my fucking driving. Hold, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. Before we take off, lemme put all my, my driving gloves. My hand doesn’t touch the fucking peasant [00:35:00] steering. Well, it’s kind weird. Back in the back then it wasn’t like a collectible.

No, it was like a car Bronco. Right. The Bronco. It was whatever I gotta pick up. So OJ went on to describe in detail the process of getting rid of the evidence. Hypothe hypothetically. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. In detail. So Simpson recalled having to dispose of the bloody clothes, following the hypothetical killing. I love he, I recall. Why is he using the word recall?

I hate that you’re recalling a fake thing. He says, and you had left your keys and wallet in your pants pocket, and you had to go back and get it. Simpson, this is an interview about the book. He says, Simpsons pause. He says, you know, to be honest, I think I know that to be true. Yes. And then Reagan, the interviewer immediately followed up by asking him whether he believed in heaven and hell, and whether he thought he would see his late wife again.

What They, okay. These people sock at interviewing. I know. Yes. You replied confidently. Hey, look, I’ve cursed her. I’ve been to her grave [00:36:00] site and why? What the hell? Look at these kids. Look at Sydnee with no mother. I’ve done that. I’ve done that. What’d he say? Like, I’ve cursed her Or like, like a, like a voodoo, like Right.

Just reading what he said or is he like, you know what I mean? Fuck. So, I mean, essentially you ruined my life, I know. It’s like you, you made me hurt you. You responsible this time, not me. So essentially that is, if I did it, I mean that, you know, a majority of the book, he’s going on and on about his relationship with Nicole and how they loved each other and how she wanted to get with him even after abusing her and being charged with abuse.

Yeah. It’s called spousal abuse. It’s called stock, it’s called Stockholm Syndrome. It’s like, you think so you become sympathetic with your captor. You think? I think that, I think he’s lying. I think that she know what I mean? That they were in love? No, that, that, that what? No, I think that she, you keep saying that she wanted to get back with me and she was trying and she was obsessed with, I don’t know.

Me. No, I thought, you know what I mean? I thought, I thought you [00:37:00] were talking about like. Because it happened so many times. She stayed and she stayed. Mm-hmm. You know, because I think she was afraid. Mm-hmm. And, you know, he had all this power and control and then she thought that she had no outlets for help and no one, she couldn’t do anything.

So she’s like, I’m just gonna have to take it. I’m fucked. Right. And she had kids. She’s probably worried about the kids. Dangerous. Is he gonna turn on the kids if I leave? That’s true. True. he’s gonna take it out on them. True. you know. Yeah. That’s what I thought you were talking about. Yeah.

Not after the, after the last thing. And, I mean, a lot of stuff has come out about Nicole, and it seems like she was a bit of a party animal. I’m not saying she’s a saint, but like Yeah. Yeah. She didn’t deserve anything that No, no, no, no. Not at all. But I’m, I am just saying that. In the book he talks, he really just shits on her, the whole thing.

Oh, he just make, he tries, tried to make her look like, yes. He, he wants to be the victim. Yes. Oh, of course she’s something wrong. You’re always like them then, then. And she could never, he could never have killed her because he loves her so much. I, I [00:38:00] highly doubt that, you know, but hypothetically, that’s how, I mean, hypothetically, if I were to dispose of the evidence.

Yeah. So now here’s the weird part. Okay. He’s saying, so here’s the theory. Here’s my theory. I don’t know if it’s my theory. I heard it a couple times around the, you were told around the blogs. I was, I was told is that Charlie was some sort of alter ego of himself. Ooh, that’s a great, like he literally created a persona.

Well, or that’s his justification of. How he goes evil. Oh, like Charlie’s like angry. Angry juice. Angry juice. Charlie’s angry juice. Angry. Yeah, he’s like the Hulk. And then there’s Bruce Banner and then there, you know what I mean? You have like, Dr. Jack. Oh, are you saying, are you just saying he’s using that to, to kind of like justify his hypothetical ness or whatever?

Yes. Or are you just saying it unconsciously happens that he has Oh no, no. He’s, it’s his just fire. Yeah. Or he is just making it up and he is I can’t say that I killed [00:39:00] her or, so here’s my yay. Okay. And it’s me or hear me up rage. I don’t know. You know what I mean? I’m kind of just chatting about,

 I mean, that’s really the end of the book. It doesn’t really shed any new, I guess light, I guess it’s, it does show.

What he is presenting to us as the possibility of what happens. So, so now, okay, so we’re done with the book really, but why would he put forward this in any way?

Like why would he put, put this forward? Well, before you said that they got the rights and that they were getting the money, I was like, okay, well, yeah, he obviously needs, he wants money. He just needs some money. He doesn’t need attention. Not especially this kind of attention. I think he wants, I think he’s a narcissist.

I think he’s just a fucking so years. Just like rub it in everybody’s face. How he would get away with it, like mm-hmm. If he did it, he’s all into the double jeopardy. He is never gonna get charged again kind of thing. Oh, he knows, he, he knows he can’t go to prison for him. Oh, he knows. And I think he, it’s the only , people like that.[00:40:00]

And you’ll see it too. You’ll see how like, You know, for, I’ll give you an example. Like Madonna, obviously Madonna’s different cuz she’s, she’s obviously a superstar, but , she kind of died out for a little bit and then like she comes back and she’s doing the weird vanity fair shit with like the demonic shit.

Like she’s just trying to be relevant. I feel like maybe, obviously for money, but also it’s a, just trying to be relevant again. He was the king of the world Fucking Heisman. Yeah. True Hall of Fame. And then he was you know, I want to, I like being famous. Some people like being famous.

You want the play, he’s just gonna get famous and then he is gonna start getting endorsements. No, I mean, nobody’s gonna look at him today. He’s living his fucking, he’s living his fucking best life right now. He’s not getting endorsements, he’s getting free, he’s getting free meals at country clubs. I know.

How’s he hiding the money now? Maybe still through his kids. Yeah. I don’t know. We’ll take that a bit. We’ll take that in a bit. Yeah. What money? Yeah, he is, he’s still broke living on that pension. I know, but he’s still pension. Those pension affords him a couple, a couple, uh, margaritas said that. So do you think that.[00:41:00]

That what his story and if I did it brought any new, maybe that’s how it happened. Or do you think he made up everything? You know what I mean? I think he added, I think, was it actually con everything? Was it actually what happened? I think he probably put in some truth. No, both, but I say no to both.

Go ahead. I think he put in some truth, but then just tried to make it even more confusing than it already was. Exactly. Like he’s just literally just trying to sprinkle bullshit this Charlie bullshit. That’s just adding Charlie confusion so that it’s kind of , oh, I’m gonna hide in the truth.

You know? Hide in the confusion. I can finally get truth in the confusion. Yeah. Finally get his confession off. But he’s still but there’s all these other things. Yeah. And PSO people are like, maybe he’s innocent. Right? Because he can’t even make up this. He can’t even, he can’t even confess.

Right. Like even his confessions. That’s so weird. Hypothetically, recall, this is just, that’s what, he doesn’t still piss me off. He doesn’t understand the definition of recall. I know what is. Slimy Right. Piss me off. It’s actually evil. Yeah, it’s evil. Yeah.

I’m definitely gonna hypothetically [00:42:00] recall, I promise you, hypothetically, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, like, someone’s gonna, it’s gonna be the new line. I’m gonna hypothetically recall I’m gonna fuck someone up at work. I’m like, well, I hypothetically recall you telling me to do that. But in the reality, I don’t recall.

I don’t recall. Okay. So we’re gonna fast forward a little bit. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of this before, but, he was involved in a robbery mm-hmm. In Vegas. Oh, yeah. Yeah. But did he, like Rob, tell you? Probably, yeah. I’m gonna tell you the whole story, right? Let’s tell us, I’ll tell you the story. This is not like a long story really, but it’s a short story essentially.

So, and we go back to the beginning, which is all his shit was sold. Yeah, in the auction. The auction raise some money in bankruptcy. That’s right. And in an effort to pay his bills. That’s right. Now what’s interesting is all our shit, like I have a football in my garage, it’s worth $6. It’s probably worth, it’s actually probably worth nothing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. Facebook marketplace. Nice. Just free. Just pick up. Yeah. [00:43:00] But you gotta realize he was a superstar and so everything in his garage from his playing days, oh yeah. It’s all worth money. It worth tons of money. Definitely. Fuck. So it became an asset on his balance sheet. Every procession pretty much, right?

Pretty much every possession. This is my bare underwear now cash. But here’s o j’s argument. OJ thinks that it’s sentimental, so your pictures of your kids is sentimental. It’s Val. That’s worth, how much would you pay for your, picture of your newborn daughter? Oh, the last one. I say. That’s it. The last one.

I’d, I’d steal it. I totally, I’d totally ride. So his argument, so his argument is that it’s more valuable to him because it’s his, it’s the football that he got the first touchdown on. Oh, I thought you meant an argument. He doesn’t have an argument. I know. No, I’m just telling you. They sold legal stance.

I, I’m just telling you what his argument is. What? He’s an idiot. Yeah. Okay. All right. He’s like, no, you don’t, you don’t understand. I know [00:44:00] that they already paid money for it, but, but it’s more important to me. I love that you don’t deserve it. Like, look at, deserve it. Look, your money is more important to me, so I’m gonna take it because I care more about your money.

So here’s what he did get it to me, is he heard, he heard that, a sports memorabilia dealer, was in Vegas who had a bunch of OJ stuff. And he heard that he was trying to sell it fucking fire sale. He set up a, I don’t wanna call it a coup, but like, he set up almost like a sting where he had a guy pretend that he was a buyer and he wasn’t.

OJ I got, I got cash. Mm-hmm. But it was somebody who was super into OJ memorabilia and they wanted to meet him in the hotel and see all the stuff in the b on the bed and, and buy all the shit from him. Yeah. Yeah. first thing’s first, folks don’t sell shit at hotels and like invite people into your bedroom.

Essentially what happened is he went in there and he went in with [00:45:00] a guy, a bounce, not a bouncer, but a muscle guy, a security guy, and he went in and he bared his way into a tiny room. This is OJ, right? Yeah, OJ. Okay. At the Palace Station Hotel in Vegas. And I don’t know if you’ve been to a Vegas. Cheap hotel room.

Oh, it’s, they’re very tiny. Tiny. They’re small, very tiny. Okay. Because you don’t really spend a lot of time in there. That’s true. That’s true. So imagine nine, six foot dudes like in, in a room that’s in’s the size of like this table. Yeah. And so one of the guys, which is on o J’s team, brought a gun and OJ pumped him up at the beginning and said, this is my shit.

Get that gun ready motherfucker. Yeah. No. And he was like, die. Out of his team. He, he found out that he was a licensed conceal and carry guy. Yeah. And Vegas’s a super loosey goosey on this. Yeah. So he was okay, good. So you’re the one who’s gonna bring the gun in. You’re gonna be the muscle.

And, you know, blah, blah, blah, which is, because he can carry, doesn’t mean you can flash it around and That’s right. Threaten people. No, that’s [00:46:00] right. It’s licensed. Yeah. You’re licensed. Licensed to threaten with a gun. So you come with me and you fucking, you shoot him the license, license. The, so, so they entered the room, they entered the hotel room and Simpson said, don’t let anybody leave.

Then the other guy pulled the gun. So instantly, so you have Simpson’s guy holding a gun and then Simpson saying, don’t leave the room. Okay. To, to the, to the cellar to the seller. Yeah, that’s right. Okay, good. So then Simpson said, grab it. Grab all the stuff. So they started putting all the stuff in a bag that was all on the table.

Now it, half of it was OJ memorabilia, the other half, other shit half. It was like Pete Rose autographs. Oh, did I want that? A bunch of other stuff. I like Pete Rose. So it no longer, it also then no longer became his own stuff. Now it’s like grand larceny. Now he’s stealing grand theft. You know what I mean?

And all that sort of thing. Okay, good. Joe Montana [00:47:00] stuff and they just put it into pillowcases and all in all, it was a six minute thing. Yeah. It happened in six minutes and then he left. Woohoo. That was crazy. Oh, he’s like, yeah, the dude the same was like a witness. He was , it was oj.

Yeah. Did it. And little did they, little did OJ know somebody had a recorder. Recording the whole room. Oh shit. It’s like, it’s literally like, so this is, he, he probably announces himself. I am Al James Simpson. Give me my memorabilia. This is not a witness thing. This is, it’s like on camera. On camera, yeah.

And video or audio. It’s probably even in the hallways. They’ve got cameras too. So it’s like him leaving with goons and he is like, probably smiling. Yes. So he denied everything to the, it’s responsible for it. But I wasn’t carrying the pillowcase. Now I recall hypothetically I wasn’t responsible.

Look, I went to have a conversation. Those large gentlemen followed me to the room. I did not instruct [00:48:00] anyone to steal. Yep. So, okay. So that’s basically what happened. I mean, so, so I watch the whole document got arrested. Right. Then he, he went to jail. So he got arrested for this. Right. Okay. And so then he went to court and at first it was , okay, this is gonna be an assault charge or whatever.

But then the judge found, they found recordings of it and they’re like, Nope. And so then you’ve got OJ telling the guy ahead of time on record saying, Hey, you bring the gun in. You be the muscle. Then they walk in, he pulls the gun and he says, don’t leave the room. Wait, wait, wait. So so the recording, I thought you said the recording was in the room.

It’s an audio recording. Oh, okay. Of both. Everything’s recording and it’s Vegas. I know. And it’s so, it’s, everything’s recorded anyway, anyways. That’s true. Walking to the hallways, I’m walking this, they, they come out with fucking pillowcases for you. Shit. Like, of all the places to do this, you do it in Vegas.

I know. It’s like, might as well do it on live television. I would, [00:49:00] I literally, I don’t even pick my nose in Vegas. It’s like they’re watching but the eye in stuff. Yeah. No, it’s like I win like three hands on a run. I’m like, start sweating. I’m like, fuck, they’re on me. I know, right? You, you win three and you think they’re gonna take you out in the back somewhere.

He beat you up. He’s won a hundred dollars. Kill him. Kick him out. Okay, so on October 3rd, 2008, this is, the transcript of, the verdict, the sentencing by, judge Jackie Glass. And she was a no bullshit. Noah holds bar. You know, chick basically sounds hard for Jackie Glass. Sounds the fucking superhero.

Like this. Jackie, I’m not gonna read the whole thing, but I’m gonna read most of the parts. And she just laid into him. She’s like, first thing, first. Oj fuck you, first all you guilty for cold before we get started. I mean, pretty read it. Let’s see. So, earlier in this case, at a bail hearing, I asked, said to Mr.

Simpson, I didn’t know if he was arrogant or ignorant or if he was both. [00:50:00] And during the trial and through this proceeding, I got that answer. It’s both fucking Now there’s still questions about whose stuff it is. I think that’s still in dispute. You thought it was yours. Your counsel said that over and over again to me during the trial and now during the sentencing as well as you, the tapes, however, in this case, indicate to me that you didn’t want all of those items to fall in the hands of the Goldmans.

Ooh. Oh, so wow. That’s even shadier. Yeah. As long as they don’t get paid. Yeah. You were heard on the tape making reference to them, the Goldmans as gold diggers. So you put your group together, you went into Palestinian Hotel to get those items back and what you didn’t know, and also Mr. Stewart, who’s another guy who’s part of his crew.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. You didn’t know was it was planning to be taped. The event was taped. Phone calls were taped, conversations were taped. They had videotape you going in, videotape of you going out and the party afterwards where you [00:51:00] attended was taped. It’s everything in this case was taped. The shit you took right before it stunted, everything in this case was taped.

And it’s your own words, Mr. Simpson, your own words that can be heard throughout those events that have brought you to here to this seat In my courtroom, cuz we heard it all. And what came out on the tapes said to me and to the jury that the evidence in this case was overwhelming. It was overwhelming.

How often as a judge do I sit here and I listen to a trial and hear everything laid out for me to be able to hear, it’s very rare. Yeah. In your own words. Yeah. The event in question. The room at the hotel where I went to that room and it was a little bitty room. There were a lot of big guys in that little bitty room.

And when I heard the tape, that was not a, oh, just give me my stuff back. I want my stuff. That was nobody leave this room. That was a jacking you this a stick up. Yes. That was a actually a very violent event. And I don’t care what Beardsley [00:52:00] says now or what for Mong, which are, these are the other guys.

I know what Beard Lee says. Immediately afterwards when he called the police, we heard that too, that it was a violent event. Guns were brought, gun, at least one gun was drawn. The potential for harm to occur in that room was tremendous. And I don’t know, I don’t know how fortunate you consider yourself to be at this moment, but really, truly, if the gun had gone off and bullets started flying, not only could one of you in the room have been hurt, but some poor tourists walking down the hallway or a hotel worker could have been hurt.

That is why we have rules in the state of Nevada and say, you can’t take back your own property by force anybody else’s property by force. You can’t do it. There’s no self-help. You cannot do it. But you did do it. I mean, shit, are there Stacy, you can, what the fuck? I thought that was like a, A national rule.

I know. That was like, Well, good for her. Yeah, Jackie. Okay, so then after the event, all of a sudden the realization hits you and there are phone calls made. In those phone calls. You say there was no [00:53:00] gun. There was no gun. There was no gun. Mr. Simpson made those phone calls saying there was no gun.

How’d they get these phone calls? Tape. Damn. They fucking Yeah, I know. They had everything. Had everything, everything. I know it like technology moved. It’s like wild. Yeah. Well, why in the heck would he be calling anybody to say that there was no gun? These calls are random person. Hello? There’s no God. Yeah.

Except for the fact that he realized later there was a gun and, oops. I might be in trouble now. Hypothetically. Yeah, there’s, there’s no gun. And then again, at the party. At the party. The laughter, the joking. Did you see the look on his face? Ha ha ha. Isn’t this funny? You knew what was going on there. You knew.

I am actually surprised that I heard from you, Mr. Simpson. I believe that there wasn’t going to be a statement from you. So he did do a statement and he said, I’m sorry, he was almost crying. Oh, please. He was, come on actually, alligator tears. He was saying, I thought it was my stuff and I came and I went back there for my stuff and I didn’t mean no harm.

And he didn’t mean no harm to you. Sorry. He got [00:54:00] caught. I thought it was, he was using his acting skills from back in the day. Yeah, Norberg. Yeah. Yeah.

I have to tell you now, it was much more than stupidity. It’s rare that I’ve seen somebody talking to me at a sentencing about a men’s. Criminal intent, it doesn’t matter. You went to the room, you took guns, meaning you and the group you used force, you took property, whether it was yours or somebody else’s in this state that amounts to robbery with the use of a deadly weapon, whether it’s you having the gun or McLin Clinton having the gun, or Mr.

Alexander having the gun. Yeah. But, but one thing that’s not super clear to me, they keep referencing that that property is his, it’s not his. Like didn’t it get auctioned off? He was saying that he’s, he’s, he, he believes was still his. I believe that your house is my house. That’s just a fence. Yeah, that’s just No, but I mean, that’s what I believe.

No, but it would be a picture of you. No, no, but we were, we were talking about like a football, weren’t we? Yeah, but it was a signed automatic. No, but it was sold for cash. So it’s not just saying, it’s not just saying. I know, but it’s not just saying it’s his house. [00:55:00] It’s like a picture of you signed and you’re like, that’s mine.

Yeah. But that was like, I would, I would say, okay, wait, if it was my house before and then it went to foreclosure and he bought it, I, it’s a little different when it’s literally a picture of you. No, it’s not. Or a football with your signature on it that literally be like, it’s actually the house thing that or he is saying is actually Moore.

I raised my kids in that house. I lived in the house for 20 years. It got foreclosed off. All my fucking memories were in that house. My blood, sweat, and tears on that. Oh, oh, the foot. It was the football. I’m just saying no, his hand. Yeah. I guess I, yeah. You know many shit. Shit. I took that house. It, there’s gotta be DNA somewhere.

It’s gotta be, I piss all over these walls. It’s gotta be

check the, so she says it doesn’t matter. You went to the room, you took the guns, doesn’t matter. That’s the thing. Meaning you and the group you used, force, you took property. She does say earlier, she’s like, I don’t know who owns the stuff. Right. Remember she was saying the buyer, the, the seller. I know, but nobody [00:56:00] seller.

It’s kinda like black market. You don’t know who owns it. Like there’s no proof. I thought it went to auction. I thought it was an auction. I know, but Yeah, but we don’t have, we don’t know. She didn’t have proof that was there. Okay. He just had it. Sure. Semantics what I mean? Yeah. Yeah. Semantics. Fucking details.

Like when I first started this trial and I talked to the jury when we had the whole panel in, I stated to the group that if this was, if they were here because they wanted to punish Mr. Simpson for what happened previously, then this was not the case for them. And I meant that as the judge in this case.

I’m not here to sentence Mr. Simpson for what happened in his life previously in the criminal justice system. As a judge who presides in this courtroom every day and over trials, hundreds of trials during the six years I have been here, I have great respect for the criminal system. I am part of it. And as a judge who has taken jury verdicts for years, I respect the verdicts of my juries.

I have to respect what happened in the case 13 years ago. The jury decided there are many people that disagreed with that verdict, but that doesn’t [00:57:00] matter to me. What matters to me is the state brought charges, the trial was conducted, and evidence was heard. Testimony received, the jury deliberated, and they reached a verdict, and I have to respect the verdict as well.

There’s nothing more that’s going to happen here other than the sentence for you, Mr. Stewart, and the sentence for you, Mr. Simpson, is based on the evidence that occurred in this case. I’m not here to try and cause any retribution or any payback for anything else. I want to be perfectly clear to everybody because if I did, then I wouldn’t be doing my job.

As a judge who presides of her courtroom in this jurisdiction. I’m sorry, just believer, but I know, I, I just think it’s why even say, why is it even necessary to say that? He’s literally, that’s what I’m saying. I dunno about believe evidence on the universe. It’s so unnecessary. You’re literally admitting to you on camera.

I know. So let me read what she sent to you and then we’ll see if we believe that paragraph of what you said. Okay. So Simpson was found guilty on all 12 charges. Damn. he was handcuffed, reprimanded, 33 years in prison to prison. [00:58:00] I mean, he obviously didn’t serve that. No. No. Oh. Okay. So I just wanna play out a scenario. Jorge goes to Vegas. He goes, the flamingo, the flaming. Why can’t it be like the what? No. Cause grand. I gotta go to Flamingo. No, because he went to, I can’t afford the mgm. I gotta go to Flamingo. Sorry. Caesar is outta your price range.

Brother Flamingo. I’m not a peasant. You ever been to Vegas? No, no, no. Has nothing to do with Jorge. It has to do with the fact that Hor, he went to a place called Pian. I’ve never heard of it. I’ve never heard of it. Never heard of it. You heard of it, true? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I’m just trying to pick a bus, a side.

He goes with a golden nugget. Yes. Tiny room. 79. Nine and nine. You know what I mean? With a tiny room, tiny room, free buffet. Yes. Okay. Okay. So Jorge goes and he goes and he is trying to get some shit back. That’s his, that he thinks is his. Oh yeah. Somero. Okay. And he goes with, he goes with Sean. And Sean’s gotta conceal, right.

He goes in there like, Sean, I’m gonna ask you to do something. You can’t ask me any questions. We’re [00:59:00] fuck some people. Let’s go to call you. I’m gonna call you AC cowling. I’m like, I’m like, you’re buying the, you’re buying the tickets though, right? No. So he walks in, he walks in, and he goes on the cameras and he walks in and he meets the guy.

And you guys walk into the room and you, instead of going, I’m gonna buy this shit, you say, give it to me, I’m gonna take it. And he pulls out the gun. Ya ain’t getting outta here. Right. And then you search, stuffing all the shit in the pillowcases. Then you walk out, you go to a party. Game’s over, right?

That’s it. Yeah. You get arrested. What do you get as far as sentencing? Like sentencing? No. Just do you get 33 years? No, we def I definitely, that’s what I’m saying. I definitely don’t get there. You don’t get 33 years, now you get four. No. Wait, this, listen. Well, here’s the other thing, like when you pull a out a gun, it goes up in a whole nother level.

Totally. No, but No, . Don’t, I don’t know what the law is there. Like when you pull out a gun,

partial. Partial. But there was also, they considered kidnapping of course, because he said You can’t leave [01:00:00] the room. Yeah. And, and it’s robbery. It’s Robert and the Deadly assault. Yeah. Deadly weapon. So that’s, that’s why then they keep going. That’s why I think I’m not getting, that’s why, but maybe I’ll get Yeah.

Five. Oh, you’re right. Jor, Jorge. I’m just saying the Jorge would’ve got 60 years. He got a light. All I’m saying is, all I’m saying is justice is supposed to be blind. True. Right? Yeah. So her paragraph here is saying it had nothing to do with Right. 13 years earlier. Okay, well, here, here. So we got the max, max, max, max.

Of all the maxes. Yeah. They’d get Max. Max. But like, you know, they were putting people away for like having a quarter of weed for like 10 and they put him away from 10 years. Sure. Years. Yeah, that’s right. I’m like, is that really worth? You’re right. I mean, come on. You’re right. It’s a little crazy.

You’re right. So I’m saying trying to the system, the system is broken and, and that’s what I’m saying. The system is broken. It’s definitely broken. But like in her defense, I mean he went there with full intent with the gun. It could have like four ended up with somebody getting shot. Yes. I do think it is a little weird.

[01:01:00] The what makes me think she did? Cuz she made that statement. I know. Yeah. It’s so unnecessary. There’s so much evidence. Every evidence possible. Yeah. And then she’s like, I’m not doing this because of what he did. I’m why even say that? Like no one would think that. Yeah, he’s on camera, he’s on video.

He’s, he’s on audio. No, no people phone calls. People would think that, I would think that if I was judging her and , Hey, you gave this guy a full sentencing, full. Yeah. And like you, you, oh, oh, so she said that because of the cousin, she knew she, she knew she was gonna on the max, max drop the hammer on him.

Oh. Maybe that’s why she did it. but that being said, I, max, max, like, yeah, she pressed it all the way. The ceiling she pressed all the way. She could have left that out and just given the full sentence anyway. No, I think, I think she, I’m not mad at her. I’m not mad at, I’m not mad at her.

Mad at her. I do think she pumped it up. Yeah, I do think she juiced it out. I’m just saying maybe, maybe Mimi net wasn’t totally true. The paragraph, it’s, you wouldn’t about it. It’s like, you know, it’s, it’s like a bit, I, she’s very, she [01:02:00] she’s just saying hypothetically, hypothetically. When, when the juice still run. Yeah. I barely remember anything. Can’t squeeze the juice when the juice is gone. Can’t, can’t squeeze. Can’t squeeze the juice. When the juice. So he was convicted.

He went to prison, but he anyone served. Like what? So he served nine years. Wow. He served nine years in longer than he thought on October 1st possession than I thought. Yeah. October 1st, 2017 he was released. Mm mm The juice is loose. So then, then the juice moved to, Florida. Well, he was, he was already living here now.

 you know, but it was, he was also living in Vegas after bankruptcy. He was living in Vegas too. Oh, okay. And I don’t know, but he officially, officially moved there and now, now he’s in Orlando area. Yep, we’re going there. That’d be weird if you were run into him. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Most of you guys, those of you guys don’t know where, like in the Tampa Bay area.

Yeah. I might trip him like it’s around here. Hulk, [01:03:00] Hulk Hogan lives here. Yeah. And we run into him. Oh, did I run into him multiple times? Yeah. Yeah. Multiple times. So imagine if you imagine if you run into oj. Oj But Hulk is not oj. No, no, I’m just saying. No, just saying. I’m still like, cause a Hulk is a dream boat.

Seriously, so, so you’re like shopping in Publix and you’re run to oj. What do you do? I don’t know. Like crap. It’s like walk by and drop. Hundred percent. I don’t know, it’s just like mumble, like killer. I, I feel like guilty.

I do feel, I do feel like I would be like that guy, like, Like, yeah. I’d be like, I, I hate you. It’d be a little Eric’s like my son wants say something to you. Yeah. I hate you Mr. Simpson. Although, but it wouldn’t do anything. I don’t know what to say. Yeah, right, Eric, all the time. You know, I would really imagine, imagine how much, yeah.

How much he goes through that. Oh my gosh. Still, Eric would just text us and be like, I just saw, and he would take a picture. No, I would candid picture, I would not post it on any social media. I would send it to you guys. I know I’d go live on like Instagram and be like, look at, I just run into like look at, look at, look at the I found in public [01:04:00] click bait men assaulted by OJ egging him on just to like get him,

hit me. Okay, so, , remember at the beginning we went over a poll of how many people believe? Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. So as of as of 2017, 83% of Americans believe that he was guilty, both black and white. Just 83%. Yeah. But is it black? All like, or white? I mean, at the beginning you said black and then you said a white, well, that’s the only pole.

You know, two different boats. That’s the only pole I was able to be curious though. I would be curious. Would be curious. But the point is everybody, but the point is, is that it happened and it was low. Yeah. Lower. Mm-hmm. Yeah. And then over time, now more people believe that he just did it. Well. Yeah. I’m sure that, I’m sure that if I did it book didn’t like help the cause.

Yeah. You know, like his whole life. Yeah. Seriously. No, seriously. Yeah. The hypothetically is, uh, did not assist. So we’re gonna, [01:05:00] we’re gonna, that’s gonna put up our own poll. Yeah. Um, oh, for sure. Um, Spotify, you guys will be able to see. We should do it on this one. I mean, this is this one. Not, we just, we just talked about the pole. Okay. That’s true. Right? All right, we’re gonna do it in this one. I like it. Yeah, we’ll do it. But obviously we’ll do, probably do it after episode four though.

When we get in the co. That’s what get in the conspiracy. I’m saying do it with this one because we’re talking about the pole right now. He was listen, listening. I was texting at the time. Sorry. I was getting a very important communication. Wait, why don’t we, oh wait, oj, let’s do it. Poor. When the juice, when the juice came.

The juice. So knows that. Squeeze it. Squeeze it too high, squeeze it. Squeeze juice. I ain’t got no juice left way. , alright, there you go. Thanks for tuning guys. We’ll see episode, episode three. What about the next one? So episode four is next Tuesday, episode four is all the conspiracies. And the, the kind of finale, I do have, I do have, like I put together what are [01:06:00] bullet points of why he did it.

Mm-hmm. And then a couple things of like 10 why, why he did it and like why, maybe not. Mm-hmm. Well, no, like ten one. No, no. The things in the trial. Like why Yeah. What are they fuck What they couldn’t prove. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. What are the holes? What caused the reasonable doubt? Yes, exactly. There you go.

Yeah. And then there’s about, there’s about four conspiracies that are worth talking about. There’s one that’s really stupid, but the three other ones are semi all of them. Yeah. I think it far as, it’s probably good to do cuz I, I tru I truly believe, I think the reasonable doubt thing is, is smart.

Like, you can’t just like, yeah you can’t, cause you can’t take a motion and stuff into these trials. Cuz I, you get like Salem witch trial shit, you’re , well she didn’t wanna date me witch burner. You’re not killer. But like, they, I think they fucked, they had, they just fucked a lot of things up. Yeah. Oh yeah.

Very true. One of these days I’d love to learn about the double jeopardy thing. Well, they do that because , I don’t know why. I don’t remember actually. I used to know, but I don’t remember why. Talk about that. It reminds me of that movie. It’s called Double Jeopardy. There’s a movie called [01:07:00] Double Ashley Judd.

Oh, Charlie Jones. It’s call Double Jeopardy. It’s called Double Jeopardy.

But then, but then didn’t she kill him though? Cause then she can’t be charged for it cuz she, then she kills him again. Then she kills him. For real. She’s so hot in Could be true. Yeah. It’ll tune next time guys. Next episode. Okay guys, thanks a bunch.

All right guys. , nutty night.