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Episode 21: Marilyn Monroe: The Death of An Icon (Part 2)

Podcast Transcription

All right everybody. Welcome back to the Conspiracy Podcast. It. Shun and this is Jorge. We got a good one. Continuation from last week. Part two. Part part two. Marilyn Monroe, or that’s Jorge. I say part dose. . . If you haven’t checked out, uh, the last episode, make sure and do that.  It got a little dark at the end, but , yeah, this is not gonna make sense.

If you don’t mind, if you don’t listen to the first one, like yeah, you’re gonna be , what the going on? Why did I tune into this podcast at all? So, here we go. So basically, Marilyn has come back from this  it upsetting weekend. Super upsetting. And uh, I’m upset and I wasn’t even there.

Yeah, Sean, Seans definitely, I was very upset. This is Frank Sinatra’s resort home where he has weird parties and, you know what I mean? Mob bosses and sex parties. Parties. Frank Sinatras home and what, what, I mean, he’s a a sliming motherfucker. Yeah. Like he’s slamming. Yeah. Don’t listen. His music , so she flies back.

Okay. So Monday, that Monday when she gets back, she places an eight minute phone call to the Justice Department. Oh, she did? Oh wow. She did? Okay. Yeah. Nobody knows what was said on that call. Probably like, uh, got raped. Like arrest these men.

So on Thursday, August 2nd, 1962, Marilyn visits the nursery for four hours, deciding which trees to plant, which what she wants for her new garden. , her psychiatrist, Dr. Greens, sees her twice that day. Once at his office, once at home that night, she’s invited to the Peter Lawford beach house and Lawford’s friend Dick Levington said she came in with champagne wearing the damnedest little.

That sounds like something . Mm-hmm. . That’s a Danish half an hour ready to party. Yeah. So champagne. Yeah. . So that was Thursday, I guess you have, I guess Thursday, I guess you have beach parties on Thursday. I, I haven’t had yet. Must be cool to be famous. Oh my God. So on at work Friday, August 3rd. Marilyn tried to call Bobby Kennedy several times and he was staying at, in San Francisco at the St.

Francis Hotel. Well see now I understand why she was trying to call him. Yeah, like you have a real reason now. Yeah. Yeah. , she can’t reach ’em because Kennedy and his family are actually staying with family friends nearby, but like 60 miles south, which is Gilroy.  also that week Marilyn was starting to clean house of her employees.

 She fired her drama coach sending her back to New York. She also told Robert Slatcher that she was planning to get rid of her publicist, , as well. Firing Dr. Sson. Yeah. She needs this. Dr. Greens guy is useless, like this guy outta here. She was also planning to let go of Eunice, the housekeeper.

Oh. Whom she started to feel like she was being placed into the home. So her psychiatrist could spy on her. Well, yeah, but Eunice, she was like, she like, she was like a tech for Yeah. It’s all like collusion on these guys. That’s right. Okay, so on Friday, August 3rd, 1962, Lawford and Newcomb took Marilyn out to a dinner Lawford.

Here he goes again at Lascala in Beverly Hills, which is one of her favorite restaurants. A patron there named Billy Traia. Who knew Marilyn? Said she appeared drugged and intoxicated. God damn it. See, she like, she, she got no good people around her so much so that, , he was friends with her and she didn’t recognize.

Wow. Wow. Yeah, so allegedly when they returned home, new Command Monroe got into an argument and she tried to reach Bobby Kennedy again at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. Dude, this poor girl she has, she has, she has no stable people around her. I know. Everyone’s just using and abusing her.

This, this sucks. Crazy. She didn’t have like a family? No. She, no, she had no family. Yeah. Well, she grew up in foster home, we talked about in episode one, and Yeah, but I mean, you don’t have. She has no like solid like anybody, like people like I can trust these people. Like these are my trustworthy friend.

They got my back. Like these people, everyone was a piece of shit. Okay, so this is her final day? Yeah. Mm-hmm. ? Yeah. So 6:00 AM on August 4th. Marilyn phone’s, her friend Jean Carmen had mentioned she had received some disturbing phone calls the night before in the middle of the.  of people saying things like, leave Bobby alone and calling her a tramp.

People like we don’t know. Who don’t knows. Random. That’s a random human. Like prank calls. Yeah. I mean, Bob, fuck. Stop. Stop calling. Listen, car, leave Bobby alone. Bobby doesn’t wanna hear from you. Shut up. Yeah, this Bobby, it’s not Bobby’s fault. It’s your fault. I’m not Bobby, you’re Bobby. Stop calling me.

Stop calling Bobby . You’re the whore, not Bobby, but. Yeah. So when asked to describe Marilyn’s demeanor on the call, Jean said she sounded nervous and exhausted. During that conversation, Marilyn requested that Jean come over, but it was Jean’s birthday, so she told her that she would see him on Sunday. So at 8:00 AM so a couple hours later, the , housekeeper.

Eunice arrives for her workday at Marilyn’s home at Fifth Helena Drive. Murray claimed Monroe was already awake and the handyman also showed up at that time. Okay. Okay. 9:00 AM Marilyn drinks a grapefruit juice and informs the housekeeper that her agent, pat Newcomb, has spent the night with her. Okay, Norman Jeffries, the handyman later  recounted events of the day saying Marilyn came into the kitchen around 9:00 AM wrapped in a bath towel. She was pale and looked tired. She looked sick. Yeah. 10:00 AM Larry Schuler stops by to discuss Marilyn’s upcoming nude photo shoot from the set of something’s gotta give. That would appear in Playboy.

Ooh hmm. He claimed Marilyn was outside doing gardening research on that one. We’re gonna check this out. Yeah, . We’re gonna do a heavy research on that way.

I feel bad I can’t even do it cuz like I’m a poor girl. Like this is so fucking I know. Right now you don’t feel now it’s even look at her sexually. I’m, this is too feel vibe. I have a daughter, like, I can’t even, like it’s still, it’s too gross. So he claimed that Marilyn was outside doing gardening when he came up the walkway after a brief conversation about the nude.

Uh, photo shoot. Photo shoot. Marilyn said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to further her reputation as a sex object. Good. That’s good for her. So she said no. Smart. Yeah, I think it’s a smart play. Okay, so 11:00 AM Marilyn’s bedside table is delivered and she writes a check for it. Marilyn also ordered some citrus trees.

, pat Newcomb finally woke up at a fucking noon, , , whatever that is. No responsibilities. Yeah, he’s amazing. He’s like, who the fuck am I? Honestly, it’s so honestly, what’s up at noon sometime at. What the fuck? It’s a girl, by the way. It’s. Oh yeah. Oh, it’s a chick. Yeah, it’s power. Oh, that was a dude, me and Sean.

It’s like that movie. It’s bad. We’re thinking we’re, they’re like night and like  so Eunice offered her b. During which Newcomb and Marilyn woke up feeling cranky and the pair argued about Marilyn not being able to sleep well. Newcomb, I was a shit up bitch. Like, bitch you slept until 12. I know. I’ve been up I six, I slept great.

I Bobby like five times. My God. What are they arguing about? , so Newcomb planned to spend the afternoon with Marilyn lounging by the. Then joined actor Peter Lawford and his wife Patricia Kennedy. God Peter Lawford for dinner. Damn it Peter did.  . Both Murray and Jenkins would later reveal the actual cause of the argument was Newcombs close friendship with the Kennedy’s, not just a lack of sleep.

Hmm. Oh, so, oh, so her agent was tight with the Kennedys? Yes. Oh, and the Kennedys were probably like, yeah, make her to the nude photo shoot. Discredit her . She’s gonna be like, fuck him. She’s gonna be whore  and like, they’ll never believe it. You know, it’s totally possible. Okay. So at one o’clock that afternoon, , a barrage of phone calls came in as well as a mail delivery of a stuffed animal with no note.

I love a barrage, but apparently it upset Marilyn, so she. Teddy bear. Oh, maybe it was like a, it’s probably like a, there’s no note and whatever. Maybe it was like a symbol, there probably like some sort of symbol. Like, ooh.   So two o’clock comes around. Norman Jeffries, the handyman, was loading his work tools in his truck when Eunice came out of the house telling him that she had also been fired by Marilyn. That’s right.

And she said she was gonna fire it. She was gonna do it. This bitch is useless saying Marilyn expected units to be gone by the end of the. Norman offered to help Ms. Murray pack up her belongings and wondered if he would be too tired. But Marilyn had gone back okay. Three o’clock mechanic, Henry da d Antonio d Antonio da, and his wife arrived with Mrs.

Murray’s car that he has recently repaired. Murray brings them into the kitchen and tells tells them that Marilyn is resting in her room, so four. . Marilyn’s psychiatrist, Dr. Greens. I thought she fired this guy too. She hadn’t done it yet. She was planning to, damn it. She’s gotta fire this people.

She had to fire them on too. She’d be fine. I know. 4:30 PM Marilyn’s psychiatrist Dr. Greens conducts a therapy session with Marilyn. It has been reported that during that time, greens and told Marilyn to drink a Coke and take a drive and go to the beach for a walk. Hmm. I thought it was like, drink a Coke and drink these pills.

Trust me. Seven. , Joe DiMaggio calls Joe, Joe. Stand Up Gun. It’s like 10 years later it’s I still care about Check Girl Joe DiMaggio calls and tells Marilyn he ended his engagement with his current fiance, Marilyn and Joe remained good friends after the divorce and she was pleased with the news and it was like an upbeat phone call.

He’s, I told, I told you she was big. Yeah, I believe you. Like I, I feel like for Joe, it was I loved. , but I don’t, didn’t not like, I not like I loved you. Yeah. But like, like it, it didn’t work out, but , I love you forever. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like, oh, he’s still, yeah, dude. The fact that he went to , the, the, I, he tried to stay where Frank Sina was.

Like he, he tried to get in trying to fix it. Yeah. No, he was that guy, he knew it was up. He was , some sketchy shit’s going down. I need to be there. Yeah. You know, actually on a side note, what I did hear, After Marilyn died, he, every month he went to her grave and put flowers forever. Oh man, really?

He died. That’s fucking sweet. Sweet. Yeah. That’s sweet as shit. Standup guy. That’s a, that’s a standup guy, Joe. Demo. Hey G. Bye, Joe DiMaio paraphernalia like, this guy’s a good guy. Good, good. Autograph ball. Send it in. Burn all your Frank Sinatra albums. Fucking God. That guy. Okay, so conflicting reports come in, but at eight o’clock.

That Marilyn called Dr. Greens to inform him about the call about DiMaggio. So she’s  telling her psychiatrist about who, her reaction, who she’s firing? Yeah.  She, she was calling. Yeah. Yeah. She said she was gonna fire in this guy. Why are you telling him this day information? She was just telling him.

, Hey, it was a great phone call. And you know, like maybe by plague. I know. It’s , why tall? No wonder he is rich. I know. It’s I’m charging by the second. Yes.  every second I talk to you it’s money. But apparently that she also asked about more nambu what NI is, like some drug orate. Oh no. Yeah, well see.

She’s trying to numb the pain cuz she’s got. Fucked up shit that’s happened to her. Yeah, she, she doesn’t wanna feel it like so apparently though per greens that he wasn’t aware that she was still taking it cuz he stopped prescribing. Sure he did. So she wanted more of it. I He’s not describing it.

Yeah. Okay. So between eight and nine o’clock that night, Peter Lawford calls Marilyn and ask her if she’s still planning on attending his dinner party. Peter Lawford, she had previously agreed to it, but she said that she would leave early as she’s supposed to have a busy day the next day. Lawford claimed Marilyn sounded weird, fuzzy and sleepy on the call and said she was tired and wouldn’t be going to the.

It wasn’t unusual for Lawford to hear Marilyn’s voice sound like that, so he figured she was either drunk or she was about to go to sleep and taking her pills. But the weird part is at the end of the conversation, Marilyn said the following, she said, say goodbye to Pat. Say goodbye to the president and say goodbye to yourself because you’re a nice guy.

Oh, whoa. That’s definitely a lie. But Marilyn’s hairdresser, she knew up. Yeah. Marilyn’s hairdresser later said that Monroe called him two times, claiming both Lawford and Kennedy had been under her house and threatened her that day. Oh, I bet they had like, really? Yeah. See, Lawford Lawford sounds like he, this guy, this guy’s got no backbone.

He does what he’s told. Yeah. Yeah. He’s, he’s, he’s, he’s a, he. He’s a worker aunt, right? Yeah. Working, working for the Kennedy’s. Okay. So at nine 30 now we’re at nine 30 at night, August 4th. Uh, her entertainment lawyer, Milton Rudin, calls the house around this time to check on Marilyn. It seems he received a call from Peter Lawford.

Oh, of course she did. Being concerned. So, so he was concerned by that last statement. Peter Laer sat the table. He’s, he’s, he’s checking all the ducks and he is like, Ooh, I’m, I don’t know, shut, I’m a little worried. She said A little sleep. She said A little sleepy on the phone. I’m saying . So Rudin is told by Mrs.

Murray, the housekeeper that Marilyn is in bed. Nine 30. Wait, okay, real, real quick, this interject because Peter Lawford just said it wasn’t weird to. That she sounded that way on the phone cuz he thought she was either drinking or, or about to go to pills or, and then he said, call Laura. I’m worried about her.

That’s true. Sketchy. This is fucking, it’s true. Collect information. It wasn’t weird that she sounded like that, but what she said was weird. Was weird. Oh, that’s okay. You know, it’s , oh, say goodbye to everybody. Say goodbye. Goodbye. Say goodbye. Good guy. Okay, so,  , so Arthur Jacobs, which was also another publicist of Marilyn’s, his wife Natalie, she recalled that night that she was out at the Hollywood Bowl.

Her and Arthur were notified at 10:30 PM that they needed to go to Maryland’s house 10 30. Okay. Okay. So she went home. Yeah. They left the bowl, which is like a, like a restaurant place or whatever,  and Arthur went to Maryland’s.    Of which, so, so she went home and he went there. Okay. Okay. This is not in any police report. . Weird. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. That’s weird. Okay, so now this is the gap that nobody knows what happened.

Oh, between 10 30 and 10 30 and 3:00 AM that’s a pretty wide gap. That’s almost five hours. Yeah. So 3:00 AM and this is what Eunice Murray says, the housekeeper. Yeah. Who I don’t trust. I don’t trust woman. Eunice is a piece of shit. I don’t trust you. Don’t trust her. I actually agree. Her name is Eunice.

I don’t, I don’t agree you at all. That’s all you need to know. And she was like gonna be fired. She was supposed to be gone that day. She was supposed to be gone that day. Why? Are you still here? Are you still there? 3:00 AM is the next day. Actually, I agree with you. It’s the next day. That is a great point, great point.

You were fired, but get off the f She’s like, uh, can’t just stay the week. Even the, even the handyman’s like, I’ll help you with your shit. Like I’m a say I’m okay. She change your mind. So here’s, here’s the report. 3:00 AM around this time, Eunice Murray woke. With an uneasy feeling. Yeah. Cuz she was fired and she shouldn’t be there.

She, that’s the statement. That’s the statement. An uneasy feeling. When do you, when you wake up at 3:00 AM go, I, I feel I’m uneasy. Yeah, exactly. Have an uneasy feeling. Let me go check on her. I feel uneasy when I had to poop at 3:00 AM  this is like, it’s like I’ll handle it. So she saw a sliver of light underneath Marilyn’s bedroom door.

A sliver of light when she knocked sh when she knocked, there was no answer. Upon trying to open the door, she discovered it was, She then called Dr. Greens, who arrived your first call, come on, who arrived shortly thereafter and broke into Marilyn’s room through the window, and she found Marilyn nude in her bed dead.

This is so sketch. This is so fucked up. This is OD or what? 50 minutes later? 50. 50 minutes. 50 50. And you’re in Brentwood. 50 minutes later. Dr. Hyman Engelberg, which is Marilyn’s physician, right. Arrives at the home and officially declares Maryland dead. They don’t call like, wow. There’s no like fucking ambulance like.

They call the police. Hear me out. Mm-hmm.  4:25 AM So that’s an hour and 15 minutes later, five minutes later, LAPD arrives. Jesus, where the fuck were they? And uh, the phone records are Dr. Engelberg stating Marilyn Monroe has died. She’s committed suicide. I’m Dr. Hyman Engelberg, Marilyn’s physician. I’m at her residence.

She’s committed suicide. So you said you committed suicide. Hmm. Engelberg. . So the coroner’s official cause of death was probable suicide with the autopsy stating acute barbital poisoning. Yeah. Well, yeah, for sure. I mean, Marilyn had ingested an inordinate amount of barbital.

Possibly in the range of 50 pills. Damn. That’s a lot of pain. Wow. Even with her high tolerance of ne benol, that was enough to kill the average person many times. Yeah. Marilyn’s funeral was then held August 8th and she died. That sucks. That’s crazy, dude. Man, I got a lot to say about this. So that’s the.

That’s the whole story of Marilyn in Rome. Right. And so before we jump into conspiracies, I my, we’re gonna go, we’re just gonna cover, we’re gonna cover a couple that are, that I just marked as strange things. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So when Lap D arrived at fucking, fucking 17 hours later, yeah. Jesus Christ.

So, Sergeant Jack Clemens noted that there was no glass.  in her room. Oh, he said he broke in through the window. Yeah. How did he break in? Oh, yeah. No, no, but no, no, there was no glass. Like, like what do you mean there was no cup? Oh. Oh. It’s like, no, you can’t take 50 pills. Drive can’t dry 50 pills dry. You can’t take 50 pills dry.

This argument. No way. 50 pills. Hmm. Do you? There’s no cup. No. That’s a great, I that’s a great point. Oh, like shit, I. . There’s no way you’re downing 50 pills dry. No. And you’re not gonna go, you’re not gonna go to the sink and like, drink in a sink. You’re gonna sit in your bed. Yeah. You’re like, is is this Don?

I’m gonna be comfortable. Yeah, you’re not gonna, no, that’s a great point. That’s a excellent point, actually. Yeah. I mean, you would vomit. Oh dude. A hundred percent. Yeah. You would vomit up to three, did your, no, maybe five. No. Your body would re. Your body would literally be , get the  outta my, yeah.

Get we’re, we’re, we’re gotta get the outta here. Yeah. The other part of this that is strange is that the room was locked. I mean, maybe that privacy, I don’t know. Yeah. I don’t know. The locked, locked is not as bad. I think get past the lot as much. It’s more, there’s nothing to drink. Like I lock my door.

. So the deputy coroner Thomas Ucci conducted Monroe’s autopsy the same day. , on August. On August. Did an autopsy. Jesus. I mean, I know we did the, oh my God. Mary Jo Pec. Oh my God, no autopsy.

She did. It’s a fucking ass question. It’s done. So the why go through the trouble parents a new house in Nantucket. This wire transfer. I know it’s like weird. Yeah, no, it’s, I’m saying it was, I was owed that money . , so the LA Coroner’s office was assisted in the inquest by psychiatrist Norman Farru. Why was there a psychiatrist?

Robert Lipman and Norman Tab Tobi. Nik Tek Tabish. Yeah. And he was from the LA Suicide Prevention Center and he interviewed Monroe’s doctors, psychiatrists, all about the mental state, et cetera. But based on the evidence, the advanced state of rigor mortis at the time of her body was discovered, it was estimated by them that she  died between eight 30 and 10 30.

What the ? She was told at 10 30. So So let’s go back to it. Dude. Holy shit. Yeah. Go back on the timeline here. So, back on the timeline. Remember when the, the, the, the publicist was called? Yeah. At 10 30. 10 30, right? Yeah. We don’t know what was happening. That’s the problem, is there’s this gap.

Nine 30 to 3:00 AM there’s a gap, but they’re like, she died at eight 30. There’s some , some between eight 30 and 10. That’s some shit. Fight. Whatever it was. There’s some, there’s some sketchy shit. A fight. Yep.  Plus they could be wrong. I mean, they could be off. They could, I it’s, it’s pretty, it’s accurate Within an hour.

It’s pretty accurate. Like within, within like an hour. Like so the toxicology report concluded that the  cause of death was acute perpetuate poisoning. Mm-hmm. , . The police found empty bottles, , of these  next to her bed. Oh, yeah, for sure. There were no signs of external wounds or bruises or anything like that.

Oh, yeah. It’s really, it’s really, you know, it’s really easy to give someone else,  you can crush up pills to a person. Somebody pass the fuck out. , like on Barbz. Yeah. Probably punch him in the face and she was like, let’s fucking, no, but there was no bruises, no nothing. Yeah. I’m just saying you could ha.

It’s easy. It’s easy enough to have someone already fucked up on drugs and you’re , pull some drugs in your mouth. More drugs in your mouth. And they’re like, you pour them drugs. I mean, God, she, she got raped by Let She got raped by Mob boss. Like my God. Yeah. Well, it’s so bad. I know. It’s so bad.

I know. It is really bad. I even saying it makes me feel bad. Right? You feel terrible. So the findings of the inquest were published on August 17th and. , they said it was a probable suicide. The possibility of an accidental overdose was ruled out because the dosages found in her body were several times over the lethal limit.

I don’t accidentally take 50 pills. Yeah. And it had wolfies. Yeah. And it had been taken in one gulp or a few gulps or over a minute. So, , wait, so they, they ruled out accidental Yes. Overdose, right? Yes. So, , it could be a suicide or intentional suicide. Or intentional suicide intent. Totally be, yeah. And , well, there’s not unintentional suicide accident.

Well, that’d be, that’d be un, that’d be accidental. They ruled that shit out. . But I mean, the idea here is that they also went through it and, you know, she’s, she is a case. She’s Years of depression. Yeah. Drugs. , , missing father, uh, rape, , you know what I mean? , a, there’s a lot of things that you, you can just stack up Yes.

Stack up and justify. That’s right. Yeah.  Of why she killed herself compared to, compared to like living, living my best life. Just killing it. Just so my company that’s, we’ll try it, but what’s really weird is the, the guy who did the autopsy. In 1983, he published a memoir.

Of course, of course he did. He published a memoir in which he discussed Monroe’s case and the allegations of discrepancies that were in the autopsy.  for example, they didn’t really find the pills that were in her stomach. Didn’t they dissolve? The toxicology report showed that they were in her blood, blood bloodstream, but there was nothing in her stomach.

Oh. So I’m saying she could have been injected. No. , nothing. Oh, there was nothing at all. Zero. Weird emptied out. Oh, that’s weird. That’s weird. It’s weird. Think maybe it’s a little, little inject a muno. Hit her up. Well, they probably would’ve found , I don’t know, hit her in the toes. They don’t check that.

I don’t knows. No reason to check that shit or , just like hit her with a liquid. Like I, there’s there’s many theories like that she was giving herself enemas.  and like, like weight loss and Oh, and they spike the enema and then, or No, but the, the enema cleared out her system and so that’s why it was empty.

No, the, no, but the enema doesn’t clear out your stomach. The end, my clear is that your true, your bowel system, true down, true. It’s not about, your stomach doesn’t like go all the way into your stomach. It’s , gimme give that cheeseburger on there.

I mean, so he, , he said that one of the reasons why that maybe her stomach was empty was that she didn’t, didn’t eat . She, and she had theory. She had been No, and she had been an addict, so, so her body was accustomed to just absorb. It. I mean, so multiple hours would go by and you would take the pills and then would, I mean, it’s also like the thing that, like I get about, I don’t know how like advanced pills were back there.

It’s you take an avil, that shit like disintegrates, like instantly. And it was also it 50. That’s a lot of, oh God. A lot. Even if it was 40, even if they were wrong was 10. Even if they were wrong about it, they’re like a lot of pills. Yeah. But in 83 in his memoirs, he said he still concludes that she probably committed suicide.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, okay. Yeah, I can see that as a, it’s, I can see that as totally a possibility for sure. Totally.  And then the last thing before we jump into conspiracy theories is that,

Yes. So there are, there have been interviews that were done later that said that she didn’t die there. What? Yeah. Hmm.  Yeah. What? I mean, where’d she die? I know. So there was an interview done with a former ambulance driver named Ken Hunter.  and he says he went into the house and he was working for some, uh, uh, an ambulance.

So it’s like a privatized ambulances. Right, right, right. Ambulances are privatized. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. That’s until to this day. Yeah. So it was called Schaffer Ambulance. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Right. And so, , Ken Hunter says he was called and he took the ambulance there and he went into the house and Marilyn was on her side and they brought her into the ambulance and she was still.

What time did he say what time Elvis this was? He didn’t say what time. Yeah, but that’s just one guy. Like he’s just trying to, trying to get famous. One guy get famous. I need my 15 minutes. It’s not just one guy at six. What? Six. Oh really? Who? Who’s the other five you just mentioned? One. The ambulance company.

Oh wow. Really? Yeah. That’s fucked up. Oh, it says he went into the house and she was on her side, and then they put her in the ambulance and she was comatose. You get like, please, I gotta pick her up on, yeah. So they said she was comatose, but she was alive. Right? She was alive, right. They went to the hospital, but now this is the weird part.

They went to the hospital, they went to the, this is weird. Oh yeah. Ken Hunter says they went to Santa Monica. Okay. Okay. Okay.  So then the owner of Schaffer Ambulance was interviewed later and they said that Marilyn was alive in the ambulance and died on the way to St. John’s Hospital. . Okay, but they’re saying she was dead on contact.

Yes. What the, then fuck this. They didn’t say that. Then the ambulance turned around. Her physician. Her physician, yeah. But not the ambulance. Talking about the a, the ambulance company right now. So then the ambulance turned around and dropped her back off and home. Went back to the house. What? Dropped her back off.

No way. . No fucking way. What the ? We don’t want no part of this. They’re like, we can charge her back. We can charge double fee if we just take her back home. No damn way. And the fact that there’s multiple humans there, people. Cause there’s driver, there’s owner, there’s , and and there’s, there’s the guys guy, PR guy, there’s the, and they all shit collaborated on the same story.

Here’s what they said. They didn’t collaborate on the same story. They collaborated that ambulance went to Maryland’s house and then they brought her to, to a hospital. Hospital. But the fact that her fact that they brought her back, no, no. That was just the. Ah, that was the Schaffer ambulance. No, but the fact that in the story, her, her pH, her physician called the police, so she’s dead.

She’s dead. She committed. It’s a suicide. She committed suicide twice. Very. She committed suicide. She’s suicidal suicide.  like, it just kept saying it like, what the ? Yeah, after the psychol, we two hours got suicide here. She committed suicide. Yeah. Suicide. Suicide. We need you to come and check out the suicide here.

like, what the ? And then like, and then it was, make sure you document it as a suicide though. And it was after Eunice was , oh, I think I’ll call the psychiatrist to come check out the locked doors. I fuck Eunice. So that’s, that’s the story of Marilyn Monroe. Jesus Christ. Damn. Oh poor Marilyn. God damn it.

Poor Marilyn. . I know, actually I, so, I, I feel so well, there’s a bunch of shit that I didn’t know, lemme tell you. There was so much. Yeah. So now you know the, the story. Yeah. Yeah. I’m hop I’m hoping that you guys listening, like also, you know, learn some new learn shit here. Like, dude, I learned a lot of your shit.

It, . Yeah. So there’s, there’s, there’s quite a few conspiracies. I mean, there’s, I bet you can already, I got a couple right now. Yeah, yeah. I just created some, so the main ones are the, the first and foremost is that the Kennedy. Did this like Yeah. Said like I just nicked her and there’s, you know, I mean I have tons of this stuff, but I don’t even need to,  we we’re already in, we’re doubt go.

You know, it’s kind of , uh, somebody had said, , I was reading about how not a lot of people know where Bobby was that night. Hmm. And apparently there’s some reports that Bobby was there that night. Oh, Bobby told his wife, I’m gonna McDonald. I’m gonna McDonald’s man. But Gonzo, yeah. Really? And it’s such a bummer to me because I love Bobby.

Bobby. I like Bobby. I thought Bobby. I thought Bobby was a good guy. He was a good guy. I know. I thought JFK was a good guy. Multiple. No, but like little fucking, but also, also we just spend hours talking about the negative stuff. That’s true. You know what I mean? I mean, the negative stuff’s pretty negative though.

I know. It’s not like, it’s not like, it’s like you can like spin it in a good light. I know everybody already knew about the positives. We, yeah, we should. Some light on the negative today. It’s like, yeah, you know, they were cool and then, you know, they were both fucking the same chick and they’re both married.

I’m just like, oh. So there’s a couple. There’s a couple. I mean, the main conspiracies are that. . Uh, she was just getting too loud. Yeah. Yeah. Kennedy’s couldn’t have it. She’s getting too loud now. Papa Joe was , Papa Joe’s like, you gotta shut it down. She shut it down. She’s , I’m two outta control. I’m gonna do a press conference.

I’m gonna do this. She said, I lot to say mercy. Lots. That’s right to say about them. Kennedy’s. Yeah. There’s a lot of them. There’s a  200 of ’em. You gotta like, gotta watch their back. Uh, and then the other one is,  that night in Sinatra’s place? Yeah. With the mob boss. Mm-hmm.  a mob. You said the mob might wanna silence her, , Hey, is she, there were photos of her being raped.

Did they, are those photos ever come out? Like No. They probably, the photographers said they were, he told Told him to burn them. To burn them. Yeah. Frank Sinatra probably. They’re probably in his grave , yeah, I don’t know. , I guess the night of, I guess the question is a,  did she kill herself?

Do you know what I mean? Yeah. And then, and then kinda going from there. See this, see this is tough cuz like I can see, I can see it both ways. I can see her.  experiencing so much trauma. Yeah. Mm-hmm.  doing that. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Because like, obviously, and she gets to the point where she’s , I have no one I can trust.

Mm-hmm. , and I’m just, it’s me against the world. Yeah. And I, I can see that she doesn’t care about the money anymore, doesn’t care about fame. She probably sick of, plus when you’re on these fucking drugs and you’re just outta your mind and like, I know, you know, maybe you just get to a point.

So I can also depress so like just, yeah. Sick in the head and you’re just fucking sick. I can see her being sick of the fame too. It’s like this, the fame got me to this point and it’s true. A point that I don’t want to be at. Yeah, I’m done. She has failed marriages. She doesn’t have a family, she doesn’t have really good friends, but pretty dude, depressing.

What I, yeah, like what the hell does she have going on? , I mean, obviously. Okay. She’s got a new photo shoot that she’s, the dude ion her for, so True, true. Yeah. She’s famous. She’s good money, but, but she did play in all these things. True. Yeah. But she was probably under the influence of this barbital.

Yeah. Yeah. I skip, see what I actually think, like, there’s too many like red flags for, for me to believe that like, especially once you got into the ambulance thing, I was like, okay. Yeah, there’s too many, like, I I, how about the night of, I believe that there’s, I don’t know who it, I think it could easily be the candidates.

It could easily be the mob people. Yeah. But I think that am am leaning more towards the Kennedys just because the  I feel like Peter was like planted to keep an eye on. Oh yeah, shit started getting mad loud. They all knew that she was, yeah. In cahoots with this guy who this was like shitting her full of drugs. When they cut her off, she got louder and louder and like, and that, and outta control the fact that she says, I have a lot of good stuff to say about the Kennedy.

Yeah, I feel . JFK and Bobby were , Hey Peter, you scrub. You’re doing what we’re telling you to do. Scoot on over there. You were just with her earlier that day. Do your job, Peter. He was just with her earlier that night was, and he  dropped her off. I’m telling you, he could have easily went upstairs.

He was like, okay, sweetheart, take your pills. She takes ’em. She’s fucking out of it. And then he. Yeah, but he’s not gonna do that 50 on his own? No, but he’s not gonna do that on his own. I’m somebody. Okay. I’m saying, saying, crush the pills up. You, if you crush 50 pills up, it’s just powder bit and you put it in water or something.

Right. Do do drink up like, and then she’s done. Oh yeah. Because obviously he’s not gonna be, he’s crazy. He’s not gonna make her eat 50 pills. No. He’s gonna crush them up into powder. Yeah. Which makes it like this big. And then you put ’em into a liquid. It dissolves in the. I mean, so honestly, I feel like, I feel like she just got to the, she was at that breaking point, you know?

Yeah. She was really at the point where she had, she didn’t care about her career at that point anymore. Like she had just at the point of no return, no one was talking to her. She was being just  exiled by all the people she thought were her friends and thought she was close with. And she was , you know what, I’m must spill the beans, right?

I’m, I’m gonna spill the T right? I’m gonna give the t on the Kennedy’s. I’m gonna give the tea on everybody. And they, they couldn’t have it. Yeah. Well, real quick, what, so what do you think happened that night? I, I, I think I, I think , I think Peter Laer, the Kennedy’s dropped. He knew something. Peter, I think he was part of something.

I think, I think Peter, maybe even Bobby. Dude, I think, I think, I don’t know about that one. No. I think about Bobby coming in and I, I believe Bobby could have been there, but commanded Peter to. Mm. Yes, because like I don’t think that, I don’t think the Kennedy, we show, we show historically he’s Peter’s always the Lockie.

Always. Peter is the dude. That’s what’s crazy is Peter is an actor and he was a famous. He was a famous in his own right dude. But he’s the common denominator. Peter’s right. Peter is the command denominator in this entire scenario. That’s true. He’s the accommodated between the Kennedys and her. Yeah. At all the marriage, at all, at all.

He is there. He’s fucking there. Beach house. The beach. He’s the always. He was sitting there. He was in Sinatra’s house. Dude. He’s always there. That’s true. That’s true’s true. It’s, it’s true. So he, if anybody knew anything, it’s him. Dude. He knew. Yes. And so that’s why I feel like, I feel like Bobby or, or jfk.

I called him , dude, shut her the fuck up. I feel like Peter probably like helped her out, whatever, shook her pills.

She was already sedated, probably under command of the Kennedy’s. Crushed up all the pills, put ’em in some liquid, made her drink it. Boom. Fuck. Easy peasy. Just easier to have her not there. Well, it’s also, it’s also super hyper believable that she, cuz she was already on pills all the time. Yeah. Mm-hmm.

super, believable that she would commit suicide. It’s, this is easy. It’s a, it’s a real clean cut. It’s real clean. But they fucked up by not leaving any cup. Like how? You’re not gonna take 50 pills dry, so you’ll ne it’s impossible. That was a, fuck God. I have a hard time. My vitamin pack notice it’s like 12 pill.

 So this might sound morbid, but if I were to. 10 pills. How do I get to the 30 others that were taking?

That’s what I’m saying. Does it make sense? No. Like you’re, you take Well, it’s not instant. It’s not an instant. I can take 50 pills right now. If, if I wanted to like, take some vitamins, let’s say like no water, no, no, no, no. Hell no. Okay. No dry. You saying dry. If you’re saying dry, it’s impossible. It’s impossible.

It’s impossible. It’s like, it’s like eating. Saltine crackers. No, it’s like, it’s like eating fucking three saltine crackers. Done that. Have you ever done. . It’s like eating cinnamon. Oh, try eating cinnamon. You’re like cinnamon. We do that later. Oh, it’s, it’s a, it’s impossible. It’s a college thing. , you’re like, it’s like eating flour.

How many saltines can you eat? Oh, without no water. Without gagging. Yes. Honestly, it dries you up. So like on three, you’re like, really? Yes. Yeah, it’s a four. , I’ll never do that. Yeah.  All right, so you’re, you’re on board with I, I, you think she was like, there was some sinister stuff, but, but I want to, I want to say , I can see how , With her life situation, that would be a possibility, but I personally believe that it’s on the more nefarious side.

Okay. That’s my personal belief. Yeah. Okay. I’m not saying it’s , oh, it’s, it’s unbelievable. It’s ridiculous. Yeah. Yeah. I can see it, but I personally believe there was. Nefarious sex. Okay. You mean he just took all the words out of my mouth. He was , , just where is that your, you’re on board. I’m on the same side as Sean.

Yeah. I’m the wind that you, the wind beneath your wings, . And I don’t believe that Bobby was there. I don’t know. I just, I just don’t buy that ones too much. Yeah. I don’t think Bob Bobby was a ag He’s smart. Yeah. Yeah. Why would he be there? He’s gonna send Peter. He’s got Peter. Yeah. . Peter’s the fall guy.

He’s the Lackie Peter’s the fall guy. What threw me off was the ambulance thing. Like, that’s crazy. That threw me off. But that’s only one guy, like the, the owner of the ambulance also saying that they brought her back, like, yeah. Okay. There’s also the concept of covering something up. Yeah. And like it’s a, it’s in that moment and you’re , I don’t know what to do.

No. Go back. Go back. Tell, go fucking there I was a mistake. You don’t know anybody else. Fine. But yeah. You got Marilyn Lemon lower here. Yes. In your ambulance. , what the fuck? What do I do? Yeah, that’s true. But I still don’t believe him. No, no. That threw me. That did, threw me off. Throw me off. But, I don’t believe that.

I think it was just, you know, the Kennedys trying to, solid Kennedys, that’s the one. Yeah. And the fact that Eunice was still there. , she said be gone by the end of the day. Well, she was definitely in on, it was definitely Disapp Does, you know what’s crazy though, is that if that were true, it does give you a whole new picture on the Kennedys as a whole, doesn’t it?

Mm. Oh dude. I used to think the Kennedys were America’s sweet. The Kennedys are the, the worst . They’re actually the worst. I know, but they have such good qualities too. What are the good qualities Well, about leading our nation and becoming a better nation? Honoring come. I know, but I mean like, this is what we call better.

This is what we call going to the moon and, and giving back the responsibility ability to, to, to America. Eric, how about this? You know what I. Eric, imagine we got sold by a politician. Let’s just say that, Eric, just take me. We’re already going to the moon. It’s not like JFK didn’t fucking create a rocket to go to the moon.

Oh, he did. That’s right. He did. He was the, he was the. Okay, here’s what MI happened. Mitzvah of it. No, he wasn’t the Mitzvah. He had a, he had a good speech writer and he had a Transla accent. That’s all it was. It’s not what you can do, elect. He just had a good voice. I know it’s Boston. I know. Transatlantic is a, is the I hear it.

I guess I was just saying that it kind of just is a bummer. It’s a super bummer. Yeah. You know what I mean? So you take it and you go, ah, this, this is the real life. I literally had a conversation with Eric the other day. Yeah. And I was , man, , I would totally be a, a democrat back in, in JFK did. He was like the man, like good change, like really like the way,  I know he had two mistresses. How can you trust this guy? He must have, he must have, he had, he had have more for sure. Like, poor Jackie, come on now.  come on. Like how? How can, how are these people, our heroes? How are these, and we wonder whether Divorce heroes, but these are our heroes.

But Eric’s hero, I don’t know, but Daddy Joe said to sleep with everybody I know, but Daddy Joe, I’ve been saying this, it’s crazy. A piece of shit. Crazy. We also just did Chappaquidick and, and I was like, it’s another, it’s not, Same Kennedy’s. The whole family’s a conspiracy. It’s crazy. They’re all aliens.

Yes. What is happening with the Kennedy’s? We got 15 episodes just on family, almost our entire podcast. Crazy. Honestly, I’m pretty sure the Kennedy’s built the pyramids. It’s insane. . All right. Well, Eric, what do you believe? You, you haven’t, I hate to say it. Fucking weigh in. I hate to say it. Eric’s like she committed suicide.

No, no. I hate to say it, but I kind of am with you. Oh my God. This is the first, this, the first, like, I’ve done all the Say it again things and I, I’m kind of with you guys. I think this is fucked up. I think, yeah, I think too fucked up. It’s, I think, I think maybe there, there is a possibility in my mind that they, they killed her, not.

Literally killed her. But they, they essentially, they held push, they push her to they, yeah, they pushed her to it. Yeah. They, they were brothers banging her. That’s fucked. And then they took her to this Frank Sinatra bullshit dude, that part drugged her, raped her. You know what I mean? Took photos.

Yes. Like that. They took the photos and even Wait, they didn’t do it. Exactly. They allowed it. Well, they were like, even if they didn’t pur, like do it in intent, like they Yes, they were, they were complicit. Yes. They were complicit. Even, even if they didn’t pull the trigger or stuff it down, or they caused her to die, actually they caused her to die.

Hey, you ca Yes. That they were causing But you’re not saying that they, he’s saying even if they orchestrated that the, they like, even they didn’t do that. Didn’t shove the pills down. That night. Okay. They still are fucked. They still are responsible. They fucked her up so bad. Bad, so, so you just think she locked herself in a room and what?

Fucking No, he’s saying, saying, he’s saying both. He’s saying, he’s saying both. He’s saying, saying both odds are okay. Fine. Either way you look at it. Either Kenny’s responsible. Yeah, we already said that, but, but I’m just clarifying. So you don’t, so you think so you’re on board with us, like you said. Okay.

This is the first, this is probably the only time it’s ever happened. I know this is, this is a moment in history, . Eric is, and I actually, I actually am more inclined to believe that she didn’t kill herself too. Dude, there’s too much weird she didn’t kill herself. Yeah, I started, I just started off with that saying , if she did kill herself, I still believe that they are.

No, for sure. Right. They are liable for. For what happened to her because Right. It is a possib, it is a possibility. Essentially. They, no, they, hundred percent did. Yeah. So then, and then they dumped her off like she was trash. Yes. Stop cu. Yes. Like leaves alone, . We’re, we’re married. . Okay guys.

Like meanwhile, Bobby’s got like nine children. Like, fuck. But then, okay, so then moving on to the actual night of her death. . I like her so much that I think that she wanted to live. Did I? Mm. I think she just, does that make sense? I think she wanted to live, I think. I think she just didn’t like her situation.

Yeah. Oh yeah. I don’t think she wanted die. I think she was , she didn’t know what else to do. Yeah. And she had no one else to turn to, so she was , I’ll just get high and like pass out. Yeah. I don’t think she was , I want to die. Yeah. And maybe she was, and, and this is a scenario I could.

She got high. That’s, that’s what I’m saying. I think she got high. Yeah. Like for sure. She got high and then nefarious people maybe came in, were , she’s high. Drip, drip. Dropped chance. She’s , come with toast. They’re probably like, Marilyn, Marilyn, you you? Yeah. Maryland. Okay, let’s push it to the next level.

You know what I mean? Wait, she passed out? How did they make her drink? 50 pills. , just liquid dude. Crush it up. Put it in a liquid, pour it in her mouth. But she’s passed out. You still breathe? Oh, I know. It doesn’t make sense because how does she get 50 pills in her in the first place? Dude. By crushing them.

How many times have the no. This past mystery way, you’re not gonna make her drink. Have you ever, okay, have you ever taken care of a, have you ever 50 pills your passed out, even if it’s 40  all, have you ever taken care of a really, really drunk person? Yes. And have you ever made them drink water?

But passed out is different passed out? No, it’s not. Yes, it’s, yes, it is. If you’re passed out, you’re passed out. Like you’re, you’re out. You’re not listen drunken, you’re out. You have big lump of I, I have taken care of drunken people. Like literally to the point of like unconsciousness. Picked them up, made a drink.

Water. It’s like dribbling down their mouth, but they still fucking drink it. And then they flop back out. They don’t remember shit. They’re like, what happened last night? That’s true. And I’m, that’s what you don’t remember, you peeked all over my bed. Yeah, you did. At the point where you, they’re what?

You could make ’em drink water. That’s true. That’s for sure. You pick ’em up and it’s like it’s gonna dribble down, but their body is , oh, shit’s in my mouth. Swallow this, swallow, drink this, drink this. You need to drink this. But it’s totally possible. It’s possible for sure. But overall, from what I’ve heard on her interviews and all that stuff, I feel like she wanted to live.

I, I totally agree. Yeah. I fully agree. You know what I mean? So I, and I don’t mean to be maybe ignorant on suicide, you know what I mean? Where like some people were, I don’t know. Yeah, yeah. Maybe some people think. Or, or like on the, on the outside, they, they, the ancy is that like, they’re happy. I don’t wanna be like that guy where I’m like, Ooh, I know.

You know, because I don’t know. But we’re allowed an opinion though, like your opinion is, but Marilyn seemed like she wanted to live more. I have. I agree. So it’s confusing to me that she would kill herself, kill herself. Yeah, I So then you lean more towards, that’s right. On our side. More than nefarious.

Right. Than ne nefarious. That’s right. We would love to, there you go. Hear what you think. Yeah. There it is. If you think we’re idiots, , if you have any additional information to provide, if you have other stuff that we should have added. We’ll do an addendum. We’ll add it in the podcast. Oh, ask for it.

Oh yeah. We hear all. We did it before people, we did it. We added, we’ve done it before, dude. We added in it, we added it in on the, on the Freemasons. We had Mason’s reach out. We added that shit in there because they were for, they, they’re the inside scoop. We don’t, that’s right. So what’s the email?

The. Uh, [email protected]. And just so you know, coming weeks, we will have, , all of our transcripts, all of our episodes, all of that on the conspiracy podcast.com. Mm-hmm. . That’s right. You’ll be able to see, you’ll be able to go there. We’ll, we’ll put some pictures of our faces in what we look like.

Well, maybe , we might, we might have, that may be blurred out. I dunno.   But we love you, Marilyn.

No, seriously, Marilyn. I, I’ve tribute to her. I feel for her that was a, yeah, like you, it’s such a dark star. Burns so bright and all these assholes just trying to do weird shit. It’s not fair. Learned a lot about Norma. Norma Jean. Yeah. Right. During these two episodes. Seriously. And if my, if my daughter ever gets famous, I’m quitting my job and I’m gonna , you’re like private dude.

I’m living in the house. Hell yeah. I’m like, I’m gonna be screening all the calls.  I’m, I’m sorry. Never gonna happen. Yes. Not gonna happen. I’m refuse.  Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, Marilyn. Alright. Well she was killed. Yeah, she killed. I thinked. I think this, I think, think we all agree. I think you all agree she was killed. I think that, yeah. No suicide. Yeah. All right, thanks. Thanks everybody. See guys next week.

Yeah, . It’s good chatting. We’ll, uh, we’ll catch you next week. We got a couple good episodes coming up on, , OJ Simpson. Oh, yeah. , pizza Gate is coming up. Pizza gates. Um, we got bunch. We had a quite a few on the horizon. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So check us out. Share love. Give us all the love, all love. We need the love, comment, share, subscribe, all those things.

And as uh, and as my good friend once,  99 . It’s so stupid.