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Episode 4: Was William Shakespeare A Phony?

Podcast Transcription

Well, I come to our next episode of the conspiracy podcast. This is Eric shod and Jorge, uh, this episode we’re on Shakespeare, William Shakespeare, The most renowned playwright of all time, supposedly, and what’s consistently. So a lot has been, especially in the 19th and 20th century about the fact that Shakespeare didn’t actually write the plays, attributed to Shakespeare really now.

And that’s a fake a fraud. Well, somebody wrote. But that’s not him. So he was like, he was like, he was at the front guy. I need a ghost writer kind of. Yes. Yes. So we’re going to kind of go through, yeah. We’re going to go through kind of like what some evidence that maybe would say that he didn’t actually write it him as a person.

So William Shakespeare originally was an actor. Oh, that makes sense is a charismatic motherfucker. Give an example or who all of a sudden turned into the most famous most eloquent. Writer of all time. Well, obviously it’s never happened before, so that there’s no probable example.

I was thinking more like, uh, um, uh, Goodwill hunting where pretend pretending the ma and then got like $200. How do you like them? Apples. Exactly. So, uh, all, all in all Shakespeare wrote about 38 place. That’s like a lot of place it’s allowed many places. Um, this is, you know, Hamlet, Othello. This is classic.

Um, one place where like the shit, this is before movies. Yeah. This is one plays where like your. Real source of entertainment. That’s right. That’s right. Henry the fifth Richard, the third. I mean, these are king Lear Macbeth, like, yeah. These are classics. Like these are all been made into movies. Yes. All right.

Uh, so a couple of things that are strange about sir, William he’s wait, wait, wait, is he a sir? No, he’s not. I just made that up. Sorry. I was like, holy shit. I didn’t realize he was a sir. 

Like it’s I took honors English class. Like I have fucking handle that shit. Have you read a lot of, have you read some like, or watch

Uh, we don’t, we don’t have this, that Mexican, the Spanish. But like Shakespeare, just started off understanding his impact, right? , we, I don’t even understand half of what he writes now. It’s also so like old English that you’re like fucking talking about, and then scholars will tell you, it’s so beautiful. And, and it is because it’s so intellectual, but it’s out of our vocabulary. 

So William Shakespeare’s is known. The most he’s the goat. He’s, he’s the guy, he is the goat of writing. He’s the goat.

And, um, so there are a couple of strange things about that right now that we like we’re establishing. He is the goat. Yes, I a hundred percent. Okay, good. There is zero evidence that he wrote anything no pen. Nope, no pen mark. Zero evidence. There’s nothing handwritten by Shakespeare. How do they know?

Is that handwritten or did the fucking type it up? Yeah. Would they be typing? Sure. Really? Really? Yeah, no way. I was just kidding. Don’t really, it’s not like a typer. But it’s, it’s a printing press. So someone would write it and then like nothing has survived. No. So there’s not like, oh, like we can, we can actually, this is we can, this is ham.

Look at his signature and then that’s right. But there’s also nothing that says that he didn’t just say, Hey Sean, write this down for me. And then maybe he had a scribe. Sure, absolutely. But I’m just saying of all those places. Nothing survived. That’s a little weird. You think that she would be like, they’d have a fucking music that’s 0.1.

Right. And, um, so his parents were, uh, John and Mary and believe it or not English, mom and dad, believe it or not, believe it or not. John and Mary were. Okay. Completely illiterate. I totally believe it. It’s England. Like England sucked back in the day. It wasn’t not like some gloves, not like super uncommon.

Okay. But keep in mind, the point of that is that your parents are illiterate. Therefore you are illiterate or at least . Yeah. They’re not like we’re not reading you like bedtime stories. Exactly. Uh, so his wife was named Anne Hathaway. No way. Gotta be kidding. Is that true? That’s true. Yeah, but she is hot. I don’t know.

Uh, but no, his wife was illiterate too.

Okay. So everyone’s illiterate. So no one can illiterate. I mean, they can’t read, they can talk. Well, they can’t read or write. Okay. Yes. Isn’t that the definition? I think you’re right. Sorry. 

So his wife was illiterate and Hathaway and his children were illiterate. Okay. So how, okay. How the fuck can the greatest playwright in the history of mankind? None of his family can write or read his parents, his wife and children. Transcribe what he wants, but how can you be so sure.

How can he be so intuition about top near the tip of tip coat. It’s like saying Tom Brady, like the goat, but he like, he can’t actually throw no, then he wouldn’t be the go. Well, how could he be the motherfucker? Can’t write, can’t write or read, but you can ask somebody, write it. You can still be brilliant.

It’s like Stephen Hawking. But he’s like the greatest physicist and the, his real life doesn’t make any sense. Oh, you can’t talk, you can’t move. It doesn’t mean it takes away from his brilliance. Shut up. Sure. No, but nice. Right. But we’re going to keep going. Okay. We’re going to go further date. There is no record of him going to any sort of.

Okay. So he’s just inherently a genius. Not to say you didn’t go to school. Obviously. He probably did go to like a grammar school or completely not good. There’s no record. There’s no record. It didn’t even really exist.

crazy record. He actually laid off. It’s PR it’s by the way, how, how common or uncommon is it that there was no records back then of a lot of things you like the record recorded everything back because they didn’t nothing else again. Okay. And that might be the problem that might actually be the underlying problem is that there’s not a lot of records for, for pretty much anything.

Here’s the other thing. there are pretty much zero letters from Shakespeare to anybody which just goes further. And he was so there’s no letters. Like he didn’t write DIA.

no, there’s nothing. Well, that was especially, that was like the only form of communication. Yes. And the big analogy, the big analogy of the time was Voltaire. You ever hear of? I have heard about that. Yeah. Uh, he is totally thousand. Wow. Okay. And he is fucking zero. Shakespeare is 0, 0, 0 items. Weird sketchy.

Yeah. Um, so the idea here is, is just the fact that there’s just so little evidence that existed about him. That it’s just a strange, it’s a strange situation. This range, this. Yeah, what I mean? Yeah. And I’m in his will. Okay. So he died. Who wrote the will. So let me just tell you, so he’s in his, will he misspelled his name?

I don’t even know how to spell Shakespeare. that’s right. And this will he Michigan’s he made no mention. Of a vast library. Like let’s say he didn’t go to school. Let’s say he was self-taught and he’s like, fuck it. I’m just, yeah, I’m going to crush it. I’m going to just

you know, blah, blah, blah. No mention of any books. W w wait, you know what, let me just say what he did leave plays or nothing, nothing, nothing. This is what like 20 bucks left his wife, his second best. The second best bet worth. Of course, the best bad guy he liked die on it. The way his will. He went to the real land Hathaway.

I live this

his will says I leave my wife my second best. My second. Yes. What to do to not only, not only was he literally, he was also a Dick accurate. Good. So just to give you an idea, I have a quick question. Did he spell William wrong or Shakespeare? Shakespeare. Okay. Okay. That makes more sense. Yeah. Shakespeare, because if he spelled William wrong, I’m like, okay, he’s whole a hundred percent of fake.

Yeah. So. Shakespeare. So scholars will tell you that Shakespeare had probably one of the biggest vocabularies ever. He had a, but it’s there proof behind that. And how does that mean they did so, so, uh, like eye witness accounts to give you an idea talking? No, no, no. I mean, just in his place, vocabulary fucking plays his, they wrote, they figured it out.

They figured it out. He had 29,066 different words. Okay, but different words. He was Elizabeth tabulary well, he was illiterate, but his parents were illiterate. His children were illiterate and his wife were alerted Hitler. Okay. This isn’t making sense. I’m just looking. These are facts. I’ve never, I haven’t saved 20,000 out there.

I’ve never even spoken 29,000. What happened, obviously, you know what I’m saying? So I want to just give you some, some people who are doubters me. Well, yeah. So like, I’m going to give you famous people. Okay. Who are doubters Shakespeare’s intellectual mind, intellectual minds who are also on this side of doubters.

Ready, mark. What a good, what a good guy, mark Twain. I believe him. Sigmund Freud and whatever. Ralph Emerson, Charles Dickens. I said all of the best writers of the planet, Nathaniel Hawthorne. So all the best. Von Bismarck, James Joyce, Charlie Chaplin. Gladwell’s Malcolm X, Helen Keller, Malcolm X.

That’s such a random, I’m just listening

anyways, but he was filing list. There’s a long list of people who are on this team like this. So it’s just one of those things. It’s like, Hey, interesting. He says, this guy was great. This guy wrote it all. And it just kind of keeps going. Everybody keeps believing it. No, these guys say they. That he didn’t, that’s what I’m saying.

So it’s like one of those things, everybody just says that he did it and it just kind of, he kind of believes it, like, it’s almost like this is like the biggest it’s like, almost like this is like, this is oceans seven. Like this is like this, he was Danny ocean and he totally fucking bamboozled everybody.

This we’re onto something here. Right? So all these famous people like are on this. So they’re on there on this, on this crew. It’s, it’s pretty wild, like a weird scenario. The idea behind it is that Shakespeare was an actor and he couldn’t have written it. It’s so intellectual thoughtful, so marvelous. It’s so wonderful.

It’s impossible to do we have a theory of who might’ve written it? I would like to know that that’s such a great point. I think there’s a couple, there’s a couple of theories. Um, the question, keep in mind just real quick. Before we jump into the theories, uh, when he died, he left his wife, his second, really?

Almost nothing. No one cares. No, no big, no big funeral. No big thing. No, really? Yeah. There wasn’t like a fucking parade. Yeah. But was he already huge back then? Or was it, or was it one of those things? It’s like, Hey, after the artist dies, everything gets better. This isn’t like this isn’t like, fucking, this is like a, yeah.

It’s like a painter. Like we’re paying her shit gets huge. If they. Well, he was like the tits, like royalty and shit would go see his fucking place. Like yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. So there that happened where there was nothing, no fanfare, no that see that’s the biggest for me. 

So a couple of other things just before we get into the whole candidates of who it could be. Right. So if you’re, uh, if you spend a lot of time with, uh, like, like reading and watching and listening and stuff to Shakespeare, he’s telling.

He’s got a pretty big command of Latin Greek. I know most, I feel like most of his shit is in fucking mass and majority of it is based in Italy. This motherfucker can not have written this shit. It’s impossible. So there’s no record. I took Latin in eighth grade. There’s no record of him ever going through.

Yeah. Half of his plays are, are pretty much set in Italy. Like, so set in Italy, like you describe how the boat did comes into the dock along, you know what I mean? Like this is literally like, it’s like a nightmare. This is literally a might sale, but Shakespeare style, like he was some random peasant and he took over a Shakespeare.

The real Shakespeare like died. And he like, he was like, it’s a Shakespeare. Well, uh, so somebody comb through it and apparently 30% of all the, everything written by Shakespeare was set in Italy, 30%. Like that’s crazy. That’s so weird. We never went there like w w we’re England, like Italy, like on good terms, even back then.

I don’t know the answer to that. I think that, I think probably relatively, I mean, you would have, you would need a letter of recommendation, so yeah. How it would work is if, say you were like in the mid range of the class. Yeah. You’re like class and you’re going to go say you’re going from London to Rome.

You would need. Like an intro letter, like papers, like, and then what you do is you go, you go to the, I dunno, like the recommended me to go to the Archbishop and you have letters from the queen and you say, this guy is cool. Oh, like, is it because Italy back then was like fully run by the church a hundred percent.

A hundred percent right by the chair. Yeah. So that makes sense. Anyways. So there’s no evidence of him ever going to LA yet all of his shits in nearly 30%. Yeah. Okay. That’s that big. If I speak percentile 30% of anything, that’s pretty solid with like clear details and super, I mean, Romeo and Juliet. It’s pretty much, yeah.

All set truly. I mean, even those names like Romeo and Juliet Italian names, like there’s not one English man named Romeo. I promise you. There’s a, yeah, there’s a, there’s a bunch. Yeah, there’s a bunch. So, but anyways, so I think a fellow was, was I think so I think so. I mean, I’d have to brush up a little bit on my, my old fixer-upper in place.

I thought it was place where just fucking boring. Cause I didn’t know where it was saying, oh, I didn’t know. He was saying same. Same. No, if you dive, if you dive deep, he is Cru. Like he is the dirtiest jokes that I’ve ever heard in my life really. Oh my gosh. Yeah. If you go real deep on Shakespeare’s on Alibaba it’s but it’s hilarious.

Like he’s actually hilarious, you know, but it’s, it’s like the crazy. It’s not like a direct, like Dick joke.

it’s the humor that was back then. The art horny. No, it was like, it was a crazy, um, he was, he was pretty marvelous. He was pretty wonderful. 

But another point that’s really important is to know that that back in the day, It was, uh, it was taboo to be an actor. It was, it was have I thought it was like that. It seemed like it was like, no, it was not really like writer to be a writer in the court. Like it was not, it was not really, it wasn’t like Hollywood where it was like, yeah.

I was like, actors, like springing off. Like, yo, why did they brought a pit into the party? Well, why did everyone go to the place? No they did, but it was at the same time sport. I’m talking about the Royal, uh, tops, right? Yeah. That’s true. This leads into his writing all has to do. You know, royalty and it had to do with , you know, feuding families.

It’s true. It was the hierarchy prince and the Othello and like all these Henry and, it kind of leads into, it, leads into, you know, who it could be. Right. Cause it could, could have been that the biggest theory there’s there’s two, right? The biggest theory is Edward DeVeer. Hmm. Who the fuck is that? He’s he’s in lucky, Earl. He was in he’s a real, he’s a real Shakespeare. Okay. He’s it was the, uh, Earl is the 17th.

Earl of Oxford. That sounds like a low post parole. Like, oh, I thought he was 17 17th, Earl. I haven’t seen of Oxford. Yeah. Yeah. So there’s seven there’s 16 others before this. Right. Okay. I thought he meant, he was like on the totem pole. He was like, when as, just to give you an example, he was a. He was one of the richest Earls that existed when he took the title.

And then by the end of it, he had spent it all, um, on, on the place. Well, he, he went to a little place called the Italy

so spent like a year and a half. It is fact that he wasn’t in 100%

He has like, where’s his rent, what he spent like, you know, he’s got receipts. He hired, he had a, a whole team of, uh, what he would do is he would put on shows for the queen and plays and, and things. He was very, he was a poet and he was, you know, he was clearly literate. Yes. He was a hundred percent literal, but a lot of people had talked to him about or said about him, that he was.

The master pros of all the raw court. Um, you know, so there’s previous people saying like, this guy has skills that’s right. But it’s Pearcey here, but since it was too taboo to like, be a part of this as a Royal. Then he, he hired this fucking scrub and he’s like, yo, you’re going to my front guy.

I’ll give you. I’ll give you a couple loaves of bread and like a couple of pants here and there. And yeah. So, so he didn’t want to be known as this silly little writer. I don’t think you can be in his posts. You can’t, you can’t be seen this ad. It’s like it diminishes the title. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right.

So that is pretty much what I consider the biggest candidate for. Shakespeare. We’ll see Edward de vere. 

Like, what if Shakespeare was like the bastard child of one of these Royals. And so they. Make, you know, like maybe one of these Dukes or some shit was like, oh, had a bastard , Peasant people and it’s all the records were , oh, he’s literate and blah. , so he made sure that there was no records of this person.

Like, no, cause I can’t have a trace back to me, especially since he’s so famous and maybe he gets into some special schools and no one knew about cause they couldn’t have some peasant guy going to some legit school covered it up, cover, cover up and then it becomes Shakespeare. And then, I don’t know, but what did he do with his kids?

He’s clearly it was a degenerate dad. I mean, he was too busy, living the life, you know, at th at the origins and like, you know, at the court, if I can fall in wine and flowing like the Nile. I mean know, sorry, kids you’ll thank me later after mom’s sleeping. My second best. It’s pretty wild.

I don’t, I don’t really get it. I don’t really get all of it because it’s like, he, he writes the most eloquent and intellectual , like intellectual things that I can’t even catch up with now. Did they say then, did he have money? Like did he make, did he make cash from this. See, that’s see, that’s where I think is a little to be no record.

That’s why I think it’s a little weird, like, cause you think if you’re the greatest playwright in the history of mankind, you gotta be getting some like dividends. So the place you gotta be making some kind of coin. Yeah. He, he had more than one. Yeah, so that I have some cash, but there’s a crazy, uh, there’s a movie and the movie’s not that good.

Just as an apple Shakespeare in love. No, definitely not. That it’s called anonymous. Really? That’s a weird name. Yeah. It’s called anonymous. Well, it’s about Edward de vere and he hires this actor named shake Spears to be as pen name. And he has an illegitimate child with a queen. Whoa, crazy Edward de vere.

Oh see,

it’s pretty far fetched. Like it’s pretty out there. I’m telling you that there’s only, there could only be one reason that the records are scrubbed is because it’s somebody who’s important was like, you can’t know. I did. That’s the only way that, especially with so much that crazy socialism, there’s not one plate.

He isn’t he’s in the public eye. Like this is the most talked about fucking celebrated thing. It’s literally lasted until now that we’re talking about it in there, it’s impossible that someone is so important that they didn’t want the records that we found. They didn’t want it to be true, that they didn’t want it to be known.

So they were like, I had never heard about this conspiracy theory before. It’s pretty wild. Like there’s just no evidence. Yeah. I, yeah. I go with Edward, Eddie. Good. Old Eddie. I mean, it sounds good, but I do think there is some sort of love child thing. I think Eddie was probably like maybe the main guy, but maybe he have a use column.


I think Eddie had a love child who was like, well, I can’t let this kid just be fucked for the rest of his life. So I’ll just feed him. I’ll feed him. These plays, it can be, have his own thing, but no, one’s going to know where he came from. No one to know anything and I’ll just keep giving them the stuff.

And I’ll be his like, kind of like his private donor, so to speak. Cause it’s my kid. I really believe that there was some sort of blood there’s some like there’s some secret weird core child court action happening a hundred percent. Yeah. It’s interesting. Yeah. That’s fucking crazy. Isn’t it? Wild.

It’s actually really crazy when you go deep. And deeper and deeper. There’s like famous people and there’s movies and there’s documentaries. And there there’s an easier of credible people who are behind it, who were like confused. They were like, this doesn’t make sense that this part is that we’re all agreeing on this same space because we’re all agreeing now.

Right. You guys are wrong. Oh, Shakespeare was the fucking man. It let’s talk about like for a sec, for a second, like, so could he have done. With what we know. I mean, okay. Like no schooling illiterate. Yes. It’s a hundred percent possible. I think it’s possible. It’s a hundred percent possible. The only thing that, that makes it not seem probable is that there’s no record, right.

When you’re the most famous person of your time. The, the singular, most famous person in your time period. And there’s no data, something should be there. It’s like one of the 38 it’s like saying like it’s like saying like no one knows how Isla must be. Elon Musk is like the richest guy in the world. And everyone’s looking at ’em all the time, but like, we don’t know.

We don’t know where he came. I don’t know how to read. Like what, like how did he get so much money? No one knows. It’s like, yeah, it’s possible. It is probable. I got it. Yeah. So I believe like, obviously like people do it all the time or like, they’re not, we were just talking about, um, you know, a Goodwill hunting that there’s people like that that are like spots and like they’re inherently gifted, but when you’re the most famous dude in your fucking, in this John rock thing, true, like in perpetuity and there’s no data, right.

Okay. Yeah. Suspect, right? Yeah. Super. They’ve made a movie about every one of your plays accurate. Yes. There’s a problem. Hundreds of books. Look, it’s just. Tons of it or is it makes sense? So somebody, somebody there’s a love child. Well, there’s, there’s one other person who’s like at the top of the list and it’s, um, lady Gaga.

No, sir. Francis bacon. I hope it’s that guy. Fuck. Yeah. It’s uh, I’m not sure if he’s related to Kevin, he is, it’s just. Well crisp, crisp E E but there’s, there’s a lot of theories, but I’m a little bit more leaning towards Edward DeVeer. I’m leaning towards Edward de vere son. William Divya

Build-A-Bear and the reason he called them Shakespeare is because he shook his spear at the wrong fucking, and then handed love child. And then I was like real left. Yeah. Well, it’s, it’s a pretty, it’s a pretty crazy story. And, and, uh, for those listening, I would definitely recommend checking. Like more into the story.

There’s more, you know, into the court, the Royal court, the queen, uh, the possibility of Edward DeVeer being involved with the queen. And this is something, you know what I mean? It’s more to dive into and it’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re a Shakespearian type of, uh, individual. This is very true because there’s just, there’s clearly this whole.

You know, because there’s obvious holes. I mean, obviously like human society has been the same kind of way the whole time. And you always record the people that are in. Yeah, always. There’s always records of the important individuals, all the fair others. You know, we just recently did episode about meds.

You know, there’s there’s records on all the pharaohs and this was like fucking

and we, all we have is a misspelled. Will I leaving the fucking second best, second, best bed. I don’t even have a second bed. Literally, my second child was born his old bed. His old bed was my second pair. I’m not even lying. That’s a true story. I didn’t like the mattress that he got. They got a new one. I please clarify, because now that sounds weird.

He bought a mattress. He didn’t like it. So I took it. He bought a new mattress, so it wasn’t a. Thing they’re very open. They didn’t bone on it or anything I swear to today anyways. Next time before you leave, please comment. I want to know what you think about the Shakespeare thing.

We were all very interested in, in kind of your thoughts. And if you agree with me, cause you should. And, uh, so if you want to share your thoughts, you can email [email protected] or you can follow us on social media. All right. Thanks everybody. Thanks for listening.