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Flat Earth Part 1: Origins to Present Day Theories – Episode #26

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Podcast Transcription

All right, everybody. Welcome back to the Conspiracy podcast. You’re all it’s us again. What’s up guys? Sean, Eric, Jorge. The three compadres welcome back at it again. I think this is, uh, what are we at episode 26, give or take, or 27. 27. So I think it’s 27, 28.

I’m just getting started. Almost a nice little run, but we just get, almost, almost in our thirties. We have a collection now. Exactly. So, uh, today’s episode is on Flat Earth.  highly contested subject. Oh my God. This is,  Okay, before we start on flat Earth, let me just put a disclaimer here. Yeah.  a lot of people bash flat earthers.

I understand. You know what I mean? I don’t Right. Think so? Well, no, no, no, no opinions said Jorge. No, no opinions. What I wanted to say though was maybe  You know, just imagine you’re a flat earth and then everyone hates shit on you. They shit on you, and they shit on you. And it’s like, that’s the life of a cons conspiracy.

Theories man life. It’s the life of flat earth homie. You signing on for that shit. Yeah, you sign on for that shit. What’s funny is that it’s  we have a conspiracy podcast, but this is like the extreme one, right? Oh, this is  oh yeah, this is  imagine, imagine if you look at the difference between  you know, far left and far right, this is .

The farthest. Yeah. You can possibly go Yes. Left or right anyway. And it’s it’s the, the, the extreme. The extreme, yeah. So, uh, I wanted to ask you guys ahead of time, um, and you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, because I’ve heard. That there are in the closet, flat earthers. Oh, wow.

Because like they’re, they’re too afraid to tell the friends of, no, I’m not even kidding. Disowned me. I’m not even kidding. People, people believe in it and then they say it and then they get disowned. It’s like Trump supporters, literally like MAGA hat, I fucking hate you. Yeah. Get outta my life. So I didn’t, I didn’t know if you wanted to just say, Hey, Eric’s safe space.

I just, it’s a safe spot. I didn’t want to be , you know, if guys hitting on you guys are , you know, Hey, I am in the flat earth. If anybody’s a. Uh, a closet. It’s, it’s Eric. It’s not Oh, a hundred percent. I’m pretty sure Eric’s , Eric’s a closet. No Earth. We’re actually not even, no, we’re, we’re not hungry.

Earth. We’re not here. Yeah, we’re done. Mm-hmm. We’re in a simulation, simulating the, all right. So, uh, here we go. We’ll see how long this is. It might be two parts.  we’ll kind of just take it how it goes. I mean, yeah, just take roll with the punches. Yeah. The idea here is to understand,  in my opinion, it was, why is this a thing.

You know, like why is it a thing? It’s also , I don’t, you know, I, until I looked into it more, I was just really confused and  well, what is.  what’s the full scale of what they believe in? You know? Yeah. Like, I get it. Oh yeah, the Earth’s flat, but there’s gotta be, there’s more than, that’s what’s the argument?

Like what’s the Yeah. You know, what about outside of earth and that kind of stuff. So, yeah. We’ll get into all that. All planets are flat. It’s, it’s amazing. Any, it’s like the, the universe is like my pantry. It’s just there’s this plate. It’s so funny. It’s so funny cuz it, it doesn’t make any sense at all and I’m trying to be nice and I’m trying to be , you know, open-minded I guess, you know, I’m trying to be open-minded on, well, let’s just see what happens.

Yeah. Maybe you change your mind. Maybe I change your mind. You know, maybe, maybe. Yeah, maybe I go straight from straight from the front floor, right back in the closet on, on flat air. What’s crazy is I saw all these interviews of people who, and they were like, You know, I thought this was such a joke. And then I watched these videos and I read this book.

Yeah. And you know what? Same I believe now and then, so I did the same thing and I was like, what are you talking? You’re like, I actually, I What book did you read that I didn’t read? I was like, I believe less. Yeah. No offense. No offense. I’m gonna say that constantly. No offense. Yeah. We’re gonna just go through, yeah.

And then we want you guys to decide, and obviously we might, we might actually put, put a pull up afterwards. I, I do wanna put a pull up like, yeah. A, we should have two polls. Were you a flat earth before? Yes or no? And then are you a flat earth now? Yes or no? Mm-hmm.  Okay. So,  I thought it was,  a good idea to kind of do a little history lesson. Um, About the concept of flat earth. Well, in classic Jeremy Conspiracy podcast fashion. Yeah, man. Exactly. The whole story. That’s kinda what we do. It’s kinda, it’s like our jam. We’re like history teachers that drink.

Yeah. Yep. We have, uh, three high school diplomas. Three count ’em. You guys count ’em. Do you How many years that is? Again, again, we don’t, well, I don’t know if you just count, just high school. Is that four? But like, I don’t know, still like middle school and like all that stuff, but that doesn’t count towards it.

All right, so here we go. Trick question here. We, what’s your question three? Put your, uh, put your flat earth hat on. All right. So in 1492, there  christopher Columbus was shocked when his ship made landfall in a land that the Europeans never explored. Along the way, Christopher proved the earth is not flat. This is not correct. I wanted to start with that was what we were kind of taught in school.

And that is not correct.  So despite what we learned in school and despite what we learned, you know, uh, about how he found America and that sort of thing, it’s not true that, that he was trying to talk the  crown into thinking that it was round.

You know what I mean? Mm-hmm. Like he also, he also stumbled on America by accident and he was trying to go to Africa and he like fucked. No, he was trying to go to Asia. He was trying to go Asia. That’s what I was trying to go to. Asia. Yeah. He was trying to go to Asia. Like Missy fucking Yeah. Whoopsies.

Yeah. Wrong left turn. But there’s this conception that in that time period that everybody thought the earth was flat. Oh yeah. Well, you know, and it’s not true. The map is flat, so why isn’t the fucking earth flat? Yeah. Yeah. So it’s just not true. So they thought it was round then

like, oh, everything was flat. And so then they were gonna, you know, they wanted to explore and he talked the queen into it and it just not true. I even think back in, if you look at even like the ancient astronomers, I think they even, they were like, when they were  looking at the things, everything was kind of circular orb, like Yeah.

Even when they were looking at shit, they’re  I think that they were onto something. Yeah. Yeah. So, um, so he tried to go, he thought he was gonna go to Asia, and really all that happened was that he was sailing and there was more land than he thought. Yeah. They, they thought it was just a big ocean and he would go around forever.

Yeah. And then it would arrive in Asia. But in what, what happened is he found, you know, or he didn’t find America. No, he was indigenous. He discovered it. Yeah. He was 18th or something. I love how they, they like, like they discovered it. I’m like, but people were living there. How could he discover something that people already exist on?

Yeah. Like, it’s not discovered. So here, so here’s the, the thing. So historian Jeffrey,  Russell, he said, No educated person in the history of western civilization from the third century BC onward believed that the earth was flat. Damn. I was like, no educated person. So this is, this has just been known for a long period of time.

Yeah, yeah. Shots fired. Yeah. So, and that was thanks to scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, et cetera, who around 600 BC made observations that the earth was round. I also think that the main thing. Even I, I think originally where it came from is just they couldn’t see past a certain point because obviously you can only see, I think from where you, I think from where you’re, you can only see up to like what, three or four miles or some shit.

Yeah, yeah. Six and, and then, and then it starts playing out. Obviously if you go higher, the higher you go, the further you can see. Yeah, true, true. But the curve show of the earth won’t allow you to see certain points where they’re like, shit, it’s fucking flat. Motherfucker shit falls off after that.

Yeah. But the Greek scholars, you were just talking about that they determined that it was a sphere. Yeah, that’s, yeah. You know what I mean? So like, and that was like, that was like in the, that was in BC 500 bc, 600 bc.  that’s, that’s a long time ago. The earliest documented mention of the concept dates was around fifth century bc.

Oh, wow. And that was Greek philosophers. TKI sauce, little philosopher astronomy, you know what I’m saying? Additionally, what’s interesting is,  Magellan. Oh yeah. He went around the planet. If it’s, he arrived back at the same place. Yeah. Magellan is known for. That’s what he did,

he circum navigated the planet. He circumnavigated the entire planet. That was in 15, like 20 got I kind of wooden shit. In a Yeah. In the least. That was proven then. No, but what happened was he was flat, just went on the other side. Because it’s flat. He went around the rim, flat fell off the sides. He did a quick, he did a quick 180 on on the bottom and no, no, he just went around like the rim.

Exactly. Like somehow he went around the rim of the. The idiot, the duh. So Columbus ran into resistance when he was trying to get funding for the, his whole trip. I would’ve loved to have been in like that Shark Tank episode. Yeah. Columbus like fundraising, check me out. I got this. Trust me, I need like hella gold for, for the ship.

Just for 2%, for 2% of my boat. So he mistakenly believed that the circumference of Earth was very small and that by traveling west toward what he thought was China, that he would open up new routes. So after years of negotiation and argument over the length of the proposed journey, cuz you need more money Yeah.

For the longer that your journey is Of course. Right. Course. And he didn’t realize that the, I think the, the earth is its diameters like something like Yeah. It’s huge.  Like 15,000 miles from shit like that.  That’s, that’s crazy. Yeah. So he finally convinced Vernon, the second of Spain to finance the expedition.

, but it’s a 12,756 kilometers. Yeah. So that’s roughly it’s 24,000 miles in, in a diameter. That’s the diameter. No, sorry. That’s circum circumference. That’s a distance all the way around the equator. Yeah. Yeah. So full circle, 24,000 miles. That’s insane. The diameter’s just like half, like just going straight to the middle.

 So what’s interesting, uh, and where it kind of perverted the story. Was by somebody,  a writer. Go figure. His name was Washington Irving. His name was full name Shakespeare and, and 1828.

So think so, 1492. Fast forward all the way 1828. This guy named Washington Irving published the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus. Hmm. Irving A, a storyteller was already famous for Rip Van Winkle, the legend shit. Sleepy Hollow. Damn. What a, and then, yeah, and then he tackled the life of Columbus, right?

What a weird, like switch from his normal writing style. So while he was visiting Madrid, he was tempted by a gigantic archive of documents about Columbus and decided to write an Explorer’s biography. While the archive may have been extensive, Irving couldn’t help himself, but adding a fictional twist to Christopher Columbus.

A little. A little some. And he had superpowers. Yes. 17 inch penis. He claimed in that biography, he claimed that when the explorer told the Spanish geographers, The earth was not actually flat. They refused to believe him, even questioning his faith and end engineering his life. Ah, so the writer is saying that Columbus being the hero that Columbus was, he went and said, Hey.

The earth is round and the geographer said, no, it’s not you pagan you, you don’t believe in God. You don’t believe in anything. And this is back then. So at this time, the reason that’s such a big deal. So the, at this time the Spanish pretty much ruled the world. Yeah. And the entire Spanish armada and their whole army  all of their exploits was literally just to fund the church.

Yeah. And they would bring back all this gold. That’s why if you go to Spain and , All the churches are so , just fucking goddy outta control. Yeah. Everything’s gold, gold organs and shit. It’s ridiculous because they just, they dumped all the money back into the church cuz , the church was the law.

 oh, oh, you’re a Pagan was fucking behind you and like town square. And they’re like, fuck him.  unfortunately though, Irving,  Tricked his readers and they,  they believed him. They believed him. And his book became a bestseller. He’s like, perfect.

All part of the play. So he kind of created old school fake news. Exactly. Probably. No, absolutely. Well, he kind of created a bad guy in the story, and the bad guy was the Spanish cra, you know, the, the Oh, the key fer end. Yeah. Yeah. And, and the geographers and the, you know, the scientists at the time, so, Little, so they made a bad guy.

Like, oh, Christopher Columbus overcame these odds. And and that’s interesting cuz like yeah, Christopher Columbus is really like, glorified. Yeah. And he was, I’m telling you guys, if you look, look at real history, he was a fucking piece of shit. So we’re, we’re, we’re in the not a good dude. We’re in our late thirties and 40 and la la and, and when we were growing up, We learned that Columbus was a great guy and Oh yeah, he was.

He discovered America Legend and it was like a great thing. But then when we turned like 25 or 30 actually looked, yeah, it became he was , Beating up his crew and , you know, he ruthlessly murdered like all the indigenous people. He enslaved them. He was super savage. Yeah.

So this is kind of just telling that story of how a writer who wrote a book kind of glorified his life. Mm. You know, just, he was trying to,  get clicks. It was like click bait. It was like click bait in the 15 hundreds. It was like, story. He’s , the story’s not that exciting, so let’s pump it up.

Know They’re like, and he is still sailing. Yeah, still. Now, again, just to make sure we, in Tupac, went Tupac, then went to Cuba. So just to make sure why we’re talking about this is because his story said that nobody believed him that the earth was round. In the biography, the writer’s story, the writers there.

That was, but that’s not true. Everybody thought was, everyone believed it was rem. Yeah. So that was, that’s the, that’s why we’re telling this story. That was the lie. Yeah, exactly. And that stuck. Yeah.  More and more writers became,  they wrote more and more books saying the same shit. And, you know, like the telephone game.

Just imagine over two centuries, Of books, not actual telephone, and it just becomes, just gets perverted inside. Yeah. So you have Christopher Columbus is actually from Krypton. Yeah. And so you have a school and the school has 15 books. It’s like, you know what I mean? That is, that is, that’s the truth. The, that’s the truth.

That’s the truth. That’s true. That becomes, it’s a gospel. Yes. That’s the, that becomes the truth. So, so shall it be written. So shall it be done. So though Columbus never proved Earth was round, he did manage to upset the long held belief that there was another way across the ocean. Yeah. Right. Of course. He didn’t discover America’s,  Indigenous people were there for thousands of years.

The Vikings were there 300 years earlier. Yep.  so, but the point of this, he did not think the earth was flat. No. Right, right. Debunked that the government did not think the earth was flat. No. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So you guys ready now for the birth of the flat Earth theory? Good. Yeah. Yeah. All right, so there’s a man named Samuel Roham, the father of Flutter, Samuel Roham.

Right.  he was an English inventor, so he lived in England and he was a writer and he was a utopian socialist. Oh God, what a classic guy. So how would you, how would you define a utopian socialist? They believe that a perfect society is, is, is like with socialism. Everyone’s equal and it could be perfect commune.

It’s kind of like, yeah. Yeah.   Everyone is like the perfect cog Yes. To make the machine work. Yes. Yes. And it’s perfect. Yes. But , you realize that , you’re in, in charge of the butter, you’re in charge of this. We all, you sh I need butter this morning and we trade it. And, but they think it, they think it’s like, it’s not really utopian because it’s , it’s literally you can’t just delete ambition.

You can’t delete inherent, like some people are inherently smarter or better or more suited to do certain things at a much higher level than other hurting humans. Yeah. And just the way it is and it’s, it’s not like you’re better or worse, it’s just. Know, some people are smarter than other people. Some people are physically stronger, or some people are faster, more motivated than others.

Whatever. Some people wanna do shit more disappointed. Some people don’t wanna do anything. Doesn’t matter. That’s right. It’s okay. That’s right.  And he wrote something called the ZTE astronomy Earth, not a globe. Now, he wrote it under a pseudo name, of course.

Cause he didn’t wanna, they can’t find me. Fuck that. And his pseudo name was Parallax. Oh my God, that’s so bad. It sounds like, it sounds like congestion medicine. Your nose getting a little snappy. Get a little perla. It’s kinda dope when you say it in a deep voice. Pax Pax, I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s like the, like the new Disney Village.

I know, right? Para, it sound like a Disney villa. Pax. Pax. So he wrote Congestion medicine or Disney Village, both simultaneous, he evolved from congestion medicine into being a village,  so in 1849 he published a, like a pamphlet. A manifesto. Yeah, like a pamphlet. And then later, like,  Jay McGuire stuff like 10, 15 years later, he, he turned it into an actual book.

Yeah. Okay. And so,  it’s, it’s hard to say his name. Rob Robotham. Rob Robotham. Yeah. We’ll do Robo Roham Rob’s method, which he called ZTE astronomy, and it models the earth as a flat disc centered at the North Pole, and it’s bounded along the perimeter by a wall of ice. Hmm. So you’re visualizing that?

Yeah. Yeah. Yep. So it’s flat and this center is the North Pole, and then there’s this like, like the night watch. Yeah. Throne. Exactly. You know what I mean? Around ice wall? Yes. Yes. There’s a big ice wall, I don’t know how high. Right. Uh, with the sun, the moon, planets and stars moving only. Several thousand miles above the surface.

So not millions of light years away, or whatever it is. Well, it’s, it’s, it’s just like, it’s just millions of miles. Millions of miles. Sorry. Yeah. So not millions of miles away, but simply, yeah. Several thousand miles up. Yeah. So this, this, you know, this, this giant nuclear reaction, hydrogen bomb, that’s the sun that’s, you know, 4,000 times bigger than the earth.

It’s just, you know, just a couple hundred miles up. Yeah. Like, what the fuck? And it doesn’t melt the ice It, and it did ice. Yeah. It’s like, it’s a, a crisp 98. Yeah. Like, it’s like hundred percent believable.  So Rowbotham started out as an organizer of what’s called an O Night Community. Wait, wait. Can, can you explain what, what an O Night is? Yeah. An O Night community is kind of like a commune, and it was based on, based on this guy Owen, and, you know, it was a socialist commune where you would.

Everybody would share everything. And it’s kinda like in the last of us, I was gonna say, come only work when like there’s a zombie apocalypse. Yeah. It’s the only time that actually ever worked. That’s pretty much what it was. Yeah. I mean, without the zombies.  Okay. So his initial theory was that if the earth was round, then an object, the further it is away would lower based on the curvature of the earth.

Oh. Cuz you’re thinking, okay, I understand. But it’s the like concept, but it’s too big for that to happen. Yeah. So if you say that again too. Okay. So his initial theory was that if the earth was round. Yeah. Then an object, the further it is away from your viewing would be lower based on the measurement of the earth temperature.

Yeah, that’s, but that’s like, that’s if the earth was a hundred feet wide. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s like, yeah, it’s good. It’s going. Damn. And I’m just gonna draw something for Jorge. That’s a circle. Thank you for that, Eric. But say, you’re right here. Oh, see, like once you get past the line of sight, I, so your line of sight is there.

Yeah. So if it is in fact a circle, if it is in fact a sphere, then your line of sight ends here. Right. Does that make sense? Right, right. And everything else is, Lower. Yeah. Yeah. And in theory, that was the theory. Yeah. That’s the theory. That’s his initial theory is that, well, the, the theory’s not necessarily wrong, but the earth’s too big for that to make sense.

Before you get, before you get, before you get mad. Right. I’m just saying maybe on the moon that works, but, so it means the further away something is from you, the lower it would be an out of sight and it would essentially go down. Yeah. And he didn’t experiment. Okay. The experiment was he got into like a canal or this really long six mile ditch, canal ditch, whatever.

Sure. Right. And he got, and it was, had water in it. Well, that’s what Canal is. Yeah. Yeah. That’s why when you said ditch, I’m like, okay, what, what? It’s a little bit bigger than a ditch, but it, you know. Anyways, so he got in, it’s gonna, so he got in and he, he put a telescope on, like a tripod pole kind of thing.

And so the trip or the pole or stick or uh, whatever you wanna call it, I don’t know. Back then in the 18 hundreds, they didn’t have a tripod. It’s like a broom. So they stuck and he put a telescope on the top and so it was right sticking out of the water. Yeah, and it was facing this, so then he put a boat on the canal.

Okay? Okay. In the boat he put a post, and the post was a meter high. Three feet. Okay? Yeah. Yes, correct. We’re in America and he put a flag, fucking meters here, translate that shit. What is the meter? And he put a flag on the post, right? Yeah. So  his theory was if he had the boat go six miles down the canal, If the earth was curved, it would get small and it would disappear.

Oh, he would, he would cease to see it. Yeah. So his experiment began. So he gets in, he gets in the water, he pushes the boat down six miles, and sure enough he could still see the flag through the telescope.  So he’s thought, I see. So now that is when he became, I am a flat earth. Like he literally started the best.

He’s like went back to the commune. Yeah, you’re never gonna fucking believe this. Yes. Fake news everywhere. Yes. So then he now, then he declared the earth is flat. He here, he thine earth is.

 That’s the experiment.  I don’t know if you have opinions on that experiment. I, I do think it’s funny. Like he ran one experiment and he was like approved. Well, in his, he’s proven in his book. He has a few other ones, but they’re so, he’s like, I threw a rock. And it didn’t, they’re so, it didn’t, they’re so small.

Disappear in the horizon. They’re so small in comparison. Like that was his foundation, you know, like that was his. This is what I’m basing everything on. Six miles, six miles, six mile wide. You, you can still see it far. So that, so he’s, he’s now then says, okay, the only way I could see it is because it’s flat.

And then what time? Like what’s, what’s the, what’s the, the time period this is happening? Mid 18 hundreds. Yeah. Hmm. They were fucking retards back then. Okay. So why Now here’s the question. Here’s the question that we’re gonna pose right here. Why could he still see it?  I think there’s a, if there’s a curvature, if the, if this is true and every three miles it goes down an inch or two inches or a foot or, or you know what I mean, 10 feet, whatever.

Why? Definitely not that much. That’s the problem. It’s a it. Why can you still see it? Yeah. Earth is so wide that six miles in compare, what did we say? It was fif 20, 30,000 miles or, uh, 24. 24,000 miles. That’s a, that’s a circumference fully around. Right. So six miles fully around, you know, that’s nothing.

Well, he did the measurements and so six miles should have been enough to drop it. Oh, okay. The meter. Remember how the post is a meter high? Yeah, yeah. One meter. Well, um, there’s a lot that depends because I’m looking at different things and so I know for a fact, so it, one of the big things is, is elevation. Mm-hmm. So Well for sure you don’t know how but high he was in the canal. You don’t know. No, it’s, yeah. There’s a lot of, there’s a lot of factors we’re that it was like, but also flat, like, like pretty much no elevation.

 I, I understand what you’re saying. We understand what you’re saying. Mm-hmm. But now just take for example mm-hmm. Just under the idea that his six miles is right.

Okay. So based on Sean’s,  data theory. He, he, he was higher, his elevation was higher than he had to. I got you. The only, the only way could see that far and like that actually in like, this is in essence, this exact thing could actually prove that the earth was round. Because if he could, literally if he was, was higher and he could see if the earth was flat, I could get, I could use my father-in-law’s telescope that he looks into space with.

Mm-hmm. And I could see the end of the  planet with it. I could just look and just look at the end. It’s at the end of the earth because it it drop off. No, drop off. No, I’m saying if it was flat, if it was flat, I would just look for thousands of miles and I would look for thousands miles. Yeah, but can’t, because I just look into space.

 My sole point on this is like, we don’t.

There’s two factors. A, he’s just saying it was six miles. There’s no proof that the a that this com Sure. That this canal was six miles long, actually. Okay. Sure. Or what his elevation was. So I’m just saying there’s unknown things. Yeah, yeah. No, no. Absolutely. Saying I understand his experiment. Totally valid experiment.

 If it was actually makes sense to me with telescope, if it was actually six miles, then that would’ve proved his point.  But what about light? What about fog? What about, you know what I mean?  can, can light retract and then we wouldn’t, we would be able to see it, or, I don’t know.

This science, I think the light, light refraction would only make the visibility less. It would, it wouldn’t extend it. It wouldn’t help it, it wouldn’t extend it now, or like reflections? No, because you can’t, because the way that that shit works, it doesn’t,  you’re not able to reflect.

There’d have to, there’d have to be a mirror, a giant mirror in the sky. And that’s like, even with that stuff and like refraction and stuff, it, it disperses light and it, yeah, it would just make visibility less. So this is the old Bedford River, which is in,  the uk and it’s 9.7 kilometers. Okay.  It’s pretty straight, you know what I mean? It’s pretty straight and it doesn’t look like, you know, Is this? Yeah, like the elevation, like it looks pretty flat. It says 6.6 0.027 miles. Yeah. So I’m assuming that he just pushed it all the way to the end and he’s like, this is now at the end.

I, I can see the fucking flag now. I wonder how annoying that, how long he had to wait there because like, it doesn’t look, there’s, there’s no  current at that. I know, I know. He’s like, please get there. It’s like on a sale. Please get to the end. Yeah. Whatever you do, just keep going straight. But there’s gotta be other stuff.

And maybe we need somebody that under,  but like, there’s gotta be , you know, you see a mirage. Oh yeah. That’s a good point. And it fucks with your visual. It makes you believe you see something and something’s not there. Yeah. And it’s just maybe it floats up and down and I don’t know.

Anyways, that’s possible. Yeah. All right. There you go. Or maybe there’s like moving on, maybe a telescope is just like Jan Fuck. It’s true. It could have been a fucking spec. I know there’s a spec. He’s like, there it is. Who knows A seat, a saint. I know, I know. But essentially he, he turned into this , you ever like talk to somebody who was just constantly arguing and , then they evade a question and then they , kind of, because he doesn’t have the answers.

Yeah. Yeah. So he started, he started lecturing,  no questions. Yeah. And he would, he would charge a six pence. Six pence baby for the lecture. And, you know, per, witnesses or people who attended, he would counter every argument with ingenuity, wit, and skill. So it was like he was good at, he’s one of those that’s  good at arguing.

Yeah. I mean annoying this. Yeah. He’s like a vacuum salesman. He is like, I’ve heard that one before. Yeah. Fuck your mother. Shut up. Wait, what? Next question. Yeah. So again, he was pressed in 18 60, 64 net. You next, you over there in the back. Next question. So in 1864, he was pressed to do another. Experiment, but in front of other people, oh shit.

He’s like, prove it. Prove it. I’m busy. So it was a place called Plymouth,  Plymouth Rock. This England, well, it was like a, it was like a lighthouse and, and like on the water it was called Plymouth Ho. You know what kind of spot. So he went to a beach where a telescope had been set up and. , his opponents to this claim or whatever.

 there was an a lantern at a lighthouse, and it was 14 miles out to the sea. Mm-hmm. So it was like a little islander, like a little rock or whatever. Yeah, yeah, yeah.  and so he did the same kind of thing where it was he had a telescope and it’s 14 miles, so it’s even more even further. Yeah. Yeah.

And so he, in front of everybody, he said, I can see part of the lantern. Did anyone else look in the they? Only him. He’s like, I can see it. I, so basically the people that were watching agreed and said, you know what, this invalidated basic concepts of astronomy and basic concepts. No, I don’t know if it says, mm-hmm.

Um, was the land was it the light tower? Super high, yeah. Okay. So maybe that, maybe that had something to do with it. I’m not sure. I’m not sure if it was like, what’s funny is that, and maybe we should read his book, He’ll convert us. Yeah, because I would assume that he would put numbers and like.

Measurements. Right. I also, I also just love this guy. He’s like, I can see it. Yeah. And they’re like, he is not lion. Yes. And he breaks the telescope. I saw it. He breaks, he lights the telescope on fire. Fucking boom. Proven. I love casino. Yeah. It’s over. I steal nothing. Yeah. So, I don’t know, like that’s the, that’s the.

This guy actually, I gotta get this guy mad. Props dude. He’s killing the game. I gotta get this guy game. This guy is probably would be like in the games, this guy be like VP of sales somewhere right now. Like this fucking dominating. So I want to, I did, I did put together a little paragraph about him just to give, I don’t know, I wanna know about this, this guy.

Gimme, gimme the back story. If he’s like a, a crack addict living on the street, it would be good to know. You know what I mean? Like, yeah, for sure. So he married twice.  he had two children,  one of which died in infancy.  When he was 46, he married a 15 year old girl. Oh God.  that’s normal back then.

I know, but it’s already like a ski little sketch. Yeah. He had two when he was 40 years older than her. He had 15 children. What? I thought he just had two with the 15 year old. He had 15 children. One. Okay. This guy’s super sketch. Um, unfortunately four survived till adulthood. Oh my God. Oh wow. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, he was.

Story gets weird. This is like seven. He was named in,  multiple wrongful death suits. I guess you’d call him Suits. It’s like a murder. Yeah. I wasn’t, I wasn’t driving the carriage. He was, he had a case against him, which was a called, it was called a Death by Misadventure,   he was playing with one of his kids and. It’s called Death by Misadventure, where he accidentally gave him poison and he killed one of his kids. Yeah. Uh, he lived under an alias.  named Dr. Samuel Burley and he had a lot of, like, he got in trouble for giving people cures. Well, yeah. That were like fake, like snake oil salesman. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Like the literal definition. No, but my, my thing is like, how did.

How did that happen with this kid Ra? Like, was he like, you’re gonna have, I got some checklists for you? Little, I dunno. Maybe it was like the The, oh, the shell game. The shell game. They like drink. It’s like, idiot. You are wrong. It’s this one. Oh, you’re dead, Johnny. It’s not funny. Funny. So fucked up. This shows, this guy sucks.

Yep. So, uh, anyways, he also sold some stuff that he claimed Prolonged life. Yeah. Hoover vacuums. And so, uh, you know, he patented a few things. He had a life preserving cylindrical railway carriage. Don’t know if that ever came in. Fuck is that. Even me. I don’t even know. Uh, but he never got a degree. He never really was a doctor, but he had a lot of different.

You. You know what it seems like, it seems like this, like it’s one of those guys, he’s like, sounds like he’s selling something. Huh? It almost reminds me of, you know who this reminds me of. Weird enough. It reminds me of Lee Harvey oal. He’s like trying to be in empowered. Oh yeah. Yeah. He’s like really trying.

He just can’t dedicate himself to something because Alias is a doctor. He’s like trying to get lucky. Like, you know, someone eats like some pepper fucking peppermint and they’re like, feel better. He’s like, I fucking told you I knew it. So like fucking told you. You know, he just, he’s like trying to be special.

Yeah. Like he wants to be special. Yeah. Yeah. And so like, I feel like this was his way, right? Like he was like, fuck yeah. I found something that I can finally, like, I could finally make a name for myself. Make him special. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I’m not saying like, I’m not like call him a lie. I’m just saying like, it seems like that was the, the track.

And he finally found something. He’s like, oh shit, I did an experiment. This one stopped. It worked. Yeah. People are gonna believe me now. Yeah, I hear you. Okay. Well, he created something called the flat Earth map. So, , in his, , book, Zet Astronomy, , the Earth, not a Globe, uh, in 1864, his lectures continued and concerned.

Citizens addressed letters to the astronomer Royale seeking rebuttals for his claims. Um, so then a certain offshoot church,  started promoting it in the US when they had a radio station in 1923.  by this time he had died.  and then in the us  somebody by the name of William Carpenter kind of kept forwarding his ideas.

He was like the apostle of, you know what I mean? Like he was, you know, the constant continuing it, basically. Essentially. Right.  I thought it was funny. Like you were talking about the flat earth map, so I was looking that up. They sold that shit on, uh, Amazon. Flat Earth. Flat Earth, 1999. Dudes crazy. Killing it. Somebody’s killing it. 1795. 1795. What an awkward number. Like a weird number. Know it’s on sale right now. It’s on sale.

Yeah, it’s on Prime Delivered tomorrow by 10:00 AM Check it out. Yeah. Yeah, there is. We’ll put a picture of it so you guys can see it on our,  website. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah. I just love that Audible. Audible has this, and it’s like . Zet Pastrami pmi. Zt Astronomy is the Magnum opus of Samuel Roba, a self-taught polymath, debater, faith healer, and early advocate of utopian socialism, self-taught polymath, debater, faith healer.

 So,  so after he died,  somebody by the name of Lady Elizabeth Blunt Oh. Continued the Universal Zetex Society. Which he had founded. Right. And the society published a magazine entitled The Earth, not a Globe Review, and remained very active until the early part of the 20th century.

Oh wow. After World War I, the movement kind of declined, and then in 1956 it was revived and thus entitled The Flat Earth Society. Flat Earthers. Yeah. And so from 56 to like early two thousands, it really was a dead kind of, It wasn’t really a thriving concept, you know what I mean? I mean, just to be honest, like I do feel like flat earth, flat earth to me.

You know what’s strange though is like, what, remember we were talking about the, the way the flat earth is structured and there’s an ice thing. Yeah. Why is there ice? Yeah. Why is there ice also haven’t, if we, if there was ice around our entire flat perimeter, Wouldn’t we have reached the ice?

I know. And they’ve been like, shit, there’s a low, no. What is this ice thing here? We have reached the ice. Like at some point people have reached the ice. But the fuck, are you talking about Jorge? People have never reached the fucking ice of fucking Antarctica or Oh, yeah, but no. No, but the No, but not, not like the ice wall barrier around the edge of the earth.

Yeah, but that’s what they’re calling the ice wall is like, oh. They’re just like, oh my God. I reached a spot where it’s cold. Yeah. And I, this is the wall and I can’t get past it. I see. Yeah. Okay. It’s still, it’s still a little, if it’s still a if, yeah. It’s also like global warming. Hello. What happens when like the ice melts is like the earth?

Just like just fall off the fucking side. Just melt off the side. Yeah. What doesn’t make sense is okay. What’s the signs behind why that ice doesn’t melt? You know, because I guess cause like if the sun, if the sun is like right, because space is right next to, I dunno, I dunno. But isn’t the flatter theory that the sun is right?

It’s a hundred hundred feet above, 200 miles above us. Yeah, no, it’s, it’s a thousand miles up instead of a million. I mean, literally, I’m, no, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s more than a million, far more than a million. Okay. Here I’m gonna go. And also like, how do you explain, like, so if it’s so close, how do you explain the, the seasons.

All right, so, so, so the, so the earth’s so many holes, I don’t even know what to say. Like, he ask a question and I’m like, alright, so the, the, I dunno what to say. The sun is 93 million miles away. Okay. 93 4 million. 93 million. Yeah. 93 million. That 200. Above us. 93 million. All right. So, uh, is, it’s like a hundred thousand feet above.

So in,  2015, there was somebody by the name of Mark Sergeant and,  in the flat earth world, he’s probably the most well-known. He’s the gut of the time. He like you keep talking about goats on this podcast.  So Mark Sergeant is the guy that you will see at all the conferences.

Yeah. And he’s being interviewed by the LA Times, and he’s the guy, he’s like the, he’s the figurehead of the, he’s a bit of a spokesperson for flat Earth community. Yeah. Yeah. And so in 2015, he released a series of videos on YouTube called Flat Earth Clues. Right. And it questioned the, shape of earth.

 and this is what went, I guess you would call it viral,  . Millions of views, millions of followers. He became, I don’t wanna say he became famous because he didn’t, he became more really infamous. More infamous. Ooh, infamous. I think this is when he got a Wikipedia page. Oh God. Yeah. You know, like he became social media famous. Yeah. He became, yeah, he became the guy and he, you know, I watched a couple documentaries with him. My, I watched a couple of his videos. I watched a couple of his live streams and stuff like that. And he’s, I don’t wanna start this off by saying he’s a really nice guy.

He’s a like, yeah, I’m sure he’s a really cool guy. He’s not a dick. Yeah. He seems well intended. He seems, you know what I mean? He doesn’t seem really he’s trying to trick anybody. He’s not really trying to sell anybody. He’s not, he’s, he’s not selling merch. He’s like, here’s my two, here’s my truth.

This is my truth. He’s, he’s not , , Longbottom or whatever. The guy we were talking about  you know who started it? Long, long, yeah. Whatever his name was, what? Uh, uh, Rob. Rob, Rob Robo. Rob Robo. That guy seemed like a used car salesman. Oh, he was like selling the thing. He was , snake oil salesman. So he just seems like a nice guy and I don’t want to like, you know. Yeah. We’re not here to bash him. And, and people are, I don’t wanna be mean.

And people are allowed to believe that. They wanna believe like, fuck this guy. So anyway, so he, he, those videos took off, right? And,  and he now it’s like kind of his life to convince others that the earth is a flat disc with a giant wall of ice around it.  and the idea that he has is that it’s an indestructible dome.

It’s like attached to the rim, making it a closed system. So there’s like a, there’s like a, A giant bowl. Yeah. Like a snow globe. Exactly. A snow globe. A good example is like a terrarium. You ever see a terrarium? They’re like the enclosed. Life habitat. Yeah.   Terrarium?

It would be like if you get a bottle, a lizard in it. Yeah. And you make you can make plants and you can make little, little like a habitat in itself and you have like a little light that’s a heat lamp. Yeah. Which is the sun I guess in his. Analogies 200 miles above 200 miles. So he claims, he claims that the stars and the planets are not physical places, but they’re lights that are attached to the top of the dump.

Literally, that’s what I said. They’re fucking heat lamps. Yeah. Okay. This is, this is the most ridiculous. This is. So then he goes, goes on like pets. So then he goes, I’m sorry, this is ridiculous. He goes on to  further in his, his thing is that the governments of the planet are lying about it. NASA faked the Apollo program.

We didn’t go to the moon cuz there is, because the moon is, is like we already did a whole episode on this, guys. Yeah. You need to go and listen to that one too. The moon is where the masters are. Yep. So he, that’s it. That’s, that’s the my, so his theory is that we’re literally like, we’re, we’re like in, uh, we’re pet.

We’re in a dome. We’re pets. Yeah, we’re in a dome. What, who does he think is  controlling us and his, who do? Is the planet government aor according to him? Apparently. Well, they know and they’re  no, who the fuck is the planet government? Anyway, I know. What the fuck, what the fuck is that? The, the, the IMF or the one, what do we No, it’s like, it’s also, you see how like all of our governments hate each other Yeah.

Is clearly not a planet government. No. Hell no. Yeah. So obviously he gets, he gets made fun of a lot Yeah. In major articles. And, and what happens is he, they put on these big,  flat earth conferences and thousands of people go, yeah. Thousands of people go, it’s, it’s called, they called the flat Earth conventions.

Yeah. Yeah. And I watched one of them and. There’s thousands of people there. I dunno what to say. There’s thousands of people there, and then there’s news media teams and they do these interviews with him and they’re kind of like making fun of him, but he is like, yeah, but no, and he’s gracious about it, but he then tries.

You know what I mean? , it’s kind of just a, what do you believe? Like, what do you really think? And then he like has to repl, you know, he’s like trying to be cool. Yeah. I’m gonna be cool. Yeah. Anyways, so, so I, I, I did watch his video of. What took off, which was the flat earth. Mm-hmm. Clues, right?

Yeah. And so here they are. Okay. You ready? Yeah. So flat earth clues based from Mark Sergeant. He’s like, I haven’t been to space. Yeah. First clue. So he states that three things that cannot be faked. Okay. Three things that cannot be faked. Number one, after 50 years and thousands of hours of footage by NASA in space travel, there is no exterior shot.

The astronaut completes the simple act of painting the camera  180 degrees, let alone 360 degrees sweep. Okay? Right. This has never happened on any Moon mission or exterior Space station. Nothing ever. Stats will tell you this will have happened by accident years ago, but it hasn’t, and it won’t.

This is because of the rule they cannot break, which is never show the fourth wall. Why? Because there is no fourth wall. That is 0.1. He’s saying that they never like rotate the camera enough to see them. Like they never take a selfie to actually sit. They never take a selfie. Yeah. That’s pretty much he’s saying they never took a selfie in space.

It’s kinda like taking a photo of you and you’re wearing a yellow shirt, right? Mm-hmm. We’re taking a photo or a video of you and it’s like, yeah, hey, I’m wearing a yellow shirt. Here I am. And then we stop it and then Jorge goes, you didn’t show the back. Well, like that’s, that’s the point. So is the shirt yellow all the way?

No, but see the point about that this might, my only rebuttal to that is that because no one cares, like you think mass is like worried about like, what do the astronauts look like? And they’re like taking pictures of space. He’s like, no. Take a picture of yourself while in space, taking a picture of space around your helmet.

Go all the way around your helmet. No, because the reason they don’t set it up like that because. They’re, no one gives a shit. No one gives a, no one gives a shit about that. I’m, it’s kinda Sorry. No fucking cares. Yeah. It’s like, it’s not enough data for Mark. I understand. And, and Mark Mi Mark might have a point, but I, but my viewpoint is like, why would they do that?

Because mm-hmm. Just to make him happy. Mm-hmm. Like, they wouldn’t do that cuz they just don’t care. They don’t, no one, no one else is asking this question. Right. No. I mean, this guy doesn’t even believe that we went to the moon. Right, right. Like, so he doesn’t believe that. So even if, if they’re screaming, if there was footage up, you know, like that, then he would be like, oh, that’s fake.

You know, that, that, that was, that was doctor, that was, that leads into number two. Number two. Number two. That leads into number two, which he says, When you search for pictures of Earth, 95% are of composite shots. Majority are simulated images. Nearly none of the images are authentic pictures of the entire globe.

Well, how does he know that? Yeah. Like where did he get this data from? Like what does he know that I don’t know. So the idea is that, you know, remember when we did the moon episode, we were looking at a lot of the photos. Yeah. And it was like, you can’t see the globe fully cuz you’re only seeing what your eye can see.

Well, yeah. It’s like, I mean, that’s how it works. He’s, remember we had that argument about  you can’t see the stars at night on the beach. He’s like, there’s no three dimensional picture of the earth. What the fuck? Like, well, yeah, it’s a fucking planet. It’s too humongous. Essentially what he’s saying, it’s the whole point’s.

Fucking, it’s a, it’s, it’s a picture. You can’t see the other side. It’s a picture. I know. You can’t see the, I guess the whole point, even if it’s flat, you can’t see the other fucking side. I guess the whole point is that it. It’s Photoshopped. Like he says, they’re all photoshopped. No, but what does he think about , oh, they took this picture and there’s, you can’t see all the, there’s only half the continents on it.

Where are the other continents? They’re photoshopped. What? Where? Africa’s not in the picture. I know. , I know it’s not you. I know it. It’s not you. Yeah. Yeah. But it’s a little funny. I know. He’s like, I know what the fuck. Current cameras can take three dimensional pictures, but I’m sorry. Yeah. Cuz what we see in a photo is, and then it becomes flat.

Like that’s the whole point’s point. A photo is two dimensional. That’s works. Photo’s, how fucking photo works. A photo is two dimensional. Photos are, you cannot, there’s no such thing as a 3D photo. All. All, okay. Point three. Yeah. Yeah. So we’re off to hot start. One, two, bullshit. Point three is commercial air travel.

Routes for two, the Southern hemisphere are wrong. The routes to the southern hemisphere are not direct. There are no nonstop flights. When the world is flat, it is the greatest distance between two points. So it’s a distraction of layovers. Okay, so hear me out. Yeah. He’s saying, they’re saying they’re forcing layovers to make you believe that you’re traveling further than you are.

Is that what he’s saying? Correct. That’s exactly what he’s saying. Yes. Correct. And  have, you traveled like outside of the continent? I’m not a peasant. Yes. I’m not a peasant. He’s, that’s the greatest. No, I was, he’s like, do you know, have you ever been on a plane? Jorge? Jorge? No. Have you been out of the state?

You know, he was born in a different country. Right. That’s right. So I have, I’m talking to a different continent. I’ve been outta the, I said continent. Oh, continent. Okay. Okay, fine. Uh, yes. He’s not a pe He’s like, no, absolutely. That would be funny. Absolutely not. What am I, I’m not a cane. He’s like, I’m not a, he’s Eric.

I’m not a peasant. Of course I haven’t. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So the idea here is that if you were to fly to,  Buenos Airs, yeah. You have to do a layover. Of course. Duh. Cause it’s fucking, I just fucking went to North Carolina, headed to do a layover in Georgia. I know. It’s I try to fly to Texas. I have a, I try to fly a  literally you try to fly to Virginia.

Yeah, I have to. I have a layover in Oregon. Oh my God. Go. But the idea is that, that there are nonstop flights to Paris, but there are no nonstop flights to Santiago, Chile. Paris is okay. Yeah. How long is that? I’m just telling you. Stop flight. I’m just telling you what this the argument is. Yeah, that argument, that argument’s retarded.

It’s ridiculous. It’s absurd. It just makes no sense. He’s like, he’s like, yeah, you can take a 10 hour, 12 hour nonstop flight here, but then you have to take a layover for a nine hour flight, and then you still get there in 12 hours. Actually, I think what it boils down to is economics. Like it’s just too far.

I know they don’t enough, enough gas and Yeah. But you know what I mean? Their fucking flat. They want, yeah. They wanna do, his argument would be they wanna do Meen Air down to Columbia. Me, it’s me, me Meen. But his argument would be , well, why is there. A nonstop flights Paris. Yes. Right. So what’s the answer?

What, what? What do you think? Like, is it, it’s just not  logistically. I know the answerable economically, it doesn’t really makes sense. No. The reason there are nonstop places the same. How many people are flying to Santiago, Chile? That’s my compared to Paris. Right. No, that’s my point. It, it’s the reason there are nonstop flights to places is because people pay, there’s enough people paying money to go nonstop.

Mm-hmm. Whereas otherwise are like, okay, cool, we’ll drop off these motherfuckers. Yeah. Refuel whatever. What? And then we’ll go there and we make double the money. Like we’re, yeah. That’s the only way it’s economically feasible. It’s not like, You know,  it’s , oh, I want like a non-stop flight to New Zealand.

, they’re , well fucking, sorry. No, it’s not gonna happen. Maybe with a private jet. And then that would be, that would be the other part, right, is why don’t we just rent a jet and fly. Down to Bueno Air. Yeah, it’s fucking flow. Yeah, we can get into that. We, we need to do that just to test this theory.

Well, I mean, just, just as some of these, so please, we’ll be going on vacation for a few weeks. Dogecoin sponsor.

Like I feel like it might boom with the millennial like Gen X crowd that might be  that’s literally what it is, Pam. Well, we’re gonna Everything that is so crazy.

You, you better respect it. You better. You better believe it too because Yeah, if you don’t believe it, you’re bigot. Well, we’re gonna do,  We’re gonna go into more of present day stuff. Like in the next episode I have a of,  this was kind of like the history and kind of where it was going and, and, and kind of where it came from and, you know,  so it’s been around for a while.

That’s, it’s been around for a while.  some people don’t know about that, , cuz we just recently been hearing about this in the last, whatever, few years or so. Yeah. Mm-hmm. But hey, it’s been around for a long ass time. This, this theory. And there’s, and there are some, there’s some diehard like die. It’s huge.

We, I found this, I huge, I was sending these guys,  cause obviously we all do our research and I found all these like Instagram pages and they’re like 150,000 followers. I know. It’s like outta control. I’ll send you the, the Reddit, there’s like a subreddit or something. Oh, I bet it’s, I bet it’s madness.

It’s crazy. Oh God. Yes. You gotta jump in there so deep. Would it have like, Was it 170 or 70,000 people? I don’t remember, but it was so many shit. Little people in there. Crazy. Four more people than I would’ve ever imagined. I was expecting like 32 people up in the flat page. One of those is Kyrie. I know.

No, we’re, don’t spoil the next episode. We have all the, we have all the celebs who are flat Earthers. Yeah, we have, uh, there’s quite a. Few, which is crazy. A bunch of people, there’s a lot. And there, there are people like, and all their quotes and, and if you like sports of people that you actually like, I know.

And then now you’re gonna be , do I draft them on my fantasy team? I dunno, maybe I shouldn’t, I know. And then, and then  early 20, 20 10 ish. , there was a resurgence of this and um, you know, if you go on YouTube, there’s a bunch of, I think it, it probably know, it probably stemmed from the general distrust of like the government and what you’re being told.

Yeah. So that’s a great point. That’s a great point, is it’s very much 1984. Yeah. You know what I mean? They’re, they’re lying us big brother, you know. Well, I think is like, what do they have to gain from. From that. Yeah. I know it’s round. You’re gonna hold me down. I understand.  but next  episode, we’re gonna go into the conspiracy theories about it.

We’re gonna go into, um, you know, some more stuff, some weird stories. Yeah. And there’s also like a weird stuff. It’s, there’s a lot of interesting things that you’ll kind of be enlightened about in terms of what they actually . Yeah. Some of the stuff they believe, there you go. What they, what they, it’s not, like I said, it’s not, it’s actually more than just the earth.

There’s like other things. Yeah. It’s not gonna be, and it goes into real interesting, not just the theory of the math behind it or whatever. It’s , no. It’s they believe some other shit. Yes. They’re like, whoa. That’s true. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Yes. But like I said, look out. We will once,  after episode two, we’ll,  we’ll post, we’ll post these,  all sorts of stuff.

No, the, , the, the surveys. Oh yeah, the polls. We wanted the polls, polls. And I want to see some heavy pole content, like I want to see because like, we’re gonna be checking this shit daily. Mm-hmm. I want, I want to see the polls. No. So when you , Parker card. It’s like, just, and nobody’s 12 seconds. So you, you can answer the pole.

It’s anonymous. It could be a secret. Yeah. It’s, it’d be a secret if you’re, you’re a closet flat. Earth. If you’re a closet about it, it’s totally fun. What he is talking about is we, we want to do a poll of , if you guys are a flat earth believer now, if, if you change your mind after episode two or Yeah.

We wanna do be two polls. Yeah. Pre, like before listening. What were your beliefs? Yeah. After listening, and we will have. , abc and we, we also have,  it’s gonna be on Spotify, by the way. Yeah. It’ll be on Spotify. We also have, what we have about five things are the main points of what they believe in.

Yeah. So, so you will find out, you know what I mean? Like, why do you believe in that? Yeah. No, cause it’s, it’s, I think it’s, it’s more than just like, oh, there’s a lot. There’s like other shit. Yeah. It’s like other, it’s not, it’s not like that. Simple. Yeah, exactly. Like it’s more complex than it. All right. Well, love you long time.

All right guys. Night night.