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The Mandela Effect – Episode #33

Podcast Transcription

 Welcome back to the Conspiracy Podcast, ladies and gentlemen. What’s up everybody? Hey guys. It’s Eric, Shawn, Jorge, once again on this lovely Tuesday morning, evening, afternoon. Whenever you’re listening. I love when Shawn does podcasts cause I literally just can sit here and just with them the whole time.

You know, I’m not gonna do that many, you guys almost got into a fight one time. Oh yeah. It was close. We had edited out, but I was egging him off. I was like doing it on purpose. I was, oh yeah, I think a couple, uh, a couple of those young flights. Yeah. Kinda got, got to me. May maybe like, what, deep or whatever, and then we’re like, actually, you know, maybe, maybe one day like Patreon maybe.

The, the release release release. Yeah. The release not edited. The unedited version. Unedited, I think it was Flat Earth. Right. It was Flat Earth. Flat Earth. And I was, and I was just being a dick on purpose. I’m not gonna lie. I was like, I was purposely being a dick. And Eric was like, okay, you like, like what’s the okay happen?

I was like, he’s pissed. He’s like super pissed. Yeah. You’re that’s your cue to keep it going. It was super hard to edit. Cause I didn’t want it to seem that we were mad. We just delete all of it. Yeah. Anyways, so today we’ve got, one that I think is really, really wild and, you know, you constantly kind of vibe on it if you know what it is, but it’s called the Mandela Effect.

Mm-hmm. I heard of it. This one’s crazy. Yes. Super dude. It’s like, I’m prepared to have your childhood and life ruined. You know what’s crazy though? I didn’t know about it until you, and so I told you that told me about it like weeks ago. Oh really? And that was about it. And it sent you down the wormhole?

I didn’t know about it when I was growing up. I didn’t know about, no, I didn’t know about it when I was growing up, but, Also recently I found out about it, but yeah, I found out about it through TikTok. Just like, just like everything in your life. Yeah, exactly. That makes sense.

The manela effect, it, it’s referring to a situation in which a large mass of people believe that an event occurred that didn’t. Mm-hmm. So the term Mandela effect was actually coined in 2009 through this chick named Fiona Broom. Oh, like a person? Yeah. So a person, so her name’s Fiona Broom and she created a website that the details, of course her like observance and like of what, of this kind of phenomena, this Mandela effect.

Yeah. So she was at a conference and she was talking with other people about how she remembered. you know, the tragedy of Nelson Mandela, okay. Who we all know is South African president mm-hmm. Who was against the apartheid. Mm-hmm. And she was talking to people about remembering his death. And he died in prison in the 1980s.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. And Nelson Mandela died in 2013, and he didn’t die in prison. Weird. So she began to talk to other people about her memories. You remembered seeing this on TV and watching his widow make a speech, this whole thing. And so other people also remember this news coverage.

Yeah. And they were like, yeah, I remember that shit too. And apparently, supposedly there’s thousands people that remembered this happening, so she was , freaked out. She was like, what the ? And so she. Was encouraged by a book publisher to be like, Hey, you should create a website, and you start talking about it.

And you know, and that’s, that’s where the Mandela effect Wow. In essence, came into fruition after she thought along with thousands of people that he died that, yeah, she, and it was like everybody, really thought that this happened. No, they, they thought that they remembered the news covering the story.

Yeah. And they remembered his widow giving a speech after his death. So it’s not just like, oh, I remember saying, I remember hearing that he died, and , I remember watching the news. And then, then you go and look this up. And it’s like, no, there’s no news, there’s no, and it didn’t die till 30 years later, like 30 years later, he dies.

That’s crazy. That’s strange. So there’s a lot of different, I know it’s , obviously that’s the main example, that’s why it’s called the Mandela Effect. Yeah. Right. That’s where it started. But this, this is, let’s just, it’s for my own sake. Let me just make sure I understand it. Yeah. So it’s.

Something that the masses believed that a large group of people believed. Believed small or large. Yeah. Could be a small thing, could be a large, large thing. Whatever. Of course, a hundred percent. That was just wrong. That did not happen. Yeah. Correct. Yeah. Everybody’s wrong about the way they remember it.

Exactly. It’s crazy cuz usually it is , if a lot of people remember it a certain way, it becomes truth. It comes back. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Okay. So that’s what the manila effect is. It’s fucked up history. Exactly. And it, there’s in, right? Yeah. And ITish, it didn’t even have to be like ish historical. It’s ish.

A lot of the things aren’t really super Yeah. It’s not like important. Yeah. They’re kinda like stupid things. It wasn’t like America was not founded. I think there’s a show, that was called like the Man in the High Tower and it was like, yeah, what if like, Germany won whole nineties. .

Okay. It’s not like, it’s not like that. Seen that one. Okay. It’s, it’s, it’s pretty good. I stopped watching. I think it’s based on a book, basically. It’s the idea that. If the Nazis won the Nazis one, what would happen now? Hmm. And it’s the story of, oh, okay, okay. What happened present day? Yeah. So Japan and Germany won.

Yeah. And they’re the superpowers and just what you’re doing now. Yeah. Because now we’re hiding from our government

So on the Mandela one. Mm-hmm. So what happened, that’s when Mandela died in, 2013. So he was released from prison and then No. So he, he got outta prison. He was the, and then he, he was the president of South Africa. Yeah. He and his last term ended I think in like 2000.

Like, uh, 10 or 11. Wow. And then he and he died. Wow. So just millions of people thought he died in the eighties. Yeah. Essentially. Thought he prison. Thought he died in prison. Wow. Yeah. And Nelson, Dylan. Crazy. Obviously. Crazy. Crazy. He’s amazing, dude. Yeah. you know, and so, yeah. So you’re gonna get into it, but does it have to do with fake news and , the way that it, I mean, you know, the information like blacks propaganda, it must tough gets No, we’re gonna well out, out there, I’ll get into different potential explanations.

so there’s a lot of examples and so I, I wrote down a bunch so we can kind of chat about them cuz some of ’em will be more prevalent to you or me.

Okay. And like, why it is. But I, the first, first things first, I wanted to get into , other examples, right. Okay. Because there’s certain things that, you’ve believed Oh yeah. And you’re gonna be , what? Like what do you mean? Yeah. You guys are gonna be listening to this?

And you’re like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Like, you’re gonna , pause the Google. Yeah. You’re, yeah, you’re gonna go to Google. And just so you know, these things . This isn’t just , cuz everyone, everyone I talk to about this is , well maybe they just change the name. You know, it’s like marketing.

You know, you just do that. I’m like, well Google it. And they’re , it’s, it’s never been that, right? It’s only ever been this. And you’re , sure. And you’re like, no, no, no. Yeah. Okay. I mean, the, the biggest one, like, some of these things are , you grew up thinking this, this, yeah. A hundred percent.

As child’s a child. This first one, as an adult. Adult, this first one I talked to my mom about because, cause I literal, I called my mom and I was like, you remember when I was a kid, we used to read the Bernstein Barriers books?

Mm, we did. Yeah. I remember them. They were great. And I I distinctly remember reading them with my mom. The Bernstein Bears aren’t the Bernstein Bears? They’re the Bern Stain. What? They’re the burn stain Bears Bern Stain. S t a i n instead of Burn Bernstein Stein, S t E I n.

And if you Google, you can look and search. Yeah. You can’t. It’s always been dis stained. But then I found, I found this random, this dude, I mean, he, I found this random real on Instagram and this guy found a super old book I get rid of, and it was Bernstein. Mm. And I was like, what the fuck?

And he’s like, did I crack the matrix? I was , oh my God. So for those who don’t know, this is a child’s book about, yeah. It’s like a family of bears. The bears, yeah. A bunch of bears live in their life. Yeah. Right. And they, they, they wear like jeans and Yeah.

Flannel shirts and shit. They were red. They were awesome. Yeah. I loved them. The weird claws and they’re like little hair. It’s like old school. It’s like old. I, I still read this to my daughter and I was, shit. Shit’s great. I still read it personally. It’s good literature. Yeah. I love it. No, but I, I thought it was burden scene.

It’s burn. It’s burn stains. Barren stain. Barren stain. Barren stain. And, and you’re showing me the paper. Right? So it says that, but even like you still see it as Bernstein. Yeah. Still say it and see it. That’s crazy, dude. I know. That’s when I first was like, this is fucked up. This is not true.

, no, the next one, this one I was talking to Eric about before. Yeah. And it really . Fucked his universe up. So everyone remembers like Jiffy Peanut butter. Yep. Jiffy Jiffy. Fucking Jiffy. Super Creamy. Yeah. Cream of Creamy, sugary.

It was never Jiffy. It was Jif. Only Jif. Never Jiffy. J I f. J I f. No. F f Y. Why do we think Jiffy then? I don’t like, dude, if you Google, if you look like, so, I don’t know. I looked this up and I can, the company was founded in like 1955. Yeah. It’s always been Never, it’s, there’s no commercials. Only ever been Jif.

Only, there’s never any commercials. Nothing. No. He’s googling it right now. I’m telling you. I already Googled. It’s upsetting me and Eric googled it together. Yeah, it’s upsetting. And he texts his brothers asking about it. It’s super upsetting. It’s so fucked up. Jif, Jiffy Lube. That’s the only thing I was confusing.

Literally. It’s as if it never existed. I mean, I even like Google search Jiffy Peanut butter or whatever, and it autocorrects to Jif peanut butter. Like, Google’s like, Nope. Google notes like no you don’t. Wow. Okay. , here’s one, one thought on Jif, which is, what if we thought it was Skippy? Mm. That’s a good thought. Wow. You know, that’s, I did not think about that. But maybe the only idea this kinda like, in your mind you say, Jiffy, maybe Skippy was such good marketing competitor. Yeah. And then you’re like, well, Skippy, Skippy.

Skip it. Gypsy py. I, it’s a, it’s a stretch. Give it, it’s a stretch. It’s thin. I don’t know. It’s not really a stretch. It’s actually a great point. Yeah. That is the point. , all right. Okay. Well, I’m gonna take full credit for that wink, wink. You know who you’re talking to.

the next one, which really annoyed me. Looney Tunes. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. So Looney Tunes isn’t , isn’t t o o n s It’s t u n e s. Like a tune? No. No. it doesn’t even make, it doesn’t even make any sense. I don’t, I don’t believe you. No, it’s Dont believe, don’t believe you, right. No, it’s, we’re tiny.

We’re tny, we’re all a little loony. That’s just the beginning. That’s like the intro. And that’s, that’s the expanded one too. That’s the tiny tune. And, and then it’s literally, it’s just random skits of animation. It’s not like they’re making music. Maybe thought it was a music.

It’s not. Dude, I remember Wiley, like Wiley Coyote and, and he’s chasing Meer, fud. He doesn’t sing. He sings, there’s no word he sing. He was just like, but I gotta catch up. It’s pretty good. Bunny’s like, sorry, you fucking white vested. You’re, you’re fucking me up. What the ? I know. Tunes.

It’s tunes like a tune. I would’ve bet money. I bet I actually bet money. I, I, I, dude, you know, fuck you did. I can’t even speak. I’m like, I actually bet money. No, I literally bet. Who? No, I didn’t bet any money. I just, I, I can see it in my head as like, when I was a kid, I can see it watching it and it was tunes.

I’m trying to Google the original logo or Yeah, but it’s tunes man. It’s, it’s dude. Wow. I could see that one though. Wow. I know’s. Another one is Curious George’s tale. I don’t know if you ever read Curious George books? Yeah. Mm-hmm. Oh yeah. The little Monkey and the Man in the yellow Hat.

Yeah. Yeah. You never had a tail? Never there. I, no, that one’s not as big for me, as like the first three I could imagine it. Do you, you know what I mean? That’s, that, that one I was, I was kinda , sure. Okay. Like whatever. Yeah. It wasn’t so integral. Yeah. In , my upbringing as like the first three, I was like, fuck this.

This is bullshit. Yeah. not happening. I, I refuse. Mm-hmm. Then there’s also so Oscar Meyer, like, Oscar May Wieners. I remember , I used to have a little Oscar Meyer Wiener truck. Like fucking hot wheel. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know why, like Hot Wheels, like, yeah. That’s a great idea. Rid of a, like a big hot dog and a hot wheel car.

It’s, it’s actually Mayer, Oscar Mayer. Not Oscar Meyer, not Meyer. They even, I could almost believe that one though. Yeah. This is like a pron pronunciation error that can go anywhere. Mayor Oscar May, Oscar Mayer may, maybe cuz it doesn’t rhyme. Oscar May. Maybe it was Likeer. Oscar May. Maybe it was like one of those northern things where they’re like, ask May Mario or Mario fucking New Yorker, New York.

You’re fucking married. New New Jersey guys. Or Canadians. I mean, let’s just Canadian Aya. Ask May, may we. We just lost so many New Yorker followers cuz I, it’s okay. Ask May. Hey, we love you. Ask Oscar Maya. This probably, this probably hits some deep, it’s deep. Yeah. I heard Oscar Mayer. The next one really annoys me too,

so the monopoly man. Yeah. You know, Yeah. He never had a monocle. I always thought he had a monocle. And I always remember , no way. ACE Ventura disagrees. Sure. Do not pass out. Not, let’s go. Do not.


I know. I always thought, that doesn’t make sense. I always thought he had a monocle. And I was , Trent, like, they’re like, like why ho’s constant Google? He’s , I don’t, I don’t believe any of that is actually gonna take a quick break. Like I’m still deep in the Mandela Matrix effect or whatever.

Crazy. The Matrix, the Mandela Matrix. Yeah. Okay. All right. Monocle, next one I know for a fact is bullshit. Cuz I, I’ve, I’ve worn the underwear. Mm. Duloo cornucopia. Yeah, the cornucopia with the fruit in it. Mm-hmm. Blah, blah. Yeah. Doesn’t exist. Hmm. No cornucopia. Come on now, dude. So what is it though? It’s just the fruit.

It’s just like the apple, the grapes and whatever the other fruit. Wait, wait. I swear to God there’s cornucopia now. The little wooden, like little like, Weaved basket thing that they were in, I remember cause I had those underwear.

Hmm. It’s just like, how did I, no, I don’t know about that one. I, I always remembered like, kind of like this, don’t you, don’t you remember? Don’t you remember that? I don’t have memory of fruit. The limbs more different. The Mexican fruit of the loo fruit del, it’s like they just had a bunch of limes, guava, like avocado, some avocado, some avocados.

Avocados from Mexico. Another jingle right there that gets me. I do that every time. Like I’ll get, like, I’m at the store, I’m like, avocados from Mexico. They get me every time. I don’t remember that one. For me is, I don’t remember it. One, I’m trying to, I’m trying to m I’m trying to recall.

I don’t think, I don’t it Remember both. You know what I mean? Really. I, I kind of do remember both. For me, it hits for me. It for me, it’s, it’s hit, it hits deep. Okay. It hits deep. Okay. Okay. , this one dude. This one. Mm. This one’s gonna this one’s gonna, this one’s gonna fuck you up. So, you know, C three pl, right?

Yeah. Yeah. Gold droid. Yeah. Has one silver leg shut. Dude, that’s not true. I, I, I’m telling you, don’t believe it. I’m telling you it’s bullshit. Don’t fucking bullshit, dude. You’re gonna goog, obviously you’re gonna Google it. It’s gonna be there. Cause it’s the timeline. Wait, that he does not.

I remember him. Remember They had ’em all shined up? No, he does not. He doesn’t. I’m telling you. I mean, he has two right there. Wait, wait, what? Wait, what’s your, what are you saying? This is saying it instead of being all gold, C three PO has one silver leg. Does he have a silver leg in there?

See how it’s like, I mean, is that really silver? That’s a stretch. This one’s a stretch. That’s a stretch. Well, dude, that’s what I said. When you Google this, when you Google, it looks like it could be , depends on the light. Gold depends on the light. Yeah, exactly. It’s like lighting. Right? What do you think about that?

Dude, I, that’s why I, when I saw it, I was like, this is a straight lie. Go to the other. Yeah. I don’t know about this one. No, go back.

Right there. Look at that. Yeah, look at that one. That looks, that one that looks silver. Oh, that looks Photoshop. That looks, looks fake. Oh, okay. Just cuz you don’t believe it. Just, just for the Mandela clicks. I wanna get clicks. Click bait. Maybe, maybe this picture’s also from Reddit. It sounds like it’s just No, it’s, it’s edited. It’s Reddit. It might just, it might just be a prop problem. Oh, that’s lighting. And they’re , oh shit. Or , you know, they had, okay, this is straight up.

. That’s like original packaging. Oh my God. Look at that. Oh shit. Oh shit. Okay. All right. He might, he might have point. He might have a point That’s old school packaging. Okay. That’s interesting. I don’t believe it, but that’s what they’re saying’s the truth.

So if you thought that was wild. Okay. Okay. Just, just hold the phone. Just, just relax. Okay. All right. Don’t freak out. Okay. So what’s the most, what’s the most famous line from the original Star Wars trilogy? I got a bad feeling about this.

Or may the force be with you? No, the most famous line, bro. I got a bad Luke. Luke, I’m your father, or, exactly. Thank you. Yeah, like your father. Guess what he really says? Oh, yeah, yeah. I’ve heard this. No, he says That’s what he says. That’s what he said. He, he says, no, I’m your father. Yeah. He doesn’t say, Luke, I’m your father.

Are you serious? Sean’s right. Are you serious? Hey, I’m just, I’m not saying these are like accurate. This is, you’re right. This is the new timeline. Yeah. No, you’re right. You’re right. He says, no, I am your father. No, no, no. Yeah. Cuz you know, there’s a joke in, uh, in, um, Tommy Boy. In Tommy Boy. He goes, Luke, I am your father.

And that’s not the line. Yeah. It useless. Resist. It’s

James. It’s only two minutes.

Oh, he’s got his hand cut off. No. Escape. God, James, don’t make me destroy you.

You not yet. I thought I know. To this. Your power. Your power and I’ll, your training with our combined strength. We’re halfway through this destructive conflict front. Conflict galaxy. I’ll never join you if you only knew the power of a dark side. One Never told you what happened. He told me enough. He took me enough.

He told,


That’s trippy. I know. I, it’s, dude, what the ? The next one is gonna hit every human on this planet, every human who’s ever listened to any music in their entire lives. So say for me, the last line of We are the champions. I, I’ll keep on dancing. No, the, my friend, I forgot. We’re the champ. Champion. No. Cause we’re the champions. Better world. Exactly. There’s no of the world, huh? No. No. It’s bullshit. It’s a it dude. It’s literally, it’s always been Why?

Oh, the what? Why do we know that? And then it’s like literally, it’s like it just ends. It just says, we are the champions. It ends, huh? Oh, no way. I’m telling you, that’s why it’s the Mandela effect. It’s, hold on a second. You’re gonna Google it. It’s just gonna, we are the champions. I already Googled it.

I don’t even I already YouTubed it at home. Cause I was like crazy. Why did we, we s it at the same, the same time. Every at same time. We did it. Every human on the planet sings that. the.

What, what’s up this supposed, where’s it from? So I don’t get it Then it must be from somewhere. It’s, it’s, it’s from, it’s from our actual timeline. No, it must be like, it must be in, in some sort of media or some sort of movie or some sort of, you know what I mean? It doesn’t make sense. We sang it at the same time.

I’m telling you. That’s why I was, I told you he knew we were gonna sing it too. Son of a Bitch, because it Fuck you knew. Cause dude, I know how many times I karaoke that song. Right. That’s the ending. Ending. It’s always of the world. That’s the, maybe it’s a thing that they played on. uh, like someone, like someone like dubbed in No, no.

Like Mighty Duck to me is like maybe in Mighty Ducks. What the D two or D three Duck Ducks fly together. Crack, crack, crack mix of ducks. Crack, crack, crack. No, it’s , what is Like The Bash Brothers? Yes, the Bash Brothers. I love that movie salad. I know. It’s fucked. That’s crazy. It’s fucked. Wow. That’s wild.

Okay, so here’s another one. Mm-hmm. Mira Mira on the wall. Who’s the fairest of the mall? That’s incorrect. Supposedly it’s actually magic mirror on the wall, and so I don’t remember Magic mirror wall. Oh, is the, it’s also, I didn’t realize how, like, how dark that was. She was like SL in the mirror. I don’t, I don’t really remember that, to be honest. It was a long time ago. Yeah, that one’s no, no, but okay. I don’t remember either. But when you say it, yeah, no, that makes sense. It’s kinda like everybody knows, makes sense that it doesn’t make sense.

Mirror on the wall. Maybe it’s just, it sounds better like mirror. Mirror on the wall sounds better than I know. Magic. Magic mirror. Yeah. It’s like, oh, that come from, okay. All right, so here’s a nut. Dude. This next one, man, you got a bunch. Do this. Next one. Okay . What’s the most iconic line from Science of the Lambs?

That’s, I eat it with us for fava beans. And so a bottle of chi to eat it. I, no, that is not the most iconic. What do you mean? And Silence of the Lambs. Hello? Clarice? Yeah, there you go. Yes, it’s Hello Clarice. Oh, okay. Not like with the weird like mouth fucking thing. Like he’s like a rat. Like Jesus Christ with the fava beans and a quick pro.

So funny. So,

Okay. She’s walking in, she sees him behind the bars. Good morning. Good morning, Dr. Lector. Good morning. That’s interesting.

Yeah, but everyone, but everybody thinks, I wonder if he says it later, maybe. Hello Clarice. Maybe he does. But how did that become so freaking iconic then? I feel like this’s Jim Carey, I don’t know when, but I feel like he would do Hello Clarice. You know, like it’s some shtick. I don’t know. That one’s weird.

That one’s weird.

The next one is more believable cuz it’s, I’ve only seen it once, but it’s from, um, field of Dreams and it was one of my tops, just so you know, you know, top, top five, top 10.

He’s like, he’s like, if you top 10, if you build it, they will come. Mm-hmm. But it’s actually, if you build it, he will come. Really? If you build it, he will come. But he’s, he’s talking about show I Shoeless Joe. Oh, shoeless, Joe Jackson. . Yeah. Okay. Something that was more believable. Cause I’m , eh, I can see it. I can see that happening. Yeah. This is like a wrong quote. Right. Yeah. I think it’s, I think it say this fucked up. There’s another one, the original stuff. I mean, that’s not like so different than like, hello Clarice.

Or Good morning. I know. It’s like completely different words. It’s like they changed one word, like if you build it and it will come that queen, that queen one is the queen one. The queen one is so fucked up. Oh, the world. I would would’ve bet that’s the end of Kara Thousand raised on that. I’ve karaoke the song.

It is the end. It’s the end of every karaoke. So do the post and the cause. It’s weird if this ends like ain’t like we are the champions dad. I know. Full stop. That one’s weird. Maybe Wayne’s World. No, no, no. All right. So the next one, like, like so original Star Trek with William Shatner. Yeah. You know, beam me up, Scotty. Yeah. They put it in the new movies. It’s like always there. It’s actually, it’s such, it’s so lame. It’s actually. Scott beam us up. That’s it. Yeah. It’s not even Scotty.

No, this is not Scotty. No, it’s just Scott. You never said Scotty be beam me up. No, he didn’t say beam me up, Scotty. It was just Scott beam us up. No way. Never. No. I mean, maybe later. The Chris Pine one and then Chris Pine one. Yeah. Beam me up, Scotty.

This is almost worse than, than the queen one. Okay. Like, it actually might be worse. So, you know, like you’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by a smooth criminal. Yeah. Mm-hmm. So it’s actually, and I

no. YouTubed. It, it’s, you’ve been hit by, you’ve been hit by a smooth cri. It’s just you’ve been hit by twice. Oh, there’s no, you struck, you’ve been struck by No, no, I know. Mm. How do we get that one wrong? I don’t know. I was dancing that shit. Do like, I’m always , you’ve been hit back. You’ve been, I don’t know why my head moves like that, but some criminal do think we just got this shit wrong.

How did everyone get involved? I know that’s exactly how did everybody get involved. If it would just be me, then I’d be like, what? I would’ve bit money on that. You’ve been struck by everybody you’ve been struck by, dude does ever that you’ve by for so many years. You’d like, yeah. You’ve been struck by a smooth.

I know.

Ow. It’s just also , I don’t know, I don’t know if , we’re , dude, hold on. I gotta play that one. The amount of trademark, copyright infringements. We’ve done this episode. That’s a good thing about podcasts. Bullshit. Why thought that you got wrong for decades? Bullshit. That’s bullshit. Where that come from? Bullshit. Where they come from. Bullshit. I might have to find out where all these came from. I know. Here’s, here’s, you know, I mean, oh yeah. Here’s a good, here’s a good one. We get to do like a part two on the Mandela bag.

I, here’s a good one for Eric. So it’s, I don’t know, it’s , you know, Lord of the Rings, when Gandalf tells Freto and the homies run, you fools run. You fool. Yeah, you fool. Yeah. He says, he actually says, fly you fools. He does. Does he? I don’t know. I know. That’s why I was like, I always thought it was he’s, cause he is , run, so he goes, you.

And then, and then like the guy like, and the ball rug. And the ball rug throws. Throws the whip and gets and he goes, run you. And he gets like sucked down into the pit. Yeah. That was great. That was a great, actually, yeah, that was great. Great impression. You. But in reality he says, fly you fool. That doesn’t make any sense.

Fly. Oh my god. Fly you fool. Let, I don’t, none of them can fly. They’re hobbits and they’re in a, they’re in the, they’re in a dunion cavern. They’re in the, yeah. You sure about this? That dude. Well, I mean, you could always YouTube. That one sucks. I don’t know why. It makes me depressed. That’s why I said it was for you.

That sucks. I knew. I knew that one was gonna hit you. One was gonna hit you deep. And then there’s a couple other ones that I wrote down that are kind of whatever, , you know, like the, the Flintstones are actually the Flint stones. Yeah, I did know that one. I did not know that one. Yeah, I did know one.

Mickey Mouse wearing suspenders. Mm. In the first one. And its, is like the originals and it’s like his little light pants are moving, but he’s actually never wearing suspenders. Okay. I can see that one. , got fors Gump. It says, don’t tell me. He doesn’t say run. No, girl. I was joking. I was running. No, it’s a, it’s just a, it’s a, is it the box of chocolate thing?

Yeah. It’s just a weird Freudian slip. Apparently everyone thinks it’s, life is like a box of chocolates, but it’s life was like a box of chocolates. Yeah. Freudian slip thing. All right. So he is like, mama says life is like a box of chocolates, but it’s like mama said life was like a box. When I say was But she wasn’t dead yet. Or she was dead. Yeah, she was dead. She was dead at that time.

So was makes more sense a box truck? I don’t, I don’t remember that. He’s sitting on the bench. I thought, no. Remember the scene I’m saying No, no. I remember, I think. My memory is life is like a box size. That’s what my memory is too. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But I’m saying was, yeah, no, I didn’t understand was cuz maybe he’s like past tensing at four.

Cause he’s been Yeah. This one is kind of easy to, you know, get, get behind confused. Get behind. Yeah. There’s only this couple of ones I put on here. They’re kind of like, whatever. But remember from the gremlins? Yeah. Like the evil, the evil gremlin that they like, fucking hoo da. Do you throw water on them and they turn into second pass or No? You, you, you, they multiply in water, but you feed them after you feed them after midnight and they, they turn into psychos.

Kinda like women. Ew. No, it’s like if you don’t feed them after midnight, be there at the midnight, they gotta sleep. It’s great.

Okay. Not that I, I want you to, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I also fall asleep midnight when I eat. I just ate and I will be sleeping very soon. So people thought his name was Spike and it’s actually Stripe. I, it’s kind of a relevant one, but you know, gremlins, I don’t remember. That’s a hot, I remember that either.

I don’t remember the names of them though. The last one is white out is actually w i t e out, which I thought was really weird. W like misspelled? Yeah. Not white, but W I T e. Huh. Weird. I know. I was , why weird? Why would they serious? Why would it be that? Yeah, I know. It’s like is white, it’s a brand. It must be a brand but is the why not have it called White Out but like Band Aid.

But that what do you what? Like a, like it’s just a brand but it’s still called White Out. No, I misspelled it, right? Yeah. Misspelled brand. I guess you’re right. Like once you, once you look at the logo case it’s white out but you kind of say it as white out. It is white out. Yeah. No, no. But even they were smart.

Huh? They were smart. They probably couldn’t get white. They probably couldn’t get the trademark or shit. I don’t have, they’re white worry bro. Don’t worry. So I’m like weird out, just trust me. There’s like some weird Klan members that like the trademark for White Out is ours. Yeah. It’s like, so it’s out.

It would be actually a Black Panther thing cuz white out. No. Like, you know, like when they, no, you know, when there’s like a, you know, there’s like a sports thing and they’re like, we’re gonna do a blackout. He’s just trying to get, and like they all wear black. He’s said Klan. Yeah, but he can say that. Well, he can saylan and I can’t say white.

No, you can’t say Black Panther. God, I can’t say Black Panthers at all. Trademark copyright.

I’m not allowed to say Black Panthers. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

Cancel a third of the podcast. Me and Ho will be now 50 50 partners. The next episode. Sorry. Unfortunately No, it’s actually gonna, is it gonna be the Mandela Effect? They’re , well, wasn’t the conspiracy podcast three guys? No. Welcome to the Brown podcast. Since our inception, it was only two members. It was only me and our, okay.

One thing if you , if you go like deep dive on Reddit and the, the inner webs about the shit, you’ll what they, what people call when they get evidence or , You know, she’ll, that they’re not crazy and , you know, they can prove it, whatever they call it, residue.

So , I don’t know why it’s such a weird word. Ooh. Ooh, I got residue. Ooh, check this out. Ooh, check this out. That’s gross. Oh. Oh. So just going back to, smooth criminal one that we were just talking about, right? I was looking at where the lyrics and in the second verse, check this out.

By, so second verse, you’ve been struck by So we debunked. We are not crazy. Eric. We are debunkers. We figured it out. Yeah. Yeah. We figured it out. That’s where it come from. Yeah. It’s so people just , literally they heard it and they’re , just turn the song off. They’re like, Nope, no, I’m out. Peace.

That’s where they checked out. That’s where we checked out. No, I clearly remember Struck. Yeah. Like I knew I wasn’t crazy. I know, right. And we got the residue. Residue because I get the residue. Boy, gross Little residue in my fingers. Sounds like a crypto or something. Or like Crip. The stuff on the side of denzel’s mouth residue.

Okay. I was thinking like, I was thinking something much darker than that. Yeah. Actually remember that, you remember that it was the Dave Chappelle with the, the trading spouses, and it’s Oh yeah, Dave Chappelle’s, the white guy and the black guy. And he, he’s in the bedroom. He’s like, oh, titty residue.

Yes. He’s got like the bra and it’s like titty residue. Titty residue. He’s the white guy. I know. He’s like, this, the white.

And so anyways, there are, you know, obviously, I guess you would say reasonable explanations Okay.

For this. , so there’s a thing called false memories. you know, that’s when memories were called rather than remembered perfectly. they could be influenced to a point that they eventually become incorrect. So , Meaning , if you’re not, you don’t have perfect, , perfect recall where you can recall exact Sure.

Is that, so you, , you, you kind of remember something. You don’t, but you’re only remembering pieces of it. And then it could get skewed and, and eventually , it becomes something that’s not true. Memory being something that’s imperfect and, and yeah. In essence unreliable because you’re not remembering it exactly how it happened.

Gotcha. Yeah. So there’s that. There’s another thing called confabulation. Such a bizarre word. So that sounds sounds fake. No, it sounds like, but it’s, Hey bro, you wanna confabulate?

So confabulation is when your brain kind of fills in the gaps Yeah.

that are missing in your memory is to make them make sense. So it’s you’re kind of, you dub in stuff to, to make it make sense to you. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. so, okay. You know, people say , you know, yeah. Especially with some of these, like, it psychs, logical explan, some these where like, it actually sounds better, the, the way we think it is.

So maybe we were trying to , make it sound better. Yeah. or you take memories say of , movies that maybe did get them wrong. Oh yeah. And you fill in the gaps Yeah. With that other memory and they’re , you’re piecing it, you’re piecing it all together. Yeah. So , say you’re, you watched Star Wars a long time ago.

Yeah. Mm-hmm. And then you heard the quote of, I am your father, and your father, whatever, and then you watch. Tommy boy, and he goes, Luke, I am your father. And then you 20 years go by and then you fill in the gaps. Yeah, that makes sense. That essentially makes sense. That’s what this is. Yeah. Yeah. Essentially, the next one’s , it’s kind of weird’s, they, it’s called priming.

, so it’s pretty much like factors that lead up to an event, , that affect your perception of it. Like presupposition, you presuppose something about something or suggestibility. An example of like being, like the difference between asking how tall a person is and how, or how short a person is.

Okay. It’s like you’re already predisposing that they’re already tall, so how tall are you? Or are you pre, you’re predisposing that they’re short, so how short are you? Even though they could be the guy’s six feet. Well, how short are you? How short are you? You know, well, six feet. Well, how tall are you? You know?

So it’s like you, you’re making an assumption that that affects. Your memory of it. Yeah. , I, I don’t know about that one. Cuz like, if you think about it, we are the champions of the world. I know. It’s like, how does that fit in? Because maybe I was telling myself, you are the champion of the world. God damnit, you’re the greatest ever lived of the world. I know. Not of the block.

I know. It’s too weird. Yeah, it’s weird. All right, so the one that I was really pumped about, this is the one I’m kind of on board with is alternate realities. Alright, so the, the big theory, Eric’s rolling up, rolling his eyes. So Eric’s already a confabulation is the real thing. Eric’s like, I didn’t think it was a real word, but now the more I think about it, it’s a real thing.

No, no, go ahead. Go. So, before I Shit on you, before you try, me and Jorge unite. Yeah, exactly. Two browns are better than one.

I can’t even say anything. Nope. Lose didn’t say that. Good. Say goddamn thing. The big theory is that, there’s actually like an altered timeline. Yeah. Okay. You know, so, we have like, you know, the, the timeline of, so it’s not like a spider verse, but it’s like a timeline change. The spider verse is, is in essence the same thing.

It’s just an alternate reality. I’ve never heard of a spider verse. No. You know, like, you know, enter the spider like the, the movie outta here. Oh, sorry. Sorry Gloria. This one’s above your pay grade. Yeah, exactly. Would that, would that Instagram poster say it? You guys must be 50 cuz there’s so much white.

White in your beard. There’s white in everybody’s beard. I know. There’s only one white beard in here. I know. That chick was like, oh, like no, it was a guy. It was a guy. Oh no. I thought it, I thought it was, remember the one chick that was Chick? The chick was , you guys are so inappropriate. Like three 50 year olds shouldn’t be making Oh no, it was a guy for sure.

No, it was a chick, bro. Girls would never fake for me. And yeah. Oh dude, that was a chick. And I was , that was a chick. And then my thing, I was , Weren’t. None of us we’re even close to 50. I’m like, how do we all look like we’re 50? What the ? I know. I’m like, you hit us to the core, babe. I’m not even mid 30 yet.

Jesus Rice. I looked that old. Fuck the camera 20 years. Hold, like, oh, got the bags under my eyes, like I’m fucking tired. So anyway. No. So imagine it like, now we have to explain to him the Spider Voice. No, no, no, no, no. Have a better the, listen, I have a better example. Not to, I’m just, I’m just speaking for the listeners here.

Yeah. The voice of demographic. The demographic, the voice of listeners. So in the in the Spider-Man universe mm-hmm. There is a alternate, universe essentially that it almost mirrors Yeah.

The universe we’re in. That’s, but there’s, but there’s like infinite, there’s like infinite variations in that. Yeah. So it’s like there’s a Jorge, but he’s a little bit different. Yes, yes, yes. Because he, he went his own path. If you see the Loki show, it does it better because it’s all the same timeline. It’s just splinters of that timeline. Okay. So everything is, all the people all the same age and the same, similar things have happened.

It’s just. It’s different, certain decisions has differently at certain things you consider like, like the butterfly effect, like if you change one thing, how, how it could actually change a timeline. For example, if you went back 10 years ago and you did something different, you know, would, would you be here?

Like, what would’ve changed from one decision change? Yeah. Okay. So that there’re saying that there is an actual, there’s all these alternate timelines, alternate realities. One of the, the theories behind this is, so I don’t know if you guys know what CERN is. You heard of cern? CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

I don’t know how that stands for that acronym, but it does ur it’s like,

but in essence, so CERN is, it’s like an intergovernmental organization and they. Pretty much are the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Okay. So they, they study atoms and, yeah. and the universe, the relation to physics and to try to understand the universe better, understand how we exist.

And that’s pretty much what their goal is. They’re in a suburb of Geneva. okay. Mm-hmm. So they’re like on the France, Switzerland border there, and they were starting in 1954, and there’s actually, 23 member states. and they say member states was really countries, 23 countries that are involved Yeah.

In cern. so they, they have a bunch of different particle accelerators. So pretty much what a particle accelerator is, you literally, you take an, like an atom of something, let’s say of iron or whatever, and it’s like the base atom, and you, it’s in a tube, massive tube. And you make it go fast, accelerate it, and, and then you see what happens.

Mm. So, The biggest, what CERN’s really, really known for is, for making the world’s largest particle collider. And it’s, it’s called a Large Hadron Collider. So in essence, what that is, it’s, it’s a hundred feet underground or 150 feet underground, and it’s approximately 17 miles in circumference.

It’s a giant that’s pretty big, massive. It’s a massive tube in a giant circle. And they pretty much accelerate atoms and they smash two atos together, and they, and they, then they see what happens. And they’ve discovered new particles. And in essence, while they were doing it, they were doing it to try to, do multitude of things.

A like, they were trying to see if they could discover what they. Deemed the God particle. Mm. How did, how the universe is created. Okay. they also wanted to see if they could create dark matter or anti-matter, mm-hmm. And also if they could create miniature black holes.

Okay. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. so that’s the purpose. That’s why they, yeah. They created this. And so is this a real thing or is this like a it’s real world? No, it’s you, it’s real. No, it’s Illuminati kind of thing. No, no, no, no, no. This is a real thing. It’s a real thing. It’s, it’s, there’s over 10,000 scientists and, and hundreds of universities and laboratories, throughout hundreds of countries that are involved with cer.

Wow. Okay. They did the first run of it was in 2008. Wow. Okay. That was the first time they actually collided two particles together, and then Right, right before the recession. Mm-hmm. And then they, and then it, they, they’ve only, it’s only been run like three times or four times.

Mm-hmm. the theory is that when they did this in 2008, when they first slammed these two particles together that are going , you know, close to light speed, it created an essence, an infinite, expansive, different altered realities.

Mm. you know, when you think about it, like they’re trying to create like a black hole. So maybe, so maybe they, maybe they did, maybe they did create a black hole, and then they create all these parallel realities or different timelines and things change. Yeah. And , it doesn’t change like your life, you’re still doing what you’re doing, but it just changes little things.

Yeah. Like that’s the idea is that, Is it at, in 2008? So these a new timeline and a new, path. I see. Oh, I see. That could have changed.

Exactly. Yeah. Like we went onto a new path. I don’t know what the different things were, what we caught. Osama Bin Laden. yeah. So Obama is elected. We had the recession. , yeah. So, you know what I mean? What are the major things in, but the con the concept is that like, while like our consciousness stays the same, we’re mm-hmm.

We’re, moved into like a different, a new path, a different reality. Yeah. Of like, and so that’s why like, you’re catching these little things. Well, I thought this was this. Yeah. And it’s also , have you ever had, I, I think this kind of coincides with the concept of, deja vu. Yeah. Yeah.

You know, it’s like you’ve experienced, I’ve had it memo of times where I’ve done this exact thing before. Yes, yes. And it’ll be something stupid. Like I’m at the store and I pick up a shirt. Yeah. And it’s the exact, I’m like, what the fuck? Yeah.

I done this. So, yeah. So that’s, okay. That’s my favorite. Wow. That’s, that’s actually my favorite theory. Cause I, it’s wild because the, the reason I like it so much is because, you know, they start experimenting with shit and no one knows what’s gonna happen. Yeah. , you know, you slam these two fucking particles together and , shit, because people, , our, our, our common, our perception is that an atom is the smallest thing there is.

You know, it’s , that is that component part of, of, you know, of all things mass matters, mass and matters is created out of Adams. And which is, you know, I always get super deep having weird talks. you realize that everything that you see is comprised of 99.9 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, repeating space, empty space.

Everything is comprised of literally empty space. 99% of all down to its core, down to its, if you look at Adam and Adam is 99.999% empty space because it’s the nucleus and it’s just empty space and then a couple electrons flying around. Right? That’s all it is. It’s empty space. We are lit like literally all matters.

Empty space. Like fucking swallow that down cuz that’s, that’s actual science, right? Like it is literally weird, just empty space. Interesting. So really interesting concept. I do, are there things that are smaller, there are things that are smaller than Atos. That’s what I’m saying, yeah. When you break an atom up, there’s things, there’s shit that’s smaller than a’s like quantum, the quantum realm shit.

Right, right, right. I do, I do like the concept of accidental. Chaos compared to sinister? No. Yeah. I don’t think. Yeah, because it seemed, it seems if this were real. Yeah. They , they were like, it was an, it was an accident. Yeah. They’re like, let’s see what happens. Yeah. No, no. It was an accidental stumbling.

They didn’t, they didn’t do it on purpose. Here’s the timeline. Yeah. It wasn’t some evil guy going, you know, we gotta change the timeline here. And they picked 2008. I know. He was, he was the fail. I mean, why, why go to 2008 too?

You know what I mean? There’s a lot of bigger moments in time. That’s interesting. That’s crazy. Yeah. And the last is just the internet. What do you mean? Oh, it just changed. Yeah. This like the, the influence and the ability of the internet to , someone says something and then it gets repeated and then it’s , and it just kind of goes viral.

It’s just like, it’s just, you’re getting hit with it all the time at all angles and then it becomes your reality. Yeah. Yeah. So, and there’s like video you saw when, when things become a meme and it’s just kind of , or like a catchy jingle or something. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s just , that’s what you think.

It just becomes, it becomes, you always think Jiffy not Jiff. Yeah. It just becomes reality. Oscar Meyer Wiener. Oscar Mayer. Mayer. Well, so at, at, at the beginning of all of it, I was like, this is so retarded. And, but the fact, there’s a thing. There’s so many, so many, oh, that’s a thing. And this is, this isn’t all of ’em.

I just, I just picked one. It must be, it must, here’s my only logical explanation for it. It must be just a thing that we get wrong and then it. It keeps going. It just gets one, one person messing up and then ev and then like, it’s like the telephone game. Like you play telephone and then like by the end you’re , burrito and you’re , it was Paperweight.

I don’t know how we got there, but I have no explanation for Jiff. I have no explanation for, I have no explanation for Queen, for Michael Jackson. I have no explanation for Queen. Queen. No. There is most, most the, the Embarra Stein bears. It’s the banding bears. I’ve read those books a million times.

It’s the banding Bears Barr stain. It’s not stain. No stain. Well, should they change it? I wonder, you know, I would love to ask a different culture maybe the Jewish culture, cuz it’s a Jewish name. Bernstein. Bernstein. It is. Is it? Yeah. It’s very Jewish. Okay. Didn’t know. So I wonder if it’s, oh, maybe that’s why the parents have those curls.

They have those curls there. It’s very, yeah. No offense. I mean, I’m guessing we’re gonna look this up later. Make sure I’m, but Bernstein, yeah, it’s a very, yeah. I guess, anyways, I’m just saying that would be, I wonder what be they would think because in their youth maybe that’d be cool to say they thought it was Bernstein.

Yeah, maybe. And then we were just idiots, Americans and, you know what I mean? Change the name on it. Know Bernstein. You know, Bernstein. Trust me. Bernstein. I don’t know. Where are you at Jorge? Uh, okay, so this, this was a, a little bit of a trippy episode cuz there were so many of these things that, you know, we, I just, I would’ve bet so much money that it was not, you know, this Mandela effect.

I just think that, you know, it just catches fire somehow, some way mostly with social media nowadays, you know? Yeah. I definitely believe a lot of these are probably because of the internet. Yeah. Interestingly, it started in 2008, which is probably when social media started. Well, no, no. I mean, when was Facebook?

Oh yeah. 2007. That’s not when, um, thousand seven was Facebook. No. So the Mandela Effect was coined and actually it was coined in 2009. So, which, which I think it’s kind of a coincidence with that, because that’s when it, that’s when it started. Mm-hmm. In 2009, that’s when the name but then got, got coined, but the actual, actual man Mandela effect was even back to when he was released from prison.

Or, or most people thought he died. No, that’s, yeah, that’s when it was in 2009, that’s when it really came to light. wait, what? Because she thought, she remember seeing that he died in the eighties. Right. But I think it’s interesting that in 2009 she’s wait, what’s happening? And then , you know, one year before, yeah.

You know, cns, smashing yeah. Just think that subatomic particles together, you know, some, somebody with influence, some, some influencer or celebrity or whatever, right. Correction’s. Like it’s a Barr stain bears, you’re like, no. Yeah, it’s no, but like even the Hello Clarice, how the hell did that come about, dude, I don’t know.

I get wrong. You know? I mean, everyone knows that, but everyone knows that ask anybody. But they did SNL skits. That’s what I’m saying. So somebody with like influence fun of it and I dunno, you know, some sort of, scary movie authority, authority or influence person or personality or show or whatever.

I instantly on the Monopoly guy, I go to Ace Ventura. Do not go, do not, you know what I mean? Like, that was my instant thing. So I’m assuming any proper millennial will go there. Of course. You’re, that’s what you, that’s what like you, it ties together. Yeah. Or what’s the, anyways, the older generation, even two boomers, no, no, the next one up.

Gen X, Jorge, gen, whatever he is. That was a sick burn. Oh my God. But we went over it in detail last episode. How dare you. That’s right. Yeah. We did. Yeah. Go, go back and watch that or listen to that one just for that. All right. What do you think Eric? Yeah, I think, I think it’s just culturally we got it wrong and then it stuck.

I hate to say it, but so many things it is, it is wild. I think it It is wild. Yeah. But I just think we got it wrong and then it just grabbed hold and it became, became, why do we get it? Why do we get it wrong so many times. I know. I think it’s just like Oscar Meyer. Somebody just said it wrong and then it just was so much easier to say than Oscar Mayer.

I mean, it’s not that much easier, but it’s just catchier, I guess. Right. I’d have to look at the jingles. Maybe the jingles had to play. I mean, I definitely think it’s possible because , that’s it. Reality is, is an independent thing. Yeah. You know, reality is what’s defined by, by what you deem is real and Right.

You deem what’s happening. but I do think that like, when you start with , you know, slamming shit together and, you know, trying to see what happens and trying to create black holes, some shit, shit could go awry. I, I agree with you. I agree with you. I, I don’t know enough about it to to, to know what they were doing.

Yeah. And you know what I mean? I don’t think that’s the thing. It’s like nobody does. I know even the scientists don’t know what really what they’re doing. You wanna hear the jingle? Sure. Love Oscar.

But maybe Meyer is, maybe that’s pronounced Oscar.

That’s, but they just got it wrong. No, but maybe, or they just changed it. No, but maybe Meyer is maybe a a No, it’s spelled, it’s spelled that way. For sure. Yeah, that’s So I’m saying maybe that’s just how it’s pronounced. Oh yeah. Yeah. Maybe. Maybe that’s in, that’s his pronounced Meyer. Yeah. Gotcha. Yeah.

Even like we’re Americans, we’re like, nah, it’s not how it’s pronounced. It’s definitely, it’s, it’s definitely America. Not, not even close. It’s definitely wild. I would say about four or five of those are , what the ? Like mine, they, they blew my mind a bit. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. Same. I would say Jiffy, I would say Queen.

Queen Bernstein. Be Bernstein. Like, go back to that. I showed, I showed you, didn’t I show you that? I showed him stain and then Bernstein, I showed him the, the guy who it was like an Instagram reel and had an old Bernstein Bears book. Yeah. And I was like, yeah, how the did this happen? You know?

They, they messed up one book, . All right, well, there you go. That’s Mandela effect guys. We’ll put up another pole and, see, see what you believe. If the Mandela effect is a real thing, if we’re just a bunch of tars and, you know, I don’t know.

All right, everybody, 90 night, night, night, night. See ya. You been hit by, you’ve been hit by.