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The Bermuda Triangle Mysteries – Episode #32

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Podcast Transcription

[00:00:00] Welcome back to the Conspiracy podcast, ladies and gentlemen. It’s, Sean, Eric and Jorge. What’s up everybody? Hey guys. Tuesday’s finest Is, is back at it again. That’s right. Tuesday morning’s finest summer. so for today’s episode we have the Bermuda Triangle. I know it’s a, it’s, used to be the, used to be the hot, hot, hot topic.

I think we were, when we were in like elementary school. It’s like one of the og OG conspiracies. Oh yeah. It was like, no, you’re right, you’re right. It it was, it was the original. Yeah. Yeah. Well, one of the one not the original. Yeah. One, one of the true, true. One of the original. That’s when people were really starting to be What the fuck’s going on?

I feel like this, yeah. I feel like this is a sixties conspiracy, you know what I mean? Like, I mean to Yeah. I mean, yeah. Don’t go to the pit. I, I think this is Yeah, like sense. I dunno why I’m British. Yeah. I think it’s, before we really made travel super, it’s like we don’t even think about it anymore.

Yeah. I’m like, ugh, flight. Yeah. God, James, take me four hours to get across the globe. Yeah. [00:01:00] Bullshit. It was the time of Amelia Earhart and you know, she went down and, you know, no, people were like, is this really safe? Yeah. I think maybe it was like the auto industry was like planes and, and boats are not safe.

Only cars are safe. That, that’s the conspiracy. You know what, maybe it is. kinda get started with the, I guess, So to speak the history of the Punter Triangle. Okay. Yeah. So, it’s actually, uh, known as the Devil’s Triangle. Mm. Kind of interesting. It’s a, they were probably trying to make it more sound, more ominous. Mm-hmm. The Devil’s Triangle does, it, does, do you know why it was Bermuda? Like, why did they get the name? You know what I mean? It was like Miami Triangle.

I brought, I brought a, I brought a graphic. So, so pretty much the Bermuda Triangle is about a 500,000 square, mile zone. Geez. It’s in the western part of the North Atlantic. And, So it, it pretty much touches, it’s like my, from Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and then to Bermuda. Okay. And they probably use Bermuda cause it just sounds the best.

Yeah. The Miami Triangle, the, the [00:02:00] Puerto Rico triangle. It just probably has a good , jingle we’re, you know, on the OJ episode. Oh, jingle. Yeah. Jingle jingles. Everything Like the Bermuda Bermuda’s kinda angle. Once it, once it catches it. What’s that? What’s that catch fire? What’s that reggae song?

Which there’s a lot. Yeah. Thema, come on. Oh, yeah. Oh my. It says Bermuda. Yeah, it’s Bermuda. Bermuda, Java, Jamaica. Yeah. Yeah. I wanna take it to Bermuda. Hannah. Pretty. Okay, so it’s like Largo Montgo. That must’ve be after probably that song. That’s probably, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Okay. And he was, he knew the jingle was gonna hit.

Yeah. I’m trying to just slap There’s your jingle right there. I’m just trying to get my bearings. Yeah, of course. Yeah. So obviously it’s known because, there were a number of aircrafts and ships that would disappear in mysterious circumstances. And people were like, what’s happening here?

So, , it, it really started to kind of a arise in the 20th century, well, mid 20th century, in terms of it being like a thing. Yeah. But most [00:03:00] reputable sources think it’s bullshit. They’re all like, it, it’s explainable. It’s not everything. Yeah. There’s actually been reports of bizarre activity, in that particular region leading back to the days of Christopher Columbus.

Mm. Um, there were reports of, unusual compass activity, traveling through that, you know, zone when they’re going to the new world to the, for the old world, motherfuckers live there already, so it’s not really that new. But the, the triangle would later earn like a reputation as a dead zone. Okay. for planes and ships.

And there would just be a lot of weird disappearances. These are like all the controls that go funky and you can’t find weird. Weird, yeah. Weird things. And then the fact that a lot of the, a lot of these crashes, they, they couldn’t find like the wreckage or anything. It just I see. Literally vanish. So essentially the summary of, of what the brew meter triangle is, is that, It’s an area where just everybody crashes.

Is that really what it is? It’s a, yeah. They call, it’s like a dead zone. An area where, where your things, weird things would occur and people would disappear. Okay. [00:04:00] Yeah. It sucks. It’s kinda like, you know, it’s in like anywhere. Yeah. Where something bad happens. This place is fucking, yeah. This is the Devil’s seven-eleven.

That’s what I thought when I was, when I was little, when I first started knowing about this, I’m like, oh, you go in there and you just, you disappears. Yeah. Disappeared into the void. I think I had the same, I think I had the same concept. Right? I’m going the long way to Puerto Rico. It’s not a black hole.

That’s kind of what I thought, but like yeah, plane. Just how little just. Vaporizes, right? I don’t see, yeah, I dunno. Exactly. You go into another world dimension, Stargate. I know it’s like Stargate, but it’s the ocean. Yeah. Star ocean. This is, where is this where Epstein’s Island is probably, I don’t even know where it’s in, it’s, it’s actually in the statistical center of the triangle.

It’s where tuned for that episode. Next episode. Oh my God. We have to do that. Oh, we will keep, we keep, yeah, we keep talking. Yeah, I know, but it’s, it’s still just, it’s so gross. So just, ugh. So anyways, so, you know, there’s a, [00:05:00] one of the, I guess one of the biggest known stories in which really got people talking about it.

Okay. , and really sparked the kind of like, intrigue into it is what’s called Flight 19. So in 1945, there was, five US Navy aircraft, and they were known as Flight 19. they were doing, they were on like a training mission, kind of flying through the area. This is World, world War ii, right? Yeah, 45.

Yeah, 45. So they were, they were, they were actually, torpedo bombers. That’s the Oh, okay. So it was five torpedo bombers that were, they were on a training mission. Okay. And they got lost and they vanished into the triangle and they’ve never found the people and they never found the planes.

Wow. So there was, 14 crew members all were never found. they suspected the pilots kind of ran outta fuel and crashed in the sea. Sure. But I’m like, if you’re on a training mission, I think you’ve, you would check that you, you, you qualify for how much gas plane? Yeah. That’s the first thing I would check.

Oh, shit. We forgot to top off. Okay guys, we’re going on a training mission, especially five planes. Yeah. If it was like, if it was one plane, I’m like, okay. Yeah. My, my five. Those five plans. 14. So was there, was there, was there can’t be all of them [00:06:00] going. There’s 14 crew members and five planes. Yeah. That’s five planes or anything.

Maybe. I agree. Maybe two, maybe none. Yeah. Like what a shit, two, who’s in charge of training Mission. Wow. Yeah. That’s strange. So that was like kind of the first thing, but seven years later is when they finally started talking about it, they like waited a while. So there was a, a magazine called Fate Magazine, which just, you know, fate Magazine is actually, it’s a US magazine that talks about paranormal activity.

So it’s like, okay, I wish it was this still around. So if you, if you wanna sponsor us, you know, I’m saying I, I looked and the last like kind of note was like, they started like releasing like one a month, but that was back in like 2000, like 12. So I don’t know if they’re still around or not. Okay. I should have did more digging, but I just thought that was interesting.

Yeah. Fate, fate magazine. Hmm. They probably had a business. So they, , they published, , what they called the, the sea Mystery at our backdoor. That was the name of the short article by George Sand. And it covered the loss of the planes. Okay. a as well as other planes and ships. So they were, this was kind of the first time it [00:07:00] really got really brought to light.

Like, Hey, something’s happening here. And this is obviously in 1952. Mm. Yeah. So George Sand’s article, was pretty much the first, kind of layout the, the triangle and actually kind of give the, the, in essence the area, like, okay, here’s where the losses took place. And that’s where they kind of created the triangle from.

 and they were trying to suggest a supernatural element too. It I see. It’s like fucking, so they, they created the term maybe? No. Did they, they use the word triangle at all? No, no. I will get to that. Okay. Okay. I’ll get to that. Okay. Right. So then more people started covering it. So in 1962, an issue of the American Legion Magazine, this guy named Alan Eckhart wrote that the flight leader had been heard saying, and I quote, we are entering white water.

Nothing seems right. We don’t know where we are. The water is green. No white. It’s weird how that rhymes. And Syd, he also wrote that officials at the Navy Board of Inquiry stated that the planes flew off to Mars and that just seems like the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.

This guy was probably drunk on the job. Yeah, he was probably what fucking drunken sailor? He was like, babe Ruth. [00:08:00] Like he guy had me. He had me. I was hooked. And then he and then Mars, that’s what he says. He says that officials at the Navy Board of Inquiry said that, but that sounds like bullshit.

Okay. Yeah, yeah. I know. That was real hot. And then, and then it was like, I know, I thought the same thing. But why, why do you gotta go that deep? Yeah. Like idiots. So then, in, so that was in 62. So in 64, February of 1964, a gentleman named Vincent Gaddis wrote an article called The Deadly Bermuda Triangle.

Mm-hmm. That guy, this was an, a pulp magazine. Argosy, pulp. Uh, pulp. Really? Magazine Argosy. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And then he said Flight 19, and other disappearances were part of a pattern of strange events in that region. So he was the first, actually coin the term be meter triangle. Mm. Okay. So, Vincent Gaddis gets credit for that one.

So the next year Gaddis expanded this article into a book, which he called Invisible Horizons, which is a great name for a book, by the way. Yeah. That’s really sexy name. This is a sixties. Yeah, sixties. Yeah. We called it. Yeah, true. We call it true. That’s why sixties, that’s why I didn’t shit on [00:09:00] your, I was like, you’re kinda right.

You might be on something Navy eat. There were, there were other writers who started to kind of go on the sexy same vein as Gaddis, and they were like, yeah, this is a good idea. Guy named John Wallace. Spencer wrote a book called Limbo of the Lost in 1969. Mm-hmm. Charles Berlitz, wrote the book called The Bermuda Triangle in 74.

Richard Weiner wrote the Devil’s Triangle also in 74. And then there are many others. They’re all kind of like, you know, really these guys were, were mainly focused on the supernatural elements, um mm-hmm. Of, you know, the demeanor triangle. And is it generally ba, are those books generally based on this Army crew or, or Navy crew that No.

Five planes. The, the first one that No, they’re, they’re based on Flight 19 as well as other ones. And I’m, I’m actually gonna to start getting into, I’m start to start getting into other, some of them the more famous kind of incidents that’s happened. Obviously there’s other shit, but these are the most well-known ones.

Yeah. so in 1963 there was a tanker ship called the SS Marine sulfur Queen. I dunno who names these fucking ships. It’s crazy. Sulfur queen. I knew a stripper of that name. [00:10:00] No, I didn’t fart on you. You know, sulfur smells like a fart. And coming to the stage is sulfur queen. That’s, I gotta smoke a seed.

Probably back boys. She hasn’t showered in a week.

So sulfur queens sank near Key West. Okay. So let’s see, kind of like general area. Life preservers and other items were later discovered drifting in the water. but the exact cause of that disaster remains unknown. And the wreck itself has never been recovered.

Yeah. Interesting how they found like life preservers. I guess they float, you know? Mm-hmm. So I guess that makes sense. Mm-hmm. So another one is the HMS Atlanta. Well, at Atlanta, It’s not just Atlanta, it’s at Atlanta. At Atlanta at Hot Atlanta. So, it was a sale training ship. it was originally named HMS Juno, but they named it to the, at Atlanta.

They didn’t think Alaska’s capital was worth it? Nope. They were like, fuck that. No one cares , Juno flame. Juno. Hey it, [00:11:00] so that disappeared with its entire crew after setting sail from the Royal Naval Dock Yard in Bermuda. Okay. and they were going to Falmouth England. so on the 31st of January, 1880 is when they set sail.

Mm-hmm. So it, they presumed it sank because there was a powerful storm. They, they crossed the route, that they were going on a couple weeks after they set sail. Cuz when you’re doing sailing ships, shit takes forever. Yeah. Just like a lifetime to get anywhere. Yeah. But did, didn’t you say this one took off from Bermuda to England?

Yeah. Bermuda to England. Yeah. But isn’t the triangle between, you know, Miami and Puerto Rico, but, but if you were. Say you were here, you’re still kind of going. Yeah. You’re still kind of like in the triangle. Yeah. You’re kind of going that way. It’s, it’s also, I think the triangle is more of a guideline.

Yeah. And not a, not it. Right. It gets in. That’s what a lot of the speculation is that I’ll, what I’ll get into later. Okay. But a lot of the people think that, some of these occurrences didn’t happen in the quote unquote triangle. Yeah. Which is why they’re , they’re just kind it started in Bermuda bitch.

Yeah. The triangle followed them. It’s, it’s, it’s in motion. The triangle’s like a [00:12:00] ufo. It just fucked in reality up in like five minutes it sunk. What the fuck? And I, in reality, it’s probably like an octagon. Yeah. Something some esque, you know, it doesn’t have to be a triangle. The Bermuda Rambus. Yes. I also think it’s it’s just a, it’s just a thing that people think is a thing. There’s an exact it. Old shit only happens in these exact parameters. So it’s almost like another exercise of. A writer created it, of course. Interesting. You know what I mm-hmm. Like they created the triangle, they created the name. True, true.

Yeah. And they’re also just using two, like three random points, and they’re just like, Ooh. Yeah, it sounds weird. Does it really stop their a like if we went there is they’re like, what the fuck is this triangle? The point I At the point, yeah. I think it just, it’s just, it’s just like a hot vibe to it.

They’re like, Ooh, Bermuda Triangle. Like, I like Bermuda. Ooh. Triangles crazy and jingle. I mean, I mean, do you think triangles are scarier than squares? Fuck yeah. Yeah. A hundred percent squares are equilateral. They’re [00:13:00] boring. They’re, they’re even numbers. People hate odd numbers. They, they aren’t those equilateral.

Not, no, not necessarily. A triangle. Doesn’t have to be equilateral. Okay. Yeah, good point. That, that one is, that that one looks like it is. And very specific. So don’t throw me off with your fucking England shit. Well, well all squares have to be equilateral, otherwise it becomes a right tag. Oh girl. This, she’s got So more Turn it into a math class here.

Fuck geometry class. Oh, sorry. I fucking was paying attention in fifth grade and fucking cut, dude. I didn’t, I did geometry one in high school. Did you do geometry at some point? You don’t at some point, do they have geometry in Mexico? I’m sorry, that was not meant to be racist. Give to doop, skip. they thought that it sank because there was like a powerful storm.

Like I said, they cross like their path. The crew itself was actually composed of a bunch of trainees. Because it was a training ship. Mm-hmm. So it was like a bunch of noobs. Yeah. Mm-hmm. So you had a bunch of guys who don’t really know what the they’re doing mm-hmm. On a ship, [00:14:00] and then they have a storm.

So that’s why like, that makes sense. Yeah. Yeah. That could have happened. so they, they tried to search for evidence and see what happened, and it actually got, got worldwide attention at that time. Okay. 1880. So that’s like hot news. Woo. Yeah. Look at the telegrams coming,

breaking news. Yes. December no, 1880. Decades later they look into it and they’re like, oh, it’s a, it’s a victim of the mysterious triangle. And I see they chalk it up. Yeah. They, they just had to chalk it up. They had to put it to something. Actually the biggest loss of life in history, the US Navy. Okay. Was this next one? Ooh. The USS s Clop. Okay. This was the biggest loss in the US Navy, not related to combat.

Sorry. Like accidental, not related to combat. It just happened bad seamanship. There was this USS Clop, so it was carrying a full load of manganese or, I don’t know what that means. Manganese is a, is a, is a metal’s a type of metal. Okay. it’s like magnesium or, [00:15:00] no, that’s what I, it sounds like No, it’s manganese.

Oh, manganese. It’s manganese. you never heard that word? Have you heard that word? No. It’s a, it’s it’s element. Okay. Yeah. Geez. Know you paid a attention in high school to mag Come. I, I went to school to be a chemist. That’s the only reason I know this. Okay. I’ll actually show, pull off Sean. I’m not trying to show him.

I’m gonna make Sean look good this episode. Sean’s gonna look, hell look good. So, so we, so we got a chemist and we got Eagle Scout. Yeah. What else? Uh, you know, jump got a baseball. I’m, I didn’t, I’m gonna drop outta baseball like as collar. I dropped outta baseball. I did, I did T-ball, you know. Yeah, yeah. So, so man, mangan manganese is a chemical element with the symbol mn in atomic number 25.

It is a hard, brittle, silvery metal, often found in minerals and combination with iron. Manganese is a transition metal with a multi-faceted array of industrial alloy uses. So, particularly stainless steels. Oh, so you use it, okay. And you, you alloy with other [00:16:00] steels and it makes stainless steel frigidaire’s.

Yeah, exactly. Frigidaire, nice. Thank you. That’s exactly, they’re like, yes. Okay, good. We cleared that up. So they, they had a full load of that. but they actually had an engine out of action, so they were only, they’re operating with like one engine down. Mm. So it had a crew of 309 dudes and it went missing without a trace.

 after March 4th, 1918, after it departed from Barbados, an island of Barbados. Ah, yeah. Mm. Um, so there’s really no strong evidence in essence to any happened single theory on like what happened. All because nobody survived. There’s nobody to tell the tale. Yeah. So people just started making their own independent shit and they’re like, wow.

Oh, I think what’s hap some people blame storms, some thought it , might, might have capsized. some suggested there was a wartime enemy activity in the area and they got fucking shot. Like, even though they weren’t 1918 is, so is the war is the World War I going on? , I think it was around World War one time.

Yeah. Yeah. So no idea. Horror is like, [00:17:00] this is somewhere around that time it’s interesting like another, just like little tidbit, like the Cyclops had two sister ships. The, the Proteus and the, the NIUs. They were both actually lost in, the North Atlantic during World War ii and they were both transporting heavy loads of metallic or similar to this one.

So it’s interesting that all these these ships just went down. They all get down. But the other ones also went down in the same area or No, I just think they, it was just like, it was like a note Yeah, it’s point a note. All the sisters. It’s interesting, all three of these ships that were all sister ships all went down.

They all carrying metal orb. It’s weird. And we didn’t have stainless steel fridges for another 50 years. Yeah, that’s true. I, I don’t know what to say to that. , thank you for that. I think Frigidaire’s outta business now, it set us back big time. Big time now. I think that’s when the the Great Depression happened.

The Frigidaire business, the tank, the fucking stock market. I don’t even think they had single handly crash. The stock market we’re outta [00:18:00] manganese. Like fuck, I don’t, the manganese ship goes down. Shit. Damn. Fuck. Stock market crash. I know. I should have shorted manganese. I don’t even think in 1918, I don’t even think they had fridges in, in homes.

I think they did. Sounds, sounds like they, sounds like a bet. Sounds like, oh, what are we bet, they had fridges, but in homes. Oh, Ooh, baby. Oh, I, I think I, I got you on a technicality here.

Oh, mass production of domestic fridges began in 1918. Oh,

got him. So when William c Durant introduced the first home refrigerator with a self-contained compressor, but they were still considered a luxury item cause of their price. Oh God. Damnit. I’m gonna give, so like only the one percenters two. Mm-hmm. I mean, if it said 1919, that would’ve been, I would’ve ran.

Got it all. All right. So the next, kind of, big one is that there’s actually two, two planes. So the star tiger and the star aerial. so the star tiger, it, it’s a passenger aircraft. Okay. It disappeared on January 30th, 1948. Okay. it was [00:19:00] on a flight from Azores to Bermuda. So this, at least this time it’s coming into the triangle, right?

I’m not leaving the triangle. now the star aerials another passenger ship. It disappeared on January 17th, 1949. which is weird. It’s almost exactly a year later. Mm-hmm. And it was on a flight from Bermuda to Kingston, Jamaica. Mm-hmm. So both were, , Avro Tudor, four passenger aircrafts, and they were operated by British South American Airways.

And, , both planes were operating at, at the very limits of their range. So , they could just make it , yeah, I can just make it there. Yeah. The pushing it and the pilot’s like, I can make it. And I think they, they say that is because , that, that pretty much , okay, there was, there was room for error.

You make one mistake and you’re like, fuck, I can’t make it. Yeah. But the fact is, they all, they both disappeared. So they didn’t find they’re, they, yeah, but they were pushing it to the limit. It’s no, I had a friend that, he was, he was a pilot and he took up a Cessna. He was going to. Haiti I think. Anyways, same thing. He pushed it to the limits, but they fucking crashed right here . They crashed. They didn’t [00:20:00] even see hit it. You know a guy who crashed his Really? Did he survive?

Yeah, he did. He broke his back, but he survived. Oh man. He sent, he sound a little disappointed that he is like, damn it. Yeah, shit. Yeah. So it’s a horrible, it’s no joke Yeah, when he pushes the limit, limit, it’s not, the Bermuda Triangle is a limit. It’s a Bermuda gas. Always the limit though.

Like what is that? When, when In terms of like range? Like the gas? Yeah, the, no, I think they were saying no, both players. Oh. I operating at the very limits of their range. Oh, okay. Yeah. They had too many people. Too many. Yeah. It’s gas weight, that’s all this shit. Yeah. Okay. Okay. so yeah, so I think they bring that up just cuz hey, you know, they could’ve crash.

Um, yeah, . You not that, that’s not, that’s not the Bermuda Triangle fault. Yeah. Or is it, is his back fine? That’s what they want you to think. How do they know what their range was? What’d you say? Is his back fine? No, he’s asking about your fellow film. Oh, he’s pretty fucked up still. Sorry man. Hey, shout out.

Shout out to, like, shout out to the [00:21:00] back burn. It’s a bummer. So the next one is, called Douglas DC three. And the reason I have these weird names, this is the call signs of these aircrafts. Yeah. So on December 28th, 1948, Douglas DC three aircraft disappeared while on a flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Miami.

So this motherfucker’s like Dent. He’s like, oh yeah, triangle to triangle. He’s on point to point, point to point. He’s literal like a San Juan to Miami. He is like two points of the triangle. , so yeah, there was no trace the aircraft. There were 32 people on board. What? And there was never found, how was that possible?

I don’t know. Did a civil aeronautics board investigation found? There was insufficient information available. Did they not have determine public? What’s that called? The, the black box and all that shit? No, but back then. But the black box, you need to recover the black box. So black box records all the data, but you need to, you need to have it.

But doesn’t it have like a GPS to it and shit? Well or no? I mean, I think nowadays now, yeah. I mean that was in 1948. Oh yeah. They didn’t have like fucking Bluetooth or Yeah’s. Right. They were like, man, they got DC three coming in, coming in. He’ll be fine. Anybody on there? Anybody on the landing pad here?

[00:22:00] If anything the black box then was just like a picture of the pilot’s wife, you know what I mean? Like chain, the black wallet. Yeah. He had like up on like the thing some beads

 The KC 1 35 straddle tankers. This is, his names are hilarious. So, August 28th, 1963, there was a pair of US Air Force KC 1 35 straddle tanker aircraft. They actually collided and they, they crashed they collided midair.

 this was , 300 miles west of Bermuda when this happened. So some of the writers say that the two aircraft collided, and then there was two distinct crash lights, and they were separated by 160 miles. So that means that’s you’re flying for a while, geez. that’s, you know, it was just crazy.

But research showed that, the, the Air Force investigation, the unclassified version of this investigation revealed that the debris field defining the second crash site was examined, , by search and rescue ship, and found that there was a, it was actually a massive seaweed in driftwood. It wasn’t actually a crash site.

It got, they got fucked up. They made a little mistake and oh my [00:23:00] bad. And an old tangled Dewey. That was a trap in there. I thought that was a crash site. So there, the, that one. Yeah. That’s crazy. And so those were just , for these, these really kind of the main ones. There’s obviously a lot more the, the, the famous ones or most, these are the ones that were talked about most guys.

There was, there was like investigations done. There was , you know, there was, and, and so none of these got found, right? No, none of ’em. Yeah. No, none of ’em. Well it looks like one, there was one crash site, one of the, two of the planes, they, they found one crash site, but the second crash site was actually Yeah, seaweed.

Yeah. They were like, that’s a plane. So yeah, so that, those are the main kind of ones that, that are kind of talked about. So there is a lot of criticism just, you know, on the triangle. Yeah. So the guy named Larry Kush, great name. He was the author of the book, the Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved, and this is in 1975.

So he argued that many of the claims, and this is. Getting into what we talked about earlier. So many of the claims about [00:24:00] Gaddis Gaddy is the guy who’s first, who, who coined the term, and, and subsequent writers were exaggerated, dubious, or unverifiable. Mm-hmm. Kris’s research revealed a number of inaccuracies and consistencies.

 With like their accounts and their statements. so these are statements from like eyewitnesses, participants that were involved in , the investigations and all this sort of shit. Yeah. So he would do very basic research, like real simple shit. He would , he would review the newspapers, you know, he’d look at the dates of the reported incidents and he’d find like reports that he could find and he would look at relative events like the weather, what was the weather like in the area that they were flying.

It was like hurricane. Yeah, exactly. Like real basic as shit. and a lot of these things that he found weren’t actually mentioned when the disappearance were talked about. They were just , oh, it disappeared. They didn’t mention if there was like inclement weather or there was Yeah.

Other shit. So he concluded, and this is , this is his conclu. I just wanted to give this, cuz this obviously you can’t, I have to give both sides of the car. Sure, yeah. Yeah. So he concluded a couple things. Firstly the, the number of [00:25:00] the ships and aircraft reported missing in the area was either not sniffly greater or proportionally speaking, meaning, they’re kind of exaggerating how many ships actually Yeah.

Went down in that area. other than like the rest of the ocean, right? Yeah. Like, like it’s not out of the normal. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Even like we were talking about the one that flew out of Armina to like England, which is out of the truck. Yeah. It went down in near Road Island. We’re gonna call it triangle.

It’s in the triangle. It’s in the triangle, it’s in the que. so also , you know, in an area frequented by tropical cyclones and like all this sort of shit. Yeah. It’s a, it’s a storm, you know, central, right? Yeah. Isn’t that’s really, it’s a hot area, for that kind of shit. And so it was , you know, With that kind of activity that’s happening in there.

It’s it’s not really mysterious why, shit goes down. Yeah. Yeah. So that was one of his points. Yeah. Other words , Berlitz and other writers were often would often fail to mention these things. Mm. So he was saying that would contradict what they were saying. Right. They would, they would say sometimes they would actually say it was in calm [00:26:00] conditions when it wasn’t.

So he is like, okay. They’re trying to grand, aggrandize this like make it like super sell books. Yeah. Right. Also, the numbers themselves had been exaggerated, just due to sloppy research. for example, you have a boat disappearance, it’d be reported, but they eventually found it at the port.

But they would, but they wouldn’t report. But they would only be , it’s disappeared. And like the guys come in like, oh shit, that was white out. They’re like, never happened. Yeah. No, this is the USS Juno. Like, we’re the Juno bro. Yeah. We’re not there. Yeah. And then, The other thing is some disappearances actually never, never happened.

He said I, one plane crash was said to have taken place in 1937 off Daytona Beach and in front of a hundred witnesses, and he is saying it’s not even in the triangle by the way. He’s saying that. I know he’s, it’s close. It’s close. It’s in Florida. Yeah. It’s like right there. It’s like right there. It’s right here.

Yeah’s on the outside. I know where Daytona is. Do you hold peasant? Can’t go to [00:27:00] Daytona. And then, so his last thing is that he, he believes that the Bermuda triangles are manufactured mystery. I see. Yeah. Pretty much this perpetuated by Rios, to, you know, purposely kind of sensationalize a thing, create a mystery.

Yeah. They wanted to create, they wanted to create you know, something to sell. Yeah, yeah. Which I can understand. Yeah. Yeah. The, this itself, they’re basically hustling. Have you ever watched, have you ever watched the news? It’s , yeah. Ugh, asteroid hit the van. It’s like they just want to want you to get sensationalized.

It’s clickbait baby. Yeah. Mm-hmm. They gotta gotta sell. There are various other outlets that also disagree, other researchers, the Coast Guard, you know, other people are like, this is you. Not somewhat credible, beautiful.

 So the various theories as to what is occurring. And please, God, just, I’m just, I’m into it. I don’t believe these, I’m into it. What? I’m, keep going. Let’s go. I’m just saying like I’m, I don’t Oh, you’re not into it. I don’t want people to think that this is like me. Oh yeah, yeah.[00:28:00]

I get it. I just wanna like fucking disclosure. It’s just with Ream. I know. These are just shit that I found. We do. We do run into that problem a lot. I know it. It’s got flat. Flat earth. I never had so many people hate us. I’m like, we’re just talking about it. Listen to the whole episode. They see like they just clip, clip on social media.

I know, I know it great. It’s a great clip though. Anyways, so the first is Atlantis. No way. So lemme get really, so one of the ex, one of the big explanations, you don’t even have to tell I’m in. I love it. I’m in, I want it. I I’m a believer. Let’s go. So they, they think it’s just leftover technology from the lost continent of Atlantis.

So they a reason, this a reason. Hear me out. You had me until technology. But dude, that’s, that’s when we get it, when we do the Alans episode. You, you have me now? No, when we, when we do the Atlan episode, that was a thing that Atlantis was a, a super advanced civilization. Yeah. It wasn’t like, what [00:29:00] there, man, Jorge coming in hot wowsers.

God damn Jason. Oh, my mama did it. Damn. Yeah, man. Jorge is the epitome of conspiracy. So the reason people connect it to this is, is because of a, a rock formation that’s known as Bimini Road.

Okay. it’s also, or Bimini wall, they call it two different things. Yeah. So what that is, so Bimini Road is an underwater rock formation. It’s near North Bei Island, which is in The Bahamas. The road is approximately like 0.8 kilometers, which is like half a mile long. Yeah. And it’s, like it’s linear.

It’s a line. Yeah. So it’s like a road and it’s composed of rough, rectangular, limestone blocks. It looks like it’s, it’s under underwater. And it’s like a looks, it looks like a road, looks like a a looks manmade or Atlantis made. That’s the thing. The thing is that it actually appears the fact that it’s that long and it’s in a line.

And it appears to be man-made. Yeah. So people are oh, [00:30:00] that’s a remnants of Atlantis before it went underwater. Mm-hmm. So that’s why people it’s in the area. So people are , oh, you know, it’s leftover technology from Alanis. There’s also other people, and, and this is where it gets super ridiculous

so followers of the purported psychic Edgar Casey take his prediction that evidence of Atlantis would be found in 1968, and this is referring to the discovery of Bimini Road in 19 60, 68. Okay. Yeah. Since that and other shit, other people like kind of pile onto this, , oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Because people did think that Atlantis was a very technologically advanced civilization. Yeah. And that, that had like crystal energy and shit. Yeah. Like we, we’ll do Atlantis and there’s this whole thing about this. So they think that it’s still active in the sea floor, which may cause mechanical interference and mals with the ships and the planes, and that’s why they go there.

Okay. Okay. So it would be like, uh, our civilization now disappearing, but our cell tower towers are still up. Similar. They’re running. Yeah. And so then, yeah, and they’re like, [00:31:00] oh, what is this? And then it’s towers. Yeah. Yeah. But it’s, I mean, not that technology. Yeah. It would be, it’d be a, a technology we’ve created.

Yeah. But they had to be cavemen. Like, who’s the god, who the fuck is this? Who built the pyramids? What if my stick keep breaking on it? How is it so hard? It’s, the idea is that we’re so far back. Yeah. Of the Atlantic. Yeah. They’re far more advanced than us. That’s, that’s the concept. Yeah.

 So first off, let’s start it out. Do you believe Atlantis exists? I believe it did exist at one point. Yeah. Hundred. I’m saying both. Yeah. Yeah. I totally believe Atlantis exists. And I’m not saying, I’m not saying Atlantis is the cause.

No, I know of this, of the ber tri. But if you, if if we start there, then we go, okay. Is this a plausible thing? I believe, I believe Atlantis was a place. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t believe it was fucking called Atlan asked if believe exists. As in, okay, well let’s start there. Down there, because that’s the, that’s the, the theory is, is that it’s Alanis leftover technology.

Right. And you wanna, you wanna know [00:32:00] why? I think because A, the two, two points A, there’s all these weird monolithic structures underwater. Yeah. how the fuck did this get here? Yeah. It’s not like a accident. There’s a giant statue down there. Like, Ooh, how did that get down there?

The other thing is like, you realize that the most unexplored region on earth, We’ve only explored is water, is oceans, ocean. We’ve explored less than a percent of the ocean. Yeah. Yeah. It’s, there’s so, it’s so vast. Why would, why couldn’t it be down there? Yeah. Okay. It’s like statistical probability.

Yeah. Yeah. So you’re going with the, okay, okay. Okay. So you’re totally the opposite. No, actually Eric’s like fish. No, actually

tuna is actually manufacturing plant. There’s no such thing as an actual tuna. No, actually I would, I would almost agree with you. Oh my God. Let me get this on the, on the record. I would almost agree with you say it. I wouldn’t say no, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t say it’s got technology that we don’t know about.

But I would agree with you that it’s a probable, it was probable, a probable place that might have existed, that [00:33:00] existed and that’s no longer here. We also, and you also don’t agree with us on the pyramid, so Well, there is no price. No, there is, there is actual proof of there being. Massive, 16, 17,000 years ago.

Massive flood. massive. There’s actual like proof that that happened. Yeah. So it’s that plus, , you know, that’s a section we were talking about. All the storms go through there. It’s possible some, yeah. Big thing came by and like they were doing weather control back then.

They’re like, fuck yeah. Get the crops baby. I wanted, I just wanted to make, I just wanted to see where you guys were at on the, the, on the Atlantis. On the Atlantis. On the LANs. Because then cuz then we can actually go, oh, is that plausible? Oh, I see what you’re saying. Does that make sense? Because if we fuck Atlantis, then obviously that doesn’t work.

Cross that one off, off the list. All right. Alright. All right. So next, uh, a wormhole. So

first of all, are you gonna talk about what is a wormhole? Just in case everybody listening. All right. So, so wormhole. There’s, there’s myself, there’s many people. There’s, there’s many. [00:34:00] there’s different, no, everybody listening. Not me. No. People have different concepts of what a wormhole is. So some people believe a wormhole is actual, a rip, is like a hole in, in the fabric of space time, where you can actually travel to a different place instantly.

Okay. So when you think of like, like Stargate. Exactly. Like a Stargate. Kurt Russ. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah. Obviously not that the SG one. No, no, the the, when he had the buzz cut. Oh man. Oh yeah. It was like flat. It was like level. He looked like gule. Yeah. The up kick with the lightning bolt. No. So, so some people believe that that’s what a wormhole is.

So if you actually fold space, if you fold the fabric space like that, yeah. You travel. Yeah. Because obviously when you think about, so you step through and you’re some other part of Yeah. You’re in, you’re in a different part. You’re in a different part of the universe. I learned this from Chris Nolan.

Yeah, exactly. Ex yeah, exactly. Christopher Nolan, the foremost, the foremost expert. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. No, because the reason people believe [00:35:00] that is because obviously, you know, the universe is very vast and you know, we’re stupid humans and we’re , oh, the, the speed of light is the fastest travel in the universe, which is lie cuz it’s super slow in terms of the Milky Way galaxy alone is a hundred mil, it’s like a hundred million light years wide.

Right. And it this like, if it you, that’s just the Milky Way. That’s just the Milky Way. And there’s tens of thousands, of hundreds, of thousands of galaxy. You kept saying, you kept saying people believe, so this is not. It like a decided def like thing that does exist? No. No. We don’t know. Cause no one don’t know.

No one knows what like, people like, it’s a theory. A wormhole is a theory. A theory. Some people think, some people think a wormhole is, is a portal to a different, like a different, like an alternate reality. A different dimension. Like okay. So there’s, we don’t know. So it’s in the realm of theory. Yeah.

It’s compared, it’s like, like you were saying, Christopher Nolan, , you know, in, interstellar. Interstellar, he goes to the wormhole, but the worm, it’s a black hole. And people think, some people believe that black holes are worm holes. Gotcha. Right. And so he goes to the black hole and he goes to the fourth dimension.

Yeah. [00:36:00] But he ends up literally communicating with stuff. But he comes back out and he is just like he comes back out and he is by earth again. Yeah. So you had no idea. Yeah. So that took him a different dimension and shit him out somewhere else. Yeah. It’s all theatrical elaboration too.

Yeah. There’s no one else. Yeah. Like he’s just, it’s not statist what his, not statistical, but black holes are, are. Blackos exist. Yeah. We just don’t know what they are. We haven’t been inside it. No. To be like, this is what’s happening. We have no idea what it does or why it exists, or how it’s possible. Okay.

Okay. So yeah, that was a crash course in what Worm moles are. Yeah. In theoretical physics, like this is a theory. Nice. So people believe that, well not believe, but hypothesize, I guess that the Bermuda Triangle is a region that is a, a warp in space time. So you literally go, wow, okay. You go in there and you actually go into a parallel universe.

Yeah. Which is why they, a lot of these things, there’s nothing found. They think it’s lost the whole, the whole, the whole. Area or some part of that area, it just takes you somewhere. Yeah. Wow. What a great [00:37:00] movie script idea. Yeah. You just go into a parallel universe. So here’s the movie script idea is you go into the Beu Triangle and you come out on the other side and it’s just all these people crash and you’re ous Yeah.

Nos. It’s just somewhere else and there’s all these people and they’re all trapped. Fuck yeah. Hey, hey man, you made it. God, thank God. Whoa, don’t close the door. No, no, no. Don’t close the door. No. Okay. so there was a pilot, his name was Bruce Groan. so he gave his a account, experienced something going through the triangle.

Yeah. He says, I didn’t believe in time travel or teleportation until it happened to me. So he said that, he, he alleges that a fog surrounded his craft and he leaped ahead a hundred miles. And he, and he says, he documented what happened. and he memorized every detail of this flight.

Does it say what year it is? so he published a book, he published a book in 2017. Oh wow, okay. It was recent. Yeah. So that’s when he published a book. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but that’s when he published a flight. Okay. Yeah. So people believe that that’s [00:38:00] how things disappear.

Gotcha. But obviously the ocean’s fast. It’s like, look how hard it was for us to find a Titanic. Jesus, Chris. I know. God. 70 years. I know. Years. Yeah. The next one is aliens. Hmm. God, my favorite. So some say damnit. So some people say that aliens use the Bermuda Triangle as a portal. Mm.

Yeah. So , that’s how they get to and from it’s trap. Yeah. It’s, well, it’s a portal. Like from their, oh, from their planet. So that’s how they get here. Yeah. And I don’t know why they were , this is a perfect spot. Yeah. To put the portal, trust me. Not like in space, but up, just like above the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s like, it’s like their airport terminal. Exactly. Yeah. It’s like concourse B. Yeah, yeah. Like now arriving Earth beda. Yeah. Please. please bind the gap. Yeah. So, interesting. So that’s how that people think that that’s how they, [00:39:00] conduct their research on the human race as they come here and they, they trap people there and they do experiments.

Wow. Yeah. So, And this would explain why, you know, some of the ships aren’t recovered. So I, I just, I see this, it’s really disappeared. And they went through that door, quote, unquotes, it’s super loosed. It’s, I just feel like someone was well, this is the only way it could be. Yeah. Alien explanation. Yeah.

Aliens, I mean, that USS Cyclone went down. Aliens. Really? So, yeah. So that’s the, that’s the main ones. That’s the main paranormal ones. Okay. There’s a lot of other natural explanations. So there’s, magnetics, so compass variation. Sure. A lot of the things cited in the binary triangle is to do with the compass problems.

So the magnetic field is like fucking with the compasses. Yeah. so there are magnetic anomalies that we have that are known about in the US and, and the world. but they haven’t really found any, Sort of magnetic anomalies in that area. They have done tests and they’ve tried, but [00:40:00] obviously it’s, but other areas they have.

Yeah, there’s a place that, , it’s between, it’s like a line, there’s a line that’s from I think it’s from somewhere in Arizona and down to, down into the ocean. And it’s a weird magnetic anomaly that like, it it screws your up. Yeah, it screws compass up. Yeah. Because true north and magnetic north are almost, almost the exact same thing.

Yeah. but there are many magnetic anomalies, But they didn’t really find anything in, in this area. No. No. But obviously it’s a 500, it’s a 500,000 square mile area, so it’s not like they can do everything. But they have tried to do tests and they haven’t found anything 500,000. And it is known , you know, there’s even the magnetic poles, like the magnetic poles actually do have a Yeah.

Natural magnetic variations that, that fuck with compasses and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. So people think that that could be a reason why. Yeah. There’s it magnetic causes issues with the electronics and shit goes down. Yeah. the next is the, like an explanation would be the Gulf Stream, which is the Gulf Stream is the, the main current mm-hmm.

That, that goes. This, this I feel has a lot of weight. It does. Right? Yeah. So it, in case you don’t [00:41:00] know, pretty much the Gulf Stream is, it’s just a major service current. Yeah. in essence, imagine like a river in the ocean, right? So it’s just, it’s an actual river. I mean, it moves at about two meters a second.

Yeah. Which is pretty fast. Yeah. so they’re saying that, that. Can an essence if a small plane crashes, everything, a small plane crashes in a, just a normal crash take, and it could just suck it away. It just sucks it with the current and just suck it away. So part of that idea too would be, if, so say we’re on a plane and we’re doing mayday.

Mm-hmm. We give our coordinates. Oh. And you hit, you hit the current, and you hit it, sucks it, and then you go 50 miles south all of a sudden in an hour. Yeah. And you’re like, oh. And so the coordinates, Hey, you’re fucked. And they’re like, we can’t fight. We can’t fight anything. Yeah. And they disappeared.

Yeah. So that’s why they say, and they keep moving. So by the time the party even gets out, there’s like, yeah. Yeah. I mean, exactly. So that’s, that is a very plausible explanation. Okay. , the next, is this a really great one? Human error? You know, it’s , Honestly, honestly, they, they fucked up. They, they crashed and they’re you know, Ugh.

Yeah. [00:42:00] So, I mean, that kind of speaks for yourself. Yeah. You’re, that falls into the, the simplest explanation is usually it’s used of the correct one. It’s they were drunk while they were driving the boat. They crashed. Oh, of the first one is suspect to me. The magnetic, no, the first, the five planes. I know that, that they all ran out gas, all of them.

And they’re navy, so they’re really diligent about their shit. I know, I understand. One, and it was in wartime, it was fucking World War two. I didn’t understand two, like I understand two of the planes, but five is a alive, but five. That’s the one that, that, that, that really, that’s why I was like, Ooh.

The only thing I can think of is that they, they were shot down, right? Yeah. Yeah. That German, I mean, this was, this was Amids World War ii, so, yeah. And so, so that makes sense then. So then the enemies are not gonna be like, Hey guys. Oh shit. Your planes are down. Yeah. Said hell. Here are the coordinates. So the next one, which is another very plausible one, is this violent weather.

Mm. So obviously, you know, hurricanes. Yep. Hurricanes, all the time. Tropical [00:43:00] cyclones. Like other, that’s, and especially in this area, Yeah. If you if you live in this area, you know, the shit gets pounded all the time. Yeah. If you ever, if you ever watched hurricane season just started this week or something like that, dude, we’re getting all kinds of stories.

If you could see, our videos are down for, for this one. But, if you could see this, this pictorial, almost every hurricane you’ve ever seen, if you look at watching news, what’s happened, it literally, you watch the giant spiral roll right through this fucking area. Every goddamn damn time happens, it goes right through this area.

Yeah, that’s right. We’ll put a picture of it on the website so you guys can see. Yeah. So we’re, we’re in Florida and so we deal a lot in hurricanes, tropical storms. Exactly what Sean’s talking about, which is, we know it goes right through there. This shit is all up in here, and then it’s coming up the coast or, and then, then it goes up and then it goes up and out.

Yeah. It goes up in there to South Carolina, or it goes this way, the Gulf and it hits off side. Yeah. Then yeah, then it hits like Louisiana and Texas and like, yeah. Yes, exactly. So it’s all right there. All the action is there. It’s like the center. It’s where they all hit. Yeah. So that, it makes a lot of sense.

And also there’s a, there’s an interesting [00:44:00] phenomena that will happen. There’s this, this ship that got sunk called the Pride of Baltimore, and this is a 1986 proud name. And so pretty much, what’ll happen is like a downdraft of cold air, like happens.

So like cold air fucking comes down, and so literally it shifted the velo, like when this happened, it shifted the velocity from 20 miles an hour. To to 60 to 90 miles an hour like instantly. Wow. Just because like comes in, , and it, some shit happens. And like the wind, this goes like bananas.

And Have you, have you guys been in 90 mile an hour? Dude, I have. It’s fucking, it’s crazy. It’s insane. It’s wild. It’s insane. I was walking the streets in the Tampa Bay area of Hurricane Irma. Oh yeah? Oh yeah. And when it, when it really hit or the center was here, wind got up to that. We only got about 70.

Yeah. Amazing. But I’m not even kidding. I was walking and you get a elevation step. A lift. Yeah. You get a little pop. Yeah. You get like a foot, like not a foot, but like a half foot little boost. That’s from the, [00:45:00] the strength of the wind bad had 90. Well, have you ever, have you ever put your hand out the window going 90 miles an hour.

Oh, your shit gets slammed back. Yeah, it’s, yeah. But imagine your whole body just getting hit by that. Yeah. So it’s no joke. A lot of stuff can happen when you’re out there. especially if you’re flying a plane through a tropical storm, you can’t see mm-hmm. The, the, the wind is just constantly changing.

So, yeah, the, you know, it’s a big proponent, especially in this area. If this was like somewhere else, I would be like, Hmm. Bullshit. No, I mean, it’s, it, I actually, after listening to all this, it, it’s kind of like tornado alley. Oh dude, it’s, yeah. Alley. Oh, Oklahoma. Oklahoma, Iowa. There’s constantly this shit on.

Every year there’s just tornadoes and it’s an alley of tornadoes that just come in and come in, come in. So like if planes were going down there all the time, you’re like, ah, tornadoes aliens. Aliens, 100s Atlantis is buried under Boise. I know there’s, I like the [00:46:00] pyramids under there somewhere like this.

Didn’t go under water, it went under rock. Yes. the last one is a really interesting one. cuz it’s an actual phenomenon. It’s called methane hydrates. So pretty much methane hydrates is a form of natural gas. and so there are, they have found large fields of these methane hydrates, like on the continental shelf, so mm-hmm.

In case we don’t know, the way the earth is, is made up of tectonic plates. Yeah. Mm-hmm. And they’re constantly shifting. That’s why the continents are, you know, there was pangia the all Yeah. And then it shifted. So like, they’ll shift and , they’ll release these massive pockets of, of natural gas from basically the core of earth, essentially.

Yeah. They must be the massive, like huge pocket massive earth fart. Yeah. Earth fart. That like, that can like blow up like a nuclear bomb. Yeah. So pretty much these pockets get On earth and what happens? So it’ll be a giant bubble of this, like natural gas.

Mm-hmm. And what it does is it decreases the density of the water. Gotcha. This is under the ocean. This is under the ocean. It’s not even, so when you have, like, [00:47:00] imagine you have this, this massive pocket that covers like a, you know, 10 miles this pocket of gas. So pocket that gas comes up, obviously the gas is gonna rise.

It, it literally will change the density of the water. And your ship will just sink. It just, it just suck down. You just literally just, and like you just fall into the water. Wow. It’s like, oh yeah. So they, they’ve done tests and , they’ll do to scale. Yeah. They’re not gonna test it on a real ship, but like, they’ll do these things to scale in, in a lab and , they, they.

Manipulate it. And literally you can instantly, instantly sink a scale model of the ship and it just drops. It just, just imagine you’re like sailing along and just you’re underwater. Like instantly. Damn. That’s insane. Yeah, cuz it’ll shake. That sounds like a nightmare.

You’re like, oh man, this cruise is all, all of a sudden you’re like, yeah, you’re chilling. All of a sudden you’re fucking drowning. Insane. And they’re like, pop another, pop Another Battle of Baby. They’re like fucking underwater. Dude. If you made a movie about that, nobody would even believe it. No. Being sucked by earth on a boat.

Yeah. Do you know what I mean? They would just be like, no, no. It’s not [00:48:00] even plausible. So there have been met like a lot of, studies, publications done on these uhhuh, these hydrates cuz there are, you know, a lot of a large stores that are, all over the world, including the, so there’s the place called the Black Ridge area, which is off the southeastern United States.

But they, they did searches and they said technically there hasn’t been any large releases of, of gas hydrates mm-hmm. In the Bermuda Triangle for the past 15,000 years. Mm-hmm. That’s just, it’s a theory. They don’t know for a fact, but they’re , based on what we, it’s possible, but based on what we’ve looked at, there hasn’t been anything like that in a long time.

Yeah. Okay. So that’s the last kind of main and sort of like natural explanation. Yeah. Yeah. For it. Okay. And that’s why when I was doing this, I was kind of, cuz I’m, I’m usually like the conspiracy guide and I’m always going for the conspiracies almost every time. Mm-hmm. Man, I just, there’s a lot of real basic, common sense natural shit.

Yeah. Yeah. Mm-hmm. You know, don’t, don’t bring the manganese ship in a hurricane bro. Like, you know, [00:49:00] I feel like after 30 episodes I finally have Sean. Like right where you, right. Where you Yeah. He’s being, he’s getting all logical, he’s basic concepts. Yes. Instead, I was like, never, everything’s fucking, my life is a conspiracy.

Episode one, he was like, oh, I was on the far of the far right wing conspiracy, now I’m be like me. I mean this one, this one specifically. I just think that they’re, I know, yeah. Just based on its geographical location. It’s a lot of hurricanes hit there. Tons. And I and I Every year. Every year.

Every year. And I totally believe it’s, it’s totally possible for several hurricanes and tropical storms every year. It’s totally possible for there to be some weird, magnetic anomaly or true, oh, shit. sure. You know, my, my systems went a little haywire and , cuz obviously everything is electronic.

You fly a plane. Yeah. Have you seen the cockpit of a plane? It’s insane, fucking 10 trillion electronics in there. Something screws ’em up and like, You gotta take manual mode and shit’s going down. No, that, that, that is valid. But don’t planes, you know, [00:50:00] fly there every day, like, you know what I mean?

Well, here’s, here’s the Yeah. But a lot of this stuff happened. Like is there in the, in the thirties, forties, fifties and sixties. Yeah. Yeah. When technology was, shit, we were just getting into mass, mass plane transition. Yeah. You know what I mean? We were getting real good at it later. So that’s another, later another thing that I looked up.

Yeah. And I was talking to Eric about this actually before the podcast is the last , known incident. , I, I kind, I try to find , okay, when was the last like Bermuda Triangle problem? Yeah. And there’s a bunch. And like the last like documented one was like 2017. There’s a bunch in 2017. 2015.

Okay. Really? But, but they all , Found, I mean the crash and they found the Yeah, they found, like they found people survived. Plane planes. Both. Planes and boats. All the things. Okay. That’s what I’m saying. But they found ’em, it not like didn’t disappear. They’re like, oh, we found the shit. It could have happened in Daytona.

It seems like a 1900 to 1970 problem. Yeah, that was a, you know, that was like a pre pre-phone problem. Yeah, he did. He went over 10 examples. All [00:51:00] 1880. Yeah. To 1968. 60, like 60, 68. You know, just like combination of human error, weather and the legend. I’m pretty sure Jorge’s, like the LANs got all the data they needed.

They don’t need to crash any shifts anymore. It’s all done experiment over. Although, although to be fair, I would never take a flight from Bermuda. To London. I would never, I know it’s true. I mean, if, , let’s just call it what it is, I’m not gonna fly through it, right? No, no. Take away from JFK to, would you Dude, I’ll go from No dude.

I’ll go from TPA maybe. Yeah. Yeah. London. Let’s say we were direct flight. Let’s say we were in Puerto Rico. I’ve done many times. Let’s say we were in Puerto Rico and I was like, Hey, let’s go to Dublin. If we’re in Puerto Rico. Oh, hell yeah. I go, I’d be like, we’re gonna Dublin. I’ll fly for I fly Moscow.

We’re gonna go. No, I, this is the point. It. Yes, but you’re gonna, so the point is, you’re scared of the triangle still. I won’t fly. I’ll be like, let’s go. I love how Eric’s, [00:52:00] Eric doesn’t believe it go to Tampa. But he won’t fly through it. No, I won’t fly through it. I’m not gonna not gonna take the risk. What?

By the way, I just realized I flown, I went to Puerto Rico. No, you did. Yes I did. Well you went then. You sure you didn’t? Uh, no, no, no. You go to the Gulf of Mexico.

Yeah. Down, down here. You went from Miami or whatever to Puerto Rico or Tampa to Puerto Tampa. Rico. Tampa to Puerto Rico. I’m pretty sure you, Tampa gets you from here, but still right on the edge. You go like this. Yeah, it goes a little wrap around, although I did notice next time, I’m gonna make sure to go through the middle.

I did notice a major personality shift with Jorge after, like, it could be fucking, could be a little body swap, you know what I mean? Fucking aliens. He took the flight and then he’s, it’s not really Jorge. Wait, when was that? What was the date of that flight? Jorge, he was like balding before. I know he’s got a full, his hair.

It’s all, what the fuck? It’s like thick as What did they do to you? He’s like the man. It’s said a atlantian technology. All right. So what do you think? I were you, I already said that’s, yeah, same. I, I I just think it’s, [00:53:00] you know, combination of the, human error. Yeah. Plus the weather and the fact that like a lot of this, well, at least the examples that we brought up, they were, you know, when, like you said, they were, the planes were, you know, just starting to get mass produced.

They were just trying to get the hang of it. The technology wasn’t the same. Whatever. Yeah, I don’t think it’s a thing. I used to think it a thing. It’s a thing really. No, I don’t think it’s a thing at all. No, nothing. They probably also didn’t have good, maybe like rain, except for the weather.

Like nowadays weather. Just weather. Yeah. Yeah. You know, like your car tells you like you have like 18 miles aine. It’s like pretty accurate.

 All right, well, I mean, it sounds like this conspiracy, this mystery or this, whatever it is, debunked just kind of slowly eroded because it just didn’t hold many water. And I also think it, oh wow. Pun intended. Dad joked supreme.

Yeah. I also think that the, the writers back then were just trying to sell bloods. Right, please. I know. Oh, I know. It’s true. Well, we hate to end an episode on A complete logical explanation, but honestly, [00:54:00] it’s, I think we all agree. I think you guys agree. Yeah, I think it’s, now I will end off by saying I would never fly through it and I would never sail a ship through it.

Oh. I would never sail a ship through that. I don’t know why. I don’t, I don’t know why I, I wouldn’t ship, I wouldn’t take a cruise through that. So what does that mean? Does that mean I’m like 98%? I’m like, yeah, I’m like a 97 and a half. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Isn’t like a 7.5. Like there’s a, there’s a 2.5 chance I that I, we get, we go into the void.

Yeah. Yeah. I’m definitely not taking like a schooner. A three Oh no. A small sailboat. Small sailboat. Yeah. Definitely not going through there. No. I don’t care how rich we are. We’re not doing that. Fuck no shit. I’m not even, it might be a cool way to go out. Like, say we’re like 85 you know what I mean? We’re 85. You’re done.

You’re like, I’m, I’m done. It’s the worst way. Then get sail sailboat and you’re , go sail triangle, and then dry drown. Fucking horrible death. It’s the worst way to die. . Well, there you go guys. All right guys. Ber muted triangle. Yeah. please tell us what you think and yeah, we’re definitely gonna do a poll on that. And I hope you don’t think this episode was a [00:55:00] waste, that there’s no , No. I mean, maybe that’s, you know, we gotta get to the bottom of all these.

That’s the whole point. That is the point. That’s the point. This is an educational podcast. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, fill the vacuum, so to speak. A lot of people like, like us when we were, you know, before you, before driving into this, it was such a big thing, dude thought, especially when we were younger.

Dude, I thought when I was going into the research of this, I was totally top 10, right? There’s some fucking sketch shit going. I’d always thought it was a thing, and then I was like, oh yeah, shit hasn’t happened in there a while. I’m like, I haven’t actually thought about that. But if you went to a bar and you said, Hey, what are the top 10 conspiracies?

Oh, be, it’s gonna be number five. It’s gonna be in there. Well, if you’re, if you’re eight, if you’re an our age group, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you’re, , you know, like a Gen Zer, you’re like, what the fuck’s the beauty changa? Is it on TikTok? Is TikTok dance? I don’t even know what that is. Gen Zer, that’s, is that the new one?

Yeah. It’s like that, that after us, no, I think Gen Z or is a, here I’m a new thing. Or you chicken Google it. That’s when you know that you’re, you guys are Gen Z. I’m a fucking GenZ. I’m a millennial. Oh, okay. What’s Gen [00:56:00] Z? I’m a millennial. I’m a gen. Weird. Weird. Not No, you’re not. Gen Z is, what the fuck after, what the fuck am I then?

You’re a millennial. No, you’re 80. You’re, you’re a baby boomer. 81 baby boomer. No, you’re GenX. You’re GenX. Alright. No, so, so yeah, gen Z is mid to late 1990s, and the early 2000 tens. Okay. Yeah. Okay. As the ending birth years. Yeah. Yeah. I’m, I’m the oldest millennial that exists. Yeah. You’re like the last, you’re the tag end of the millennial.

It’s like 82 to, to 94 or something. Yeah. Yeah. So I’m the last of the You’re the youngest or the youngest? You’re the youngest. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Cool. I’m glad we cleared that up. Yeah. So now we know where, where we stand on the generational lettering system.

All right guys. Well thanks for tuning in. definitely hit us with the comments. and 90 night, oh, that was so soft.