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Episodes 2 & 3: Titanic Myths and Legends

Part 1

Part 2

Podcast Transcription

Jack never let go. Don’t let go, Jack. Never let go. Does have space on my giant door. , welcome to the podcast everybody. My name’s Eric. It’s Sean. What’s up guys? Jorge. Tonight we’re, uh, doing the Titanic Myth and Legends. Everybody knows the story of the Titanic. From watching the movie Tiffany. Yeah. Thanks to Mr.

Camera and Oh, and DiCaprio. Yeah. And Gay Winslet. Gay Winslet. You know, there is the story of the Titanic as a whole, which is, this is not necessarily an history podcast, but at the same time there are a bunch of myths, legends, conspiracies, et cetera, about the Titanic that I thought would be a cool episode.

Indeed. Let’s do it. So, uh, we’ll do, we’ll do a quick little, um, you know, what happened, you know, for those people who’ve been living on, you know, the Moon True. Or the people that, and, uh, were living on the fake moon. Yeah. Or those universal studios, those who are from Mexico, maybe , Hey, even Mexico. We found out.

Yeah. Yes. We’re at test. So March 31st, 1909. Uh, the construction. How long ass time ago? Yeah, over a hundred years. That’s crazy. The construction of the Titanic began, uh, with the building of the keel, which is the backbone of the ship, uh, at a, at a shipyard car called Harland and Wolf’s. And that’s in Belfast, Ireland.

Ireland. The Republicans Ireland. Train, train, train for the rest of the show. You gotta do it in Irish accents. Oh no. And then the, she My Irish family like, hates my accent. That’s the worst. That’s true. They think it’s like, cuz it sucks. Sorry. Uh, so that’s when they started construction on the Titanic and uh, it was delayed multiple times.

Remember that? Write that down multiple times that it was delayed multiple times in the memory. It, yep. So that was 1909. Then fast forward to May 31st, 1911. The unfinished Titanic is lathered. Lathered up, lathered up with soap and pushed into the water for fitting out. Fitting out is where you install all the extras.

Some on the exterior, like the smoke stacks, the propellers, just to make sure it’s got a fucking float before you put all that shit on it. Exactly. Um, but they put like the electrical systems in the wall, coverings, the furniture, et cetera. Okay. So it’s, it’s all like the, it’s aesthetics, it’s the frame, it’s the aesthetic shit, you know, like the bedding, the bones.

So, um, obviously aside from the name, it was called the Titanic. I mean, the Titanic, it was big, like massive Titan, the biggest thing on, on the water, just to give you an idea of how big it was. The length of the Titanic was 269 meters. That’s fucking big. Here we go again with meters. That’s like a super yacht.

Maybe it’s like a giant What translate to in, uh, Mexico? What do they, what do they do? Everybody accept the US uses meters. So in They do. Yeah, they do. Meters metric. Yeah. Oh, but you like, you like were like fucked up. But you don’t know it. No, you know. Well, I mean 10. You grew up in Texas, so, so Texas. That’s USA baby.

It South Texas. Texas by the way. South Texas. Yeah, south others, right. So that’s 888. 888 82 feet. Sorry. Um, the width, the beam of the ship is the white, like the width of the ship is 92 feet. Damn. That’s fucking dude. That’s Titanic. That’s Titanic. That’s Titan like what you did right there. Um, so 104 feet is the Titanic height measured from the top of the bridge, the keel.

Okay. So, okay, so like, so there off the bottom. Uh, and then massive, just so you have an idea, there are nine decks. Wow. Damn. So nine levels. Well, yeah, I think a hundred feet, a hundred feet’s. Like it’s, it’s close to 10 stories. True. Yeah. Cause each a story’s what, like, uh, like 12 to 15 feet. Yeah. Close. Big.

It’s a cruise ship. I mean, it’s, it’s huge. Yeah. It’s like, its like the first Royal Caribbean, uh, 46,328 tons. Wow. I mean, that’s like, keep in mind this, it’s like a asteroid. This is 1911. I mean, they, man, I mean there was like Model T’s and shit back then. This is like, uh, this, this actually helps my argument with the Egyptians par building, the pyramid.

Yeah. Except that was like, just, it’s amazing what man can do. Yeah. Except for that was thousands of years ago. Yeah. I mean, tit for tat . The Okay, what? Like get the fuck outta here. So you realize that, you know, the weight of the pyramid is like, it’s like 600 million tons. Yeah. But it’s not floating on water.

It’s floating on land. . Well, it’s not. Yeah. Ish. You know, ish. Uh, so 46,328 tons. Um, just to give you an idea, they had a sister ship named the Olympic. More on that later. Yeah, more definitely time. Uh, but just to give you an idea, the Titanic was 1300 tons bigger than the Olympic. So you have an idea. I mean, no one could probably like discern that from looking.

Yeah. You’re like, oh shit, boys. 1300 tons more. Now this was an interesting fact. The largest room in the Titanic was 92 by 110 feet. That’s a penthouse suite. Yeah, . That’s the largest room. That’s not very big. I mean, 92 by what? One 14. That’s the, that’s, that’s pretty, that’s pretty big, bro. That’s pretty big.

Are you kidding me? Have you ever been on a cruise ship? No. It’s like 12 by fucking 16. It’s not big 12, but yeah. So imagine like your regular room. Are you saying like a room where, where you sleep? Or just like a room? Just a room. The biggest room’s probably like their, I mean this, this, this is through the this do the math.

. So June 14th, 1911. The RMS Olympic departs on its main voyage. Oh, the Olympics. The Olympic, yeah. Right. So that’s a year, uh, a year later, sorry, April 2nd, 1912, the Titanic leaves doc for her C trials. Oh. So there’s still in Belfast and they’re like mm-hmm. , is this benching gonna last? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . So that’s test of speed turns or emergency stops, et cetera.

So that’s really only one day. They only do one day of tests. Yeah. You know, fuck it. Cause that’s enough for, I think it’s gonna be on the ocean for years. Uh, at about 8:00 PM after the Sea Trail, the Titanic heads to South Hampton England . Hmm. Yep. So April 3rd to the 10th, uh, which is another week later, the Titanic was loaded with supplies and the crew is hired.

So April 10th from nine 30 until 1130, passengers then board the ship. They were really on a deadline. I hired fuckers, and then the next fucking Monday, see this is like a pay review. They sold the tickets and shit. That’s like, look, we don’t even know if it was ready for C. That’s right. You’re buying. So the passengers board the ship.

Then at noon, the Titanic leaves the dock for its maiden voyage, and this is when Jack and Lean ar DiCaprios winning the ticket. And the poker game is Lean DiCaprio. Yeah. The first stop is Shabo France, where the Titanic arrives at 6:30 PM and leaves at eight 10. It’s only there for a little bit. Heads to Queenstown Ireland, now known as Cobb.

Nice. Okay. April 11th, which is the next day at one 30, the Titanic leaves Queenstown, and heads across the Atlantic for a little place called New York City. Mm. Pizza and Baseball Bagel Bagels. Bagels. Fuck yeah. April 12th to the 13th. The Titanic goes on our journey as passengers enjoy their life as luxurious on the biggest ocean liner on earth.

And it was also, so they go to New York and pick up more passengers? No. No, no, no. So they’ve left Queenstown to head across the Atlantic. So the first two days, that’s the point, is the first two days it was like, step up, you know? And like living the dream, living it. They’re killing it, living the. And this let be known, the ship was built to, like, the ship was built like a fucking howzer.

Like it means huge. You, if it was built like a brick shit house, like it was meant to last, like you could just like hit that shit with a missile and it’s like totally fine. Yeah. And so for some reason, and this is, I I read this many places. It it in the press it became known as the unsinkable ship.

Yes. Now the, the white star line or the star line, um, they said, they never said that like later on, obviously after they Yeah. We’re not liars after it sunk ever. They said, never said that though. That term missed quote, we never put the quotes on it, so it wasn’t us. But for whatever reason, the. latched onto that.

And it was like a, a viral word. . Yeah. Viral word. Viral. Some fucking shit. Viral back in the tens. Yeah. The 1910s. Yeah. So, uh, fast forward a little bit to April 14th, 1912. Uh, and we’ll start off in the morning. Captain Edward J. Smith, , canceled a lifeboat drill. What a dick. Fucking asshole. So five 50.

Yeah, we’re good. Canceled. He’s like, I’m hungover. We’re good. So it’s 5:50 PM After receiving iceberg warnings throughout the day, captain Smith changes the Titanics course heading slightly south. However, he does not slow her down. This is like, man, there’s like already mad red flags. It’s like, no life by warning, they’re.

Iceberg warning. It’s like, it is like you’re about to like take a flight and they’re like, there’s a hurricane happening right now. Well keep in mind though, a change of CARSs. Oh good. Keep in mind they’re going through an area that is always life or iceberg. That’s true. Right? It’s like, you know, ice iceberg be like the size of our cooler right here, you know?

 So we’re at 5:50 PM so fast forward to 9:20 PM nine 20 now Captain Smith retires to his room, okay? Mm-hmm. , uh, then another ship, uh, the Mae Sabba sends a warning to the Titanic about an ice field that includes heavy pack ice and a great number of large icebergs.


Wireless operator, Jack Phillips, who works for the Marco Company, is handling passenger messages and never passes the warning onto the bridge. Mm, dude. It’s just like, man, nine 40, that’s 9:40 PM They hired a bunch of fucking shithead . No. So the shift changes on the bridge, right? Mm-hmm. with first Officer William Murdock relieving the second officer, Charles Lightower, which is a fucking rad name, light to Jedi.

My name is Charles Lito . That’s the emperor, that’s the officer of the watch. So Murdoch relieves second officer. Charles. Okay. So Lookouts Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee begin their watch in the Titanic Crows. The night is unusually calm, making icebergs actually difficult to see because there are no waves breaking at the iceberg.

So if it’s extremely calm, see like the white caps like hit, they go pop, pop, pop, pop. Yeah. And it’s also like pitch black and I dunno You’ve ever been at sea? Yeah. At night it’s like fucking, it’s like you’re in space. Yeah. Yeah. It’s pure black. It’s the blackest of all black, like there’s no light. . So adding to the problem is the crow’s.

And this is absolutely absurd to me. The crow’s nest misplaced their binoculars. Dude, this is like, what’s a crows nest? That’s, that’s like the thing at the very top. That’s a look, look out the bridge is where the captain is and where like the , the wheel is and you know Right. You know the, and is the one all the way at the top.

Cause the very top of the best, their job is to basically just watch everything that’s happening. Right. That’s, that’s why they call the crow’s nest. Cause the crow will make us nest up high so it can see any predatory. It can just like see everything in this, in this area. Yeah. So like of all the things that you would want in the crow’s nest, it would be binocular , like of all things.

It’s like, that’s what you need. The Uber driver forgot his car and like showed up at your house. Absurd. So, but all, all the, all the information says is that they just misplaced them. The binoculars. Okay. I would love to know who gave this intel. , you know, cuz this ship is on sea and it’s at the, like, how the fuck they know where they misplaced it?

It’s at the bottom of the ocean. I know. I mean, I would love to know who, who recorded this. Yeah. So at 10:55 PM a ship that was nearby called the Californian Radioed, the Titanic, and they said, say old man, we are stopped and surrounded by ice. An annoyed Phillips responded with, shut up. Shut up. I am busy.

I am working Cape Race, which is a wireless station located at Cape Race. New Finland, um, Canada. I don’t understand what this happened. He’s, he’s working I a wireless. He’s talking to them. He’s talking to them. He in the middle of something. Oh, okay. Yeah. Okay. 

Right. 11:35 PM The wireless operator of the Californian turns off his radio because he’s going to bed. Fleet season iceberg in the Titanic path and rings the bell three times to indicate that something is ahead. Iceberg ring, iceberg ahead. He then calls the bridge and they’re like all passed out.

Murdock orders the Titanic, HAA, Budd , which means to the left hot, right? And then the engines reversed. So he says hot as tabba, and the engines reversed. Yeah, full reverse. Like, let’s fucking, let’s get this bitch stopped. He also closes the doors to what is known as the water type compartments, which are underneath.

Hmm. Right. Okay. Okay, good. So 11:40 PM five minutes later, the starboard side of the Titanic scrapes along the iceberg.

Captain Smith then arrives on deck and is told that the ship is struck an iceberg. Shortly thereafter, he is informed that the mail room is filling with water. Other reports soon come in of water, at least five of the ship’s compartments. Oh shit. Which is essentially about half. You’re fucked. Mm-hmm.

right? The designer of the ship, his name is Thomas Andrews, he surveyed the damage and the Titanic was built to remain afloat with only four of those compartments flooded. Andrews predicts then that the ship has only about one to two hours before it will sink. Oh, it’s like, there’s like, they can, it’s like it’s going down.

It’s like too much weight and then like You’re fucked. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So then we cross over into midnight, which is April 15th, dude, the fucking witching hour. So the lifeboats begin to be ready for launch. The 20 boats have space for only 1,178. Passengers of which on board are 2,200 passengers genius, we’re only gonna have lifeboat capacity for half the motherfuckers fucking idiots.

So an order is given for women and children to board first with crewmen to row and , guide the boats. So there’s probably like two crewmen per boat, and then women and children and then, yeah. So it’s like if you’re own crew, you’re like, yes. Yeah. As far as who gave that order, nobody know.

Nobody really knows a good dude. It’s a smart play. Yeah, it’s probably Smith. Yeah. Or Merna, like save the, we gotta save the women children. That’s just the way it is. So then Captain Smith orders Phillips and Harold Bride to send out a distress signal, although SOS became the official distress signal years later.

Many used at that time something called C Q. Was that mean? So cq ker, fuck at Fucked question. It’s basically sos. It’s basically sos. So CQ actually meant like a general call for anybody. Oh, okay. Call query something like that. And then D meant distress. Distress, yeah. Call cord stress. Yes. A fucking, so over the next several hours, Phillips sent will send out both, um, alerts.

Basically the Frankfurt is among the first to respond. And that’s a ship and it’s, but the liner is 170 nautical miles away to your phone to the south. You’ll never make it in time. . Other ships also offer assistance, including Titanic’s sister ship, the Olympic. Oh, this happened to be in the area, but also too far away.

Mm-hmm. the Olympic. The Carpathia receives a distress signal from the Titanic and it says, come at once.

We have struck a burg. It’s a CQ Q D old man. That’s what it says. The ARD liner immediately changes course to aid this ship some 58 miles away. It will take the Carpathia three hours to arrive. Wow. Fourth Officer Joseph Boxall tasked with determining the Titanics position, revises the coordinates. The location is now given as 41 46, 50 14 in the distress signal.

Passengers waiting to enter lifeboats are entertained by the Titanic musicians , who initially play in the first class lounge before eventually moving to the ship stacks. The classic, uh, classic contain the madness. Yeah, so sources differ on how long they performed. Um, but most basically say that it was until they went down, none of the musicians that were doing it survived.

It sucks all right, so 1245 at night. Now shit’s ticking by. Okay. Number seven on the starboard side is the first lifeboat that’s lowered down. Carries 27 people, even though it has room for 65. Wait, what the fuck? Really? Yeah. That was only that run for the one percenters. I mean, you’re kind of like frantically rich.

Only . No, I mean, I, I’m assuming it’s like you’re frantic and you kind of just like get all crazy. I launch it, go, go, go, go, go. You know, like that whole thing. I’m guessing many of the first lifeboats will be launched well below capacity. Uh, partially because of the crewman worry that the, divots would be unable to hold a fully loaded lifeboat.

I don’t know why they were worried about that. Well, cuz they didn’t do the lifeboat check. Yep. Yes. They, they drill, they didn’t do the drills. They’re like, uh oh. These pulley systems are looking a little sketch. Yeah. In addition, a majority of the passengers thought the Titanic was unsinkable.

True. So they’re like, why do we have life posts? So they’re like, literally, I don’t want be the first life vote outta here. , you’re fucked. Literally, I’m gonna be on the ocean. While homies are like sipping champagne in the, in the, in the violin playing. You know what I mean? So I’m, anyways, so, um, it’s also like these lifeboats are for show.

They’re, they’re actually not real life boats. So Titanic fires the first of eight distressed rockets. Um, of which they thought they were, they were like fireworks basically. Someone can see them. They’re like, yeah. So apparently the other ships that didn’t know that was happening, they just saw fireworks and they’re like, eh was a party.

They wish I was on fucking Titan Ranger. Yeah. Rag Titanic going on. Um, yeah, was crew crewing aboard the Californian, see the rockets, but failed to determine their source? Uh, they thought it was the Titanic. Californian will later believed to be about 20 miles away. Jesus. Although there was per a couple reports, a mystery.

Hmm. That just never came. So the Black Pearl , well, here’s one theory is that, uh, the ship was a Norwegian fishing vessel that was illegally hunting. Oh. So they’re like, I don’t see anything. So they’re like, well, I see nothing here. I’m not gonna do a wrestling mission and then just go to jail. Are they like clubbing, seals and everything in the, so 12:55 AM uh, number five is the second lifeboat leaving the Titanic.

As, as it’s lowered, two male passengers jump into the boat, injuring one of the females, uh, number six is launched containing Molly Brown. Uh, she was the, who’s that? She’s like a famous person. She was like new, uh, Texas Oil money. Uh, she was considered the unsinkable Molly Brown because she was the one who was like, go back for more, you know, different things like that.

She’s just like a famous little story in the Titanic. Okay. Um, also the lookout guy. Who had no binoculars, . He was in that boat, so Oh, he got out damn. On the, on the slide line. Yeah. So we we’re past the women and children only. I mean, it’s, this is the second 1:00 AM Yeah, I know it’s almost 1:00 AM but, but this is like the Hunger Games.

Yeah. It’s like, you know, totally. Only the fittest survived this, this point. So number three is lowered at 1:00 AM It carries 39 people. Jesus. Another under 12 of those people were crew me members. Okay. Water is seen at the base of the grand staircase at this point. Uh, so, you know, water’s really coming in.

Yeah. Roads. It’s raging in there. , uh, 1:10 AM number eight is among the first lifeboats, lowered on the port sides. Launched with only 28 people. , I, Isadora and Ida Straus very famous couple, they sound rich. They were offered seats in the boat. However, they refused to disobey the order of women and children.

First. Ida in turn, will not leave her husband’s side reportedly saying, where you go? I go, neither of them survived. Dude. That’s a ride or die right there. Yeah. Uh, 1:20 AM number 10 is launched. Among the occupants is nine week old Melvin Dean, who will become the last survivor of the Titanic. She died in 2009 at the age of 97.

So there are, she lived a good life. Yeah. There are no more people who are on No, they’re all dead. They’re all, they all died. She was the last one. Yeah. The Olympic radios the Titanic at 1 25, and it seems like they didn’t realize. Like the, the magnitude of the situation. Oh, they thought the distress signals were like a joke.

I, yeah, they just didn’t really get it. It’s like Frank call the Olympic 12 . So the Olympic says, are you steering southerly to meet us at 1:25 AM Like big, no big steering, no big steering going on. Like, dude, like, we’re out. We hit a continent of ice and like we’re to like, so the Titanic responded, the radio guys responded saying, we are putting the women in the boats.

Why can’t they be more specific? We’re a fuck we’re sinking, bro, bro, bro. This is like, uh, this is like, oh, like da Morris code? Yeah. Well, no, not Morris Code, but uh, that’s what we call Morris Code. No, there’s a word. Yeah, it’s called code telex. No, it’s, no, it’s Morse code is what the word is.

They weren’t, they weren’t texting like though fucking live streaming. I know. Like you hit em. It was actually Instagram Messenger, . So, uh, also at that time, number 12, boat is lowered, uh, half full. Dude, they suck. Like you get a, like, this crew is just super, it’s chaos though. Super. It’s chaos. The boat’s growing down.

No, I understand. But like you can see that there’s like a lot of space left. If you can fit 60 people and there’s 30 people on the boat, like you can see that more people can go boat. No. Uh, at one 30, uh, things are getting royal cray cray. Oh yeah. Um, several male passengers try to board number 14 causing the, uh, officer Harold Lowe to fire his gun three times.

he’s later placed in command of the boat After the sink in the Titanic low, we’ll transfer people into lifeboats four, 10 and 12 in collapsible D so he can return later to look for survivors. Oh. Uh, he’s, his boat is basically the one that went and saved about four or five other people. Oh, that’s good.

Good. Go. Yep. Um, number 13 is launched and soon followed by 15, which holds many of the, now we’re starting to get into third class passengers Tail, like the scrubs. Yeah. They’re, they start getting into the boats. 13 or 15, uh, 1 35, 16 is launched, um, for whatever reason at 1:45 AM uh, number 11 is lowered.

Number four is finally ready for launch, which is the Astra family. The Astra family are the wealthy ones. Mm. Uh, have you ever heard of John Jacob Astor? I, I mean, I think, I think I have not, I think so, but very wealthy individual, one of the richest people on earth. Oh, that was the guy. Okay. Yeah, that was, yeah.

He was like, one of like, the 1910s, like, you’re like, so like a fucking trillionaire. Like, which is one of the, you know, one of the conspiracy theories on that is the, the, the passengers that were on there. We haven’t even gotten into that yet. Oh, yeah.

We’re gonna get, we’re gonna get into that. Uh, so at the time, James, uh, John Jacob Aser was worth roughly 87 million, which in today’s standards, that’s 2.5 billion. Yeah. But like back then, like, nobody had, like, you had, like, you were like top, top, like 0.3% Yeah. Of like the universe.

So he went down though eventually with the, the ship. So he died. Um, so anyways, they, you know, they. They had a chance to get into the boat. Um, but they didn’t. Why didn’t they do it? Because second Officer Light told, told them women and children only. Yeah. Yet there’s like hella dudes like in the, but after never really pressed the issue and he just walked away.

Apparently. That’s right. Say he was like, yeah, whatever. I’m fucking, I I lived it. Like, fuck it. Like, he’s like, I owe a lot of money in taxes. So 2:00 AM two, 2:00 AM the only life boats that remain in the Titanic are three collapsible boats. The Titanics bow has sunk low enough that the Sterns propellers are nearly visible outside of the water.

Yeah. So that’s when it’s, that’s before it breaks in half cuz it’s like it’s, the weight is just gonna snap that shit like a twig. Yeah. So at 2:17 AM uh, Phillip sends it the final distress signal. He reportedly makes it to the overturned. Uh, collapsible lifeboat B, but succumbs to exposure. His body was never found.

Oh, so you got like cold in that, that fucking frigid arctic water. He’s like dust. So at 2:18 AM the lights go out. Oh, fuck that. Then it’s like just getting real. Imagine that. It’s pure chaos. You’re a, honestly, that sounds horrible. Freezing water. Horrible dude. It’s like a nightmare. As the Titanic, Titanic bow continues to sink, the stern rises higher out of the water, placing great strain on the midsection, and the ship snaps into two.

And reportedly later on it was said that it took six minutes for it to fully crack and reach the bottom. So it’s like, and like you can just hear you imagine like being on the boat and you hear that like, like the fucking stress break. Like, dude, terrifying. And you’re like, you’re like, You’re at like a fucking 70 degree angle at that time.

Like you’re just like, dude. So the stern at 2:20 AM the stern disappears into the ocean, the titanic disappears. Hundreds of people, um, are in the freezing cold water, although there is room in most of the lifeboats crew and are fearful that the boats will be swamped. , so several of the boats eventually return, but hours later.

So it’s too late. Damn. It was a calculated move. Yeah, they didn’t want. Over the next several hours, numerous ships try to contact the Titanic, but obviously it’s at the bottom of the ocean. At this point, um, the Burma’s wireless operator sends a message saying, steaming full speed ahead to you shall arrive to you at six in the morning.

I hope you’re safe. And what time is it right now? Two 20. I’ll arrive to you. Just hold out for another four hours breath. So 3:30 AM which is another hour and 10 minutes later, the Carpathia arrives in the area and they, they start firing rockets. Number two, lifeboat is the first to reach Carpathia at 4:10 AM I wish I was on that boat.

Jesus. Jesus. So it’s gonna take a few hours for the ship to actually pick up the survivors Isme, who’s the designer of the ship, or not the designer, but the head of starline. Basically, he writes a message to be sent to the white starline office saying deeply. Regret advise you. Titanic sank this morning, 15th after collision, iceberg resulting serious loss.

Further particulars later, 8:30 AM the Californian, which at approximately 5:30 AM learned of the Titanic sinking. They arrive. So three hours later, it searches the area for several hours, but fails to find any survivors. Fuck. At 8:50 AM the Carpathia carrying a 705 Titanic survivors heads to New York City, which will arrive, um, on April 15th.

Just dude, fuck. And that’s the story of the Titanic, basically. Man, man, basically, seriously, this, this is a, this is a lesson to all of you. Higher good staff. Like cuz man, like there’s this many things that have went a foot on ignored that. Yeah. That should have been. So 705 people survived that there were 2200 passengers.

Wow. And life boats could have fit passengers. That’s not even the, the crew. Right. So there was more people on there. Uh, no, I think that includes 2200 total. Okay. I think pass like, like people, yeah. Like 2200 people. But then like the lifeboats could have hold, held like, what? 1200. 1700. 1700. Wow. This is like a massive, so they missed out by a good a thousand people could have survived a thousand more people Max capacity.

Did it. Yeah. So here are some of the top, I guess, conspiracies or legends of the Titanic, the legend, one of which is, uh, considered, I guess they call it the Olympic, uh, insurance scam. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. There we go. Yeah. So the Olympic was the sister ship of the Titanic, uh, that was put in service in 1911. In 1911, she actually smashed into another ship.

Holy shit. Idiots. Yep. Like, how does that even happen? Uh, both ships were badly damaged. The accident was a absolute financial disaster for white starline because they Yeah. Crashed into each other. . Yeah. You know what I mean? Uh, So they were found to be liable for the accident and had to pay for the damages of both ships.

Oh God, that’s so much money. Legal fees, court cases, et cetera. Cetera. Plus it’s banged up. Yeah. Plus, plus you can’t make money off it. So repairs on the Olympic took two months and the parts that were used to repair it were from the Titanic. Wow. So do you remember at the beginning I said it was delayed?

The building of the Titanic. Oh. Cause they were like, yeah, we need the Propel because they used parts to repair that were, that were slated for the Titanic uhhuh. Yeah. Okay. Good. So the titans getting like the China parts. . Yeah. . So another incident that happened a few weeks after being returned to service after using the Titanics parts is, um, one of the propellers just literally broke off.

Damn. And those propellers are like the size of my house. Yeah. Uh, so once again, the Titanic was used as placements . So the Titanic, the Titanic’s like a, like an organ donor. just given up all the juice. So the Titanic was finally finished and ready to leave port on April 10th, 1912, having been delayed while the new parts were made and delivered to replace the ones for the Olympic.

Uh, she first went to France, blah, blah, blah. You know, the whole story, we just went through it. But the Olympic went on to have a 24 year career as a successful ocean liner. She served during the war, world War I, where she earned the nickname Old Reliable. Hm. For her impenetrable hole. And then in 1999, she was outfitted, uh, re outfitted to a civilian passenger ship and served as an, um, as an ocean liner until 35 where she was retired.

Um, but the conspiracy theory here is that the Titanic never sunk there. It’s instead the RMS Olympic was disguised as the Titanic in an insurance scam by her owners of which was controlled by American Banker JP Morgan. Mm. So the idea here is that, and also a side story about JP Morgan. JP Morgan was supposed to be on the Titanic Exactly.

But the day before it, he was like, nah, I’m cool. I actually heard that it was, that it was like, like a couple hours before, really? A couple hours before a takeoff. That’s what I heard. And he was like, yeah, you know what? I think I’ll pass. Yeah. I’m gonna take a, I’m gonna take the train. He’s like, he’s like, I had Taco Bell late last night.

I got the shit. Yeah. It’s not good. It’s not good for me right now. Did you guys ever read like why he, like, why he didn’t go? Like, did you say ever why he didn’t? Well, he never, I didn’t ever read like, like what his excuse was, but I, I know, like I read about like potential reasoning behind him not going and, but he is not on record saying like, no, no, I just, I have like a prior engagement or it’s just another conspiracy theory about that.

Yeah. Gotcha. Like, yeah. Yeah. So, uh, a couple pieces of information about this concept, I guess is, um, when the Titanic san, the White Star line received 1 million Euro, um, in insurance insurance. And you know, the Titanic and the Olympic were sister ships, so they looked extraordinarily similar, right? Super similar.

They all virtual. Now this is a podcast, so it’s very hard to show, but a lot of the evidence is based on imagery and like, it looks so much similar. It’s almost looks like almost identical. And it’d be very easy just to like, you know, slap a coat of paint on the back and say like, . And there’s a couple arguments that even certain, um, portholes are like placed and why would they change them?

Mid construction, it makes sense. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. And also it’s like, you know, people may say like, oh, we’ve explored the Titanic. It’s on the bottom of the ocean. Be Yeah, it’s been on the bottom of the ocean for a fucking long time. So you put a chip and a pool of acid for 50 years, you know, shit’s not gonna look exactly as it did.

Yeah. You know? Yeah. When it was made. But question for you. So I did look this up and um, it cost like to build it. I was like, how much did it cost to build it? Yeah. Cause a million dollars in payout. Yeah. So it cost to build it seven and a half million. Oh. So they only got a million on the, well, I guess it’s like you’re taking, cutting your losses at that point.

You’re like, fuck it. So that’s the weird part. So if they received a million in insurance money, which is 89 million in today’s money, by the way. So by the way, we should have invested in 1912. Yes. Like just in currency. I know, right? Just anything. 89 Increase. Kidding. S d Anybody? Why didn’t anybody tell me that?

If you just put money there and you just save it. Yeah. Inflation. Don’t use it. I works out crazy. Just put it in your Roth account. like fucking so much. Um, so anyway, so. . There you go. So JP Morgan financed, um, the parent company for this. So there, there are another things, I don’t know if this is one of the points you’re gonna bring up mm-hmm.

But in terms of like who was on the ship mm-hmm. and why JP Morgan. Mm-hmm. might have, you know, as opposed to just insurance money, it could have been, you know, to eliminate some of his competition in terms of the, the passenger, passenger next. So then get into that passenger. So the next one, and it’s not very much into it, but it’s close to it, which is that it was a murder plot.

Yeah. Mm-hmm. , that’s what I’m saying is a murder plot, delete people from the scene so he could just dominate. So, um, also that he wanted to create something called the US Federal Reserve. Yep. So that’s a big, I never heard that big conspiracy. Right. Oh, that’s another, that’s another podcast right there. So his, his rivals or his other millionaires, I guess.

I mean, I don’t know if. Like, do you consider somebody else who’s rich like your rival? I don’t, I don’t really, no. I think there was other, like some of the people on the ship, obviously Yes. Depends what they did while being rich were, and also very similar. I think there was other banking mm-hmm. people who, who were, who were there as well as people who were like financiers for his potential competition.

Yeah. Which is why, um, John jba, there you go. We talked about him. Yep. Um, Benjamin Guggenheim. Yeah. Guggenheim was super, super, super. Guggenheim was the richest dude on the fucking boat. He’s the richest motherfucker. Like huge. Yeah. Massive. The billionaire guy. Yeah. Guggenheim was like Jay’s money. Yeah. I wanna look up how much she was worth.

A lot. There’s also, um, the, uh, founder of Macy’s. Yep. Which is, uh, Isador Strauss. Um, Guggenheim and Strauss apparently went down with the ship. And then, um, um, John Jacob Astro’s body was in fact recovered later. Um, anyway, so that’s, that’s one of the theories, you know, well, if you wanna take out your competition, that’s one way to do it, , right?

Uh, yeah. But actually as I say that, like, they weren’t, like, to your point, they’re not really competition, right? They, they weren’t like bankers, were they? Well, I mean, they’re, they’re very rich individuals with a lot of sway and investments and so is that a competitor? But I don’t know why the, the, the founder of Macy’s would be, you know what I mean?

Yeah. I mean that, that doesn’t seem like that one seems Yeah. A little bit of a stretch. Right, exactly. As far as competitors. Cause why it makes sense that he was on there, wasn’t it like, well, maybe John j Baster true. Cause this was supposed to be like he was a billionaire. The ship to be on the party, the event Yeah.

To be on. Yep. It’s like the top of the top. Right. Well then, then it gets into a really weird theory. You want to hear it? Oh, I, I can’t wait. Yeah, that’s why I’m here. This is the Cursed Mummy . Oh yeah. Baby Motherfucking Cursed Mummy Theory. So the Titanic supposedly sank to its grave carrying a Cursed mummy. 

Uh, the mummified Egyptian princess rah, of which she left. Also, she left a trail of devastation across England in the 19 hundreds after being excavated and moved. So it’s really funny cuz there’s all these weird stories. , she was excavated and then all like the Black Death of Plague and then like trail.

It’s probably like the actual, that’s, that’s like the real one. That’s like the truth. It’s like she, she was like, I love this water. Fucking bring it down. Yeah, that’s the theory right there. She, she stole the binoculars . So that’s a weird theory. Um, there was a guy named Charles Ha, um, Who somehow accessed the ship’s manifest in 85 when they actually found the ship.

And, uh, there was no mummy to manifest. But that’s really all of the information I have of the mummy. Um, so we’re gonna rule the mummy out. . Yeah, its a little tough. Tough, not a lot of evidence. Uh, another, another, um, theory and this, this one might actually hold some weight here. Um, ISME and the designer of the ship and white starline wanted to, for press reasons, PR reasons, wanted to break the record of.

Cost the Atlantic. Oh. So they were like, fuck, fuck the, they’re like, fuck the iceberg bitch. Can you imagine like the first, the first voyage of the Titanic? We also break the speed record Yes. Of crossing the Atlantic. Push it, bro. Push it. Yeah. Get it. Speed ahead. Yes. That’s all I saw

So, um, that was the best thing I’ve ever heard , but, um, you know, but that, that shades a or that puts a a, a dirty light on Captain Smith. No, but, but it, because he was jeopardize 2200 people just to break protocol and just, you know what I mean? People have done a lot worse for, for similar, if not less of a reason because they’re told to, I mean, look at, hey, it’s like he has a pressure.

Yeah. It’s like, it’s like sales. Yeah. , Eric. And we’re we, we dropped we two nuclear weapons on Japan when they were like about to give up anyways. Mm-hmm. . And we just wanted to test them . So we literally dropped two nuclear weapons, killing like 5 million people because like, we wanted to see what would happen.

Yeah. When you, when you dropped the new tunnel. Well, a couple things that lean towards that, like that help, that argument is, um, word was that it was Smith’s last voyage as a captain. He was gonna retire. And so, you know, like kind of you wanna go out with, you wanna go with a bang like going on, like solidify your name.

Yeah. I want to go down as legend, you know. Well, he, he went down with the ship that the lesson, it also didn’t help that, um, ISME, uh, jumped on the last lifeboat to leave the Titanic while 75% of the third class people were drowning. Uh, the captain’s body was never recovered in his final moments were unknown.

He’s probably like going at the bar. Yeah. Yeah. Another whiskey scare, . Those are people. So those are the main, those are the main conspiracy theories about the Titanic.

Wow. I like the one that talks about, you know, um, JP Morgan taking out his competition. Did, cause JP Morgan was a, was a first class piece of shit. Yeah. I mean, my, oh dude, are you kidding me? I don’t know. I jp Okay. But hold on. Of all the people on earth in the history of mankind, who has the most conspiracies attached?

I don’t know. Of all the people on earth? Yeah. Like, who is assumed to have a conspiracy? It’s probably JP Morgan’s in the top tech Trump. Yeah. . No, I mean like, you know what I mean? Like of all the people, like he’s probably in the top 10 of people associated with conspiracies. Like, well because jp, because he is just rich as shit, you know?

It’s not just cuz he is rich as shit. Just how he became rich as shit. Rich and power. Okay. Well no, because JP Morgan purposely destroyed the financial system of the US in order to make a centralized banking system. Federal Reserve. Yeah. Well, yeah. No, he did and he and he, he did. And it wasn’t, it’s not like I’m an episode about that.

It’s not like I’m faulting it, it’s not like I’m faulting standard and like it was genius. Like what he did was actually genius. A of the gold standard. Yeah. From his standpoint. So Dick moved, but it’s like, I was doing some research from some other episode and um, about the, something came up about the gold standard.

There’s a website out there, it’s called, um, Would WTF happened in 1970 one.com needed check out. Really interesting. It’s fucking interest is that, um, has nothing Nixon, it only has is that Nixon time period that that’s the date that they went off the gold standard. Yeah, that sounds like Nixon era. Sounds like a Nixon thing.

Nothing but stats of just shit that you’ll see, like let’s say, uh, you know, the stats on, you know, women working, uh, like double household income or whatever. Yeah. Or women only working and not, you know, men not working. I don’t know. All kinds of shit. Just like random statistics. Like an interesting part.

Statistics are truth, huh? Is in the, uh, Roosevelt actually created the, anyways, we’ll talk about that later. , that’s like a whole other thing. Like Roosevelt started it and then it went to that. Anyways, it’s a whole other That’s yeah, definitely on our list. So, uh, anyways, those are the theories. I don’t know where you’re at.

My thing is like, look, I mean, it’s unfortunate and like, look, I also wanna be super rich and billionaire, baller. Yeah. But like, I’m just gonna like throw random amount. Most likely 80 to 90% of like the billionaires, especially back in that time period was like the fucking wild west. And like there was no like regulations on, she could do what the fuck you want.

Yep. They were mostly not like savory humans. Yeah. Like they were like fucking ready to slice your fucking throw out just to get ahead. And I can, I can see JP Morgan like making a tactical move from his standpoint. Probably like the smart move business wise, not human wise. Being like, Hmm, I can get, I get a little cash back from my fuck up.

With, with, with the, so you think they’re all connected? That’s a big, you think there’s the insurance part and the murders? I like all of them. I think it was, I think it was, it was all of the conspiracy. No, I think it was an easy play. And he got the mommy afterwards. . Yeah. But see what’s confusing to me about 2200 people I know.

Damn. And also they, they could have survived. That’s true. Like, that’s so risky. And then they’re like, oh, he made it. You know what I mean? Like, why don’t you just poison him in his, in his loft? No, because, no, because then if a, it crashes, you still have to get the insurance money if they, if they live, he’s like, okay, fine.

It was worth a try. I at least I get the, at least I get the Millie, you know, worth a shot. Yeah. At least he gets the Millie. Cause I think the main thing was like, okay, cool. I need like a little, I need a little like, You know, it’s like damage control for his, for his investment, right? He’s an investment guy and like investment guys like that, they only think in the return.

So he is like, okay, if I can cut my losses by, you know, a a 10%, that’s a fucking win. That’s a huge win, dude. Massive win. , that’s, that’s 89 fucking million dollars in today’s money. He’s like, sweet, you know, and I get to lose a couple of my competition to fucking win win. Bitch. Like, crash that bitch. Oh my gosh.

He’s like, I’ll set the course. Trust me. Go straight here. This is iceberg. B dude. this iceberg. This is, and make sure you take the vanilla clears outta right. Exactly right. Where you at on it? I am. . That’s a, that’s a big conspiracy. I don’t know that he could pull that off. You know, that’s so many variables.

But also too, it’s like, my thing is like the, the way I think about, it’s like, okay, so the hole is so fucking strong, dude, super fortified, thick ass deal. Probably like three feet fucking thick. This beast mode and like it, I get it hits a giant piece of ice , like IAnd. I know it’s like huge, but I’m like a mountain.

That shit. Yeah, it’s like a mountain. I get it. , but it’s like that’s gonna rip through. Like it’s just gonna just shred through it like fucking butter. And they’re not, it’s something around like a fucking speed boat. Yeah. I mean, they gotta be going like, they’re not going like that fast. They hit like full reverse.

They’re not going like super fast. I’m like, how does it, I never understood that to me. Yeah. Because obviously with modern engineering, it’s like, . It’s like, okay, you take a tank and you like run it into an iceberg. It’s not gonna like rip the tank in half. It’s just gonna like hit, it’s gonna hit the ice and it’s crash.

And it’s be like, like people inside might die, but like it’s, the tank’s gonna still be there. Like, you have to hit that shit with the fucking missile to like blow it up. Like, I don’t understand. I don’t know. I don’t, I understand. I’m not convinced. I’m still not convinced of a conspiracy here. Yeah. What about you?

No, I think it’s, I think it’s malarkey. I think it’s, you can’t even spell that word. I know. Try it. Try it, try it. M a l rob r No, I, I, I just think it was a horrible thing. And then there happened to be rich people on it. Yeah. And they just died sucks. And they handled the wholely. Yeah. So, yeah. Yep. And everybody was like, they trained but they didn’t train enough.

Yeah. You know what I mean? Like all like the lookout. The captain, the crew, the lifeboats, like all that stuff. I’m gonna go watch Titanic, the movie after this. I just think that you guys are underestimating the, the vast cruelty in the mankind, dude. . No, just like, I’m not saying that I know for a fact that he did it, but I think it’s totally probable. I think it’s a probable thing. I mean, cuz like, look, while, while as, as a race we’re actually great and we’re like, like, you know, we want to succeed and like take care of a feather man.

Like we love, like it’s great. There are people, I mean, look what happened in Africa. Like the genocide of your own fucking people. Yeah, massive people in this world. Just because, just because you’re in a fucking different tribe. You know what I’m saying? Like, and like, if they’re willing to do that, because you’re in a different tribe, not for money, not for anything other than like, fuck your tribe.

Right. Like imagine what you, I have $1 million to go from being like, I have like 17 billion, like this, like that, that dramatic jump up. Yeah. And like I’m just saying greed. Greed is a very seductive thing. Mm. So I’m saying it’s, it’s probably just cuz like the seduction of like, of money and power.

Cuz that’s what I think. I think money and power are the great poisoner of like our race. That’s, that’s what causes people to do shitty things is is money and power. Yeah. Yeah. Obviously it could cause you to do great things and do great things for people, which people do, which is awesome. I fully agree.

But I, I, I, I’m not saying I believe that he did it, I’m just saying that like, I can’t, I can’t be like, no. He didn’t do it. . I just, I can’t say, I can’t say that. I don’t really get, I don’t really get how, like you go to the, like we found the boat. Yeah. And like obviously it wasn’t the olympica. Are you sure?

Yeah. We don’t How are you sure about that? How the, like we found the boat do dude, it’s a boat that has been under, looks the same. So what, it’s the same thing. They found the, like the chandelier. You cannot tell found that, that there must be a VIN number. must be on that code. No, I’m saying dude, it’s, I understand they found the boat.

Yeah. There is a boat cuz a boat crashed. It happened, but the boats are so similar and it’s been sitting in a pool of the most corrosive, no, like two miles town. The most corrosive material on earth salt water. It will literally burn through anything. It will the, I would’ve found some evidence. Dude, if they’re the same exact boat, what evidence is there?

There’s no evidence. They’re the same boat. There’s gotta be like a, is there any theory that they took? This was in 1911. That wasn’t like the Olympic, huh? Or Olympic, what was it called? The Olympic. Olympic? Yeah, I think it was Olympic. Yeah, it was Olympic. The Olympic. Okay. So they took that and then they renovated that and made it look nice and shiny.

Yeah. Cause that mean, but it’s the sister. So like obviously like, but that was the boat that do you look like your brother? You look like your brother, you know, you got your thing, you look the same. So images, you know, kinda look the same. Okay. Eric, so you’re gonna tell me, okay, so that’s my point. How do, I’m gonna get actually making the point.

Yeah. And you’re actually making his point. Well, it’s about all those shows we got tonight, guys.

tell us what you think. I, I’m, I’m, I’m the consummate skeptic. Yeah. Um, whereas I’m probably the, the, I’m probably one of the 5% psychos here, like, wants to believe everything. That’s why you’re here. I’m . So, uh, just to wrap it up, I do have one cool story. It’s not really a conspiracy. I just thought it was a cool story.

So I just want, I just wanna read this real quick. Uh, be our signoff here, basically. Uh, and it’s the story of Charles, uh, Johan. I think I’m saying that right. I already, like, I could say that wrong. It sounds solid. Uh, anyways, Charles worked as a chief baker on the Titanic.

He was the, the baker chief one, such an irrelevant position, . So he led a team of 13 other bakers. Damn. That’s a what a. The chief baking officer. Yeah, they, the CBO bitch, , uh, they took care of the Titanic and they made sure that fresh bread was available, blah, blah, blah, like croissants, all sorts of thing things.

Not one person’s going without bread on this fucking, so when the ship hit an iceberg on the evening in 14, uh, April, uh, Charles was off duty and in his bunk, and according to testimony, this is his testimony. By the way. Did he survive? Yes, he survived. Oh, I was gonna say, like, who’s testifying to the, this is his testimony.

He felt the shock of the collision and immediately got up. Word was being passed down from the upper decks that officers were getting the lifeboats ready for launch, and Charles sent his 13 men up to the boat deck with provisions to the lifeboats. He sent four loaves of bread per baker and about 40 pounds total of bread.

Charles stayed behind for a time, but then followed them reaching the boat deck at around 12:30 AM. Charles helped children and women get into the lifeboats, and after a while women panicked and refused to enter them, claiming it was safer to stay aboard of the Titanic. So he forcibly threw them into boats,

Wow. Also, keep in mind this his own story. I was just about to say, this is another conspiracy, like Yeah. What really happened is like he woke up, he was like drunk. He’s like, fuck. Yeah. Totally. His own story, just so we know. Fired all thirteens under it. I still think he’s cool as shit. So he threw some people into the boats.

He was also, yo, he was assigned, he was assigned as captain of Lifeboat 10, but he refused to enter it and left his place for another passenger. Um, because it, because he noticed it was already being crude by two sailors and a steward, so he thought it was like, fine. You know? He then decided to go back to his cabin to have a little drop of liquor, a little drop, aka in the whole bottle, little drop, drop.

So later on, years later, he would admit that a drop of liquor meant a half full Tumblr, , my dude. And it was like, absent. He was like, boy, trying to get faded. . So passengers then started to panic. Yet Charles remained calm because he was so drunk. Semi drunk. Yes. I love this guy. Yes. He started throwing wooden chairs into the water hoping that people would be able to float as a, yeah.

Use them as a Flo device to a door. Yes. . So then Charles were called later on that he rode the ship like an elevator, and he never got his head wet. By two 30 in the morning, he was in the water because the Titanic was under. How did the fuck did he survive? Charles calmly paddled for two hours. Oh. Calmly paddled.

A calmly paddle until around 4:30 AM he saw an upturn lifeboat with 20 people standing on top of it. He paddled towards a boat. There was no space for him, so they kicked him off. . I was like, they’re electric, drowning him. Fuck up the boat. One of his a cook recognized him and extended his a handout, and by that time a lifeboat came by and Charles was taking aboard.

He was one of only, uh, about eight people that were recovered from the water. After that time did. Okay. I feel like this guy hours embellish this a little bit. Yeah. After two hours sitting in or paddling in freezing water. Yeah. The water’s like the 20 degrees. Complained about was his feet were swollen.

He’s like, I’m not even cold . He stayed there until being saved by the Carpathia. This is of all the people that went into the water, it’s believed that Charles was only one of less than 10 to survive. Two plus hours because the temperature of the water was 36 degrees. Jesus. Okay. Not even the temperature of the water.

It’s like who is, who can tread water? Yeah. For two fucking hours. So Charles, maybe seals can’t even do that. So after, after surviving the Titanic, Charles went back to work on different ships. He also baked bread for transport in World War ii. What? He has a big emperor. He has an incredibly amazing life.

And he, uh, he died in 1956 at the age of 78.

. It was, I thought that was pretty cool because he then became known as the guy who drank liquor. He’s the guy who became known as the guy who drank liquor that drop him little drop the little drop.

And there’s like a whole conspiracy about like, if you drink liquor, can you survive cold weather? No. And you apparently you can’t. No, you, you actually die quicker because, so when you drink, when you drink liquor, it actually expands your, your blood vessels open up more. Yeah. And you actually let out more heat.

Yeah. Oh shit. So if you’re in cold, It, it’s actually, you actually will get sick and die faster than someone who hasn’t drank because you’re actually damn. You’re actually letting, you’re letting more heat out of your body. Yeah. And so if you’re in freezing cold water, he would literally die in like 10 minutes.

Not just a conspiracy podcast. We’re in education. That actual fact. Anyways, I thought he was, I thought he was a cool guy. That was a cool story to, he’s the puppet. He’s one of the best storytellers of our, of our age. That was a legendary story. Absolutely. Legend. He’s, I set up 40 pounds of bread children, a captain the ship.

Awesome guy’s. Awesome. And then I flew the rescue plane home. had sex with Mary Monroe and I died. Mosa. I lived last. I lived the best life. All right. Well thank you Charles. Appreciate you. This one’s for you, Charles. Yeah. Well, cheers everybody who thanks a bunch for listening. and, uh, tune in next time for catch on the next time the Chronicles of Charles

Bye everybody. See ya.