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Episode 25: Natalie Wood: The Mysterious Death of a Superstar

Podcast Transcription

All right everybody. Welcome to the Podcast Conspiracy Podcast, the conspiracy podcast. Uh, I’m Eric. This is Sean Jorge. Hello. Hello. What’s up everybody? Natalie Wood we Know nothing about, this is zero. The about Yeah. You guys, you guys, no. Same. Same. No. This is a brand new for you guys. All right. So that’s why I, I was excited cause I was , oh, I’m not even gonna look into it. This is a crazy story. It’s a, it’s a really wild story.  Natalie Wood,  let’s just dive in.

. So, uh, you guys are gonna learn with us  Natalie Wood was born. Natalia, Nico Laina zk. So she’s right of Russian descent. Yeah, yeah. Yes. Course. Like SL Ukrainian. Ukrainian or Ukrainians.

Yes, exactly. Because Kazakh or something like that, she would later be known as Natalie Wood, and she was an American actress who began her career as a child star. Hmm. She successfully transitioned to young adult teenage roles and then she successfully transitioned to adult roles. This is very difficult to do.

There’s only a few that have actually done it. Like, like Leo? Um, yes. True. And then who’s the other guy? Um, oh, Joseph Gordon Levitt. Yeah. He transition. It’s really difficult to do. Yep, that’s right. So, and this is back in the thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies. Oh, that’s a sketch time to be a child.

That’s a long time. But this is how long she did that. That’s, you know what I mean? That’s cuz she started out as a child and then teenager and then young adult and then adult, you know what I mean? Mm-hmm. So,  she appeared in 74 different movies. Damn. Wow. Yeah, she was a legit, that’s a lot. She was nominated for three Academy Awards.

Whoa. She was the goat of the time. She was the goat of the time. She was the guy. She was nominated for eight Golden Globes. And she won three. Okay. Wait, what a, what a stud. Hey, she was, this is, it’s awesome just to be nominated. Seriously. Eight times. You mentioned having a golden globe up on the mantle. I wouldn’t be pissed off about that.

Now I’m gonna list out some of her famous movies. And you’ve heard of, you’ve heard of these? Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Miracle and 34 Street. Of course. Yes. Okay. 1947. Oh, class. Mm-hmm. Yes. Rebel without a cause. I’ve, I’ve never seen it, but I’ve heard of it. You’ve heard of it? James Dean James. This is James Dean.

I’ve definitely heard about it. She was nominated for an Academy Award for that movie. Nice. Best supporting actress kind of thing. Nice. Yeah, the Searchers 1956. Dunno that she also did. West Side Story. Holy shit. Really? 1961. Really? I didn’t not know that. Okay. Yep. She also did Splendor in the Grass. 1961.

Uh, she also know that Don’t know something later in life, which was Bob and Carolyn. Ted and Ellis. That is a terrible movie name. Bob and Carol and Ted, they just fucked that one out. If you, if you looked into it, you would, it’s, it’s about two couples and exploring their sexuality and stuff like that. I see.

They’re like, should we switch? So, but she was, A movie star.  She was beautiful, honestly, look up photos of her stunning super hot woman  movie star. The boys like pull it up. But all the way from Google. Check this surface for me, honestly. I want you guys, Jenna gbt.

She was, she was, she was like a wholesome girl. And she was very, yeah, she was very pretty. Yeah. She was a good looking woman, you know, and she, she was actually, here’s what I got from watching a lot of her stuff and, and reading about her. She was an actress. Like she was good at acting. Yeah. She, she was like, she wasn’t just like tits.

Yeah. She wasn’t just like a showpiece. Yeah. She was good. She was legit at acting. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So, okay, good. So Natalie Wood she married somebody named Robert Wagner. Yeah. Have you heard of Robert Wagner? I have, yes. Okay. So he is famous in his own right. He was a famous actor in the sixties. Yeah.

And seventies, et cetera, but also just pop culture wise, and where you probably know him from, he was number two in. Austin Powers. Oh, oh yeah. Do you know what I mean? The older guy with the eye patch. Yeah. That’s Robert. I do. I love that guy. That’s Robert Wagner. Okay. Yeah. Obviously he’s gonna be horrified.

He’s gonna be just super mad. That’s what he’s known for. He’s known for For number two. Number two, yeah. He’s not the Rob Lowe. He’s the older. Yes. Of the Rob Lowe, I mean. Mm-hmm. Yeah, exactly. Even though Rob Lowe’s like 90 now and he looks like he’s fucking 35. Yeah, good looking man. Bastard. So Natalie Wood married Robert Wagner, right?

She married him December 28th, 1957 in Scottsdale, Arizona when she was 19. Oh wow. That was a young, so they apparently  it didn’t go so well because she was so young and there was like two. I don’t know. You know, you weren’t ready. Don’t, in, you’re  movie star know me. Tied down. You weren’t ready.

They were both super famous and,  so they split up a couple years later. Hmm. So there you go. Then she started dating, she started dating many people. Just, just right off the right, the gate. She was the hot. I got explore. Lemme just, I’m gonna, I’m famous. I’m, I’m do it. I’m gonna throw out some names. Sorry, Rob.

I’m gonna throw out some names. You ready? All right. Warren Beatty. Oh wow. No big deal. Yeah, whatever. Jesus. Okay, lemme throw out another name. My all time favorite Michael Kain. Wow. She dated Michael Kain. Really? Yes. I love that. Is it a Sir Michael Kain? Yes. Yes, absolutely. He,  classically known as,  He was Batman’s butler.

And that’s rights, right? Love like, okay. So, , she dated a couple other guys and you know, so she was, she was a movie star. You know, you going movie stars Date, other movie stars? Movie star. A movie star, right? So then she also married somebody,  British producer named Richard Gregson. And  they had a daughter named Natasha in 1970.

 but a couple years later she also divorced from. Hmm, Greg, this is a classic little run rate here of this site. Yep, exactly. So she also, Hollywood, , she also dated, I don’t know if you remember this, but a former governor of California named Jerry Brown. I don’t know. Anyways, yeah,  us, for, for the California people.

You guys know who Jerry Brown is. He was a governor for a long time for California. Anyways,  rumor also was that she dated Sinatra a little bit. Mm. So there’s fuck Sinatra. Mm-hmm. After that Maryland episode. Fuck that guy. Yeah. That’s all I think about now. I literally hate him. I can’t, every time I’m like, you’re appeal shit.

You’re not gonna listen to his music album anymore or his, his Christmas album. What to the fuck? You never listen to your shit ever again. So, fast forward a little bit to 1972. She reconnects with Robert Wagner. Mm-hmm. She’s like, listen, Rob, I’ve, I’ve been through the, I’ve been through the stables couple, couple times now this is, tell me later now.

This is a decade later. Yeah, this is a decade later, and now their sparks fly again over, I guess. Okay. She also, she had a kid with somebody else keep in mind, and then They didn’t have a kid though. They didn’t have a kid. Okay. But then they reconnected. Then they had a kid. Oh, okay. Yeah, that’s like a classic love story here.

So she’s 29, you said a decade later. She’s about 29, 30, whatever,  yes. So she was 29, 30 in that ring. Okay, good. So then they had a daughter named Courtney, and she was born in 1974. I love how it’s like the first, her first time is Natasha, and then it’s like Courtney.

So they had a great life. I mean, I watched a bunch of documentaries. I watched a bunch of interviews and  I watched, uh, some clips of her movies and, you know, I had seen,  rebel without a Cause. And, you know, she’s, she’s a great actress and she had a really. Decent life. And you know, they lived in la Yeah.

That’s pretty dope. Yeah. They lived in LA and they vacationed at Catalina Island. You know, like the Catalina Catalina wine. The Cat Catalina. Yeah. Fucking Catalina. You know, and you know, they would go spend their time on a boat and,  sis fucking live in the dream. The dream. And I love, like she a decent life.

Can we? That’s like my dream life. The dream life. You know, the last time I was on a boat, you. So she. Then they both started doing movies at the same time. They got married, they got remarried. Mm-hmm. For the second time. Then they started doing movies at the same time and her career took off

and he’s, he was, and his kind of like stagnated little, his being number two. Yes, very true. 30 years later, I know he’s 30 years later, he became, he became like a, a side character and a Mike Meyers.

 In September of 1981, Natalie started on a movie called Brainstorm.  The filming began in North Carolina

 and the star of brainstorm was Christopher Walken. Mm. Okay. Yeah. You know, no. Is that your accent? Go, I, he starts pretty good, you know, he just, he says he does that, like, he pauses like that, that weird pause, like in between everything he’s trying to say.

I went to the, you know the store? Yeah. The first I, I’m not a fucking impressionist. Alright. Go. But he, he does, you do, you do the, you know, pretty good. No, do it j not even try. No, I’m not even good. You do Eric And the butter Turn? The butter.

 So, uh, they’re doing this movie, and they’re doing it in North Carolina, and so they’d shoot a majority of the movie  and then go to LA to film the rest of it in the stage, you know, like studios and mm-hmm. You know, in the stage.

Right. So they go, and then that’s when also Robert Wagner comes back to, to LA as well. From Hawaii. From Hawaii, yeah. Right. Okay. So they have a boat and it’s called the Splendor. It’s a yacht. It’s not really a boat, it’s yacht. I got a little boat, you know, it’s a little boat. It’s like, you know, it, it’s like 90 meters, 87.

Yeah. A little 87 footer. So tiny. So after Thanksgiving, Natalie says, Hey, we should invite Christopher Walken onto our boat. Oh, God. She’s, she’s already getting, she’s already like in the fields. Mm-hmm. Yeah. And so she’s like, Robert, why am I with Rob?

Robert apparently is upset because it was supposed to be  an outing with. The wife and he’s also , I haven’t seen you in  Yeah. Nine months, right? Yeah. So they invite Christopher walking on this boat reluctantly. Right? So babe, you know, I’m doing a movie and what they do is they sail from, or sail, but they go from LA to Catalina Island.

Mm. Yeah. There’s November 28th, 1981. Hmm.  So it’s. Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken, and somebody named Dev Verne, which is the captain of the boat who keeps the boat and you know the church of the boat.  Okay. So they go to dinner that night at Doug’s Harbor Reef in Catalina. That sounds amazing.

Yes. Sounds like a fucking fire food. I know. So Don Witting, the night manager of the restaurant, said that he was worried that all four were too drunk to make it back to the boat safely. Oh, damn. They got lit. And I’m just telling you this part because this is a witness. Yeah. He was like, they were tracked.

Witness says, They were so drunk that he even called the harbor patrol to make sure they got to the boat fine, because you gotta take a little, you gotta take a little boat to get into the bigger boat you into a little dinghy to get into your yacht. That’s, that’s parked, yeah. Thing. Yeah. Super rad life.

Love that. As they’re gonna say, decent life. Decent Life’s a decent life. Decent, yeah. Okay, good.  So the Harbor Patrol made sure the group made it safely back to their yacht at around 10:30 PM Okay. Dope. Okay. Okay, good. Well, escort, so now I’m gonna read you the story and that’s on video from

robert Wagner. Okay. Okay. Okay. Now keep in mind he stutters a little bit and he, you know, it’s not like a statement, it’s him being filmed. It’s him just like talking. Yes. And this was filmed like two years ago. Oh shit. So it’s like this is recent.

So this is the beginning of it. Oh, this is the beginning of the story. So he is talking to his daughter.

 Okay, so when we were at the imus, which is the imus is the island inlet of Catalina Island.

Okay. Yeah. When we were at the Imus, I went to sleep. I was really tired from the night before. So you time for being drunk when I woke up. Chris, Christopher Walken. And your mother.  To this bar that was there. Doug’s Harbor.

  Right. So you’re saying they went to Doug’s Harbor. I see. Then he met. Okay. So he. To this bar that was there. I met them. I got a shore boat, these boats that come up and pick you up and I went and I met them. Okay, okay. I understand that.

We had dinner, which was pretty nice, and I remember I had a, you know, a few glasses of Venus, you know, just a few. Hey, pause. Pause. Like, pause here. Bottles of Venus. So he says, I had a few glasses of Venus. Yeah. So. When you say to somebody you’re recounting a story, that’s probably a horrible story. Yeah.

Terrible. And you say, I had a few glasses of Vs. And he’s got turned. How many did you have? Like 12? Yeah. Yes. Easily 12. Yes. Couple bottles every time. Like I’m trying to, I’m trying to downplay it. I’m like, yes, I like had a few beer, a few glass Vino is like, it’s aveno. It’s aveno. It’s like, like a little venos.

No big deal. Right. They’re like, they don’t serve Venos there, so, so he says, we had dinner, which was pretty nice. And I remember I had, you know, a few glasses of vinos and I was feeling pretty good. Pretty, pretty. Turned up. We came back to the boat. I opened up another bottle of wine, Venus and I had a couple more glasses of wine.

Okay. So he is like couple 17 glasses deep. Right. Damn. And I sat there with Chris Christopher Walken. Mm-hmm. And we started talking. He started to mention to me about your mother and how wonderful she was, uh oh. And what a great actress she was and how he enjoyed working with her. And he said, you know, I think it’s important that she works.

And I said, I think it’s important you stay out of her life. My man, that good. I’d be like, fuck you, Tim. I was a little teed off by that. Suddenly he’s telling me what she should do and how she should behave. That’s a good point. I got angry at that. So your mother went down below. Our bedroom was down below.

She went down below to get ready for bed. I sat there with Chris and I said, why don’t you just don’t tell her what to do and stay out of our life? I picked up the bottle and I smashed it on the table. Damn, my dog. Oh, shit. Shit went deep. You, you know, I was really angry at him about it. Hey, just a quick pause.

Like, good for this guy for defending your woman, man. Don’t think a shit. Fuck you, Christopher. Walking like, I, I like this guy. Yeah. Okay. This guy’s, this guy saw him. I breaking the glass. That’s a little in little extreme. That’s a little much. Yeah. Little extreme. I like the sentiment by sentiment behind it.

Here’s a couple. Venos in a couple. A couple, a couple venos in. Makes him act a little different. A few. No, he said few. A few. A few. Venos in a few and then a couple. Then another bottle. Damn. I know if few was like many. So many. As I look back at it, unjustifiably, so. So he is saying, yeah, you, you know, I was really, he was angry and was like angry.

It was unjustifiable Adam about it as I look back at it unjustifiably. So it’s totally possible that he was being very innocent. Like, Hey, your wife’s amazing. Like, good for you, man. Like, that’s awesome. But yeah, I could see , this is supposed to be date night with the wife, right? You’re inviting this guy, guy, and he’s like, oh, I love working with her.

Yeah. Like, fuck you. So then he goes on and he says he ducked out. He went out and up on the top of the deck and I followed him up there. Oh shit. He’s, oh damn. And I was still saying to him, stay out of it, Chris. She’s got three children, yada yada. I mean, I was also a little high at the time. Oh damn. Oh my God.

The plastic dickens, bro. Like, hi, on what crack? What the fuck? I think this is one of the biggest parts of this entire story. There’s no report that he was said he was high. Oh, he’s, and he is like, and there’s no report of what he was high on. Because obviously to you or to us, like what is high compared to drunk?

Well, ba No, no. Based on this. Based on the Maining Hollow, we high on them. No, no, bro. True. A hundred percent. Yeah, a hundred percent. But it’s not the veno that he’s talking about. Oh, no, no. When he says the word high, how do you think he’s still operating at a high level of that many venos. Exactly.

Yeah. I would be, dude, two venos. I’m like, no babe, we’re not, we’re not doing it tonight. I’m like, tell Christopher, sorry, but we’re just calling Venos from now on. I love that. Did I’m Hit the boys up for some venos. Veno Cigar Act. This voice, Hey honey, we’re just going for some, Venos is thiss. No big deal.

So, so he says she’s got three children, yada, yada. I mean, I was also a little high at the time, I might say, but, but I calmed down, I guess, me being out in the air. Anyway, I calm down. So we went back down below and  we talked for a while. He went to his cabin, which was up on the Ford.

Part of the boat. Mm-hmm. I had Dennis, which is the captain. Mm-hmm. The, the guy we swept up the glass, you know, the broken bottle. Mm-hmm. We swept up the glass on the floor and cleaned up the salon a bit, and we talked about leaving the next day to go back to the mainland. I went below and went, I went below.

She wasn’t there, so I looked around, I looked in the bathroom and she wasn’t in the bathroom. I went on the aft end of the boat and the dinghy was gone. Oh, the ding is the small little boat. Boat. Right. Little like, um, inflatable boat usually. Yeah. Or, or even maybe not inflatable, but small Yeah.

Rowboat essentially. Yeah. And I went. On the aft end of the boat and the dinghy was gone and I came back up and I got Dennis and Chris and I said, you know, Natalie’s not here. She’s taken off, I guess on the dinghy. Did any of you hear it? And no one saw or heard anything. We would’ve heard it if the dinghy got fired up with the little motor.

So I called the short boat. You know the people who come? Mm-hmm. Yeah. To pick you up. When one of the guys came back, I thought maybe she had gone back to the restaurant or back to the Isma where. There were these little slips where you could put your boat in, but the dinghy wasn’t there. She wasn’t there.

I yelled up to the guys, is Natalie up there? And  they said, no, she’s not here. I got back on the shore boat. I came back she didn’t go to shore. At least she didn’t go to the imus. So it was then that we called the shore patrol and said to them, have you seen anything? They said, no, we haven’t seen anything.

So then we called the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard came in. And then, you know, we waited for a long time. It seemed like forever for me. They were looking for her. This man that I knew. And your mother knew Doug Bombard. He took care of everything in Catalina at the time and had all the moorings, which we had one of those moorings.

He said, we found her. I said, is she okay? And he said, she’s dead.  And then damn, everything went out from under me. You know? Just everything went away from me. And we were all stunned. Everybody that night has gone through my mind so many times. You can imagine Chris was there with me. He, by the way, is a very standup guy, a gentleman, a true gentleman.

So that’s the end of the quote of Robert Wagner. Okay. Yeah. Yep. And so at around 11:00 PM that evening, the other passengers, they realized that she’d gone missing. Right. And so at one, yeah, go ahead. I’m gonna say, did it say what time they got back to the boat and  did it say that?

10 30. Okay, so 10 30. Okay. So this is , this is like 30 minutes.

Yeah. So that was at around 11:00 PM Right. And that’s when they realized the dinghy was gone. Okay. Or, you know, she was gone. The ding gone. So 30 minutes. And the guy that she went downstairs. Yeah. He’s telling off Chris and now she’s, she’s, they’re like, oh shit. So at 1:30 AM. Damn, so fucking the, the two, two hours later, two and a half hours later now.

Yeah. A ship to shore call was made and two hours later at 3:30 AM the Coast Guard was finally called. So at 1:30 AM those little boats were called. Oh, they’re the shore patrols. Okay. Yes. Like they’re not Coast Guard, but they’re like, they’re , Still right below. Yeah. Whoever runs the harbor. So, so at 11:00 PM they noticed she was not there.

Yes. But not until one 30 did they call the shore boat. That’s right. And then at three 30 he, what were they doing for two hours? I think he , because remember he said he went on it. He went on, he got, then he went place. The place was like, have you seen her? She wasn’t there. She wasn’t in the slip. Oh, okay.

And then he went, I guess he went back to the boat. Yeah, maybe. Maybe you’re not wrong. Maybe they had a couple more vinos. Yeah, no, Jorge’s not wrong. That’s true. Like of the discrepancy. Yeah. You know what I mean? So we’ve got a couple hours. Yeah. Okay. Keep a couple hours, keep going. So then at three 30 is when they called Coast Guard

 Coast Guard’s getting called right away for sure. So, , and I quote, there are many, many things that should be examined in this case, but mainly the four hour wait in order to call the Coast Guard. Is the main. That’s a, that’s a a long time. And that’s from Marty Ruly who wrote a book. Okay.

Basically, um, called Goodbye Natalie. Goodbye Splendor. Yeah. So at 8:00 AM around 8:00 AM that’s when Natalie Wood’s body was found. And it was a mile south of where the yacht was often an isolated cove known as Blue Cavern Point. Hmm. That sucks. So she it was just on shore, just so she was floating in the water.

Okay. So drowned. She was face down. She was face down, floating in the water. Okay. She drowned. Maybe. Did they, did they do an autopsy or, yeah, there we go. Okay. Yeah, get into it. So Dr. Joseph Choy, which was a Deputy Medical examiner at the LA Medical examiner’s office, performed an autopsy on wood. I read the autopsy report.

Oh really? I really. Dove into that. And, uh, he noted that her blood alcohol level was super high. It was 14. Oh yeah, that’s fucking high point. Like, like 0.08 is like the legal legal limit. Limit limit. Like, no, that’s your drunk, no know. I think 0.08 is when you’re drunk, or, I mean, well, that’s legal driving limit.

I think you’re like, at that period, if you’re above one, you’re, you’re buzzed. You’re bused. Yeah. You’re bused, you’re feeling good. When you get to like point, like point 14, you’re probably like, Yeah, that’s right. So the toxicology report said that she was 0.14. She had several bruises on her arms, legs, and face.

Oh, that’s interesting. But I guess that could have been from like you’re in the water and  so this is post humus. This is what, yeah, so this is what the, Dr. Joseph Cho says, which is that he believed that they were consistent with falling overboard. Mm-hmm. Oh, so they were not deep bruises, but they were surface bruises.

It’s like, it’s like a belly, like a belly f fla, like a slap. But there’s bruises on her thighs. On her wrists. But if you’re in the dingy her legs and face, you’re not really, if you’re in the dinghy, how are your legs getting,  if you’re falling over on a dinghy, I can’t imagine getting bruised by like, it’s like a canoe flipping over.

No, no. But didn’t, maybe she fell off the, the yacht. Oh, wait. Oh, but how’d the dinghy get gone? Well, we don’t know. Okay. Okay. So,  so he says in the report that they were called small bruises. Okay. So there’s not like fucking, no. There’s small bruises on the hands, thighs, and wrists.

There was no head trauma. Okay. Okay. Okay. So it means that she wasn’t hit and then like dumped. Yeah. Additionally, in the report, and this is, I read this, the dinghy was found nearby her body. Okay. So it, so it seems plausible that she did take the D, the key was in it, and the key was in the off position.

Oh, and the ORs. Mm-hmm. Were still tied. Okay, so, so meaning someone had to have took the key, put the key into the dinghy and like, unless they just kept the key there, but that seems like true. I know.  maybe they did, maybe, I don’t know. Maybe they did. Maybe they did. The person who found possible, the person who found the dinghy said it looked like it.

Just was untied and not used. Oh, so just, oh, because Ords were tied. The ORs were tied. The ORs were tied. Nothing. Okay. It was on O. So maybe they do keep the key in there. Just keep it, because this is like, yeah, and it just floated away. They forgot to tie it up or, there you go. Anchor it or whatever it’s called.

That’s true. Yeah. Or maybe, and it just happened to be close to her. Hmm. I dunno. Maybe Robin is, but remember she was found a mile away from the yacht. That’s a far, but that was four hours later, right? No, it was like 12 hours later. Yeah, exactly. And that’s a long way to trip seven hours later. But the fact that the dinghy, like how do you make the dinghy be close to her though?

Because , I guess if they’re in the same current, they’re just gonna get dragged. They’re just gonna get dragged the same place. Yeah. Maybe she meant to get on the dinghy. She kind of like slippery slip. Yeah. Flip floppy into it. She’s all drunk. Drink some water. Oh shit. Right. Okay. So, so she died. She horrible.

Uh, she had a funeral.  of course. You know. Thanks. Thanks Aaron.  I’m just like, progressing time. I see, you know, things going forward, so in the future. So, Christopher Walken never spoke about it. Ooh. Hmm. He never spoke about it. , it’s traumatic. Five years later, he gave a quote to People Magazine and he says, I don’t know what happened.

She slipped and fell in the water. I was in bed then. It was a terrible thing. Look, we’re in a conversation I won’t have. It’s fucking boring. Oh, I am. Okay. First of all, technically you weren’t asleep. You were getting bitched at by her husband, bro. Dude. And then he went to clean up. So there is a moment in time where like you weren’t there.

And like he, the husband was with the captain cleaning up the glass. Right. I mean, what was that? 10 minutes? Dude, that’s more than enough time to Dump a woman. In the fucking water. Sorry.   Yeah. In the water. I love Christopher Walken. Me too. Do I really do? But I feel like he should talk about it more.

The fact, or at least, no, the fact at least says it’s a fucking bore. That’s that’s a, that’s a bit much. Let’s, yeah. So nothing happened? No. It lay ruled it as an accident. Mm-hmm. And they ruled her, her original ruling time. Well, her original ruling was that it was accidental drowning. Mm-hmm. Okay. Yeah. So fast forward in 1997,  walkin then gave another interview, okay.

To Playboy magazine. Go figure of all people, but the peak of journalism. Yes. He said Anybody there saw the logistics of the boat? The night where we were that it was raining and we, and would know exactly what happened. You hear about things happening to people, they slip in the bathtub, fall down the stairs, step off the curb in London because they think that the cars come the other way and they die.

You feel you want to die making an effort at something, you don’t want to die in some unnecessary way alone. She had gone to bed before us and her room was at the back. A dinghy was bouncing against the side of the boat, and I think she went out to move it. There was a ski ramp that was partially in the water.

It was slippery. I had walked on it myself. She had told me that she couldn’t even swim. In fact, they had to cut a swimming scene from brainstorm. Mm. She was probably half asleep and she was wearing a coat end quote. Christopher Walken. I mean, that does seem plausible. Yeah. I mean, it seems super plausible.

Logical. It does, yeah. Seems kind of logical that, yeah. Yeah. It all checks out like that. Yeah. Okay. So pretty much nothing happened,  aside from every anniversary. There would be a tabloid about it and it would sell papers and it would be mysterious death. Two superstar, three superstars. Yeah.

Christopher Walken, Robert Wagner, Natalie Wakin. You know, I know you guys didn’t really hear about Natalie Wood, but she was a superstar to, clearly she was 72 films. That’s, that’s, you’re not like a shitty actor three Academy Award nominate, you know what I mean? Yeah. She was, she was there. Just to get nominated.

And so you’re already like, you’re set. Yeah. You’re there. Yeah. So fast forward to 2008. 2008. Right. Okay. So this is like almost 30 years after a day. Yes. Yeah. And so, uh, remember Dennis Davern? He was the captain? Yeah. Mm. Okay. He wrote a book. Oh yeah, of course. Of course he did. Of course he did. Right.

He’s now taken his recollections  and in his sworn declaration he says the following, they were on heroin. He says, the yacht outing began on Friday, November 27th, 1981, around noon with passengers, Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood, Christopher Walken, and myself.

Mm-hmm. The caretaker and skipper of the Wagner Yacht splendor. A 60 foot sport fisherman boat with a 13 foot attached dinghy. Mm-hmm. Oh, that’s a 13 foot ding. That’s not, that’s not, that’s not that. But when I thought I was just thinking like a canoe. Yeah. Like straight up. It’s true. It was a tense atmosphere from the start of the cruise and it was made clear to me by Robert Wagner that he was not content with entertaining his wife’s brainstorm  co-star, Christopher Walken Clearly.

As the day progressed, the tension thickened and I offered Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner, each a pill, a Quaalude pill. Mm. Oh my God. He’s like, I just happened to have some quaaludes on of, of which we all took, we all, even the captain, he’s like, so, but me like Wolf wall, wall Street. Get the loose on the boat.

I think we got ad hey. He’s like, Crawling to the car. My favorite like in the, the stairs, like he literally shows ’em falling down like 20 stairs and it’s like Good four. And they’re like this big, oh, that movie’s so good. It’s a dud. Let’s take another one. That’s so good. I actually, one of my favorite scenes is when they’re fighting in the kitchen and they’re like hitting each other with the phone.

He’s like, right. He’s so fucking, he messed up. Oh, so good.  but this does go back to the  the statement by Robert Wagner, where he talks about being high. Oh, right, right. So he was on Quaaludes, which is like, wait, but maybe he didn’t admit it. You know what I mean? He’s not gonna admit it. I mean, how were they even coherent?

It’s like all the vinos and like downer, downer, downer. Like it makes more sense if he was like high on Coke and like he can take all these Wait, wait. Multiple bottles. Help me out on the, on vinos. What is it? Quaalude? An upper. It’s a downer. It’s a downer. It’s a downer. Yeah, it’s a downer. So you’re like downer, downer, downer.

That. I know everyone’s, they’re like, cuz they were tense. Here’s how they were fighting shit. Fuck you. Shut up bitch. Wow, that’s weird. Leave us a alone. No wonder she fucking fell in the water. Jesus probably wasted. Don’t tell my wife what to do. Like, can’t even like, get it out. Don’t listen here. Welcome.

Sorry Eric. So he gave him quails. He took a quail too. Cause he said we all took them. So Davern declared that the Hollywood actress, Natalie Wood, and the boat captain returned to the luxurious yacht on Saturday, Sunday is when she died. Right. So Saturday and all four of them then went to dinner on the island on Sunday.

But they take the lds. When were the lids taken? Was it on Saturday or Sunday? Mm-hmm. When they were, they were, they were getting the LDS Friday. Oh, so the, okay, so, okay. That’s what he says is Friday according to him. Yeah. Okay. So Friday according to, so, okay, so it still could have been cook. He, he definitely was not high on Friday.

Fucking lu. Two days later still like, woo.  So then though Davern says that walking and him smoked weed that night. So this is Saturday night. This is, this is now the night of the big night. So this got smoke, little dude. So then Robert Wagner and I joined Natalie Wood and Christopher walking for dinner at Doug’s.

Mm-hmm. Which is the bar. Mm-hmm. After drinking at the bar for an hour, we, we were seated in the dining room and approximately seven Christopher Walken and I returned to the splendor to retrieve wine. Two bottles of UA bola. I don’t know what that means. I don’t know words. We left one bottle in the dinghy and took one bottle back to the table.

Christopher Walken had offered marijuana, and he and I smoked a joint on this brief mission to get the wine. I let stuff out the, the captain is like, fucking, he’s , I got no credentials. He’s like, you better hit, like, got join. Hey. Yeah. Want somes? Got you. Let’s do it. Get the pheno, let’s get the, so then, and this is the guy you want driving here.

Your job. Shouldn’t you have noticed it and be like, uh, you’re fired, but yeah, I know, right? Christopher’s like, you know, smoke this with me. It’s like, this’s a test. He’s , yes. Like, All. So then later, and then he just, he just goes, he glazes over the part of, of when she went missing and the fight, and, and he just goes And so this spokes about him.

Yeah. And so then he goes on and says that over two hours passed before I finally convinced Robert Wagner to make the call for the help he did not call professional help. He radioed the island area and said Somebody is missing from our boat. Yeah. But oh, yeah. I mean, what he drunk shit at this, this point   I mean, Even so like even mentioning her name, that doesn’t really like Yeah.

Change anything. That’s right. Yeah. So despite being admittedly drunk and high, Davern has said during media interviews that his memory of the events leading up to her drowning are crystal clear and that he originally lied to the cops during the, initial investigation. He’s like, despite being not incredible witness at all.

Wait, what you say though? But now he’s telling the truth. I love that. It’s like 20 years later, my memories are crystal. Yeah, so he was saying that he, at the time, he lied and  he agreed with Wagner’s side of the story. To the cops. I think he’s saying he lied about being on drugs. Yes, probably. That’s probably what he lied about.

Yes. I haven’t had anything on the truth. I fucking clean his whistle, quote unquote. But now he is telling the truth that he’s a drug addict.

Okay, so then here’s the plot twist of the story. Oh, right. Ooh. Okay. Yes. November 17th, 2011. I mean, this has been going on for damn near 30 years. 30 years after. Just yesterday, we found this out the  the LA County Sheriff’s Department reopened the investigation, after receiving quote additional info from unidentified sources who contacted the authorities.

Oh man, I want to know the source. So in 2011, they reopened the case. That’s crazy. Wow, that’s so . So then a few months later, Davern was on NBC today, of course. Oh, this guy’s just trying to get paid. And he said that he lied about Woods’s death when he originally was questioned by police and he claimed that Wagner was responsible for the tragedy.

Okay. He’s just trying to promote you. This guy’s just trying to get, he’s just trying to get paid. He’s trying to get paid two years later. January, 2013. I mean, it’s gonna be like yesterday. This is like, I know this. This is present time. This keeps going. The LA County Sheriff’s Department officially changed Woods’s cause of death on her death certificate from accidental drowning to drowning and other undetermined factors.

Ooh. So it’s like unknown. Mm-hmm. The change came after investigators determined that some of the bruises found on Wood’s Body during her initial autopsy may have been sustained before she was drowned. That’s what I was wondering. If there’s a post humus on the bruises. So, however, in the coroner’s report they said they couldn’t confirm when the bruises were inflicted.

Lieutenant John Karina says as we’ve investigated the case over the last six years, I think Wagner is more of a person of interest now. Hmm. Interesting. So maybe he’s like pissed off. I fucking told you not to bring Chris here. Woman. Quote, quote. I mean, we know now that he was the last person to be with Natalie before she disappeared.

Keep going. I still there. 2018. Oh my God. Oh my God. This is like the never ending story. LA County Sheriff’s Department, Lieutenant John Karina. Officially names Wagner. As a person of interest in Wood’s death. For the first time 30 years ago, you were on a boat with your wife. Yeah. I’m gonna need you to come down the station and that’s it.

That’s as far as they got. But I’m gonna fast forward it one more time. Oh my God. Two 2025. Yeah. 2022. Oh my God. God. What the ? And I quote from Lieutenant Wago. It’s still on the force. That was a different, different person. Okay. Lieutenant Wago Rega. Why you look at me and I quote, he says all leads in the Natalie Wood case have been exhausted and the case remains an open unsolved case.

Dude, I wanna see this on  forensic files in the 10 years. I see If additional leads surface in the future, which have not already been investigated, the case will be reassigned to a detective to investigate the new leads. God, that’s thing. The captain guy is full of shit. Oh yeah. I think he’s just trying to sell his book and he’s, and he’s trying to get paid and he’s like, oh, look at fool.

You who I’m hanging. Tell you one other part about the, the captain. The captain.  Natalie Wood had a sister, a younger sister who was also an actress. She was a Bond girl. Oh, cool. Her name was Lena. And Lena and the captain did a 12 part podcast. Hmm. On how they believe Robert Wagner. Killed it’s big parts.

That’s a lot of parts. .  I personally think, okay, clearly it’s, this guy has already proved himself not a reputable actual witness. He’s clearly been on drugs, on fucking Quaaludes that they stopped making for a reason.

They literally stopped manufacturing them because they’re fucked up. Yeah. And he is been smoking, smoking weed, and Christopher Walking drunk Drinking. Drinking the Venos. He’s on the Venos too. On the Venos. And then like then he is , what is Veno? It’s a type of wine. Okay. Just wine. It’s just the wine.

Yeah. That’s how you say wine in Spanish. That’s what they’re calling it. Aveno. The Vinos? No, well the Vive, there is a type of wine called vna unless, okay, fine. Unless I’m crazy. But anyways, I think that this guy is , He’s clearly probably got fired as a captain after this. And he is , yeah, oh, sure, captain.

He’s just trying to, he never captain after this. He’s just trying to figure out what to do and he is like, oh, I could write a book. Yeah. Shit. A hundred percent. So, so here are the theories. Yeah. I mean, it’s pretty obvious what the theories are. Mm-hmm. Right? Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. But couple points. Uh, one is that pretty simple.

Robert Wagner raged, I mean, he smashed, I mean, he smashed a glass bottle for a dude saying, your wife’s a good actress. No, he said that she should work more. Oh, that’s true. That’s true. Yeah. It’s like, fuck you smash the bottle, smashing the bottles a little over top. I mean, don’t even wrong. Yeah, a little over top was much.

Yeah. Before was like, yeah, it’s Did you start getting into it? I mean, so one theory is that they raged at each other and they had a fight. Oh, he went downstairs and he was like, no, and they had like a fight and a physical fight, and it was an accident. Oh, that he killed. Like, oh, you kill talking about with na, fighting with Natalie.

He nas fucking . Yeah. And they started like physically fighting and then she slipped, slipped, went over or pushed or whatever, and then it was an accident and then there you go. Or, or either that or he, it was just , man pass. It was passed out. Maybe walking Was his passed out? Yeah. Maybe he was just asleep.

You know what I mean? Head of those dude in the room and like fucking pass. Very true. I mean, it was one in the morning, they were 12 to 19. Venus and Weed and Lus Quaaludes. So it’s like a nightmare. I’m tired right now. I just wanna puke. Oh my God. And you’re on a boat like, oh, it’s like, Fucking wine mixer.

Exactly. So, , that’s, that’s one of the theories.  I, I honestly think that, like, that seems, because I, I, but the bruising on her Yeah. That’s a real,  okay. Because in order for her, In order for her to get that bruising, she would’ve had to fell off like the boat for a reason. Maybe hit the side of the boat.

No, from a reasonable height. Hit the boat. But it’s on her. It’s on her her arms. Yeah. But her legs. Legs. Her legs. And her face. And her face. So how do you fall off a boat and you hit your arms, legs, in face, like on the boat. If, if you’re drunk as shit and you just trip some, somewhere on the boat, you’re gonna hit, you should gonna roll.

Yeah. Maybe. Maybe she fell, you know, on her hands. Right. Try to stop herself. And, but, but also,  also a point on this, Yeah. Is the boat was untied. The ding. That’s what I’m saying. The dinging like the fact that like somebody untied the boat. That’s my, that was where maybe it was her, that was where I was going is , I don’t think, I don’t think she was

there’s no way she’s not gonna go do that. She wouldn’t if she, if she wanted to get outta there, where she going? I think maybe she wanted to go back and she said, fuck this.

I’m out of these crazy dude. These two guys are fucking fighting here are crazy. Everybody’s on loos. Don’t, I don’t believe, I don’t believe that. No, I I did think at first that maybe she did fall, like maybe she just went to get some space. Right, and goes aside some space. She falls in. They didn’t tie the thing in.

She drifts away. Totally plausible. But with the bruises. That’s why I was like, oh, it’d be really easy. They get in a scuffle and he’s , I do see, yeah, I do see, I do see bruises occurring, slipping and falling, but on all of her, her whole fucking body. Yeah, and dude, and she’s floating. Well, that’s the thing.

It’s like if they were just floating in the water and, you know what I mean? If they were just kind of shuffling right before, What the, was he grabbing her legs too? Like I could see grabbing her arms. I’m saying the wrist. I say the wrist. The wrist. And your leg. The wrist bruise. I’m saying I think the br like the, it could have been like the bruises, her arms were from him.

Mm-hmm. And then I see maybe he like shoved it, then shoved it, and then she fucking hit her face or something, then fell on it. Like, oh shit. Unie the dinghy. He’s like, yeah, yeah. So I’m saying it’s possible. No. I don’t know if I believe that. I don’t think, I don’t think that he would like be like, oh shit, I just threw her off.

Let me, let me untie the dinghy so he can, but he’s got that Lew brain man. He’s got, he’s 10 Venos in. That’s right. He’s not thinking about, he’s an actor, bro. He’s prepared for this his whole life. He’s number two. Number two, number two. Fucking live for this moment. Jesus. This is his greatest ever. It’s so true.

 It wasn’t, it was a, it was a bummer.  I did watch a documentary,  that was put on by the family and it came out recently and it was like the daughters put it on and,  and there was a lot of interviews with Natalie.

She seemed like a really cool person. Yeah. You know what I mean? And that was, that was what made me. Sad about the story, you know what I mean? Cause she seemed seem really cool. She, she seemed smart, she seemed, and she had daughter, great kids, seemed like all that stuff. So that, that part sucked. Yeah. But there was a, I didn’t like the Robert Wagner interview in it.

Oh, he, did he seem like he was like, was it the one that you read or? It’s the one that I read. Okay. Yeah. I just didn’t like it. I don’t know what to say. There’s like him, his demeanor, he, what he said. Lawyer, just how much drinking and how he touched on the high thing and how smashing the bottle and I don’t know, like it just seems like so much rage in the circumstances are so suspect.

Mm-hmm. Do you know what I mean? That there must be more to the story. I do kind of believe Christopher Walken, do you know what I mean? Mm-hmm. Where he wasn’t really part of it. Yeah. But you know, at the same time,

 I, I kind of believe Christopher Watkins side of it where he maybe was involved in this family distraught like drama. Mm-hmm. And then he’s like, you know, I’m gonna just go to bed. Fuck this shit. Right. You know, I shouldn’t have come on here.

Well then, you know, cause if he really said that, then. Yeah. You know, and, and if, , Robert definitely was raging out at him. I don’t know. I just think, I just think it was an accident. I just think she fucking slipped Really? In the boat. You’re you’re on that. And that’s where she got the bruises. And then she was so drunk, she, you know, she went over Yeah.

And she didn’t know how to swim. Right. So then the per Christopher Walken, she didn’t really know how to swim. Even if she did, if you’re that drunk, It’s pretty, I know. Probable drown it sounds like. Ding. And I think she tried to get on the dinghy. Cause I think that, um, she’s like, I’m out. Yeah. I think it’s that.

She was like, I’m out. I’m going back shore.

 Yeah, it’s, it’s tricky because I, I do believe Christopher Walken and, um, you know, I, I kind of, I’m kind of with you, but I feel like there’s more info. Oh, there’s definitely know what I mean, info that we, yeah. Like maybe he didn’t kill her, but maybe they got a little fight. Maybe they got a fight moving on.

Fight. Yeah. Maybe hit her. Maybe she stormed off and maybe he hit her. Yeah, true. It’s po possible. He was, and then she’s drunk and raped fucking, and then she’s like, I’m outta here. I’m out now. Right. You know what I mean? And they were on more drugs than we know. And we know. Yeah. But, but we don’t, nothing really points that he hit her.

Right. I mean, she had a bruise on her face. She was on her face, but it apparently it was a light bruise. Probably nothing was like a slight, like a slight backhand. I slight backhand. Nah. If he hit her back 1970s, backhand, if he was raging much than now, take his glove off. If he was, if he was raging so bad that he smashed the bottle, he’s not gonna light backhander.

 He probably, he, he doesn’t wanna ruin the money maker. The bottle is the only thing that I’m like, what the fuck? And that’s excess. That’s excess. That’s why I thought it was Coke. That’s the right word. Yeah. That’s why he’s on, he’s on Coke for sure. That’s the right word. Yeah. Yeah. All right, so let’s, let’s, let’s figure out where you’re at.

I, I do believe that there’s something, don’t forget that the captain of the boat and the sister, the captain of the boat, and the sister think that Robert Wagner killed her. Yeah. But that’s it. That’s it. That’s all they said. Like, that’s. Well, you know what? It’s all, it’s all accounts details. It’s, no, it’s just all accounts of like, fine.

But what else did they say? That they think that, did they see them fight? Did they, she, she was raging jealous. That’s it. He didn’t, you know what I mean? He wanted her to stay at home. Uh, uh, you know, and that’s the, the comment by walkin about working more, you know what I mean? And that whole train of thought.

And he was made a person of interest later. Yes. Literally the lap D. 20 years later. Yeah, that was 20 years later, which I don’t like that. I don’t like that either. Yeah. All right. Where are you at? Where are you at? I, I’m just gonna stick to that. It was an accident that she, I think that maybe, you know, they got into a little argument or something.

I just think that she wanted to get outta there. I think she wanted to go back to shore, whatever, and she, you know, slipped and drowned. Um, I think that’s the, yeah, I think, I think they got into a fight and then she’d left and she was trying to get away and then slipped and drown. Yeah. So I think there was more to the story, but I do think there was, yeah, there’s definitely more than think it was an accident.

There’s details missing, but we’re never gonna find out. Um, yeah. Okay. They’re hiding something. I think that’s pretty logical. I think it’s a pretty logical conclusion. You know what I mean? Yeah. I like it. I think they’re definitely like hiding some details here and there, but I don’t think that it, it’s anything that’s, I’m gonna be pointing to a different conspiracy or, or a different theory here that we haven’t put at.

Okay. Understood. Yeah, understood. All right. I kind of agree with you guys. I think it’s, it’s, I think there’s more to the story, but at the same time, I think there’s a tragedy accident. Yeah. I think they got wasted. It’s a, it’s a lesson in, in not. You know, going on a dinghy boat while you’re on quaaludes and especially boating man, 10 vinos in, can’t fuck around with that and fucked up.

Like, you know what I mean? Just don’t be on the vinos. Yes, exactly. Exactly. All right. Well, I, I love you Natalie Wood. I thought you, I thought you were  great , and, uh, let us know your thoughts. Guys. What do you think happened? Yeah, tell us that’s bright. Make sure to follow us on social media please.

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