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The OJ Simpson Saga Part 2: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt – Episode #29

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Podcast Transcription

Okay. Hi everybody. Welcome back to the Conspiracy podcast, part two of Hathal, James Simpson, oj. So in the first episode, we talked about his history, his football legend, his, coming out of the ghetto and rise to fame. Yeah. And then, leading up to the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole. Yes. so we left you off with, he got into a Bronco.

Yeah, he got into the Bronco and he disappeared into the night. Not the night, but the morning. Yeah. Whatever. He disappeared into traffic. That’s right. I just kinda picture like the Bronco, that scene, you know? And I know on the freeway, remember that the helicopter left the helicopters like Yeah. Do you remember that?

I do. You do? Yeah. How old were you when? 94. This is mid 14. 14. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I was 12. Yeah. Sean was one. I wasn’t, I was like [00:01:00] six. Yeah, I remember, our school stopped. Yeah. What we were doing and like. Pulled the TV in and all that stuff. It was crazy. And you just watched the car drive as they followed it?

I think I just watched it at night or something. I don’t, I don’t remember exactly. It was long. It was not it, it was hours. So it was still going on, I guess, right? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, it was hours. And then didn’t it stop, it just , just like ran outta gas or something? , didn’t, they didn’t deploy spike strips didn’t do anything.

There’s, there’s a note in here where, where one of the news helicopters ran outta gas because it took so long. It took so long to like shit land on a turn back. Yeah. Okay. he was about to be arrested for murder. he was supposed to turn himself in. He didn’t, he was at Kardashian’s home. Robert Kardashian’s home and he slipped out the back with a member ac.

Mm-hmm. And AC and hims childhood friend. Yes, exactly. Yeah. He’s like, and of course, you know, he only hits up ac in this type of situation. So , Hey, come to my house in front. He’s like, I need, I need you to drive acu. You might ride or die or what? And he’s I haven’t talked to you in 15 years.

What are you talking about? You ride, [00:02:00] you ride or you die. So per some reports, when OJ was at the house and getting ready to, be arrested or go turn himself in, he was losing his mind. He was Yeah. Losing his mind. He’s about to go in and Yeah. Coming down on the, , the meth. The meth hire Wearing off, yeah.

Coming off the meth. So he actually wrote a letter, and this letter was, a lot of people thought it was his suicide note. Oh. He’s , uh, it’s not worth it. He’s done. Yeah. And so he and Kardashian read it at a press conference at five o’clock that day. Mm-hmm. and he says, first everyone understand, I had nothing to do with Nicole’s murder.

He described the fights with Brown and their decision not to reconcile and asked the media as his last wish not to bother his children. He wrote to his then girlfriend Paula. Remember the model? Yeah. I’m sorry. We’re not going to have our chance as I leave. You’ll be in my thoughts. He said, I can’t go [00:03:00] on.

He apologized. Drive suicide. Oh, yeah, yeah, definitely. He apologized to the Goldman family. Ooh. at the end of it, he said, don’t feel sorry for me. I’ve had a great life. Great friends. Please think of the real OJ and not this lost person. See, it’s almost seems like it’s like an admittance. Yeah. It’s like admitting is have suicide have confession?

No. Here’s the, here’s the super part that got me really annoyed. He signed it OJ Simpson and in the O he did a smiley face. What the fuck? Why? so what does that mean? I don’t get it. Why did he do that? It’s, it pretty much, it’s that’s what the, that’s what the smell of face is like, is fuck.

It’s like, fuck it. Yeah. Like, fuck you, All right. I just don’t understand why he would put a smiley face at the end of that. It just, uh, it drove me crazy. It’s almost like a weird thing. I think. I think it’s telling, it’s telling. It’s , oh, I’m so sorry. Oh, after I’m, everything’s gone. After I’m gone.

What the fuck? Yeah. So everybody thought it was a suicide note, right? so much so that, Kardashian went and told the kids [00:04:00] in the mom he’s gonna kill himself. That’s what’s happening. And, and, and, um, when the lawyer read it, was he still, was the chase still going on the right? It just started. Oh, oh, okay.

It just disappeared, you know what I mean? Okay. Yeah. so News helicopter searched the LA Highway system for the White Bronco at 5 51. So 51 minutes later, apparently OJ called nine one one and the call was traced to Santa Ana Freeway. At around six 20, a motorist notified the California Highway Patrol seeing somebody on the I five.

Imagine being that guy, yeah, I know. I fucking found the block. Uh, at 6 45, Ruth Dixon, uh, was a police officer, saw the Bronco heading on the 4 0 5. She caught up to it. AC yelled out that Simpson was in the backseat, pointing a gun to his own head, and that he was gonna kill himself. The officer backed off, but followed the vehicle at 35 miles an hour.

I know. They’re going so slow. Eventually, 20 police cars came [00:05:00] and was following him at 35 miles an hour on the freeway. Oh my God. And the freeway was and the freeway, like you were talking about. Yeah. Yeah. That’s where you were talking about where it was just super, it wasn’t even really a chase.

It was like a slow, it was just like it was crawl. Yeah. A little trot. Livalo, little trot. Police trot. So this created a frenzy in America. Yeah. This created a insane, it’s an fr action news reporter. Holy yes. Nine helicopters showed up. So many of the, it, it was everywhere. Everywhere. And then all of a sudden people started going, okay, he’s going up to 4 0 5.

So then thousands of people were going and meeting and hanging out on the bridges, making signs and going, go oj go. Like just all sorts of craziness. I just never understood people who do that type of thing. I know. I’m , you’re are you, you have nothing else to do. They, they want five seconds of game.

I just wanna, maybe I come out in a chopper, news camera, oh yeah, if I’m in a chopper, [00:06:00] okay, I’ll do that. But yeah, just sit on the side of the Freud for one second and be , yeah, go at Jacob. Go , all right, let’s go home. He passed us. Insane. Idiot. People are dumb. Insane. So what’s crazy too is going on at the same time was the NBA finals.

Oh yeah. And it was the Knicks against, that’s the Rockets. Yeah, the Knicks against the Rockets. It’s really dates. It was the final. I know, right? It was Patrick Ewing and um, I forget who else in the Rockets, whoever else was on the rockets.

 Also playing his last round of his entire career was Arnold Palmer. Mm. So this was hot sports was on, right? Yeah. Oh yeah. They changed it. We, we cut to this breaking. Okay. So the NBA finals breaking news, the NBA finals were on and they didn’t know what to do.

That is crazy. So they put a box, they put, they, it picked like picture and picture. Mm-hmm. Yeah. So they changed it to the main screen was oj Oh. Then the finals, like, and then the finals was in the little square at the bottom. I’d be so pissed. It was insane. [00:07:00] Wow. Uh, reports came in that 95 million people watched the chase see, it’s like ratings.

See, that’s why maybe be the conspiracies all set up . We’re gonna need you to do a chase. Yes. And it’s gonna need to last first seven hours rating. So just so you know, bring, bring in the chase. Just so you know, the Super Bowl that year was 90 million. Oh my God. Isn’t that crazy? It’s crazy.

That’s so like a Metos commercial comes on. Yeah. Metos specialist. Yeah. What if, what if a Hertz commercial with with OJ and he out AZ commercial? My God. Probably did. I wouldn’t be surprised. Like, I gotta run Hertz is , I’m gonna, I’m gonna need to capitalize on this right now. Like, play it now. So he, it became like a, like a festival.

Like a circus? Yeah. Like it was just thousands of people everywhere. It’s insane. The best time my life was, people were yelling. go oj Go and, you know, see they fuck these people. they didn’t know what was going on.

They say, I know [00:08:00] the crazy part. You know, it would be kind of like, I don’t know, give an example. Maybe, I don’t wanna say Brady, but maybe, Hmm. No, no, not quite Brady. It’d be crazy. It’d be mad. There’d be , but who, who else is that famous? A lot of people. , yeah. I mean, you know, Brady’s up there like superstar football player, retired.

I just can’t see Brady like, no, I know, but that’s killing everybody thought killing, killing Elle’s. Everybody’s thought at the time. That’s true. They’re like, no, no, he didn’t. That’s true. This is not happening right now. Would actually, I think that was part of the persona that he built when he got outta the hood and he was , right, right.

Trustworthy. Had to beat my wife at night and was fucking standup guy there in the day. Oh my God. So Simpson reportedly demanded that he’d be allowed to speak to his mom before he surrendered. So eventually they made their way back to the house, you know, and then they parked in the driveway of the house and they sat there for 45 minutes just sitting in the driveway.

[00:09:00] Yeah. What did he, did he call his mom . He said he was gonna go inside and they were like, nah, that’s not gonna, that’s not gonna fucking fly, bro. There were 27 SWAT members there, just chilling, waiting. He walked out of the car at 8:50 PM with a family photo, went inside for about an hour. He did.

They let them inside. What? Let him inside. He went inside for an hour and a cop said that he spoke to his mom and he asked for a glass of orange juice as a joke. He’s making fucking jokes. Yeah. And when he walked in, he said, I’m sorry to all the cops. And he said, I didn’t mean for you to, I didn’t want you to get in anybody to get hurt.

This was all for me. My. Okay. Anyone to get hurt? Who the fuck got hurt besides his murder? No meaning , I don’t know. He’s just trying to apologize. I don’t know. He’s, my thing is, how would they let, they let him in his, let him do so hours, let, just let him do anything he wants to do. Honestly, if you [00:10:00] were being chased, they would’ve fucking shut.

You Shot me through the fucking, they’ve snipe me off. One of the bridges instantly. Just put me down off. They would take your tires out and they would put their car in front of yours. I know. And then shoot you. And then shoot me to deaths. Yeah. And then, then they’ve been , oh, the gun that he was pointing in his own head, they was pointing at me.

That’s why we, I had to kill him. It’s so crazy. Yeah. But if we’re chasing Sean, we’re not gonna be on national TV with 90 million people watching. I don’t know. You could. Maybe 40 million maybe. Maybe I could pull 40. I know. No, but that’s part of it. they’re not gonna, you know, they’re not gonna do anything while everybody’s watching.

So that was the thing, like, they wanna diffuse the situation. That’s what I kept noticing is that a lot of the cops were , I’m not gonna shoot OJ Simpson. I know. They’re my career zone. Live tv. Yeah. Yeah. I, I think that probably contributed to , probably a lot of the fuckups where they were, they didn’t know what to do.

They’d never been in a situation where there was someone so high profile. There’s so many cameras. Everyone’s afraid to do it. You’re afraid to make a mistake. Some mistakes just happen. Right. Because you’re too [00:11:00] afraid to make a mistake. Yeah, yeah. Right, right. Well, in the Bronco, this is what they found the, the Chase Bronco.

Yeah. $8,000 in cash. Just, just cuz. Okay. A change of clothing. A loaded 3 57 Magnum, his passport family photos. And a fake goatee. And a fake mustache, because that’s really gonna hide. But his passport says orange Owen. Honestly, he wasn’t going to kill himself with a famous mustache on. Yes.

The juice was running. It’s running. He wasn’t even trying to kill himself. Come on. The juice was running. Was running. Man, let’s be honest.

 The juice was running.

 Okay. So he was then arrested. Finally, finally, finally arrested and booked , book of Dano. Also AC was booked on, suspicion of harboring [00:12:00] a fugitive. I mean, it wasn’t really suspicion. It was, yeah, no, you were not that suspicious.

 Before we jump into the trial now, cuz now he is arrested, et cetera. Right. I wanted to touch on something that I thought was important, which is three years earlier there was a guy, and his name was Rodney King. Oh yeah, I remember that. So three years earlier in la Yeah. Mm-hmm. Right. At one in the morning, Rodney King, stopped his car after leading the police on a kind of semi quasi chase chase for about eight miles.

It wasn’t really a chase, it wasn’t like an OJ chase, but it was. Yeah. I mean, eight miles is still a distance. That’s Fuck. Yeah. It’s like when you hear the boo, you’re not going, I’m going like 80 feet. Yeah. I’m trying to find a place to pull over. You’re not gonna go. I’m going, I’m gonna go to eight miles.

I’m gonna go to St. Pete real quick. Yeah. So he gets pulled over. His name’s Rodney King. Right. And he was a parolee of, for, being charged for robbery. [00:13:00] Mm-hmm. Okay. he was drunk probably. No, no, he was his, yeah. Like he was a drunk. He, that was why he was pulled over for drunk driving. Right. Okay. he refused to pull over the LAPD cruisers and police helicopter joined the pursuit, and he was finally stopped.

Several police cars descended on his car. Okay. A group of LAPD officers led by Sergeant Coon ordered King and his other two occupants. It’s, it’s the irony. It’s like, so it’s outta control. so they said, get outta the car. , king himself was slow to respond. He got on his hands and knees rather than lying flat. You know how they say get life flat. He got on his hands and knees. Officers Powell wind, Solano. They tried to force him down, but he resisted.

So he was in that mode, I’m not getting on the floor. And he’s just , bent, but he’s kind of on the floor, you know what I mean? Yeah. He’s already like on the Yeah. And you’re , all right, there’s five white cops right above me. I’m gonna, you [00:14:00] should get on the floor anyways. Yep. so they tased him, okay.

With an electric stunned gun, 50,000 volts, . Right? They tase him down. He gets down, okay. At this moment. A civilian named George Holliday started filming from his balcony. Yeah, dude, I’ve, I’ve seen the film. You’ve seen it? Yeah. It’s, oh yeah, dude, it’s disturbing. It is in the first few seconds of what was an 89 second famous video, king is seen rising after the tase shots and running in the direction of one of the officers.

The officers alleged that King was charging him, but King himself later claimed he was told that we are going to kill you N word. There you go. Well, I could say it, but he tried to flee. All the arresting officers were white, all of them, but one, and, with the helicopter above, you couldn’t hear anything on the video.

Yeah. So he just started getting beat. Dude, they beat that fucking shit out of him, dude. They just kept beating him batons with, with the batons. Dude, they baton in his ass. [00:15:00] Hitting him on the side of the head, knocking him to the ground, all on video. I mean, the only thing I’ve seen that’s on par, like with that is, I don’t know if you saw the videos and that, what happened in, Baltimore, whatever?

Oh yeah. Mm-hmm. Like with those cops, granted, like all those cops were black on the back. On the neck. He died. Yeah, he died. So it, it was task force. I think it was in Baltimore or something like that, right? I think so. They were like holding him and stand up and throw on his back and then dude just comes up haymakers him and then, oh, I sold this one.

And they dude, yes, they fucked and they died. Yeah, that’s fucked up. I mean, granted, it’s different. Like all those cops are black and it’s a black guy, but dude, it was so brutal. It was so fucking brutal. It was because one heavy brutality. Yeah, it was super brutal. Definitely and I don’t know if you’re gonna get into this, but, you know, very racist.

And whereas the other one’s just police brutality. Yeah. That was just in general. And then this one was , this is 12 white dudes. Yes. This is a black guy. So, anyway, so yeah, I mean there’s a lot here.

 so I mean, I see the relevance repeated blows. he was hit, he was hit so many times. He, he was hit 56 times. [00:16:00] That’s some goddamn . I mean, you know, So that, yeah, that’s obviously way past it’s like, so resistant arrest. This is , fuck, like 50 times. Jesus. I, I There’s the resistance is over.

Yeah. Like, an ambulance was called and King was taken to the hospital. he suffered, fracture leg, facial fractures, bruises, contusions. they had no idea that it was being filmed, so the cops downplayed it. Saying, yeah. Saying it was a minor. Nature. Just a few scratches. A little, a couple. I, I, I went the baton.

I was like, don’t make me do it. Yeah, yeah. Like little tap. He was good. Yeah. It was a normal, uh, normal pullover little traffic stop. Traffic stop. A little infraction. Little citation. Citation, little citation. Little citation. I mean, he resists a little bit, but you know, I told him , Hey, it’s la Don’t do that.

I was , listen, I’m trying to get home. I know you trying to get home so bad. so George Holiday, he sold his video of the beating to, a TV [00:17:00] station for like 60 bucks. Yeah. And then, and then it was before tmz and then, and then they sold it to CNN and CNN broadcast it. And that’s when things got out of control.

Oh yeah. She went fucking real late. He was released without charges. Mm-hmm. Rodney King, right? Mm-hmm. So then the officers, when the video came out, they were indicted. Oh yeah. Yep. Right? Yep. So they were indicted and then they went to court, et cetera.

 all four of the officers, the main ones were charged with assault with a deadly weapon and excessive use of force. and what happened? Yes, exactly. . Yes. Fucking in, rages in me, like, so on April 29th, 1992, the 12 person jury issued its verdict, not guilty on all accounts. Yeah. I. Just look at the video, bro.

I mean, come on. Anybody can see that video? That was bad. It’s so fucking come up with the same answer. They are guilty, bad. I mean, like, that was bad. Yeah. You did not have to do that. Any charge? Like none. Nothing. What do you get, like, like, like a bad conduct at work.

Low performance. You, [00:18:00] you’re like, that wasn’t assault. Yes. You think that was No, not, that’s not assault. Okay. So Sergeant Coon, your performance this quarter was less than par. No. Ex nothing. They’re like no. Exemplaries. Yes. Exemplary. Yeah. So those, acquittals that started the LA rats, that’s when they hall started.

Yeah. Yeah. So Arson looting started, started burning down the city, man. For days 60 people were killed. Yeah. Over three days. Wow. See, I never understood the, which one was worse? That, that riot or riots? That riot, that was worse. La riots way worse. I don’t know. Dude. Half of Wisconsin got burnt to the ground.

What? No. LA riots were, are you kidding me? 60 people died. How many people died during these? Yeah. Okay. You wanna go? You want, you wanna put some money on it? Yep. Okay. So you, you think that The 2020 riots was less death? Yeah,

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay, so let me just, let me just run you through it real quick. Right. Oh, okay. So in three days of violence, more than 60 people were killed. 2000 injuries, [00:19:00] a billion dollars in property damage in 1992.

A billion dollars. Ooh. Which is like 28 billion now. Plus inflation. 14 trillion worth of damage on May 1st. George H Dub. He had to call in the military to quell the, you know, the un The unrest. Yes. The unrest. Yeah. So it was pretty gnarly. Still. Still, I think was what, the quote unquote riots in 2020

 it’s like all that kinda stuff. It wasn’t, cause you’re right. no nation dude. Nationwide is madness. That’s what I’m saying. Nationwide.

Nationwide. Different cities. Cities. You said all the cities. Combine them into a pool. No, dude. There’s then added all together, there’s hundreds of billions of dollars of damage. There’s buildings, if you look, there’s actually, I saw this guy do this thing. He pretty much took like Google Earth images of a lot of these places in these major cities.

Yeah. And then the, the today thing, now three years later, and it’s those businesses are, are done. Yeah. And the businesses are toast. Yeah. It just [00:20:00] ruined Minneapolis fucked. Fucking, Wisconsin, I forget which, which city It was in Wisconsin. Dude. Fucked. And nobody wants to do business there.

So it’s it ruined, it actually ruined the economy of a lot of these cities. That’s true. Mm, that’s true. And it’s they’ll never recover. That’s true. Yeah. That’s why I think it’s worse cuz like LA recovered and la Well there’s too many people for it not to recover. It’s there has to , you know, it’s, Portland was another huge one.

Oh yeah. Portland. Yeah. Well I think, I think maybe, I guess the main point is that it was in a condensed area. It looked like a war. Oh, for sure. You know what I mean? Was bad. All of it condensed into I would not want to be, you know what I mean? I am not dark enough to be walking down the street and that shit.

They, they totally just think I was like a tan Mexican or they’re like, fucking get it. So anyway, so I bring that story up because LA was kind of at a boiling point. Oh, you know, this happened. This is their is tension charged? Yeah. This is one of their black, this is a black hero. Who? Yeah, oj. Oj. Oh, okay.

I see. Do you know what I mean? And it’s , I thought you were talking [00:21:00] about like Rodney King. I’m like pretty sure no one knew who he was. Yeah, no. Like no. And I just thought it was poor Rodney. I thought it was strange because you know, at the beginning of the trial there were so many people who were saying that he’s being abused by the cops.

He’s got that royal treatment. And yeah. And that’s what confused me because there’s so much evidence that he was actually treated better than any other Yeah. Yes. A criminal ever. Yeah, exactly. So it just is strange and a strange element I think. I think it just, any time, the fact that they were, it was just automatically assumed that he was , yeah.

And I think that probably had a lot to do with , Especially at that time with all this, you know, I guarantee that had a sway with the jurors. Hmm, that’s in your mind, that’s in the back of your head. I hate, I don’t, I don’t agree with fucking this racist shit. He seems like a nice guy to me.

I’m not trying to say he, you know, I’m not gonna be the one to say this black dude’s murder people, you know? Yeah, no. So anyways, so we’ll, we’ll dive into more, especially when he brings on Cochrane, you know [00:22:00] Johnny? Mm-hmm. And he was, hell yeah, he was the lawyer. he was famous for, going against police brutality towards, towards black and minorities.

Yeah. You know what I mean? And so he, he’s, he’s very, very well known for that. Yeah. Yeah. So, okay, so July 8th, 1994. Yeah. There’s a preliminary hearing and it ends with the judge Kathleen Kennedy ruling that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute OJ and he must stand trial for. First degree

murder. Okay. Okay. July 22nd, OJ stands in front of the judge and says, absolutely 100% not guilty. Smiley face? Yes.

Dicky. Why? Why, why? Why did you do it? so at that time, the judge signed to the case, judge Lance Ito. Do you remember Judge Lance eto? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I remember the name. Yeah.[00:23:00] By September, the DA files to sequester the jury. So if you don’t know what sequestering a jury is, is it means they are removed from society.

They have no contact with the outside world. That’s right. So, so they’ll get like swayed by the Yeah. Media. It was such a media driven trial that they were , okay, the only way to keep this as fair as we can is to sequester the jury. So they basically live in hotel, right? That’s right. Everybody stays together, everybody goes to trial, then they’re not allowed to talk about it.

They’re not allowed to talk to their peeps about it. Or at least they can call home, they can talk to their family. They can’t talk about the case. They’re not allowed to talk about the case. Yeah, exactly. Imagine like, you know, the frenzy with the Johnny Depp trial? Yeah. Like that.

Oh yeah. Even I watch, even I watched that shit, dude. But , imagine that on crack, I know, just Yes. In a murder and it’s murder level, racism. The entire planet’s. I gotta see, I know this shit. Yes, that’s right.

Okay. Yes. So November 3rd, the jury panel was selected, and it, it was [00:24:00] selected eight black people, one white person, one Hispanic, and two mixed. Hmm. Doesn’t that, I thought it was supposed to be even Stevens. Well, the, the trial was held in downtown la So the pool there is a more, that’s supposed more Stevens?

No, it’s just whoever they, it’s a selection too. Yeah. So the county that it’s, that you’re in, if you’re 50% black, the odds are you’re gonna get more black people. Yeah. The, the odds are, sure. So I, I think so the county is heavily, but there’s no law or stipulation that says it has to be a certain amount.

No. Or, or whatever. I don’t know. I just expect No, I just was thinking they then think I was thinking like racially charged thing. Maybe they Yeah. The bi that’s gonna be a lot of bias. So what’s interesting is they do, so they do a process where they, the prosecution can select and cancel these Yeah, they can, they cans, they can veto jurors.

Yeah. And so they go, okay, I have the choice between Jorge and Sean. Okay. I have a, a, a black man from Ohio, or a Mexican from Texas in Mexico. Okay. The case is against a black man. [00:25:00] Okay. I’m totally like, you know what I mean? And then you can decide and they go, okay, well I can only, or Eric, the white guy.

Yeah. Mm-hmm. So if you have one veto, who do you get rid of out of us here, Eric? Yeah. A hundred percent videoing probably me. Yeah. Yeah. Right. For sure. So then you have to deal with whatever. But was it interesting is the prosecution was thinking that, black men were actually a deterrent. What do you mean?

Well, because they thought that OJ was not . Oh, representing them anymore. Oh. Because he was like, oh, I’m out. Fuck you guys. Yes, I’m Brentwood. I’m how rich. Yes. Look at my white woman bitch now. So they, they got rid of a lot of, of black jurors, men. Oh, I see. Black men jurors. So a majority of these are women, black women.

And you would think the women might be more sympathetic to , I know. To, you think so anyways, this is a vicious murder of a woman. yeah. So anyways, it just, it, it is what it is. Whether whoever it was right or wrong, I don’t know. You know what it is, it’s just No, I totally think that it’s a strategy.

I [00:26:00] don’t know. You know what I mean? I think it honestly shouldn’t matter. But I was only brought it up just because at that time, with what was going on with the Rodney King thing, I, I can imagine it being really Right, everyone’s on edge. You know, this is gonna be mm-hmm. Definitely coming to play.

Mm-hmm. Right. . Okay. Let’s talk about Mark Furman. Yes. , we have a lot more here to go over Mark Furman. I’ll have Sean do it. Yeah. So Mark Furman is a, a police officer. Yep. Mark Furman was a police officer in, lap D and he was one of the first people on the scene of the murder. Wasn’t he the one that’s He was Well, I know him.

I know him. I know the next kin or whatever that’s, I’m gonna, that’s right. Yeah. He’s also the one who found the gloves. Right. Damn. It was our first mistake. Okay. Yeah. So a big, huge thing that blew up in the trial was that Mark Furman was a scathing, racist, vehement. Yeah. Dirty. Dirty racism. Mm-hmm. Like bad.

Mm-hmm. So, at the beginning of the actual trial, the prosecution and the defense were [00:27:00] arguing over whether it had anything to do with the trial. Cause the guy says the N-word . Yes. Does it mean that he didn’t find the glove true? But I guess they’d be worried like, will he plant it? Yeah. There you go.

Right. So the judge ultimately decided to allow it. But see, the, the only thing about that, I don’t, because one of the gloves was in the crime scene. That’s right. Yeah. Which he didn’t find. Yeah, he did. He found both gloves. Yeah. Oh, both. He found both gloves. Oh, okay. If he didn’t find the first one and then he found the second one, how did he ?

Well, I mean, I just happened to have the exact, here’s the thing. I don’t wanna say he found it. So if you arrive with He was knee detectives. He was, it wasn’t him alone. Yeah. But him alone found the, the other second one. That’s what, that’s my point. I like. That’s right. Correct. How would he have , he’s , oh, unless he killed her, then he is , I just don’t having to have this other glove handed down.

Extra large isotone. I know. Iso glove with blood on it. [00:28:00] Yes. Perfect. Yeah. Whew. Okay. So January 24th, 95, they deliver their opening statements. Johnny Cochran delivers his opening statement. February the jurors take a field trip and they go to O j’s home. They take a fucking field trip. Oh, field trip.

Yeah. And what’s funny, what’s funny is in other documentaries, the prosecution says that, Cochran, Johnny Cochran in the defense, they changed his house to make him look more black. Oh, they put up like, oh yeah. So he had all these pictures of him with , He’s mom and John Daley and you know, white guys and, and white people and white.

The President George Bush shit. Exactly. Yeah. And blonde chicks and spring break. Yeah. You know, all that shit. Right? And so then when they went and did the tour, it was , you know, uh, African leopard prints and, you know what I mean? I dunno. And it’s like drums and shit. Instead of the golf pictures all basketball.

Yes. And I don’t, I don’t mean to, I’m [00:29:00] not, I’m not being insensitive. I’m saying it was extreme, no. Yeah. They, they did it, they did it on purpose. Yes. There was a woman with African earrings and, you know what I mean? It was extreme when we all know like that that shit was not, he had a fire fucking not there.

Piano. Yes, yes. All like weird shit. But in essence it was, Trying to make him more black. See, isn’t that weird? Didn’t they, they were playing the race card, like tampering? Mm-hmm. Tampering with a potential crime scene. I don’t know. Or at least the imagery of a person, right. And who they really were.

No, I mean obviously it like that’s not tampering, but that’s not the crime scene. The crime scene is Nicole’s house. I understand, but I’m saying , it does seem like manipulation. It’s yeah. You know, it is, for example, it’s . So let’s say I’m like a, I’m a vehement drug addict and let’s say that’s a part of, you know, this, this crime and, and, and whatever.

And let’s say for somebody that has something to do with it, but you know, before they come and see my house, they clean it up and they, you know, put a bunch of pictures of the kids and , make it all tidy. I see. see, as opposed to fucking crack pipes and shit on the floor. I see. Yeah. It’s , look, look at Delic, how he lives.

I know it’s just painting. It’s just. [00:30:00] It seems, it just seems like manipulation. It’s manipulation. It’s manipulation. It’s not illegal, but it’s manipulating it. Manipulation. Yeah. It’s not, yeah, it’s not illegal. It changes the character of the person. Yeah. Yeah. This is how you view them. If anything, it is fucking smart on the, I mean, honestly, lawyer Kirk, I know the balling.

 So March 15th, 1995, detective Mark Furman cross-examined by defense attorney Ley Bailey denies using the word nigger at any time in the previous 10 years. So on the May 10th, the DNA testimony begins, June 15th. Simpson tries on the bloody gloves, the classic moment.

They seem, they seem not to fit. And that’s what I always talk about the glove for a second. Yeah, please. Cause I, God, I always fucking had to think about this. I know. Okay, so first off, why did they have, first off, I think it was a fuck up that the prosecution even had ’em try the gloves on. Why do you even need to have the gag trying to glove it Doesn’t matter.

Yeah, it’s necessary. Second, they’re covered in blood for a year. I know. Like, I’m like shrinkage. [00:31:00] Have you ever put gloves in water? Here’s a great example. I don’t know if you guys golf much, but my golf gloves, after one year of use, they turn into a sh like a raisin. Literally. I can’t even put my fingers in them anymore.

There’s, and it’s from sweat. Yeah. Just imagine blood. Yeah. Same shit. Yeah, absolutely. Just from, from being wet. Yes. Yeah. Another point he’s wearing latex underneath. Yeah, latex. It makes your hands fatter. Yeah, right. Yeah. It’s also like the glove actually. Well, it’s not he physically couldn’t get his hand in the glove.

It’s the glove was on. It’s like, oh, it just doesn’t, yeah. Just doesn’t fit real nice. A little bit too tight. I’m not saying he’s a good one, but he’s an actor. But it’s also, it’s , who cares? Yeah. I only murder people and gloves that fit perfectly. It’s , it’s such an unnecessary, I know.

Well, the glove, the glove didn’t fit like I thought it was retarded. It’s so, it’s such a stupid. I dunno, like, it’d be different if like the glove physically could get on his hand. Right. If it [00:32:00] was like this and he is , oh, I, it can’t, doesn’t go on. Or if you, you can fake it. You can be , yeah, you can put something on it and go, don face.

I can try. And your, your hands are like this. I’m trying. Yeah. I’m really trying. I heard somebody said that he was on, arthritic, medication mm-hmm. From playing football. Oh. Probably made him and so, and no. And so, for a couple days before it, he stopped taking it. Oh, oh. So he all like wollen up.

His hands are swollen up. It’s like he’s super smart. He’s taking, he’s taking, he’s gonna try in the gloves on Friday. Yeah. He’s actually let me prep. Yeah. He’s taking inflammatories. Yeah, he’s trying to like, instead of anti, I would, dude, I would just stop taking medication, eat a bunch of cottage cheese.

OJ looks fat, looks fat as fuck. I’m bloated. All right. Anyways, that’s, I know I always hated the glove. I just thought it was, it’s , I know it’s the most piece of evidence that literally that needs no, there’s no proof. Yeah. But it was just visually, it’s because it’s all filmed and everybody’s like, oh [00:33:00] yeah, it doesn’t fit.

Yeah, but it’s not , but it’s his DNA N is in the gloves. Doesn’t matter. They don’t fit. That’s like, what the fuck? So then August 15th, that, oh, so July 6th, the prosecution rests August 15th, the controversy over possible. Conflict of interest concerning Judge Ito. Marsha Clark asked Ito to recuse himself from the Simpson trial.

Yeah. Did they say why he had to recuse himself? Yeah. So he was strange. He wanted to be on Letterman. He wanted he on, he wanted to be on that. His girlfriend at the time also knew Mark Furman and he didn’t disclose it ahead of time. Oh, I see. Honestly, though, she was a police officer, so it’s not, it not, of course, like you don’t know them.

She knows another police officer. Yeah. You know what I mean? So there, there was a lot of reasons. He, he was a little bit loose. He wanted cameras, he wanted all these different things, and it just kind of fucked the whole trial up. He wanted to be a celebrity. I know. It’s like I’m trying to be famous. Yeah.

So then August 16th, Clark changes her mind on the ITO recusal. Mm-hmm. [00:34:00] So Ferman was the detective who found the, a bloody glove on Simpson’s estate. Yep. This glove was later determined to be the mate of another glove found at the me vista. The mate, the mate of another glove, never heard like that. Know, like they were love too.

 found out the scene. It was soaked in the blood of both victims. That’s a good thing. Soaked. Yeah, it was soaked in the dude. You know how she got fucking cut, dude, I didn’t realize that her, I didn’t realize that her, her head was almost cut off. that’s fucked up. Ugh. so Simpson’s defense team argued that Ferman planted the glove on Simpson’s estate following the murder to bolster their case.

 Excerpts of the tapes were admitted as evidence, outside the presence, I’m assuming these are tapes regarding Furman. Yeah. outside the presence of the jury, Furman was questioned by the defense team invoking his fifth Amendment right on all questions, including the question, did you plant or manufacture any evidence in the case?

Why would you plead the fifth on that? This is the part that everybody hated. You could be like, I always be , no, I [00:35:00] did it. Because I think once you plead the fifth once, have you plead it? You gotta keep looking. You don’t, you don’t have to. Oh, you don’t have to. You don’t have to, but you just stop for some reason.

You have to. No, most, most people don’t. Most people don’t really know what the Fifth Amendment is. The fifth Amendment is your, is your right to not say anything that will incriminate you mm-hmm. In a crime. Mm-hmm. So that’s why you’re if you’re testifying Yeah. You, you have the right to not incriminate yourself in another crime.

Right. So therefore you plead the fifth. So by pleading the fifth is almost , why don’t you just say no? Yeah, yeah. I didn’t, and then I know. Well, once he, you keep going and then you’ll see what So, earlier in the trial firm and testified that he had not used the word nigger, I’m allowed to say that.

African descent. Same, within, within the last 10 years. That’s such a loose question. I love that. I know. The last 10 years. I know. Remember that was at the beginning. At the beginning they said, did you do this in the last 10? And he, and he said, no. He said no. He was, he, he, he, he said no to that. Why don’t you say no to tampering with evidence?

What the fuck?

He’s like, don’t ever know what I said. Idiots. Which proved later to be perjured [00:36:00] testimony with the admission of the tapes. His recorded words as well as his denial was a major blow to the prosecution’s case. So he was probably at some like backyard barbecue, just like dropping and bomb folder the words.

Look. so on August 29th, Furman tapes played in court with a jury absent. Yeah. Who are the fucking played to then? Yeah, to the judge and just, okay. You know what I mean? So that they can hear the, all the tapes. It like 14 hours of tapes. I gotcha. And he was being interviewed. what are these tapes from, by the way?

Like, they’re just an interview of years earlier of how to, somebody was writing a script Oh. For a movie. And they were interviewing police officers about how they treat people. Fucking white guys. Honestly, honestly. And it was in, it was dark racism. Like, it was like, oh, it was like, it was like he felt it.

Yeah. No, it, like, you could tell like a hate, like, I hate him. It wasn’t a joke thing. It a, like a deep, you know, deep like the real deal, the klans the real you have to wrangle the animals, you know, and, you know, and he’s talking about [00:37:00] black people and just what a Furman, real solid stand.

God. But he, I, I think, I think there’s a number, and I think he said it like 50 times. Throughout the, the interviews 50 times. Yeah. So wait, was was, was Ferman giving testimony for like a Quintin Tarantino movie? No, it wasn’t even testimony. It was like for a screenplay. Yeah. It was like a bullshit screenplay.

Well, anyways, so yeah, those teams came out. What? It’s hard. You knew you did, like, I haven’t said anything. So then, judge Ito rules that the jury will hear two excerpts of controversial tapes. Okay, so that’s in the 31st August. Yeah. So out of all of those tapes, he ruled that you that they’re gonna play two excerpts.

And they essentially just showed him perjuring himself and saying the N word and then, you know what I mean? And that was it, basically. Yeah. God, this guy, yeah, this guy was an idiot. Yeah. So, so then mark Furman appears on the stand and he refuses to answer any question. He said the fifth, everything.

Oh, well, yeah. At, at that point he’s , [00:38:00] everything. Yeah. He’s , I’m not gonna make the same mistake and say, just ruined my own room. So September 7th, the defense announced that Simpson will not testify on his own behalf. ,

and September 11th, I think that was probably a smart play by his, by his super, by his lawyers. They were , don’t you fucking dare, don’t you tear, don’t you No speaking. Shut your mouth. He probably wanted to too. He’s , no, let me, lemme me. I trust I got this. So the defense rests September 11th, 1995.

Mm. Coincidence. Yeah. I think not. Yeah. so both defense and prosecution rest their cases in a statement to judge waiving his right to testify OJ said, I did not, could not, and would not have committed this crime. I mean, could not, I. I mean, he had the means. He was in the area September 26th, Marsha Clark and, Darden delivered their prosecution closing arguments.

 the next day, Johnny Cochran deliver his defense, the closing arguments. And Cochran, , I listened, I [00:39:00] watched his closing arguments and he goes hard. . Yeah. Yeah. He goes hard on, Furman Furman Furman and the police, he compares Furman to Adolf Hitler in his closing speech.

Shit. I mean, that’s a little match cuz Adolf Hitler , murdered 6 million. I had the same people, people, I like your speech. And then he said that and I , what the fuck? I mean, you could have like real, he’s like the fucking Klansman back in the, that, that’s a more suitable Yeah, I didn’t like it.

But, um, because Hitler is the only piece of shit who’s that big of a piece of shit. Like, come on, let’s be real. So then his famous words are in there and some people say, this is what resonated in the minds of the jury. And it was, if it doesn’t fit, you must have quit. You must have quit. Yeah. Oh yeah.

Famous words. Famous words. But that’s, but it’s the worst piece of evidence. I know, I know. But it’s the lousiest piece of It’s nice jingle though. Yeah. And it just starts , yeah, carrying weight and starts had taking it on the lap of its own. Damn. That Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. That was , that shit fucking rhyme.

, yeah, that was the original, that was the, the first rap lyric. [00:40:00] Yeah. It’s , I mean, I want my baby back, baby, back baby. Like, but don’t figure you most to quit. Yeah, I know. It’s true. It’s like the jingle. It’s the jingle. Yeah. It’s fucking like, oh, oh, oh, oh. Randy, why do we know that?

You know, we know that. I’ve never forgotten that shit. Okay. So never will. So September 29th, 1995, the case then goes to the jury to deliberate. I wonder how long, how long it take ’em to deliberate this shit. So they, okay. The trial was Eight months. Mm-hmm. Everybody paid minimum wage. Everybody’s thought question.

Everybody thought they were gonna go and they were gonna at least take a couple days. Yeah. So they went on vacation. They went to Catalina Island, they went Catalina, they went all these different places and four hours they deliberated for four hours. Really? See that? That’s a, that’s ridiculous. I would’ve thought four hours.

I thought you were gonna say four weeks. Me too. You can’t even dis you can’t even go over. If you were in the jury and you were like, I can’t even discuss. Can you finish this podcast in four [00:41:00] hours? We can. I was three hours with the podcast. Yeah. That is the best point I’ve ever heard. Oh.

So how long it takes us to get one hour of content is mind blowing. So literally the next day the jury comes out and you know, you guys have all seen it. You’ve seen the end where it’s, you know, we, the jury find Othal, James Simpson. Not guilty of. But the thing like of murder fucking four hours, that’s absurd.

Isn’t that crazy? No. Why? That’s absurd fast. I saw one interview with, actually I saw two interviews. not a lot of the jurors spoke later, like about I bet not, they probably felt guilty. They’re like, but two of them did. And, and one of ’em said that it’s not that they didn’t believe that he didn’t do it.

They didn’t believe the prosecution proved it. That was the quote from one of the jurors. [00:42:00] Because you have to be, you have to be a hundred percent in a criminal murder trial, right? You have to be all 12 beyond a reason, guys. Reasonable doubt. Beyond a reasonable, all 12 of them have to say yes. Yep. I just think that that’s why I thought it would’ve taken so long.

It’s everybody needs to be on. At least one person would be let’s take dinner. Like, yeah, let’s like take dinner. I got a poop. And then we’re gonna reconvene and then we’ll discuss this. Think about this. No, Hector, let’s get some coffee. Hector, I don’t know Hector. Sorry. Like two probably. So then the other, the other person who interviewed said that they believed that it was revenge for Rodney King.

Believe what was revenge for Rodney King? That they let him off. Let him off. Revenge to the cops. For what happened to Rodney King. Oh, the cops got acquitted. The other juror. So the black man now got acquitted. That’s right. Little thing about that is , Rodney King didn’t die. Yeah, I know. And Rodney And Rodney King did get decapitated. Yeah. And stabbed 50 fucking times. Yeah. [00:43:00] Yeah. But remember, it was still long. 10 years before, still long. It was three years right before this happened. Mm-hmm. And there was still that so much tension going on so that that could be a thing.

That could be two years actually. Oh, oh, okay. Two years. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just, yeah, yeah. I know you’re point. See, that’s why I’m telling you four hours. That’s ridiculous. With the amount of evidence him, that’s ridiculous. It’s false. Ridiculous. Impossible. For four, the trial took fucking eight agree months.

I agree. Fucking four hours later. I agree. At least grant them the time to consider it. Yeah. Even think of Nicole and Ron, maybe we should take the weekend jurors. No, they don’t give you shit about don’t give, don’t give the shit about them. They’re , we want to go. I know that’s, yeah. They were, I guarantee they were so, they were so over it.

They’re just like, yeah, fuck it. Yeah, that’s even probably more fucked up. They were probably just let’s flip a coin. 50 50. Let’s decide. Fate will decide over James,

yeah. So I think it’s pretty atrocious. And they should be ashamed of themselves, honestly. The [00:44:00] jurors. I know. It’s just , yeah, even just as , imagine being the family members of Nicole and, and the other guy Ron. Really? I know. You couldn’t have even Ron wasn’t even part of it. He was just a waiter.

He was just being a good Samaritan. Samaritan’s, your glasses. God the worst. Oh fuck. So there you go. So he was acquitted and when it happened there was celebration in the streets and it was this roar of justice. I know that. Wow. Yeah. Justice for OJ and you know what I mean? It was like a whole thing.

I think this is where this type of stuff becomes, it starts to overshadow basic, basic humanity. Yeah. and don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way condoning like what happened to Ron King? It was fucking bullshit dude. They should’ve. And those guys getting off is fucking bullshit.

Yeah. Mm-hmm. But it’s the classic adage, two wrongs don’t make it right. yeah. Oh, it’s, it doesn’t, it’s not some sort of victory that, you quit oj he’s on trial for, he’s on trial for murder. try him as he’s Yeah. Try him as a human who’s on trial for murder. Yeah.

There’s a fuck if he’s black or white or brown or, you know, [00:45:00] right. Indian does who get his shit right. Handle, handle things as they are handle that LAPD problem as its own situation. Right. Those guys should, yeah. Those guys should go to jail. But , I know, it’s just , I feel like this is the riots were enough to get their revenge.

Yeah. to me it’s like political warfare, this political warfare shit that it’s, and it keeps happening. It keeps fucking happening. And it’s wild to me that, , the prosecution fucked up so bad. It’s wild. Crazy. Right. Okay. You have, I’m just gonna do a quick recap here of all the fuck up.

So you have a, Ex-husband who is, was charged with abuse. Yeah. Called nine times. Nine times. Nine times for abuse. Pictures of her battered to shit. Shit in the hospital. Pregnant. Right. Okay. Mm-hmm. Big man. And, and the ninth time it was documented by the laps, right? That he That’s right. She was saying he’s gonna kill me.

Yeah, that’s right. Okay, keep going. Okay. Yeah. So no alibi? Nope, none. Yep. Can’t account for his whereabouts. Right. [00:46:00] His blood in his Bronco. Yeah. There’s blood everywhere. He’s got a cut on his hand. Homie was stabbed 70 fucking times. There’s blood in his Bronco. There’s blood leading to his steps. To his house.

Yeah. Blood in the seat. The bottom of his car. Mm-hmm. Right. And it’s Nicole’s blood. And Ron’s blood and his blood and his blood’s at the scene. His blood’s at the murder scene. The glove is at his house. Yeah. Literally two miles away. Covered in blood. Soaked in blood soaked, soaked in blood in his house.

He has blood on his socks in his room. what the fuck? Suck. Okay. We’re not even done. Then he writes a suicide note because he can’t deal with it anymore. Yeah. With a smiley face. Smiley face. Then proceeds to not, to not show up to when he is supposed to remand himself to corn. Then he runs, yeah, he runs and he says he’s gonna kill himself or whatever, [00:47:00] but in reality, he’s got cash, passports.

Disguises is disguises and he’s got a getaway driver cut disguise guy. I know the best part to Fuck. I forgot about the fake. The fake? Yes. The fake O team. Who is he supposed to be? No, I know. My name is Juan. Then we haven’t even gotten into it. And this is next year? This is next episode. He wrote a book called, if I Did it, like,

yeah. But that was after We’re we’re still talking about right now. I’m still talking about how shit hell this jury. That’s true. That’s true. At that moment. Yeah. What, why? Yeah, that’s true. It just it’s, this is so much evidence. It’s just such a slam dunk. So evidence. It’s just such a, I think the big, the biggest mistake is allowing Furin to be fur.

Fucked it up. Furman fucked it hard. Furman fucked it up. That’s cause he’s the guy who found the gloves. If Furman wasn’t involved, I don’t think I I You don’t think it would’ve happened? I think they would’ve had a much harder time. Yeah. Because otherwise, bad luck. Hmm. Is that just bad luck that [00:48:00] Ferman happened to be the guy who found the glove?

No, I think it’s the la That’s why I think the LAPD was so fucked at the time. Like Yeah. They were, if it wasn’t ferman, it would’ve been some other piece of shit guy. Yeah, that’s true. True they’s. Good point. They look into their background and then you can never, you just can’t believe what they Yeah, that’s a good point.

Yeah. But it, somebody else wouldn’t have been on tape for hours. Yeah. Talking about dropping the N bomb black Koons. Oh God, Jesus Crazy. You know what to do with them, black them blacks. You know what I’m talking about? It’s crazy. how did you not remember you did that. He knew. And then it’s just you, the end with last of course that happy with evidence.

I pleaded the fifth and then what did he have? Like four hours of dropping the end bomb on paper. It’s like, oh my God. And then it’s fifth, just random. And then it’s the fifth straight from there. So it makes you look even worse. Yes. And the, they just messed it up. They fucked, they it up. I do think that they fucked it up and, and, and I think the jury.

Basically like what they said, it’s they didn’t prove it. Okay, fine. I’ve actually formulated some new being said. I’ll talk about, I would still be , no, no, [00:49:00] no, I, let’s talk about it more than four hours. Yeah. Let’s just, just pretend shit. Let’s just make him seem like it’s like a legit, what if you can’t even watch Lord of the Rings in four hours?

You can watch 1.2 movies of the Rings insane. It’s insane. Anyways, all right, well that’s, let’s end to part two. Part two, part three is, so part three here we, part three we’re gonna go into, if I did it, it’s the book that he wrote about his quote, unquote, if he did do it, this is how he would’ve done it.

It is the most brazen. It’s so retarded. It’s so retard. It was one of the hardest books I’ve ever. Gotten through, not because of how riveting it is and how horrible it is, but how much bullshit it, it is. It’s just such bullshit. , then we also have, his other trial, his civil trial. Mm. and his robbery trial that he went to jail for.

Oh yeah, I remember that. Yeah. And then he like robbed himself. Yeah. And then yeah, actually, and then, the conspiracies. Yes. [00:50:00] So, thanks guys. Yes. Make sure to tune in on the next one. Yes, please tune in, leave your comments, love to hear thoughts. If you just think that we’re all racist though. So diverse here as you can see from our videos.

But, yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see you next Tuesday in the Wise Words of My Forefathers, nighty Night.