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Episode 6: The Death of Princess Diana

Podcast Transcription

All right everybody. Welcome to the Podcast Conspiracy Podcast, the conspiracy podcast. Uh, I’m Eric. This is Sean Jorge. Hello. Hello. What’s up everybody? We’re back again. This is the death of Princess Diana. Literally the tragedy that rocked us all. This is gonna be a. . It could be, yeah, this is, it might suck , but it could be good.

This a little dark. This was rough. I think this was rough. This was, uh, 1997. People were fucked up. Let’s go back to 1997. Little time travel. Yeah. Paris Pet. Yeah. I fucking, it was rough. So, uh, Diana. The Princess of Wales. Hmm. Uh, she was born in one July, 1961. She born in one July. the 1st of July. Yeah, she was a July baby.

Uh, she, uh, met Char Charles. Charles Charles, uh, she was the Princess of Wales. And um, but when she was 16, she. Charles. Hmm. I’m gonna, and funny enough, right. Yeah. Funny, funny enough, uh, she high school sweetheart, Charles. Charles. Charles was 27. No, Charles was dating her sister at the time. Ooh, what a slit.

Met her, him. . Look, he goddamn, he was dating her sister. Don’t you talk about Princess of Whales that way? No, she was, don’t you dare dude, she was a saint. Dare talked about that. She was a saint. It was him. Yeah. Charles. I never trusted him. I never trusted Charles. Yeah, he was a fucking scumbag. Yeah. So on 29, July, 1981 day, and Charles were married at St. Paul’s c Cathedral. She should never made that. So she was 20? Uh, no. Yeah, she was 20. How old was he? Like 72. I don’t know the answer to that. Hmm. I don’t know the answer to that. I think he older. Yeah, for sure. We’ll, we, we’ll grab that for later, but I’ll, I’ll find the data. 600,000 people attended the wedding.

600,000 thousand people. Do you know how many people watched it on tv? How many? 1 billion. What? Get. Get the fuck outta town. 1 billion. 1 billion people watched. Wow. Her marriage. I thought bad. You kidding me? It’s a was televised. Is that crazy? Yeah. Isn’t that the Kardashians? Oh yeah, for sure. But like old 1981.

What’s crazy is that’s crazy, man. That is more people than watch the moon landing.

Isn’t that nuts? Because they actually had live streaming. Mm-hmm. technology. . Uh, by the way, uh, Charles was 32 when you married Diana. She was 32. She was 20. She was 20. Yeah. Okay. She was 12 years. Yeah, that makes sense. Uh, quite a little, little bit of a difference there guys. Yeah. Makes sense. Uh, so she got her Royal, she, her title then became her Royal Highness, princess Diana of Wales.

Uh, then her and Charles had Prince, William and Prince. . Yeah. And, uh, they became the second and third in line of the throne. Uh, behind Charles? No, behind her. Uh, no, not behind her. Uh, behind Bloom and Harry. They’re second and third. They’re second and third. Yeah. So it’d be Ham, char, Charles, and then them.

Yes, that’s right. Yeah.

Okay. Why ? What’s the bus? What’s happening? I’m freaking out right now. I’m like, I’m on like fucking front street here at a certain point in time. This is crazy. At a certain point in time in her life, she was the most photographed person in the world, man. It’s like in the world how like, How do they even know that?

Like, who, who’s quantifying this data? I know. I mean, but you, the point of his part thing is, is the, the paparazzi was so, yeah, they were all about the royal family. She was, cause she was like, cuz she wasn’t a, she was beautiful, but she also wasn’t like a royal, you know? Yeah. She wasn’t like, Very conservative.

Mm-hmm. , right? Super. Like, you know, like didn’t really fit in. No. She was completely different. And that’s why it was like weird because she was just like, oh my God, she’s willing to talk to us and willing to be in the spotlight. And the royals were like, don’t fucking look at us, bitch. We, we don’t exist.

She was a very iconic, she was an iconic figure, right? Basically. Um, she was beautiful.

Uh, she was down to. , uh, she was kind of like, she wasn’t really like a royal family member. No, dude. She was, she was more like, she was like on the outside, like an outsider. She was like an outsider, but like an outsider that like hit the lotto. Yeah. Like you, you like you can’t take her out. Yeah. She’s in, she’s in.

Yeah. You know what’s interesting is most people who get tons of money and they didn’t work, , they become assholes. Oh, yeah. Or they, they don’t, they don’t necessarily do, they don’t necessarily do a lot of good with it. Did. She was doing hella good, bro. Yeah. And she, she, she did a lot of charity stuff and she, um, that’s all she did also with, with aids.

Really? I didn’t know that. I thought, didn’t know. I know that. So one of, one of the things that she did was she was one of the first, I guess you would call it dignitaries who took photos. People who had aids. Oh, she wasn’t afraid they were affect her. Yes. Like, you know, oh yeah. That a big thing affect us.

So at the time, at the time, like people got AIDS in the nineties. Yeah. No eighties. Oh, this was in the eighties. Yeah, like so, so people, people didn’t know, like, oh, if you shake my hand. Yeah. They didn’t realize it was only via like blood or like birth semi or like an actual like fluid. You didn’t wanna get close to anybody.

It was fluid transformation. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But she was one of the first dignitaries to actually take photos with people. And then it became more like okay. And became more, oh shit. You didn’t get A’s. Yeah, you didn’t get A’s, and you could touch them. And then also she did a lot of work in Africa. Yeah, she did.

About she landmines. She a hundred percent did. Yeah. Yeah. And, um, so she did a lot of stuff, um, as far as the charity work. Um, so in the mid eighties though, things, uh, started to appear like strained in their marriage. Um, so much publicity. She, you know, like we said, she was the most photographed person on earth for a certain time period.

Um, I feel like he was like a missionary only guy. . A hundred percent. I feel like he was like him. Oh yeah. Him, not her. Like, you know, he was missionary only for sure. A hundred percent. Diana was the, Diana was the best. She, he was the piece of shit

Mm. Sorry guys. back to back to the story. So, um, so they actually divorced in 1992, smart Play. Um, and Diana later said in interviews that he was missionary, uh, almost as soon as they were married, Charles was in contact with somebody named Camilla. Oh, that’s right. I totally forgot about this. Yeah, Camilla Parker or something.

I know she was way uglier than her too, which is bizarre. And so, so Diana said that. It’s difficult to have a marriage with three people. Ooh, ooh. Shots fired, bro. Yeah, she’s so in shade. That’s the first shade throw of like the 20th century. Yeah. So she also said that Charles only married her under pressure from his father to get married to a suitable bride sooner rather than later.

Uh, uh, what made her suitable? She wasn’t like Royal or she, no, she was, she’s Princess of Wales. No, but I thought that’s what she was at when she got married. She was Prince of Wales Cuz. Cuz Charles was the Duke of Wales. Or where the fuck Mm. The Prince of Wales. , you know, I need to do further . I don’t, honestly, honestly, what table is similar to me.

Yeah. Honestly, the, the royal lineage has gotten really complicated. , I mean, I mean, Elton John’s a sir, so Elton John’s a knight. It’s like short. So we’re all clear. Elton John is a nightmare. I pretty was like, sir Earl fun Stein. Yeah. . Sh. Sean Conner’s a Knight. I’m confused. Confused. I’m confused by all the knighthoods and dude, literally, what’s his name as a, yeah, the Formula One driver.

The black dude, my dog. I don’t know. I don’t watch that. No. No. It’s a He lost. Who watches that? Nobody. Yeah, Judy. He gets paid 50 million a year. Somebody helmet watches it. I don’t know who does. Side note, isn’t it like the most watched or, uh, sport By who? I don’t know. Who is not watching this stuff?

Everyone who’s not us. like, like literally every other human who makes no money. I feel like the nu numbers are fudged. I feel like rich people watch one. Yeah,

or people who want, I feel like it’s like people who wanna be rich. There he goes. There, it’s there. It’s like, yeah. . So after she knew Charles, so Charles was being unfaithful with her or with Camilla?

With Cam. Camilla. Camilla, yeah, with Camilla. So after Diana knew Charles was being unfaithful, she began having her own affairs. My girl. That’s right. Payback bitch . Yeah. Uh, there was a couple, couple guys. His name was Captain Whot Hewitt.

Wow. That guy sounds like he’s slanging. Honestly, I didn’t see it. But during this whole time, uh, so Diana went through some, I guess, problems with the, the marriage and the divorce and.

you know, the, the paparazzi and that be rough. Cause you know they’re gonna blackball you and they’re never smashy. So she talked about like, you know, getting bulimia, depression, you know, a never ending sense of like in that. Okay. Yeah. In like, uh, inadequacy. It’s like you feel like you’re, like, you’re a little lesser than Yeah.

You know? Yeah. You just, yeah. You’re always held up to. It’s like the royal, it’s like, it seems like the royal playbook right there. Yeah. It’s like, oh, you leave, you’re done. Yep. You advocate from dead. Dead. You’re done. Like they crush you. Yeah. So, uh, now I’m gonna talk about, um, Doty. Faed. I don’t know what you just said.

So, uh, Doty Faed, the name is Doty Faed. His name’s Doty Faed. But now that’s a short, I I, that’s a short name. No, honestly, I cannot pronounce his name. Can you? Is it. , can I see it? No, I, I, I didn’t even write it down. Didn’t write it. It’s so difficult. If you want to Google it, I’m gonna Google it. I’m gonna try, . . Okay. Ahad El Mohamed Abdel. Okay, so then it was short for Do Fae, better known called. So, no, honestly, that’s what his profile says is better known as, there’s a picture of him.

There’s a picture of him and Diana. Yeah, she’s way better looking than, oh my gosh. She, she’s hot. I forgot. She looked good. So, so that was the interesting part is, is, um, anyways, I’m gonna tell you about Dodi and. And then we’ll circle back to like, it didn’t, it seemed out of place like it. I don’t know why.

Sh I don’t really get the appeal. How, how does she end up, I don’t get the appeal. Yeah. I don’t how to get the appeal. So Doty Faed was an Egyptian film producer and the son of billionaire, Mohammed afa.

Oh, right, right. Sense son of a billionaire. Yeah. Okay. So he was, I remember now he, so you’re in that circle. Yeah. You’re in that circle. Yeah. Uh, . In July of 1997, Faed became romantically involved with Diana. Lucky. Okay, so keep in mind this July, 1997. That’s, that’s, wow, that’s, so she died in August. Okay. Not very long.

Wow. Not very long. Most people don’t know that it was a two month, no. Like July is one month before August. That’s one month. So they’re together July. It’s very shorts. It’s a one month thing. That two month thing long. One month what? Singular month. So earlier that summer, Faed had become engaged to an American model named Kelly Fisher.

He actually bought a house in Malibu. for him. That’s California . Oh, thanks Eric. For himself. I thought it was like W So he bought a house in Malibu for himself and Fisher with his daddy’s money. Of course not with his son. Money’s like Danny anymore. I’m not like trying to like throw shade on. No Doty. He didn’t have money.

But I’m just, I’m just saying I don’t, I don’t really get it. That’s where the money came from. I don’t really get it. Most people are in the son of a billionaire. Yeah. Just stay the son of a billionaire. No. If you pull up the photos, if you pull up the photos, he’s not like a looking man. I mean, he, he, he’s okay.

He’s okay. Like, he’s not like Adrian’s bro. Like, yeah, but he’s not like Princess Diana. Okay. But no. But have you seen Charles. Dude, man. Well, he’s a fucking that. Wait, wait, that, wait. Okay, wait, wait. The prince, he’s a zero zero. He’s a the Prince of Britain. But this guy’s a billionaire. He’s one of the last monarchs billionaire.

Not a billionaire. His dad’s a billionaire. Same shit. This guy’s the iron of the, the same shit. You’re still, if your dad is a billionaire, are you a billionaire? Jorge, you are. No, no, no. You are. It’s different. It’s different. Yeah. Hell yes. Here’s different. Now. Your grandfather, I’ll give you, dad, I’ll give you the situation.

It’s your grandfather that’s different. Here’s the situ. Bill Gates donating all of his money except for 10 million for his kids. Your dad’s a billionaire. You’re not a billionaire. You’re a 10 millionaire. Bad, bad example. Bad. This is Egypt. Egypt, and his dad is not donating shit. This, this. How do you know?

Are you his fucking financier? , according to research, no, but here’s the thing. Prince Charles Air to the throne. Mm-hmm. the throne. Air to the throne. The throne. Yeah. But here’s the last Greek throne, the Arab apparent Princess Diana. So the last monarch on the war, on the fucking planet, princess Diana. To the best of our knowledge, is Air Arab apparent the money?

No, she’s not. But it’s, it’s like, it’s a, here’s the thing. It’s not about after the money, right? It’s not about the money for her. But you know, like, look, if you are a woman and there’s like a dude, he. He’s powerful. He can take care of you. He loves you. He’s a good conversationist. Yeah. Like, was she gonna say no?

Hmm. Like, look, if my, if my wife was like with me and like, she would gimme me a lot faster if I was like, I’m the air to the throne, , trust me, she’d be like, where’s your apartment ? You know what I’m saying? It wouldn’t take me as long as it did to make her marry me so on August 30th, 1997. Around 4:30 PM Diana and Faed arrive at the Ritz Paris. Mm. I wish I could stay there.

now. No, you know. You know who owned the Ritz Paris Faed. Fay’s dad. Of course he did. To fucking Rich Bastard. Yeah. So they, they arrive through the back door and ac and occupy the Imperial Suite, the Imperials, uh, that was at 4:30 PM 4:30 PM So between five 40 and 6:30 PM reportedly, Faed Ventures to a place called Ru Posse.

Jewelers. Jewelers and two rings are later delivered to the Imperial Suite. However, in, uh, a 2013 Vanity Fair Arc article, uh, says Diana told a friend that the ring she expected to receive would go firmly on her right hand. Ooh. So she was saying not the marriage hand. She was not ready. I mean, it was a month in, I know.

It was a month in. Like, come on, like, bro, like, you’re not ing not rich. No. You’re dad’s rich. I’m like kind and it’s only a month. Yeah, it’s only a month. I mean, you know, so around a se, around seven o’clock, uh, Diana and Faed exit the Ritz through the rear and are end and are driven to his residence, which is near the arc dead trim.

Okay. So wait, you have a house and you stayed at the Ritz anyways? Yeah, I mean that’s why just go to the house. I didn’t just go to the house homie. Like, what the fuck? I would’ve been at his dad’s hotel, but, but you have a house. Yeah, I know. I don’t understand. I’m so confused. Okay. Anyways, you know it’s hard to see the upper class from the lower class

Dude, it’s really difficult. It’s hard to see. I’m like blinded by like the fucking opulence. Okay, so that’s at around seven. So at 9:50 PM utilizing the hotel’s front entrance. Mm. The couple enters. And heads for the now forgive me, this is all in, wait, this is the home or the hotel? No, no, they went back to the hotel.

Oh, they went back. Oh, okay. Okay. Now, um, so forgive me, this is all in French and I, French is the worst for me on pronunciation. So the couple enters and heads for its le a spot done restaurant. After forgoing reservations at Beno Paris because of rampant paparazzi. Yeah, there the dino let’s poorly orders Dover Soul, which I don’t know what that is. No one knows ve vegetable tempura, and a mushroom and asparagus omelet. Ooh, vegetable tempura sounds fire right now. Anderson explains faed quickly, gross, suspicious that photographers gross, suspicious that photographers might be posing as restaurant patrons and request that their food be delivered directly to their room instead of at the restaurant.

I know, but like, that’s gonna make, it’s gonna make a dude paranoid as shit. I know. Like hella he’s and everybody is not to take a picture. He’s not getting photographed.

No. They don’t care about him. They don’t care about him. They’re like, literally offense. They’re, they’re photos him out of the photos. Yeah. Like, okay, good. So then we move into midnight. Mm. So now it’s August 31st. The witch, the witching hour. August 31st. So, Bodyguard, Trevor Ray, Joan Jones, Faed, and Diana reportedly attempt to evade photographers by leaving the hotel through its rear entrance to return to his apartment.

Why? Why? What’s this fucking back and forth game like this is ridiculous. So they enter the backseat of a black Mercedes. Mm. Black to be driven by Ritz security employee, Henry Paul. Oh, this guy’s on the ends. Ritz’s security. His dad, his dad’s security by the buyer. So, according to, uh, Christopher Anderson’s book, um, the day Diane died, uh, Paul, which is the driver, Henry Paul, yeah. Had at, at a minimum two drinks. He had a scotch and he had, that’s like four drinks. And he had a.

Okay, but the bear was Scotch . So later on in autopsy, like hair particles yourself. He died too. He died? Yeah, he died. Uh, later on it was determined. His alcohol level was three times Francis’s legal limit. What’s but what’s Francis’ legal limit though? It could be like 0.0009 and like, that’s like, what is it around here is like, it’s oh two point.

We’re looking it up Now what Francis legal limit is, it could be something insane.

One drink is about 0.08. So point. milliliters. Point five. I don’t, but what’s that? Milliliters, milli, goddammit system. Why on earth did America adopt this bullshit system? It actually drives me crazy. I know. I’m gonna voice their system. Who decided this? God damn it. 

Okay. The legal limit in France, 0.5 grams per liter. 

So explain that again. All right. So, so Francis’s uh, legal limit for drinking is, uh, is, is 0.5 grams per liter of blood. So he was three times the limit to equate that to US terms. Uh, if you were to do grams per liter of blood, it’d be 0.8 grams per liter of blood being the legal limit for us.

So his, he was at a 0.1. He was at a point. Um, , I see a 1.5 Yeah. Grams per liter of blood. Sure. So in terms of like our system, which is a different system than theirs. Like he’d be at like a, a 0.15, which is like, you’re pretty fucking toasty. You blow double limit, you blow a 0.15, you’re probably getting tased.

Yeah. Like in American, in America they’re tasing, you double and you’re going to jail like easily. So, but here’s, here’s the confusing part though. Would a would one. And a glass of scotch do that too. It’s possible depending on the scotch. I mean, if you had like a real, I don’t think, I don’t think it would do get it.

Well, I think I’m maybe at 0.08. No, no, but how many fingers of scotch? Yeah. Yeah. We don’t see. There you go. He could have like, he’s he fingers scotch. Many, like gimme a biggie. Yeah. We don’t know. We don’t know that ta Yeah. So that’s, that’s where, that’s probably what happened. He was probably like a little extra 

for every drink that you take, your blood alcohol level goes up by 0.02.

So it takes about four to what? Five drinks to get up to 0.08. And that’s our system. Yeah, that’s So there’s money. That’s the minimum for over here. Imagine like adding this add a zero and it’s their. So he had what, 10 fucking 15 drinks? Dude, he had probably like fucking 10, 10 to 12 drinks. I, my, my dude was getting sauced.

Adidas says a scotch and a beer, but yeah, to get to point 15. But he was it like, was it like a little s And this just says drink, so I mean, a beer, I guess it could be a beer. It could be, you know, maybe he did like a boot duck. Two sco like a boot up here. Maybe like two scotch. A beer. Couple beers. Yeah, he did.

He was like, he was getting to, yeah. So in 1987 in September, an analysis of Paul’s blood, hair, and spinal cord later detected also in, in addition to the scotch and beer crack, Prozac. Oh, well, there you go. Well, that’s how he got so, so tied. And, uh, it’s something called TIA . I don’t know what that means. Uh, which is a, sometimes it’s used to combat alcohol withdrawal.

Oh, wow. He was clearly, yeah. Maybe he was an alcoholic who was like on the, you know what I mean? He was on the slip and slide. Yeah. Like, he was like, so you’re taking. Thing. There’s this drug that supposed for alcoholic maybe did have antidepressants, so maybe he, he did have just a scotch and a beer, but he’s also taking antidepressants on so he top of it.

So he was like faded. So maybe, maybe. Yeah. But isn’t the blood alcohol level only for alcohol? I don’t know. That, I don’t know. I, I don’t know that info. Think that might get skewed with like antidepressants. You definitely get fucked up. , the blood alcohol level is only for alcohol. I don’t know how that works.

Forge? Yeah. I actually don’t really answer question. Question. It’s a good, good question. It’s a good, I can see it might, might be easily skewed by other substances. Yeah, yeah, for sure. But I don’t know, I actually dunno. Okay, so at approximately 12:23 AM the speeding car, um, he’s like attempted to outrun papa.

at what time was this? Miles an hour. 12:23 AM Okay. Uh, and then in an attempted, yeah, there was a bunch of paparazzi taking photos along the side, you know, the whole way. He’s like, sch wasted It went into the, and blinded by all these flashes. It went into the. , the , the tunnel, uh, it smashed into a concrete pillar.

Mm. Wait, so to, to clarify, they’re driving and there’s paparazzi driving next to them, right? Yes. Taking and like taking, taking photos. They’re driving at this point. Yes. Yeah. So they’re getting all these stitches in your eye, like, yeah, dude, if you’re not driving, if you’re not drinking, that shit’s still gonna fuck you up.

I mean, yeah. You know? Yeah. So, uh, so they get into the tunnel. They hit a fucking concrete pillar. So Paul’s coworker, uh, Trevor, which is the bodyguard, um, he buckled his seatbelt and he was the only one who lived. Wait, so nobody else had their seatbelt on? No. Wow. Oh wow. Faed and Paul, they died on the scene.

uh, following the accident, Dr. Frederick. So Paul, Paul’s the, uh, driver. He’s the security guy. Yeah. And Fas the one is the the boyfriend. The boyfriend, right? Yeah. Uh, Dr. Frederick happens to be driving by this guy named Dr. Frederick. Dr. Frederick, uh, a little bit. He needs to be driving by and he tends to Diana with limited supplies before the ambulance arrive.

the nearby workers and the people who arrived at the scene had to use a chainsaw to get Diana out of the car. Jesus Christ. Damn. So that was at 1223. I’d love to talk to this doctor. Okay, you wanna come to the show, honey? You’re welcome. So keep in mind, 1223. So at 1:20 AM after attempting to stabilize Diana on site, the ambulance transports her to the hospital.

Wait. , the transferred of the hospital an hour and 12 minutes later, an hour, like hour. What the fuck? An hour. An hour later and the French ambulance. Describe or subscribes to a different kind of method as the American ambulances and I was just say like, don’t ever get hurt in France. Cause they’re fucked

So in America what they do is they do kind of like a, I guess they call it like a scoop and run technique, so Oh, instantly So your ass in the fucking and then they get you to the hospital. Yeah, right. They don’t try to do anything there. Um, but apparently at that time, I don’t know if it’s the same now, but at that time, French ambulances.

they’re trying to like stabilize you and try to work on you with that. Yeah. If we can fix you here, like, fuck the hospital. Like, okay, that, that’s not that bad. I’m not mad about that. Along the way, she suffers cardiac arrest. Mm-hmm. And the ambulance stops and performance cpr. Oh. It stopped her, like throw her out, tries to help her.

No. And tries to help her. And, you know, so, uh, the initial call came in at 1226. Mm-hmm. , the 9 1 1 call. When, when did she die? One 20. She arrived at Pia, started Petre Hospital in Paris, three miles away at 2 0 6. Whoa. That, wow. That’s sketchy. So, three miles away she arrived at 2 0 6, uh, which was what? This started at 1226.

No, no. So they, they, you said they picked her up at, um, one 20. So the call came in at 1226. Yeah. Yeah. But when they picked her up, the ambulance to take her to the hospital was one 20. But that doesn’t make sense. So, so it takes No, the call it didn’t No, no. Doesn’t, no, no, no. They didn’t take her cuz like, no, the call came in accident.

That happened at 1226. Exactly. But then the call came in and then they, they showed up. Wait, wait. Two fucking hours. Okay. 90 minutes. About 90 minutes. Cause she got there at 2:00 AM No, but then they said they tried to stabilize her. They had chainsaw, they had had to get her outs right. But that was from 1220 whatever until one 20.

Yeah, that’s, and then one 20, and then that’s another 45 minutes for three hours. For three mile For three minutes miles. And they’re not getting stopped by like traffic lights and shit. No. Like they’re going, like they’re going for it. So at 1:45 AM. , the royal family was notified, uh, at 2:01 AM Uh, she went to, she got to the hospital and she went under for surgery.

Um, at 4:00 AM she was pronounced dead. Damn. The hospital anesthesiologist, Dr. Bruno Rio, said Bruno said Diana’s body arrived in a condition of serious hemorrhage and shock. An urgent surgery surgery showed a severe wound to the left pulmonary vein. Despite the closure of this wound in the two hour external and internal cardiac massage, no official respiratory circulation could be established.

By 6:00 PM diana’s body left the hospital bound for England about an hour later, later their plane touches down at, uh, north Holt, where a ceremonial guard carries her coffin draped in the royal standard to a waiting hearse. 

One of the theories is that they messed up the medical treatment, like on purpose.

Like, I don’t know. This’s is one of the theories. I mean, it seems a little sketch. I mean, maybe it says romantic. Cause you gotta have everybody in it. Two fucking hours later, the most important person in the universe gets to the hospital. That’s three miles away. That’s, that’s good. Like dude, a crack head will get to the hospital in seven minutes.

Like they don’t give a shit. They’re taking him to the hospital and it’s 12 miles away and it gets there in seven minutes, like three miles away. It’s a little weird. It’s a little weird. It’s the ones that keeps this, this story going. It’s a little weird to me. That very confusing. Especially wouldn’t take that long, especially cuz they know who it is.

Yeah. They get, there’re like, oh shit. Yeah. It’s fucking, its, you just established she was the most photographed person on Earth. It’s like one, everybody, it’s like, imagine if like Kylie or, or like Kendall or one of the Kardashians got in the car and said, they’d be like, have no idea. Oh fuck. I would’ve no idea.

Oh yes you would. I would. Come on now. You’d hundred percent. You’d see the butt and you’d be like, Ooh, that’s a Kardashian . You would not have no. He’s lying folks. He’s absolutely lying. So, uh, here are a couple theories that’s been, that have been going around. So, uh, one of them is Princess Diana was assassinated to prevent her from marry a Muslim.

Ooh. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. So, I mean, so Henry, Henry, Paul’s father, Jean Paul, said, uh, British police had told him that Diana had been knocked off by the royal family to prevent him from marrying. Who is Muslim? I mean, that’s, that’s not the weirdest thing ever because like yeah, if you think it’s not far fat, like the, the royal family’s so conservative, like, right.

And even though she like was divorced out, which is probably like the worst thing they’ve ever had deal with, like, oh my God. It’s like the stigma of a divorce and like hyper Catholic, like fucking conservative family. Yeah. Like a Muslim after that. It’s like, that might just like blow everyone’s head off.

We gotta have it. Oh my god. Yeah, so, so Henry’s father, so Henry was the guy who’s driving while intoxicated. He said, um, Diana was killed and my son was killed. I believe they were both murdered. My son was simply collateral damage of a plot to kill Diana. And it killed him as well. Well, that was, uh, I mean, he might not be your offer Doty’s father.

He said that. Yes. It’s a billionaire. That’s a billion. No, no, no, no, no. Who is that? What, that’s the, the, the guy who had scotch. Oh, that’s, Yeah. Henry Paul. Oh, Henry. Paul. Yeah. Oh, you said that why? Why was your son was the one drinking? I know he was saying, he was saying it was collateral damage for they could easily, like maybe he had like some like honey there was like have another sco and he is like, okay.

Yeah, this is like have, I mean later it was said that the police dismissed his reports because there was no evidence to support it. Um, well here’s the theory that was flying around. was m i six mm Or like, like basically I guess the equivalent of like No, he was, who was, uh, the driver? Henry Paul. He was like, he was British.

British intelligence. Wow, I didn’t know that. So, yeah. Okay. Yeah. So, you know, he was in on this, um, conspiracy basically to, you know, take out Prince Diana, but I kill yourself. Yeah. . But why is she so dangerous? Well, she was an outsider. I mean, you know, dude. I know, but what did she do that was so like, you were going against the most powerful family for whatever reason.

Like, they just, they didn’t like her. She was an outsider. They didn’t like her ways of like being, so I don’t know what nice, outgoing to people and that sort of thing, like being like for the people. Did I, I view it as a thing, like you’re the most photographed person of the world, therefore, like everything you say holds weight with everyone who hears it. Yeah. Like even mj, like look, you look at Michael Jackson, it’s like, okay, like there’s all the things about him being a pedophile, but like, He was the most known person in the universe.

Like Yeah. Power. That’s power. He, yeah. Power is by, by being known. Yeah. So I think that could be a threat to like the monarchy for sure. If, if she like was like, Hey, they’re doing fucked up shit. Like, you guys gotta listen to me. They’re doing, they’re doing bad things. Yeah. And they’d be like, and everyone would believe her.

Cause Diana like, you believe her. You would a hundred percent believe her. Instantly. I think everybody would believe her. I think they would. I believe her. Yeah. Mm-hmm. like, cuz she’s like, she’s a good person. Yeah. So I think that’s where the threat might have been, whereas like maybe she knew what was happening behind closed doors.

Mm-hmm. , I’m not saying that anything was not that they were divorced. Yeah. And like she had no, she was like living her own life. Yeah. She had no. Loyalty to that. I’m pretty sure she got a dowry, or not a dowry, I don’t think it’s the right word. Some sort of like payoff. Like they were like, Hey, I thought you were saying diary.

I was like, what? No. Like some sort of No. Jorge has never heard of the word dowry. A dowry. Dowry. Excuse me. A dowry. Dowry is is a white person Word? Yes. Yes. It’s, it’s a white’s, a white, another white person. And they get money to marry the white other white person. Yeah. Okay. . So it would be like if, if, if, uh, when you were marrying your, your wife, You know, and then her parents gave you, gave you a she a lot of money.

Her a million dollars just to marry her. Just to marry her. I wish. It’s called a dowry. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. It’s a great system. It’s like I did not get paid. I agree with that. Yeah. I love America. Except my daughter gives, I love America. Married, had to pay, I had to pay her own money. Yeah. Yeah. No big deal.

Don’t have daughters. Yeah. Yeah. Just keep, uh, so the other, the other theory, um, was that Diana was, . Oh yeah. Oh, so they had to kill. Yeah, but they had an autopsy. No. Didn’t they, didn’t that get debunked? Mm. But like, why would that matter if she was pregnant? Like that kid’s not the heir to the throne. Like it’s not with the hu it’s, yeah, but it’s, it is back to that whole like, you know, it’s Muslim baby in the royal family’s super hype, super hyper fucking.

It’s very. Catholic, very religious. No, you can only marry one time. Roque Roman Catholic, la Pope was there and shit. So the reason why this conspiracy continues to persist is because Dodi’s father said in 2003 that Diana called many men after. Yeah. That, that Diana called and told him that she was pregnant the night of.

Mm. Why would she call, why would she call the dad? Wouldn’t that be, why would she call the dad though? But it was strange though, the blood tests were done at the scene of the accident. No, no. Signs of pregnancy. Yeah. See the thing that, either, either, so why would the conspiracy of or not didn’t see that?

No. But why? No, but either the conspiracy of the, that information’s not coming out to the public. Well, like maybe he didn’t actually say that. Yeah. It’s getting suppressed, you know? Yeah, yeah. But here’s the thing, there’s, there’s men, there’s multitudes of this. It’s like a, why would she call? and tell him, Hey, by the back.

Yeah. , I wouldn and tell, Hey, Mohamed, hey . Literally. And like the other thing is like, I know like, we may sound weird and whatever, but like, when you’re a a, a fucking monarch, you’re queen of a country. That’s a powerful, that’s very powerful. One of the top five, like, yeah, like, oh, they do some blood tests.

It’s. As my good friend Eric would say, switch the samples. Switch a sample switch. Switch a sample, switch the samples, switch samples, switches, goddamn samples. It’s not that hard to be like, Hey, like here’s some blood homie. Like, check your fucking Bank for America account. Yes, not stupid like. That one seems silly.

No, it’s silly. Or as we say in Mexico, Plata or Palomo? . I have no idea. What does it, like what does that mean? You’re the dirt. You want the money, you wanna live, like you want the money or you want the, the bullet. . Palomo. I’ll take that money. So another one is kind of like similar, but it’s the, the. theory is that Prince Charles plotted a killer by tampering with her brakes.

And the reason for that is that makes sense. Hmm. Is 10 months after they got a divorce, he became a mechanic. She wrote . No. She wrote a letter to her Butler saying that Butler that. Well, she was like, you know, just imagine if you’re like rich, a royal family and you’re not really allowed to go out much.

Your homies are gonna. Like your help. Yeah. Yeah. Butler is gonna be your dude, you dog. You know, like the, the chef is gonna be my guy. Yeah. You know what I mean? Be like, why, Hey, why don’t you come little T, little b t . Yeah. Little Ts. I would kill you for a BLT right now. I would literally kill. Uh, so she wrote a letter to the Butler claiming that Charles was plotting to kill her so he could marry somebody.

It sounds like this is what she says royalty thing to be. This is, this is what she says. This is a quote. This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous. My husband is planning an accident in my car. Whoa. In her fall, car, brake, flee. Failure. What? Whoa. And serious head injury. In order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggie.

Who the fuck is tiggie? Is she a spice girl? Tiggie is a former. . Oh my god, this guy is so boo. So then she continues to write. Camilla is nothing but a decoy. So we are all being used by the man in every sense of the word. So Camilla is the girl, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. The, you know, whatever, like. Mistress.

Like what is her ultimate like? He could even get like a special person. It had me like the ex Danny. She’s like, she’s like a four. I know . He’s pull. She loves me. Yeah, she loves me. He’s calling a Schwarzenegger here. I know. Classic Schwarzenegger. Classic. Classic Schwarzenegger Classic. And then like, Still like, still married after Just like the autopsy.

I mean, they, they checked pregnancy the car. Right? They checked the car. There’s nothing wrong with the car. Oh, okay. Oh, they checked the car. And what autopsy? Honestly though, the photos pregnancy, the car is smashed. No, but, but Jorge, they checked the car. The car looks like a sardine. But in, in the, in the two and the two hours, it took him to get her to the hospital three miles away.

To check the car. No, I mean, afterwards, of course, but I’m saying like from the research. You know, that I looked into, they, they checked the car. There was nothing wrong. There was no tampering with the car. Because the, but to your point, yes, it was an accordion. So it’s like, you know. Yeah, no. Is it, is this letter that she wrote to her Butler, like verified, like that’s like her handwriting, like she wrote it?

I don’t know that info because if it be honest, was. That’s like the fucking smoking gun, bro. She said. And accident. Yeah, but how times in my car? I don’t know if I What? Do know how many times? How many times if famous people predicted their own duck? I mean, I’ve never Tupac. I’ve never had a butler.

Too fucking and Biggie. Keep it going. No biggie’s dead. Two bucks on that. Macelli mc. No. The point being is that, I don’t know. I mean a paranoid, I don’t wanna say a paranoid wife, but a paranoid, you know, worry doesn’t necessarily equate to murder.

No, I understand. But like imagine like what she knows that we don’t know. Like being involved with that family. True, right. Would probably give you a really good reason to be paranoid. Yeah. The power, like the amount of power and sway and like shit. You can do that. You can get away with that. No, you can’t.

Do when you run a fucking country, like, I mean, Joe Biden’s son, he’s literally on video smoking crack. No one cares. He’s like, no one gives a shit. He’s like on video with hookers smoking crack, and no one gives a shit because that’s how much power comes. Are we gonna lose 50% of the people? No. Lost. We just lost 50%.

Listeners. Your point, that’s how much power comes with the office when you’re in a monarchy. Mm-hmm. . It’s the same thing. Like pe It’s for queen country. Yeah. For king and country. It’s like that’s, that’s like you are brought. Yeah. To literally respect the office and you fucking dying her sword for the fucking queen, bro.

That was, that was the thing with her. She was very much against that outsider. Not Yeah. You know, not driving with that, so. Yeah. Yeah. So, so Jorge, where do you stand? I actually don’t think they took her out. I think it was just, you know, an accident accident. Um, definitely that guy was, you know, dui, drunk driving for sure.

Yeah. Like he kill. . Yeah. The, the driver. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But Henry Paul killed Henry. Paul killed her for sure. Yeah. In an accident. And, and Dody in an accident. Cuz also, okay if he’s drunk as shit, you got this paparazzi next to you. Yeah. Just flashing lights like Yeah. That’s a recipe for fucking Yeah.

You’re drinking, you’re in Prozac. You’re that too. You’re on, uh, I forgot about that. What’s that other one? No. Uh, you know the, the alcohol, the alcohol draw. Ty type PreK. Yes. Ty Riddel. That’s a very good recipe for fracturing. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. And then, then you know, you’re not wearing your seatbelt.

I mean, obviously now. Yeah. Now here’s the thing. Here’s what, and you hit a pillar in a tunnel. You hit a pillow over the tunnel. Okay. Recipe for fucking getting, being dead. Right. But being dead. But here’s the thing, like, I mean, they took so long when they got to her, yeah. They should have gotten into jail.

They maybe could have saved her. . Yeah. Like if like, like, I don’t know. They maybe could have saved her negligence. Negligence. There’s a little bit of negligence. There’s a theory of like negligence on purpose or it was planned or whatever. I don’t subscribe to that. I don’t know. What do you think? I think she was killed, bro.

What? I think she was killed. I think it was a fucking plot. Okay. Here’s and listen to me. Hear me out. Hear me out. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . So you have someone that’s taking drugs to literally for like alcohol withdrawal. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . , that person is clearly a raging alcoholic. Obviously you can, you can presume that.

I mean, 15 is pretty high. No, but listen, I mean, I’m not, hear me? I haven’t like tested a lot, but now, yeah. Hear me. So someone who’s taking a drug for alcohol withdrawal is presumably a raging alcoholic. A 15 to a raging alcoholic is like a 0.00 for us. if you’re a raging alcoholic. Okay, look, I grew up with a.

And his dad was raging alcoholic. His dad would drink a 24 pack of Milwaukee’s Best ICE and like be like chilling, like, uh, case. No. And he, like, he was a raging alcoholic and like, dude, he would smash a 24 pack and be totally fine. He’d like drive and shit and he’d be like completely coherent. Yeah. So if you, if you gotta think a 15 while that’s high for like the normal populace, if a guy who’s taking alcohol withdrawal meds, he could a 0.15 is like nothing.

Zero. That’s true. That’s a good point. I mean, that’s what I’m saying, like I think it as a good point.