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Episode 5: What Really Are Chemtrails?

Podcast Transcription

All right. Hi everybody. Welcome to the Conspiracy podcast. My name’s Eric. I am Sean. Jorge. I’m back again. Uh, we are doing an episode on chem trails. What the are chem trails? Still trying to figure it out. . And, um, so here we go. Uh, chem trail conspiracies have been around since basically the nineties, and people, I guess, are really into them.

I mean, it’s like since plane. Yeah. . Yeah. Well, not really. I, I don’t remember anybody talking about like, chem trails 30 years ago, 25 years now. That’s, you know, that’s a good point. That’s a good point. No, there’s a reason. So, um, the chem trail conspiracy, uh, began to like circulate, um, after the, uh, s a f, the, uh, air Force.

Mm-hmm. , they published a report in 1996 about weather modific. Hmm. Ooh, that’s a whole nother episode too, by the way. We’ll get into that later. Yeah. So, uh, following the report in the late nineties, they were accused of basically spraying the US population with mysterious substances. So from the aircraft that controls the mind.

And yeah, what they said is it generated unusual contra patterns. Okay. Okay. Um, so multiple agencies then responded to that, uh, trying to get rid of the rumors, and that was published in 2000 by the epa, the faa, uh, nasa. Um, and all reputable sources, literally all of them, the epa, they got our backs. All of them came in and they were like, no, no, no, no, no.

Don’t worry. No, no, no. See what happened was, yes, no, no, it’s the planes farting. It’s not a big deal. Actually, very similar to Roswell. We were like, they came. They were like, no, it’s a balloon. Yeah. So everybody got all fired up when they said no, you know, when they came out and said, no, this is. Right. So, um, and then they recently came out and said, they’re like, okay, actually.

Like, sorry. So they came out with this whole report saying it’s, uh, bullshit, essentially, you know, in nutshell. Yeah. Um, but debunked, but like we, yeah, like we said, fact checkers. . Yeah. have approved some ones that work for Facebook know. Exactly. That’s when it got really crazy because then it was like, oh, this is a government.

The little people thing. Right. You know what I mean? And so, um, by little people, I. 99% of the population. Yeah, exactly. . Uh, so in the early two thousands, the Air Force released an undated fact sheet that stated the conspiracy theories were a hoax fueled in part by citations to a 1996 strategy paper that was drafted within their university titled.

Weather as a force multiplier. Okay, this already what is like, this is already ridiculous on, and it goes on and they say owning the we. This is the title of the paper, which is Weather as a Force Multiplier, owning the weather in 2025. And so the Air Force is like, that’s what they’re, that’s like their data.

Well, that was the paper. It’s because of this one person in college who wrote this paper. Yeah. So that was in 1990. And they were saying owning the weather in 2025, like controlling the weather. What do you mean? That’s what they say. Owning the weather. Okay. Yeah. So, but essentially controlling the weather.

So if they could, you know, with all that money and stuff like that, you put in, uh, I guess funding for research and then you go, okay, could we control the weather in 30. because it’s, you know, with Katrina, with all these different things, it’s a disaster or whatever. And what if we could do it? What if we could control the weather?

Hmm. What if so like that, that’s another episode. But like, if they could, I don’t see it. I don’t see that they do, you know? Yeah. Like when, when, when you have all these fires in California, why wouldn’t they just control the weather? Why don’t let make rain make rain happen? Yeah. Like that was the idea behind.

Controlling the weather. That was purpose. Purpose of maybe they were trying to do it and they just like couldn’t. They kept fucking it up. Yeah, but that’s like one of the conspiracies is like, they do this because they want to control the weather, and then they come out and they say, no, no, no, it’s just regular.

It’s not, it’s not chemicals. Well, what they, what’s They essentially said fluid. What they essentially said was that it’s a strategy. It’s like what it like, you know what I mean? Like what if we could, what would you do with it? Yeah. Just a theory like Yeah, it’s a theory. It was like a, a strategy session.

And I love how that was like their, that was like their background brainstorming. They’re like, oh yeah, we found this super obscure paper and like this is where all these like dudes in like the trailer park were like coming up. Thing from like, cuz they were reading this strategy paper like so the paper, the paper was presented in response to a military directive to outline a future strategic weather modification system for the purpose of maintaining the United States military dominance.

All the way in the future to 2025 was like only make it thunderstorm over their enemies for like six weeks. I, that would be rad. Damnit. That would like still, honestly though, that would be pretty rad. Bring into lightnings, rain down the frogs. Send the tornado. Yeah, it’s like, like the Prince of Egypt, but they identified it as fictional representations of future situations and scenarios.

Mm. So they also like what the AI can do or can’t do. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Cause they absolutely, I wrote a paper, just theory obviously false theory. Yeah. In college. So they went on to say further in 2005 cuz they continually like, respond to this. They gotcha. Like every, every five years they gotta like pump out some, uh, it does not, quote, does not reflect current military policy practice or even our capabilities.

And that and not conducting any weather modification experiments or programs and has no plans to do so in the future. Yeah, because the government has always been one Honda with us on, on patient. But you know, why don’t, why do they keep replying to this stuff? You know what I mean? Like Roswell happens and then they’re like, Eh, you know, this was definitely not us.

Like, just shut up. I saw this, um, TikTok, like comedian on TikTok, and he is like, you know, I can understand you don’t trust the government, but you, you don’t believe any of this. I did not that his son. He’s like, I am, I’m responsible for one sign. Yeah. , I won’t say the rest. Uh, so the United States Air Force stated that the chem trail hoax has been investigated and refuted by many established, accredited and accredited universities, scientific organizations, and major, medium.

First, let’s gotta dub in. Like I really hate. The word accredited ? No, it’s cause like who is like, oh yeah. Because you realize it’s like some arbitrary organization is then saying that you’re legit. Like, but who is the person saying you’re legit? They like, it’s so it as well, like quoted, it’s like saying I’m accredited.

Yeah, but like who’s accrediting you? Yeah. They should quote who? The accredited, yeah. Who The accreditor. Well it says accredited universities. So I hope it’s not like, Like in the transfer, my credits over there. It’s like an online school. It’s like University of Phoenix . Yeah. It’s a good school. It is good school.

We’re sponsored by what’s, what’s the football player? Oh, um, Larry Fitzgerald. Larry Fitzgerald on the game. Yeah. Okay, cool. So then going check this out real quick. Yeah. Definition of accredited university. So it’s the general definition of accredited is to be officially authorized or approved. The term is most commonly used in connection with educational institutions, as in other countries.

Accreditation in the US is a stamp that a college or university meets basic standards. Okay. So it means literally nothing. Yeah. So it’s like, yeah. Okay. Uh, so in 2013, when it was made public that the cia, NASA. N o a a, which is, um, this is a word o oceanic and atmospheric administration. Oh, wow. Okay.

They’re not trying to control whether they’re fucking organization. Dude, I want to join that one. Uh, intended to provide funds to the National Academy of Sciences in order to conduct research into methods that would counteract global warming. Okay. So that was in 2013, so that just kind of fueled the fire even.

on this whole conspiracy, which is that, you know, okay, now we’re getting funding, right? To control the weather. Control the weather. It’s like we’re not controlling the weather except we’ve just got 30 Billy. Yeah. To try to control the weather cause it’s going, warming is a problem. So, um, now believers of this conspiracy say that chem trails can be seen, um, by their long.

Oh, when? Like, when you see like the streaks in the sky? Yeah. Like they, they should like, they should go away dissipate instantly. Yes. Okay. Yeah. Asserting that, uh, chem trails are those trails left by aircraft that persist for as much as a half of a day and then transform into clouds. The pro the believers claim that after 95 con.

It had a different chemical composition and lasted longer in the sky. So they’re saying in 95 it started. Okay. But like, I guess what, were there other, I’m assuming there’s other trails that are naturally left by aircraft? Yeah, those are con trails, which are called, which to define that it’s condensation trails.

Oh, okay. So it’s actually just like moisture, like that’s a real thing. Yeah. Okay. That is, that’s the thing. That’s what you see. , and that’s actually coming up, which is, , but do we know how long they’re supposed to last? , so here we go. Right? Heres what are con trails, right? 

You need to learn me. So con trails are called, are actually condensation trails and they’re streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by an airplane or a rocket at high altitude That.

Yeah, that’s what I said. So, fossil fuel, combustion as in like jet engines, uh, they produce carbon dioxide and water vapor. So at high altitudes, the air is super cold. Oh, it’s freaking freezing. Super cold. Um, I don’t know if you’ve ever put your head out of a Southwest flight. floating cold. Yeah, it’s open the, the fucking cabin.

Don’t do that. So then hot, humid air from the engine exhaust. Then mixes, mixes with the colder air that’s up there and it causes the water vapor to condense into droplets, or I guess you would call ’em ice crystals. And then that forms, so visible clouds, like that’s basically when it, when it’s cold outside, you start your car and you see the little.

You know, the, the smoke or the, the condensation coming out. Your orrie it totally same shit. Yeah, that’s right. There’s larger, a larger scale there, right? And in the sky. So the rate at which contra trails dissipate is entirely dependent on weather conditions. Really like weather conditions, like in the like 50,000 feet in the air.

I mean, I would assume that it’s not the same weather across the globe. 50,000 feet. Right? True. But I, I gotta think it’s gotta be, it’s gotta be close. It’s gotta be more equivalent. Cause like, once you, like, once you’re that high and the amount of oxygen is so low, it’s like, is nominal difference? Yeah.

It’s like, it’s like saying like, you know, for example, like you drop a, you drop a bowling ball on a feather and a vacuum, they drop the same rate. It’s almost, you’re getting closer to a vacuum. Yeah. Therefore things must be so it’s more equivalent. Yeah. So like, I don’t know, there’s, there can’t be that much of a difference.

Like the sky in Malibu compared to like Honolulu? No, there the, I mean there probably is, but you’re sayings noal. It’s, it’s gotta be like fractional. It’s nominal al, you’re that high and it’s that cold. Yeah. If you’re like, obviously you’re like on land. Yeah. It’s super different. Yeah. But Right. Yeah. Okay.

, you have, um, humidity in the air. So obviously, like you were saying, depending on where it is in the globe, like you’re gonna have different humidity levels even at that height, I would think.

Right? Right. Yep. Absolutely. Yeah. So 1%, yeah. So jets flying by and it creates this condensation thing or whatever. Yeah. That it leaves behind this trail. So I don’t know. I mean, what? What, yeah. Well, it’s basically saying if the atmosphere is dry, Then the, the contra will dissipate quickly, right? If it’s humid.

Exactly. It’s not supposed to. Right? Yeah. Right. , so believers of this conspiracy theory, , describe contras as streams that should persist for hours, , but eventually blend into form large clouds that should, or they do they. Like the normal contras, do they, do they Oh, normal Contras, right? Do you have like data on like how long the other ones last?

You said like, oh, like the hours or days or something, like, whatever. Not days. I don’t know. I, I haven’t really, I haven’t done a lot of research and I haven’t like got my camera out, like backing out the trails . I’ve personally never seen a chem trail last for days. I’ve seen one that definitely lasts for like, you know, whatever, half a day, like hours and hours and it seems weird.

I see it for sure, but then I’m just like, I’m just like, I literally look at it, I’m like, bastards, and, and then I go on on my day and I keep doing whatever I’m doing. Well, I mean, the argument is argument . I’m breathing pocket. The argument is, is that past post 1995, uh, they last. I see. Okay. So that’s how long, so that’s the people are actually like looking at it.

They’re like, they’ve mapped out the timing of it and they’re like, okay, shit’s different now. Yeah, exactly. There you go. All right, so I have, I have a couple things about people who are accredited sources. Community is a different word. Like people like how about valid or like, like good sources or like sources that you might, may go, well, you might believe possibly believable sources.

Okay. That’s sound better than accredited, you know, so, But there you go. That’s, so, that’s a conspiracy overall. Like that. The main conspiracy is that they’re trying to control the weather, right? And they’re putting chemicals into planes and putting them over. Population. Yeah. But for the purpose of controlling the weather.

Yeah. See, I, that’s like, that’s thought, that’s the main theory. I thought it was, I thought the theory was more sinister. I, I always believed it was like some, some, some form of like population control or some sort of like, you know, poison. Some sort of even like genetic, like genetically genetic modification somehow.

Like trying to, I mean, cuz even if you look, you know, statistically in terms. Birth rates and, and all these things. It’s like, you know, we’re progressively having less and less kids, and fertility’s a huge problem. There’s a, there’s a massive, you know, big field in terms of trying people, trying to have kids and, and trying to get pregnant.

So I, I felt that it was more of a thing like that. Like, okay. . That’s what I’ve heard too. By spreading. That’s what I research or That’s one of the, one of the theories. Yeah. What theories? No, that’s a big part of it. It’s, you know, that they’re putting chemicals into planes and dumping them. Mm-hmm. on, on the US and what, what those chemicals are and what the purpose is, is the big.

Yeah, like the big what? Big question. Because it’s kind of like, you know, and it’s not that hard to think like, we’ve been putting chemicals and planes for a fucking long time. Pesticides and like, you know, like we’re like gmo. We’re pretty pro, we’re pretty pro that shit. Yeah. I mean, maybe Hitler survived the war, blind planes over to turn, everybody very became a Delta pilot.

So a couple things, and these, these arguments are against this theory. Okay. So these are people and you know, that sort thing. Oh, nope. These are the accredited people.

The accredited. Accredited people. Yeah. Yeah. So, um, Edward Snowden. Ed Snowden. Oh, interesting. I thought you were like talking about somebody. I was like, damn, we got the same name. Yeah. . So Edward Stone Snowden, uh, he was on ro. Yeah. Asked him to it up and like fucking, I thought he wasn’t allowed in the US I think like was he like VPN then?

Yeah, for sure. Vpn. Really? He’s just on Denver Airport underneath the sy, the CBU underneath it. The C, yeah. Uh, no. Edward Stone was on Rogan and he stated, um, that he had searched through all of the secret information of the US government for evidence about aliens. Hmm. And chem trails. Oh wow. Those are the two things he chose.

Yeah. He didn’t think of anything else. And he said, in case you were wondering, chem trails are not a thing. I had ridiculous access to the networks of the nsa, the cia, the military, all of these groups. I couldn’t find anything. Wow. Okay. I get it, ed, but like , no, no, no reason. My point, it’s like Ed’s not in his, is he’s being a little, you know, a little kind of bloated here, thinking he had access to all the.

in the entire gun. No, he’s right. Slash military. He’s right. There’s a lot of data, like, for sure. Let’s, like I read one shelf of the library, , like, I don’t know, know what I mean? I’m, I’m gonna tell you something cuz like, okay, so the, according to like, you know, the, the common man, if you, if you Google it, the highest possible cleaners you can get in the military or the government is, is called a, it’s called a tss C, which stands for top secret, special compartmentalized, uh, I don’t remember.

I forget the, I stands for it, but it’s special compartmentalized because that’s what the government does. They compartmentalize the data so there is not one sole repository for all the information. And I get it, NSA had access to a lot of this data, but you can’t imagine they have access to all of it.

Every organization has their own, their own servers, their own everything. And even that is compartmentalized. So everything is segregated. Cuz like everyone, you know, when you’re at that level, they’re all fucking paranoid psychos. They’re all like afraid. Like you’re gonna find out. The, the idea of him having access to all the data, like Yeah.

Some like mid-level NSA analyst. Like, sorry, bro. If you were like a four star general, sure. Okay. , you know, right. Maybe you do have that access. That’s Eddie. You got bumped. I’m, you got debunked. I’m not saying, I’m not saying like I, I, yeah, I don’t believe, I’m just saying one zero . If you look at it just from an analytical standpoint.

The idea of him having all the access is ridiculous. Yeah. Yeah. All right. All right. Next. Kudos on that. Kudos on you. It makes sense. Like I’m not being crazy. No, I got, okay. So, um, so in 2007, a Louisiana television station reported, , evidence of chem trails in the report. The air underneath the cross hatch of supposed chem trails was measured and apparently found it contains unsafe levels of barium.

Mm. What is that? It’s a, it’s an element. So barium is a chemical element with the symbol ba and atomic number 56. It’s a fifth element in group two and is a soft silver alkaline earth metal. So it is metal, um, because of its high chemical reactivity. Barium is never found in nature as a free element.

Oh. So that means you, it’s not a naturally occurring substance, it has to be created. Mm. I. See, the most common minerals of barium are, uh, barite and with aite. So because of its high chemical reactivity, barium is never found in nature as a free element. Hmm. So in order to find, you have to actually derive, you have to actually.

harvest it from other things because it doesn’t exist by itself because it’s chemical reactivity reacts with other shit, becomes a compound. Gotcha. Yes. So that’s how if they find barium, that’s poisonous. Yeah. And it’s not, the motherfucker does shit. Doesn’t exist alone. Yeah. So somebody had to place it there.

It doesn’t exist. So, uh, barium is poisonous and uh, even that low doses affects the nervous system. Cardiac. Tremors, weakness, anxiety, short, shortness of breath, um, para paralysis, so it doesn’t feel good. And most just, people know it’s not a carcinogenic, but most heavy, most heavy metals besides like, you know, iron and things like that are, are typically poisonous.

Yeah, it’s probably in cigarettes too. A hundred percent and I, I, I can taste it right now. Yeah. , I can taste the barium. They found unsafe levels of barium, which is pretty much any barium at 6.8 parts per million, which is three times the US recommended limit. Recommended for what? Exposure Like life.

Although, and this was kind of a big thing and that’s why this is being brought up, but. Analysis of the footage showed however that the equipment had been misused and the reading exaggerated it by a factor of a hundred. So this is where it’s so easy to. Yeah, I’m not saying I don’t know what side’s, right.

I’m not saying any side’s. Right. But I’m saying it is so easy for someone to be like, no, it’s wrong. And people are like, Ooh. Right? Like, how do they know the equipment was exact? How do what foot? Like what? Yeah. I’m not saying you manipulate any stat, any sta Even if they were like, no, it’s, it’s not real.

It’s someone could also go on the other end, like they say the same exact thing and be like, oh no, they exaggerated it cuz it’s exaggerated too. Right. So either side could just easily be like, no, fuck you. Uh, in May of 2014, a video went viral. , I hate this word. And the muscle like viral. Viral in 2014 is like, it’s got 6,000.

So it went, it went viral as shit showing a commercial passenger airplane landing on a foggy night, which was described as emitting come trail. Discovery News pointed out PS who the fuck is Discovery News? It’s Discovery News. Is that the channel? I have never heard of that shit. Is that the, but also right away you’re saying it was a foggy night, so it’s like it was a foggy night.

Yeah. So Discovery, discovery News, and espn, the O Show. I know Discovery News. We are an offshoot of the Discovery Channel. . Yeah. So Discovery. Sorry. Discovery News. They’re probably killing me. I love you. Discovery News, . Discovery News pointed out that passengers sitting behind the wings could clearly see anything being sprayed, which would defeat any intent to be secretive.

Oh, discovery News was trying to debunk this. Oh, I thought the discovery news was like one of the passwords. Oh, I get it. It’s not like the Discovery Channel. They’re like discovering. Uh, discovery News. Oh, bad name. That’s a terrifyingly bad name. They didn’t, they didn’t. A marketing guy. Yeah, it’s really good.

I’m gonna call it like, I’m gonna call a new company that’s called Disney Research. . Fuck Discovery News downtown, right? Um, . . This your research. Anyway, so it was debunked and so they saw the shipping release or so, but it went finalization. But like if you’re landing, yeah. Why are you hitting that condensation like, you know, 700 feet above the ground.

Like, cause that’s what fucking planes do. They condensate? No, but they don’t condensate like con trails. They, why I’m not condensating like right now. What Don’t be condensating. Don’t you be condensating me. Condensating don’t, don’t condensate me. So, uh, another example. In October, 2014, uh, Chris Bovie filmed a video of a plane, jettisoning fuel on a flight from BU to London, which had to, let’s redo that.

Buenos. Boyo, aray.

Nice. In 2014, Chris Bovie filmed the video of a plane jettisoning fuel on a flight from blindness that. To London, which had to dump , which had to dump fuel to lighten its load for an emergency landing in Sa Paulo, the clip went viral. Fuck on Facebook.

with 3 million views. Oh, that’s pretty good. And more than 52,000 shares. And it was cited as evidence for Chem certified Viral Certified. Certified, yeah. Yeah. I hate the word accredited. Viral. Yeah. . But he, later on, Mr. Bovie, he later on disclosed that the video posted was done as a prank, and consequently he was subjected to some abuse, some severe abuse from conspiracy.

First of all, this Chris Bob Beans. This guy is like random. Anyways, so that’s another story of it being debunked. The problem with this whole conspiracy is there’s a bunch of bullshit. Oh, for sure. There’s so much, don’t me around, like, shit, there’s a lot of people like obviously in these types of things, you wanna defer to more of like the the scientific thing, right?

Like especially with this barium thing, the fact that it’s not like a naturally occurring Yeah, it’s always in a compound form and you. Take it out of the compound form to have it. Like that’s the legit, we need accredited investors, investors, and an ambassador. Sorry, scientific investigators. Yeah. Um, couple other points here.

So experts on atmospheric phenomena say the characteristics attributed to chem trails are simply features of contras, responding to the different conditions in terms of sunlight, tempera. Vertical wind, horizontal wind, and humidity levels. So that’s something we talked about already, but yeah, true. In 2016, a survey of 77 atmospheric scientists concluded the only 77 on Earth.

77 of them concluded that uh, they had not encountered evidence of a secret large scale atmospheric. and that the data cited as evidence could be explained through other factors such as typical contra formation and poor data sampling instructions presented. Yeah. Cuz you would think that like, you know, if they, the government was actually doing this, there’s a reason why it’d be a secret program.

Yeah. And they would make it so these fucking guys wouldn’t be like, oh wow, yeah, this is a really right. This some like really bad shit happening right now. Like everyone would notice it. But like typically when you do something, It’s a secret. Yeah. It’s not like there’s like, you know, spies are just like shooting random people at like the McDonald’s and they’re like, oh no.

It’s typically secret. Yeah. . So at a 77 conclusions, how many do you think came out as camp trails? As camp trails are bullshit? Uh, probably, probably all of them all. I’m gonna 77 or it’s gonna be like above 95%. 76. Okay. It’s, it’s be above 95%. But could you imagine being the dude, the one dude, you’re, you’re at a table with 77 scientists and you’re like, nah,

It’s like, nah, I’m pretty sure that guy just got like fired for like, yeah. Yeah. Fucking one of his students. He like, no, it’s the next report is like out of 76 scientists. You know what I mean? like, no, that guy out. Yeah. So since then, the issue periodically comes up in like, you know, the world, in the media and stuff like that.

But according to public policy polling, 5% of Americans still believe in chem trails. Have you ever heard of 5%? So you said something interesting. I never heard of anybody talking. outside of the us. Like yeah. In the research that we, it’s not a real anywhere else. It’s like the US only the US is this fucked up to do this to their people.

Like, but that’s, it’s unbelievable. Just so we’re all on the same page. 5% though. 16 million people. That’s a lot of fucking people, Dave. It’s just 16 million people believe in this dude. That’s not a small number. No. No, it’d be different if it was like 600 people still believe in chem trails. I should have done like comparatives, like how many people believe in Bigfoot?

True. It’s like 89.

So there we are. That’s chem trails. Are you guys in the 5%? You know, here’s the thing you wanna go for? Go first, Sean. I can’t really like, definitively be like, yes, it’s real, but. Do I believe it kind of , kinda what would be the purpose? Like? Like you can’t put the purpose, like what’s the, what’s the logical purpose?

No, the purpose is because look, I mean obviously mankind’s greatest downfall is also probably like one of like, you know, you can put it as a plus point, but like we just wanna control anything and everything as much as we can. And so especially from a military standpoint, it’s like, look, controlling the weather is actually.

A very, that’s godlike very good thing. Imagine being, imagine being a, a naval admiral and you’re like, sweet, we’re gonna fucking tsunami this fucking brigade that’s coming into us. Like this fucking crushing screw tomahawks. Yeah, dude. Like why would tsunami guy, I’m not gonna spend the gas, we’ll just fucking just kill them all.

I mean, yeah. And then it’s like, oh, it’s the weather. Or for a better. Better example of that. Like instead of destruction and killing us all, if you controlled the weather, couldn’t you kind of ease? Like use it for good. Yeah. Use it for good. Like ease. Ease. Global warming. Yeah. They’re not using it for good.

That’s a lie. Do you know what I mean? You go, oh, our rainforest is pleading military dude using in for military. You want to do or wanted, I don’t even know if they do control it or you use it for, you use it as another arm of control, right? Yeah. Listen. Okay, here’s, here’s a quick. All right. Imagine that.

Like, all right, so the government’s like, you know, we’re gonna take a little bit more of your liberties away. And people are like, fuck you, this is bullshit. And then it’s like, okay, wow. It’s weird. This is like this crazy drought in America. There’s like no water. It doesn’t rain, it doesn’t rain. In six months, people are dying.

People are freaking out. Who do they turn to? The government, save us, save fema, save us. And then they’re like, don’t worry, we got you. We have these like fucking, all these water reserves. We got, you just come to this FEMA camp, we, we got you. And then you’re like, you know, you know, you pray, you pray to the fucking golden calf, and like it fucking starts raining the next day and they’re like, oh, the government, this saved you again.

I’m just saying it’s a, it would be a really good source of control. And because, you know, there’s. Theories, you know, they, they try to, you know, control seismic activity and like, things like that, like just various things you can, well, like I said, there’s, there’s a whole nother episode we can get into, which is the HARP program.

Oh, the HARP program? Yeah. Like, yeah, like literally actually like using it like, you know, fucking weaponizing, you know, natural phenomena. , I the government’s so fucked up, dude. It’s definitely something They’re, they, they, if you wouldn’t put it past them, if they’re not, no. If they’re not doing it now, they fucking tried to.

Yeah. I, I, I as a, with a hundred percent certainty, they tried. Yeah. They may have failed and it didn’t work out. Yeah. But like, they fucking tried. So if you look up now and you see like, you know, an airplane and then there’s like, you know, smoke coming out the back, are you like, fuck, it’s like, it’s like Monsanto.

I mean, Monsanto, you, you know, Monsanto’s a whole nother, that’s a 20 No. I look at it and I. Why is it going on for so long? And like I see all the streaks in the sky. I’m like, that’s what makes it, like when it’s happening so much. I’m like, hmm. Like should it really be happening all at every plane? Yeah. We see that a lot around here, but we have mile from here and from the studio in the Tampa airport.

Yeah. Then you have the, the Tampa I, it’s mc, air Force Base and like, yeah. So there’s a lot of shit going on in there. A guys around us. That’s a good. And the coast guards all the time. Fucking flying around all the time. Yeah, that’s a good point. But you know, we’ve been crop dusting for a long time, dude, for a fucking yes.

Like 90 to hundred, a hundred years when shitting crop dust out. Yeah. I mean, you know, so, Jorge, where. I think at the end of the day I’m at the 95, not the 5%.

Yeah. Yeah. I’m just not into it. Yeah. Just from the research I’ve done, I think that it’s just contras. Yeah. It’s not, although, Sean always makes good points, man. Like, so it’s like, it’s like you were saying, it’s like yeah, you can’t put it past them. Did they try at some point that, are they that part now?

Yeah, I don’t think they’re active. I would agree that I don’t think they’re doing that. Yeah. The majority that we see is just regular contras and yeah, I don’t know. Like I was saying, like around here, I just see it so much, but there’s like several airports around here, so. For us around here. I don’t believe it.

I mean, yeah, I mean, maybe the future, if you wanna read the, listen to the dune books on audio book. There’s definitely Which one? Atmospheric Manipulation Dune. Yeah, the Dune Saga. Yeah. It’s really good. Sorry. Yeah, I agree with you guys. I think it’s absolute, uh, bullshit. I think it’s bullshit. Debunked. I think it’s, I think it’s bullshit.

I think maybe, I think, yeah, maybe they did try to do weather manipulation. You know, in the past, and they failed miserably at that technologywise and, you know, I mean, I don’t wanna say failed miserably, but it was just like, this is too hot. It moved onto the heart project, like a waste of money. I mean, I do think if it’s anything, I do think it’s, it’s very easily for them to like be putting out some other sort of chemicals, but for a different purpose.

Yeah. Okay. I, I don’t believe it’s weather. I don’t believe, if anything, I don’t believe chem trails are weather related at all. Yeah. I don’t think there’s. Not, not a one motherfucker that’s trying to like, the thing is like some control population control some way or That’s, that’s what I think. It’s something like, whatever, like, I mean, cuz think of it this way, like, look how hard, like, you know, they pushed on the vaccines, like they’re pushing really hard.

Like what if they could just like, Spray it over. Just spray the back. Spray it over. Spray it over your house. Spray it on my head. Yeah. And you’re like, fascinat breath . We’ll get all the the bald guys first. Yeah. Go straight to their skin. Myosis. Yeah. There dad’s moan lawns and shit was like, I got for like my morning coffee.

I’m like, what a lovely

All right, well, well I know that people who do believe in this are very hardcore and they’re really gonna hate this very hardcore. We’re gonna get some hate on this one, but, uh, there you go. That’s what we got tonight. Thanks guys. Don’t email me on my personal email about this. Please. Yeah, don’t, don’t research us privately.

I know. Like I have a daughter. She’s sweet. She doesn’t want me to die. You guys gotta come back. We’re gonna talk about the heart project, which goes deeper into the whole Oh yeah. Weather control. And then that’s gonna be later down the line, we’re gonna hit that. Monsanto up. That’s up, dude, that’s, that’s, I mean that, that’s not even really conspiracy.

That’s almost facting, cuz I know they’re doing some real shady shit. I know, I know. All right, well thanks a bunch. Hit us up. We’ll talk later. Peace. Bye.