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Episode 24: Who Killed Notorious B.I.G.?

Podcast Transcription

This is Eric, Sean Jor. Say hi guys. It’s gonna be a good one today. Oh, we got the gang here, boys. Notorious. Who the fuck is this M 9 46? Is it Mark? Is it five or nine? 5 46. 5 46 in the moon. Crack down and no, I’m yelling and wipe the cold on my eye. So we just finished,  Tupac, Shakur and, , you know,  Tupac and Biggie.

You know, they are one, they’re synonymous with each other. That’s right. Yeah. I mean, they’re. They’re tied together forever. I don’t know what to say. Yep. It’s part of the same story. Yeah. So we did a two-parter, right? That we did. We did Tupac and a two-parter.  so if you haven’t listened to the Tupac episode, I would suggest you do that because Totally.

We do talk a lot about Biggie. There is. Right. You know what I mean? And there’s a lot more about the East coast, west coast situation. Yes. And so,  I decided not to go into it as much in this episode because we already talked about it. We already did two hours worth of East Coast, west Coast, you know, here we go.

Right. So that’s right. And then, and in the other episode, I asked you guys if Tupac was the goat. Question for you, for both of you, which, which one do you like more? Tupac. Tupac, PAC, biggie Tupac. Hundred percent Tupac. Sorry. I’m sorry. Me too. All the Biggie fans out there. It’s not a dis against Big Ty Biggie’s.

Great. I just think Tupac was better. Yeah. Yeah. That’s just me. But we’re gonna talk about his, his conspiracy out around that. That’s right. So, uh, so notorious,  Biggie was born. Christopher George Lato Wallace. Wow. He’s got a fourna. Damn. He is not Anish. Not even us, Mexicans. That’s what I was gonna say. I, he’s like, I was like, Jorge‘s the only one I know with four names.

Exactly. So he’s known as Notorious, b i g, biggie Smalls. George La Sorry. Sorry. Uh, he’s got a couple ilias, you know he does. , oh yeah. Biggie, biggie, biggie. Small big balls. Uh, yeah. Big Papa. Yeah. Yeah. But he is considered one. One of the greatest rappers of all time, I would say. I’m sure he’s in the category.

He’s in that category of like 50 guys. That they’re like 50. Damn. Damn. That’s a lot of rappers, bro. 20, 0, 20, top 20. I would put him up there and top 10. I’m saying, I’m just saying he’s in a group that are considered the greatest rapper. Like there’s Well, yeah, yeah, yeah. But is he in the top 10? Probably.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Probably. I’ll put him at eight. Yeah. Yeah. Like eight. Yeah. My problem is I could probably only give you one song.

Do you know what I mean? Like I could probably give you five Tupac songs, but I could only probably give you one. I think he only came out with like three albums, or was it a lot, two. Who’s the, the, the first one? Um, eh, I forgot what it’s called. I think it was the Biggie Smalls, I think, or no, I’ll do a little first and then life hours.

Well, this is part of it. Yeah. We’ll, we’ll go into it. We’ll go into it, yeah. Okay. Let’s go into there. So, Christopher George Wallace was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in New York City in Brooklyn, May 21st, 1972. He was the only child of Jamaican immigrants. So his, uh, his mom, Valletta Wallace was a preschool teacher.

She was Jamaican. Uh, she’s got that thick Jamaican accent. You know what I mean? Right near the beach Boy. Iry. What? Well, I be from Jamaica, man. Lot Mercy. I didn’t know that though. Jamaica, we got team. We got to won the, no, that was definitely not the cool Running is what a classic. Classic movie. And just so we know this, this, just to put it out there, he had two studio albums.

Yep. Three post humus albums, which means after. And then two compilation albums. So like I said, it was compilation of all, well, compared to Tupac, I think he’s still coming out with albums. I, I’m gonna, it’s say three, but like, he made three. He made more albums after his death than he did. That was last.

That, that’s crazy. It’s crazy. All so continue here. All right. To make, so, uh, Valletta Wallace was a preschool teacher.  his father Salween, George Laure was a weld. Um, he had like humble upbringings, not like this, but his father left the family when he was two. Oh, that sucks. God dammit. And his mom worked two jobs to raise him essentially while he was raise.

What did Dick Yeah. Wallace excelled at, at, , queen of All Saints Middle School. He won several awards as an English student. He attended St. Peter Claver Church in the Brooklyn Borough.  he was nicknamed big because he was overweight before he was even.  could. Yeah. Biggie claimed that he started selling drugs at around eight 12.

Damn. Damn. I mean, this is the Bronx in like the eighties? No, it’s Brooklyn. Brooklyn. Brooklyn, Bronx. Shit. Right. Fucking New York. Yeah. It’s this New York. I don’t. And New York. Our new projects, our New York audience would not agree, not agree, the same shit. They all just turned the episode off. By the way, New York.

Shout out our number two audience. I was actually born in Manhattan, so there’s that. You know? Were you? Yeah. I didn’t know that. I moved when I was a baby though. Really? I was born at Mount Sinai Hospital. Wow. I didn’t know Manhattan. That is actually crazy. We’re gonna go into that a little bit later, dude.

Interesting. I was born right next to, okay, so he began rapping as a teenager and he would actually entertain people on the streets and he performed with local groups. , one group was called The Old Gold Brothers. Um, sounds like a fucking quartet. His earliest stage name was M C C West. God. Like just, just like Tupac.

Do you remember? See New York? No. You remember it? That’s strange because he. In New York, and his name was MCC West, and Tupac was in the West coast. It’s true coast. And he was in, was in New York. New York. It’s, it makes sense. Everybody like grasses greener. It’s so weird. Yeah. Uh, Wallace Wallace transferred, , from Bishop Memorial High School in Fort Green to George Westinghouse, , and technical education high school in downtown Brooklyn.

, what’s crazy, and I just wanted to put this in here,  Jay-Z and bus rhymes were. Oh, wow. They all look the same. High school. Same high school. That’s Wow. I know that. Holy crazy. Yeah. At age 17,  Wallace dropped out of high school and became more involved in crime. It was like full-time drug dealing shit.

Yeah. That same year, which was 1989, he was arrested on weapons charges in Brooklyn, sentenced to five years of probation. Oh, okay.   but in 1990, he. Probation, uh, parole. Yeah. And he was arrested in North Carolina for dealing crack.

Oh. What the fuck was he doing in North Carolina? That’s so then he spent nine months in jail before he finally made bail. God for Sounds like the worst possible jail. Yeah. Like, I’d rather work in the sewers than the self crack. Uh, this sounds crazy, but make a song about the 10 crack commandments.

Oh, did he? I think I, I just, I forgot. Do know, do you know any of the crack commandments? Don’t get high. Don’t get high on your own supply. Really? Wow. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s kind of where it came from. It’s the first commandment. Don’t smoke crack. Don’t get high on your own supply. All right. Wow.

Don’t do crack. First step crack. Crack is wack. Crack is wack. After his release from jail, Wallace made a demo tape and it was called the, I guess it was the Microphone Murderer. And while he, then, that was the first time he called himself Biggie Smalls. Hmm. And apparently there was a movie called, let’s Do It Again, in 1975, where this,  actor named Calvin Lockhart, his character was named Biggie Smalls.

And this was, , Sidney Poitier.  And Bill Cosby. Hmm. And so then he had a character in there where he looked like a pimp. He had a cape. Oh yeah. That’s like purple. Yes, exactly. And his name Kane. His name in that was Biggie Smalls. Oh, so it’s copyright infringement.

Yeah. So he kind of like, Dug it, I guess, and he was like, yeah, you know, uh, at that point he was six three and 350 pounds. Dude, guy’s, a fucking massive guy’s a left tackle. Holy shit. That’s the reason they call him biggie. No shit. Yeah, it’s massive. Yeah. Imagine me with an additional 160 pounds. You’re 63?

Yeah. Oh, okay. Eric? Yes. Ish. Fix. Are you serious? If I’m six feet tall, that means then makes make you look five. That’s funny, funny. 60 guys have like this thing if you attack their height, they’re so mad. It’s so cr it’s so mad. Well, you, you stand your tippy toes every time you stand next to me. Not really true.

It’s very true.

 Unsigned hype, dedicated and airing,  to promising rappers. And they featured Biggie,  and that’s where Sean Puffy Combs heard the demo tape. So, Sean, puffy Combs was with a and r Department of Uptown Records, and he arranged at that time to meet Biggie,  and then he signed him to uptown.

Then they released one song where he was on it. I’m not, I’m not gonna say it, Sean. Sean, Sean will do the honors. The song is called A Bunch of Niggas. Yeah. I can’t say that. I literally, I was waiting, I was like, is Eric, can I read it? No, I’m not gonna read it. I’m like looking at it like say it canceled.

White people are white. People are terrified of that word. Of course they’re, yeah, of course. I’m terrified. Absolutely. Unless, unless, unless you’re like, let my dad say it. He married a very black woman, so hopefully,  he released that, , and he was on that song, right? So, , puffy was on that. Like they both did appearance. Puffy was suspect, dancer in the song. So,  but then Puffy was fired from uptown, seconded his job.

And so a week later he launched something called Bad Boy Records. Mm. And instantly Biggie followed him to Bad Boy and he was signed to Bad Boy. I can’t imagine that like Pty had like a, financial backing at that time. Yeah, I know. Like crack crack money. Yeah. I don’t know how they did that. They like, I’m gonna, I’m gonna give you an i u yeah.

Trust me on this. That’s a what JC got started right? With his fucking drug money. Jay-Z. Yeah. Oh yeah. Really? 1%. Oh yeah. It’s another, JayZ was a drug dealer. Oh yeah. I didn’t know that. Oh, hundred percent. Hundred. Before he was a billionaire. He was dealing drugs in, in fucking New York. That’s how he started, um, what’s it called?

Rock. Rock. Yeah. A rock. Na, uh, rock. Not rock, fellas. What’s the fuck it? Yeah. Rockefeller Studio. Rockfeller. Yeah. Rock. Yeah. Whatever it is. Yeah. All right. Alright. So on August 8th, 1993, Jan Jackson, which was Biggie’s, long-term girlfriend, gave birth to his first. Tiana. Hmm. They were broken up by them.  but he did become a father in 1993 at the age of 20.

Classic. Yep. So then he, so he was dropped out of, of school  you know, he said he was, he’s got a hot track record sitting on the corner. He about selling rock and selling rock. So he kept, kept selling. So while he was rapping, he kept selling drugs. Then it’s good money. Apparently. Apparently Puffy found out about this and got him to.

, then Biggie did a remix with Mary j Blige. Mm-hmm. And that’s when he kind of started to get bigger. Yeah. I mean, Mary j Blige was, she’s been the shit for a long time. Yeah. So, , oh, real love. That’s what it was. Yeah. Yeah. It was called Real Love. Ah, looking for real. But right around that time she had done one with,  meth Man.

Really? Oh yeah. That, what’s, what’s the name of that one? Um, You’re, you’re all I need, or All I need, or whatever. And that shit took off. Really. That’s so, she was, she was hot in the, because she was very much like r and b. Yeah. Right. And then she started, um, just collaborating with all these rappers. So if you collaborated with her, you, you know, you, you’re in, you blew up.

Yeah. You’re in. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Well, so around this time, this is when Biggie, yeah. It is all I need. By the way, around this time, this is when Biggie became friends with Tu. Uh, that’s right. They were homies. Yeah, that’s right.  apparently Biggie was frequent guests at Shakur’s home and they spent time together in California, uh, as well as Washington dc.

, and, and some say that Biggie. Was inspired by Shakur. Hmm. And inspired, like his music kind of came, you know, there was inspiration there. Yeah. Cause I think it’s like, I think cuz like, you know, biggie’s Yeah. Crack bitches and Pac was more like a poet and he is , oh this is pretty tight.

I can look at you man. And don’t forget, forget PAC was also like cracking bitches. And don’t forget Biggie. Excelled in No, he was in a drug dealer. No, but he’s still, this is wrapped about. He was more like a mama was a crack fi mama was a crack fi, no thanks fish shit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So on March 23rd, 1996, biggie was arrested outside of a Manhattan nightclub for chasing and threatening to kill two fans who were trying to get his autograph.

Damn. Damn, that was it. He sucked. He smashed the windows of their taxi cab and he punched one. That’s a really ex extreme reaction. Yeah. I really love the music. We don’t know what happened. Like we don’t, they yeah, they, they were probably assholes. I, I mean, I’m assuming you would presume. Um, but  he pled guilty to second degree harassment.

Oh, okay. That the, okay, that’s that’s not bad. That’s, yeah, that’s not like attempted murder. So he was sentenced to a hundred attempted rape like Tupac. So he was sentenced to a hundred hours of community service. Which I guarantee he did not do I have, I bet. Cash. I’m not. I’m sure how he did, he did not serve the community.

Yeah. So a few months later though, he was arrested in New Jersey at his home. Damn. For drug and weapons charges. Like clearly the three strike program was not in place at this time. Like, like the strike six. Yes.

Okay, so this is the time period where Tupac and him kind of had a falling out because this is 96. This is 96 now. Right. So this is also when that shooting happened. Remember the, , the shooting at the New York shooting? Yes. Oh yeah, that’s right. I remember that. So this is when that happened, and then this is when Tupac released, hit him up.

Which was a dis track saying mm-hmm. Oh yeah. He, he fucked. Fuck I hit him. You see I fucked whoever. Yes. Fuck. He was like, dis everybody bad. Boy. See your bad boys, man. Fuck for life. Yes. And then, Biggie replied essentially with,  on Brooklyn’s Finest, which he was talking about, you know, if Fay had twins, she’d probably have two Pox, get it, two, you know, anyways, whatever.

Eh, I think two box is a little bit better. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. But he also said in an interview, cuz they asked him, they said what was that about? And he said, it’s not his style to respond to. Rap to battle. So to wrap the thing is they were like, why was he respond? So la you have to respond.

Something that’s , that’s a, that’s a culture in, in rap, you have to Oh yeah. Cause you can’t get somebody diss you. You’re gonna have to, I mean, look what happens to everybody who talks shit to Eminem. Like, God, he comes out with a fucking murder attract. Just vaporizes all enemies. Oh. Oh my God.

That’s why I’m  God, Eminem’s best shit is like, keep talking shit about ’em. Please. Yeah. I know, right? The shitty, somebody talks shit about Eminem.

Okay, so now we’re at September 96, and this is when Tupac was shot.  So Tupac was shot in a drive-by in Vegas and it, you know, like we said, if you haven’t listened to the episodes before, Check those out out cuz those are very important.

So, , that’s where we are now. Right? Rumors of Wallace’s involvement with Shakur’s murder though spread and , Well, he was the number one suspect in the, you know, call it the rap community or whatever for sure. Oh, yeah, yeah. Because of the whole East, east coast. West coast beef. Like in the, was like, yeah.

A report came out basically saying, or suggesting that he, it was like a Crip South side Crip Compton gang. Mm-hmm. And he supplied the. To make it. He was like, I wanna be involved. Yeah. And so that was, that was the initial thing that happened, right? He like wrote his name on a bullet. Yeah. I was like, yes.

And so Todd, so this is what Faith Evans said, right? Evans remembered her husband calling her on the night of Tupac’s death and crying from shock. She said, I think it’s fair to say he was probably afraid, given everything that was going on at the time and all the hype that was put on his so-called beef that he didn’t really have in his heart against.

Oh, so he’s like, oh shit, they’re coming from you next. He, he knew something was that, so his co-manager at the time, Wayne Barrow, said Wallace was recording the track, nasty boy that night. So he wasn’t in Vegas. Okay. So that’s, they’re saying physically impossible for Yeah, it was a great alibi. Yeah. No, no, no.

Well, I don’t think it, I never heard of it of him person. Being there during the hit or whatever. Yeah. He like FedEx. I was gonna get into it cuz it, yeah, would he Involved is another story. I put that in there because that  is a witness saying he was in New York. Okay. Oh, perfect. Was perfect Alibi. Yeah.

My manager, he wasn’t there. Yeah, I’m paying him. He was in the studio, I swear. Okay. So two days after Tupac died, Wallace and Little Cease was arrested in Brooklyn. Little Sea, little Caesar. Little Seas. A little sea, a little cease. Oh, like Caesar? Yeah. A little Caesar. Little Caesar. A little cease. Yeah. , they were arrested in Brooklyn for smoking weed in public, and they had their car repossessed.

Yeah. It’s definitely not 20, 23 boys. Sorry. Yeah. Yeah. So that was two days after Tupac got killed. Okay. So the next day, 20th charge. Yes. Strike 20. Strike 20 out. So the next day, the dealership chose. A Chevy Lumina rental SUV as a for their repossessed car. Yeah. What a, what? A hot substitute.

Yeah. I’ve got this dope, uh, Chevy Lumina with your name on it, brother.  little cease object. He’s like, this sheriff sets right. The vehicle had brake problems, but Wallace just dismissed them and just said, take the car. Later that day, the car collided with a rail in New Jersey and it shattered Wallace’s left leg.

He’s like, I told you this brakes were fucked up. Little ceases. Fuck. I hate saying Lolo. Well, seize, seize little jaw and leaving. Anyways with many injuries. So he had a car accident two days later, basically. Oh, so damn it shattered his jaw and it’s like, wow. Damn. Then saw going fast as fuck. So damn, so biggie.

Biggie. Spent months in a hospital and he was temporarily confined to a wheelchair and forced to use a cane. Well, yeah, I mean that’s a lot of weight on those. If he got like, I don’t remember that. I don’t know about you guys, but yeah, I remember him being in the hospital for that. I do remember the cane.

Yeah. Cause afterwards he came out with like music videos. He was like, I sold, put him my facade. Yeah, yeah, exactly. It’s part roof. It’s part of my pip cane. I know. A pimp front, my wheelchair around. so then,  right before Halloween in October 1996.  Evans gave birth to Wallace’s son, Christopher CJ Wallace Jr.

Hmm. So he is now a father of two? Yes. Yeah. So early 1997. Biggie Smalls was trying to squash the East coast, west Coast rap feud. And, , everybody thought that the murder of Tupac kind of fueled it to even more, made it even more. And so he was  you know, I don’t wanna, do you want everybody wanna revenge or, yeah.

And he was like, this is getting out of control. He’s , I, I’ve got kids, bro. I wanna die. Yes. Exactly.  so now that he’s the father of a young son and another child he recently removed himself from, so he was walking around with a cane.  so he finished his sophomore album for Bad Boy Entertainment called Life After Death.

 and he Interesting. One of the best, yeah, he traveled to an interesting choice in of name of Life after Death. Well, it’s like Tupac. Interesting. They called it Machiavelli. Yeah. I know. What’s their fascination with that? I don’t know. It’s, it probably just wanted, it’s from a fast life man. You know you’re gonna die live at the point of you living like that shit.

I’m loving, I’m living the fast life baby. So March 5th, 1997, biggie did a radio interview at the dog house in San Francisco on K Y L D.  he spoke about how he needed to hire security cuz he was fearing the safety of himself and his. Yeah, it’s weird, why I go to Cali just to do like a radio interview.

Mm. Well, no, I mean, he’s doing a tour, you know what I mean? That makes, he’s he’s doing things, so, yeah. , so, and he’s trying to squash it, so he’s like, squash the beef piece. Let me go over there, lemme talk to these peeps and yeah, hopefully like put a little, I don’t know, little PR goodwill. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

, so he originally planned to go to Europe, but he canceled and he found him. At the Westwood Marquee Hotel on March 8th. Sounds like a fucking Jan ass hotel. The Westwood Marquis, I mean, you probably got hookers at that hotel for sure, according to his agent, Phil Casey. , they spent most of the day discussing plans for their upcoming tour, but they spent so much time in the hotel, he was itching to get out, so the rapper.

Convinced his crew to head to an industry party at the Peterson Automotive Museum in the Miracle Mile District. And this was sponsored by Quincy Jones’ Vibe Magazine. Nice. Yeah. Quincy Jones. Yep.  puffy later recounted that attending a Jones party on the outskirts of Beverly Hills seemed like a safe move as it.

Well, it quite in downtown, but it’s also interesting that like Quincy Jones’ daughter was, was, was dating Tupac. It’s also like a weird like connect the connections here. So much connections. Yes. Yes. Okay. So then they go to this Soul Train awards after party that was hosted by Vibe at the museum. Right.

Tons of famous people are there, Aaliyah’s there. Oh wow. R i p. Mm-hmm. Everyone’s dead. Jesus.  all these members of the Bloods and the Crips snuck up. Yes. It’s, this is a huge party. That was pretty awesome. It’s a ra ra party and, and, uh, except for the gang members. And Biggie was, it was noted that Biggie was drinking Dom Peron.

Of course it was. And, you know, , Missy Elliot was there Okay. Every day. And they were, you know, And every like 10 minutes they were playing hypnotize and you know, they were just having a good time, I guess so. Yeah, yeah, for sure. And so around midnight to 1230, the venue became cramped and overcrowded and the fire department came.

They’re like, get the fuck out. And they said, this is too much. This is out code. Now close it down. Okay, so that’s when you know it’s a party, man. You get, I know when they get shit Marsh. Fire, fire, fire Marshal bills coming in. Shut this shit down. Fire Marshall. Tell me, tell you time. Tell me to tell you time.

 So,  puffy and Biggie they, I guess, trickled out with the rest of the partygoers and they paused, pose for photos before.

Of course. Turning their stereo, blasting their tracks. Right? So they decided to head back to their hotel.  Puffy jumped into the first of three cars that had several bodyguards in it. Biggie settled into the front passenger seat of the second car.

Okay. A green Suburban. Okay.  he was with G Money, which was his drivers. Uh, which was his driver and two of his friends. So at approximately 12:45 AM  Puffy’s SUV blue through yellow.

Right. So, so biggie’s following him. Mm-hmm. Yeah. He was in the, he was the lead. I’m the good Right? Punching. Yes. And then Biggie’s car was idling at the intersection of Wilshire and Fairfax. Then sudden and, and, and a sec. And another one. Right. Another car behind, there’s another car behind two, two SUVs. So then suddenly a white Toyota Lane Cruiser made a U-turn and tried to squeeze in between the two.

Weird. Weird. Okay. Yep. Yeah, that’s fucking sketch. Right at that moment, a dark Chevy Impala pulled up. Next to Biggie, the driver was an African American man in a blue suit and a bow tie. Damn look classy. He made eye contact with Biggie before reaching over and emptying his automatic pistol in the car. Mm fuck.

 The shooter sped off on Wilshire. Meanwhile, puffy abandoned his. He jumped out of his suv. He raced across the street to the green suburban where he found biggie, hunched over, tongue out bleeding, all over the dashboard.

See, that’s okay. Oof. That’s the one thing. I don’t know. I guess maybe it’s like irony that kind of partial, that biggie. I mean, that Puffy’s got something, something to do with it. Mm-hmm. Who you hear like ba like, like shunts go out and you’re , I’m gonna get outta my car and run across into the fire.

He’s not a fucking Navy seal that. Mm-hmm. I, I just don’t see him. I don’t know. Maybe I You don’t gotta be, it’s very, it’s it’s his friend. Let’s say that happened between me and you. You’d probably wanna be , oh, show the fuck up out. Yeah. And also, by the way, that’s a good point. I wanna jump out.

It’s done already. You, the, the shots are done and the guy sped off. Yeah. So you’re , ah, fuck, I gotta go over there and check it out. Well but see it’s a little different cuz luckily I, with , you know I’m a carrot conceal. Yeah, that right. We ready to roll? I’m popping shots off. Lemme put my Navy seal hat on it.

That’s it. Running. I’ve done training courses In my mind, in my mind. I’m sure though you, I, I’m, I have watched plenty of Navy scenes, colies. Okay. I watch the terminal list. I’ve seen, I’ve seen, I’ve seen John Wick 1, 2, 3 and four. Four. Let’s, uh, I’m, odds are the, that Puffy had a gun on. I’m for sure that that makes, there’s a 98.9% chance.

 Okay. So,  the driver of biggie’s.  SUV Florida to nearby Cedar C Medical Center. Mm. Where  it took six people to lift Biggie. It’s 350 pounds on May six, three onto a 6 3, 3 50, and onto a gurney. And like dead weight’s. The worst weight. Yeah. And they sent him immediately. Into surgery, but unfortunately the four bullets that hit him had already done the damage and he was pronounced dead at 1:15 AM Fuck.

Hmm. He was 24 years old. He’s so young.  his autopsy wasn’t even released for 15 years, but when it was released,  the actual, the final shot was the one that killed him.  and it entered through his right hip and it struck his colon, liver, heart, and left lung all in one bullet.

Holy shit. Shit. Yeah. Wait, colon, liver, heart, and, and left Lung? Yeah. How the fuck did he, he hit the ass, like he shot from, I don’t mean, it was like, maybe it was like, wasn’t necessarily a as maybe it was like Ben over and like, and it hit through here, hit the corner and then got, goes up where they had one of those magic bullets like they did with Okay.

It hit every organ in his body. Biggie back and into the.

So now here’s an interesting point though that is in comparison to Tupac. Okay? So when he died, his estate was estimated around 10 million. Not a hundred. Not a hundred K. Yeah. Weird. Huh? That is weird. That’s weird. That is super weird. I mean, especially Trajectory was pretty much the same. Well, and Tupac had more albums now.

That’s right. It’s just like how the Suge fucked him. I know, exactly. Going back to that. Yeah. Like the contract that he made to get him outta jail, I think he probably got most of the profit, signed his life away. Literally. They’re probably like, Hey, I’ll get you outta jail, but I’m gonna get majority of the prophets in this.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. There you go. That’s the,  the murder of. Notorious, b I g  so,  that was only six months or so after Tupac and,  You know, the world was, I know Shook. It was different than Tupac. Tupac lived for a few days. Yeah. Right. And so Biggie was just dead. Dead. Yeah. And also he died about an hour after he got shot.

Yeah. I wouldn’t say that they ex people expected it, but it was kind of like, it’s not a shocker because of the whole east coast, west coast. And it’s , oh, somebody got revenge. You know? He was even, he clearly told his wife that he was scared. He was scared for his security and all that stuff. Yeah.

Yeah. He was paranoid. I remember him talking about that and you know, getting more security and just always just paranoid. Yeah. Couldn’t sleep. Yeah. And this is obviously before they , were , oh, we can just bulletproof, we can just bulletproof murder this car’s out. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, man, that’s, it just sucks.

He’s so young. Two kids like, ah, this is such super tragic. From there it’s 24. I know. That’s crazy. I,  and then,  puff Daddy came out with the, the.  dedicated to him. Mm. You know what I mean? Yeah. From Sting. Yeah. That was actually in the news recently. Did you see that? No. No.  puff Daddy did a podcast or an interview and he said that  he had to pay Sting five grand a day because he didn’t get.

The rights to the song. Oh, I did see that. Yeah. It was like last week. Yeah, I, I literally did see that.  that’s a lot of money. It’s like, it’s like three or $4 million a year.  oh man, sting said it’s true. And, , but they’re friends now and, and he’s like, Hey, like, I’m sure it was not that much.

They worked it out. Like they just gimme two mil and we’re good. Okay, so the theories of notorious b I. Yeah. Yeah. You ready? Okay. So in 2002, Randall Sullivan released a book called Labyrinth and it compiled evidence by retired lap, detective Russell Pool. Do you remember Russell Pool? No. Oh, wait. Was he the guy that Tupac told a fuck off?

No, no, no. Russell Pool is the detective. Oh, was working on the tea. Oh, he worked on and he went crazy and he got fired and he got let go and you know, all that sort of thing. But he had some good theories and some good police work where he thought that Suge Knight was part of it. Ah. Mm-hmm. So also, Russell Pool was working on the murder of Biggie.

Right.  His theory was that Suge Knight, the co-founder of Death Row Records,  was a blood affiliated person mm-hmm. And was accused of conspiring with somebody named David Mack. David Mack was an lap p d officer. Mm. David Mack also  moonlighted as a death row security employee. Okay. Oh right. So he was an LA PD officer and then at nights and the weekends, he’d go to the Missy Elliot events and he would protect  okay. For death row, which was Tupac’s and, and, and shows knight’s record label. Right, right. So the theory is that. David Mack conspired with Amir  mohamed to kill Biggie.

And who, who’s Amir also is  an associate of Max. Okay. Yeah.  do we know if Mack was, uh, doing any kind of security or anything there that night? At the, at the museum? At that party? Yeah. That’d be, that’d be good to know. That’d be interesting. There is some loose evidence that suggests that. Mm.

Yeah. If he was one of the drivers, he’d be , boy, sketch. Yeah. He’s , no. They’re , it’s green, but again, it’s a blast to turn yellow. Trust me. But again, this is the, the guy, remember we were talking about Russell Poole and he’s a methodical detective. They even if detective. Yeah. Yeah.

Like even if he was crazy or , uh, a zealot. Yeah. He, he still is a good cop. He still is a good cop. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Even had people his cap or said he was a good cop, so he had evidence, quote unquote. , the Muhammad guy was the shooter supported by Mack. I also think that it’s, it’s unfortunate.

I think this guy had gotten to the point where he. Was on the brink of, in insanity. Mm-hmm. So it’s , it’s hard to believe what he’s saying. I know. Mm-hmm. Even though if it could be true. Yeah. But that sounds like it could be true because if it sounds like, you know, the guy is in, in,  SU’s pocket and he’s  he probably has some, you know, major dirt on him and shouldn’t in insane what easy to do with that.

Or just money cuz clearly shook, paid 3 million pre pocket Right. Money. Yeah. Remember, I remember that. Did he cremate it with a fucking nuclear warhead? Like Jesus, like 3 million gold cash, all gold. You, the guy like dipped on top of being paid off by Shug. He probably was fucking scared to death of I have to like everybody else, kill everybody else is still, I’m still, I’m still, I’m Terrifi Did it.

Was in the, the state, I’d probably leave. Yeah, go ahead. Get the fuck a house. Just imagine Suge shows up at a family barbecue. I’d shoot him immediately. Like with, with no record. No, there would be no questions. I mean, no communication. I would shoot him instantly. Local podcaster. And I would literally, and I would tell the cops, I’m like, it’s Suge Knight.

What do you want me to do? Be like, you know. Good point. I already shot him too. So,  in March of 2005,  Biggie’s family actually filed a wrongful death claim against the lap D and it was based on Russell Pool’s evidence. Oh, okay. I was , okay, well, so at that point they were , you know, nobody’s getting charged.

We’re gonna get, we’re gonna sue the LAPD for a wrongful death suit. But there’s, so how does that a civil, but what are the evidence though? So it’s, it’s kind of like this. Because like if they weren’t involved at all. Yes. Right. How does that work? It’s, it’s basically, , saying that they  are liable for the death of Biggie.

Because, because some dude, they’re protecting them or, well, because they have evidence that an lap. Oh, okay. Yes. They have evidence that the LAPD had evidence to make an arrest, but they never did. Okay. Oh, I see. And there was a cop involved. Oh, see that’s what I’m saying. Right. So they’re saying we have, we have exhausted all resources.

Nobody’s getting arrested. We’re gonna, okay. We’re. We’re gonna sue people because I thought it was a point  I’m gonna file, I’m gonna sue LAPD cuz the wrongful death of my dog, Archie. Yeah. They could have done something about Exactly. I need repercussion. Pay me. No. Okay, fine. That makes sense. That doesn’t make sense, that does make sense.

So,  unfortunately, win. No, unfortunately, the suit was dropped and before the trial began and,  settled, FBI dismissed it as, no, they probably, they probably dis, quote unquote discredited. Maybe the evidence, it wasn’t like strong enough to hold up in court. Maybe two years later,  Biggie’s family filed another.

Wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles, against the Earth. Yeah. They alleged, or they said that,  another two officers that were affiliated with Death Row admitted that they conspired to murder and participated in the murder of Christopher Wallace. The Wallace family said the LAPD consciously concealed.

This officer’s involvement in the murder of Wallace.  but a US district judge dismissed it in December of 2007. Yeah. Okay. Sure. Yeah. You know, I, I mean, I, I think it’s just, it’s a stupid lawsuit. Anyway, sorry. Damn, it’s just me. Oh, same. So months after Biggie’s murder,  officer Mack and another officer named Perez were convicted for crimes that were not related.

I mean, they’re clearly, they were dirty. They were clearly dirty. I mean, no one’s, no one’s saying they’re not. Yeah, Mac, Mac was hundred percent. Mac was convicted for a bank robbery. What fuck, Perez was convicted for stealing cocaine. Like from the evidence locker. Yeah. Yeah. Whoops. It ist. So then recently,  one of their cellmates told investigators said Perez and Mac were involved with death row records.

Perez was involved with Death Row through Officer Mack. They went to all their parties and all their events. Mm-hmm. Perez was working security. Perez had a cell phone. Perez said he called David Mack on his cell phone and told Mack that Biggie Smalls was in his truck. Perez never said he set up Biggie Smalls, but I have heard that he had something to do with the murder according to the prisoner.

Okay. This is super, it just. Yeah. It’s a such like, like it’s a stretch. Perez is a man. Perez has weapons. Okay. So now, now nothing has happened. Yeah. We fast forward all the way to March, 2017. Oh, this is 10 years later. Yeah. Valletta Wallace. So, oh, that’s a mom, the biggest mom. His moms said the following.

I have a very good idea who murdered Chris. I genuinely believe the lap. P d knows exactly who did it too. Oh, they’ve done their investigation, but they refuse to move forward. I don’t know why they haven’t arrested who was involved. It seems to me that it’s one giant conspiracy. Ooh. And someone is definitely being protected Somewhere down the line.

We should have emailed her. Yeah. There’s no closure for me until the murderer is behind bars and sentenced. And that’s biggie’s mom. Mm. So I have a little,   yeah, dairy Little nugget. It came from my wife and

  Who do you know who owns the publishing rights to Biggie? No. Puffy. Yep. Oh yeah, he does. So Pete Diddy owns the publishing rights. So P did E bought the publishing rights when, yeah. I believe it was right after he died. Really? 200. Uh, what a deal. 200 k public card.

What a deal. 200 K, right? Like get the fuck outta it. Yeah. Somebody offered you that deal. Would you take it? Fuck yeah. That would borrow, I would, I would, you know, a money Diners card. You know what money he’s made off card? Anything? I don’t even think they make cards. They did. I’d get it. Yeah. No, but ladies made tens of millions of dollars off that.

Yeah. Interesting. And also it’s. According to little Cs. So little Cs had said that that Biggie was actually planning to leave Bad Boy. Oh, records really? For a better deal. I never heard of that though. Yeah. So apparently he was gonna leave Bad Boy records. So the conspiracy being P Diddy, you know, is like, This is when p d just started.

Yeah, his is his only legit rapper. Oh yeah. With Bad boy. Do you have nobody else? Who else was part bad Boy? Well, there eventually a lot of people, but, well, he had mace. That was a big one too. Remember? Mace Mace. Dude, he fighted for a little bit. That was after, that was after Biggie. I love it though. Yeah.

Hundred percent. Hundred percent after Big. Sorry. But yeah, so nobody else. Definitely not on, there was other people, but Biggie was his golden goose. Yeah. So if Biggie leaves, he’s fucked. He loses all credibility. Suge at Lees had, um, oh dude. Sugg had like, everybody s right? Su, Snoop, Snoop, right.

Dre, Dre hit everybody. I don’t know who else, but, so I think he would’ve been , he would’ve tanked and so it. It’s suspects, it’s it’s plausible, followed the money kind of thing. It’s plausible to follow the money. He, you know, organized this thing. Mm-hmm. His driver speeds to the yellow. He organizes like these guys, he’s involved.

He didn’t do it himself, but he’s involved with setting up this, him getting killed. Mm-hmm. That way he’s not, he didn’t leave me. He, he dies. He’s instantly immortalized. You know, artists, artists are always bigger after their death. He buys his fucking publishing rights for like pennies of the dollar.

Then after his death releases five album. Five true. Three new albums and then two,  two ,  collaborate, like collection albums. Yeah. Like, come on. That’s a lot of it’s, more albums than he did while he was alive. I’m just saying. It’s strange. It’s just a conspiracy, an interesting one.

I always, I always like to kind of go follow the money and that, and that’s Jeremy where all the money went, Jeremy, because that, that is, that’s the motive. I’m just saying that’s no. Is that the number one motive? Well, for most things, number one, but all of all, no. In, in murders. In murders. The top, the murders nefarious.

I think it’s revenge general. I think it’s more revenge. Revenge is more like more than money. Dude, if you look at, if you look statistically in terms of all murders, no, it’s, do you know much forensic files? Me and my wife are Christ. I’ve watched hundreds of episodes. Fucking CSI expert. A we here It’s money, right?

No, it’s, it’s,  it’s three things. It’s money. It’s sexual, like sexual related. Yeah, yeah. Or it’s relationship related. Like, so it is like a revenge type thing. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. But , it’s usually , okay, I killed my wife to get the, to get the insurance. Or Okay. Or  I, I killed like out of, out of a less , oh, we got in a fucking argument with my wife and I kill her cuz we got pissed.

Right. Or it’s , I find out my wife’s cheating on me so I kill her. And the dude, she’s the guy fucking, yeah. Yeah. So it’s like, those are the main reasons, obviously, . Alright. All. All. That’s an interesting theory. It is a theory. Yeah. I’m not saying it’s true, I’m just saying it’s No, no, I know. It’s a theory.

Yeah. Because there is a lot of things, especially him being able to buy his publishing rights are 200 K. Yeah. Even if you look now, that’s suspect to me, a classic example. It’s everyone’s now selling their publishing rights. Fucking Bieber. Bieber sold his publishing rights. Justin 200 million timber really did too.

Yeah. Timberlake sold his for like 150 mil. Yeah. Oh my God. Dude, everyone I know that everyone’s selling their publishing rights. They like, I’d rather have a hundred, 200 million now than make 500. And it’s kinda like with me, that’s like a cash out, take a cash, I’ll pay the taxes. Yeah. Interesting. So that’s a theory.

I thought, , what I found when I was, I was looking into this, cause I also did this with Tupac, you know what I mean? Like they kind of go hand in hand.  but it seemed like there were more outrageous theories about Tupac than they were about Biggie. Yeah, for sure. Because every, no one’s like Biggie’s alive.

Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. Why? And I couldn’t figure out why. I don’t know. He doesn’t have an aunt in Cuba, so Yeah. Out, I dunno. Yeah. That, and also he’s in Jamaica. He died right away. Whereas Tupac, you know, lived for, lived for like a week, I think it was seven days. It was like four, four or five, five days.

Yeah. Yeah. Something like that. So. So there’s that. There’s that. Yeah. All right. And he died with a hundred grand. I know. Which is bizarre. Still a bizarre, yeah. I don’t understand that. All right. So, Where do you, what do you believe? Yeah. You were gonna say something. Where are you bad, Eric?

Still deciding. Honestly, I feel like Tupac’s is, is more clear cut than biggies. Mm. I feel like, I feel like biggie’s is I, I don’t know. Well, these Tupac, a confrontation Really like Tupac. I’m, yeah. And Tupac, I’m like, okay. I kind of feel like Orlando Anderson did it with somebody else, maybe. Mm-hmm. But with Biggie, it’s really, you’re like, who?

Yeah. There’s no,  I, I don’t, I mean, sure. The officers, and maybe there was collusion there and maybe, I don’t know. Okay. But who, who was the master? With them. That’s true. Maybe they were the peons. Well there was that guy with the bow tie. I know. Who’s the guy with the bow tie? I know. Like, my God, like he’s like, yeah.

And why is he wearing a bow? Like honestly? Well he was at that party. No, but oh, maybe he wasn’t at the party. Yeah. You know, that’s ing Good point. They should have, but they should have cross referenced that with like who was the phone. So,  true.  Now I don’t want, this or this might sound racist.

So Sean, me out, Sean, help me out. I’ll be here. I’ll be your PI here. Yeah. What, what? Black community, , wears bow ties in nice clothes, Muslims, Muslims. Mm. And they do. And they do it. It’s, it’s actually right. It’s actually, it’s not, it’s actually a good thought. It’s actually good fishing. We’re fishing. No, they, but this is a thing.

They make a note. They make a note to dress nicely. They, they want to dress nice. They want tie, they wanna look right. Not a thing They always do. Bowties. Yes. Always. They don’t wear regular ties. I feel like maybe because that’s a string, like, no, but the thing, I don’t know. I don’t, I don’t have anything to, to back up.

Trust me. You know what I mean? It seems weird. I literal thought the same exact. But the Muslims are super devout and , they’re not into , that’s true. And when you’re a real Muslim, you’re, you’re not into killing people. No. Yeah. , it doesn’t matter. Usually you’re not a secret gangster.

No, I’m not necessarily saying they don’t really give a shit about money. They don’t really care about that. , so I don’t, I don’t think that’s, I’m not saying that it’s the Muslim community as a whole, I’m more, I’m just saying there’s something there that if I was, if I wanted to dedicate my life, be a detective.

I would go down that route. I’m sure it’d be a route. So I’d be like, okay, what is that? Why is he wearing a bow tie in a ghetto situation? Yeah. Cause I was thinking even at the party ghetto, it was like a, it was like a,  it was a gangster rat party. No, dude was like, said it. No, he was wearing it.

It’s a vibe party. Vibe magazine. Vibe party. Yeah. Like, okay, fine. There’s a bunch of rappers and Yeah, I guess so. Maybe that’s right. But it wasn’t  it was like an, an. It almost like a block party. Yeah. It’s like, , wear your jeans, bro. Yeah. What are you doing? Right. So if to answer it like, definitively, I would say, cuz remember if you, if you remember the Tupac one, I was more on the side of Orlando Anderson did it?

Yeah. And that’s because that’s the kind of, I feel like there’s a conspiracy dude. I’m gonna say mine, but, but what is a conspiracy? I don’t, I don’t even have a, you, you just feel like I don’t even have a conspiracy. I feel like there is one, but I don’t have one that I, it is, and I don’t have one that I like.

I like the PW one. That’s weird. Good. I, I like, I do, I like the idea of that. . Off-duty cop that worked for,  death For, for Suge? Yeah. Yeah. And he’s the one that set it all up to take Biggie out. Yeah. Why? But there has, there has to been some mastermind behind that, right? Well, well that was him, Suge. It was him and Suge.

Yes. Oh, so you said Suge did, thats on the strings. You’re up to Suge is everything. I know, right? Man, poor, bad man. He’s a bad, he’s a bad, bad guy. He’s a super bad guy. Okay, so you’re, you’re saying that you think Suge orchestrated both. I think Suge definitely. Yeah, that’s contradictory, but No, no, no. Really cuz cuz shook because, well it’s not contradict, SU just loves to take people out.

Yeah. I’m such a good, bad guy. I know, right? Maybe cuz like, you know, cuz Shook was also like West Coast and maybe he thought like, okay this East coast motherfuckers wants to talk shit. Like I’ll show him what happens to the East Coast. Motherfuckers talk shit. That’s what I’m saying, man. Kill. What was it about a year that passed?

Was it six months? Six months. Six months? Yeah. Okay, fine. Yeah, some time had passed since Tupac’s Athen. There was a lot of shit talking still going on about East Coast’s, west Coast shit. And his, it, his label was dragged through that every single time. Yeah. And, and I also think it was probably more, it wasn’t like really biggie talking shit, but it maybe had just been pity, talking shit.

Cause I know they. Shit. He did nothing. Cause you know, cuz Suge and Pete Diddy had a thing where they would always talk shit to each. That’s right. That’s right. And so he was probably , oh, I got this new fucking hot rapper bitch fucking sucker. He was  oh, okay. I don’t wanna hurt him. I’m gonna kill him.

Just to, just to hurt Pete Diddy. Right. That’s possible. And so I think that the lap D does know at least a very good idea mm-hmm. Of who it is, but maybe they don’t have the evidence. Exactly. Mm-hmm. From, from the research I’ve done, it’s they didn’t have solid concrete evidence that. Be able to have a case that would hold up.

Yeah. So they can’t prosecute, really. I see. And, and there was also definitely some shadiness going on from the research I did of like, people wouldn’t confirm, you know, details and, and at the time LAPD was hella corrupt. Exactly. Just like super corrupt at this time. Exactly, exactly. I just think that the person who, the person who gained the most, and by any the most, I mean, gained .

It was the perfect, the perfect outcome for him. Yeah. It just see when, when something’s too perfect, you’re like sweet. Yeah. I just fucking made out like a 200 k fucking, I would agree that there’s some, but, but I’m not saying he did it. He did it. You’re fine. I’m not accusing you Ofm saying you might have been involved.

I would agree that there’s skeletons there. Oh, for sure. I think there’s some, there’s so, so where, where do we get that? , biggie wanted to leave Bad boy. That is, that is from little. Okay, so little Cs came out. Rumor, really, like we, we don’t really know, we don’t have any other, was was clearly his close, close friend.

That’s true, true. Dunno, true story. I don’t know where else I would get, you know, close friends. The best we’re gonna get. Here’s, here’s what I, here’s what I, well like, because. Sorry, just, but there was the same rumor with Tupac that he was wanting to leave that pro. Yeah, yeah. But I have heard that from multiple sources.

When you do the research, there’s multiple sources that Tupac was saying that Well then, yeah, then sugar, fucking game money. You wanna get a prison bitch like Sand Rat your name on this napkin nap, nap napkin here. Well it’s not a bad thing to just say, Hey, we’re stumped on something.

True. I, you know what I mean? I actually, this, I, I have my feeling about it, but I I’m not very confident. Yeah, yeah, yeah. At all. Yeah, yeah. Like no confidence. Yeah. I’m there too. I’m just stumped with it, honestly. Yeah. The more documentaries I watch, the more things I read. Everything. I got less and less convinced about everything and I got more confused, to be honest.

But the thing is like, I think we all agree It wasn’t just , there was some, there’s something there. Sure. There was a hit. There’s some shit. Oh yeah, there was a hit. There’s some shit going down. Remember the white, the white car? Yeah. Yeah. Like with the, yeah. The Toyota 4runner.  what are you doing here?

Top of that,  cuz they’re, they got in between the two cars, I guess that the, a second car couldn’t ram them or some shit. Right. This? Yeah. See there was, this was like organized something. This is an organized, it was definitely organized. It was a thing. Yeah. All right, well,  we’d love to hear what you guys say.

Biggie’s, mom. , Viola. Vita. Valletta. Valletta. Is it Valletta? We’re with you. We’re with you. We’re with you,  hey, if you, if you, we would love to have you, you know, if you wanna send us a vo, a voice note and we can, we can put it on the podcast. Try to get you some more exposure out. I,  there you go.

That’s what we got. Yeah, please message us.  hit us up on ig, email us.  you can, you can leave comments, asking questions.

 We really love to get you guys feedback. We, we wanna get you guys involved. We want you to, you know, be a part of this with us because obviously, Don’t know everything. Not even close. Yeah. Did we miss something? Let us know and hit us up. Absolutely. So post haste my hasting.

Sincerely, sincerely, Hasting with yours. 90 night.