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Episode 8: JFK Assassination: The Warren Commission – Part 2

Podcast Transcription

Welcome back to the Conspiracy Podcast once again. We’re gonna continue with jfk. This is Jorge, Sean. Hey guys. This is Eric. All right. Welcome back guys. We are, uh, in the midst of, um, the Warren Commission. Deep, uh, we’ve, we’ve, uh, gotten to the point. So we are at essentially the Texas School Book Depository.

Um, and. Fritz and day, if you remember, they were examining the rifle on the sixth floor. Oh, that’s right. The high powered rifle. How can I forget? The building superintendent approached with information he thought should be brought to the attention of the police.

, so earlier, while the police were questioning, the employees truly had observed that Lee Harvey Oswald, one of the 15 men who worked in the warehouse, was. so truly provided Oswald’s name, address, and general description. , and there’s like a pin number. Yeah, snitch, snitch, snitch, snitch. . Yeah. 4 9 97 p. No , so tiny.

Uh, so he provided his address, his description, et cetera, and he left for police headquarters. He arrived at headquarters shortly after two and asked two detectives to pick up the employee who was missing. , did you go to Harvey Gordon? Listen, Bat Signal standing nearby were the police officers who had just arrived with a man who they arrested at the Texas School book, or I’m sorry, at the Texas theater.

Yeah. Right. So Fritz mentioned the name of the missing employee and he learned at that. . Somebody was already in the interrogation room and that was Lee Harvey, Oswald, dun, dun, dun dun. So essentially at the book Depository, they said, Hey, we’re missing a guy. , here’s his name, address. Go find him.

They went to the police station. The guy was already there. Lee Harvey Oswalt getting interrogated. Mm. So who picked him up? He was already there. No, I was like you said he was already there getting interrogated when I, when they went to go pick him up.

He was already there. He was already there being questioned for the shooting of Officer Tippett. Mm, that’s right. So, so at police headquarters, captain Fritz had, uh, begun questioning Oswald, and soon after the first interrogation, FBI Secret Service arrived and participated in that questioning.

So they’re questioning him for the murder first, but then they realized, yeah. Oh, he fit the description. He worked in the depository. Mm-hmm. , all the pieces kind of started to come together. I just wanna say, I wonder like what power does the Secret Service actually have? Like, that’s true. What can they actually do?

Like, can they, can they arrest? Do they, do they have like prison cells? That’s a good question. Think I have no idea what their authority is. That’s a good question actually. I think they have jurisdiction over anything that’s related to government entities. I’m gonna let, and I’ll let you continue while I look.

While I look, yeah. The FBI is interrogating. It’s like, Nope, I’m coming in. This is my guy. 

All right, so the this, so you all know the Secret Service has primary jurisdiction to investigate threats against Secret Service protectees, as well as financial crimes. Weird. I don’t like what? Okay. Which include counterfeiting of US currency or other US government obligations, forgery or theft, US treasury checks, bonds, or other securities credit card.

Telecommunications and it goes on. So pretty much, yeah. But, but the first part says, so if it has to do with whoever they’re protecting anything to do with Secret Service. Protectees. Yeah. And then somehow they’re like in the financial crimes division, I, I don’t know why. Right? Yeah. But yeah, cuz they wanna keep that shit’s secret.

Good info. Mm-hmm. . Indeed. All right. It seems like they were given another thing with counterfeit, like their main job is protecting the guys. Right? And then they’re like, Hey, by the way, we don’t know where to put this. Yeah. They’re like, nobody wants to do this job. Counterfeit just reminds me like, Carl hand is like secret servant , pan ready, hat ready,

It’s like, knock, knock. Uh, so Oswald denied having anything to do with, , killing Kennedy. Of course he did. , but what’s interesting is that he denied having anything to do with killing the patrolman. Hmm hmm. So he is a denier, which is very strange because it was, there were like four witnesses. Yeah. , you know, we walked through in the last episode, he literally killed him on a street.

you know what I mean? In broad daylight in front of everybody. Evidence is theater, which is like right down the street. Like there is nobody disputes the evidence of him killing. It’s like, patrolman, tip it, bro, you killed. You know what I mean? No. He really even knows that. Like I, I feel like the general public doesn’t even know.

Yeah. You know, and what’s interesting is like Oliver Stone’s, 10 seconds without tip. It’s literally like one second. Yeah. It’s like, it’s so fast, fast. Poor Tippit is literally, literally murdered. Like he’s murdered on the streets as at New Orleans as an officer. You know, I just found that weird, like, it’s kind of bizarre, you know, like push it to the side.

So worst case, even if he didn’t kill the, the president, he is a murderer. Well, no, the thing is, the reason he gets pushed aside is cuz it’s like jfk, like the man of the time. Yeah. It’s like, right. It’s like if I died and then. The same day or the same moment? Same. The same day. Like someone substantially more important guys.

Like even my wife’s like, whoa, sorry. Yeah. Like, that’d be the worst day to die. I know. Like Kennedy died. Like, you die, you’re irrelevant. Yes. It’s like, you’re like last words and your, your like, your spouse is like looking up at the tv. Like that’s like, uh, they don’t even bury you the worst. Uh, so he claimed that he was eating lunch at the time of the assassination.

And then

that’s the most, that’s the most fire alibi ever that was eating. And then that he spoke with his foreman five to 10 minutes before he actually left the depository. So he says he was eating lunch when Kennedy got shot and then he said, Hey, I’m gonna go. To his foreman. That’s what he says. But then I thought the, I thought the guy who was running the show was like, right.

This is what he says. He, he, he’s not here. I know. He’s Harvey. He’s a liar. Oh, yes. Yeah. There, he’s, he’s a denier. There’s a liar. Denier, liar. Yeah. Then in the interrogation, he also denied that he owned a rifle. Mm. That’s, that’s stupid play. Yes. Stupid. It’s like pictures of you with the rifle. So then when he was confronted in a subsequent interview, , uh, you remember that picture?

Have you seen that picture of Oswald? Yeah. With the gun. He’s photo pamphlets. He’s got the pamphlets. Pamphlet. I see. And he’s got the gun. Yeah. Super famous photo. Um, he claim he claimed that his face had been super imposed on somebody else’s body before, before this technology existed. Photoshop, Photoshop.

That shit brother. They’re like, we didn’t have a computers homie. Do you think it didn’t exist then? I don’t think it was good enough to make it look that real. Yeah. I mean, but maybe they had that like maybe in a dark room. They cut it out and then they had the little pliers. I think it’s awesome. They awesome, dude.

Some, I mean, my thing is like, look, I’m a, I’m mostly the believer of the conspiracies here. That doesn’t seem real to me. The super computers were like a building. Mm-hmm. . And they’re gonna like fucking Photoshop that shit. No way. Right? Like, come on. Right. If somebody really wanted to frame ’em, . I know. Uh, a lot of the conspiracies are about why, if you wanna have you, if you really look at the photo, a lot of the conspiracies are about the shadow looks strange.

Oh, oh, that’s right. Okay. I have, so the shadows of the rifle and what time of day it was taken, the shadow was, damn. See they got, they got way more deep than I did. I know, because I was like, it’s him I know. Looks just like him. The problem though is, is. , there’s a lot of evidence that he bought the rifle.

That’s true. You know what I mean? So, and like, so all the, all the, all the things about shadows and stuff kind of becomes, and you know, you bought it the last, you bought it under a phony name. You know, the last thing about that, it was like, what, you know, people do, do you see that shit nowadays? It’s like, That was like a old school.

Like, he’s like trying to be like, it’s like a gangster, like, you know, trying to be thug. You’re like, yeah, he’s got like a wa of cash and like a gun check son. He is like, like, it’s so stupid. He was asked, so what happened is, uh, this rifle, this rifle was purchased from like a newspaper catalog? Yeah. No, actually for, and uh, and it was purchased under the name Alec.

Alec Hidell. Okay. Do you know who that is? I think it’s one of his knowns. So in his wallet. is a phony id. Mm-hmm. of Han like a book card. Yeah. So then he’s denying having anything to do with it. Well see. I see. If we were gonna say something about anything, and like, it’d be way easier to, to do that than to do an id to do an id.

Fake id, right? Yeah. Than to do that. Than to do, but, but he still has a, but he still has a photo with a thing, so I don’t know. I am, who knows? Yeah. And continue please. So, d are you turning. I know, and then by the end of this I was like, Hmm, I’m gonna get all three of them. , don’t listen to these fucking losers

So during the questioning of Oswald on the third floor of the police department, more than a hundred representatives of the press radio and television were crowded in the hallway through which Oswald had to pass when being taken from his cell to Fritz’s office for in. , so reporters had to try to interview him every time he would go, like walk the hall from where he was being held to.

Fritz’s office. Mm-hmm. , right? Yeah. Sa sa. Yeah, please. . Between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning, he appeared. He appeared in the hallway 16 times. It’s a lot of interrogations. Damn. Oh no, it’s eight. They’re back. They’re, they’re back. Yeah. The, the generally confused conditions outside HA and inside Fritz’s office increased the difficulty of police questioning advised by the police that he could communicate with an attorney.

Oswald made several telephone calls on Saturday. In an effort to try to procure his own lawyer, , people are like, Nope, I’m not touching that with a 10. Yeah, I think I’ll pass on that one. He discussed the matter with the president of the local Bar Association who offered to obtain counsel. Oswald declined the offer saying that he would first try to obtain counsel by himself.

By Sunday morning. He had yet to get a lawyer. Ugh. Right. Yeah. So we’re now three days, two to three days. homie didn’t, he gave a lawyer. Yeah, that’s, that’s kind of rough. So, at 7:10 PM on November 22nd, , Oswald was formally advised that he had been charged with the murder of Tippett. Okay. So that’s the night of, mm-hmm.

of the 22nd. Several witnesses to the tippett slang into subsequent flight of the gunman had positively identified Oswald in lineup. . Well, I feel like the lineup is the worst thing. It’s like literally it’s a, it’s like, yeah. It doesn’t really hold up though, doesn’t it? Yeah. They’re like, which person was it?

And they’re like, fuck if I like a guess. Like I feel like the lineup is the wor Thank God for forensic evidence. like, thank you God for forensics. Okay. So at the time, positive, uh, firearm ID evidence was not available. Just so we’re all clarified. Oh, they couldn’t, they couldn’t do like the, the market barrel markets and shit.

Don’t, they don’t. The way they have now. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. They’re like, this was fired. And the registered weapon and then equivocally from, no, it’s not even that. It’s just like the rifling. The rifling leaves a, it’s a, yeah, there’s every rifling is different. Yeah. It’s like a fucking fingerprint. Because you gotta remember he killed tippett with a revolver.

Yeah. Not the rifle. Right. So, yeah, same thing though. But it’s it, they charged him because the, everyone saw him shoot him. Yeah. There was like four witnesses, and he had a revolver that matched the caliber. in the body of Tippett. I mean, yeah, on his person in the sixties. That’s like fucking close shit.

Arrest him. So at 1:30 AM on the next morning, he was charged with the assassination of President Kenny. The FBI traced the rifle that was found on the sixth floor of the, the school book Depository to a mail ordered house in Chicago, which had purchased it from a distributor in. Approximately six hours later, the Chicago firm advised that this rifle had been ordered in March of that year by somebody wi by the name a hde for shipment to PO Box 2,915 in Dallas, blah la, of which that PO Box was rented by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Why was he renting? Like that’s just so bizarre. Like, I have a PO Box in Dallas, but I, I’m in New Orleans. Mm-hmm. got a fucking Renaissance man. I dunno. This is crazy. It sounds like a sloppy trying to cover up your tracks, doesn’t it? A little bit like, you’re like, all right, I’m gonna order it under somebody’s name, but I need this PO box.

And my name . Like I, I can’t open the PO box by my own name. So payment for the rifle was remitted by a money order that was signed with the name, a Hde. Cut. See, this is, this is the whole thing. Like back in the sixties you could just, it’s so, you write shit out. It’s so easy to do anything because it’s all like fucking low tech carbon copy.

Yeah. Like that. That’s my whole point. That’s why I’ll, I’ll probably never believe you on this cuz it’s like, it’s so, it’s not like today. It’s lazy. I know. It’s so simple to be like, Yeah. So to me, that’s my name. I know. I can just be like, Lee Harvey Oswald me, man. I’m not him. Like, so by the next night though, this is a little, I thought this was weird.

This is in the Warren report. By the next night, the FBI advised Dallas Police that a result of, , handwriting analysis of the documents that was signed to buy the rifle was Lee Harvey Os. Yeah. Whatever. So he did that in, they, they, they determined that in less than 24 hours from the assassination. Yeah.

Which just seems pretty quick. I’m not a big believer in handwriting analysis. That’s just me personally. I watch a lot of forensic files. I’m not a, I’m not a big guy. That’s just me personally. Like even. On analysis period. Yeah, just on analysis period. Like even in like today’s technology, it’s like, okay, but like I know how I write and it’s so shitty.

Like I, no one can analyze ’em. I, it’s impossible. You don’t do it the same way every time. It’s fucking, I just scribble high glyphs bro. 

It’s like it’s something completely different. So throughout Friday and Saturday, the Dallas police released to the public. Many details concerning evidence against Oswald. Police officials discussed important aspects of the case. Usually in the course of impromptu and confusing press conferences that were just held in the corridor, you know, so it was like a chaotic time.

Things were wild, people were everywhere. People screaming. Yes. People were crying, people were upset. And it’s in the corridor and well, a lot of people have probably seen like the video or the, at least the image. Oh yes. Way there, right? That’s where you got killed, I think. I guess we’ll get into that. Oh, yeah.

Yeah. I think it was in the belt. That was the basement. That was in the basement. Yeah. Spoiler. Spoiler . Don’t listen to edit. Don’t listen to that folks. , edit. Edit. Um,

it’s literally like two sentences down. Beat you. I know we’re spoiler for right now. . No, but I mean, it was a crazy time. And, and, and what was really interesting was nobody seemed to know who had jurisdiction over what? It was a very emotional time too. Like there was so much hate. Yeah. Oh, you know, they had killed this.

Was this the Soviet Union? Was this the mafia? Was this, this, you know, like all of this just to make it even more intense. Like there was no like Netflix back then. Like this was like, your fucking whole life was like this case. Yeah. Nothing else you, there’s nothing else on tv. Like nothing else on the radio, but this.

Yeah, exactly. So a lot of things actually, if you go back and, and look and, and listen to the news media, a lot of them are wrong. . There’s like, like they just said wrong names, random shit. Like yeah, they said wrong names, they said wrong timeline, and they really confused the shit out of everybody , you know what I mean?

Because it was chaos. It would be like, ah, I heard, did someone say this? Like, like, uh, you brought up in the DB Cooper episode. Mm-hmm. , you brought up that his name’s not even DB Cooper. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s a, it’s a perfect example. It’s, it’s a news reporter. Who just was like throwing shit together. . It was like raining and they’re like, oh, this is chaos.

Call him db uh, Dan something. They just wanna be the first one to get the news out. Yes, exactly. Even if it’s not Right. Exactly. , so at the urgings of the newsman, and of Chief of Police, Jesse Curry. They brought Oswald to a press conference in the police assembly room shortly after midnight on, , of the day, Oswald was arrested. The assembly room was crowded with Newsmen who had come to Dallas from all over the country. They shouted questions at Oswalt.

They, you know, flashing cameras and those, those cameras were crazy then. Oh, that’s when they, there’s like a fucking light bulb in there that explodes. Yes. When you take a picture like, and. Later on, you can see that among this group was a 52 year old Dallas nightclub operator named Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby.

So Jack was, Jack was strangely obsessed with it all. Mm-hmm. , like the whole thing. Like he was there at the beginning, like when it, when the assassination happened, he was literally just hanging out at the police station, hanging out wherever he could, just to get. Exposure. Yeah. All the info and all the, I don’t know.

You know, it was a strange thing. anyways. On Sunday morning, November 24th, arrangements were made for Oswald to transfer from the city jail to the Dallas County Jail, which is one mile away. The news media had been informed on Saturday night that this transfer would occur. Hmm. Why, like, Fucking, it’s just so you guys know, , we’re gonna move it.

So be there. Like why? Like, , at that time everybody’s obsessed with you. At that time, the amount of, threats coming into the news or to the police station, were, were huge, yet they’re gonna let everyone know we’re taking them out. Yes. At this time, nonetheless, on Sunday morning, television, radio, newspaper, they all crowded into the basement to record just the transfer, the one mile.

And this was viewed through television cameras and Oswald would emerge from a door in front of the cameras and proceed to the transfer vehicle. To the right of the cameras was a down ramp from Main Street. On the north to the left was an up ramp leading to Commerce Street. , the armored truck in which Oswald was to be transferred arrived shortly after 11:00 AM.

Police officials then decided, however, that an unmarked police car would be preferable for the trip because of its greater speed and maneuverability . Yet they alert everyone that this is what you think every moment that’s so stupid. At approximately 11:20 AM Oswald emerged from the basement jail office flanked by detectives on either side and behind.

He took a few steps toward the car and was in the glaring light of all the television cameras. Suddenly, a man darted out from an area on the right of the cameras where the newsman had been assembled. The man was carrying a cult 38 revolver in his right hand, and while millions were watching on tv, he moved quickly to, within a few feet of Oswald, he fired one shot into Oswald’s. Oswald grown with pain as he fell to the ground and quickly lost consciousness.

Within seven minutes. Oswald was then at Parkland Hospital. This is where JFK died. Uh, he was there within seven minutes. He never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead at 1:07 PM This one the stomach. That’s annoying. Yeah. Single. , and this is, this was on live tv. This was the chaos of all of this.

Everybody was wrapped up in , the assassination of jfk. What’s happening? Okay, now we’ve got it under control. Nope. Shit is not under control. Pop. Pop killer’s dead. Actually, live television. It’s not pop, pop, single, pop, single, pop. So the man who killed Oswald was Jack. , he was instantly arrested and minutes later confined in a cell on the fifth floor of the Dallas jail in interrogation.

He denied , that the killing of Ozal was in any way connected to the killing of jfk. Okay, so I just wanted to kill him. Just cuz. Hmm. Just cuz I, I felt like that mean he says though, he says though, It had nothing to do with, in any way connected with a conspiracy involving the assassination of jfk.

But he killed him because he killed jfk. Well, because then he later on said, he said he killed Oswald in a temporary fit of depression and rage over JFK’s death. Okay. I, I thought he meant, like, I thought it was, came out in silence him. I see. Yes. So he was just saying I killed him because I was mad. Yeah.

And I was upset and. That’s what happened. Mm. So Ruby was transferred the following day of the county jail without notice to the press. They learned their lesson and he was transferred finally. Yeah. , and he was indicted for the murder of Oswald by the state of Texas on November 26th. He was found guilty the next year in March and sentenced to death.

Oh, it’s Texas. That’s right. But, , I mean, as of, so this is the Warren. . So this as of 1964, his case is pending appeal still? No, not today, but this is the Warren Commission that I’m, years later. Yeah, no, this is everything that we’re basing on. This is the Warren Commission. This came out. Yeah, exactly. He came out three years later.

Yeah. So it wasn’t, he wasn’t dead then. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Okay. Good. . So there we go. That was the, the story of the Warren Commission. Okay. Yeah, because we, now, I’m gonna read, I’m gonna read what they wrote at the end, which is the conclusion of the Warren Commission. Okay? Okay. We are not liable for anything we’ve written, so there’s an entire paragraph that I xed out.

Because I don’t wanna read it. Cause it’s all like blubbery. It’s boring. It’s all, uh, it’s like, it’s like we are nomenclature, we are held responsible, the facts relating to the proceedings and you know, that whole like Yeah, whatever. No, you can’t sue us. Yeah. . , so here’s their, here’s the Warren Commission conclusion.

The shots which killed President Kennedy and wounded Governor Connolly were fired from the sixth floor window and the southeast corner of the Texas School Book Depository. This is determined based on the following. A witnesses at the scene of the assassinations saw a rifle being fired from the sixth floor, and some witnesses saw a rifle in the window immediately after the shots were filed.

B, the nearly whole bullet that was found on Governor Connolly’s stretcher at Parkland Memorial Hospital, , and the two wow. The place, you know, the same day, this untouched bullet and then, and a stretcher, and the two bullet fragments found in the front seat of the limousine were fired from the six and a half millimeter.

Man Liquor Carano rifle found on the sixth floor of the depository building. How convenient to the exclusion of all other weapons, , sorry, C. The three used cartridge cases found near the window on the sixth floor at the southeast corner of the building were fired from the same rifle, which fired the above described.

And the fragments. Getting a cartridge, by the way, is the easiest. Go to the fucking gun race bar. They’re just sitting on the floor. Pick them up. D The windshield in the presidential limousine was struck by a bullet fragment on the inside surface of the glass, but was not penetrated. E. Okay. How does that make it from the sixth floor?

It isn’t. Okay. E. Sorry. E. So E. The nature of the bullet wounds suffered by President Kennedy and Governor Colly and the location of the car at the time of the shots established that the bullets were fired from above and behind the presidential limousine striking the president and the governor as follows.

Okay. I agree with that. Yeah. Yeah. President Kennedy was struck by a bullet, which entered at the back of his neck and exited through the lower front portion of his. causing a wound, which would not , necessarily have been lethal. Yeah. The president was struck a second time by a bullet, which entered the right rear portion of his head, causing a massive and fatal wound.

Oh yeah. Connolly was struck by a bullet, which entered on the right side of, of his back, and traveled downward through his right side of his chest. Exited, , below his right n. Then hit his leg. . This bullet then passed? Yeah, this bullet then passed through his right wrist. Oh yeah. His wrist too. Entered his left thigh where it caused a superficial wound and then, and then bounced off the ground and then up through his face.

what you saying? But that was, that was the one that hit the president first, wasn’t it? Yeah. Okay. No wait. That hit the, went through the president, then went through him, then went through his hand, then went through his, yes. Yeah. Okay. F . What? We were just on E going. We were just on E, E. Now we’re an F. I know it’s super abrupt.

F that I know F. So F. There is no credible evidence that the shots were fired from the triple underpass ahead of the motorcade or any of other location. This is. , and I’m adding this last part, the grassy knoll. Yeah. Well, obviously that’s, that was the only other thing. No, we’ll get into that. The weight of the evidence indicates that there were three shots fired.

Although it is not necessary to. any essential findings of the commission to, to determine just which shot Hit Connolly.

Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . There is persuasive evidence from the experts to indicate that the same bullet, which pierced the president’s throat, also caused Connolly’s wounds. Mm. Right. However, Connolly’s testimony and certain other factors have given rise to some difference of opinion as to this probability, but there’s no question in the mind of any member of the commission that all the shots which caused the President’s and Connolly’s wounds were fired from the sixth floor of the depository.

So they’re kind of covering their ass. . They’re saying that Connolly then gave interviews later saying, I heard X shots. Mm-hmm. , I heard it from this location. I, you know, I don’t know. But what they’re saying is we don’t know. Yeah. They’re like plausible to my ability. Yeah. They’re saying we, we don’t know what he’s saying.

We don’t know. It’s the most problem. All we do know is at the end of the day, they were shot from the book depository. We’ll get into that too. The shots which killed President Kennedy and Wounded Connolly were fired by Lee Harvey Oswald. That was a pretty definitive statement. I mean, that was a, that wasn’t like a, we’re not sure that is word for word.

Yeah. . This conclusion is based upon the following. I thought we j they thought they just gave us that. Well, no, they were, they were laying out. Oh, they were laying. All is Yeah. What happened Step by step. Yeah. What happened Now I see. This is why they think Lee Harvey killed him. Gotcha. Yeah, I’m, I’m tracking that.

So this conclusion is based upon the following, a the man Liquor Carano, six and a half millimeter Italian rifle from which the shots were fired. Was owned by and in possession by Oswald. I love the the man liquor. I know gotta get me one of those. . What does that mean In Italian? I have fucking, I don’t know, idea use.

We can use some listener help on that one. Yeah, please. What, what is the man lick right in? What is Liquor Inta? So B Oswald carried this rifle into the depository building on the morning of the 22nd. Mm-hmm. . C Oswald at the time of the assassination was present at the window from which the shots were fired d closely.

Shortly after the assassination, the Man Liquor Carno rifle belonging to Oswald was found partially hidden behind or between some cartons on the sixth floor. And the improvised paper bag in which Oswald brought the rifle to the depository was found close by the window from which the shots were. E Based on testimony of the experts and their analyses of films of the assassination, the commission has concluded that a rifleman of Lee Harvey Oswald’s capabilities could have fired the shots from the rifle used in the assassination within the time, the elapsed time of the shooting.

He says capabilities like Warner’s capabilities like shit. Next episode we’re gonna talk about Lee Harvey Oswald’s capabilities as a sharp shooter. Sharp shooter. And by the way, manlier. Manlier is, it’s, it’s Mank, it’s it’s German, it’s a, stands for like male, masculine, manly, or Manish. Hmm. Okay. Yeah.

Strange that it’s an Italian weapon in a German name. Yeah. Well, the, yeah, it’s like Ferna. Manka was an Austrian engineer and small arms designer. Okay. Designed by Ferdinand Manka after his name. All right. Well, there you have it. All right. There you go. Okay. The commission has concluded further that Oswald possessed the capability with a rifle, which enabled him to commit this assassination.

  1. Oswald lied. Yeah. Oswald lied to the police after being arrested concerning important matters. Okay, so that’s part of their evidence is he just as a liar, there was hundreds of millions of people who have lied to the police. Oh, as an fyi, I have lied to the police before. Gee. Like I, I kill jfk. This is something, this is something that I’ve found.

This next point is something I’ve found that. 80, 90% of people don’t know independent fact checkers. Okay. G Oswald had attempted to kill Major General Edward Walker on April 10th, the same year, thereby demonstrating his disposition to take human life. Right. But he wasn’t arrested for attempted murder.

Yep. What’s up with that? Yeah, so they, they know that he did it, but they didn’t arrest him for attempted murder on a, I know that on a fucking, Attempted murder on a general, and he wasn’t arrested, I don’t think they had the evidence to actually, well then how do they know he did it if they don’t have the evidence?

Exactly. If he’s not able to convict him. That’s also what we’re going into next episode. Okay. These are all like, so next episode is all about Lee Harvey Oswald, the K, though, literally his birth to his death. All, all the things. So, but I just have noticed that nobody knows that like six months earlier. in the Warren Commission.

At least he is accused of trying to assassinate another figure. Oh, this is like an OJ thing. They’re like, well, we all know he did it, but like, no, it would be awful. No, no. It would be like if OJ tried to kill like his girlfriend six months earlier Yeah, then, then he actually kills it. Yes. Yeah. Like, or maybe not.

Yeah. Yeah. Not exactly. But you know, he’s try, he kill, tries to kill somebody. Tries to kills like a sidepiece and then, and then he kills his girl. Yeah. , Oswalt kill. Dallas police officer JD Tippett, approximately 45 minutes after the assassination. This conclusion upholds the finding that Oswald fired the shots, which killed President Kennedy and wounded Connolly and is supported by these.

That’s another thing too, is like really like 45 minutes after you killed the president, you’re gonna shoot a cop. Like it’s a little desperate man. He was desperately getting away, but he wasn’t like, they weren’t chasing him down for that. Wasn’t he like a fucking He was freaking out. Yeah, he was freaking out.

Yeah. Whatever, Eric, and, and, and the description already had gotten out. Remember Eric? Yeah. Eric doesn’t, five, five, I mean, how many? Five, seven, white. 140 pound. Dude, more than you can imagine. Yeah, yeah, yeah. in the sixties, that was every white male. In America it was 80% of the popul. Literally, it’s like everyone.

Yeah. So, , just a couple points that they put in here about why they believe that he killed tippett. Right. Two eyewitnesses saw that Tipt shooting, and seven eyewitnesses heard the shots and saw him leave. Mm-hmm. With the revolver in his hands, Aaron started giving us like false facts. He told us four witnesses, the liar.

Seven people saw him leave with a gun in his hand. I thought they said they heard the shots. No. Two saw him. Shoot. Oh, okay. So two saw him. Shoot. I’ve heard two. I’ve heard four, and I’ve heard seven so far. Jeez. Conspiracy. Eric is the conspiracy here. I know . Yeah, I’m on the cia. Payroll. This’s. The whole point of this podcast, you can do a background check on the podcaster,

Mm-hmm. . Sorry. Continue. So, Okay, so again, two people saw him shoot, tip it understood. Seven people saw hi or heard the shots, and then saw him leave with the gun in his hand. So these nine witnesses identified Lee Harvey Oswald as the man they saw. I believe he killed Tipper for sure. Okay, a hundred percent.

I’m like on board with that. Go Progress folks. B, the cartridge cases found at the scene of the shooting were fired from the revolver. , Oswald had in possession, see the revolver in o Oswald’s possession at the time of his arrest was purchased by and belonged to him. Yep, sure. Dee Oswell’s jacket was found along the path of the flight taken by the gunman as he flighted from the scene.

So homie literally just took his jacket off and threw it on the floor. Shit like, this man is like desperately trying to get caught. Here’s my, I dropped his drop his wallet. Yeah. Shoot you on the dead body. Like Jesus, his fake ID . Shit, I better leave this here. I know they can never find the sun. So within 80 minutes of the assassin.

within 35 minutes of Tippet being killed, Oswald resisted arrest at a theater attempting, I mean, this is, they say attempting to shoot another police officer, but he didn’t. He really just kind of like, was like, not fighting. Persist son. Yeah. It was like, fine, I’m not, not resisting. Nervous, resist. So with that, the commission has reached the following conclusions concerning oswell’s interrogation and the detention by the police.

Yeah, we did not water by. So now we’re, so you see the segments that they did it in, they did it in what happened when Kennedy was killed? What happened to tip it and now what happened in the interrogation? Yeah. Yeah. Cuz they’re gonna tell us exactly what happened in the interrogation, like a hundred percent A We didn’t break his fingers, I swear, except for the force required to affect his arrest.

Oswald was not subjected to physical coercion. By any law enforcement. I love how they’re like, oh, trust us. That’s start out . It’s like there’s no cameras, like we promise we didn’t kick him in the balls a couple times to get him to tell the truth. He was advised that he could not be compelled to give any information and that any statements made by him might be used against him in a court of law.

Yeah, it’s called Miranda Rights. He was advised of his right to a counsel. Miranda Rights. He was given the opportunity to obtain counsel of his own choice, Miranda Rights, anybody, and was offered a legal assistance by the Dallas Bar Association. He rejected all of them. No. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

That’s, I thought you said he was, he said, that’s what he says. He, I Just reading what he says. No, because you said he was trying to find counsel. They offered him that. He said, Hey, I would rather find my own first. Right. Another, like he rejected. He did not want a lawyer. He rejected it word for word. It says which he rejected.

Okay. They’re, I dunno. There you go. They said he has a right to be alive. Rejected . I will reject that. Right. B. Newspaper, radio and television reporters were allowed uninhibited access to the area through which Oswald had to pass when he was moved from his cell to interrogation room in the other section of the building, thereby subjecting Oswald to harass.

and creating. I think that was a stupid play for them to do that. Yeah. Creating chaos, uh, chaotic conditions which were not conducive to orderly interrogation or the protection of the rights of a prisoner. See, okay. At least they admitted that. Yeah. That’s cool because that’s true. It’s like kind of fucked up.

Yeah. Like he was branded the killer before. Oh, before. Before he was even. Yeah. Like there was no trial. He was They’re still interrogating him. Yeah. Which is against the law. Oh. But like that’s, that’s against like it’s a hundred percent. Well, you can get that America stands for Which part? That brand? Yeah.

Like you’re branded guilty before you have a, he has trial. He has a right to a fair trial. Yeah. Charge. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, that’s, yeah. But he wasn’t, he wasn’t found guilty. He was just shot. No, but no, but in the public, like, cuz look. You No. If if they, if the media paints you already, everyone’s like, he’s a hundred percent the killer.

There’s no fair trial. You’ll, every jury’s gonna be tainted. Mm-hmm. , every juror is gonna be like, you automatically are guilty. Okay. But, so it’s not, it’s, you control what the media puts out there. I. Well, you can. I mean, they shouldn’t have allowed you try to do it chaos. That part. They should, yeah. You can try to subdue it in order to try to get a filter.

Like the whole point is like, yeah, you gotta at least attempt. Yeah. But now they’re like the killers, Jeff, make room for the killer. Here come. Okay, good. So C, the numerous statements and sometimes erroneous statements made to the press by various local law enforcement officials, , during this period of confusion and disorder in the station, would’ve presented serious obstacles to obtaining an actual fair trial for Oswald.

Yeah. So you were just Exactly, we were just talking. To the extent that the information was erroneous or misleading, it helped create doubts, speculations, and fears in the mind of the public, which might otherwise not have arisen if they were not there. You see, maybe that’s why think that they, maybe that’s why he got shot

They’re like, fuck, this is gonna be a mistrial. God damn it. Like, so. Then the next one, or the next section is the commission has reached the following conclusions regarding or concerning the killing of Ozal by Jack Ruby. . Right. Okay. So a Ruby entered the basement of the Dallas Police Department shortly after 11:17 AM and killed Harvey or Lee.

Harvey Oswald at 11:21 AM Okay. Well, sorry, real quick. Yeah. You mean to tell me this sh like, cause I’ve seen the video. It’s packed. and somehow he shows up three minutes prior. Like it’s like showing up to like universal and like mm-hmm. you like front, he hit a fucking fast pass and you like walked past the line.

And so him, so, you know what’s funny is, um, and I don’t have the notes for it, but, , I did read somewhere an interview with Ruby years later where he talks about how he, he couldn’t have been involved in a conspiracy because the happenstance of the situ. couldn’t have been planned because it was by not luck, but by sheer, like home couldn’t, when he was coming out planned, you couldn’t planned being perfectly.

He killed him at that moment because it was perfectly given to him. The moment, like, no, he, he was like it, it was impossible, like the circumstances were impossible. , can you talk trust? I could fucking replicate that shit tonight. Impossible. I knew Impossible. Knew what time he was coming out. I know. The, the, the, the police were like at 11 33 8 on the dock.

We’re gonna take him out. Well, I’ll pull out the notes. We’ll have, we’ll have a police officer to each side and in the back leaving his front fully exposed. . It’s impossible. Okay, so now you’re gonna love this next part. So, , although the evidence on Ruby’s means of entry is not conclusive, woo. The weight of the evidence indicates that he walked down the ramp leading from Main Street to the basement of the police department.

This white walked, so what a weird statement. So basically what they’re saying is that we don’t know how he got there. They don’t. They don’t. The evidence is not conclusive. But they think that’s how he got in. Yeah. Yeah. I love that part. They’re like, look, it’s super complicated. We have no idea. Sentence.

Yeah. See, there’s no evidence to support the rumor that Ruby may have been assisted by any members of the Dallas Police Department to kill Ru Oswald Dee. The Dallas police department’s decision to transfer Oswald to the county jail in full public view was un. Yeah, was fucking stupid. The arrangements made by the police department on Sunday morning, only a few hours before the attempted transfer was were inadequate of.

Critical importance was the fact that the news media representatives and others were not excluded from the basement. Even after the police were notified of threats to Oswald’s life, like everyone wants to kill him there. These deficiencies contributed to the death of Lee Harvey o. , the commission has found no evidence that either Lee Harvey Oswald or Jack Ruby was part of any conspiracy domestic or foreign to assassinate.

President Kennedy wasn’t. Wasn’t, wasn’t Jack Ruby like in the mob though? He was not in the mob. He was a nightclub owner who had many. Ne nefarious connections. Well, I mean, if you were like, like just imagine you’re a strip club owner, some sketch. Who’s gonna, who’s gonna come in? Who, who frequents your, and also, also also it’s debatable and if you call them your friends Yeah.

well for him. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. They come in, you go, okay. Your friends who pay you to be there. Yeah. Yeah. Give Tony, Tanya. You know, like that’s, that’s about the extent of it, you know. Okay. Good. So A, the commission has found no evidence that anyone assisted Oswald in planning or carrying out the assassination in this connection.

It is thoroughly investigat. thoroughly. Among other factors, the circumstances surrounding the planning of the motorcade route from Dallas, the hiring of Oswald at the book Depository on October 15th, literally like a month earlier, he was hired there. The method by which, wait real quick. When did they, when did they publish the route?

Remember they told everyone that? Yeah. When, um, it’s back in the earlier episode on the, yeah, we don’t have to look that up. I think it’s about two weeks. Yeah. Because if he two or three weeks, then what? Then, okay, he gets the, he gets the job a month before and then they publish the route two weeks before like.

It’s close. It’s close. Cuz like, otherwise it’d be like, what if you just wanted a job like you like I was like trying to pay the rent. Yeah. Like that’s what, we’ll look that up. Yeah. We’ll look, we’ll get back to you guys on that. We’ll that up. We’re gonna do an, we’re gonna do an episode on Advantage Point.

He got lucky. I know. Oh shit. He lucky he’s there. He get my rifle. . He’s like, I mean, it sounds like the job is like we’re on a burger. He got minimum wage. Yeah. Yeah. At the time it was like, sounds shit. Job. $1 an hour. He’s moving boxes. I mean, what is a, a book depository? I still don’t know. What are we doing?

And, and, and why is it six stories tall? Oh God. Jesus Christ. They go deposit books. Why is it so tall? Why isn’t it a library? . . Why isn’t it a library? It is. It’s like a, it’s like a library, but not, yeah. . Okay. So, uh, It’s probably like a book warehouse, I guess. I know wherever they go before they ship up, they deposit.

They deposit up there before they, before they send in the library. Like, dude, we don’t have’s the supply chain line, honestly. We’re gonna do a whole episode just on the depository. Yeah. Around the country. 

, so A, the commission has found no evidence that anyone assisted Oswald in planning or carrying out the assassination in this connection. It is thoroughly investigated among other factors, the circumstances surrounding the planning of the motorcade route from Dallas, the hiring of Oswald in October, the method by which the rifle was brought into the building, the placing the curtains of books at the window.

Oswald’s escape from the building and the testimony of eyewitnesses to the shooting. B. The commission has found no evidence that Oswald was involved in any, with any person or group in a conspiracy to assassinate the president, although it has thoroughly investigated in addition to other possible leads, all facets of oswell’s associations, finances, and personal habits, particularly during the period following his return from the Soviet Union.

Mm. a little teaser for next episode. Isn’t Love it. America. We’ve been blaming shit on Russia for fucking so 60 years. I know it’s Russia, . So C, the commission has found no evidence to show that OAL was employed, persuaded, or in court encouraged by any foreign government to assassinate Kennedy or that he was an agent of any foreign government.

Mm. Although the commission has reviewed the circumstances surrounding Oswell’s defection to the Soviet Union, his life there from October of 59 to June 62, so far as it can be reconstructed, his known contacts with the Fair Play of Cuba Committee and his visits to the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico City.

During his trip to Mexico from September to October in 63. Mm-hmm. . So all this information is what we’re gonna learn in the next episode. Yes. Which is the life of him. Mm-hmm. and like what he did, he’s got some weird shit like he went, I’m not gonna deny that into the Soviet Union Union. I’m really not gonna deny the fight that he’s done some weird trick.

He’s doing weird shit. Involved with some weird, a hundred percent agree with you that he is done some weird shit. 

Okay, so D. Yeah. The commission has explored all attempts of Oswald to identify himself with various political groups, including Communist Party, fair play, Cuba, socialist workers, whatever. Mm-hmm. has been unable to find any evidence that the contacts. Which he initiated were related to Oswald’s, subsequent assassination of the president.

E, all of the evidence before the commission established that there is nothing to support the speculation that Oswald was an agent, employee F or informant of the f, fbi, C I A, or any other governmental agency. So pretty much this is like the whole blanket statement. Yes. Oswald was loan. Yeah. He had no data.

Yeah. You know, information like he was, it was him. Nobody helped him. It has thoroughly investigated oswell’s relationships prior to the assassination with all of the agencies of the US. All contacts with Oswald by any of these agencies were made in a regular exercise of each different responsibility.

Yeah. And there was all legal a hundred percent . We didn’t do anything wrong. F no direct or indirect relationship between Lee Harvey and Jack Ruby has been discovered by the commission, nor has it been able to find any credible evidence that either of them knew the. , although a thorough investigation was made of the many rumors and speculations of that relationship, I was gonna say, you gotta love a commission of like five dudes or like, have like pure sovereignty of a thing, right?

They’re like just me, , like, I’m like, I, I hate that. Like I gee. The commission has found no evidence that Jack Ruby acted with any other person in the killing of Lee Harvey. H after careful investigation, the commission has found no credible evidence either that Ruby and Tippet who was killed by Oswald knew each other, or that Oswald and Tippett knew each other, so, so they’re saying Ruby didn’t know anybody, and so they’re saying Ruby didn’t know Tippet.

Right. And Oswald didn’t know Tippett. Okay. . Yeah. So it’s tip it. Yeah, like Tip Tippe was just like, they’re trying to cover all the base, all the every, who knew who, who knew who, who knew. And listen, no one in the commission knew Oswald at all. No connections. So because of the difficulty of proving negatives, To a certainty, the possibility of others being involved with either Oswald or Ruby cannot be established categorically.

Yeah. Like they’re just saying like, we can’t, there’s no, there’s no such thing as a hundred percent certainty because they don’t know the data. Yeah. But if there is any such evidence, it has been beyond the reach of all the investigative agencies and resources of the United States, and it has not come to the attention of this commiss.

In its entire investigation, the commission has found no evidence of conspiracy, subversion or disloyalty to the US , government by any federal, state, or local official . On the basis of the evidence before the commission, it concludes Oswald acted alone. Therefore, to determine the motives for the assassination of President Kennedy, one must look to the assassin himself.

Clues to Oswald’s motives can be found in his family history, his education, or lack of it, his acts, his writings, and the recollections of those who had close contact with him throughout his life. The commission has presented with this report all of the background information bearing on motivation, which it could discover.

Thus, others may study Lee Oswald’s life and arrive at their own conclusions as to his possible motive. , and that’s our next episode, which is we will look into Lee Harvey Oswald’s life. That’s gonna be a good one in his motives. Oh, it’s gonna, it’s gonna. So, you know, obviously there’s a lot more, I’d love to say right now, , but I can’t, I gotta wait till that point where we talk about it.

But, uh, definitely make sure you guys tune in next time. , you know, we’re gonna, we’re gonna get into more in depth. Uh, we want to hear your comments. We wanna know what you think. We wanna know your thoughts. We told you this was gonna be a big mo. This is gonna be a big one. , this is the, this is the mother of, this is like, this is like we.

This is like the, this is what began, this is what started conspiracy theories. Well, you know, and just like the last thing on it is, is I really, I wanted to dive in and kind of make a decision for myself. Cuz before it was always , I don’t really have a decision of who did what and what this, that also you didn’t have all the data.

Yeah. And so what I’m trying to do is I try to get as much information as I could and then come to my own conclusion. Of course. So from a podcast, perspective, we’re going through this with you. Yeah. So it was , okay, let’s get the Warren Commission done. What do they think happened? Mm-hmm. , we’re gonna, now, next two episodes, I think are learning about Lee Harvey Oswald, his life, and then we’ll go into the conspiracies.

Yeah. And then we’ll, we’ll, I, I, like I said, I, I really, really unleash. I really want to know what you guys think. because I think we’re over here. We’re all over the board. Yeah. Be nice to us though, please. Yeah. Or be mean. That’s fine too. Just, just be with us, . All right guys. That’s all we got tonight. And if you guys wanna get ahold of us, make sure to go to the conspiracy podcast.com and then you’ll find the links to all social medias or uh, emails.

Get in touch with us. Make sure to leave a review. Five star, whatever it is, it all helps . Whatever it is. Like whatever. Five, five, whatever. It’s five. Make sure five, even if you hate us, , you gotta love to hate us. Come on.