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The OJ Simpson Saga Part 1: The Murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown – Episode #28

Podcast Transcription

Hey everybody. Welcome back to the Conspiracy podcast. We’re back again. Let’s go episode 28 or something like that. Holy shit. That’s right. Starting to lose track, huh? It’s weird. That’s right. I spend more time with you guys than I do my own family laugh. It’s actually pretty cool cause we have I think 28 hours now of content.

Yeah. It’s pretty, you know what I mean? Pretty cool. I know. I think it’s pretty cool. Thanks for listening. We appreciate you guys, uh, sticking with us. That’s right. Absolutely. Through and through. Uh, okay. So we are doing something a, we we’re doing, this is OJ Simpson. Yeah. Okay. Let’s just put it out there.

Welcome to the episode on OJ Simpson. Othal, James Simpson. That’s right. Look at you already. Yeah. Uh, okay. So the reason why we’re doing oj, cuz somebody asked me, they’re like, why are you doing oj? It’s not really like a conspiracy. I mean, really. And I was like, okay. Well, the reason why I wanted to do OJ is because at one point I was on Instagram and somebody sent me a video and it’s fucking OJ sipping like a, like a beer, like a cognac chill.

And this was like a month ago. It wasn’t, this isn’t like in the nineties. He’s, he’s literally like having a bl t and a beer living his best life. And he is Ha I’ve seen the video. He’s like, happy. Yeah, he’s happy as fuck. And so I was just kind of like, Like, what the fuck? A little bit enraged. Yeah. Because I don’t know, we need to shed the light on it.

Like it, because it is exactly, it is a conspiracy cuz the motherfucker is free. Yeah. Like yeah. And make us, us free. Yeah. What, what defines a conspiracy? It is a conspiracy is one. It is like one or more. Yeah. Two. Two or more people. Two or more people conspiring to, to do, to commit a crime in essence.

That’s it. Yeah. Or to do something illegal or nefarious. Yeah. That’s it. Or to hide something. Yes. Or whatever. Right. And so, you know, this person was acquitted for the murder of two people. Yes. So here we are. And what we know today is that if he didn’t do it, who did? We still don’t know if, if he did not do in it is still a mystery.

Yeah. Big if exactly. Well, there’s no other  suspects, I mean, Yeah. He just, I know, I know. I feel like he like that it happens. The cops are like, well, uh, put this one in the cold case file. So here you go. So we’re gonna go through this.  this happened in the early nineties. Yep. So,  I’m hoping that some people actually don’t know the thorough story.

Yeah. I, I don’t think, I love to do, especially most of the, the younger crowd probably is like, they know, you know, the Cliff notes. Yeah, exactly. So my sister was born in 90. And so she was four years old when this happened. So does she know about it? I, no. She have a football follower. Probably not exactly, but now she’s over 30 and, you know what I mean?

So that’s, that’s, and it’s like you were saying, a lot of people hear the Cliff notes or you know, the gist of it or whatever. Oh, they’re like, they watch like the show on FX and they’re like, oh, this is everything. You know, John Travolta and then like, uh, what’s his name? Fucking, um, Kuba? No, um, from Fran Scher from Scher Swish Schwimmer.

David Sch trimmer. I thought it was a good show. It was good. It wasn’t, it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good. I thought, uh, Kuba did good. I thought he did great. I thought he did. Really very believable. Yeah, it’s good. Okay, here we go. We’re gonna dive in.    here we go. So, and just so you know where a lot of this research came from,  I did read a couple of the books.

I, I even read o J’s book. I was telling Sean about it before the show Rivey, uh, disaster of a book. Yeah.  anyways, and,  you know, a lot of the documentaries that are out and, and you know,  the ESPN did a great one. 30 for 30. Oh yeah, I have seen that team. Yeah, it’s really good. Really good.  so anyways, here we go.

Uh, OJ the Juice was born the Juice, what was his name? Orth James Othal. James Simpson on July 9th, 1947. And he was born in Petro Hill, which is, uh, a neighborhood in San Francisco. Okay.  his father left him,  when he was like two or three, and his mom worked at a hospital to support the four children.

Damn. Yeah.  So when he was a toddler, he developed something called rickets. Have you ever heard of rickets? I don’t know what it is. I’ve heard of it. I dunno what the fuck is. I haven’t even heard of that. In short, rickets is like a soft bone problem.

Oh. Like where your bones are just soft. Like, like unbreakable, like same l Jackson’s like, like best. Yeah. And, and,  not quite the same as Forest Gump, but  uh, similar where the bones are this, and they’re crooked and they’re, they, they usually develop something called like a, like if you got on a horse, the bow leg for Yeah, like a bow.

Oh, okay. Kind of walking, yeah. Scenario. Yeah. So, um, likes like, like a penguin. Yeah. So he actually it left him pigeon toed and bow-legged. Yeah. And he was not able to afford the surgery to get it done. So he kind of got bullied as a kid,  called like pencil pins,  because of his legs and until he was five kids, had lame ass jokes back in the bed, like pencil pins until he was five.

He actually wore braces. Oh yeah. On the legs? Yeah. Oh, wow. To try to fix it. Try to like force gum straight. Straighten it out. Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I was saying, like little similar, you know, similar. I was running run oj run OJ sights. Titan can pencil pens.  so his early interest in sports was encouraged by his mom.

 his dad was,  named Jimmy Lee Simpson.  he, you know, his is a weird story because. They couldn’t really tell where he, what he did, really. There’s not a lot of info of what he did. He worked at a bank. Oh, really?  yeah. Robbing it or, and later, this came out later, but it turned out that he was gay and that he was a well-known drag queen in downtown San Francisco, Francisco.

Oh. So that’s why he dipped. He was like, I’m gonna live my best life. Yeah. I don’t know. There’s not a lot of info, basically. But he, you know, wasn’t really a big part of his life. And then in 1986, he died of aids. Hmm. So, okay. There you go. Yeah. CRS episode. They did, they did reconcile later, like when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, but, , for the most part he wasn’t, wasn’t there, you know?

Anyway, wait, when, when did he get, uh, inducted to the Hall of Fame? 80, like 85, 84? Somewhere in there. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. So, I mean, he is really good with football, so, yeah. I thought it was, I thought, I thought it was in the nineties for some reason. But anyways, yeah, go ahead. No, that was, that was when he. Yeah.

S so stupid. And the Bronco, so, uh, Simpson’s maternal grandparents were from Louisiana.

 they named him Orth, which she said it was based on a French actor,  but he was called OJ from birth. It al can make a French, so we got some in common. My mom may named me after a novella character. Yeah, that’s right. Mm-hmm. That’s right. The, the heartthrob of the novella, they’re pretty sure he was a brain surgeon.

Exactly. , so like I said, he grew up in San Francisco and he grew up in  the projects.  so in his teenage years he joined a gang called the Persian Warriors. What the fuck?  he for, for robbery,  or theft, I guess.  like as a minor. It’s not really called robbery, you know, it’s called like, it’s like stealing candy or stealing whatever.

Bikes. It Stealing,  it’s theft. Petty theft. Theft. Petty theft. Petty theft. Like larceny. I, yeah. Things like that. Yeah.  but he was incarcerated at the San Francisco Youth Guidance Center, so he did do some shit and he did go, he did some hard time. Well, it was like a juvie. Yeah, he went to juvie. Yeah.

So then at, in high school, a place called Galileo High School.  that’s when he first started playing football. He graduated that high school in 1965, what was the damn good as fuck at this? Yeah. later on you’re gonna hear about a guy named ac. Ac was the guy who was driving the Bronco.

Oh, I I what? Yeah. I thought OJ was driving Broco. No, he was in the backseat. Oh. Just chilling. Yeah, that’s what I thought. He was like looking at fucking Instagram. So there’s a guy named AC and AC was in high school with oj and they were in the gang together. Oh. They were like, and they caught stealing Posse.

Yeah. And that, so that’s just to give you an idea of how long he’s known ac Oh, they’re like Blood brothers. So then something happened where he was in juvie and,  Willie Maze came to visit him. Mm-hmm. And Willie, apparently Willie Maze gave him an inspiring speech of get your shit together, you can accomplish your goals.

 and apparently that’s what got him out of it. I see.

  Willie May showed up at the prison, gave some sort of inspirational speech, said you could do it, don’t do drugs. Yes, exactly. And so apparently per, you know, reports and OJ that it was a, a moment of time where he changed in front of like, from being in a gang to going, okay, let’s focus sports.

I think it’s pretty cool though to think like those, those things like work, you know, like Willie Mays wasn’t thinking he was gonna , make a difference. He’s , okay, this is a part of my PR campaign, you know, I’m gonna do it, whatever. But like, change. Yeah. A portion of a kid’s life. Yeah. A portion.

Yeah. I heard Willie May’s cool. For, for, for a little bit. I mean, I bet he’s for, for a few years. A couple years on Street Narrow. Can you imagine asking Willie Mays what he thinks about OJ now? He’s like, no comment. Yeah. He’s like, who’s that? I don’t know who that is. Did he pass? Mm-hmm. Willie, I’m pretty sure.

Pretty sure, dude. He’s, if he didn’t, he’s like ancient. Yeah, he’s, I think he’s a hundred old. Right. I feel like, my God. Well, he was also Barry Bond’s godfather. Really? Yeah. Hmm. Yeah.  He’s, uh, 92 still. He’s still alive. Alive. He’s going go Willie. He’s still killing the game. Go Willie. All right. Okay. All right.

Right on. All right. So Simpson and ac, they were named all city team in high school, so they were the star players of the high school football team. Nice. Yeah. Unfortunately, Simpson didn’t have good grades and so fancy that. So he didn’t, he didn’t go immediately to like a, a college. College, yeah. He went to a city college in San Francisco.

Oh, yeah. See,  in City College he was doing 9.3 yards. A carry. Dude, that’s fucking crazy. Yeah. He scored 54 touchdowns in high school. Wow. How many years though did he start?  four, I mean, high school, you know what I mean? I know it’s high 12, saying like, yeah, like 12 a year. 13 a year. It’s not, you know what I mean?

It’s de it’s like won a game. It’s de so, yeah. Yeah. Anyways, that seemed better. Uh uh, from Ohio, they just, like anywhere from any state.  50 colleges tried to recruit him after his sophomore year in high school because he was killing the game.  Maybe it was like, maybe like that was like the shit back in the day.

Yeah, true. Because like now it’s , you know, you got, kids have , you know, quarterbacks with 7,000 fucking passing yards. True. 89 touchdown in one year. I’m like, what the fuck? So he chose the University of South  California. So usc that’s, it’s actually University of Southern California, Eric.

It’s not South California.  In high school he met somebody named Margarite, and Margarite ended up being his first wife. So they met in high school and as he became a star that she was with him. She, she was latcher. Yeah, she was with him. Yeah. Not going nowhere. Okay. So then he goes to usc. Bitches. Bitches are plenty. At usc.

He was a two-time All American.  in 1968, he won the Heisman. Yeah, I know. Yep. Yep. Crazy.  

 But I see what you’re saying. He won the Highman. He won like the, he won the Yeah, but he the most prestigious award in college football. Yeah, exactly.  they’re like, you’re the best. You’re the chosen. So he was selected number one. In the 1969 draft. By the Bills. By the Bills?

Mm-hmm. By the Buffalo Bills? Yeah. Okay. So his career in Buffalo, right. He played for 11 years in Buffalo.  1978 and 1979, which is his last two years. He played for the Niners. Mm-hmm. Okay.  total, he rushed for 11,000 yards.  He had an average kickoff return of 30 yards. That’s amazing. Incredible. It’s so, it’s so good.

 so that’s crazy. 76 touchdowns. That’s great. You know,  the first two years he actually wasn’t a big success.  like, he wasn’t in the rookie of the year running or anything. This is a dude. He was like, average. Yeah. And then his,  a coach took over Lou Saban,  for you Bills fans, you probably know him.

 he became the coach in 72 and he was like a run first guy. Mm-hmm. You know what I mean? And so they drafted linemen.  They got it. Him hand the fucking ball off. Yes. So they were like, give him the rock. Right. So immediately when,  Lou Saban took over, he became the shit a superstar.

Right. Doing camera SHOs, 1973. So 1973, he became the first running back to Rush over  2000 yards. In a season. In a season. It’s, it’s so hard. First ever, first ever. Oh, wow. Okay. It’s so hard to, not to mention it was the 14 game season then. Oh. Oh, wow. God guys can’t even do it in a 17 game season. It’s, that’s, that’s why it was such a big, a 14 game season.

14 game season played three games in which 2000, it’s like,   they didn’t think he was gonna make it his 14th game. He rushed 200 yards and he got two, 2003 yards. Yeah. Back in the day, they’re probably like paying off the defense, like give 10 grams. So just trip. Two years later. Two years later, fantasy league, and it wasn’t like, he didn’t keep going.

Like he just kept being the best for years, and so two years later he did 1800 yards, which is, I mean, this Yeah. I want them, that’s like fantasy. That’s like Derek Henry’s best year. Yeah. That’d be your number one. Yeah. Then that year he broke the record for number of touchdowns in a ear. Jesus. Wow. So, 14 games he scored 23 touchdowns this slang.

So he scored, he scored fucking 1.5, 1.75 touchdowns game. So he was the league rusher in 72, 73, 75, and 76. Wow. So he had four years of, of nominating number one. Yeah. He was selected N f l Player of the year, 72, 73, and 75. Jesus.  he played in six Pro Bowls.  you know, he was the fastest player to gain a thousand yards in a season.

So he got a thousand yards in the first seven games. Hmm. Damn. What the fuck? Yeah. Nuts. That’s crazy, dude.  it’s like I’m averaging, where’s a defense back then? I know. Like I’m averaging 150 yards a game. There’s no defenses. Yeah. In 1973, his average game was one forty three, a hundred forty three yards per game for the whole season.

Yeah. I’d be winning all my fantasy. Wow. Yeah. It feels sound like guaranteed. So anyway, so that’s, that’s his, uh, in a nutshell. And like I knew he was good, but I didn’t know, like the stats, I didn’t actually know, like the stats. Some of his highlights are really good, especially even in college. He has got some fucking great highlights.

Uh, I think it’s the Rose Bowl or one of the bowls. They were down and they were like, oh, we need 80 yards. And it’s like a minute or not even a minute, and he just ran it the whole way. So he gave him the ball. Yeah. It was one of the greatest, I think it was the game, it was called The Big Game. It was USC against ucla.

Mm-hmm. You know, the rival, the Battle of the Battle of Ca California.  okay. So. During this time he also became a celebrity, of course. Is it in movies? Yeah. So he started doing movies.  he was in Dragnet. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Dragnet. It’s like a cop show. Yeah.  perfect cop show. No wonder.

No wonder we got all those inside, inside Intel. So he also, what he’s actually one of his biggest,  roles is a spokesperson for Hertz. Yeah. And so Hertz, his commercial was ojs gotta run. And it was this commercial of  what are you gonna do? And ojs jumping over a bag and he is like, I gotta go to Hertz and get my car real fast.

And he’s running through the airport because he’s running, you know, the first, who scripted this? What are you gonna do? I need a rental car. Cause I’m, I’m super rich and famous. I need to go to Hertz. And so everybody knew him as the Herz guy.  So he did some movies. He did something called Back to the Beach,  and then he did three Naked Gun movies. Oh, you remember Naked Gun? That’s what I’ve seen those, yeah. Oh, they’re so good. It’s actually hilarious.

I don’t wanna say he’s good in it, but because he’s a bad, but it’s perfect. It’s actually a funny, it’s the perfect movie for, it’s pretty funny. Like the whole lines, you’re not acting. Yeah. Nordberg. His name’s Nordberg. Oh yeah. Really? Leslie Nielsen’s the, obviously the king. Yeah. He’s, oh, have you ever seen the interview?

He goes on,  Letterman and. He’s talking, he’s very serious. And he had a fart machine and he just starts, that’s like so funny. He’s like, so, seems like he’s actually ripping ass. Yeah. And he is just deadpan.

And that’s like back when like comedy was so slap, it was so ridiculous. Yeah. Like airplane time period. Yeah, airplane. He also was,  slated to play Terminator. Oh really? Yeah. And , at the time James Cameron was gonna have Schwarzenegger play, Kyle Reese, which was the other guy. You remember Terminator one?

No way. Yeah. And so, so Kyle Reese is the guy who comes back from Yeah. And he’s human. Yeah. But he comes back. Kyle Reese is actually John Connor’s father. That’s right. Yeah. There you go. So, but that just didn’t work out. And I know he casted Schwarzenegger as the Terminator. It’d be so funny. Look, you know.

Yeah. Like, he actually doesn’t, and   Terminator three, it’s just , It’s really kind of sloppy looking actor. , you know, , they’re , really, , no, that’s not gonna work. So, , so then he retired, , he got inducted into the Hall of Fame,  college Hall of Fame and NFL Hall of Fame.

 and then he can’t be taken out that This is in the eighties. Eighties, something like that. Right? Eighties. Yeah. And he started,  and then he started what all people do as a commentator on Of course. Yeah. Uh, b nbc, that’s the only thing, you know, know what I mean? So, and like you’re in household name, so you’re like, oh yeah, I’ll trust him.

It was if like Mike, Mike Dicka and a co, you know, couple other guys that coach, you know. Yeah.  From the eighties to the nineties, he did 37 appearances in movies and tv. That’s a lot. So he was doing some stuff. Yeah, the agent was working.

Yeah, he was doing stuff. He was making a lot of money. I bet he a lot of money. That’s money to live in Brent. More than he was living in Brentwood, bro. Yep, yep. So I think in the seventies, eighties though, the NFL contracts were not Yeah, dude, they were there now. Oh God no. No. I think the highest paid player back in the back then was getting like, yeah, 1 million.

Yeah. Yeah. And like now Patrick Mahomes makes that in 80 minutes. Ridiculous. That’s so true. Okay. So,  moving out of his football life. Right.  and now he became just,  just I’ll touch on it and it’s not anything I have written down really, but, but he, he grew up in the ghetto. Yeah.

Okay. He grew up in the projects. He grew up in that life and,  you know, in the black community, in the projects of San Francisco. What’s with the Persian Knights? The Persian Warriors. So what you noticed when you were studying, I guess his life, is that when he became famous, he became more interested in getting out of that life.

Fuck yeah. Yeah. You know, well, understandably so. Understandably. Well, some people, some people want to go back and they’re like, oh yeah, I’m still live in the hood. And that’s me and my homies are all rich, but we still live in like the shithole. Yeah. I don’t know why they’d be, but like growing up, so his first wife was, was a black woman.

Mm-hmm. And he grew up in the projects. Oh, Mar. And then he married like the whites possible. So in the eighties. So in the eighties he started to now move to Brentwood, you know, his friends. Oh. He’s like diversify myself. The G. Yeah. And yeah, and one of his best friends was. You know, Kardashian a white lawyer, you know what I mean?

And it just became, he met Nicole, a white blonde woman, and it just, I know that sound. I don’t wanna say I’m like nitpicking it, but it visually you can see it how it’s like all his friends then became white wealthy people. Yeah. And you know, he like changed his head. Like, he’s like, I’m not, I’m like, almost like he just didn’t wanna be, I don’t want to be from there anymore.

Yeah. Yeah. He just didn’t want my life sucked. My dad left me as drag queen. It’s almost like, what, what does it need to look like? So that I’m not looking like I’m from, you know, from this. And I’m not saying, I’m not saying he, I’m not saying he’s wrong or, or anything. Right. Trust me, I’m just telling you what I saw.

What visually Right. You can see. No, obviously it’s, it’s very transparent when it’s like that. Yeah. But like, you know, like if they, I get super rich and famous, I will, it, it won’t necessarily be the color, it’ll just be like, Yeah, I’ll hang out with you guys. Everyone else can get fuck off. Like, I’ll be like, who are you?

Well, that’s, I only shop at Whole Foods to please Whole Foods. Whole Foods own these. Like, yeah, I’ll pay the X I’ll pay the premium. Yeah. Don’t even tell me how much it is for the, for the, for the air. Yeah. It’s like, did I ask you for the receipt? Uhhuh? Throw that shit away. Peasants. Peasants. That’s, I’m not a peasant.

Not a peasant. Apparently.  So he had a couple kids,  with Margarite, right? Mm-hmm. He had,  three children, Arnell, Jason and Aaron.  and a sad part of this in 1979, which was the year he was retiring and he was playing for the Niners,  his kid was two.

At the same house that,  in Brentwood. Mm-hmm. And,  drowned accidentally in the pool. Oh really? Yeah. One of those like, you know, those incidents where dude, that just, the kid just ran and that just happened to,  one of the, one of the linebackers on the box. Dude. Two rail. Yeah. Didn’t, it’s so upset.

Don’t fuck around with that pool stuff, man. No, God no. I get the gate. Get the gate and make sure the gate is actually secure. Yeah. I just have to put up a gate recently cuz Oh yeah. My, my daughter’s  year and a half. I saw, I saw you. I saw the gate. Yeah. We annoying. Not captain. It’s so annoying, but hey, it’s so annoying, isn’t it?

You need it for sure.  So that’s a sad, super sad, really sad story.

Yeah, that’s a sad part of that, that story. So, , but that was in 1979, so we’re, we’re fast forwarding a little bit.  so in 1977, OJ met Nicole. Nicole was a waitress at a nightclub called the Daisy. Uh, he was still married to his first wife, of course,  classic. But they were, so he knew her for two years.

 and it’s, it’s questionable from the club? No, no. So per o J’s book that he wrote called, if I Did it, that’s so bad if I did it. He says that they didn’t do anything. Nah, come on. Per, per oj he’s very credible, a credible source. Didn’t OJ also say he didn’t do it? Yeah, I didn’t do it. So come on. They started dating Uhhuh and then, and then, and then he got divorced.

OJ and Margarite. Years later, OJ and Margarite divorced in 79. So they met in 77. Nicole, when did they start dating? Undetermined. you know. Okay, so that’s didn’t have sex until marriage. Exactly. So OJ retired, got divorced, and then five years later married Nicole. But they were together for that time.

We, yeah. Yeah. I mean, obviously for the five years. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So then Nicole in,  OJ had two kids named Brooke and Justin, 19 85, 19 88. Okay, so now we’re gonna fast forward. Now,  I know we have a disclaimer at the beginning of this show, every disclaimer that we have, right? Yeah. This is not for children’s, but this is, this is where we’re gonna get a little bit , you know, we’re gonna try to keep little rough, light, rough and tumble.

Yeah. We’re gonna try to keep it light, you know what I mean? But at the same time, it’s not light, it’s not a light subject.  I don’t what to tell you. We’re bringing you the facts. Yeah. Okay. So truth, truth, truth. Stay here. I put this in here because,  these are journals that were found after the trial.

Yes. Of Nicole to be prepared. So, um, these are, these are handwritten by Nicole and I’ve seen them.

It’s in her handwriting. She wrote this. Yeah. Okay. All right.  OJ was,  abusive. So that’s, that’s, that’s the start. That’s her, her words. That’s her. So she describes how her husband allegedly threw her against walls and onto the floor. Nicole says, handwritten OJ beat me for hours. Oh fuck. Damn. The first time OJ beat her in was in 1978.

Right. So, so he was still married at the time. Wait. Right. They were dating, but he was still, he didn’t get divorce till 79. I know, right? Oh my God. Yeah. There you go. She, there you go. Earned his credibility. We were not dating, and this is what she says. She says that he battered her while they were having sex.

Oh, God. And pummeled her for hours, ripping her clothes off and smashing her car with a baseball bat entry details how the, how. OJ once screamed at her and he said, I have a gun in my hand. Get the fuck out of here. Damn.  Her sister Tanya said of the beatings that perhaps Nicole knew of her death because she kept saying he was gonna kill me in her journals. He said, I think she’s, he’s gonna kill me. She’s probably trying to document this. Like, you know. Yeah. Arrest him. Yeah. So the, the diaries were found in a safety deposit box alongside photographs that she took of herself being beaten.

This, okay, this is fucking madness. The fact that like, she literally did all the work for them. Yes. And they fucked it up. Anyway, dude, it’s enraging. Oh my God. Keep going. Oh my God. So in 2016, a documentary revisited some of the entries, and she says that he just kept hitting me while we fucked. Stop fucking him.

Jesus Christ. the newer documentary reveals how,  one passage described that he beat her for hours after an anniversary party in 1978. The first time he beat me up after Louis and  nanny Mary’s anniversary party. It started on the street corner of, of NYC Fifth Ave. At about nine, he threw me on the floor, hit me, kicked me.

We went to the hotel where he continued to beat me for hours and I continued crawling for the door. Ugh, damn. Another entry says he smashed her Mercedes with a baseball bat after coming home late. And she said she was in the car. I was too afraid to get out of the car, so would I, I would not get outta the car.

So at one point, she claims that he beat her while she was,  pregnant and how he ripped her clothes off.  after having lots of drinks,  Nicole went to the hospital. But told the hospital that she got into a bike accident. Hmm.  my God. Yeah. So I mean, yeah. This is, this is, you know, what’s life like in the eighties, I guess, because that shit happens now.

They could have like, looked at her wrong and like fucking in jail like 20, 23. Nicole wrote straight, Nicole wrote in her diary, she says OJ was drunk. He never let up get the fuck out of my house. You fat ass liar. She’s pregnant, bro. I packed a few things together for you. 1985 she filed for a divorce citing, thank God, citing your, you know, differences.

Yeah, well, citing incessant beatings. Yeah. Jesus. Right. So this is a quote from,  an officer of the LAPD and he responded to one of the 9 1 1 calls of her getting beat. He says, when you have a call come out and the nine one one operator puts you out on the call and. The operator can hear the woman being beaten in the background.

You know,  it’s serious. You need to get there. When he arrived, she’s wearing nothing but a bra and sweatpants and she was covered in mud and she kept yelling, he’s going to kill me. He’s going to kill me. She was so wet and cold that you can feel her shivering to her bones. And I said, well, who’s going to kill you?

And she said, oj. She said, you guys have been up here eight times now. She, all you do is talk to him and you never do anything. Fuck the, it’s it, damn man. Her family should have sued the lap D bullshit. So when, so when they were still married, there were several more incidents of domestic abuse,  where she was hospitalized.

 according to the New York Times, a New Year’s party in 1989, police reported stating that Simpson beat Nicole so severely she needed to go to the hospital. The police report at the hospital. Said Nicole had a cut lip, a swollen and blackened left eye and cheek, and a hand print on her neck. Holy shit.

And I saw the photos and cuz they took, you know, it’s like a rape kit, not a rape kit, but like a, they’re gonna do, they got documented and she’s got a full black eye. You know what I mean? It’s like swollen and, I mean, unless she was crazy and did it to herself, I don’t know. No, that’s not a bike, that’s not a bike accident.

Yeah, exactly. So I had a bike, I fell under a fist, another bike. Yeah. Like, come on now. So, since we’re talking about this, so later on we’ll talk about,  how after he was acquitted, he had a civil trial where the, the, the family sued him. Oh. And they warned that. Yeah. Yes, they sued him. And so you, you have to do more.

Like it’s not a criminal trial, so Yeah. He can’t go to, he can’t go to prison. But like you get money’s some money. Yeah, exactly. But I did definitely think, I mean, Jesus Christ, the L LAPD had to be some sort of complicit in this  eight times part of, and that was just at that moment. Well part of it, part of it too is  there was a bit of a starstruck thing.

Oh my god. I told you oj I love oj. He play for my Niners babies. Oh, the juice. Yes. You know that whole thing? There’s gotta be that. Oh, a hundred percent percent. There’s gotta be. Yeah, a hundred percent. According to videotapes of Simpson during the civil trial, he initially denied that that altercation on new’s happened, Of course he did. Yeah. I’d I was just talk about, so when he was shown, when he was shown the photos of her being beaten or of her PUD face,  he testified that they could have actually been makeup from a movie they were working on together. What? God. So then he was asked, it’s not funny, I’m just saying like, I know.

It’s so stupid. It’s so know. It’s so insane. It’s so stupid that you gotta laugh about it.  so, so like, what about this hand print on her neck? Yeah. Fucking makeup. So then he was what? Fingerprint make. So then, so then he was asked straight. He said, they asked him, have you ever hurt your wife? And he says, I hurt my wife.

Yes. And then they asked,  well, then he said, I never punched her in the face, though. I could have touched her neck. Yes. I could have touched her. Touched her neck. He testified with a hand print. He testified that he never struck, slapped, hit, kick, or beat Nicole in any way. I was like, but I need her like in the face.

Is that from the, the civil trail later. Okay. Yeah. Got it. So , what, what did you have hit her with a pillow? I gave her a fucking black eye. He’s strangely good at going,  I’m responsible for her being beaten, but not, but I didn’t, but I hit her. Yeah. Right. I’m responsible for it. He probably hit her with other things and that way he’s  I never physically, I never touched her.

Yeah. Like, he hit her with like a a, a pan. Yeah. He was  he was like, the pan hit her. My hand. My hand. The pan hit her. Yeah. You should arrest the pan. Yeah. My hand was on the pan. I know my hands never touched her face. Enraging enraging. Jesus shit. Yeah. Meanwhile, he is eating the fucking blt another, yeah.

Drinking a beer in Orlando. I know. So  just one more incident that happened, which is,  

Nicole came out after the police came and she ran out of the bushes and she screamed, he’s going to kill me. He’s going to kill me. , and Simpson had punched and kicked his wife and pulled her hair and screamed, I’ll kill you. According to the documents he had slapped her so hard that that’s the, the police officer said that that’s where the hand print left on her neck.

Oh, he slapped her in the neck? Yeah. Oh, I figured. And that was the ninth. A choke. That was the ninth time. The knife. The knife. Jesus time. That was the ninth time. So he then was arrested, thank God. Finally he was arrested and he pleaded no contest to a charge of spousal abuse and was sentenced to 120 hours of community service.

Cool. So nothing happens and two years probation. But I don’t slap on the wrist. I don’t probation. Slap on hand. I guarantee he did not do that. Community service. Right. Guaranteed. I know. Actually, I think I’d have to check on the notes, but I think he did a fundraiser and he, and he accumulated me all the people’s hours together until 120 hours.

Yes. And he like spoke about his rushing accolades fucker. Yeah. When I was running, I was running hella fast. Yeah. I was so good. You should be like me. It must be better than yourself. Okay. So good that, so in 1992 they filed for divorce, or Nicole did. Yeah. Okay. So here’s a strange part. In 93, they attempted to reconcile.

Stupid move. I don’t know why she would do that. According to a friend, Sheila Weller, they were a dramatic, mutually obsessed couple before they were married, after they were married, after they were divorced, and after they tried to reconcile. So they’re like strangely into it. I guess that’s what they, I, so there’s like these two roller coasters like, yes, I love you, I hate you.

Punch me. Oh, do me? Oh, like a whole thing. Like a whole thing. Whole thing. I love hate you punch me. Do me so fucking outrageous. I know, but I just don’t understand and I don’t wanna be insensitive. But after the fourth time, don’t you check out my, I mean, after the eighth time, Isn’t it like, no, but I mean  okay, we’re at nine times, statistically.

Statistically. How do you get to the, you know, say fourth? Yeah, yeah. For the first time. Should I know the first time? It seems like, let’s just, yeah. I mean, I don’t know, I, I’m not fucking expert or anything, but I just hear  you know, you just hear about these abuse and then they keep coming back victims and then they can’t get away.

You feel trapped or, yeah. Maybe it’s, maybe you’ve, you also feel fearful. You can’t, you know, get away, whatever. And they, she had kids. Yeah, that’s true. And money. I know he’s got the power cause he had the money, but then , I think it’s insane. I think once you let it happen the first time, then you start to justify it to yourself.

 yeah, oh, he didn’t, he doesn’t mean he loves me. Right. And then it’s  now you’re at eight times and you’re like, fuck it.  I, I can’t leave now. I’ve already taken so much. It would be, you know, whatever. You just con trick yourself into believing that’s like, I love him. He’s so passionate.

I know. He tells me he always makes up. I’m sorry. I can’t, I’m sorry. I don’t understand it. I, this is the part about Nicole. I don’t understand. I don’t get it either. You know, especially when, why like her family was, I mean, her sister is clearly not Yeah. On board, board at all. What the fuck? I am. Okay.

So now we moved to June 12th. June 12th, 1993. This is the night. The night, the night, right? This is the night. Okay. So at this point they’re separated. Yeah. Wait, but they’re trying to, they’re in the reconciliation period though, kind of. Yeah.  So we’re at June 12th now. This is, uh, they’re divorced.  He’s dating, somebody named Paula. She’s like a model. Beautiful, gorgeous. Are you sure? Yeah. She’s a gorgeous woman.  she has the kids, they have kind of like joint custody.

And they’re kind of per his book. I hate, I hate quoting, I hate quoting his book. It’s, it’s like, it’s almost like using  a Wikipedia as a source for like a, like a college paper. And they’re like, this is not a valid source. No. Way worse than Wikipedia, way worse.  oia, he says, yeah, he says that she was trying to get back with him.

I didn’t want, she wanted me this time. I didn’t want, yeah, yeah. During this time she asked me to hit her. Yeah, I dunno. She wanted, and he’s  oh, I was really in love with my girl Paula, and you know, blah blah blah, you know. Anyways, but here we are, June 12th. I wonder if they have that on audio book. So, Nicole Brown Simpson and oj, they go to a dance recital for their daughter.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, it’s six o’clock.  they leave separately. Okay. Mm-hmm.  Nicole goes to dinner with her family and friends at a place called Meza Luna, which is a restaurant. Okay.  there’s somebody who’s a waiter there named Ron Goldman. Mm-hmm. Okay. Ron Goldman, I don’t know if you, if you don’t know, he’s the other victim?

Yes. Yeah. Okay. So he was a waiter at this restaurant. Nicole’s.  mom Leaves behind her eyeglasses at the restaurant. Okay. So Ron knew Nicole and they kind of became friends. Yeah. They would do like workouts and yoga and stuff like that. They swear that there was no thing, I don’t know if there was a thing or not.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Don’t really matter. I mean, she’s single. It doesn’t matter. She could do whatever she was. Yeah, she’d do what it wants. The manager of Meza Luna recounted that Brown’s mother telephoned the restaurant at 9:37 PM about a pair of lost eyeglasses. The manager found the glasses, put him in a white envelope, which Ron Goldman then took with him as he left the restaurant and at the end of his shift at 9:50 PM and said, I’ll drop him off at her house on the way home.

Damn nice guys. Finish last again. God damnit. Damn. Honestly, the saddest part of this whole story is actually wrong because he was like, he had nothing to, he had nothing to do with anything. Got caught anything, crossfire, honestly. Honestly. Just in the wrong place, the wrong time. And yeah, fuck, just a really, really sad story about him.

  so meanwhile Simpson  got takeout food from McDonald’s. That’s classic, right?  and there was this guy, I don’t know if you remember it, but there was this guy named Cato, Caitlin. Oh yeah. Remember Cato? Cato had long blonde hair. I can’t remember the name. And he was like a failed actor.

Okay.  and he was friends with Nicole? Yeah. Wouldn’t, he would just live there. Just be at the house. So there was a cottage at the house? There was a cottage in the back and he was staying at the cottage. Free of charge? Yeah. Just chilling to help with the kids and Nicole. Yeah. Okay.

So. OJ went to McDonald’s with Cato. Hey brother, let’s get some mc. McDonald’s. Yeah. , this is before Uber Eats, obviously. Yeah. Oh, wait a minute. So here’s, now this part is a rumor. Yeah. Rumors were circulating that Simpson had been on drugs the night. That night. The New York post, Cindy Adams said that the pear had actually gone to a Burger King, where a known drug dealer named Jr.

Had admitted to selling the meth. Oh God damn. Like, why, why would you be like something like, like that’s per, because he’s rich now. Like, why are you on the, why are you fucking meth? Jesus. Um, going back to his, but that’s good route. Yeah. That’s trap roots. Man. Crack. Gimme some crack.

Jesus, if you’re wondering where that’s from, that’s from the New York post. Cindy Adams. Yeah. Cindy. Okay. I believe her over oj. Okay. A hundred percent. So at 10 15, Nicole Simpson’s neighbor. So Nicole lives down the street. Oh, she doesn’t live with oj. I know, but I I didn’t realize it was just like, it’s not the same place.

Yeah. Okay. It’s down the street. Okay. Nicole’s neighbor hears a dog wailing at 10 15. Okay. Okay. 10 42 miles from Nicole’s home.  So, two miles away at o J’s home, Cato goes outside to investigate a thumping on the side of the wall.

Hmm. He has no idea. He says, he and I quote, he said it felt like an earthquake. Ugh. And he’s got a guest house. And so there was a path mm-hmm. That led behind the guest house to the main house. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And so he like, you know what I mean? So he is like, what is this fucking thing? So he goes outside.

Right. Okay, good. So, 10:50 PM a neighbor walking their dog near Nicole’s condo encounters a big white dog unattended with bloody pause. Okay. Fucking red flag, right? Yeah. Literally. So around 10 55. Okay. The Akita, that’s the type of dog. Oh, they’re huge. Yeah. Huge dog. Yeah. The Akita, the legs were covered in blood that followed the man home.

He tried to walk the dog. He to, yeah, he tried to walk the dog,  back, but the dog resisted later. Like, I don’t wanna fucking be there. Fuck that. I’m outta there. So about 45 minutes later, he decided to take the dog back to where he found it. Right. And see if what was going on.  

So around midnight they reached the area where they found the dog. The dog stopped outside of Nicole’s condo and the couple saw Nicole lying, outside the house. The police were then called. Okay. So this is midnight. Yeah. They didn’t know anything was going on until they saw the body and they’re like, oh, fuck yeah.

Okay. And so, um, I’m gonna just run through this cuz this is, this is, how about Cato? You, Cato is at ojs house. Yeah, but he heard the, the thumping or, that’s all we got. That’s all we got so far. This is all there. That’s all we got so far. Wait, wait. Be patient. Okay, so this is per the cops. Okay. So this, this is per the cops.

The front door to Nicole’s condo was open when the bodies were found. There were no signs that anyone had entered the building by breaking in or otherwise. Brown’s body was laying face down.  she was barefoot and at the bottom of the stairs leading to the door, the walkway leading to the stairs was covered in blood, but the soles of her feet were clean.

Oh, okay. So she didn’t walk through it. Based on this evidence, investigators concluded that she was the first person to be killed and she was the intended target. She had been stabbed multiple times in the head and the neck, but there were very few defensive wounds on her hands in playing a short struggle and just instant death basically.

Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah.  The final wound inflicted ran deep into her neck, severing her carotid artery. A large bruise in the center of her upper back with a corresponding footprint on her clothing indicated that after killing Ron Goldman, the assailant returned to Brown’s body, stood on her back, pulled her head back by her hair and slit her throat.

Jesus fucking Christ. Her larynx could be seen through the wound. That’s so overkill. Damn, that sounds like a meth rage to me. Yeah, her vertebrae C3 was cut. Jesus. So you gotta be vertebrae. It’s like strongest shit. Fuck. From all the way. When the police found her, her head was barely attached to her body.

Oh my God. She pretty much decapitated her. That’s, that takes a lot of force. It’s not like that’s an easy fucking time. That’s insane, isn’t it? It’s insane. So Ron, his body was nearby and it was close to a tree in the fence. He had been stabbed 33 times. It’s so many times such an unnecessary amount of times.

There were also, there were a few,  wounds on his hand, but not a lot. You know what I mean? Yeah. So he struggled a little bit, but not a lot. Forensic evidence from the LA County corner alleged that the assailant stabbed Goldman with one hand while holding him in a  choke hold. Oh, so he’s got him.

It’s like, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Stab. Step back. Yeah. Prison style. near Ron’s body was a blue knit cap and a left-hand extra large Isotoner light leather glove. In the envelope. The white envelope had the glasses in them.

Mm. That was right next to the body. Detectives determined that Ron came to Nicole’s house in the middle of the killing. Oh shit. He’s like, got your glasses. Oh, sh Yeah. Fuck. Nevermind. Oh. And that the killer killed him simply as a witness and like, who the fuck are you? And killed him because of that. Yeah.

There was a trail of bloody shoe prints that ran through the back gate. So there was a back way. Yeah, right. There’s a back gate little path that led through a path to go through a tennis court of ojs to his house. Okay. So he literally, it’s like he just walked all over. I’m like, fuck. So there was a trail of bloody shoe prints that ran through the back gate, like literally ran into ojs bedroom.

Yes. It’s like, what the fuck? To the left of some of the prints were drops of blood that were not Ron and Nicole’s. To, to the left. They did not run the dna. Oh my God. Oh yeah. Oh Jesus. We’ll get there. Yeah, we’ll get there. So investigators concluded that it was from, it was blood dripping from the left hand or the left side.

Yeah. Right. And they measured the distance between the blood and the shoe prints, and it looked like he was, he the assailant was walking, meaning the strides were in certain Yeah. You know, so it was just, okay. You can, they can away. He was just walking calm calmly, getting calmly getting away. He was actually skipping.

Yeah. Okay. So 11:00 PM Simpson comes out of his house. So we don’t know the gap. Oh, the time. Like we don’t, yeah. We don’t know what happened from here. Yeah. Right. But here’s what we do know. At 11:01 PM OJ comes out of his house to meet his limo driver, to take him to Chicago for some business thing.

Convenient. The limo driver said he had been waiting since 10 25, so he had been waiting 45 minutes, Sam? Mm. At 1115 Simpson leaves in the limo for LA International at 1145. His plane departs on his way to Chicago. Let’s, it’s perfect timing. You know, it’s like, says, get outta Dodge at 4:00 AM oj checks into the O’Hare Plaza Hotel in Chicago.

Okay, 4:30 AM please go to o J’s Home, because they find the body  of his ex-wife and they go, oh, hey. And so a guy named Mark Furman goes, oh, I know oj. I, I’ve been to his house on domestic calls. I’ve seen him around. I know where he lives. I’m gonna go notify the next of kin. So they go to ojs house.

Okay, please go to ojs home. Intending to inform him of the death. They discover a trail of blood from his white Bronco to the front door. Jesus Christ. What the fuck. They also find down the side of the house, they find another bloody glove matching one that was next to Ron. Yeah. I mean, come on, slam dunk cage right here.

Seriously? What the fuck? Okay. That is a conspiracy.

Oh my God. It’s like they find OJ standing over her body. Yeah,

okay, so at six 30 in the morning,  he’s in Chicago and he gets a phone call from one of the detectives and they say, Nicole’s dead. She’s been killed. And he doesn’t, is this your reaction? Yeah.  He said that, oh, she’s been killed. Wait, what? Killed? And something that they brought up later in the trial was that he didn’t say how she died.

He just said, okay, I’m going to come back from Chicago. Mm. Meaning if you got notified that your wife, I’d be like, how the fuck she get killed? What happened? What the, exactly. So he just said, she’s, she got killed. Okay, I’m coming home. He’s like, I gotta call my lawyer. We’ll be, yeah, fucker. So at 10:45 AM the police obtained a search warrant for ojs property where they found more blood in his Bronco and in and around the mansion.

at noon, OJ arrived back in LA and back at his house. He was handcuffed briefly, and then he was questioned for three and a half hours by the police without an attorney. Now this is where they started fucking up the cops. Yeah. They like jumped the gun. They didn’t, yeah, they didn’t press him. And a lot of, and he had a cut on his hand and they were , where’d you get that cut?

And he was  I don’t know. Chicago here or there. I don’t know. You know? And it was just vague answers and you just didn’t really answer anything. But they probably weren’t  but how? But when did it happen?  fucking tell us now. Right? Yeah. They weren’t a good, it wasn’t a good interrogation.

They were probably like, can we get an autograph? Yeah. Mr. Simpson, Leslie. Yeah. Okay. So at that point,  Shapiro, Robert Shapiro then became his lawyer.  Mm-hmm.  June 16th, which is like two days later, he went to Nicole’s funeral.  and there’s video of him attending the funeral and that sort of thing.

And very awkward. Yeah. It’s super awkward, you know what I mean?  the next day, which is June 17th, he was charged with two counts of murder.  and the prosecutor said they were, think about seeking the death penalty. Yeah.  so he was supposed to surrender to the police. Shapiro then told the police the da, don’t worry, we’re gonna bring him in at 11:00 AM.

So for some reason the police were like, okay, okay, cool. This guy who’s arrested for murder, stabbing, like stabbing. He could come in 70 stab wounds. He could come in at his own leisure. You’re like, nine’s too early for us. They’re like thinking like 1130. Yeah. So he did not show up? Nope. He did not show up.

And  he was quote unquote in hiding at Kardashian’s home. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Uh, so he failed to surrender as promised, and he was then declared a fugitive. He then snuck out of the back of the home and he jumped into the white Bronco with ac and that’s where we’re gonna end this, this episode.  everybody knows the Bronco chase.

So he got into the Bronco and he disappeared.  That’s right. Woo. So,  that’s leading up to. Part two. Yeah, part two. Obviously part two is gonna be about, the trial and the, the Bronco chase and that sort of thing. So, there we go. What do you guys think so far? I mean, I probably not good to ask me what I think I ruined the ruin the moment so far about the same thing when we started.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. It’s also, it’s like I watch,  every night before Beany, I watch my wife watch like either forensic files like csi. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s just, I know obviously it’s a show. I mean, I could, there’s enough evidence for me to like, fucking, fucking convict him.

I can convict him. It’s crazy. I have no legal training and I’d be like, Hmm. Easy peasy. I know that’s, there’s a lot of evidence against them. A lot like a crazy amount. It’s crazy how they fucked this up, but yeah, that’s what we’re gonna get into. In our next episode. That’s right. It is a conspiracy. It may just think if we’re talking about crime, it’s a fucking conspiracy.

I know. Yeah. So we’ll get into,  I mean,  there’s the argument of the police planting it. There is, yeah, there is. There’s, the Mark Furman, the racist police officer. There’s,  there’s all sorts of stuff. So, so tune in.  obviously we want to hear your thoughts on what you think, you know, also,  you know, what, any, any other information that, that we might have like skipped over something you that we should add in.

We can make a little addendum. We love doing that. Yep, yep. Yep. We listen to you. We always put up a poll also on,  Spotify. So if you guys have,  wanna jump over there and give us your thoughts and please note to all of our friends and fans out there when we post stuff, it’s, it’s just, we’re just talking about it.

We’re not like, Taking sides. You don’t have to crucify us for propose videos. I know. Like the flat earth. Yeah. We got a lot of flack for the flat Earth thinge. It was like, we’re just saying an experiment what the band did. I know exactly. But no, we love it. Yeah. And also I don’t, I don’t want anybody to think that we’re trying to make light of, of, of it.

We’re trying to keep it light.  but at the same time, we understand that, that this, what happened to Nicole and Ron is, is horrible. It’s, it’s terrifying. You know what I mean? It’s absolute terrifying. It’s horrible. And there’s, you know, real facts that we gotta go over. Yeah. And that’s right. And it’s, it’s, and trust me, like it’s, it’s a lot better to, to try and, and, and, and laugh, but not laughing at the situation.

We’re just laughing because trying to keep it light. Because otherwise I would just be somber. Yeah. I would just be sitting here like staring and like, I’d just be angry. Yeah. Yeah. And I would wanna go home  yeah. That’s right. So we’ll cut you guys next time.

Yes. Come back. Catch on the next one. Peace. nighty night.