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Episode 9: JFK Assassination: Lee Harvey Oswald – Part 3

Podcast Transcription

All right. Hey everybody. , this is Eric, Sean, Jorge. We’re back this is all about Lee Harvey Oswald, the man, the myth, the asshole. Yeah. And so in our last, last episodes, we were all talking about, it was all the Warren Commission.

Uh, it was the entire report, everything. They went like the official story of the JFK situation, supposed supposedly, and now we pretty much e established it’s Lee Harvey Oswald. Well, according, according, say according to the, according to them, yeah, according to the, the government. So we, we can’t go f. We can’t go on without diving into Lee Harvey Oswald.

He’s, well, obviously he’s, he is like the, like besides jfk, he is like, he’s the protagonist slash antagonist. So this entire thing like Yeah, that’s right. So according to the government. Oh yeah, exactly. According to the government. Okay. So Lee Harvey, Oswald Lee. Harvey Oswald was born at the old French Hospital in New Orleans, new Orleans, new Orleans on October 18th, 1939.

, his father died of a heart attack two months before Lee was born. Is that why they call him Lee Harvey Oswald instead of just fucking Lee Oswald? Like Jesus, leave the middle name out. That’s true. I hate middle names. I hate my middle name. Adam, what’s your middle name? What is your middle name? Luis.

Luis. Okay. Luis, do you have two middle names or just one? Sean, what’s your middle name? You got two middle names and you got two last names. So what’s, gimme your full name? I’m sorry. You have four names? I got No, no, no, no. I got two names. Yeah, first and middle, and then you get two last names in, in Mexico.

You, you take the mom and the dad’s last name. Oh, how Progressive. Oh, wow. . All right. I was named after a, uh, eighties comedy . Uh, I was named after, uh, uh, novella guy. Ooh, NOLA? Yeah. Oh really? He was very hot. Alright. So his father died of a heart attack two months before he was born. So Lee Harvey never had a dad.

Okay. Right. , Lee’s older brother Robert Junior, , was also a former Marine in 1944, so that was 1939. That’s when he was born. Okay. You said also, so his dad was a Marine, or you’re talking about Lee? No. Also is Lee was Lee Lee’s a former Lee’s a Marine. Just clarify. Yeah. In 1944, Lee’s mother Margarite, she moved the family from New Orleans to Dallas.

Oswald ended the first grade in 1945 and over the next half dozen years, attended several different schools in Dallas, , through the sixth grade. Oswald took an IQ test in the fourth grade and scored 1 0 3 in the fourth grade. Fourth grade. But that’s pretty good. That’s not bad. I scored one that’s not, I scored 1 67 when I was in the fucking fourth grade

I know, it’s true. I was meant to, I scored like 1 0 3, like last season. I was meant to quote was geez, meant to qualify. 1 67. Yeah. In the fourth. Yeah. No, that’s that like off offbeat fucking no as vacuum. Vacuum. Insane. Straight up as my mom. It’s her fucking claim to fame. She literally, she tells every motherfucker this shit.

She, I think she’s got it. Because she was like, smart. There’s no way he’s this smart. It’s believable. Smart. Once I’ve never scored at 1 67 even as an adult. No, same. Well, trust me, the Michel bru have shaved that number way down. . Did you just, did you just do the left side circles? . I was like, I was like, abc, abc, ABC.

Smart. I broke. You deserve it. I hack the system. Yeah. So as a child, Oswald was described as withdrawn and temperamental by several people who knew him. , when he was 12 in 52, his mother took him to New York where they lived a short time with the half-Brother John Oswald and his mother were later asked to leave after an argument in which Oswald allegedly struck his mother and threatened John’s wife Damn, with a pocket knife.

And he was 12. . That’s pretty seven. Yeah. Age 12. That’s gangster. So then Oswald attended seventh grade in the Bronx. But perfect. And this is, this is just per this information, but was tardy difficult, , was submitted to a psychiatric assessment at Juvenile reformatory. The psychiatrist, which was Dr. Har Togs, described Oswald as immersed in a vivid fantasy life, turning around the topics of power and you know, things like that.

So through which Oswald tried to compensate for his present shortcomings and frustrations. And that’s from Dr. Hartog? Yeah, cuz every psychiatrist is fucking German. It’s super com. Like it doesn’t really tell us anything. Like that statement by the psychiatrist. It seems like it was his own, like personal, like outside of professional opinions, like hate this asshole.

Like, like listen in the sentence, tries to compensate for his present shortcomings and frustrations. Well, they, they drive like a big dodge ram or, or something like, I, I dunno how that helps. Yeah, I think we, big truck, I think we all tried to compensate for. Present shortcomings. Dude, I do that all the time.

Yeah. Yeah. How do you think I got through life so far? So, when Lee returned to school in 53, his disciplinary problems continued. When Oswald failed to incorporate with school authorities, they sought a court order to remove him from his mom’s care so he could be placed in a home for boys that could complete his education.

Damn. This is like, almost like a, it’s almost like a weird offshoot of Goodfellas. Yeah. He like, I’m not, I’m not gonna school. Uh, this was postponed, partially because his behavior improved. So before New York Family Court system could address their case, the Oswalds left New York in 54 and returned to New Orleans.

So Oswald then completed eighth and ninth grade in New Orleans. He entered the 10th grade in 1955, but quit after one month. Damn. After leaving school, Oswald worked for several months as an office clerk and messenger in New Orleans. Oh. That’s before child labor loss existed. , . Crazy. So he didn’t he he didn’t finish.

He’s what, like 16? Yeah, you’re right. Okay. He’s 16. That’s a good point. Yeah. But he never finished high school is the point. Yeah. Not like us, but his Speak for yourself. . Check the credentials at the, uh, the credits. I think the credits didn’t get transferred over.

so in 56, Oswald’s mom moved the family to Fort Worth. Oswald re-enrolled in 10th grade for September in Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth. A few weeks later in October, Oswald quit school at the age of 17 to join the Marines. Oh man. This guy, this is a lot of flippy floppy, yeah. In Texas, new Orleans, Texas.

Again, he’s all over the place. So Lee Harvey never got a diploma, but. He got a rifle by this, by the Marines. Wait, do, do you need that to get into the military? The Marines? No. Oh, fuck no. They don’t give shit. I thought you needed that. Or g d or something. Fuck. Hell no. You might need it to advance further as like a career.

Oh, it’s true. You know, it’s true. Like, you know. Yeah, but like to whole, like to serve. They’re like, fuck it. But just I’ll take anybody. . Yeah. Well come one. Come on, . But just to summarize, so Oswald resided at 22 different, homes. That’s a lot. 22. Damn. And attended 12 different schools. That was by the time he was 15.

I see. Eric is trying to set the table here. I’m just saying like, like, like that he, he’s disturbing trouble disturbed . So by the age of 15, he considered himself actually a socialist. So in his diary and there is a, there is a diary, he says, and I quote, I was looking for a key to my environment and then I discovered socialist literature.

I had to dig for my books in the back. Dusty shelves of libraries, book depositories, anyone? . Oh gosh. At 16 he wrote to the socialist party in America for information on their young people’s socialist league saying he had been studying socialist principles for well over 15 months. I love how, how the fuck was that?

The key like that. Okay, continue please. That is ridiculous. So Edward Voil, whom the Warren Commission had established was Oswald’s closest friend in his teenage years, reports that Oswald was already studying communism was a lot of bologna.

Mm. Voil said that Oswald commonly read paperback trash, whatever that like corners. Was he reading like Playboy, those things? . So as a teenager in 55, Oswald became a cadet member of the Civil Air Patrol in New Orleans. Mm-hmm. fellow cadets variously recalled him attending meetings three or four times Oswald enlisted in the, in the Marine Corps on October 24th, 56, just a week after his 17th birthday. because of his age, his brother Robert Junior, was required to sign as a legal guardian.

Oswald also named his mom and his half-brother John as beneficiaries Oswald to beneficiaries to what? He’s 17 years old. He fucking, he literally own, owns nothing. He had not no money. Yeah. Oswald idolized his brother, his older brother Robert Junior and war, his Marine Corps ring. Um, and his half-brother testified to the Warren Commission that Oswald’s enlistment was motivated by wanting to get from out and under the yoke of oppression from my mother,

So his brother testified. to the Warren Commission saying that’s why he joined the Marines because like to get outta the oppression from his mother. That’s right. She keeps making the same shitty food. I gotta get outta here. . She won’t let me go to the movies. She’s my girlfriend. Let me bring her home.

mom. So Oswell’s enlistment papers said that he was five foot eight and he weighed 135 pounds. So this guy’s like a fucking, this old, this little limp, limp, wet rag, uh, hazel eyes, brown hairs, blah, blah, blah. His primary training was in radar operation. Sounds, sounds good for a five foot 830 pounds. Now this is very important.

So he, his primary training was in radar operation and it require, Security clearance. Mm-hmm. what Security clearance is the big question. That’s true. That’s classified. Yeah. Only all the word commission knows. Yeah. . So, uh, in 57, a document stated that he was granted final clearance to handle classified matter up to and including confidential.

After careful check of local records had disclosed no derogatory data. Yeah. Cause you probably, like, you could probably know, do it, know where like planes are, where bases are and shit. At Kessler base in Mississippi. Oswald finished seventh in his class of 30 in aircraft control. And warning operation courses? Not bad. Okay. Obviously we did not require any physical or high school diploma. . I mean, he’s 135 pounds. It’s like, it’s like, it’s like son. Yeah. It’s my right arm.

Seriously. It included instruction in aircraft surveillance and the use of radar. He was given the military occupational specialty of aviation’s electronics operator. Hmm. On July 9th, he reported to the Marine Corps at El Toro in California. , Oswald departed then for Japan the following month where you was assigned to Marine Air Control Squadron one at, , a Atsugi near Tokyo.

Cool. Well, what a dope place. I would love to go there. Oh yeah. So like all Marines, Oswald was trained and tested. In shooting. Yeah. But not all Marines are good fucking shooters, bro. Not all, all snipers. They’re not all charge hear. They’re all Chris, Kyle. Hear, say American sniper, like fucking Jesus. Like the guy was fucking 130 pounds.

I’m surprised he could even hold a rifle. So in December of 56, he scored a 212, which means nothing to me, which was slightly above. What are you talking about? No, this, I guess it’s a, it’s a shooting. Okay. Score. Yeah, it’s a shooting score, which was slightly above the requirements that were designated for you to be determined as a sharp shooter.

Seriously, this is in the fifties, bro. They didn’t know shit. Yeah, . So Oswald was per the Marines, a sharp shooter. A sharp shirt. Okay. But that’s like saying, I, I scored on my driving test slightly above that to be a Formula One driver. But I know, but if we were to look it up from this perspective, what would I score?

Right now? A zero. Yes. What would you score right now? Like a 15. A fif? Yeah. What would you score right now? Maybe a hundred. Okay, good. So Oswald Oswald scored a two 12 and he’s now designated by the Marines as a sharp shooter. Mm-hmm. shooting back, shooting non-moving targets. Yeah. So three years later, just as a another thing, three years later he scored a 1 91.

Mm-hmm. . Yep. So a 1 91, he was reduced from the certification of sharp shooter to marksman. Yeah. Cuz like everybody gets lucky sometimes. I mean, that’s still pretty good. Yeah. Pretty, pretty good. Consider right? Yeah. Pretty good. I would like to know what that, what that means in the Marine’s eyes like, What does that mean?

You can do True. Like being a Marks fan and being a sharp shooter. What does that mean that you, you’re capable of in their eyes? Well, if you’re a sharp shooter, I mean, you’ve at least got some very good aim. I mean, yeah, maybe you’re not a sniper, but like, you know Yeah, you’re above average, for sure. Yeah, for sure.

And at least according to Marines, like, okay, well we, we gotta take it, you know, take the truth from Well, cause obviously in order to be a sniper, you’re actually doing like physics calculations, right? Like you’re fucking calculating like wind, but air re like all that shit. But we’re gonna going to the left and like, we’re gonna do a little pause here.

We’re gonna a little pause here because, uh, Jorge went to Dallas. . Yeah. Like, like a week ago. A week or two ago. Two weeks ago. Yeah. And he did go to the depository? Yes. Um, I had to find out what the fucking book depository is. Yes. He went, he went, he did the tour. Still don’t, there’s a picture of him on the X.

He ran out into the street and took a little candid shot. , I went there . I still have not been there. So Sean’s the only one who has no real life experience here, . So all my opinions is literally the only, but my question is, my question here is, so you were standing there? Yeah. They have, you have the window.

Yeah, exactly. They have the window like, , you know, blocked off. So you can’t get obviously right to the window, but you could definitely see it maybe, I don’t know, 10 feet away. Yeah. Something like that. Yeah. And they got, they still have the boxes like uh, set up, just set up how supposedly how it was.

Yeah. You know, back then. And did you go to the other floor where you were. able to see the view of the shot. Well you could see it from that floor. Yeah. It’s just that you’re like maybe two windows to the right of it. Right, right. Because he was, he was in the corner window. . Um, but so you can still see kind of like the view that he had and .

I mean, looking down, that tree is still there. That one tree there the same, the oak or Yeah, that elm or tree, whatever. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it’s definitely in the way, man. Like really? It’s crazy. It’s like fucking right. Was it pruned? ? It was a baby tree for tree. Are you asking me? Cause are you expecting me to be a landscaping?

The arrb? Cause I’m Arbor. You’re Mexican. So what would you say? Pruned? Here we go. No, but , , like do you think the shot was hard? It was definitely hard. Really? Definitely hard. Hmm. Especially I had a different experience. One shot. Good shot. Preconceived notions. When you went shot one shot. I, I can see.

Yeah. Um, and I didn’t have the exact view cuz like I said, I was off to the right. Yeah. , but multiple shots from there. And then, and then like, you know, we get into it of like, yeah. Under six seconds or whatever. Yeah. Okay. So remove the tree. You say the, you was not, the tree was not there. Let’s say the tree was not, there was the distance.

And remove and remove the time factor. Yeah. Yes. Perfect angle. And it’s not, the distance was not far, it’s not far. No, it’s not really. And especially you got that vantage point from, you know, from the six four right above. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So we’ll get into this later. I have a lot to say . Yeah, but I’m, I’m, I’m hold my tongue.

I was curious. They also have the rifle there, man. Yeah, the Caro. Caro, yeah. Caro. Yeah. Yeah. I forgot the name. But that one. And it’s definitely not like an easy, it’s a bolt action. Like, I think we went over this in the beginning and it doesn’t look like something you can easily shoot multiple shots in six seconds, like they say.

Especially while keeping, like, maintaining like hyper accuracy. Yeah, exactly. Well, I mean, he is a, a marksman, well, yeah, A down, a downgraded sharp shooter. A sharp shooter. Previous Marman. A, a, a former structure. . . All right. All right. Good stuff. I was just trying to, I was trying to under like what you thought, like when you were there in person.

Yeah. You know what I mean? Was it easy? I don’t know. Like, cuz when I, before I went there, I was , oh, it was super far. Only a sniper could do it. Right. Right. It’s not, and then I, I got there and I was , it it’s not that far. Yeah. It’s not that far of a shot. Yeah. I just gotta like, just for my personal opinion, cuz I’ve shot mania rifles.

Mm. And I’ve shot good rifles and I’ve shot bad rifles. Mm-hmm. , there’s so much that goes into it. Yeah. Like even the shooting at 50 yards, which is not terribly far. Like if your sight are off, like you’re fucking way off, like your shit’s not dialed in. , well it’s right in the cross airs, but , I’m hitting like the fucking sand.

No, that’s true. Yeah. So there’s a lot. And then you add the moving element to it. Yeah. The moving element, which is infinitely more hard. Jesus, I then you got the obstruction of the tree, so Yeah. No. So the saying, but love factors here to answer your question. Like does it look, it definitely looks like a doable, let’s say not easy.

It can, not easy, but like, doable. Doable, yeah. It’s not like, you know how we kind of thought where it was like super, super far away hitting, like threaten the needle. You need one of those rifles and like Mark Wahlberg shooter movie. Yeah, no, you need that 50 cow. Like fucking what kind bullets are heated up and shit.

Right on. Okay. Well so after 1959, uh, this is a funny story as Oswald was court marshaled because he accidentally shot himself in the elbow with a 22 fucking sharp shooter . Literally like, I don’t know how you accidentally shoot yourself with a 22 Damnit. Reminds me of like, what’s that guy in, uh, the Eminem movie, like shoots himself in the, in the thigh or whatever.

Oh yeah. Shoots himself in the, yeah, in the leg. What movie? It’s in the eight mile. Eight mile eight. Really? Shit. He’s like putting the gun and shoots himself in the leg. So like, give Chach, describe a 22 Ched bar. Describe a 22. It’s a handgun. Well it can be handgun or a rifle, but the bullet bullet’s very small.

This is a handgun. So it’s a, yeah, it’s a 22. It’s very low recoil. And the thing is like, almost like a BB gun. Yeah, like a BB gun. It’s just like the smallest, it’s the smallest kind of. It’s dude, it’s small. It’s the smallest caliber. No recoil. It’s just kind of like you train your kids to shoot with the fucking 22.

I got it. Okay. But my thing is why was he, he got court al for shooting himself on accident. Yeah. Yeah. He, yeah. That’s weird. Yeah, actually, but there’s not a lot of information about that afterwards. , but then he was court martialed again. How can you be court martialed twice . Yeah. So yeah, he was court martialed again for fighting with a sergeant who he.

Was responsible for the punishment of the shooting. So he got court marshaled for shooting himself in the elbow. And then the sergeant who punished him in the court marshal, he got into a fight with him. So then he got court marshaled again for the fight with the sergeant. So it’s like not only dis son be discharged, but like super dishonorable.

Yeah. So he was, then, he was demoted. He was demoted to, uh, from private first class to private. Uh, and then he was imprisoned for a little bit. I was like a tiny bit what’s under private? Just like loser. Okay. So then, uh, he was punished for another incident. So he was on a nighttime duty in the Philippines and he, little inex little lady boy is all it says is he inexplicably fired his rifle into the jungle.

So after like a few drinks, he’s like, . Honestly, that sounds exactly like, yeah, that sounds exactly right. Yeah, a hundred percent. Yeah. He’s like, bitch, I can hit that tree over there. Which one? You’ll find out he had like six or seven Philippine or Hold my beer, let watch this. I’m not that sound racist. No.

Like he found, he had like six or seven like Filipino beers and then just started firing some like sink towels. And then he was like, yeah. So there you. Um, so this guy is a fucking, this guy is a fucking loose cake. Yeah. So all sorts of things. , so he was nicknamed the Ozzie Rabbit, cuz he was super tiny and he looked like a cartoon character.

, and he loved Russia or, or Soviet. So he was also called Oz, Oz Valic. Mm-hmm. You know, that was another nickname. In 58 he was transferred back to Al Toro in, California. , but there the, you know, an officers on record saying that he was very competent and brighter than most. Hmm. , so he better, he did better there.

Sterling 1 0 3, like, yeah. So in 59, , when he was in the Marines, he taught himself, , basic. , , that’s, that’s hard to do. Russian’s difficult as fuck. Yeah. , so in 59 in February, he was invited to take a marine proficiency exam in written and spoken Russian. , his level at the time after the test was poor, but poor is better than, than zero was not efficient or like not I’m sure able, 

yeah, to some degree. Uh, though he fared rather reasonably for a marine private at the time in the reading and the writing. , so in September of 59, he received a hardship discharge from active service claiming that his mother needed care. The mother that he hated clearly, yes. That he had to get away from.

So at that point he was placed on the United States Marine Court Reserve. Mm-hmm. . So he was now in the reserves. Yeah. , so in October of 59, he traveled to the Soviet Union. Hmm. Here’s where things get sticky with his poor aptitude for Russian 

so Oswald traveled to the Soviet Union just before, before he turned 20, , in the, , la later part of 1959. , he saved 1500 bucks from his salary in the Marine Corps. And he spent two days with his mom in Fort Worth. Then they embarked by ship on September 20th from New Orleans to France on the Titanic, like ship

How long was that? , probably a long time. Like a month. Oh yeah, probably. It sucks. So he, and then he immediately traveled to the uk and then he arrived in Southampton in October 9th. Oh, okay. Do we know why he went?

Does it say there why he went to the Soviet Union? Because he was upset. He loved him. That nobody knows. Okay. That’s part of the problem. It’s like, you mean you mean part of the conspiracy? Part of the, yeah, like we don’t like why Yeah, you’re right. Like why the fuck did he go there? Yeah. Like well, well he was clearly, he clearly liked Socialism.

Socialism. And you know, what’s the world hub to that? Yeah. Fucking uss R. But socialism is not communism. It’s extraordinarily similar, bro. It’s like virtual. It’s oh duty. Kidding me. It’s, it’s very similar. Similar principles. No, you have, correct. Correct me if I’m wrong, I wish Sean on this. You have democracy, you have socialism, and then you have communism.

Communists, right in the middle. Communism is radical socialism. That’s really what it is. Radical. Yeah. It’s radical socialism. But the state owns everything. So instead of, instead of like is socialism or communism? Communism. So Communis socialism is like, okay, everyone is, is E is equal and even Yeah. And everyone gets everything the same.

Yeah. So radical socialism, which is communism is where. The state owns everything and you are just a subset of the state, and the state will allocate everything to you. The same principle of like, you’re all quote unquote equal, but the state’s like God. Mm-hmm. . And so like, if you’re, if you run, if you’re in like, so you don’t really have rights too.

Oh dude, it’s, they fucking dfi disappear. Look, look at China, bro. Exactly. China. China’s fucking a classic example. The state will literally absorb your company and Yeah. Then, oh, you got patents. Sorry. It’s our company now Cuba. Cuba’s another one. Like, what do you wanna do? And if you, if you talk shit like Jack Ma, did you fucking disappear for a month?

This, he’s like the, you know, he’s like the one of the top 20 richest people in the world. He like vanished for a month. That’s true. And he came back, he like, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say anything. Jack. Yeah, Jack Ma is the Alibaba. Yeah, he the CEO of Alibaba. It’s worth like Alibaba, fucking 50 billion probably more.

Dude, he’s worth so much money. . Okay, so he arrived in Southampton, October 9th, right, of 59. Mm-hmm. . And he told officials at that time that he had $700 and he planned to stay for one week before proceeding to a school that was in Switzerland. On that same day, he flew to Helsinki where he checked in at the Hotel Toney in room 3 0 9. We all know this. 3 0 9 common dollars. And then he moved to Hotel KLAS, cookie , and he was actually issued a Soviet visa on October 14th. All right. Okay. So Oswald left Helsinki by train. The next day he crossed the border at a town that I can’t pronounce.

Venicia. He , he crossed the Soviet border of Venicia, Vela Verla, and arrived in Moscow on October 16th. His visa valid only for a week, was due to expire on the 21st. I was gonna say something really quick. What a fucking piece of shit that he gets discharged cuz his mother’s not doing well.

He stole up for two days. He’s like, all right, I’m going on a vacate. Jeez. . I’m outta here. Yeah. . So almost immediately after arriving, Oswald informed his tourist guide, which quote unquote, which is an interesting thing that I had to study on the side. Yeah. Which is, what is a tourist? I have no idea. I mean, like they don’t have that now.

No, that’s what your to is, that’s what your phone is for . What do you mean? Like, so back then they would have, you would hire somebody. That’s not uncommon. Really? I haven’t for the fuck horse guide. Like you could everybody, like, I don’t know, it just seems common to me. Like you would hire somebody, you hire somebody around the foreign, don’t show me all the, when name one time you have had a tourist guide.

No, never. Never. That’s fucking common as fuck. . And you’re, you’re hella rich. Especially . Yeah. Apparent. Hello. But especially back then, you don’t have iPhone. You don’t have Google. That’s true. This is in the, this is in the fifties. Yeah. You don’t even have maps. That’s, yeah, you don’t have, you don’t have Thomas.

Mm. That dates me. Nice drop. Nice. Nice drop there. Yeah. This, this podcast sponsored by Thomas Guy, dude. Oh my God. We should bring back Thomas Guy on the come up. Yeah. To the corporate entities that own Thomas Guy, please contact us at info at the conspiracy podcast. We would love to sponsor the Thomas guide.

The Thomas guide. , we feel like it’s coming back. The digital version. Yep. . Oswald informed his tourist guide of his desire to become a Soviet citizen. Meanwhile, he is still in the reserves fucking cock. So when asked why by Soviet officials, he encountered all of whom by Oswell’s account, found his wish incomprehensible.

He said that he was a communist and gave what he described in his diary as vague answers about the, the great Soviet Union. On October one 21st, the day his visa was due to expire, he was told that his citizenship application had been refused. He had to leave Soviet Union that evening. He was distraught.

So Oswald inflicted a minor, but bloody wound to his left wrist in his bathtub. And this was right before the, the in Taurus guide was due to, to escort him out of the country. I love how, I’m sorry. I love how he was like, literally in his diary, he is like, I gave him fake answers. Idiots, , why would you, what?

Like, what’s the point of writing that down? So basically he was refused citizenship then bef the, the day he was to be escorted out of the country. He tried to slit his wrist with like a Bic razor. It’s like in a little cut. And he’s like, shit. Yeah, in a bathtub this hurts. Like, uh, and he, in his diary, he says he wished to kill himself in a way that would.

he shocked himself by how fucking, how feeble he was in trying to kill himself. So because he did that, because he did that, his departure was delayed and the Soviets then placed him under psychiatric observation. Mm-hmm. , I see. Until the 20th of October. So it’s another week. He’s like, yeah, I gotta extend my passport.

How bitches win. got ’em. Fake answers. According to Oswald, he met four Soviet officials, , in Minsk who asked if he wanted to return to the us.

Oswald replied by insisting that he wanted to live in the Soviet Union as a Soviet National. When pressed for ID papers, he provided his Marine Corps discharge papers. Interesting. I know. They’re like, okay. Yeah, I know. So I told you we were going deep into like, this is the deep, the play Byplay of Oswald.

It’s and his like, you know, and also most people don’t know this shit. Yep, yep. Absolutely. So on, on Halloween night, October 31st, Oswald appeared at the US Embassy in Moscow and declared his desire to renounce US citizenship. And he was dressed as a, a cnik off. He was dressed as an AK 47, probably . So he said, and I quote, he said, I have made up my mind, I’m through.

He told the US interviewing officer that he had been a radar operator in the Marine Corps and that he had voluntarily stated to unnamed Soviet officials that as a Soviet citizen, which he never got. Mm-hmm. , he would make known to them such , information concerning the Marine Corps.

and his specialties that he . Possessed. And, and, and how do we know this again, because of the diary or This is, this is based on the, uh, oh, this’s from the embassy, the US Embassy. This is from the embassy us. It’s on record. This is US Embassy. Yeah. It’s on record interviewing, , I think it’s a Richard Snyder, , US embassy interfering person.

Yeah. Yeah. And he said, he had been a radar operator in the Marine Corps, and then he voluntarily stated to, to Soviet officials that as a Soviet citizen, he would make known to them such information concerning the Marine Corps in his specialty that he possessed. Gotcha. . , he said he intimidated that he would, he might know something special of interest.

Like he kept saying, I’m, I know the shit. I know all the things got inside Scoop. This guy didn’t know fucking dick. And he was trying to, he was all using it. Right? He was trying to get citizenship. Yeah, of course. Well, so he was saying, I got the juice. I got juice. Traitor. I got the tea. Yeah, I got the tea.

I got the tea. Tea. The tea’s hot. That’s so, such statements led to oswald’s hardship and honorable military discharge, , from being changed to undesirable. It’s like he was determined as undesirable. Well, yeah. Obviously it’s Cause he’s now, he’s like a traitor. Well, yeah. I’m surprised the guy had the embassy and it’s like, fucking shoot him in the head right there.

Then Oswald received a government subsidized apartment in a really nice apartment building.

, see, it’s really easy when the state owns everything. . No, actually, like, they’re literally like, here, what’s ours? Now here’s the argument, right? So some people, conspiracy theorists say, okay, so now he was given an apartment by the Russian government and they don’t give the, they don’t fucking care about anybody.

Yes. Yeah. . So, so they’re taking care of him. So, yeah. So there’s the, the, there is that like, don’t get me wrong, why was he, why was that happening? But at I agree the same time. I agree. Yeah. But at the same time, all it, all it is, is a government subsidized. Apartment for factory workers and like, in, like, in hindsight, like, so, so did other factory workers get the same apartment?

Correct. I’m gonna say like, but maybe the apartment sucked. . Yeah. The shit apartment. Like it, like we don’t really apartment. Exactly. It’s like fucking, there’s like rat shit. We don’t really know. Also because if, like, we’re in a democratic system, so we don’t know. Or at least, I don’t know, like, like maybe they do that a lot.

Maybe they do. I where they go, okay, this factory needs to be supported. We’re the government and we mean here are over there. We talked over there. Yeah. Like, like maybe they do because, because here’s the apartment building. It’s factory A, it’s communism. Right? So maybe they have to inject assistance into, well, in order to make you slaves, they’re gonna keep you alive.

And working at a factory, you’re, you don’t make that much money. So then they’re like, okay, let’s keep ’em happy with an apartment. Mm-hmm. . We’ll give you fucking one rubble an hour. Yeah. . And we’ll give you an apartment though, . So this apartment was fully furnished. . Uh, in, in, in addition to that, they supplemented his factory pay.

So at that time it was said that he had a comfortable standard of living in in Russia. In Russia. Which is which, which is like, yeah, you’re fucking dead here. . Like, that’s dead. No, they were under a lot of surveillance and like, like, oh, I bet. You know, you check in, clock in, clock out, like that whole thing.

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So from mid 60 to 61, Oswald was in a relationship with somebody named Ella. , they ate together in the factory cafeteria every day. They dated a couple times a week. Um, she later described Oswald as a pleasant looking guy with a good sense of humor, not as rough and rude as men. Here were back then,

Now she says she did not love him, but thought he was lonely and continue to date him out of pity. Dude Savage. Super savage. Holy shit. She was like, I was bound on his supervisor, but I would hate, I felt bad for him. I would hate that any of my past girlfriends dated me out of pity. . I felt bad. Sorry.

Empathetic . Yeah. So, uh, their relationship became more serious in Oswald’s eyes during the summer and fall of 60, but it began, began to deteriorate after she. Or, or she learned in October that Oswald was seeing other women. So he was on the sly side. Oh, okay. He, they was playing. He was using the pity card.

Yeah. Yeah, he was. He was on the sly side. So on January 2nd, 61, Oswald proposed to her. Oh, she declined. Yeah. Yet . So in January 61, which is right after that, this woman declined his proposal. In his diary, Oswald wrote, I’m starting to reconsider my desire about staying. The work is drab. The money I get has nowhere to be spent.

There’s no nightclubs, bowling alleys, no places of recreation except the trade union dances. I have had enough. He’s like, there’s no strip clubs like I raise in America. I’m going back

I’ve been looking for a titty for two years. can’t find one. So that’s word for word in his diary. , right? He says he is. He’s like, he’s like, sucks. Done with Russia and done. He said The propaganda was so good, got me hooked when I get here and it’s trash. So shortly afterwards, Oswald, who never, never formally renounced his US citizenship, wrote to the embassy of the US and Moscow requesting the return of his American passport and proposing to return to the US if any charges would be dropped against him.

And he is like, Hey, like, you know, take backs . I didn’t mean it. So now we’re gonna little fast forward a little bit. So here we are in March of 1961. Okay. Oswald meets a woman named Marina Marin. Are we back in the us? No, not yet. Okay. So Marina is who he would end up marrying. Marina is right. The woman, the, the Oswalds and, and kids were there too, right?

Yeah. Yeah. That’s right. Yeah. So he met her in March of 91. She was 19 years old. She was a pharmacology student. Uh, they married within six weeks. Damn. Yeah. That’s fast. Yeah. The Oswald’s first child. June was born on February 15th. So he met her, uh, of 62. So he met her in March, and then they had a, they were married within six weeks.

They had a baby, uh, March the following year. So maybe she No, she was, was knock, knocked up . That’s what I was saying. I was like, when did they have the baby? Like a year later? Uh, February of, so February of 62. No, that makes sense. Yeah. 10 months. Yeah. Oh, there you go. Boom. She was fucking Prego. On May 24th, 1962, Oswald the marina applied at the US Embassy in Moscow for documents that enabled her to immigrate to the US On June 1st, the US Embassy gave Oswald, loan of sorts for $435. Dude, okay. For is crazy. This guy’s life is like, it’s like a naked gun movie.

It just, he is been like, that’s wanted to go into like all the, the history. So the court Marshall with the prison like, what the fuck? Okay, so on June 1st, the US Embassy gave Oswald a repatriation loan of $435.

So a repatriation loan is to essentially get you back into the states. Into the states. There you go. So Oswald Marina and their infant daughter left for the United States where they received less attention from the press than Oswald expected. So Oswald expected it to be like a coming home party, like coming home like a fucking parade.

That’s right. . What an idiot. . And I got my full. You seems like a, it seems like, it seems like a theme though with Oswald, right? Like where he thinks, yeah, something should be like he should be given more. Well, he also has laid, he has like delusions of grandeur. Like he thought the Soviet Union was gonna be like this glorious fucking mecca.

And it’s like a shit show. Yeah, that’s right. So, so the Oswald settled in Dallas, Fort Worth, , where Lee’s mother and brother lived. , Lee began a manuscript on Soviet life. So he was starting to write, , about what it was like to live in the Soviet, this guy’s union, desperate for validation of which he gave up on that project.

So that never came to light that worked in a factory. Shitty. And like, you know, I had like a chick, she was like, pity boning me. . End

, Oswald found an unlikely friend in 51 year old Russian, George. De mm-hmm. , uh, he’s a well-educated petroleum geologist with like business connections internationally. , he was a native of Russia. He later told the Warren Commission that Oswald had a remarkable fluency in Russian. Oh, I thought it was poor.

Which, yeah, he was country. He was there for a couple years. So maybe it got better. Maybe it got better. But it does contradict everything. Yeah. That, that we went over. It was remarkable. Yeah. . So in July of 1962, so this, we’re in now 62. Right. Okay. July 62. , Oswald was hired by the Leslie Welding Company in Dallas.

, but he quit within three months. This guy cannot complete thing like my God. Yep. He went to school 78 times. I mean, fucking so many jobs that he quit or he got fired, et cetera. You know, it is just a never ending thing. So on October 12th, he started working for the graphic arts firm, Jaguar’s as a photo print trainee.

A fellow employee there testified that Oswald’s rudeness at his new job was such that fights threatened to break out, and that he once saw Oswald reading a Russian language publication. He was fired in April of 63, so he was there for couple more 10 months. October to April. Yeah. So eight months, something like that.

So, okay, good. So now we’re in April of 1963. Mm-hmm. , this is the year that Kennedy was killed. Yes. Right. Okay. Good. . So now we come to the Edwin Walker assassination attempt. Oh my God. This colonel, right? Yes. This is where not, not many people know this story, where that Oswald, , tried to assassinate somebody and failed minimal article months before.

Yes, months before. So, Oswald in the, in a newspaper, he bought a, , Kirk rifle. He spent $19 and 95 cents. So it was like on the, on the, on the Jack cheap, cheap for a secondhand rifle. Which is out of a newspaper, which is probably automatically just 10 times shittier than it would be standard. So in March of 1963, Oswald used the alias.

Remember the Alias? A Hde. Oh, that’s right. Yeah. Right. And he made an a mail order purchase of a secondhand six and a half millimeter caliber carano rifle for 1995. In addition to that, he purchased a 38 Smith and Wesson revolver. Much more reliable than the carna. Yeah. And that’s the one that was used to kill Chip it.

Yeah. Kill the cop. Mm-hmm. That’s right. Yep. Okay. So he ordered those two items. So he ordered the, um, the car rifle, and then he ordered the Smith and Wesson from his 30th fucking Macy’s catalog. 30th. Yeah. Jesus. All under the name, a hde. because he was trying to be sneaky. He was trying to be you sure that like the lady in the column, like what’s the fucking a stand for?

Yeah, I know, sir. So, and then if you remember it, that was also the name on his id, right? That’s, that’s right when they found him. That’s right. In the, that’s right. But was it like a dot idel or was it like Albert or like, what the fuck did it say? I think it was Alex. Oh, okay. Alex Idell Alexander. I think so.

I could be wrong on that one. Um, but so for weeks, Oswald carefully plotted out how he was going to kill Walker. Oswald’s staked out the narrow alleyway behind Walker’s house and found a perfect vantage point behind a five foot, , picket fence. Yeah. Because he’s obviously sh short af Yeah. Don’t never see me.

five feet was his, his maximum . He planned how after the deed was done, he would ditch the rifle at some nearby railroad tracks, double back through a park and take the bus home. So on April 10th, 1963, which is April to November, so what, six months? Yeah. Ish. Six months before, uh, Kennedy was killed, Lee Harvey crouched behind a fence in the neighborhood, aimed his rifle at the window of a c uh, he’s an old, they call him an ultra-conservative named Edwin Walker.

And he was a former us, um, army General. Okay. Now, should we point out, and we’re probably gonna get into it later, but there was a picket fence about that height. at the grassy knoll. At the grassy dole. Yeah, that’s true. Hmm, that’s true. Nice. Nice call. Jorge. I don’t know what that means, right, but, but it’s confusing.

I think it means you should know about that right now. I think we’re gonna get into clones. Were involved. . Hitler was there. Hitler kills you. Hitler was there. Yeah, for sure. So on April 10th, 1963, Lee Harvey crouched behind the fence in the neighborhood, aimed his rifle at the window, and around nine o’clock, Oswald was positioned behind the fence outside of Walker’s house.

He was super excited because he couldn’t believe his good fortune. Walker was seated as at his desk doing his taxe. He was literally doing his taxes. His head was perfectly framed by the upstairs window, just 120 feet from Oswald’s rifle, which is not a far shot. It’s not a far shot. 120 feet, that’s 40 yards.

It’s like Right. Easy peasy. I could be like, so this story, this story might actually be like against Oswald’s ability to shoot. That’s what I Kennedy, that’s what I’m saying. At a stationary target. Not fucking far at night. He’s sitting there doing his taxes. I know. And then back then it was clickety cock, cock cock click.

He’s got his green visor on. Why did they have those visors by the way? I, it’s actually, I looked this up cause I had the same question. It’s, , the, somehow the green would, would help to alleviate the eyes. , from the calculator? From looking? No, just from looking at the, the, the fine print for so long, the green would help nowadays we got the blue block.

Yeah. It would help blue. It would somehow glasses counteract that effect. Wow. Yeah. Cause I was like, why? It makes no fucking sense. Was it, is it bullshit? Like, I never tried. I can only speculate. That’s interesting. I have TurboTax do my taxes, bro. , I do wonder. I I’m gonna get one just for my eyes, I guess.

Like Goodwill? Yeah. eBay as shit. So Walker was seated at his desk doing his income taxes. His head was perfectly framed by the upstairs. 120 feet from the rifle. Oswald pulled the trigger and a sharp crack exploded behind Walker’s. . At first Walker thought somebody, some neighborhood rascal had thrown a firecracker in some neighborhood.

Rascal . That’s what it says. I love it. It’s a rascal . . Like Dennis the menace. . But so keep in mind that, , Edwin Walker, he’s like a soldier. Like he, he shouldn’t, he should know when there’s like, I wouldn’t know. He a fucking general . Yeah. Like if I heard a pop, pop, pop, I wouldn’t actually know it was gunfire.

Probably i’s. I’d be like, oh, it’s a fireworks down at the, I think it’s, I think it’s more common than Eric would be like, those damn rascals. Yeah. But he’s like a soldier, so, so at a certain point he realized, he’s like, okay, well, something’s happened. Wait, so he grabbed his pistol. Was the window open? Did the glass didn’t break, or was the window open?

No, the glass broke. That’s what he heard, right? No, I think the crack Like a crack. No, it was behind his head. Yeah, it was behind his head. The, the bullet fucking hitting the wall? No, it was behind his head. Okay. Yeah. Then he realized what was happening.

He grabbed his pistol, he ran outside, at which point he noticed blood started pulling on his shirt sleeve from his glass. So he, he got a bit of a ricochet. , he got like, , like, some, like particles of the Yeah, there was shrapnel from the broken window. Oh, so the window did break?

Yeah. So there was shot and through the window. Oh. So maybe his, maybe, oh, okay. Maybe his, his head was, his face was turning the other way and he heard the crack of the glass behind him. So I think you were right, Jorge. Oh, right. Yeah, yeah. Cause I was thinking, he’s like looking out the window and it’s just like his head there, like a fucking watermelon to shoot

So Oswald fired, but the bullet cared off the windowsill. So Caram is like a ricochet. So it’s, it’s off the windowsill. Missed walker’s head by an inch. The Dallas Police Department investigation came up.

Cold in Oswald, was already flagged by the fbi. Evaded additional scrutiny. Why was he flagged by the fbi? Did it say Just because he was a, uh, a rep? Repa. Yeah, he was a traitor. He was a traitor coming back. Yeah. See, the thing is, I don’t understand, is like if they knew that he did that he didn’t get arrested for attempted murder, well, they didn’t have enough evidence to, but they, they didn’t investigate it further.

But how do we know that he was the one who, like, you see what I’m saying? Like, yeah. Fucking sharp shooter. My ass fucking bullshit. But they did determine that the bullet that they did find oh, was ended of being from a man liquor K Okay. And which no one would buy because it’s later on in the world. It was determined later on that that was the same weapon.

Yeah, that makes sense. But it was, that’s the photo you took, right? Of that weapon. That weapon. But that man liquor Kirk car, wasn’t, it, wasn’t it pretty common for like, uh, hunting? . I mean, is that what we talked about at the beginning? Yeah. I dunno. Was pun? RAs was, yeah. So I mean, it’s all debatable. Yeah. You know what I mean?

I’m just saying like, this is a, this is a really big deal because I’m telling you guys, I coulda hit, I coulda hit general fucking, what’s his tits with a fucking sl shot? Is it a hundred? What was it? A hundred hundred? 20 feet. 20 feet. That’s 40 yards, bro. Yeah. Like that’s, well, you could have missed, that’s, it’s not a difficult shot by an inch.

By an inch, but in, in, not in a couple of shot, you know how big a head is? It’s a, had a hit. Granted, if you’re a sharp shooter, you probably would not miss dude if you’re a sharp shooter. Was a marksman smoke. Oh, Eric’s backtracking here. . He’s a marksman, sir. Not quite a sharp shooter. Yeah. Just below sharp shooter.

No. Uh, but in a couple, I think it was a podcast or an audiobook that I listened to. They, they, they talked about, the window that it went through, fucked up the trajectory of the bullet. Hmm. You know what I mean? Like the shot? Yeah, the shot. Like he had a direct shot. No. And then the window went, yeah, but like, and then like went off an inch, but have a deviation of an inch from, from a glass.

You know how, we don’t know how far away he, he was from the, from the window too? No, he was, he was 120 feet. He was hundred feet. Like, uh, what? The senator. Oh, Walker? Yeah. Walker’s name or Walker? No, but still like, like if he was glass two feet from the window, the glass 10 feet from the window. So depending on if, if he was, say he was 30 feet after the window.

That’s what I’m saying. The deviation of gas. I just don’t think that, I just don’t think so. What happened is he hit the window sill. So that means he shot. No, he, he hit the window. It literally says it, it carmed off the fucking window sill. We’re gonna go back to this. That’s say he did say that. Listen, we’re gonna go back to this guest.

Just hold on. . It did say that. You’re right. Yeah. Plausible fired. But the bullet kareed off the windowsill. Yeah. So Rick Ricochet hit and missed walker’s head by an inch. Yeah. So it hit the fucking windowsill. That’s see, a windowsill could, so he was way off. But no, the sill is completely different than the window.

No. Cause it’s, cuz wood like, so wood can definitely deviate. A bullet glass glass is gonna give you maybe a millimeter difference. Cause it’s, it’s not, it’s not really hard. True. And the bullet’s going so fast. It’s like it doesn’t give you shit about glass. True. That’s very true wood though. That’s very true.

A hundred percent. Yeah. That’s very true. All right, well, so the, the Dallas police investigated it, and they, , they categorized the shooting as an assassination . Attempt, but their investigation turned up no suspects at the time. I see. So Oswell then retrieved his rifle and he was, , likely super upset because he missed a shot.

That was, that’s so easy to, to do. Literally. I mean, I’m telling you, like, I, I mean this is all speculation, but I, it’s all assumed that he was pissed off that he messed it up. Dude, I could have made that shot with iron sites, with the fucking nine mill pistol, bro. Like, come on. So later on the Warren Commission, so later on, like after like a year and a half or whatever later, the Warren Commission concluded that Oswald was the one who attempted to kill us.

Major General Edwin Walker. Super convenient. . Mm-hmm. , sorry. And that he fired the exact same rifle, the Carano, um, a hundred feet away or 120 feet away as he sat on his desk. The, uh, this is from the Warren Commission. The bullet struck the window frame. Mm-hmm. as we had, there we go. And walker’s only injuries were bullet fragments to his forearm.

Oh. So the bullet actually, disin like, actually broke up when it hit the wood and just like, yeah. And the United States House Select Committee on assassination stated that the evidence strongly suggested that he Oswald carried it out. So he was never like charged and he was never like, you know, whatever.

And this is later on after the fact. Yeah. That’s why I’m saying after they’re this guy, this guy tried to assess or killed the president, so let’s just play. That’s why I’m saying it’s a little, it’s a little, it’s no, it’s just saying it’s just a little convenient that now they’re like, well, the evidence strong.

This just, yeah. Yeah. I’m just saying it’s a little convenient. I’m not saying that he didn’t do it. . Like he, he could have very well done it. Yeah, I’m just saying it’s just very convenient that after the fact they’re like, oh, of course husband. Well fuck course. Yeah. So just a couple other things that like support that he did do it, you know, just Did he write in his diary?

Yeah. , no. So like major general bitch, like General Walker was outspoken about anti-communism, segregation, uh, you know, uh, you know, just like everyone else in America. Yeah, yeah. Sorry. Yeah. He was temporarily held in mental institution on orders from Robert F. Kennedy. Who, who was Walker General Walker was actually, yeah.

Yeah. Oh wow. So there was a lot of turmoil between the Kennedy Association or the Kennedy administration and General Walker. Uh, but then why would Oswell want to kill him? Because he was very anti-communist and very, and, and JFK wasn’t. . No, but it was just, this is just what happened. Okay. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

I, I’m like happened. I’m fucking picking everything. My bad. Yeah. So Marina the wife. Mm-hmm. . She testified that her husband told her that he traveled by bus to General Walker’s house and he shot at Walker with his rifle. She said that Oswell Oswald considered Walker to be the leader of a fastest organization.

Oh, that’s okay. That makes sense. Why you’d want to kill him then. Yeah. So a note was left by Oswald for Marina on the night of the attempt, telling her what to do if he did not return. And this note was found 10 days after the Kennedy assassination. Mm. Not the Walker assassination. I see. Tracking and, and how long was it bef between the Walker and the Kennedy assassination?

Like what’s the timeframe there? April to November. Okay. Okay. So. . So left the walker like she found it months later, just conveniently after. So I just checked my side table and note there. Hey baby, I’ll be right back. Let me, let me go take care of this dude right now. Now I gotta go get my quick, gotta go work at the book post tour

That part is weird. It’s a little odd. I found an at six months later. Yeah, you found a note. She was like, I was, I was dusting off the plates. The China Yeah. And I found this note, but so, so what’s interesting? So let’s just imagine that we are, Kennedy has not been killed. Okay. Okay. So we’re now, we’re in, I don’t know, April, may say May 63.

Kennedy’s still killing the game. Yeah. This, this Jesus is hitting this. This slaying. Yeah. Yeah. We choose not to go to the moon. It’s hot. Cause it’s hot . Exactly. , Dallas police had no suspects. Really. You’re saying in May. Or what? In May. Yeah. Yeah. In like in before Kennedy assassination. Right, right, right.

The assassination occurred, and then Oswald became the suspect in November. The note, because of the note, I’m just telling you the timeline. Yeah. So in May there was no suspects. Yeah. He was just like, Walker was shot at. Yeah. And he’s like, fuck bleeding. But then after, we have no idea. But then after Kennedy got shot, then they’re like, Oswald.

Then Oswald was a suspect. That’s fucking sketchiest Shit. That’s weird. That’s a little, that’s like a conspiracy to me. That’s so, really Smells like one. So he was a suspect, but, well, it’s weird because it does talk about like, they didn’t have any legitimate suspects, but he was, but legitimate, he was, he was a person of interest.

That’s, that’s what they call it. Like garbage. A person of interest. Sorry. But the problem was that the bullet was too damaged to run ballistics. But then they ran ballistics and they were like, it came from the carna. Yeah, . This is fucking, that’s right. Madness. How the fuck did they determine that after 10 months or they’re like now six months later.

In six months. Our ballistics have have really advanced. Crazy, isn’t it ? I don’t, especially since it’s a bullet. The bullet exploded and like it’s fragmented. Confusing. It’s super confused. Especially, yeah. Although it is 60 years. 70 years. Yeah. But in six, in six months, technology doesn’t just, yeah.

Logically you’re like, okay. Six months ago I couldn’t determine it. And now six later, yeah. They’re like, even though the same situation. We piece it, we piece it together. Let’s switch the samples. Let’s switch the samples. Switch the samples, switch the sample. Fool me twice. Thek. Yeah. So there was this guy named George De Morran, Schlitt walking to New Orleans baby, and he testified that he knew that Oswald actually disliked Walker.

, in regards to this, , Morran Schlitt fucking Morran moron Schlitt and his wife Jean, recalled an incident that occurred the weekend following the Walker assassination attempt. They testified that on April 14th, just before. They were visiting the Oswell’s at their new apartment and they brought a toy Easter Bunny to the give to the child as Oswald’s wife Marina was showing Jean around the apartment, they discovered Oswald’s rifle standing upright, leaning against the wall inside a closet.

Jean told George that Oswald had a rifle, and George joked to Oswald. Were you the one who took a pot shot at General Walker? When asked about Oswald’s reaction to this question, George told the Warren Commission that Oswald smiled, and when Warren Schlitz wife Gene asked about Oswald’s reaction, she said, I didn’t notice anything.

We started laughing our heads off. Big joke, big George’s. Okay. Uh, uh, real quick, I’m sorry. So Jean, everything that testified that was the last time she ever saw or heard from everything about this insane, like they randomly found it in the closet. Bitch, why are you snooping through my closet? Yes. First off, why, why do you in the closet, like they’re the bedroom closet.

What do we have here? A rifle stand. They know that shot. That shot? No, you shot that shot. Like I always shoot my shot big. You shot Big Jones. Shot it. What the fuck? . Okay, so in April, Oswald returned to New Orleans. Marina’s friend Ruth Payne drove her by car from Dallas to join Oswald in New Orleans.

The following month on May 10th, Oswald was hired by the Riley Coffee Company. As a machinery. . That’s the shit job, didn’t he? But he was fired in July because his work was not satisfactory. And because he started loitering in the garage that was next door.

This guy, dude, this guy can’t hold a job for all life. This guy is like a, a professional grifter. Honestly, have we learned, we’re not even, we still have a couple things more to go over, but have we learned that he’s just a fucking loser? Well, the thing is, he’s inept, like he’s a loser. He’s inept at literally everything yet.

Yet, he’s literally one of the best snipers on the planet. , like, look, what the fuck? Okay, so on in May 26th, so now we’re getting closer to, or May 26, 63. Okay. Right. Yeah. We’re getting real close. We’re getting close. Oswald wrote to New York City headquarters of the Pro Fidel Castro Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

Damn. That’s the longest name ever. What’s the acronym for that? FP C ccc . That’s the thing. Yeah. The fact that you snap answer that was great. So he proposed and he says, I quote a small office at my own expense for the purpose of forming a F P C C C branch here in New Orleans. Three days later, the F P C C responded to Oswald stating, at least not at the very beginning.

So Oswald replied, saying, against your advice, I have decided to take an office from the very beginning. So he wrote to these, this committee on the anti-Castro board. So pretty much they want him to establish it then get an office. But, but you an office. An office. Then establish it, then establish it. Yeah.

Good. So at this point, this is where, , jfk, the movie comes in. Oh yeah. Cuz remember Yeah, I remember he had the office. Yeah. 

He shared an office with an ex CIA person. Right? Yeah. You know what I mean? And they were like, they were, they were cahoots. If you have not seen that movie, like it’s a good movie, you should definitely see it. If you should see it, buzz this shit right now and go watch it. Yeah. Well actually fully listen to this, then you should see it.

And then leave paying us. Fuck Oliver Stone. Pay us the money. I will dictate the movie to you. Audiobook style. That’s, that’s, that was a really good movie. It was a good movie. It was good. Yeah, it was good. And it has every famous actor who’s ever lived in this, in this movie. So, so, okay. So now Oswald , has written to this anti-Castro, Committee and he says, I’m gonna open own office.

. No, so, so what happened is, is, is he went against their wishes and he decided to open his own office, the pro, , Fidel Castro Fair play for Cuba committee. Right. And, , so he opened the office on May 29th. Oswald ordered the following items from a local printer.

And this is what’s the crazy part about this, is everybody knows, like every movement of everything I know. So they literally know from a local printer, he went and ordered 500 application forms. 300 membership cards. Cuz he was anticipating that he was gonna sign up all these motherfuckers. He was gonna just sign up a bunch of pro Fidel Castro people.

Right. And then he a thousand leaflets that. Printed the thing is, et cetera. I can’t even find like the, my, like five guys purchase on my fucking credit card statement, . I’m like, where is Swear to God. But we know this, we know exactly this. , the headline was Hands Off Cuba. That was the leaflet. Mm. Hands off Cuba strong.

, and then according to Marina, Lee told her to sign the name a hael on all of the purchases. Yeah. So back to that. Yeah. Nice. Okay, so on August 9th, now we’re in August of 63. 63. So like two months before. Yeah. Oswald turned up in downtown New Orleans handing out these leaflets. Oswald and two others were then arrested for disturbing the peace because they got into a fight.

Yes. Yep. Prior to leaving the police station, Oswald requested to speak with an F B I agent. Oswald told the agent that he was a member of the New Orleans branch of the F P C ccc. , which he claimed had 35 members. This guy and the leader was a hde, but in reality, they had no members. He was Ozwald, had no members, and it was just him.

So he was like faked till you make it. Oh dude, this guy is the definition of fake it till you make it. He’s trying to fake every job. Hey, that’s why he keeps getting fucking fired or from every job he’s gonna be done cause he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Okay, good. So now Oswald stayed in New Orleans two more days or so.

He was waiting for his unemployment checks. This guy’s such a shit. Oh my God. , and it’s kind of unknown when he left, but around September, around September, he left on a bus to go to Mexico. Mm-hmm. . So he arrived in Mexico City on September 27th, 63, where he applied for a transit visa in Mexico City. To go to the Cuban Consulate.

So he wanted to go from, from , new Orleans to Mexico City to then go to Cuba. Yeah, right. Which is Fidel. Yeah. Yeah. So he arrived in Mexico City. He applied, he claimed he wanted to visit Cuba on his way back to the Soviet Union. But see, this is why I’m, this is why I’m getting confused, because he is like, he tried to, he tries to write a memoir because he thinks fucking Soviet Union Russia sucks so bad.

And now he’s trying to go to Cuba thinking it’s gonna be better. I know. Oh, he did finish it. So maybe he changed. He’s, look, they got mojitos. It’s gonna be way better than this. Exactly. So he claimed he wanted to visit Cuba on his way back to the Soviet Union. The Cuban consular officials insisted Oswald would need Soviet approval before you would get that.

but CIA documents note that Oswald spoke like horrible Russian. Oh, so like he had, like, he was bad words. So he is got his homie like, so it’s like he’s poor then his homie’s like, it’s spectacular. Yeah. And then now they’re like, he literally knows no words in Russian. And so after about five days of shuttling between consulates and including a heated argument with an official at the Cuban consulate, , he pleaded to the KGB agents and at least some CIA scrutiny. Ozal was told by a Cuban consular that he was disinclined to approve his visa, saying a person like Oswald in place of aiding the Cuban revolution was doing it harm.

So later on October 18th, 1963, the Cuban Embassy approved the visa. But by this time, Oswald was back in the US and given up his plans on visiting Cuba and the Soviet Union. So 11 days before the assassination of Kennedy, Oswald wrote to the Soviet embassy in DC saying, had I been able to reach the Soviet Embassy in Havana as planned, the embassy, there would’ve had time to complete our business.

So while the Warren Commission concluded that Oswald had visited Mexico City and the Cuban and Soviet consulates questions regarding whether someone posing as Oswald had appeared at the embassies were serious enough to be investigated by the House Select Committee and assassinations. So basically it said there was some evidence that showed that some person who claimed to be Oswald, who was not Oswald Okay.

Was in Mexico City claiming to be him. It was, it was the real a Hi del. Yeah. And this is the, this is that story that you were talking about, which is the duplicative. The double the, the, yeah. The, the, yeah. The Oswald doubled. Yeah. Yeah. Saying that. Yeah. I’m here to like, you know, defect. We’re gonna get into that in the next episode.

Yeah. Casting call all five, eight hundred thirty five pound males. , please. . So, but according to a ca document that was released in 2017, wow. Seven recently, trillion 20 years later. 17. It is, it said it is possible. Oswald was trying to get the necessary documents from the embassies in Mexico to make a quick escape to the Soviet Union after the assassination.

Yeah. So he was kind of like, like they say that he was trying to plan to depart. Get the fuck outta there. Yeah. He’s like, I’m gonna need the $400 loan again. . Yeah. 4 23. I’m gonna need the four. Like, I’m gonna need that for the bus and then to ship. Mm-hmm. . Let’s, that’s gonna take me back. So on October 20, or I’m sorry, on October 2nd, 1963.

Oswald left Mexico City via bus. He arrived in Dallas. Ruth Payne said that her neighbor told her on October 14th about a job that was opening at a place called the Texas School Book Depository. So it was like sheer like fucking dumb luck that he gets this job. . Well, so Payne’s neighbor’s brother. Oh my God.

Wesley worked at the depository, Payne’s neighbor’s, brother’s, cousin’s, sister’s husband. So Mrs. Payne informed Oswald, who was interviewed at the Depository and was hired there on October 16th. My birthday, by the way. , Mrs. Payne informed Oswald. who was interviewed there, and he was hired on October 16th for a dollar 25 an hour. . What the fuck? I mean, this is a long time ago. That makes sense. Yeah, but like what I just wanna say, what do they do when they look at his resume?

Like you’ve had quite a few jobs, sir. You’ve had 17 jobs. I know. And you’ve only worked like you need a resume for a book deposit for, I mean, the maximum length. Dollar 25. Yeah, for a dollar 25. They’re like, can you I’m qualifi far already. Can you breathe like ? Yeah, . Okay, good. That’s still cheap.

Like that’s still, it’s dollar five. It’s a minimum wage. At that time it was a minimum wage. So Oswald’s supervisor was Roy truly. Now, if you remember, remember a couple episodes ago truly was the guy running around going, uh, I know that guy. He’s not here. Yeah. Where is, where is he? Yes, exactly. , he said that Oswald did a good day’s work.

The first day at the book, DEPA a Good, and he, and so far he was an above average employee. During the week, Oswald stayed in Dallas in a rooming house under the name o h Lee. This guy with his fucking aliases, he’s like, God, but he spent his weekends with Marina at the pain home. Who got him the job in Irving, Texas.

Okay. Okay. So he would go to work at the Depository during the week. He would go home in Irving with Marina. That’s like 40 minutes away. Okay. Is it? Yeah. Oh, good knowledge. Well Sea, yeah. Cowboys fan. I’ve been, I’ve been all around there, Arlington, and he’s been to Cowboys games too, unfortunately. Let’s go Romo.

Go go boys. They suck. Anyways, so Oswald did not drive a car. He commuted to and from Dallas on Mondays and Fridays with his coworker Wesley. Oh. He stayed there for, and so he stayed during the week and then he stayed, you know, he stayed , at a rooming house under the name O hk. Yeah, that’s, that sounds like a really rough sketch for minimum wage.

Jesus’s, right. So on October 20th, he had another kid. Fuck. Oh wow. Four days after we got hired. And this job, October 20th is 30 days before the assassination. Yeah. Jesus, Jesus. Okay, good. So the Dallas branch of the FBI then became interested in Oswald after its agent learned that the CIA had determined that Oswald had been in contact with the Soviet embassy in Mexico making Oswald a possible espionage case because he had defected, he had gone, he had gone back, he had gone this, he had gone that, et cetera.

Okay. This guy’s like triple, this is like, this is like not like double oh seven. He’s like triple zero. Yeah. Like he’s just the worst possible agent imaginable. So actual FBI agents twice visited the pain home. Yeah. Which is the pain home is the person, the friends, yeah. Yeah. The friends of him. Marin said they got him the job, right.

And they visited in early November. Oswald was not there, but they spoke to Mrs. Payne. Oswald visited the Dallas FBI office about two to three weeks before the assassination, asking to speak to an agent. When he was told that the agent was unavailable, Oswald left a note. According to the receptionist, it said, quote, let this be a warning.

I will blow up the FBI and Dallas Police Department. Shit, if you don’t stop bothering my wife, oh my God, Lee Harvey, and he signed it. Lee Harvey Oswald, this guy sounds fucking outta control. The note allegedly contained a threat, but accounts vary to whether Oswald threatened to blow up the FBI or merely report this to a higher authority so that.

Information is like disputed. Like whether or not he said, I’m gonna blow up the fbi, let me speak to your supervisor. That, and he could have been basically means I’m gonna blow you off. Yeah. He was going full Karen. And they’re like, oh shit. It’s a threat. . That’s right. So according to the agent, the note said If you have anything you want to learn about me, come talk to me directly.

If you don’t cease bothering my wife, I will take the appropriate action and report this to the proper authorities. So the agent said that. Okay. So that’s probably what it said. So it might not have been a bomb threat, it was probably just like a threat, like a stern stop. Listen, my house, yeah. Loan. Yeah, that’s right.

So the agent destroyed the notes why on orders from his superior, which was his name was Gordon, after Oswald was named the suspect in the Kennedy assassin. But then why would they, after. I’ve been ordered to destroy the No. Now hear me out. Hear me out. Now, regardless of whether or not Oswald killed Kennedy, it’s a little sketch that they had him destroy the No, but wouldn’t you, wouldn’t you maybe go, Hey, you know, the guy who killed Kennedy was here like a week ago and I didn’t, didn’t do anything.

Well, no. See, they didn’t want to get, they didn’t wanna like they, there you go. He was fucking never here, Brad. That’s right. So destroy all this shit. Super sketch. I used to destroy it because Yeah, they’ll be, I guess, guess I don’t want to be implicated in this when the Warren commission’s, like, so, um, we were checking the records here and uh, uh, so you didn’t respond.

He asked us to supervisor exactly. Right. And they were scrutinized and they were, they were. , like, you know, because true, the main suspect for the assassination of Kennedy was at their office two weeks earlier. That’s, that’s not a good look. That’s not a good look. Yeah. Right.

Okay, good. So now here we are, Thursday, November 21st, 1963. This is the day before. Mm-hmm. . . Oswald asked Frazier, which is his boss for an unusual midweek, , Lyft, or drive to Irving. Right. So he said, Hey, can you, can you drive me there? Cause I don’t have a car. I can’t drive to get the strap right. To get the fuck up.

So he said he had to pick up curtain rods. Oh. Cuz curtain rods are long just like a rifle. . So the next morning, which is the day of the assassination, he returned to Dallas with Fraser. . He left $170 and a wedding ring. And his wedding ring $170. It’s like three months pay fuck is sweet. He left it with Marina.

Here’s the cash baby. And he And he left his wedding ring. Yeah. Right. He was, he was going, he was going to he, he was gonna, the titty, . He was like, babe, they can’t, they can’t know married. So he left , they got the hundred, got the curtain rats. I got the curtain rods, I got the curtain rods, you know what I’m saying?

fuck. So he left the hundred $70 in his wedding ring. But he took a large paper bag with them. Frazier reported that Oswald . Told him the bag contained curtain rods this fucking huge bag. Oh, I was like, I was thinking like a lunch bag. I was like, what the fuck? No, sir. He took so to work, he took this huge bag and he said, and it was covered in paper.

Yeah. And he said, Frazier. Hey, don’t worry. This is Rod that we picked up yesterday. Remember the curtain rods? Remember over there? Yeah. Yeah. Let’s, let’s go back to where, why is it, why is the ship like a gun? Cause the Kurt rods, and as of note, it is, as of note, the Warren Commission concludes that the package of curtain rods was the rifle.

Sure. Yeah. Because why would you take curtain rods to work? Like Yeah, like obviously you’re taking Kurt Rods away from your house. Yeah. Mm-hmm. for the book Depository the lights is fucking me up. Like I can’t deal with any of the curtain runs. Like, okay. Good. So now we’re here, now we’re at the point of the Texas School book Depository The day of.

Recognization . Okay. So one of Oswald’s coworkers, Charles Gibbons, he testified to the commission, he saw Oswald on the sixth floor of the Texas school book Depository at 11:55 AM And what time was the shooting? 35 minutes later. Okay. Hmm. So there’s a witness 35 minutes before mm-hmm. ? Sure. And that’s Charles Gibbons.

In an FBI report, taken the day of the assassination, Gibbons said that the counter took place at 11:30 AM and that he saw Oswald reading a newspaper in the first floor room at 11:50 AM.

William Shelley, which is a foreman at the Depository testified that he saw Oswald near the telephone on the first floor between 1145 and 11:50 AM Okay, so he was up reading it. He was upstairs, then he was downstairs, and then he goes back upstairs like six minutes later. So then the janitor, Eddie Piper.

Dope name. Dope name. Yeah. Dope name. Yeah. Eddie Piper also testified he spoke to Oswald on the first floor at noon. So when the shooting happened, like 12 20 ish. Ah, okay. Yeah. Okay.

How you doing a having a good day? Yeah, he’s like this. Look at these. I just just cleaned this shit out. . It’s all yours Really. . So . So another coworker, Bonnie Ray Williams, was eating lunch on the sixth floor of the depository , and was there until at least 12:10 PM He said that during that time he didn’t see Oswald or anyone else on the sixth floor, and he thought that he was the only person up there on the sixth floor.

He also said that some boxes in the southeast corner may have prevented him from seeing deep into the sniper’s nest. Caroline Arnold, the secretary to the VP of the , Texas School book depository, informed the F B I that as she left the building to watch the motorcade, she caught a glimpse of a man whom she believed to be Oswald, standing in the first floor hallway of the building just prior to the assassination.

So he was on the first floor hallway before going up six flights stairs. So these are all, this is all the info of the witnesses that were there at the Texas. So pretty much seven, so five minutes before, so like seven people saw him on the first floor and then like one dude was like, he was on the sixth floor, right?

35 minutes pr So they’re, there we go. That’s, that’s the information leading up of Oswald leading up to the shots. Yes. Right. And here we are. And now we know a synopsis, we know a synopsis of Lee Harvey Oswald is light, the man, the myth of fucking loser. God, this guy was the, this a shit bag. So there’s so many things and um, I hope it gave an explanation a little bit of Oswald and like what.

I don’t wanna say his motives because we still don’t know his motives and we still don’t know necessarily what he was trying to do, or, or, but it seems like he was grasping onto trying to make a change and trying to make a name for himself. Force. Yeah. And trying to force himself into history, I guess.

And I think it’s good in order to make a, in order to come to your own conclusion, you, you think you need all the variables that you can have. Yeah. And like, knowing the backstory of this guy, it makes, it, gives you a better picture of maybe like the mindset. Yeah. Like, but obvious Aly, I’m, yeah, cuz it’s like what you’re saying, I’m not gonna get into a lot of people don’t even know a bunch of the incidents that we went over, like the prior assassination attempt that led to supposed linked to him.

We all, we all agreed that, or even like the, the whole Russia thing, like, and how he was, um, . What, what’s it called? Like he, like he left Def defector. Yeah. Like he, yeah. And then they like, let him back in and give him like, money to come back in. Like, what the fuck? Get the fuck out of town. So obviously, you know, in, in the upcoming episode, this will be the,

that’s right. Where we kind of get into all the nitty gritty and, and obviously we’ll voice more opinions, but definitely we want to, we wanna get you guys feedback. 

We’d love to hear what you guys think, what your questions are. If we can provide any more insight or, or just our views. And then, or we wanna know what you think maybe, we’ll, we’ll maybe give a little plug on the, on the, on the next episode. Like, let us know. Yeah, absolutely. So next episode, we are going to go over every theory, uh, that exists.

, now that we know the entire backstory, we have a full grasp, or at least a, a. I would say a partial grasp of Oswald and of the story of JFK assassination, et cetera. We can now go into the conspiracy theories and kind of take a look at all the, the weird ones, the good ones, and come to a conclusion. I do have a conclusion for you guys that is mine.

Uh, and then I might have a different one. Yeah. So I like, I guarantee I have a different one, . Absolutely. Absolutely. But um, anyways, that’s what we got for you, you guys tonight. Uh, thanks a bunch. Yeah. Follow us on social media. We’re on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, leave aWhere for Christ’s sake. Leave a review, review, review.

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