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Episode 23: Tupac Shakur: The Unsolved Murder of a Rap Legend (Part 2)

Podcast Transcription

Hey everybody. Welcome back to the Conspiracy Podcast. Go Time. Yes. Let’s, let’s do it. We’re back part you two, part two, part Dee of two Pac. What was his name? Pac. Tupac. It’s part Tupac. Yeah. That’s such a name joke. Two Pac, that’s a like T or Tu, what was his name? LaShaun. Uh. Crooks. Sean Crooks.


Like still him. Bishop Crooks, right? Sean Crooks. Bishop. Uh, so I think it was Bishop Crook was the middle name man. Something like that. That’s funny. Wasn’t that his name In Um, oh yeah. J wasn’t, not no crook above the rim. It was it. It was Itm. Was Bishop. Bishop? It was Bishop. It was Bishop. Yeah, it was Bishop.


We have to do a little rewatch. Oh, oh yeah, we do. Yeah, for sure you do. Little rewatch. Okay, so we left you guys off. Uh, honestly, with him dying. With him dying dead, he was dead. Tupac fucking dead. Yeah, that was, that was the moment when he died. And, um, what was his famous last words? Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, Kappa.


Yeah, but if you haven’t, if you haven’t listened to episode one, Or part one, , , please listen to like, no, trust me, you don’t wanna get this. Oh, it’s good. It was good. This literally just happened where my wife was listening and she listened, she tuned in on a, I think it was, might have been chappaquidick, and she turned on the second one.


She was like, what’s happening to no idea. And she was like, your podcast is  all over the place. And I’m , what is. You’re on part two? Yeah, part two. So, so listen to the part one first. Just part one. Yeah. You’re gonna go back to part one. Yep. So we left you off, basically Tupac died in the hospital a few days later.


Um, after being shot four times, , on the street four more times than I could survive. Yeah, exactly.  So right after that happened,  in Compton. Basically a war broke out between north and south and it was blood Crips and, and I know all these murders started happening and it’s funny, it wasn’t, it was like, oh, east, west side. Now it’s like just West Side, but Split now became West Side.


Yeah. Now it became blood Crips kind of thing. Mm-hmm. You know? And, uh, Uh, there were rumors that, that it was even $10,000 for every south side crept killed. Yeah. Su Cause Su su was a blood. Yep. Oh yeah. Hardcore. Yeah. Yep, yep, yep. And I’m gonna just put in these couple notes because, so, , Tupac died in 96 and uh, and then in March of 97, biggie did his final interview and they asked him, If he was involved with, did you kill Tupac, sir?


Yeah. They asked him, give us the truth exactly. And we can go on, you could go on on YouTube and check it out. And, and it’s an interview with him. And he is like, I had nothing to do with that. I didn’t have any power. I didn’t have power enough for that yet, he said yet, which is super, super weird. Like you’re talking about your old friend’s death.


I couldn’t have killed you thrown. I still gonna, but he says I didn’t have the power to. Yet that was word for word. That’s what he says. Well, he did blow up after that. I mean, he was like, yeah. He became the goat of the time. No, according to he was never the goat close. Biggie was if Tupac was gone, the next best one was Biggie at the time.


At the time. That’s what I just, you guys are the ones that are talking about the goat of the time. The goat of it’s the greatest of all time.  Okay, but you guys are the ones that we’re talking about the, the goat of the time anyways. Definitely Biggie. It’s biggie took over. It’s got, it’s the.


The goat of the time, the, the God.  So, and then we’ll do it in another episode. But, uh, biggie, basically six, six months later, biggie was killed. Yep. And he was killed in a, in a, in a similar fashion where he was in a car and somebody pulled up and just shot him. Yeah. And he, he actually died more instantly.


Oh, he is a, is a large target to hit. Yeah. Yeah. Well, he was shot, he was shot like right in the, oh, like, yeah. Pretty much done. We’ll get into that. So basically the two biggest rappers on the planet died within six months of each other. And, um, shame. Yeah. Crazy. So they’re always tied together, right?


They’re always tied together because they’re so close. Yeah. If Biggie would’ve died like 10 years later, they’ve like, they would’ve been two different Yeah. Yeah. Things. Well, it was because of that. And they were friends and they were the two best ones. Friends, enemies, frenemies. Yeah.


There’s a lot of conspiracies about Tupac and,  I mean, you gotta start with Suge Knight. Oh yeah. You start with Suge Knight. I mean, he in prison, he kind of. His career. You know, uh, not a lot of people know this, but apparently Tupac, when he died, he had a hundred thousand dollars to his name. That seems wild.


Wow. Number one records probably like, cause that was probably, that was probably a deal with Suge number one. Suge Knight was probably like, I’ll get you outta prison, but I’ll take an everything. Yeah. So a hundred, a hundred thousand dollars is not a lot of money. It’s like $0 for someone to be number one at anything on the planet.


Sure. It was a lot more back then, but, but still, still, still. He doesn’t to be somebody like him of his. And you don’t even have like 1 million, right? Yeah. Yeah. And to have albums selling millions. I mean, he sold and multiple albums he sold, I think he sold the millions albums, 75 million in, in a month.


That’s ridiculous of probably the all i me and then the Mac Valley one came out. Yeah. And that shit was on fire too. Yeah. So Suge Knight said something strange at the end.  he said that he paid 3 million for Tupac to be crem. What, what did it get? Cremated in the sun. This, honestly, this is recorded. You could go look at and you can listen to Suge Knight saying this.


He’s so full of shit. I feel like Suge Knight is fucking full of shit, dude. I could get, I can get a fucking, I could get a city cremated for 3 million. Like I will cremate you for 20. I will literally put you on bonfire for free. Make the shit outta. I will, you gimme a 50 spot. I’m doing it for you. Don’t worry.


I’ll tell you my, um, but yeah, anyways, so he said, he said the following, I’m gonna quote, I’m gonna quote this guy. I’ll fake three milli. He says, when Pac died, I mean if he really did, you know, I said, if you really did. I mean, when I left that hospital, me and Pac was laughing and. So I don’t see how somebody can turn from doing well to doing bad.


I’m gonna tell you that with pac, you never know. But then he said he paid 3 million. Get him cremated. So Knight then explained his theory, why cops never found the murderer because there was no murderer. He says, and I quote, maybe the question is PAC’s, not really dead PAC’s somewhere else. Suge Knight says, when asked if he ever saw Tupac’s body following the shooting, he had nobody seen Tupac dead.


The person who supposedly cremated Tupac, this guy got about 3 million personally from me, cash. And the next thing I know, I never heard from the guy or seen him again. He retired and left Suge Knight. Nah, come on Knight. Okay, look it up. This is not, not, I’m saying No, I know, but what? What’s crazy about.


This is not from a reporter or a third party person writing it down. That’s him. I listen to these words, I listen to Suge Knight say this. It’s just so funny cuz , I guess he like the Cremator guy. He is like, Hey, 3 million. He is all I give it to you in cash. Yeah. So the dude, I mean 3 million cash to create. This, you know, this is, this is just in our state, but, but it says the average cost of cremation in our state is, is 2200 bucks. Okay.


And this is like, it’s a good deal and this is good deal. This is plus inflation. I mean, she saying I’ll cut that in half for you. So you’re saying Sh Knight give, gimme a hundred eggs that, and then I’ll do it. Shig Knight could have cremated a thousand people. Mm-hmm. For the price that he paid. Actually no.


Plus inflation, like insane 50,000 people. Insane statement.


So the dude who is in the car with him is saying, He paid somebody 3 million in cash, cash to cremate him and he never saw the body and he quit and he disappeared. He was like vanished. And he paid him up front too. Yeah, that’s, I don’t buy one fucking word, this guy. Really? No. So, okay. I’m fucking him.


Let’s keep talking about Suge Knight. Okay. Okay. So you remember Orlando Anderson? Yeah. The guy that got beat up? Yeah. They beat up, yes. Okay. So, , Was on you, you remember the three strikes. Well, , oh, if you, you mean like legal? The legal. Legal. The legal. Legal, yeah. Yeah.


 So if you get three strikes, you’re fucking, you’re in for life. Is that what It’s toast? Yeah.  Yeah. You’re in for life. Gotcha. . Yeah. Okay.  Right after that. Soon after.   Suge was then basically put in jail because he broke his probationary period because he got in the fight that was caught on film.


Oh yeah. Orlando Anderson. I was like the kick, kick, kick. Yeah. But here’s the weird part. Orlando Anderson testified in his defense. Oh. Cause he’s fucking scared of him. You heard the story, you heard the stories of the stories of Suge Knight kill you for looking at him wrong. Yes. And he says in quote, and he, this is this testimony.


He says, Suge was the only one I heard saying Stop this shit. Suge was still convicted cause he was on video kicking Arlene, do I Anderson? He in between his kicks, he was saying stuff. It wasn’t my head. What the fuck? I swear literally the guy. That they went and beat up is now testifying weeks later. Yeah, it’s cremation services.


He was paying him, he was paying for their, he was the cre man. That part is, that part’s weird. No, but it’s very well known that he was , he’s just fucking scary for money. Skinny. Oh no. Oh. He was like a fucking terrified shit. Knight was just like, dude, dude kill you. Like , you know, cartel style.


Yeah. Like everybody, everybody is still scared of him, supposedly. Yeah, dude, that’s what I hear. You know. That’s, that’s right. Streets, that’s the word. Outta the streets. From the streets made it all the way down.


But that’s No, but so that’s, that’s essentially the,  what it is mans like. Here’s the think I’m not gonna snitch.  Here’s the conspiracy, okay. Of shook is that he, , knew that Tupac was gonna leave death. Oh, so, and he was a golden goose.


Mm-hmm. And so he is like, I’d rather have you dead and just like an art artist, always get bigger after they die. That’s right. So he had the contract of multiple albums, right? Mm-hmm. And then he, he finished the multiple albums. You know what the part that he does not make sense ever. Cause I, I, I remember this.


Yeah. You know when, cause that was flying around. Yeah. Right after this, all this happened in 96 or whatever. Right? Yeah. Why was he in the car? Then? I, there’s the point, there’s like, you would not, I mean, you would not, you would not do a hit and be like, all right, kill Jorge. Uh, so come into the podcast for make true, not to hit me, but just do the machine.


Do the machine gun thing. Spray us, but don’t get me. Yes. Like how idiotic is that? No plan. Know what I mean? The thing is like, I. It, it’s not the, the least believable thing. Because I can see from that perspective, a Shg Knight is not , you know, he’s not fucking Stephen Hawking. It’s some master fucking, , you know, he’s not some evil scientist.


Mm-hmm. But also , what a, what a way to make Tupac be completely comfortable and go against all of his, all of his little protocols that he had put in place. Right. You know, he’s with Suge Knight. They’re going to Suge Knight’s. Right. You know, he’s with him directly. No one fucks with Suge Knight or, and makes him feel super comfortable.


I don’t need a bulletproof vest. I don’t need my girlfriend. I don’t need, I don’t need my driver. I don’t, I don’t need anything. Such a long list. Yeah. Yeah. How about this, how about this? What if, , Suge Knight had planned it because Tupac was supposed to be in the other car with. Security guard, whatever, right?


Oh, and he changed last, the last minute, last minute. He’s like, he’s a bi car car. And I’m like, I’m like contradicting myself right now. But, but I just thought about this. We’ll make Jor believer. Holy shit, dude. That’s a good point. Fucking Eagle Scout shit. Eagle dude, that was good. That’s interesting. No, what, what if he, you know, so obviously he would’ve planned.


That’s interesting. Ahead of time. And he’s like, actually I like that one. He’s not gonna be in this car. He’s gonna be in the car behind me. A good point. That’s a legit one. I actually like that one a lot. That’s one of the best ones we’ve ever come up with. Yeah. Honestly, we don’t solve any of these. No.


We’ve yet to solve, this is not the, that was murder solving conspiracy. Okay. So But lay that out. Lay that out, leave that out. So for us, people who are not totally listening, let’s lay people. Yeah. I’m just saying like, what if Shook Knight. Planned it out advance in advance. Of course he, he conspired. He conspired, he planned it out.


He’s like, okay, I’m gonna take this guy out. Right. , and he knew that he wasn’t gonna be in his car. Yeah. He knew that he was gonna be in with his security guard. Right. Most likely. Right, right. Like obviously mm-hmm. There’s always a chance, but Right. That, that’s the plan. Mm-hmm. But then last minute, Tupac’s like, nah, I’m all good.


I’m gonna, I’m gonna ride with Suge. And then he, he didn’t have time. It’s the chaos. And then he, it’s like the chaos of, exactly. It’s like everybody’s walking out of the, the hotel room at that time. He’s like, oh, no, no. I’m not gonna go with you. I’m gonna go with Suge. Right. You know? And then Suge Knight didn’t have any time to change his plans, emailed the LAPD on this one, and that one’s really good.


Even the fact that he didn’t have the, he didn’t have the plates on his car that. I really that way. It’s like if they get shot, he can just get away. They’re not gonna tie him to the To the scene. Yes, exactly. I do. So I like the idea that there is a little bit of chaos. And accidental things that happen.


Yeah. He hit the like shit just doesn’t go right. And you know, especially when you’re planning, especially when you’re planning murder. Wow. Man, I like that. I fucking, that’s good. I like su that much. And Suge was known for being shit. No. Suge was known for being  ruthless. Like he , he’s gonna fucking kill you.


And it doesn’t matter that it was Tupac. So that’s why. Yeah. That is a possibility. I think I’m gonna tweak tomorrow. I’m putting that back on the table. We. Tupac’s murder, Tupac. I might, I might tweet. I might tweet it right now, period. Buy an eagle. I think I might, I might tweet it right now. It’s crazy.


Wow. Okay. All right. I like it. That’s really good. All right. We’re gonna put that in a pin because there’s a couple others to go over, right? Yep. But I like that one a lot. So the other one that’s crazy, this is one’s a little bit wild, which is Tupac’s,  he faked his death and he’s living in. Yeah. Yeah.


Well, I’ve, I know that one, I, I believed it for a while because you did you I did. I went out. You saw, you saw photos when I was young, dude. Yeah, I, I saw the photos. I was like, what the fuck? Who is this guy? Yeah, it looks just like, like living with Bob Marley down there. Yeah. Yeah. I, but here’s like, here’s the, the in-depth theory, right?


  part of this crazy story of Cuba is that he, he had an aunt who, , was a fugitive who lives in Cuba. His whole fucking family is just, yeah. So he has a, his aunt Fugitive lives in Cuba, and then there’s photos that, that emerged in the early two thousands.


And you saw those Yeah. Where like it looks like, and it looks like him and it looks like him. Yeah. Also he ha he, he created the Machiavelli Exactly. Album and Machiavelli, if you wanted to go over that, but like, Machiavelli, what was it? An Italian? Yep. He was an Italian’s Italian.  Machiavelli is the name of an Italian war strategist, Nicola Mechi. Who pretended to fake his death. Mm-hmm. And when you rearrange the letters, check this out. Machiavelli turns into M Alive. K mm. Who’s K? No, like, like if you rearrange the letters. Yeah, but I mean, what would cave’s like K, not cave A alive.


K. K, yeah. K. Yeah. Not like question like a question. K. K. Like Q, like you’re acknowledging me like. Okay. I’m alive. Okay. Okay. And if you erase the letters, it is I am Lord Boulevard.


And then check this out. Inside the album, the Machiavelli album, it reads Exit Tupac. Enter Machiavelli. Okay. Yeah. Oh, exit two says, I just have a hard time believing that he had this master plan and it’s , yeah. With my hundred. In my bed for my was. So then why did he go, why did he come out with the album named Machiavelli?


I think he was a little bit obsessed with. Getting shot in murder and gangster life. And, and, and, well, he, you know what I mean? Like that thing he talks about, I mean, you know, in his, in his raps and then in his interviews too, he just talks about  that he kind of knew he was gonna die young or he felt that he was gonna die young.


Right. Why? He’s, he’s, because he’s living the fucking fast life. He’s living the best. Sean, just show me the photo of the Cuban Tupac. Just because Tweeted, you put up tweet tweeted, here’s the thing, here’s the thing. Just because you put a bandana backwards. Yes. That’s the Tupac look, right? That’s the Tupac look.


It is the Tupac for Yeah, for sure. Here’s, here’s the, yeah, no, that’s definitely not, it’s definitely not him. Look at the nose is different. Yeah, the nose is totally different. Fred. Oh my gosh. Totally different. Anyways, I just, I have a hard time believ. You know, with, with his hundred K’s name, he is , yeah, I’m gonna , I’m gonna retire.


Yeah. In Cuba, in Cuba’s, like Cuba, this hella rich, he’s like this hundred K is like a billion in Cuba. That’s true, that’s true. Meanwhile, his mom and and Suge get all. The rest. Yeah. And also all of the rest also, why would he, why? Yeah. At that point makes, there’s no point’s. No. The guy was like, I’m fucking top of the world.


That point. Right. But the idea is that he was done , maybe, maybe the deal, maybe that’s how he gets out of the life.  He was not the kind of guy that he is like, I want to get outta this life. do you know what kind of guy he was?


J look, look at him. Listen to his shit. Like it’s, that’s not him. Hello. He’s not to fucking run and hide forever and never come back out. We have a live action interview from, uh, hor Jorge, , Tupac High school friend Jorge  from Baltimore High School. That’s not who he was. I know him. I know Tupacs my homie.


No, I understand though. He didn’t see, he doesn’t seem like the type of dude that No, he was a fucking outspoken guy. Come from the guy who had a cigarette after getting shot. I mean, my God, I’d be crying beeping. Fucking famous last words. Fuck, fuck you. Fuck. I know, dude. Like that. That’s so savage. Yeah, I would not do that.


I’d be like, this is who shot me this ISS address snitch. I know I’m snitching. I’m Everybody go get him. I know. Please make sure I don’t die. Okay, anyways. Why? Why would he also choose Cuba? Why not? Like, no. Cause the answer. Oh yeah, he’s got a paradise. Yeah. He’s got free like no rent, I guess. Rent Free’s coop.


It’s Coop of all the third world countries picked that they like.  The next theory, so you guys think that one’s retarded? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. A hundred percent. He was done. He I do. Yeah. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I’m gonna, I’m gonna ask you straight up. Do you think Tupac’s alive right now? Fuck no. Hell no. He is dead as dead. Fucking dead. Hundred percent. Even Obama made a joke.


That he might be alive. Yeah, I was like, huh? True pro. I saw him on Epstein Ireland. Oh, another episode.


Okay, so the next one, um,


 So the next one is,  probably the most logical, I hate to say it, he’s dead. Uh, yeah. No, it’s not logical. It’s, it’s that Orlando Anderson,  organized it with his crew.


That’s what they think. That’s, that’s the most. Right after he got fucking his ass beat. He’s like, he goes, gets his homies and, yeah. I mean this, oh, this is two hours later. That’s right. That’s right. I was gonna say Vegas after the fight that he goes back to his room and said, okay, I forgot about, that’s me.


Yeah. I mean, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of witnesses, there’s a lot of things on that, you know what I mean? Yeah. I mean, we don’t have to go into the whole every single person and witness and la, la, la, la. I think Orlando Anderson seems to be the one with motive. Yeah, it is. Seems to be there.


He seems to have the crew, the resources, , you know what I mean, with the blood Crips, all the things seem to kind of point to Orlando Anderson. No, I don’t think it is the most, it’s kind of boring. I think it is boring as shit. Like it’s not sexy. It’s super lame. Mm-hmm. It is the most logical though.


Yeah. Um, I mean, Just because I’m just going to disagree with it, just because it’s too logical. It’s too, it’s too easy. It’s too easy. It’s, it’s, it’s most likely the truth. We want a conspiracy. So, so here’s an off. So gimme of, that’s why I’m doing this podcast. No, no. So here’s an offshoot of it, right? Is that Orlando?


Anderson did it with Suge. I was, I was gonna say like Orlando hired by Suge Knight. So we’re back to Suge. Well, because this then, then back testifies. So maybe Suge. Oh. No, but I already told you why. No, why? Maybe, maybe Suge did that. Orlando Anderson, they all maybe Suge that’s remember, cause Suge Knight was so that’s like part of SU’s conspiracy, you saying?


No, Suge, Suge Knight was the one who, who called out that Orlando Anderson was there right in the hotel when they beat the shit out of him. And that, and so he set it up. I think Tupac, Tupac was, when he got him, he was like, Hey, look. Yeah, it’s Orlando Anderson. He’s right over there and Mr. And beat his ass.


You know, they don’t sound like that, but you know. Right. So I think, I think that that one, that one vibes a little bit more with me, both of those. Oh yeah. I like, I like the Orlando Anderson Su combo combo. So, three kinda sense, if you, if you believe the Suge. Then this kind of ties into it. Yeah, it makes it more, makes it even more rare, right?


I totally believe. Interesting. It’s really easy to believe a piece of shit, uh, shitty things. So there’s a couple that, there’s a couple that keep floating around, but tho they have been debunked, but, so I thought I’d bring ’em up just because who debunked them? Well, like, there’s one that’s the fbi, L a D, the FBI killed Tupac because Why?


Because they’re trying to simmer down. The, the gang, the, the gangster rap, violence, bring it down and by, by by killing the rapper Biggie. And then they killed Biggie too. And then all of a sudden now it’s like, it’s Puff Daddy going every step you take.


That’s actually a hilarious theory, which actually might be through the cas. Like, we gotta cut this shit out. They’re like, well, we’re gonna pay them big money just to go r and b. Hey, how do we get, let’s go back to r b. How do we get a black rapper to sing Sting? I got, look, they’re already, they’re already Look what they did to drink, but um, they’re like, how do we get a black rapper to sing Beyonce?


But there’s, there’s actually no , evidence. There’s nothing tangible. No, I don’t, I don’t hear, I didn’t hear about another one similar to that, which is the cia. Wanted to kill him off because he was basically getting too powerful. Mm. And he was getting ready to like, kind of start a revolution. Um, I don’t believe that in all.


I, that’s what I, a revolution of What? Wait, you just, so we killed that one. Just West. I’m sorry, bro. Just California. Just saying That’s what I heard. No, I just, no, it was like a revolution of the, mostly the black people against the police. Um, okay. I don’t know. I can see that. And until they’re like, we gotta take them out.


Why didn’t they kill fucking, didn’t they kill Ice Cube? Ice Cube? I, I literally have a song. Fuck the, for like multiple minutes. It’s just, fuck the, what do you think? It’s more powerful? Tupac or Ice Cube? Tupac. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Tupac, if you go back, so it became Tupac. Honestly, if you go back and listen to his interviews, they do interviews with other rappers and they’re all stupid.


And they sound stupid as shit. And then you get Tupac on it and it’s like passionate. Yeah. And articulate and you know what I mean? And it’s bam, bam, bam, bam. And like Tupac’s going, going, going. And it was also cause of his, his past with the Black Panther, his history and whatnot. Yeah. And knowing that history actually makes a lot more sense.


Yeah. I mean, I understand it. I just, I still, I don’t believe that one either. I’m just saying I heard that. I don’t think he was. Yeah. I just, I don’t, I just don’t see him as like a revolutionary. I mean, if you listen to his songs, his name was actually after a revolutionary. That’s right. Yeah. That his mom named him when he was one.


It’s not like, it’s not like he was, he, it’s not like Ali who changed his own name,  from Cassius Clay to that he I named after a fucking novella. Really? Fucking ooh. Like a sex album. That’s why that’s sex novel is what? It’s a novella. It’s it’s a sex? No, it’s like a, it’s a TV show. Sex novel. Oh, I thought novella was sex. Mexican nove. It’s watched sex song. It’s novella, but it never, it’s like love, it’s like, it’s like a sitcom, but it’s like, Ooh, love romance.


Oh, okay. I thought it was smut. Yeah, it’s like Mexican born Mexican grande.


Next one.


Okay,  the next one is actually the other one that might hold some water. Okay. Right. And. Puff Daddy did it. Oh yeah, for sure. I, I believe that. Okay. There are witnesses that say that. Now here’s the, here’s the problem. You can’t say Puff Daddy did it. Like I know. No. Hear me out.


Okay. Hear me out.   So there are witnesses that say that Puff Daddy said, I want you to kill Tupac. Who said that to who?   There’s a guy named, , cafe D.


Right? His name is Keith Davis. , and he said that he was told by Puff Daddy that he would get a million dollars to wipe out Suge and Tupac, and that also Orlando was one of the shooters with him. Did he get, did he get, like, did he get like 500 K? He got 500. Oh, he really, he’s saying that he was paid. He said, he said that his crew was paid 500 K because they only did one, so he admitted it.


Did he go to prison for admitting to this murder? He went in prison for something else. Oh, so he was already in, and then when he was in there he admitted. See, that’s the only thing I don’t like about that is like, I feel like these guys, if you’re already in jail forever, like you want to have a little bit more street cred.


It’s super easy for you to be like, I did, I killed you. Yeah. And, and there was like a few of those, right? Yeah. Like the few, few people that, but cafes or, or cafe, whatever. Cafe D Cafe, cafe D is on record saying that he did? Yes. Okay. I mean, it’s, so, it’s a confession, you know what I mean? Like there is a, a recorded confession of him.


Okay. Saying Orlando Anderson and him and another two people. We’re paid to shoot Tupac Shak Court. Yeah, no, look that he’s in jail. I don’t mean shit. See, that’s this. This just brings me back to the, he just wants street. Remember when we did? No, no. Remember when we did DB Cooper? How many their fucking death penalty, thousands of people wanted to kill.


They, they, yeah. They were DB Cooper or they found D Cooper. They. Slept with db. Who? Exactly. Everyone. It’s always when they’re dying. Cause they’re , he can’t come after me later. What is the deal with all these people wanting, claiming fake things? They want to be, they want the credit, the credibility that comes with it.


Honestly, I’m, he’s already in jail. Like, what’s, what’s he gonna lose? Literally, dudes are hassle.


 Anyway, so that’s that’s a big one. I, I mean, it’s, it’s totally possible. It’s just, I think it’s And who is he like to puff? He’s like, they’re just friends. He’s like some gangster. He’s he a gangster. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I don’t wanna say Easts gangster East Coast. He’s not Italian gangster.


He’s a, he’s a, he’s a hood gangster. Yeah, he is. He east. , yeah. East Coast. Yeah. And I think that now it’s like, yeah, if it’s like you’re a gangster of, pretend it’s like a thug. Yeah. Yeah. And so he was saying he was at a party and he was with Puffy. Or Puffy. Is it Puffy? Puffy. Puff. Puff. Can I say puffy?


Puffy. Did he or Sean? Sean. I like Sean. Sean. Puffy comb. Yes. I like Sean. So, uh, okay. So this is, this is called the Russell Pool Theory. Um, and he was a detective with Lap D. Uh, and it, and it’s actually a really decent theory. , he investigat. The murders. He was a decorated LAPD detective. , and he helped unravel the misconduct in the LAPD in the nineties.


Oh, so was like this corruption Jackson shit happened. That’s right. Right. And so, , he revealed that. Off-duty LAPD officers were handling security for death row. Ooh. Mm-hmm. We, oh, maybe these are the two bicycle cops. Whoa. Eh, no, no, no, no, no off’s people, there’s people in the other cars. Oh yeah. There’s people that in other cars and that sort of thing.


That’s what he thought. They were all dirty cops who were doing security for death row who were dirty cops. Oh my God. Lemme. I was gonna read you something. Yeah. Cause I, I just thought about it after you said that. Mm-hmm. So, you know that he was shot with a Glock 22. Mm-hmm.


Yeah. By far the most popular police service pistol in the United States. Ooh. The Glock 22 mm. I just thought of it when, when you said that. Interesting. And like, isn’t that interesting? That is interesting actually, by far. That’s interesting. But by far the most popular police service in the United States, the Glock 22.


That’s, I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that either until you said it. I was like, wait, I think this might have some connection here. Yeah.  pool was like, kind of, he became obsessed with this case and he just kept going and going and, , he kept going in and going for so long that he was removed from the case and then he was removed as a detective period. They’re like, you’re going, you’re on the traffic. He just kept going, going, yeah, no. Oh, shit. He was, he’s done in the force. Like he just got removed. You just removed? Yeah.


Like fully removed and I think it had a couple, it had to do with a couple things. One was he, his theory was that, The LAPD were corrupt. Oh. And then LAPD’s like crew, you gotta go. Yeah. It’s like your crew that you’re saying you guys are corrupt. And then they’re , well, you don’t have any evidence.


And then remove, you just keep doing it for years and years and years. You’re out here. It’s leave. Like why are you working for a place you don’t believe? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So that’s the idea, is the idea. His theory is that. Basically there’s two cops that were the head of security and, they were, they basically were given  the hit on Tupac, and they went and killed Tupac.


That’s so, so the security guards did the hit, or they knew about it? No, they did, did the. The off-duty police officers. But weren’t they in the cars with them? No, they were. They were. No, they weren’t in the, they weren’t in, there’s no record. There’s no witness, there’s no, yeah. You know what I mean?


Right. A lot of the witnesses, two, there was one witness who said, Hey, I can identify the shooter. He was killed a couple weeks later. Damn, that’s you. So I actually think that one’s interesting, especially since he was shot with, I mean, if you just do statistically.  It being the most,  in the entire United States, the most common service pistol.


It’s kind of interesting. Yeah. Kind of interesting little tidbit there. That is, that is, but he has, he has, he goes one step further. Okay. And it’s that it was also Suge Knight was also the hit. Mm hmm. So you mean Suge Knight, they wanted to kill Suge Knight too. They wanted to kill Suge Knight too.  So maybe like, so, so was it collaboration Who, who paid knight’s?


In the police officer. Oh, they were like, fucking Suge Knight’s wife would get everything. Mm-hmm. Oh, and then he’d get a pay. Oh, probably also Suge had dirt on them if they’re dirty, right? Yeah, probably. It’s probably like, so they were like, oh, I, I don’t trust, you gotta get rid of, I can’t trust so, Pool said at one point he said, Suge wasn’t divorced yet, and if he died in the hitch, she would’ve gotten everything, most everything.


So she went to so he went, yeah, went to Wright Junior who was in charge of death row and ran it while SU was in prison.


Mm-hmm. Yeah. Okay. Wright Junior has gotten away with it this whole time. So it was basically a collusion between the guy who was, he was running death and the wife. Oh. So cuz when Suge got out, that guy was , nobody again. There you go. And he’s , oh, I want to keep running it. And she’s , well, if I’m running it, you can run it and I’ll just get the money.


There you go. Who wrote it anyways? I mean, there’s a lot of weird, , and I don’t even want to go into it because some of it I find to be stupid. Mm-hmm. Where they go, like, rap songs came out five years later, and then they, they said, yeah, I killed you. And you’re , all right, well that’s not evidence.


That’s. Yeah. Bullshit. You know what I mean? You can say whatever the fuck on whatever you want. Yeah. I killed jfk. Go, go, go. You know, it doesn’t even matter. I’m the magic bullet. I literally, yeah. Yeah. I’m in love with Cleopatra. Okay, cool. Eric got the pyramids. Yeah. Eric was one of the employees, one of the first employees.


So here’s the, here, here’s the last, here’s the last thing on pool, right? This is the detective pool. Yeah. , the attorney that represented Biggie said the following about Pool said pool’s. A tremendously accurate detective. Of course he got yanked off the Biggie case, but the detective work that he did was really solid, intuitive, smart, and fact driven.


Do I agree a hundred percent With his conclusions? No. But he did really good work without an agenda. Everything else I’ve seen since then from other people in the case had an agenda or bad motives. Mm-hmm. Okay. So he’s basically just saying like, he worked really hard. Yeah, he, he’s an actual good detective.


He’s cop, he’s a detective. Innocent. He’s a good, you know what I mean? And it’s worth looking at are worth considering? Considering, yeah. Yes. Yeah, exactly. Yep. Okay. Well, I thought, I think that’s, I mean, I think it’s totally plausible.


Maybe it’s a triple threat. Maybe it. It was the police, Suge and Orlando trifecta, the whole to take Tupac out. Yeah. This whole thing would take Tupac out. The cops would cover it up. Make sure Suge didn’t get fucking pinched. Orlando could be the fall guy. You can’t make sure that Suge is not going to get shot.


No, didn’t get pinched. That’s gonna get, yeah. Yeah. But I’m saying if you’re gonna go after Tu. And the guy’s sitting right next to him, literally me and you right here, right next to like, that’s how close they are. It’s in a, it’s a fucking car. Four shots  well, he got shot.


No, he four shots. He got shot four, six. There was many more shots. I think it was at least six, at least.   But there was a bunch of fucking shots. How are you gonna make sure that you’re not gonna hit? Maybe those risks we want to take.


I gotta have him dead. You’ve gotta be gone. Is either with, even if I die, it just makes it to me. Like Suge seems like the kind of guy’s, like, if you ain’t with me, you with nobody, you’re dead. I know you fucking, you ain’t, you ain’t making nobody no money except for me. He is like that. Sure. A hundred percent.


That’s him. That’s him. Like my whole thing is , well then, you know, why would he ride next to him? I do less. I like, I do like your theory that he set it up beforehand. It was they had to improvise. Yeah. This was the time. Yeah, because he, they, he wasn’t wearing the. But now he’s in my car. Fuck it. You gotta take the risk.


Yeah. And it’s, fuck it. Yeah. They, they, they took the risk. Yeah. And it paid, it paid off. I like that. I think that’s, I think, to me that’s what it’s, that that is the most, that’s what I believe. I believe that Jorge’s theory on Suge set it up previously, had this whole thing planned out. It wasn’t supposed to be in his car.


Something just changed. They had a convoys, something changed and he couldn’t stop it. It not like stop. It’s not like you had cell phones. No. You’re like texting me. Cause imagine like if you’re like, no, no, Tupac, you’re not right with me. Like of course it’s gonna be alert. It would. It would be weird if he was like, no, Tupac can’t ride my car.


He is like, who’s running your car? Nobody. I don’t wanna ride alone. It’s like super sketchy. Exactly. True. So I think he was just , oh, okay. , sure. And then, I think they did have cell phones back. They had cell phones back 96. Yeah, they had cell phones. , yes. I didn’t have a cell. Yeah. You weren’t a rapper.


Yeah, exactly. I think they, no, they didn’t. They were like the car. They were like the, they, it was like the car phone. Yeah. It’s not like, yo, send me a text. Yeah. There was no texting. It was probably , eh, I want the vanilla ice cream still in my car though. Okay. See you later. All right. Yeah. You guys are both on.


That’s your, that’s where you go. That’s the, that’s the one I like. I do think that there, there might have been some cop. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Yeah. Because there is evidence that shows that some of these cops were moonlighting as security guards for death row. Yeah. So that’s, so there’s nothing around that.


No. So that’s what I’m saying. I think the cops were involved, especially, I know whether or not they’re, they’re corrupt, I don’t know. But like they’re moonlighting. They’re working at night and the weekends at a club. We know what moon. No, I know, but I’m just saying like I’m extrapolating you


 No. So where are you at? So that’s, that’s what, that’s where you’re at. You guys are both on the same page on that.


I’m like, I’m like 80% that I’m taking, but then like I’m taking from his and then adding in the cop element. I know, actually I know the cop element. Yeah, but I also, here’s the kid. Another question. Here’s the other question. Nobody’s been charged, nobody’s been convicted. Nothing. Which I think is weird.


Like, why? I think it’s weird. Why is it weird? What do you mean though? , there’s, uh, even Chris Brock was, nobody’s gonna talk, was  more people saw Tupac get shot than an episode of Seinfeld. Like, he made a joke about it. how are we, how have we not, how charge somebody haven’t solve this, even charged anybody like,


Right. Yeah. Yeah. They all got away with it. I do think it’s way that they got away and  it was in broad daylight. Yeah. Not in broad daylight, but like on the streets, right? Yeah. Of Vegas. I’m , no one, they couldn’t, didn’t find a car, couldn’t like did ballistics on , I mean, I watched too much CSI to believe that anyone can get away with any murder.


Yeah. It almost seems like the only way to get away with murder is to do it out in public. With chaos all right. What do you, what do you think? Um, I think that, unfortunately, I think that, , he was too caught up in the thug life thing in Orlando, killed him.


And Orlando killed him. And it was like he went and beat him up in public. That’s true. He beat him up. Shame idiot. Fucking to shame him. Yeah. Like literally by 50 people. Yeah. On camera. And then the guy was like, you know what, fuck you. You know what I mean? Retaliation, bloods and Crips and la la and they got, and they just popped him.


No, it, it does make sense too. And then it was sloppy police work. Sloppy activity. Yes. Nobody took responsibility for it, and then nobody did it. And nobody charged ’em because there’s no evidence. And then everybody starts dying and then all the witnesses are gone, and here we are and we lost Tupac. Yeah.


I mean, I, I do think that’s boring, boring part. No, I think, I think partially my theory is fueled just for my, I hate Suge Knight, so like, yeah, yeah, yeah. I want to be responsible. Cause I true, I, I do kind of believe that Suge Knight fucks his life. Oh, for sure. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Whether or not he killed him, I don’t know.


But , you know, he turned him into this, like, he, he, yeah. You know, I know tornado of like, yeah, you feel that if you, what, what you should do is actually go watch the videos of him running through the casino and he looks fucking like, like he’s like skipping, like pumped. Yeah. , , you know what I mean?


, , and I don’t even, I don’t know, you know, no wonder he fucking got into it. He started beating somebody up, like, Pumped. He, he was like violent. He was pumped about something. I dunno if it was, was about Tyson. Yeah. Or maybe he, I need to pump he on drugs. Yeah. You know? That’s true. This could have been totally on drugs, but his rap sheet is super upsetting.


I mean, and then additionally, did he rape the girl? I don’t know. I mean, even if he did him not raping her, but like giving him sex, somebody homies,  that’s fucked. I know, right? That’s fucked up. That’s super fucked. I know. And first of all, how could you feel good about that? I know. Oh, I’m gonna share you with my friend.


Like, ooh, that’s so, I don’t know. I don’t like cross my mind. It is a bummer that, that I had a perception of him before I started doing this. I thought he was like a good guy. He was. I thought he was in an intellectual trying to create change. Exactly. Yeah. And then, and then after doing this, It only went down.


See, that’s why I don’t believe that he was like some fucking why radical? It’s just because of the, the rape charges and the assault assault charges and the, the weapons charges and the getting shot eight times and, and the, the, the thug line tattoo, the drugs and Yeah, the drugs going on and the thises and that, you know, just the way he treated everybody and then, you know what I mean?


And it, I don’t know the fact that he told his girlfriend. To not come to the club and immediately hits on two bitches like instantly after he leaves four seconds. That’s why I say so like my perception of him, just kind of like you guys thought that he was not a fucking rapper and not a player, like he’s a straight arrow.


I actually thought he intellectual, I thought, I thought he was different. I thought he was more of , I thought he was more. Oh, , yeah, I’m a rapper, but , I’m actually smart and I’m not here. Just, just to do the rap thing. Yes. Obviously he’s gonna fucking just do fucking, everybody’s on his dick.


He’s fucking, I’m not, I’m not giving him shit for that. Saying , yeah, I think that he was just , I think I’ll just do this rap thing. This, this pretty, this is pretty cool. Yeah, I kind of like this. I think he started with , oh yeah, I’m gonna make it then, and then he was , Then he was like, yeah, yeah.


Like he started at poetry almost and then like went to, he went from like ballet to fucking, he definitely spiraled, you know? Yeah, yeah. Downward spiral or whatever. You think he was doing drugs? Oh, for sure. Aside from weed, you think he was only doing weed? I think he was just doing weed. I think so. I don’t know.


I just didn’t, he never, I never, he never said that he was doing harder stuff. Right. I never seen. Right. Well, normally you can see signs of  someone starting to That’s true.  the facial changes and like Yeah, that’s true. But he always kind of looked this exactly the same. Yeah. Yeah. He did Hennessy.


A steady drip. Yeah. And a new for new fork. I love that. New boss. All right. Well I think we all agree that he’s dead. Yes. Yes. A hundred percent. Unfortunately. Yeah. Fortunately what I mean? No. Cuz if he was alive, he would’ve, if we would’ve, he’s not the kind that would be quiet. Yeah. We would’ve known He would not retire.


Retire. No. It’s also like he died in 90. I mean, dude, that was almost, that’s upsetting. It’s almost, we don’t even know, max. Almost, we don’t know. Max 20. It’s almost, it’s almost 30 years. Oh yeah. Shit. 29 years, almost 30 years. Yeah. , come on. What’s crazy as he would be 57 really? So he, how old was he when he died?


27. Oh, wow. Yeah. All right. Well there you go guys. He’s still his fucking bitches in Cuba right now at his auntie’s house. Brett, free living with your auntie and uncle in Cuba. It’s so weird though. Just last thing, it’s so weird though that we’re now like dealing with Jada. Ugh. Mm. You know what I mean?


Yeah. Girl, this is weird. I’m sorry. Like, I think it’s weird. She was fi she was like, whatever. But like was she now, she’s, no, no. She’s like, when was she ever? No, what? I’m just saying she was never No, I’m, I’m saying like, no, I’m saying she’s never like a, like a thing. No, I’m saying she was kinda like, whatever.


Like I didn’t mind her. But what did she do that? Nothing. Why is she a superstar? She’s not a superstar. Have you seen her as a star? Period. She got lucky movie. One of the matrix. Not even just Matrix three. I said with one of the Matrix movies, actually, what accomplish. Oh, whatever. I don’t even, wasn’t she like in that, in that one terrible movie?


Set it off. Right? She, it was so bad. Oh, that’s right. Love that movie. Hate that movie. Queen La. I know. Queen Lafa is good. Yeah, I love her. Queen Lafa is fucking awesome. Yeah. All right. Thanks. All right, we’ll, uh, we’ll catch you next time. Help you guys like this one. Let us know your thoughts. Let us know what you think.


Um, like I said, I, I, I openly admit to my bias opinion cause I hate Suge Knight. But, um, you know, tell us what you think. If you have new thoughts. I mean, we’ll, we’ll post a, we’ll post a poll and,  uh Oh yeah. And put that up. And Spotify, you guys think for that. Um, but obviously feel free to reach out to us on social media.


We’ll obviously be posting videos and stuff. Tell us what you think and,  we’ll, we try to respond to every single comment and Yeah. I know. If you like this one and if you want us to do biggie, let us know. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. Biggie will be a shorter one, but. Because you know, obviously only, only the second goat gets only, only the God, only the got get the got get goat, the got get goat.


Have a good one 90 night.