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Flat Earth Part 2: The Theories and Those that Believe – Episode #27

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Podcast Transcription

All right, everybody. Welcome back to the Conspiracy podcast.  Part two. You’re still here. Yeah. Especially after Flat Earth One. I know, and I was gonna, that’s how I felt. This is a good one. It’s a lot of, it’s a lot. I mean, I don’t know. I know communes and here we are, you know? Yeah.

Uh, so in, in part one we talked about, uh, the history of flat earth concept and,  yeah. The whole movement. Yeah. Yeah. And when did they start believing in flat earth compared to this spherical. Planet that we are on. It’s so funny how it went from , it, it wasn’t, it didn’t begin with flat earth. It was , no.

It was , it’s round and then it was , yeah, but is it, you know, it’s flat . You know what’s strange though is like, what, remember we were talking about the, the way the flat earth is structured and there’s an ice thing. Yeah. Why is there ice? Yeah. Why is there ice also haven’t, if we, if there was ice around our entire flat perimeter, Wouldn’t we have reached the ice?

I know. And they’ve been , shit, there’s a low, no. What is this ice thing here?   What’s the signs behind why that ice doesn’t melt? You know, because I guess cause like if the sun, if the sun is like right, because space is right next to, I dunno, I dunno. But isn’t the flatter theory that the sun is right?

It’s a hundred hundred feet above, 200 miles above us. Yeah, no, it’s, it’s a thousand miles up instead of a million. I mean, literally, I’m, no, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s more than a million, far more than a million. Okay. Here I’m gonna go. And also like, how do you explain,  so if it’s so close, how do you explain the, the seasons.

All right, so, so, so the, so the earth’s so many holes, I don’t even know what to say. Like, he ask a question and I’m , alright, so the, the, I dunno what to say. The sun is 93 million miles away. Okay. 93 4 million. 93 million. Yeah. 93 million. That 200. Above us. 93 million. All right.

So if you didn’t, if you didn’t listen to episode one, check that out because we go over, I guess the history of it and then leading up to the lull, which was from like the fifties to like the early 2000. And then the resurgence. Yes. The resurgence of it. So, so we’re really at the resurgence and we’re coming up to, to more present now, more present, like.

And now we’ll, we’ll begin with more of the present, which we said what it was 2010 ish was in the resurgence happened. Yeah, yeah, exactly.

 I mean, I wanted to go over a couple other things that I think are, that are kind of funny, like interesting, so , So this is based on the speakers of the 2018 UK’s Flat Earth Convention. Okay.

Okay. This is the UKs big convention. Yeah. So I believe ITRs in flat Earth vary widely in their views. While most agree upon a disk shaped earth, least, we’ve been talking about, , summer convinced the Earth is diamond shaped. I don’t know. I didn’t know that. I don’t know how that works. It is it a face, a flat diamond.

The map is a diamond.  Most believers don’t believe in outer space. And,  what? None. None. Apparently. Apparently none. That doesn’t make sense to me. Apparently none of flat earth believers believe that we’ve ever traveled to space.

And so it’s fake. They believe it. They, they let space is is not real. They don’t believe space is real. Fucking okay. Can we touch on this for a second? Oh, yeah. Why? I don’t know. And also, also what, what, how is that would possible? Why would we trick everybody? It doesn’t, it just, it I don’t understand. I know.

I don’t know. So there’s no space. Where’s the moon? Where’s the sun? They believe it’s all like, it’s like, it’s like paintings on the ceiling. It’s like the Truman show. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes. It’s like the triple. Oh my God. But who’s. That’s in my, in the Truman show. There’s like Ed Harris. I know. And he’s  he’s got the beret.

I know. That’s my point. I’m , who do they think, who they think is the, the executive producer of this show? Yeah. Like, I don’t understand like aliens. Well, clearly they don’t. Wow. So they don’t believe in space, but they believe in aliens controlling the dome.

No, no. Then that would mean that there is space alien somebody, all these aliens out there that we need so much help. I know. It’s like, well, the aliens are just in another room. Yeah. There’s no space. It’s just a big warehouse. They’re all living in So fucking crazy, stupid. Sorry. No offense. And No, that’s, yeah, no offense.

That’s why that was the first thing I had cuz I was like, wait, what? I don’t believe in like space.

I think about the good, you know, if, if there’s no space, then who’s, and then which trim and show, like who’s the executive producer? Yeah. What’s go, like, what’s the, like, what’s the. So anyway, yeah, moving on. So there was a, there was a big, , they did this documentary called Behind the Curve.

Yeah, I heard, heard about that. , so those filmmakers attended the, another Flat Earth conference,  and a substantial number of people believe the Earth was an infinite plane. So potentially with,  infinite, an infinite plane just like this. Wow. There’s a plane going on forever. Keeps going and going.

So potentially with,  more continents beyond the purported circular ice wall of Antarctica. As, as Eric was saying, there’s some, i, there’s an ice wall.  it’s a night watch. I know. It’s ridiculous. So stupid. John snows up there. So there’s also some, your watches end it.

So some flat earth believers also,  they suspect that other flat earth believers are also somehow part of the global conspiracy and aren’t to be trusted. What? So they don’t even trust that own Oh, there’s like in-fighting. Oh, there’s like, he’s in-fighting. There’s in fighting. Like, they literally like, oh, you’re part of it.

Like, you’re like, you’re, you’re suss, you’re super sus. Yeah. Okay. So, um, cool. As Eric was saying earlier, members of the Flat Earth Society and other Flat Earthers claim that NASA and other government agencies conspire to fabricate evidence that the earth is spherical. According to most widely spread version of current flat Earth theory, NASA is guarding the Antarctic ice wall that surrounds Earth.

They also argue that NASA manipulates and fabricates it satellite images, so, They’re based on what? No, no, but here’s, here’s a fun fact. It’s like they believe there’s no space yet. There’s satellites floating around in the, in the warehouse that in the sky. Not saying not space, just, I know it’s like they, they’re saying that the satellite images are wrong, but they’re agreeing that there’s satellites, but there’s no space.

So, so I’m kind of confused here.  so they, they base that off of observations that the color of the oceans change from image to image. And that the continents seem to be in different places, you know, because the satellites are traveling like 50,000 miles an hour around the planet. So weird how continents are in different places around the plant planet, them continents are in different places like Yeah.

So the other side of the planet so confusing. It’s like of course it’s in a different place. Yeah. This is satellites moving faster. The speech sound through space. So far I have not heard one. There’s none. No, like, Convincing.  or even maybe Mel, I can think about it. I mean, except for the whole telescope and the canal thing, you know?

Okay. Well agree, agree, disagree.  So there’s actually three   so, there’s  three different factions. Mm of flat earths. Mm. Really? So I’m gonna go through those different factions.

Did you, did you, did you find out how many people are. Flat Earthers. I couldn’t. I couldn’t, you know what I mean? I couldn’t find, obviously it’s not a membership. I couldn’t find an accurate tally. Yeah, it’s not like a membership. You don’t have like a card. It’s not , it’s not Freemasons. Yeah. It’s not like you’re Republicans, but what hundreds of thousands out of, I mean that’s insane if that’s the number insane.

Like I think based on what we researched for Lu, but insane, that Instagram page is Instagram, like 160,000 people, bro. But if you follow a Facebook page, it doesn’t mean you’re. Why would I follow? I mean, that doesn’t mean, but sure that, that’s what I’m saying. Let’s just say couple hundred thousands, 20%.

Let’s say 20% of those followers, I would say this dude on earth is 80%. Don’t believe in it. On just curious. They’re kinda entertaining. They’re like lurking. Yeah, like full lurking. I wanna laugh at these  no, I would say like, you don’t follow unless, dude, if there’s 7 billion people, there’s gotta be a.

Seven billions on Earth. He said 7 million. Okay, go ahead. I said, billion motherfucker. Listen, your luxurious hair is getting in the way of your hair, in the, in the way of your intelligence. Your hair is fucking getting in the way. I know it’s smarts. Listen. Okay. It looks too good. You need to cut that out.

No, shave it. So anyways, 7 billion. Eric, actually do it now. Shave it tonight. Let’s, I’ll shave all, I’ll shave it for you. All of you guys. 7 billion.  Um, there’s got a, I would say a couple hundred thousand people. That’s such a small fraction number. No, it’s not. No, I mean, it’s comparing.

No, no, no, no, it’s not. You’re right. It’s not a large number. It, it’s like 0.01%. No, no, no. But I’m just saying it’s a large number of people who believe so Oh, yeah. A hundred percent. Way more than I anticipated. Yeah, yeah. Like way more. Yeah. Like I said, I was thinking of in the fifties. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

So anyway, so, so the first faction, so the first faction subscribes to a faith-based conflict. In which atheists used science to suppress the Christian faith.  The argument is that atheists used pseudoscience, evolution, big Bang and the Round Earth to make people believe that God is an abstract idea, not real.

Mm-hmm. Instead, the arguments use the scripture word by word to support an argument that enables God to really exist. This faction frames flat earth arguments as. Revelatory  mm-hmm. So it’s pretty much like fanatical. Yeah. Belief. But I don’t know how they believe that against, against, oh, the circular earth means God’s not real.

 Yeah. I don’t know. That doesn’t make sense.  I mean, I don’t believe that, I don’t believe that the Christian faith has says anything with the earth being flat. Yeah. If anything that you would think that, I mean, my grandmother, my grandmother literally reads the bible every day for the last like 60 years.

And, but she’s never mentioned a flat earth shit to me.

 Their argument is that atheists use pseudoscience, evolution, big Bang and the round Earth to make people believe that God is an abstract idea.

See that round earth fucking guy. Real? Yeah. I don’t, I don’t know how that, I don’t know how those correspond. I dunno. Like how did those two things go together at all? Yeah. I don’t get it. So that’s the first psycho fact face faction too. There’s like seven people I know. They’re like, trust us. They’re like getting a bowling league.

So the second faction believes in an overarching conspiracy for knowledge suppression, which also why knowledge suppression. So you’re trying to push down science? Yeah. Yeah. Well, no, they’re trying to push down fact. Yeah. So they’re suppressing true knowledge where as they’re using science to do that.

So building upon the premise that knowledge is power, the flat earth conspiracy argues that a shadowy group of elite. In quotes. Yeah, there you go. Uh, control knowledge to remain in power. I don’t know how that makes him in power. Only we know the earth is flat. It’s very Power is mine. It’s very 1984. It’s, yeah.

No, but like, I mean, like Big brother. Yeah. Like they’re just controlling the narrative of, of, you know, we’re in a bubble. Keep these little ants working. Keep, keep them thinking it’s down. Keep that working. No, but my, but my theory like with that, I understand I love that George old book, great book, but like, Wouldn’t it be more like beneficial for them to make people believe it’s flat?

And like, oh, you, you’re, there’s nothing out there. Yeah. You can never escape. You’re fucking trapped here. Instead of being like, there’s a whole universe out there, there’s so much shit we don’t know about. Like how would that keep them in power? I don’t understand. Yeah. If it was flat, I’d be a du I’d be like, you’re a colony.

There ain’t no fucking escape. There ain’t no space. Mm-hmm. You’re looking at shit. I, I put that fucking moon up there. That’s a, that’s a ornament. It’s like a giant Christmas tree that I live in. You know, like that would make me like, be like, fuck it. Yeah. Ugh. Yeah. Go back to the factory. But anyways,  so in their view, back to mine, in their view, lying about the fundamental nature of the earth primes the population to believe a host of other conspiracies.

This faction frames flat earth arguments as liberatory. So like liberating. Mm-hmm. So , I think it’s just  we’ve mentioned before, I think it’s like this deep seated  Disbelief in the powers that be. Right. So like, this is an easy way to be,  this is just one other, other control tactics.

This is what they’re using to, it’s so farfetched. It’s so ridiculous because I, I, it’s so farfetched. Yeah. But how, it’s just like, what power? I know I gain, keep saying it over and over and, you know, but I just, I, I can’t, I can’t. You’re saying words and like we’re hearing the words right. But all I know what to say is like, I don’t, well cause we’re, we just shake the head like, as a rational, as a rational human thing.

Like pitch and offense. I’m trying to No, but I’m trying to understand. Yeah. No offense. Hundred percent. Hey, offense not meant. I’m just, I’m, I’m trying to, you know, when you take somebody’s  view and you try to go, okay,  I can see the view. Let’s see if I can see this. Let’s see if I can see the view.

Yeah, but I’m having trouble.  you know, when someone says, it’s like the two things that people say were , To be honest. Yeah. , oh, like you were lying before. It’s also  no disrespect, but I hate you. That’s another one. But I kill you. No disrespect, but you’re terrible at life.

Yeah. You’re fat, but no disrespect. Yeah. I, I prefaced it with no disrespect. That’s not, I mean it, therefore, I could say whatever I want, therefore I’m of immunity.  but I’m, so far, I’m having trouble going, like I get it. Does that make sense? No. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I have no, I’m having trouble with that. Like, not even , okay. I can maybe see how I read, I don’t, I’m trying to, I can’t even see how you are making sense of this.

I, I’m having a hard time reading this. No offense. Like, , not that there’s anything wrong with this. Yeah. Look, Seinfeld, if you’re flat over, you’re cool. It’s just, Should have gotten. We would love, we podcast the Flat Earth on, oh my God, guys, we should have gotten more, we have space from the mic here.

Yeah, we do. Hey, write us. If you’re listening to this, I mean, you probably, you probably not more because you probably believe in, here’s the, here’s the good thing is we’re not , I’m not trying to be an asshole to you. I, I’m more just, I’m confused. Yes. By the way, I’m confused. I want to, I want to understand what’s happening and we’re soon, I want to have , Somewhere where they can leave us like a message, a voicemail.

So voice where you, A voicemail like Yeah. Yeah. So some somewhere where you guys would be able to call and you know, give us your thoughts. Hey, shit. Even when we did the, we did the Freemason Sync. Hey. Yeah. I was super happy to get the guy who wrote in to us and I was like, thank you. I was super appreciative to, to have the information.

Cause I was  thinking it’s like a good old boys club getting brewskies. And there was, he was like, no fucking, there’s no drinking in there. I was like, thank you. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know.  Yeah. I, I just like was putting in information where I didn’t know. Yeah. So flat, flat.

Earthers, we want to hear from you. All right. Let’s hear the, so on the third one, the third faction. So the third faction believes that knowledge is personal and  experiential. They are, they’re skeptical of knowledge that comes from authoritative sources. See, I get this. This is the first thing I can understand.

Yeah. This is like, correct me if I’m wrong, this is feel earth, feel. Your this is , is no feel. What’s your advice? Whatever I tell you, whatever’s true is because you saw it, and that’s what I’m saying, like you, you experienced it for yourself and you made the conclusion as opposed to being told.

What you’re supposed to believe. So I can understand that. Yeah. First thing I, the first only faction I can understand. Yeah, I can see that. So they,  they’re skeptical of knowledge that comes from authoritative sources, especially the government sanctioned quote unquote experts.  especially book knowledge.

They don’t trust books.  so this fact, sorry,

I’m gonna tweet that shit right there. We don’t trust books. Yeah. Books are for clubs.  So this, this faction would like to find out themselves whether the earth truly is.

I don’t know how they would find out themselves. They gotta go to the space. No, no. This is, yeah. This is where you take a sailboat out. To the ocean, and you’re like, do I see the horizon? Look to the walls. Go look for the No. You’re like, yeah, look for the ice wall too. No, no. It’s like a like a spiritual for yourself.

Mother nature, you know? Do you see the horizon or not? Yeah, but what do you see and what do you see for your, your own eyes? Well, you’re with your own eyes. Yeah. This is like, because they distrust book knowledge and mathematical proof. This is, I don’t know who wrote this, so math. You can’t trust math now.

I mean, this is a funny thing because whoever wrote this is , because they’re idiots and they don’t believe the facts. They don’t trust math. Science, history, history, anything. Literature, economics, literature, mathematicals. So this faction believes that the earth is flat because their observations and lived experiences make it appear as if we live on a flat surface, which that’s understandable.

Like if you’re only going off of what you’ve experienced, I can understand believing that’s flat. Yeah. I mean there is the, there is the element that we’re so small that you look out, go to the, go to Louisiana. Mm-hmm. You look out, all you see is flat. That’s true. So visually that’s I, I’m assuming fly.

What about when you fly in? No, no, no. I know, but I mean, I’m just saying , no, I’m assuming that this is that element. No, I think it’s just , they’re , Hey, I’ve only ever seen flats, so why would I believe any different?  you know, I’ve never seen, not everybody can afford a Southwest fly, Jorge.

Mm-hmm. Like, like with plugin. Yeah, like self seating, paying check baggies, like dude, like cross country influencer here. Cross country. Not everyone can afford the 1 99 Southwest, bro. Wanna get away? Yeah. Want, I know.

No, but so you, you, you’ve seen the curvature on, on a plane. Yeah, I think so, right? I think so. When you’re, yeah, I think so. Yeah, I think so too. I mean, obviously you can get way higher and you see, see it way clearer, but like, yes. Well, Mike, it’s not flat when you’re, no. When you’re over Colorado looking wherever the , you know what I mean?

Well, here’s the thing, like how do they explain  how do they explain zero G. Yeah, you can take a, you can take, you can take a plane in the stratosphere and you can go, you can experience Do og. Yeah. What I think it was like, well, fucking, whatever. So doesn’t this negate gravity? What do you mean?

Well, like what if you believed in flat earth, would that negate the concept of gravity? I mean, not necessarily. Cuz gravity’s based off mass, gravity. So even in a flat earth scenario, say we lived in a dome. As, as long as there was enough mass to gravity is mass, there’s so much mass that the mass is actually pulling you towards it.

I get it. Okay. So it’s the, the only thing that the, the one thing that, that they probably can’t explain is , okay, what about, what about the,  what about the atmosphere? Right. Obviously, like, so you could see it. Well, I can see, I’ve seen the atmosphere, the reason that there’s a magnetic field protecting us from the, the nuclear sun.

Mm-hmm. Which is literally, it’s a nuclear warhead. That’s the si that’s, that’s constant 3000 times bigger than us, and it’s constantly shooting us, hitting death Rays in us just murder us. Yeah. But there’s a magnetic field. They, they would say, that’s just what the books are telling you. Yeah.

That’s fake. There’s a, there’s a actual fake, there’s a, there’s a literal magnetic field around the planet. According his books. Where’s his? Yeah. Where’s his Saints bro? Jorge is the new leader of the fighter. He’s doing the greatest argument according of the books. Yeah. Name one book that tells me otherwise.

Yeah, that’s right. All the books are fake. I mean, look at Columbus’s book. Oh my God, dude, that’s a, you know what? That’s probably the best ever. Yeah, true. Interesting. It’s very interesting.

There’s a couple, like various skeptics, like organizations. It just, it’s so harder. It gets crazy, doesn’t it? It’s just so hard to like, I know.

Do this, I’m sorry, with a straight face. So they, they these, because you’re not telling a story but you No, it’s just like you’re just reading words. Just weird shit. It’s just weird shit. So like these, fringe kind of groups, they perform tests to try to demonstrate the Yeah. The local coverture of the earth.

Yeah.  . So there’s  there was one group,  from, there’s a YouTube show called Globe Busters.

Hmm. So it’s a lamest name I’ve ever heard. So they use a ring laser gyroscope to show that the earth is actually not rotating. Okay. So in, in, instead they detected that there’s a 15 degree. Per hour rotation of the Earth. Oh. So they proved it. They proved the fear, they proved it that I was moving, and  so they dismissed this measurement as a corrupted device.

Ah, come on. Sure. That makes sense. And they were somehow picking up the rotation of the firmament,  the firmament is an interesting concept too, which is firm. It’s the, it’s the external. It’s like it’s the dome. It’s the dome. It’s the dome, yeah, yeah. No, it’s the dome.

It’s the rotation of the dome. That’s what they call it is the firmament. Yeah. So there’s another group that used lasers in an attempt to show,  a several mile stretch of water. It is perfectly flat by measuring the distance between the water level and the laser beam along three vertical posts.

Okay? They were unable to align the beam as they as they expected to because the surface of the still water was in fact bent by several feet of the distance.

The experiment was dismissed as inconclusive. So literally they’re like, it’s fucking flat watch. I’m gonna take this laser beam to this pole. And they couldn’t do it because the earth bends. So they’re like, that’s inconclusive. That’s a bummer. What’s a bummer? John can’t even get through the reading. So stupid.

It’s like they literally, they’re just constantly proving themselves wrong and they’re like, it was a mistake. Incomplete the book’s wrong. Laser’s wrong, yeah. Fucking wrong. Ran outta batter, laser laser’s broken. I knew it took aaas.

The behind the curve filmmakers, they, they spoke with a lot of people who said that kind of as a result of them being flat earth believers. Mm-hmm. They, they lost a lot of romantic partners. They no longer spoke to many of their friends and family. Totally. Literally house own. Yeah. They were disowned.

They were literally like ostracized by the, the people goes, people thought they were insane.  so one of the guys was like, I’m tired of being told I’m an idiot. Oh, maybe it’s true. So what happens? So what happens? Wait, wait, wait, wait. So there, so you’re, you’re, you’re with a girl. It’s a serious relationship.

I’m like, Hey, baby. And then she goes, you’re like, you’re nine months in, you’re living together. And then she goes, Hey, I’m a flat earth.

Do you. Is that a red flag? I mean, a hundred percent for me. A hundred percent. A hundred percent. A hundred fucking percent. I’m gonna, because I’m just gonna question her like red flag. I’m gonna question her like fucking going on. Like her will. I’m like first, first you laugh because you’re like, but for real.

Yeah. Are you. . I’d be like, okay, explain it  goes to any of these scenarios that we’ve been going over Yeah, I know today. So you’re gonna let her argue, you’re gonna let her, actually, I might argue.

Argue with her for fun. Yeah. I might argue with her. Just for like the, the funsies, so there’s actually a Facebook group called Flat Earth Match. Oh, and it’s a dating site. Oh, you can, you can find people. Yeah. There’s a dating site used, used to find like romantic partners, same beliefs you sent her off over there.

It’s a very interest. Listen sweetheart, you should get off Bumble and go a flat earth match. Find some like-minded. Hmm.  so the experts pointed out that after social ties to people outside the flat earth community are lost. One consequence of  abandoning the flat earth belief would be loss of all remaining relationships.

Geez. That’s ruthless. That’s crazy. Well, Okay, so I’m gonna tell you guys a story about Mike Hughes.

 and these are just, this is just a story. Mad Mike Hughes. So this is Real life. It happened. Yeah. His nickname was Mad Mike Hughes and,  in 2020 Hughes died in California,  following the crash of a rocket that he was piloting. , he built it out of scrap metal. Yeah. And  he was doing a TV show,  I think with the science.

Channel. What’s the science channel like? Um, discovery. Discovery. Something? Yeah. Like that? No, none. That geo. And it was discovery. Perfect Discovery. Perfect discovery. Yeah. And it was , , homemade astronauts. I’ll build a rocket. No problem. Yeah. That was the, the concept of the show. He’s like using like gasoline.

He is like, fuck. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was people who were going to build their own rockets to, to prove it. Astronauts, they, to prove that, like, wow. But here’s an interesting part, right?  So they did fundraising to get funding for the show. They got somebody to do it but the way they got fundraising was saying they were flat earthers.

Now, here’s the part that I found out that was interesting mm-hmm.  So he died. Yeah. He, he did one of his rockets. He actually, he went up, he did multiple and like Yeah. And the, the second one crashed. And he died. Yeah. Big surprise. Didn’t work. Fancy. That didn’t work out. Yeah. So, but following his death, Darren Schuster, which was his public relations rep, stated, we use the flat earth as a PR stunt.

Oh, so they were trying to get, it was a clickbait flat earth, just pure clickbait. So Flat Earth allowed us to get so much publicity that we kept it going. It’s instantly, it’s, it’s such a polarizing thing. People are instantly like, I gotta watch this shit. I know that Mike didn’t believe in flat earth and it was just a shtick.

Oh shit. So he died for nothing. He died just for ratings. Just for fame. And yeah, he wanted be Instagram page. Isn’t that crazy? I know. He was trying to be like, he was trying to have an only for Do it for the gram. Do for the gram. I read it, I read the story and I was like, this is crazy. And then I read that and I was , oh, I hate humanity.

No, it’s so sad. Like what people , it’s. It’s fucking crazy what people do for the views. Oh, for the money views and the views and the, it’s just like that. Have you ever seen those guys that like hang off the. The building. Those are the worst guys. Terrify worst. They’ll slipping like, oh shit, it’s greasy.

And I’m , yeah, I gotta turn it off. This is too much for me Freaking out. I’m , my couch, I feel like I’m falling this, honestly. They’re , are you recording? Here we go and they drop off a cliff.

 anyways, that’s just a story. Then.  I wanted to go through some of the people that we earmarked as fierce. Either, either believing it or maybe they believe it. Oh, like, potentially like potential. So, so here’s the first one. Millie, Bobby Brown.

Oh, no. You know Millie? I know  yeah. Stranger Things. Yeah, she, she got pretty cute. The same the saying she’s of age. Oh yeah, she’s like, she’s like 20, totally 22 now. Totally fine.

Anyways, digress. Um, sorry, my mind is scrambled flat earth.  What if that’s the girl that you were dating at nine months? She told you that? I’d be like, flat. That’s fucking flat. Fine. Flat is fuck. That’s fine. It’s fines fine. I knew, I knew something was off.

Yeah. I knew I had a fingerling. I just didn’t know what to call it. It was flat earth though. It’s that, it’s that level of hotness to crazy love. Yeah, yeah, exactly. And Angie’s like Rich, like Axis meets crazy with, yeah. If Scarlet Johansen told me that Bigfoot was like her friend, I’d be like a hundred percent absolutely.

Be like me. Yeah. Hundred percent. You wanna do dinner, hundred percent. You wanna do dinner, you wanna do dance Double. So Millie Bobby Brown, she did an Instagram live video and she was asked by a fan if she believed the earth was flat. Her response was this, there are so many reasons that lead to the fact that it is flat.

I mean, think about it. That’s it. I mean, I, I really, this is, this is actually, that’s all we know about Millie Bobby Brown. Whether or not  she could have been joking though. For the views? Yeah, for the views. Oh, for the gram. For the Gram, yeah. Yeah. It’s just promoting Stranger things all the time.

She’s in that, she’s in like, she has like a Nola Homes too. She’s let me be a little polarizing so I can get some views. Uhhuh Uhhuh, and she’s like, think about it logically. Yep. I dunno. I mean, that’s not enough. That’s not enough invo to really say. She’s like, yeah, she might have like in, she might been just fucking around.

I think her publicist was like to say it. Yeah, just fucking say it. So, so next up on the,  famous list it’ll work is,  Gino Smith. You know Gino? Yeah.  Gino Smith, for those who don’t know,  quarterback of the CS quarterback Seahawks,  he tweeted. His, his career was in the, in the tube and they traded Russell Wilson and then like he had a great season.

He, I’m pretty sure he’s still drunk. Just say, so in 2018, Gino tweeted, how many of the people who undoubtedly know Earth is a globe also believe in the Big Bang theory and evolution. I mean, that’s not really saying much though. That’s not really saying it. That’s not really saying anything. Yeah. Yeah. All right.

Cancel Gino. I mean, he’s just saying like, chin’s out this, how many people believe like, yeah. Like he’s just questioning it all. Yeah. For example, he’s trying to get engagement on his Instagram. No, but Twitter. Twitter, yeah. He’s saying things like the Big Bang and the Big Bang is not something that’s like really provable, whereas like the earth being sphere is how.

Well, math, physics, really? Physics, they’re gonna be , oh yeah. So we, we did a test and 7 billion years ago, this is what happened. Like carbon dating. Yeah, no, nothing has been carbonated to be that old bro. The earth isn’t that old. No, the Big Bang is older than the Earth. How can they, how come they carbonate?

I mean, you know, carbon and first of all, you know that  like 98% of the of the universe is , Is hydrogen in the A helium. So you can’t carbonate something that’s not carbon, you know?

We’re so advanced. We’re a hella cool. I know. , next up is your, your Bud Kyrie Irving. Oh my God. Kyrie Irving.  this is what played for the calves. Played for the Nets, played for this. He Now this is the, this is where the Nets dropped him. Oh, he got traded Dallas. Dallas, yeah. He’s in Dallas.

Yeah, he’s been everywhere. Yeah. That’s a Renaissance name. So  he said, he said, does it matter to you that I believe the world is flat? Yes, it matters. Doesn’t a hundred percent it doesn’t really matter. Yes, it does. And he proceeded to talk about how happy he was that his conversation got people talking about flat earth.

See, this is why you, you can’t, you can’t trust Duke’s education that, is that where he went? Duke? Yes. We went to Duke. Yeah, but he’s also very controversial guy. He likes, he likes, he likes controversial. He wants to be on this .  To be like the talk of the town or whatever, like the, you know.

Yeah. So he’ll say , whatever. Yeah. Okay. You know? Okay. Yeah. I think that, that being said, he’s said it several times. Mm-hmm. I think he, I think he really is a flat earth. Yeah. I think flat earth. True. I personally think Kyrie’s has got the wrong people in his court. Yeah, he’s just got the wrong crew.

He needs a new pr and they, they’re just like, though hell, its of course it’s flat dog. Like you look, just look straight. It’s fuck flat as fuck. So, uh, backing him up is Draymond Green. I knew I hated him. Draymond Green is, I knew I the Warriors. He’s been on The Warriors a long time.  but right after he’s got three rings.

Yeah. Yeah. But right after Irving made those headlines, he said, Quote, who’s to say that picture from NASA is telling the truth? I can make a round picture with my iPhone today on the panoramic camera and make it look so round, so I don’t know, but it could be. Says Draymond Green says Draymond  no, that sounds like he’s just trying to get also some, some views. This is all click bait. Yeah, exactly. Fucking click bait. Another guy is Stefan Diggs. Oh my God. Stefan. Stefan was,  Viking,  wide receiver.  that isn’t the Bills. He’s a lake. He’s so good. He’s good. His brother Trayvon is also super stacked with cowboys, so he tweeted.

Dig sweeten. He said, how mad would you guys be if I said, I agree with Kyrie. Well, I don’t care. Never drafting him again. And he went on to ask for someone to, and then he went on to ask for somebody to prove that it’s not, yeah, like, like prove to me that it’s not, You know what I mean?  that’s not flat.

I love these people that are like, prove to me. It’s , what else do we need to do to prove Seriously? It’s, we’ve proven, we’ve done everything. Like what do you want? You proved to be that it’s flat. How are you gonna prove that? Have you watched Direct tv? It’s a  satellite. It’s orbiting Earth.

 It’s a literal satellite.  what the fuck? How do you think your phone works, bro?  so another one is,  Tela tequila. You know who the is Tela Tequila? Oh yeah. Wasn’t she like a person? She was like on a,  one of those reality TV shows. Yeah. No, I don’t. Yeah, she was a reality star.

She’s, she said, how come in all the fake NASA C G I picks of the earth? You never see the background stars in the planet. Here we go. Oh, yeah, because it’s fake. All right, so the Hubble tell is also fake. I mean, I don’t really like that. I just quoted. These people Tequila needs to go listen to our moon episode.

No, here, here’s my, I don’t like that. Those are our quotes. Tequila, Stefan Draymond, like, you know. No. So, so when my, so when my father-in-law does a long exposure of Nebula in space, he’s , that’s just fake, like the NA is nasa  Bluetoothing their, their, their videos to his, his telescope.

Yeah. , come on, come on.  he’s, he’s actually like taking them and  I’ve seen the pictures. Yeah. And they, they’re of different things. He’s pointing them at different things. I have a hard time believing they’re , oh shit. Someone’s else, someone, someone’s looking at the star fucking send, send APIC over.

Like quickly, quickly say, say like, send it over. , come on.    You would’ve rather had some more creditable type people. Quote. Yeah. If like Steven Hawkin first a, I would’ve like won. I mean, okay. Remember when we did the Shakespeare episode?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, you had like . Mark Twain. You had , some, some guys that were somebody like some weight, not Tela, tequila. Yeah. And a bunch of sports people I know. Yeah. You know what I mean?  anyways. Yeah, yeah. They weren’t taking those tests in college. Let’s be Right. Yeah. Let’s just be honest.

So here we are. I mean, that’s, that’s,  flat earth and  I mean, my views have not changed. Not, not even one. I’m, I’m actually more vehement than it’s, yeah. Than it’s round. Yeah. Cuz the arguments weren’t that great. No. Especially cuz every time they get proved wrong by their own experiments. Yeah. It was technical difficulties.

Yeah. So, but the, the, so the conspiracies on it are that NASA’s fake Well, that the government is No, the government is propagating the lies. There’s a planet government. Planet government. Yeah, planet government. Okay. And there’s some sort of big brothery thing. Yeah. Like big brothery thing, keeping it from you.

And, but for what purpose? I guess we never really well understood that supposedly it’s controlled to control. Control. You don’t  domination? Kind of. But like, see, in my, in my entire life, there’s never been something that  oh, they were, they, someone had more power over me because, The earth was round.

I dunno how like it didn’t affect you, it didn’t affect you. I just kept living my life. Yeah, it’s true. It was never brought up. It was never, I’ve actually never, I’ve never had a conversation with another human being in my entire life about the earth being round or flat. Really? I’ve nev, this is the first I 5 million brought up.

I’ve like looked at it cuz it was interesting, but , I’ve never had someone be , yeah, oh, well, you know, you’re, you’re not getting paid as much because the earth is flattened. Like what? Like black, black Lives Matter. Earth flat. It’s been picking up theme in the last whatever, five, you know, 10 years, let’s 10 years, something like that.

Yeah. And before that, You know what? We went over it before that. It was like not a thing. It was kind of just died out Yeah. From 1950 something to whatever, 2002 thousands. Yeah. 10 or whatever. Yeah. So that’s one of the reasons you never had any, any conversations. Cause it wasn’t a thing. But now, but now it’s a thing.

Now it’s a thing because social media, all these celebrities, all these, you can make YouTube video people. Yeah. And all these famous, you can make an argument, you can make an argument, and there’s no debate. Meaning you can make a video. Oh. And, and it’s rad. You don’t have, you don’t have to answer them either.

Yeah. It’s got animation and, you know, you could turn the comments off and, you know what I mean? You can, there’s no debate, there’s no argument. There’s no, science saying, there’s no, you know, Neil deGrasse Tyson going, no, this is wrong for this reason. No, it’s also, there’s, there’s views. There’s people that will say, , I’ve seen arguments that , okay, well you see these stars that.

You know, that perfectly align with the pyramids, for example. Mm-hmm. Like things like that. Mm-hmm. But , well if, you know, if we were actually moving through space, why are they still aligned?  well, technically yeah. Everything is still moving through space. Right. So they’re moving through space in essence with us.

The at the same, at the same speed, everything is expanding at the same exact speed as the same exact rate. There’s not differences in speed, it’s just everything is expanding at that same rate, and it’s just that particular argument where there’s no actual beneficial reason to, for it to be flat.

For it to be flat, and then the behind it.  what’s the, there’s no benefit. Yeah,  for example, in every tyrannical regime where they’re using propaganda to like push a narrative, it’s, it’s something that benefits them.  Don’t read so you don’t know that there’s anything better.

Or , you know, these, these people are evil people, so hate them. It’s there’s nothing they gain from like thinking the earth is rounded. That there, there’s space, there’s no, there’s no gain. What do you win? I’m trying to even think, I can’t, I cannot think of anything. I think this might be the first episode.

First. Full agree. The first conspiracy that we’re all on the same page. I mean, well, we’ve been, we’ve been. Semi on the same page for a couple things. Semi like Natalie Wood. We were Natalie Wood. We were really close. We were real close, and there was another one too. But we were more like, I think Shakespeare.

I think Shakespeare. Shakespeare really agreed on. I think Shakespeare really agreed on staying corrected. Yeah, God forbid we do a pyramid episode. Oh, Jesus Christ. It’s coming. It’s coming. I mean, me and me and Eric might fight in the parking lot. Oh my God, that’s an episode. I hate you. We need to just do one of an aliens, the employees, Eric.

Well, here’s what I wanted to ask though, towards the end of this is, is what? Why is, it’s not like there’s like four people. No, there’s a lot. Hundreds of thousands. Do you know what I mean? Supposedly, it’s not like there’s just. Yeah, but crazy, , yeah. It’s funny theory. It’s the bums and they’re , they’re flat.

Yeah. But, but it’s still thousands of people. Very relatively small compared to the population of Earth. True, true. I mean, there’s , you know,  there, there there’s cults that believe in certain things or whatever, and there’s a small population that believe in that. There’s always gonna be a little small group.

Yeah. But heres, here’s the thing. There’s something that the majority doesn’t Of course. And I, I don’t think that’s a wrong thing. I think it’s sure’s totally fine. It’s totally fine. And that’s something that we do personally is to question the narrative. Yeah. That, that’s why we’re here. Because it’s question everything.

Yeah. They question everything. It’s  and I think that’s actually, I think that’s the same thing to do. It’s at least too insanely. Yeah. It’s stupid. It’s stupid to just blanketly accept everything you’re told. Yeah. Yeah. Because obviously, like as a human and as a, as a human being, you, it’s your right to, to get the answers and make something make sense to you.

Right. It’s just, this just doesn’t make any sense. Yeah. Which is why I’m  I don’t understand, understand.  I read a survey was done like a couple years ago. 86% of Americans.  I think it was a 10,000 person poll. Yeah, yeah. It’s not all of them. No. You know. No, but the numbers came out that 86% believed that the earth was round.

Wow, that’s, that’s 14%. Now, I’m not saying 14% said no because they think it’s flat, but they said I’m suspects. Yeah, they’re not sure I’m questioning it. They’re not sure that’s right. No. What if it’s egg shaped? That’s a, yeah. Like, you know, that’s a huge number. I know what is of an oval. It’s an oval. Yeah.

So I’m just wondering what,  I’m trying to understand why would  so somebody believe it? Like what? Because they’re intelligent people. These are not a bunch of idiots. There’s, there’s a whole walk of life who are believing in I understand. And, and I’m just trying to understand why and see what I, they can believe it.

That’s, I don’t know. That’s just part of the conspiracy. People like of, of there’s, they like the story. They like the story. They’re contrarian. And some, some people just wanna disagree. Exactly. They just, they just want, they don’t want to be part of  What they call the sheep. Mm. They don’t want to be in the, the current with everyone else.

They just, they want to be different. They, they, they want to be noticed. That might be that one. That might be the one right there, I think. I think if there’s more info, like it’s totally, you know what I mean? It’s totally possible that there’s other beliefs and things that we are not covering. Yeah.

If you are a flat earth, please write us,  email us. Like I want to know,  I don’t want to be this like shitting on you with, you know, without you getting your, you know, your chance to. Rebuttal or, or give me some information that I don’t have and maybe I feel a different way, you know? And, and I, and I’ll, I’ll go on.

I’ll record and recant, I’ll recant if you make me believe. Yeah. The idea though, is that, is that based on what we’ve seen, it doesn’t make sense. Yeah. There’s just no pla There’s no, yeah. There, the, it doesn’t, there’s no plausible, there’s no, there’s no legitimate argument, especially since all of their experiments to prove it have failed.

There’s not, there doesn’t seem to be. And then, and then they even, they won’t acknowledge that it’s real. They won’t acknowledge that it failed. At least admit, except I know. I’ll be like, oh, except for that telescope. Damn. In the fifteens, episode one. Episode one, yes. In the six mile channel. That was the first one.

That was like the only, the only, the only legitimate experiment that’s ever conducted. Well,  I do think that half of the people who do believe  into it,   I found that the sense of community was really nice.  I, I watched a lot of these interviews.

. Yeah. They just wanna be part of like a movement of, of a, of a community’s of subject. And I can understand that. Yeah, sure. I, I can understand that. But when it comes time to back it up,  what’s your reason?

What’s your proof? What’s your, I didn’t like a lot of the interviews that get done at conferences, they don’t talk about why the earth is flat. Right. They just talk about how happy they are. I love it. I met my wife. Yeah. Like, which is great. Cause they don’t want to get caught in. They didn’t want to get caught.

Get caught. Yeah. They don’t face the, the actual of it. Well, the thing, and, and one of the things that I read was that apparently . There’s some extreme flat earthers that don’t trust the other flat earthers and think they’re part of the conspiracy. They’re part, they’re, they’re in all, they’re moles.

Yeah. They’re, they’re the secret agent and a, they gotta plant it everywhere. Mm-hmm. It’s like mm-hmm. They can’t even trust their own kind. Yeah. All right guys, well, that’s what we got tonight. I mean, I’d love, like I said, please,  we wanna, we do want to hear from you. We, we’re not, we’re not making fun of anybody.

No. And we also, we also don’t believe that we’re the end all, be all. I mean, we’re, we’re three. We have three high school diplomas here, bro. So yeah, this is not help us out. Like we just want to talk about it, help you and we want to hear what you gotta say. That’s right about it. That’s right. So we’ll cut you next time on the,  conspiracy podcast.

We’ve got, I mean, we’ve got oj we got shit coming off. We’ve got rfk, we’ve got, oh God, we got hitters Superman. We got hitters coming. We’ve got a lot of stuff coming down. So,  and we’re gonna leave you out. Hold on just cuz we got, we got, we got some new technological devices in here and I’ll gonna hit you with one of these right.

Here. That’s right. Love it. That’s right. We got sound effects now. I know. We are upgrading. It sounds like a nineties podcast, like radio show. Like, come on, we’re gonna change the sound effects. It’s just, I just wanted to do, don’t you worry, like it’s gonna be cooler, I swear. All right, you guys have a good night.

We’ll catch you later. nighty night later.