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Episode 22: Tupac Shakur: The Unsolved Murder of a Rap Legend (Part 1)

Podcast Transcription

Hey everybody. Welcome back to the Conspiracy Podcast. It’s us again. Let’s go you, Sean, Jorge, Eric, here we are. Yes, and here you are. How are you today? And this is gonna be a good one. Well, tonight, how are you today?  So, uh, tonight’s episode is Tupac Shakur.

Tupac, Amari, Amari, Shakir. I mean, we’re all. I mean, this is our, this is our, he’s still, I was, he’s still, when he was hot. When he was hot, I was, I was 14 mm. Killing the game. Yeah. So I wasn’t his age. No. But I was, you know what mean, like same, same difference for you guys. He was definitely bumping around music, huh?

Yeah. Yep. Like, yeah. Was you still listening to him? Oh, I still listen him. You did? And back, back then I was, yeah. Listening to him. What’s your favorite song? Oh God. That’s, that’s impossible. Yeah. But like really, I like, I like Dear Mama just cuz , dear Mama’s, so it’s like California Loves and I almost, I almost played that.

For my mom at our wedding. But I was like, really? But I was , mm. I’m not gonna say my mom’s a crack fi, so, so I’m not gonna take that. Mama was a crack fi. I like, uh, all Eyes On me. All eyes on. That’s a good one. That’s a good, good love of a third to the dead. All eyes on me. So this is not really the,  The life of Tupac Shakur.

But it’s, it’s, uh, it’s, it’s more the, the murder of the death. Tupac. The death of, yeah, the murder of Tupac Shakur and, and. You know, there’s so many conspiracies about this. There’s, I mean, there’s, yeah, there still is going around. It still is, and it keeps going and going wild. Yeah. And so we were like, all right, let’s, let’s dive in.

Let’s see. Deep dive. Now, what I did find interesting in doing all this was that Tupac is always put together with biggie. Always, always. You know what I mean? So it’s, they were the two titans at the time, so, and he died six months later. I know. Yeah. That’s crazy. So, but, but I didn’t want to just, I didn’t want to just do it , it’s the Biggie Tupac show, you know, episode I wanted to do Tupac.

Yeah. And then we’ll do another one, maybe Biggie, right. And then we can dive into to Biggie later. But for the most part, this is gonna be Tupac. So Tupac, wait, wait, wait. Before we go on, I wanna know like, is Tu. The goat for you? Oh, uh, I mean, I think he was the goat of that time. I wouldn’t say he’s the, not now.

I don’t wanna say he’s the goat. No, the goat is greatest of all, all time. That’s what I’m saying. I don’t know. I don’t wouldn’t call him the goat of all time. He was the goat, he was the greatest of that time. So he was the goat. He’s, he’s the, when he was alive, he was the goat. He’s not the goat guy. He’s, he’s like, ka.

Yeah, exactly. That’s a good, that’s a good answer. That’s a good analogy. That’s a good analogy. Kare Kare, Kareem was, at that time, KARE was the goat problem. Jordan arrived like, the problem, this is what Eric saying that is, that he’s saying that LeBron is the goat now. No, no, no, no. That that’s, that’s what you’re saying.

That’s what you’re saying. He say that Jordan was the goat, bro. Jordan was after Kareem of all time, right? Yeah, yeah. Goat. Goat. But he, he saying, but between you and me anyways, I put LeBron at. 11. I would put LeBron at like three or two or three. Two or three. I’m at 11. Your top list is like Steve Nash,

Tupac might go, but who’s your number one? Who is his number one? No, if, are you talking about basketball now or No, I’m talking about rap. Rap. So who’s your, who’s the coach? Because if he’s not, if Tupac was of the time, then who? Goat of all time. See Eminem, you can’t have a goat of all time. I have the fucking goat.

That is the goat. Yeah, the actual goat. Like I would say Tupac’s like a, he’s like, he’s a top three. He’s like, he’s easily top three. Top three, but I just, oh, for sure. I just can’t, I don’t know if I can put, put him in one. I, I, I know that’s weird. Just saying like, I, I honestly do believe that Eminem. When it comes to M is number one, like big when it comes to lyric shit, actual lyrics.

And that’s why I like rap for lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll listen to some fucking trap shit where they’re, the words don’t matter, it’s just the beat. And you’re like, yeah, yeah, but I guess you don’t say Drake is your ghost. No, no, no. God, this isn’t an ar. Who’s the best r and b artist? Oh my God. Drake’s like, Hey, if you’re listening to Drake, I still like your shit, but just like not your new shit out.

Your new shit trash, your old shit. So you’re is dope. So you. M Andm one? Yeah, I would say Who’s number Two? Bucks at two? Yeah. Okay. And then where is Biggie? Like five? Five? Yeah. Five or six. Five or six. Yeah. Yeah. He’s great, don’t you? He’s awesome. Yeah. Yeah. But not like, yeah. Yeah. I thought Tupac was better.

You know, at this time. At this time when I was doing the research, NAZ was considered number one. Do NAS the best this time? This time present in the, or like in the nineties, dude, I would put, I would probably do. I would probably, no, they were saying they, A lot of, A lot of, a lot of what was going on was Naza was number one.

That’s what I say. I would say Eminem. Tupac. Naz. J Cole. Cause J Cole. J Cole. Straightforward. Where’s cute? That’s true. And. Well, no, no way. Not even. They’re down. They’re like 70. Sorry. No, because like NWA was great, but it wasn’t, it’s, if you listen to it again, it’s like not that great. Right. It’s really Well, I mean, it’s changed.

It’s changed a lot, honestly. Right? Even the styles of everything has changed so much. Yeah. But in the nineties, for sure, my opinion, Tupac Pac. Oh, Tupac was Tupac touchable. It was untouchable in the nineties for sure. Well, Tupac was born. Well actually he was born La LaShon Parish Crooks.

Oh, really? That’s his real name. I like LaShon. That’s what Ian, yeah. I never knew that his middle name’s am, uh, am Amaru. I don’t even know if I’m saying it right. Tupac. Ammar. So he literally made up a middle name too. Damn. Actually, his mom did. Yeah, his mom changed his name when he was one. Oh, I don’t even know that.

Yeah, so he, but he was born LaShaun Parish Crooks. And he was born in  1971. June 16th. And yeah. , so we’re just talk, kind of talking about how he was, he’s sold more than 75 million records for Worldwide Dude in the nineties you were like, sl he was killing us. You saw that many, you’re like so killing vaporizing.

That’s when they had records, right? You actually sold CDs and shit. , so Shakur was born, , June 16th in East. Which is the upper part of Manhattan in New York, which is funny because West Side, east side. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He was born in the east. Oh, yep.  I, I always thought that was funny.

One other thing I want to add is like, why the name Tupac? . Uh, he was named after Peruvian revolutionary Tupac of Maru. The. Yeah. , when he was a year old, like you just said. Yeah. But that has a lot to do with the, the whole revolutionary thing or whatever.

It’s cuz his mom was Black Panther. That’s right. Mm. There you go. So Shakur’s parents, Afeni Shakur was born Alice Faye Williams in North Carolina and his biological father, Billy Garland, and they were Black Panther party members in the sixties and seventies. Okay.

 So the, the, the Peruvian guy that you’re talking about? Yeah. Uh, he’s  the descendant of the Last Ink ruler. This was weird cuz the Incas are South American.  . So a month before Tupac was born,  his mother was tried in New York City as part of something called the Panther 21 Criminal Trial.

 Yeah. And it was a bunch of Black Panthers, basically, who were. Charged with, uh, a bunch of explosions and Oh shit. Wow. Actual terrorism stores and that sort of thing.  so it was charged as a conspiracy. So it’s like, it’s like US Greek. Yeah. Yeah. It’s like us as a group charged with all the things that you did.

All the things I did. All the things you did. Yeah. So everybody’s group charging. Yeah. So 150 charges. Jesus Christ. , she was acquit. Oh good. Hmm. Nice. So she was acquitted of those charges. ,  just to give you an idea, uh, Tupac’s stepfather was also, uh, he spent four years among the FBI’s. Top 10 wanted fugitives.

Holy shit. Black Panther party.  Yeah, she had ’em while she was in jail. Really? It was birthed in jail, physic. Yeah, I’m sure it was at the hospital, but she was incarcerated. Well, yeah.

Yeah. Probably like the, the, yeah. Yeah. Not the nursery. What the fuck is it called? Like the fucking, fucking, uh, the. What? What do they Medical call medical. The medical in infirmary. The infirmary. What? I infirmary. Yeah. We hella smart. We had AA smart. Yeah. Our new bit single. Hella smart. Coming out this, coming out this summer.

But um, So Tupac’s,  stepfather, Muta. Mutulu was apprehended in 86 and convicted for a, , robbery of those armored trucks. Oh shit. Oh, wow. , where a couple officers were killed in, so this is like the town, but in Harlem, it’s like a real thug, thug life thug. That’s a tattoo came from.

Yeah. So two. Godfather was named Elmer Geronimo Pratt. What the ? The coolest name I’ve ever heard. Elmer Eler. Geronimo Prat. Yeah, I mean, this guy sounds  a comic and he was part of the Black Panthers and he was convicted of murdering a school teacher during a 1968 robbery. Wow. Geez. This is his really standup guys in his life.

But get the say. But after spending 27 years in prison, they DNA evidence, conviction was overturned. Mm. Because the prosecution concealed evidence that proved his innocence. Holy shit. Did he get after 27 years? 27 years, he was let. I would be like, just kill me. Yeah. Like it’s this useless 27 years of your life.

Just, I guess where we’re going with this is that everyone in his life is a criminal. Oh no. Or , or not yet. Black Panther. And part of the, this guy was acquitted. That’s true. His mom was acquitted. Mm. So it’s kind of, I guess I don’t wanna say kinda like a conspiracy against I can, I can see how that would Yeah.

That for him, that one still like, fuck the police. Yes. They’re after you. Oh yes, yes. They’re gonna try to pin shit on you. Yeah. Yes. Even though you are doing illegal shit. That’s right. It doesn’t matter cuz they’re after you. That’s right. Even though you’re breaking the law. That for sure is a start.

But we’ll get into it also, but, When you, the way he grew up as at, , according to his songs, at least. Right. Right. Mm-hmm. The, the cops were always after. Mm-hmm. You know, black people in his neighborhood. And I mean, I think things were a little saucy there for sure. Yeah. Yeah.

We’ll just put it that way. Yeah. Yeah. So in the eighties, , Tupac’s mom found it difficult to find work and she also had a drug addiction, so she was dealing with, yeah, even though it’s a crack a crack, mama, you always was a black. Although, although it does go back to, was it difficult to find work because you were addicted to crack or was it difficult or it it’s difficult.

Find work crack. Then you got it’s one or the, but then you would think, If you, if it was difficult to find work, why would you spend your money on crack then? Yeah. So you gotta think it’s the in, you gotta think it’s the inverse of that. That’s fucking keep addicting. That’s why you can’t help.

But maybe you could find a job if you weren’t addict to crack. Yeah. Maybe if you weren’t spend crack, you’d be like, she’s a crack fien. We’re crack fi. We’re gonna hit that line. We’re gonna hit that line so many times. So in 1984, his family moved from New York to. He attended eighth grade at Roland Park Middle School.

Then ninth grade at Paul Lawrence Dunbar. He transferred to Baltimore School for the Arts in the 10th grade, which is sophomore year. Yeah, 10th grade. Yeah. He studied acting, poetry, jazz, and ballet. Oh wow. Ballet. That’s crazy. He performed in Shakespeare’s place? Mm-hmm. Yep. Yep. Oh, the fake Shakespeare’s, yeah.

Episode number. Yeah. Four Shake, Lord, whatever his name was. ,  so then he, so at the Baltimore School for the Arts, he met a person and became really close with Jada Pinkett. Mm-hmm. Oh, that’s right. They had the whole thing. Maybe. That’s right. She’s such a bitch to toil bitch. She’s, dude, are you kidding me?

She’s openly fucking another rapper. It’s. Fun. Like openly. She’s openly doing it. It’s not Okay. Have you seen the Chris Rock special? Oh, I know. I heard about it though. That’s so crazy. I’m gonna launch it. Cause he’s like, I just heard, I just saw that part where he goes into that. No, he goes in and I’m paraphrasing.

 Yeah. He’s like, what kind of bitch  she cheats on you and then puts you on live television and makes you follow. How do you feel about it?  That’s his. They had that little interview. It was so weird, so bad.

It’s so weird. I kind of agree. I feel, I kind of feel bad. I feel super bad for him. I don’t really feel bad for, I don feel Chris Rock. No, I don’t feel bad. No. No. I mean he just got smacked I a big deal. Oh, that’s fine.

 So, Uh, at this school. Anyways, they became friends and, you know, they started doing poetry together and that sort of thing. And then he won, , a competition, which was the school’s best rapper because he was the only one sort years ago because he was the, so in 1988, Shakur moved all the way to the West  and he moved to Marin City,

california, yeah, it’s the bay. Uh, it’s Marin City and it’s kind of like, it’s nearby Mill Valley. , it’s not really San Francisco. It’s kind of on the other side.  That sort of thing. , but did it say why? . I think for work for the mom, stuff like that, some of the research I did, it was like he, he was getting in trouble a lot, , and the people he was hanging out with and shit.

Mm-hmm. And so the mom like, that makes sense. Kind of like the let’s get you a new environment, will Smith, you know, Hey,

no, but it was like that. Maybe that was a little based on conspiracy. Yeah, that’s pretty funny. I didn’t know that freshman was literally loosely based off to put Tupac’s. I didn’t know that.  but just his point in note, he never graduated high school. So he left, he did later get his G e d. Hmm. It’s like twenties.

Yeah. So like, you know, take that for what? It’s good job. So he, , Shakur. , started recording under a stage name named mc, New York. That’s a super, now it wasn’t super fucking, it wasn’t in New York. It wasn’t in New York, it was in the Bay Area. So it was Mc, New York in the Bay Area? No, I didn’t just, yeah.

Okay. , that year he began attending a poetry class, , uh, Layla Steinberg. She became his first manager. , she organized a concert for Shakur. And, you know, , he has a rap group called Strictly Dope. , he love. Yeah. And then that’s, yeah, that’s when they, that’s when he met a, a group called Digital Underground.

Oh yeah. Right. And that was when he like kind of got hooked up with Digital Underground. And, , in 91, that’s when Tupac debuted under for the first time under the name Tupac. Mm. And it was with, so Digital Underground, mc, New York. That’s right. Okay. So in 91, then he was with Digital Underground and he was like, Hey, I’m Tupac.

That was his name. A I’m Pac. Under a new record label, which was Interscope. Nice. Yeah.  Okay. So that’s when, , Tupac joined Digital Underground. That’s right. And he was in that song. Same song is what it’s called. Sing it. All around the world.

Same song?

No, no, no, no. Those are two different songs. The Humpy Dance and the same song. Oh, that’s right. That’s right. So he was in the same song. I think that’s probably his first. Big know big thing. Yeah. His first big pop, big rap. Yeah. That’s where people are , oh, first music video was a guy first. Yeah.

Yeah. Actually he was a backup dancer for them. Yeah. Really. That’s right. And that’s right. That’s when they started going on tour. He’s using that ballet skills. Yeah.  Yeah, so he was with Digital Underground and then October 31st, which is Halloween, 1993. Thank you Eric for that. Just thank you for that, which is Halloween disclaimer.

I had no idea. And when’s the, the 4th of July. So Tupac, so Tupac was arrested for the first time, or at least the first time on record, , in Atlanta for shooting two off duty police officers for shooting two off duty. Dang, what the ?  the police were brothers and the Atlanta police claimed that the shooting occurred after the brothers were almost struck by a car. Mm-hmm. That was carrying Tupac while they were crossing the street with their wives. Oh. So they were off duty cops basically, they argued with the driver, Tupac.

, his car pulled up and  he shot one of them in the butt in the abdomen. Damn. Oh damn. Anyway, so there’s conflicting accounts. , Tupac says that it was in self-defense, and the other guy said, well, Tupac shot me first. , Tupac was charged with Tu counts of aggravated assault. Ab wow. I believe in Tupac on this one.

Well, okay. Ag aggravated assault for shooting two cops. Yeah. Also crazy. But the one of the cops was charged with firing at Tupac’s car. Oh. And making false statements later. Ah, what an idiot. There you go. That’s what I’m saying. So idiot. So the cop admitted to possessing a gun that he had taken from the evidence room.

Oh my God. Come on now. Wow. So prosecutors ultimately dropped the charges because of all that. Because this guy was Shadiest book and I happen to have some cash from the locker. Okay. Had some cocaine from the evidence room, but, and the cop resigned six months later, six or seven months later, it’s like, they’re on me.

Shit, I gotta get outta here. Yeah. But. The cops filed civil suits against Tupac, , and they were settled out of court. So yeah. I’ll give you 50 bucks. Yes. But like deal. Yeah. No, I mean, at that time he’s making money, I think. Right. The cops sued Tupac for $2 million. Woo. And it was settled after Tupac died by his estate.

Oh, really? Oh yeah. That’s weird. Yep.  so 1993, that’s where we’re at now, Tupac and Notorious B i g meat for the first. They meet on the set of the movie Poetic Justice. You remember that movie did John Singleton movie with Janet Jackson, Regina King. , anyways, they, they, they clicked. He said, , biggie said, we just clicked off the top when we were cool.

Ever since. So Biggie and him actually were friends. They were friends, yeah. Friends, yeah. Don’t necessarily know, but they were friends. Right. ,

So at that time, biggie was not happy with his recording career. So he asked Tupac, he said, Hey, can you be my manager? Oh really? Yeah. Huh. And so Tupac said, biggie looked like he was wearing the same pair of Tiber lands for a year straight. And he advised Biggie to stay with Puff Daddy and.

The bad boy founder, puff Daddy will make you a star. And he Sure, sure enough, he did. Sure. Shit. So there you go. So, uh, 19. So here’s prophet too. And, but I guess, I guess, I guess the point of that story though is that time traveler, the point of that story though is that they were friends originally. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And he said, Hey, With, , puff Daddy. Puff Daddy. Yeah. You know, I mean there’s whole, there’s a little, and there’s a whole reason why they like and East and West. Mm-hmm. Started, but go ahead. Probably Puff Puff Daddy first in 94, uh, Tupac,  released Thug Life Volume one. And , this is when he started to really get, you know, this is 94 was like, yeah, 94.

So he already had done. Juice or Yes. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. And good. And probably above the rim too, cuz that’s also what kind of catapulted him. I actually above the rim is coming up. Like we’re we’re in there. I thought, okay. Right around there. I don’t like that, but I thought juice was great. Juice is good.

Juice is good. Yeah. I have to watch that one again. So he was, yeah. So he was acting and he was doing a lot. He was, yeah, he was all over the place. Right. Fingers in all the pets. Okay, so at this point he’s a bigger actor than, than rapper, right? No, no. He was, I think he was selling, he was selling, he, he was selling that he was selling millions and he was also just drifting into the acting world.

Yeah. Okay. Like 50 sec. Yeah. Okay. So in, , November 30th, 1994, this is when everything went wrong, is when everything went wrong, and this is called the Quad City. Okay. I dunno if you know, if you’ve heard of this, , but essentially this is what, kind of set everything in motion. East Coast, west coast, right.

Situation. Right. So what’s strange about Tupac, and we’re gonna go through this a lot, but. What’s strange about it is he was always broke. This is weird. Hmm. He’s always broke. So even his, when he’s famous, even when you’re rich, you’re broke. Yeah. He was broke. I mean, it, you know, the record labels would give him a car and the, the watches and this, but he never really had, like, he was never like liquid.

He never had financial acumen. , you know, like he was never really , I, I mean, but back then. It wasn’t, it wasn’t like it is now back then, right? Meaning now you sign, you might get, I don’t know, maybe a few billion, like no, but what happened? What you get. But like back then you wouldn’t get a few million just for signing or like now they just give you an advance and they pretty much, it’s an advanced against estimated record sales.

And then, and then they take the money back and then they, then they have it set up to like, okay, we’ll give you in advance and then you’ll get like X percent after. Said, money is recouped. And, and a lot of times the guy, they’re , there’s big contracts. Those guys won’t read it. They all they see is the advanced money.

They’re , fuck yeah. And they’re like, cool, we’ll get advance to this. And then you get fucking 1%. But, but, but we also have to mention like back then it was the, the whole , gangster rap thing was going on. Yeah. Right? Mm-hmm. And it wasn’t everybody’s buying gangster rap albums, , you know?

Right. Like they, like they buy rap albums now. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. That’s true. True. So there’s not a lot of money going on. But go ahead. Well, so November 30th, 1994, so he was in New York and , he was offered by a music manager named Jimmy Henchman. He offered, he like, make that up, Jimmy. So he offered Tupac seven grand to stop by a place called Quad Studios.

And record just a verse to be on a track for little. Right. See, so he was like, that’s what I’m talking about. Like, so nowadays, nowadays, I, I heard, , I think it was like, like hundred Gs for that. No, I, I heard, , what’s the name, Snoop. He was saying 250 grand just for a verse. Wow. Crazy. Fuck. Shut up, Snoop.

Crazy. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Crazy. That’s the difference. That’s what I was talking about. Well, but apparently, so he was unsure if he should do it, but he was , shit, I need the money. Sat damn. Seven cheese, bro. Because what happened is, is, and we’ll go into it in a little bit, but he was being charged for sexual assault.

And so he had lawyer fees at this time? Yeah, he had legal fees and Yeah. And apparently he just didn’t have a lot of cash. Yeah. And so he was , oh, I’m getting offered seven grand. It’s like, yeah, that, let’s go another one. Track another couple weeks from retainer. Yes, exactly. So, , it was in Times Square, , but he agreed to do it.

He needed the cash, so he arrived with Stretch, which is one of his homies. , and in the. He saw a guy and he later talks about this guy and he says, most black men always recognize him or say hello, either out of jealousy or out of admiration, but this guy didn’t say anything to him. He just tipped his cap down and he just didn’t look at him and he was wearing camo.

Oh, this is, this is, , what’s his, this is what’s his name. , so he walked in. He was, so, he walked into the lobby and near the elevator.  They were robbed and beaten and then shot. , he was shot like  four times. ,  and per the reports, he took the elevator up to the top floor and he, and he was bleeding.

Oh shit. And he opened the top floor and there was biggie. And puffed daddy, and he just walked in and he sat down on the couch and he smoked a cigarette. What a fucking name. What a legend. What a They called, they called an ambulance. What a fuck. They called an ambulance. Badass. He’s like, gimme a cigarette bitch.

And you pork zip now. But what sucks. The problem with this situation is Tupac then thought it was because Biggie and and Puff were there. Yeah. So he thinks that, wasn’t he going to record for them or winter? No. Oh, totally coincidence. Okay. They’re in the same building, right? So then of course he’s thinking like, why are these fucks here?

These fucking guys have like, Trapped me, basically. I know. They were , oh yeah, yeah. You know, get rid of the competition. Yeah. So, so who shot him? Yeah. So, okay, so I wrote, I wrote this note down. So in 2011 it was reported that Dexter Isaac, which was an imprisoned murderer serving a life sentence, confessed that he was one of the men who shot and robbed Tupac at Quad Studios.

Oh. One of the guy. And he was ordered on the order from Jimmy Henchman, which is the guy who was paying him the seven. To be there in the first place. Damn. Oh, gotcha. He said, he said Henchman hired me to Rob Tupac. He gave me 2,500 plus all the jewelry that I took except for one ring, which he took for himself.

So it was a setup, same like that’s what Tupac said from, that’s right. The start. Like forever. I wonder the other guy was like, fucking Suge. No hate it. That there’s, there’s the suspicion. So, so then, oh yeah. So, so he gets taken to the hospital, right. And he has surgery, then instead of staying there at the hospital, he decides to leave the hospital and he, the next day is the jury’s verdict of his sexual assault case.

Oh. So he’s like, so he shows up and there’s video. He shows up in a wh. And the arm brace. Yep. And like, he’s like shot, et cetera. It’s like, right. He even has  a Yeah. Bandage on his head. That’s right. This is a bandage term. So he shows up the next day at the thing, and he’s, he’s ready to get the verdict now.

Now we’re gonna talk about the sexual assault case. All right. Ready? Yeah. Okay. So just to, so what are we doing j a lot. J It’s a lot of, so 1993, so one year earlier. Okay. One year earlier. There’s somebody named Ayana Jackson. Okay. And she was 19 years old, and she admitted that before this night she was having sex with Tupac.

Hmm. Oh, so, okay. So they’ve, they’re already, they’re boning, they’re already doing it. Yeah. They’re about, but she’s admitted that she’s admitted consensual. Yeah. Sex has happened. So now November 19th comes along, he’s staying at a hotel and he invites her. And she comes in and she claims that  he said, these are my boys.

I like you so much. I decided to share you with them. He had, , his hand in my braids and I can’t physically move. And then Shakur reportedly left the. And then Jackson then said she was raped by these three other guys. Oh, oof. Ugh. I, I, ugh. That’s the worst. I know. I don’t know how you, I can’t be like, she’s lying.

Yeah. So then she says, Tupac was lying on the couch. In my mind, was thinking this motherfucker just raped me. And he is lying up there like a king, acting as if nothing happened. So I begin crying hysterically and shouting, how could you do this to me? I came here to see you. I can’t believe you did this to me.

She later confirmed though, that she didn’t have sex with Tupac that night, but she was raped by the other people. Okay, but she’s accusing him? No, she’s accusing him of , she like set it up almost, almost like he like the, he’s like the trafficker. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Yes. Okay. Yes, exactly. So that’s super fucked up.

So he gets. Marie, he got shot at Quad City Karma. He wheels in and then he’s there for the verdict. What’s the verdict? Okay. Guilty. A f He got, yes, he was. Yep. He was convicted and he got 18 months to four years. That’s what the, the judge said. Okay. The judge said, , it was an act of brutal violence against a helpless woman,  and Tupac was out of line and, and anyways, setting it up and shit.

Inhumane and set the bail at $3 million. That’s a damn, that’s a hefty bail. Especially in those days. So he, he had to go to jail for how long? 18 months to four and a half years. That was the conviction. Yeah. 18 to four and a half.  Yeah. Now Tupac said the following, he said, how am I gonna force a woman to do something to me that we’ve already done co.

Well, you didn’t force her to do it either with you. Yeah. The case is about me and this girl. Then we wouldn’t be here. I’m guilty of a lot of things, but I’m not guilty of rape. Just because I don’t want to be with a girl doesn’t mean they can accuse me of rape. Oh, see? See, it’s a crime for that girl to turn this into a rape charge.

In the report it says I was in concert. Where are those guys? I don’t want to go to jail for something. They did. See, that’s what you’re saying is I didn’t rape her, so I didn’t rape her. It’s crazy though. None of them got. Did only heat. Yeah. That’s weird. So that, probably wanna make an example outta him.

He’s the star that, I mean, that part sucks for those guys. Yeah. So he goes to jail. So, uh, there you go. Tupac goes to jail. To cl So correctional facility. Yeah. I remember from one of it’s all in. So then, so then he’s in jail. And when he was in jail, , LL Cool J released a song called I Chacha.

, biggie released it called a song called Who Shot Ya. Yeah, I remember that. And Tupac’s fucking getting livid, , yeah, , what do you mean you fucking shot me? And first of all, like LL Cool J just stop. That’s cool. Up. Stop doing this dude. Yeah.  So he’s getting Matter and Matter and Matter in prison.

Oh. Basically of , and all he has is his own friends. His friends, he thought his friends. Conspiring terror matter and paranoid. Yes, exactly. Exactly.  During while he was in prison, he released Dear Mama. Oh, that’s a good one. Yeah. Classic. And, , that was the number one release.

Yep. That was his first number one. Yep. , that was during his prison state. Did, so that was, , mama was a black queen mo crack queen mote. That sounded kind of like a country song to me. Mama, what you talking about sounded great. Eric’s mor. So, so that was the album, me Against the World. That’s the one that got released yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Okay. So now we fast forward a little bit to August 95. He’s still in prison. He’s still in jail. So at the 95 Source Awards, , this is when Suge Knight won. Oh my God. He won. For Above the Rim soundtrack, Suge Knight’s, the worst human beings ever, ever.

And he goes up on stage and you could watch it on YouTube. He goes up on stage and he’s  and then he diss, and this is what they all say, is that he diss puffy. In the speech, he says, Hey, all of you artists, if you guys want,  to get your albums produced without me dancing in your videos, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Then come over to death row. You know, and then apparently, like per the people in the crowd, including Snoop Dogg, et cetera, it was palpable. It was , like people were, it was West Coast, east coast starting to get , well, and also fuck you snot is like, is like the greatest antagonist person who’s ever lit.

He just wants to start shit with everybody, right? Yeah. Yep. , meanwhile, , couple weeks later,  a death row employee is shot. , you know, in Atlanta. , this is just added notes of things are fucking wild. Like things are getting wild. Like the wild, wild, the wild West’s crazy. Yeah. So, so come September, Tupac is desperate to get out of jail.

I would be too. He’s desperate to get out of jail. He’s, he’s done. He doesn’t wanna be in jail anymore. How long has he been. , 18 to four and a half years. Six months. About six months. Damn. About six to seven months, dude. Six months prison. I would’ve already jumped off myself. Fucking shit outta, he couldn’t figure out how to pay the $3 million bail.

Well, yeah, cuz you’d have to put up a bond, but you need at least, it’s at least 10%. Something like crazy. It’s like, it’s a lot of money. So guess who showed up as like a white Knight, Suge Knight? Mm-hmm. Of course. As a Suge Knight. As a Suge Suge Knight. Listen, showed up as a Suge Knight. So there’s a, there’s this famous story where that, that Tupac sold his soul of Suge Knight on an napkin.

So he basically meaning  he’s like, what do I need to do to get outta jail? He’s like, that’s what said, do you need to give me, you need to join Death Row and you need to give me X amount of albums. Ah, right. And apparently, I mean, this is all a theory. Oh, hearsay. Yeah.

Apparently it was all in a napkin. He’s like, just burn that napkin. I didn’t read anything. No, I did. I did research this a little bit extra. I did find the original document that Tupac signed. Oh, really’s four pages. Yeah. It’s not a napkin, it’s not on UK right now. If you keep, if you remember we were talking about he was originally with Interscope.

Yeah. Yeah. So Interscope made it, , made them put it into some form of legible contract. Yeah. And it was four pages long and it’s a signature of Tupac Suge, and. Oh, so it’s pretty much saying it’s transferring over to taking over death row. Right. Anyways, side note, that contract sold for 15 grand like two years ago.

An auction. Yeah. Yeah, it’s an auction item.  It is known as Tupac’s bail Agreement. Mm. And then,  eight days later after signing that he was released from prison. Damn. That was fast. Su su suge works fast.

Yeah, he probably killed, yeah, killed the commissioner. So he gets outta prison. , December of 95. , Snoop Dogg is in New York. Oh yeah. , People get shot fired on, nobody gets hurt. But basically the message was sending to West Coast rappers, don’t fucking come to New York. Mm-hmm. Like, it’s it’s getting West Coast, east Coast becomes a thing.

Like it’s actually Oh, a thing. Yeah. Okay. February of 96 Tupac releases all Eyes on me. Hmm. Sells half. Best album. Best album of all Sells half a million records in, in like seven days. Yeah. Instantly seven days. Yeah. 96 Soul Train Awards. , you know, he, he wins big.

 The next few months are just, The west side, west coast, east coast thing just keeps going and , keeps, it, keeps boiling up and , fuck you in like West Side and like that whole like, and they’re gifting each other on in songs now, so it’s , it’s there forever, you know?

It’s so funny. It’s, it’s so silver. Nothing , we’re both on America, but you’re on the other side of the fuck piece piece. And then, and then he also released the song of , you know,   Biggie’s wife uh, faith ? No. Or Faith? , Eve.  Yeah. Like he, it’s Eve. No. You see you being a player, but I fucked your wife. Like yeah. I forget her name, but yeah. Yeah. And it says, and then fuck for like, don’t fucking face something. I dunno. Whatever. Yeah. Eve. Yeah. Eve. Faith. Faith Eve. Uh, so in nine June of 96, Jay-Z drops,  reasonable doubt, which features,  biggie. And, , he says some, some shit about having twins with, with his. And it’s called Tupac’s. Anyways, they keep going and going and going and , you know, so it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse and worse. In August of 96, Tupac Records, , his, his album called the Don Kill Iani, the Seven Day Theory.

K Illuminati. K Illuminati. There you go. Yeah. Under Machiavelli. Mm-hmm. You know, that’s the first sign of Machiavelli in that whole thing. Another great album. Really good. Really good. Okay, so then we fast forward and here we are. So, September 7th, 1996. So Tupac Shakur decided to go to Las Vegas. , he had a business partner named First Mistake.

Yeah. So he had a business partner named Tracy Robinson and it was,  birthday and also he was friends with Mike Tyson. So Mike Tyson was gonna fight Bruce’s Sheldon. That’s, and, and Mike Tyson was super rich at this time. Yeah. This is Mike Tyson’s Peak, right? Right. Super peak. Right. So, , it’s at the MGM Grand , , So Mike Tyson wins in 40 seconds.

Like it was, it was one of those like, you remember those fights Tyson round? It’s just a quick aside too, everybody, yeah. The way things are nowadays, nowadays are so different. It’s , you know, you have a year to train Mike Tyson. I think he fought when he was in this championship zone.

I think he like nine fights in a year. Yeah, it was insane. It was every other month he’s like in a fucking championship fight and knocks the dudes down and , alright, another two months. You have another. Yeah, because anyways, continu, all he needed was 40 seconds. So he is like, I’m still in shape.

Give me another one in two months. I’m still in shape so fast. Alright, so to put this in a little bit into context, so, , Suge Knight created these, these,  these change. And they were death row record chains, and they were massive gold chains. Yeah, yeah. You remember they were huge, right? Yeah.

With the, like the, the local, yeah, yeah, yeah. And, , I think they were 10 grand each and he only gave them to , made men. If you, everything is like Goodfellas. Yeah. You said made man, you get ’em. You’re you’re in. Yeah, you’re in, you’re in. Yep. Okay. So, , a little bit before, , there was one of the crew of death row where a guy named Orlando Anderson tried to rob this chain from the guy.

Mm-hmm. Mm Okay. Still a pawn shop. That was a little bit before and it was at a mall, and anyways, he tried to rob it. That’s what happened. Okay, good. So now that the Tyson fight happens, Tupac is pumped. And the reason we know that is cuz he’s on camera. Yeah. He’s like, there’s actual video if you wanted to look it up on YouTube.

There’s video of Tupac pumped about Tyson winning. Vibing. He’s walking the casino floor. Like fucking, just vibing. Just Yes. Like pumped out of his mind. Right. Even should  McGregor up with him. Yeah. Yes, yes, exactly. Okay, so they get to the lobby and this is all caught on camera. You can. It’s all caught on camera and, and somebody says something that says, Hey, there’s that motherfucker, or Orlando Anderson over there.

Oh, it’s called Kill. Where’s he at? So kill him right now. So Tupac and Sugar, and they have a posse of like six people. They’re trying to steal our chains. Yeah. When I saw it on the, uh, when I saw that video, it looked like 60 people. Yeah, it did. It did. Looks like. And they’re also in a casino though, so.

No, no, I know, but I’m saying it. Look, and Tupac throws the first. Of course, of course. Like he comes of course, and he rushes, bum rushes Orlando Anderson, and he starts beating on him. Then in the video, Suge looks like Suge is kicking him in the face too. Probably. Hundred percent. Hundred percent chance he looks like him.

Suge then is stopping, but later on we’ll talk about that because it’s important. Yes. Okay. Okay, good. So he beats the shit out of him. They’re , yeah, we fucking like, bitch. What? Sorry? All that shit. Right? Okay, good. So that happens. It’s all caught on video. Nobody knows it’s caught on. Okay, so then he goes back to gentleman, it’s a casino.

Yes. His fucking idiots guy in the sky catch everything. So then Tupac, I mean, even at that time, the, I, I know serious everything, everything. So Tupac then goes to his hotel room and , at that time he was actually dating.  Tupac’s actually dating Kada Jones. Mm-hmm. Which, I don’t know if you guys know that, but Cada Jones is the daughter of Quincy Jones, right?

Yes. Also, the sister of Rash Jones, who’s in Parks and Recs. She’s and a bunch of other stuff. She’s, yeah, she’s also in and she’s in, , I love you, man. Yeah. She’s plus Paul Rudds wife. She’s semi famous. I famous. Okay. Famous. Yeah. Okay, so sh he goes to the hotel. Now here’s the strange. Ever since he was shot at Quad City.

You know the Quad City studio? Mm-hmm. Oh yeah. He was wearing Bulletproof vest. Smart, very smart. Everywhere he went, he was wearing a bulletproof fest. For some reason. I would too. For some reason, he left that hotel room and his bulletproof vest was on the couch. Mm. It’s conspiracy. He didn’t put it on Sugar was like, don’t wear it.

Trust me, Billy. Yeah. And he told, he told, , he told the, , KA. He said, Hey, I’m gonna go to this club. It’s, it’s SU’s Club. It’s called,  club 6 69, , and it’s kind of 6 62, sorry. And, uh, it’s like a charity thing and we’re gonna just, we’re gonna just roll up and you stay here. You don’t go anywhere.

You stay here. Yeah. I don’t need you at the club with me, girl. Yeah. Stop. You’ve been crushing my vibe. Additionally, what’s weird is his bodyguard, he said, Hey, you take her car and I’m gonna roll with. Don’t drive me. Mm. So he’s just like, he’s just violating all the normal actions. Oh. Is like, look, all the things, I don’t even, I don’t even bulletproof vest.

I don’t need my own car. Everything that you’ve put in place as a protection protocol, you’ve broken. He’s like, no, I, I ain’t even bring my wallet. Yeah. So then him and Suge headed, , to the death row nightclub called 6 62. They went in the black BMW seven 50,  but they were also part of a larger convoy, so they had six cars and they were, you know, whatever.

Yeah, yeah. They’re always rolling with , just a, the whole shenanigans amount of people. Okay. So at 11:00 PM Tupac and night were stopped by Las Vegas police officers who were on the bikes, you know, the bike on the bike patrol pull out. Yeah. And they were , Hey, your, your stereo’s too. And you don’t have license plates and, and it’s nobody driving.

Yeah. What? So they opened the trunk, the place were in, in SU’s trunk. So you just never put ’em on his car? What the fuck? For whatever reason, I guess he was just not trying to get, this is the sketchiest thing ever. I mean, the plug license plate. Anyway, so they released them or they let them go without a citation or anything, so 10 minutes.

While they were stopped at a red light at the intersection of East Flamingo in, in the Coval Lane in front of the Maxim Hotel, a vehicle pulled up with two women on their left side. Tupac was talking to them through the window. Hey, he, I love you. He like, stay in the hotel baby. Love you, Tupac. And then he was like, Hey, come over to Club six 60.

And he invited them. I get around, they, they instantly, and they’ve gone come into the car with us right now and they’ve done interviews where they were , yeah. He was , Hey, come over, come, come to club 6 62, right? A couple minutes later, a white four door Cadillac pulled up to Suge Knight’s right side.

So here’s, here’s Suge and here’s Tupac. And the car pulls up right here. Su SU’s driving. Yeah, SU’s driving. And there’s a great photo because those girls took a. So the last photo of Tupac is literally moments before he gets shot. Mm-hmm. Wow. Yeah. So the shooter seated at the back of the Cadillac, rolled down the window and rapidly fired shots from a Smith and Wesson Glock 22.

All right. Tupac was hit four times 22.

 So Tupac was hit four times, twice in the. Once in the arm and once in the thigh. One of the bullets went into Tupac’s, right?

Lung. Oh fuck. And Suge was hit with a fragment in his head. Oh. Oh, maybe that’s when he went like fucking super crazy. So then Suge basically floored it. Did a U-turn crash into a pole. Like, like, it was almost made it smooth. I mean, it was, it was about a half mile. Yeah. So , I mean a little bit, he made it a little bit.

Mm-hmm. Right. So, despite the fact that Suge apparently got shot in the head, He and he had a flat tire at this point cuz he went over the curb. He was able to drive where the guy shot or the tire got shot. I dunno. Yeah. Piece of information. And the tire is flat know, , he was able to drive Tupac and himself half a mile from the site to Las Vegas Boulevard.

Right.  Then those same people on the. They’re the first on the scene, like the cops on the bike in, on it.

 He was then taken in the hospital, heavily sedated. , but reports say that he was alive. Saying like, help me, I can’t breathe. Oh, cause it’s long. It’s long. Like I can’t breathe and I’m still alive.  So he was taken into the emergency room, heavily sedated.

He was put on life support machines and was put into a medically induced coma after he kept trying to get out. Right. Damn out the bed, whatever that was, that was probably the, that the metal news coma probably did a man. Yeah, maybe. Yeah. So then, , I love that he’s still scraping, like, let me ask the fuck out.

Yeah, seriously. So then his girlfriend came Jones, she came and per her reports, she played him Don McClain’s Vincent on a CD player next to him. And he woke up tally induced coma. Jesus music transcends. She moaned, he moaned a bit. You know, Suge, Suge was released the next day.

Uh, but he, he wouldn’t speak to anybody. He wouldn’t tell ’em what was happening. So, , by then Friday happened, so multiple days went by and he had multiple surgeries. And at first, the first couple days it was , he’s gonna be, he’s a 50 50 chance of living. He’s gonna be fine. Oh, I remember he do.

You know what I mean? , we were , all right,  his death’s homie’s been shot before. Exactly. People were , oh, he is been through this before. They were hopeful. Yeah. Um, but , Friday, September 13th, , he died of respiratory failure because of the lung. So they removed the lung in the, in the next surgery, because I see it was internal bleeding.

, you know, anyway, so they, they, he was pronounced dead at four o’clock on that day. Now the officer that came. And was the first one on the scene, said the following in an interview and he said, I got his autograph before I died. It’s up on, yeah. His name was Chris Carol and he said that  at first he was struggling and then eventually got to an I’m at peace and I’m ready to. Kind of thing. Just like that he went from fighting to struggling. You mean like resisting him or just No, resisting the, the pain and the, oh, the, the dying and the, the, you know what I mean?

Like that kind of thing to , he went from fighting it to I can’t do it anymore. And when he made that  transition, he looked at me and he’s looking right in my eyes. And that’s when I looked at him and I said, one more time, who shot? And he looked at me and he took a deep breath and he got the words out and he opened his mouth and I thought he was gonna cooperate, but what he said was, fuck you.

I know snitch shot. Fuck you. I love this story.  and then he looked me down. It was like so serious. And we had a moment. We like our souls were connected. He. Fuck you coppa bitch. Tupac, the police. What a, what a story of Tupac. Right? Fuck you, Tupac. To the end. Yeah, to the end.  , and that’s, that’s, that’s what happened. That’s what we got for you guys tonight. That’s unfortunately, that’s the end of episode. One of Tupac Shakur. Yeah. We like to, we like to do these endings on like the lowest possible driving to the ground. I’m like, see you next week.

No, but, but that’s what happened with Tupac. And , you know, next week we’re gonna talk about, , All the things that happened afterwards. , the investigation, , detective pool, , is he in Cuba? Is he, is he still alive? Is he holler? Is he is he has, is he part of the machine? He is his, yes. His, , consciousness is transcended into, into the That’s right.

The multiverse. That’s right. So thanks a bunch. Thanks for listening, guys. We’ll see you guys next week. Next week. Tune in. Don’t, it’s, it. Don’t miss it. Daddy night, let’s.