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Episode 20: Marilyn Monroe: The Death of An Icon (Part 1)

Podcast Transcription

Hi everybody, this is Eric. Welcome back to the Conspiracy Podcast. And we’re here again. This is Sean. This is Jorge. Let’s go. Let’s go. All right, let’s fucking go.  But this is the death of Marilyn. , she was way ahead of her time. She would, she, she would’ve been like IG rich. Mm. Like if she was born in this era. Yeah. Oh, dude. IG Rich. She had only fans. She, so it’s slated, oh my God. In, in the, like research and all this stuff of it, uh, sh she holds up.

She was like, it’s not like a pinup model. You’re like, eh, I can see that she’s hot for that time period. No, she, yeah. And she was hot before, like Photoshop. Yeah. Like, like she, she was, she, she didn’t have fucking filters. Yeah. It wasn’t like cia, like, make it look hot. She, she was classy. She had , She had this weird, I don’t wanna say weird, but she had a soft voice.

Yeah. She had , she was dressed to the nines all the time. Yeah. . Yeah. And anyways, so she, she was, she was incredible.   but since she died, um, there’s been constant. ,  mysteries conspiracies,  about how she died. Yes. You know, and as we do on this podcast, we like to go over the story of that leading up to Yes. What happened. We’ll have to give you a historical so then you can make your, you can make your determination on what you think happened that.

This is for you guys. This isn’t for fucking us . I’m give you a story for us . That’s right. So here we go. So, 1926. Damn. That’s, that’s when she was born. She was born in 1926. God, that’s seems like a fucking, that seems like a trillion years ago. Crazy, right? It’s like the dinosaurs. So she was born, and I mean, most people know this, but I don’t know if you guys do, but her actual name was Norma Jean Mortenson.

Wow. I didn’t, oh, I didn’t know that. Not know that at all. Oh, that is this way worse than Marilyn. You just, we started Norm out with good friends. Yeah. Yeah. Norma Jean. Her name was Norma Jean Mortenson. Damn, what a shit name. Yeah. I’m sorry. If your name is Norma  it, it sucks. I’m sorry. So, but it was actually Norma Jean, like, oh, you know what I mean?

Like it was a, it was like a thing. It was a two, A two two. It was a two piece. But you say it, but you say it together plus a two piece. Like, Hey Norma Jean there. That’s better. That’s better. I like that better.

 And so she was born out of wedlock to somebody named Gladys, Gladys Baker, and especially in the twenties out of wedlock. That was like fucking taboo. Yeah, true. So Norma’s father though. , I guess we’ll call it Norma or Marilyn. I don’t, let’s say Marilyn.

We’re Marilyn. I don’t for sure. Maryland. That’s fucking this Norma thing. I’m like, so Marilyn, my, my second grade teacher, . I know, right? So Norma or Marilyn’s father actually never acknowledged her existence till, till she died. Classic 1920 douche. He wasn’t in the picture. He just , okay. And he just, and you said till she died.

Did he acknowledge it afterwards? No, nothing. Oh. What the fuck? Fuck. . All right. This guy sucker. Yeah. . So in 1934, which is I think eight years after she was born, uh, Gladys suffered a mental breakdown and she was committed to a hospital. Who’s Gladys? Gladys? The mom. Oh my bad. The mom.

Yeah, my bad. Sorry. Come on. I forgot already. So she was committed to a psychiatric hospital. She was diagnosed with mental specific. . So then Norma Jean became a award. Award of the award of the eight years old. Old Marilyn did. Yeah. That stuff saying Norma? Yeah. Yeah. At eight. So she spent the rest of her childhood in nine.

It’s like foster, foster care, foster homes. Ooh. Oh God. Nine. That, that seems like that’s a recipe for misconduct.  nine. No. Foster homes are fucking the worst. Yeah. They’re so bad. Most of the people are fucking shitheads and they just want the government. And they like, they’re just fucked up. I too much.

I watch too much like csi, . . Isn’t that crazy? Nine. Nine Homes. That’s a lot. I wonder, it sounds crazy to us, but maybe that’s a, a thing. Did they say normal? So we’re just gonna fast forward. So that is the, that’s the beginning of, of Marilyn Of the Heights. Yeah, that’s the, the beginning. So in 1946, she was now 20 years old fucking. Okay. Hot . So she got signed.

 Yeah. So she was 20 years old and at that time, I mean, we’re not gonna go into how she was discovered and that sort of thing. Yeah. But, uh, at that time, so she signed as a model slash actress with 20th Century Fox.

Oh, wow. They, they’ve been ki killing the game for a while. Yeah. Now, by this time, she’s already known as Marilyn.  so well, so when did she change? What happened is she signed with 20th Century Fox and they’re like, and they changed her name. They’re like, Norma’s not gonna cut it. And they, they worked with her

No. And they worked with her and she changed her name from Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe, which is a fire name man. Yeah, they really, whoever they had work in that department,  crushed it. That’s a great good name. Yeah, good name. So then, so that’s 1946. So then we fast forward and ,  it’s the summer of 1950.

Okay. She now is semi-famous. She’s kind of , she’s kind of started to, she do some movies, do some couple MEO commercials. Yeah, some, some modeling, that sort of thing. And in the summer of 1954, , JFK and her are seen publicly together at a dinner party each, each of them, each of them.  married, so, oh, JFK was with Jackie.

Yeah. Well, yeah, right. And then, uh, Marilyn actually married Joe DiMaggio. Oh, I remember that. Yeah. Right, right, right. So Joe DiMaggio is obviously the Hall of Fame player too. Baseball player, dud, you know, that sort of thing. Yeah. . So at that party, JFK cannot st. Apparently these are all like, you know, here, here, these are third party,  witnesses.

Yeah. Oh, who, who kind got his hands off of all. Yeah. So at the party, JFK can’t stop staring at her. It’s believed that that is when they started their affair. Mm. JFK and Marilyn Monroe. He’s like, she’s gotta be mad . Yeah. Come on, comma, sister. . So, so the next year, 1955, Marilyn moved to New York to study acting more and to, she still married or we don’t know.

She’s still married to Joe DeMaio. J Imagine played for the Yankees, so New York. So,  Smart play. That’s right. True. So in 1960, so in between 1955 and 1960, she, that’s when she becomes blue. Marilyn Monroe. Yeah. Like a household name. Just for modeling or for everything. For blasting everything. All of, yeah.

She just becomes, Over the top. Yes. The, the platinum hair, right? Oh, yeah. With the red lips and the white dress and the, oh, she just becomes whatever, like, like the who of these days? The Icon of America. Oh, oh, yeah. But these days, who, who is that for you? I don’t look, I don’t know arm. I mean, I’m, I’m not gonna, I’m gonna like, Refrain from on the Sunday  because, well, who’s, who’s your go-to?

Well, I don’t know.  Nobody who’s who is the top female right now. Ah, like for real? Like top, like top, top, top number one. If you were to go number one female level on her level.

Yeah. Nobody, I don’t, I just, it’s not on her level. No, cuz like, not a single. See it was a little different because like K. Cause no God know. I mean that’s, I don’t famous. Maybe like, but not, I don’t think Kim K is actually attractive to me. Oh yeah. Well about attractive. Each to their own. But I’m just saying , no, I’m saying like, like stardom.

No. Well, stardom, but , it was different because , no one looked like her back then. Yeah. Like Marilyn was , she was like a, , she was oddity. She stood out. She literally stood out from every other woman, conservative look before it a, a hyper conservative fucking society.

Women were, you know, in the kitchens and Yes, there you go. There they weren’t supposed to be special. Yes, they were. Those, those summer dresses, or not summer dresses, but like a, it would go down to like your ankles. Yes. Like you couldn’t show any skin. And she was , Ooh, guys were like, what the fuck?

Yeah. What the hell’s going on? So I think it’s different. It’s just a different time. Yeah, different time. Yeah. We’re in like time, remember like two, 2023 is like Skin City . That’s fucking true. Everybody’s got only fans. I know only, only fans, millionaires and all over the place. Got Sports Illustrated model.

It’s like it’s come on. But maybe in the nineties it was Cindy Crawford. Oh yeah, hunter. She, that’s like Simpson. She was top, top. Um, I’m trying to think of others that are like on the level, same level. I mean, shouldn’t even Giselle, like Giselle Butcher was like Giselle. She was close, not but close, closed, but not like, not Maryland, Marilyn’s known worldwide.

True. You know what I mean? Anyways, yeah. Whatever point being is she, she just, she rocketed to fame. She really did. And then so she divorced Joe De Maggio. . I’m too good for you, Joe. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s a whole other story. You can’t, you can’t, you can’t handle’s your fucking baseball. Dick. . . Well, DeMaio was, DeMaio was retired at the time.

Oh, old ass. Yeah. Yeah. So you washed out, washed out. Just, just a short snippet of it. What I got from that divorce was that he was a little overbearing and he was a little bit like, he was probably drunk too. Well, yeah,  most of the players. But he was a little bit of like a father figure, kind of , what are you doing?

Why are you doing that dress? You know? Remember the dress in the Oh, in the, the air. Yeah. Like everybody’s looking at your. You’re, you’re, you know, well, well, that mean it’s classic, like, husband. Yes. Like, what are you doing? She’s , you can’t hold me down. Damn . She’s like, I’m, I’m the sex symbol of Earth.

I’m out with the planet. Yes. Yeah. So , that, so they, they got divorced, um, in 1960. She did, , the Misfits with Clark Gable, which was written by somebody named Arthur Miller, who is a playwright. , she would go on to marry Arthur Miller. I was wanted to say she married Arthur Miller, who’s not an attractive man.

He’s not, what’s what’s crazy is there’s an interview with her and she’s like, he’s super attractive. He’s not at, at literally Google Chance. So if you’re listen to this Google, Arthur Miller, you’re be like, what the ? You would be confused.  So Miller was about 12 years older than Marilyn, so it was a, another one of those father figure things.

She got daddy issue older man. Well, she does have daddy issues clearly. Yeah. Her dad’s never know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, so. Yeah, they’re looking at photos right now. Just looked up. Arthur Miller. Look at this guy. No. Tell me. Marilyn’s tell me. Marilyn Maro should be Marilyn. This guy. Yeah. Marilyn’s. Yeah.

Hottest woman on earth. Sorry. Arthur like with like dude, but, but she was attracted to the intelligent playwright. He looks like a fucking librarian. . Look at him. So unfortunately the, that, that, that marriage didn’t last very long. Well clearly look at him. Yeah. Jesus. And so, yeah, it’s looks like her dad. So she, she , she got a divorce from him.

And then apparently so they say is that, that’s when she started to get into Barents. Oh, that’s bad. So she had a little bit of depression. She started to self medicate.

And so her lawyer, which was named Mickey Rudin, suggested a guy named Dr. Ralph Sson, who was his brother-in-law. Well, perfect. To take over who was, I know a guy Nepotism who was Yeah. Who was, who was a psychiatrist. I trust his guy of my last name, so Greens and then became her psychiatrist. Oh, great.

Okay, so in July of 1960, uh, the dnc, so the Democratic National Convention was held in LA Yeah. And Marilyn took a break from filming the Misfits to stay.  at Peter Lawford. Peter Lawford’s, an actor. Famous actor. Yeah. Mm-hmm. , stay at his beach house. God must be nice that Who was there? Jfk. Jfk? Mm-hmm. , JFK was there to meeting you here.

So the officers present that weekend protecting jfk. , James Hamilton and Marvin.  You’re at a beach house. You’re fucking jfk. There’s like, she’s recently divorced, now it’s hot. Now it’s, you’re like, ah, what’s crazy? She’s like, the fucking sex.

She’s the top, the top, top, like top, top, top. She’s like, your bucket. She’s, he’s like, bucket list. Literally, once again, prime. It’s like if Chris Hemsworth went to my wife and was like, you should have sex with me, I’d be like, do it. , literally do it now. . So what’s crazy is that in that, during that time, July, 1960, that’s when he was running for off for president.

Oh. So it’s he didn’t, didn’t care about the campaign. Yeah. You know how you get elected in November. But they start in summer. Oh yeah. Yeah. And they start doing the campaign, the, they go to a whole different states. They’re like, I love automotive. Yes. Yes. So that literally is July 1960s. So he got elected in November.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So JFK barely wins. It was very close. Martin, super close. Yeah.  Marilyn joined JFK on a few trips and she disguised herself with a black wig and horn rim glasses. Hmm. She was also given a private line directly to the president with the code name , Mrs. Green. Oh, wow. For whatever reason I’m a fucking hotline. Yeah. , that’s like hotline bling.

So, uh, now we move forward to late 1961. So JFK is now president. Yeah. Now he’s the man. Yeah. So Marilyn decides to move to la. , she buys a house on the fifth Helena Drive in Brentwood, which is minutes away from Dr. Sson   also minutes away at, literally almost crossed the street from Peter Lawford. Mm. Oh wow.

Remember that guy? Yeah. Peter Lawford. Okay. Okay, good. So when she buys her new home, SSON suggests hiring a housekeeper. And the housekeeper is, uh, Eunice. He was like his cousin or something. Well, she, it doesn’t, they’re not, it’s hard to say. This is where he gets a little sketchy. So Eunice is a trained psychiatric nurse.

Oh. She’s also so like worked for him. Close friend of sson. I see. Right. And there were some ties to Communist party. Ooh. So it’s gonna get a little weird here. Infiltration station. Right. Okay, so kick close to the president. So one street down . So like I said, one street down is Peter Lawford. A weird point of note that I wanted to bring up was, it is 0.8 miles from ojs house.

Dude, what the fuck? Wow. Yeah, it’s cursed point. Yeah. Point nine miles away is where Nicole Simpson was. Yeah. Wow. That’s, I’m not, obviously they’re not related yet. No, no. But still it’s interesting, interesting theory and my thing is like, how is the psychiatrist living in like the fucking, the, the prime prime of la Hmm.

How is he making that much money that he’s living in in fucking Brentwood? Yeah. Doesn’t that seem a little odd legal drug dealer ? That’s actually a great point. Yeah. I’d love to see, I think you survive all. I’d actually love to see the invoice. From him to Maryland. Oh, probably crazy, Jeremy. He was, he was a, he was a blank check.

He was like, just keep buying him. Yep. Yeah. She doesn’t know better. She’s gonna be like, okay. Yeah. So February, 1962, Marilyn Monroe now meets Bobby Kennedy.  So Bobby Kennedy is the younger brother, attorney General. Attorney General to the Straight Lace fucking Eagle Scout motherfucker . So he, she meets him at a party in LA and at the party, she carries around a small journal to make notes on the topics that they discuss because, She wants to be able to talk the talk.

Oh, nice. Hmm. So she’s like, I love these guys. I want to be, I wanna be smart, and I want to know what they’re talking about. So she kept notes. I think the notebook’s a little, , you should have been a little more low key, but I, yeah, that’s fine. Wait, what did you say again, sir? . Okay. Wait, wait.

Repeat that. Yes. Right, right in the middle. So apparently they talk and dance all night. And according to multiple sources, that’s when the relationship with Bobby started and that’s when they started sleeping together. Mm. But she fucked Bobby too. Yes. Damn. She fucked the whole family. Damn. Apparently at the same time.

They probably knew it. They probably knew it. Yeah, they probably knew it. They’re like, should we just like do it together? Or ? Like let’s, honestly, they probably knew it. Oh, a hundred percent. They knew it a hundred percent. .  I’m gonna say a. , that’s from Joe. Oh, former Joe, old man, Joe. Yeah. Former Joe Joe’s the dad.

Yeah. Old man Joe. Like, so apparently now he’s like, this is two  before all of No, so, so this is, uh, this is not verified, so we’re just kind, believe, speculating. I believe it. A little bit of a conspiracy. I haven’t heard it, but I don’t believe it. Yeah, apparently he told his, his boys, he. In your life, you need to sleep with as many women as you possibly can.

Oh, did he get, did he get married like at like 17 or something? And he is , God Damnit, , he like,

I’m rich for so long I haven’t had sex with nobody but my wife. I gotta live through these boys now. I wouldn’t them out there. I wouldn’t bring that up if it didn’t come up five times. From five different people and he’s in his wheelchair and he is , oh, oh. He’s , you better fuck he hold these boys.

Thank God. Get out. I think I kinda just created that culture with his boys, , okay, you get married, you have a, you have a, a. A presentation of your life with your, your wife and your on the children head. You do whatever you want. Like, go get it. Yeah. What a go get it. What a piece of shit. No, I’m sorry, but like I’ll never teach my sons that like, have sex with as many women as  don’t care about the consequences.

I will never say that to them. Ever heard? Okay, so now we’re in February of 1960. Okay. February, 1962, so Maryland goes to Mexico City. Mm. It was just there, by the way. Like in my hometown? Yeah. Hometown. But my home country taking a tour, , so it was arranged by Mrs. Murray and Dr. Greens, which is the, or , right.

Way too prevalent in the thing. That’s weirder. In the psychiatrist. Yes. Yeah, he’s everywhere. Right. , it’s known, or it’s at least suspected, that SSON and Murray were involved with the Communist Party. So they arranged meetings in Mexico City. So they told Marilyn to meet in Mexico City, somebody by the name of Frederick Vanderbilt Field, a communist that was living in exile with his wife.

Hmm. Awesome. So then later on, f b. Documents saying they were watching Marilyn. Mm Oh, they were watching because  for sure. They totally watching. She was watching. She was closely closely but . So they were watching her because she was talking to and interacting. And this is at the time when you, you’re a communist fucking, oh dude.

They like Oh, oh, oh, your toast. Oh yeah. It’s like a Salem Witch trials. That’s right. This burn you on the cross . , so , their recordings. That she was telling them information that only high classified clearance could have. Oh, so she got it from Bobby? Yep. And jfk. Yep. Oh, oh, so this is like she’s fucking simultaneously and so she’s getting all the scoop.

Yeah, . And then she doesn’t really know red. She’s like, oh yeah, so I know where the nukes are. . You want the code, literally this bay pigs time, like Right. Oh shit. The Bay of Pigs were a nightmare going. Yes. So they literally, How did she get this information and why is she telling it to the communist? Yeah, because she has a notebook.

She wants to be part of it. She wants to be intelligent. She wants to, oh, so she wants, wants to talk it out. So she’s just keeping up with the Joneses. She’s like, well, did you know  that? Yeah, technically four Star General, bro. So that’s Mexico, that’s the fbi. That’s they’re. They’re watching all this, right?

While she’s down there in Mexico? Yes. And they’re watching the whole thing. Yeah. Yep. Okay. Okay, so then that was February 62. So now let’s move to March 62. Okay. So JFK planned a political trip to California, and he was originally supposed to stay with this guy named Frank Sinatra. Hmm. That, that guy, yeah, Frank Sinatra built a helipad in his house.

to accommodate, to accommodate, to receive jfk. But isn’t a little weird, like Frank Sinatra with his mob ties and like his, his brother Bobby is like, cracking down on the mob and like, yeah. Like, that’s another thing we gotta do, man. I love that you’re going there because that’s exactly what happened. So his advisor said, do not stay with s.

it’s a PR nightmare because of his connection to the mop. Mm-hmm. , it probably, it probably been like the best night of his life though. Yeah. Like partying with Frank Sina shit. Oh my God. I’ve been so dope.  So the advisors said, don’t do that. Right. And so, , guess who told, ,

uh, that he’s not gonna come Merl and he’s not gonna stay. Merl Peter Lawford. Oh, because Peter Lawford married a Kennedy. Oh, so remember Kennedy’s nine girls, or, no, not nine girls, then nine kids. The four girls. Yeah, four girls. So he married Patricia Kennedy. Oh. And so then JFK said, You tell him. You tell Frank, you tell Frank.

So I’m, I’m the president bitch. Yeah. . You tell him. . So JFK decided then to stay at Bing’s house, Crosby, Bing, Crosby’s instead of, uh, going to Frank. Right. What a let down now Famous. No, it’s like Franks’s house. Let me please like. Yeah, I’m Pig my name. So apparently Per I, whatever. ,

sinatra Sources, Sinatra, raged. Oh, I’ve heard that. I’ve heard that. He is heed fucked it Scott think he, he is, like he says, he spent half a million dollars building a helipad in a con and renovating his home so that JFK could come stay with him. And he doesn’t say that he didn’t come. I’d be fu I be pissed.

So he raged? Yeah, he raged and then he, he Boston motherfucker, he banned Peter Lawford from any rat Pack Association ever. Oh. , sorry, Peter, the rest of his life.  Lifetime. Lifetime Band. Yeah, lifetime band. Anyway, so there’s that. Right?

So then additionally in that month, there’s a record of JFK and J Agar Hoover meeting at the White House.

j Gu at this time being the FBI director. Yeah, that’s right. And so Kennedy’s and Hoover, they didn’t really like each other. They weren’t allies. No. They fucking hit each other. Right. They, they didn’t, you know, they were there and he was there in front. Yeah. it’s thought that that Hoover was recording everybody.

Oh, for sure. All the symbols. Yeah. Tell me what’s, yeah, apparently so. So apparently he said to jfk, he said, Hey, you have two mistresses that. Tied to communism two. Who’s the second mis? So there’s another one named Judith Campbell Exner. She was not as hot as Marilyn and she was a Russian, she was a Russian woman that was tied to communism.

And so he said, you need to, you need to mix. Cut the tie. You need to mix it. Yeah. Right. He said it’s a security risk. , Marilyn is high profile, so there you go. Right.   A couple days later, Marilyn Monroe and Peter Lawford then took Air Force one from LA Tom Springs.

What? I love the Hooper’s like, dude, you gotta cut ties like, yes, FLA Air Force. Take my plane, take my Boeing seven. Yeah. Air Force one. So again, she wore the dark brown wig and then the glasses. Yeah. But everyone’s , oh, it’s Marilyn Monroe. Yeah. Everybody, come on now. Got the, the, the witnesses of this said that it was the president’s new secretary.

It’s it. That’s where this, I love, that’s the sources are is that the Secret Service said it was you and, and you know, at this time, like Jackie knows what’s going on.  You can’t hide It’s ex He’s so bad at , covering it up. Yeah, it’s, it’s too high. It’s actually hilariously they, both of ’em are, it’s so but bad.

So Marilyn stayed at Bing’s house.  where Kennedy was going. Yeah. Right. And so there’s a witness, there’s two witnesses. One is the named Phillip Watson, and then the other is the personal masseuse. Ralph Roberts who said that yes, she was there in the guest cottage. Of Bing’s house. Mm-hmm. , when JFK was there.

Okay. Just to give you something like who said it? Yeah. This is a different time. This is also a time be before smartphones and shit. Yeah. You could get a, you could kind of do whatever you wanted, right?  JFK would be so canceled. He’d , he’d be impeached. It’d be a whole me too thing.

Honestly, we’re getting sued. Okay. So Sunday, April, now we’re in April, 1962. And so she was gonna do a movie called Something’s Gotta.

 I’ll tell you cuz she never finished. Oh. So maybe they never filming? . Yeah. Because we’re kind of getting now to Mm, where she loses stuff. The death, what’d you say that? So April , the day before she called the screenwriter and says, I’m very sick. And I’m unable to start filming on Monday.

The studio didn’t believe her, so they sent doctors to her house. , you lying. Yeah. . And they said, oh, she is ill. She’s playing hooky. Super high, high temperature, and she’s got a cold. Right? , this is from a memo. . So then eight days later, she’s decided to go in and she goes and she literally collapses mid set or like on set.

Oh, shit. Yep. So then she’s, I got you. Marilyn . Now keep Now keep in mind, I think I’m, I’m dubbing this in right. But I think she’s, she’s taking the drugs. Oh, for sure. Right. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. And she’s not, she’s, I mean, you’re not gonna collapse of Yeah. Of a cold. She’s a hundred percent. Taking the 75,000 prescriptions that Dr.

Green Fuck has been prescribing her. Yes, that’s right. So she’s then confined to her bed for another two weeks. So she now is in bed for three weeks. Jesus Christ. That’s, yeah. Pretty. Yeah. Yeah, it’s pretty serious. Yeah. Seems fucking serious. So fast forward to May, 1962. This Dr. Greens, which is Marilyn’s psychiatrist, he sees her.

Like he’s there. Is there 80? There’s four days almost lived there. Oh dude, he’s He’s the same. He’s just going there. He’s constantly like pumping, popping her up. Yeah. But see, like as a psychiatrist, you’re not a medical doctor.

That’s actually a fact. Like you’re not a medical doctor. So if someone is. You have, but you’re not a medical doctor? No. A psychiatrist is not a medical doctor. They just have a doctorate. They have a doctorate degree. Oh, psychiatry. A doctorate degree. Degree. Right, right, right. I gotta have a doctorate in education.

It doesn’t mean I’m a medical doctor. True, true. It’s a totally different, it’s a totally different practice. It’s completely separate from medi, from medicine. Right. So it’s weird that  if she’s sick, . Why is your psychiatrist seeing you? Right? Why is it like super weird? Why is it like a doctor, medical doctor?

 But you’re saying it would be weird even if a doctor’s going there five out of the six days or whatever. Yeah, I’m saying it’s just like, it’s also like it’s a lot.

Why, but if you’re actually sick, why have your psychiatrist there? That’s weird. That doesn’t make any sense. Sorry, continue. A very strange moment happened here, which is in May.  SSON, the doctor, he left the country for four weeks.  he went to Germany and went to a school and nobody knows, and he never told anybody what it was for.

Hmm. I don’t know. It’s just a note. I don’t. , it’s like what he was doing, or Nazi? Nazi sympathizer. Yeah, . I dunno. . Okay. So May 14th, she finally feels better and ready to go back to the studio, back to work. Oh, good. All right, so that’s a month later. . Yeah, that sucks. But you know, Hey, she’s back. Sounds like some so Thursday.

Holy shit. But like . So Thursday, May 17th, 1962. She flies to New York because she was asked to appear at John f Kennedy’s 45th birthday. Ah, happy birthday.

So he’s turning 45. Yeah. Yeah. It’s at Madison Square Garden. Oh my God. Right. Fucking, it’s a birthday at like Madison Square Garden. It’s ridiculous. Damn. By the way, on her flight to New York, she was sitting next to Peter Lawford. This guy’s everywhere. This guy’s all over. Everywhere. It’s all over it.

Peter Lawford is like the Manchurian. Everywhere. So she had a beautiful $6,000 dress made specifically for the occasion. And, and by the way, $6,000, like back then it was like fucking a hundred thousand dollars. Yes. So have you heard this story, because now I’m gonna do a little note. Have you heard this story of, of Kim Kardashian  asking the archive?

To No. Remake the dress? No. To let her use the dress to go to the Met Cala. Oh, the fucking, the same dress. The same dress. Wow. So if you look it up, she wore Marilyn’s dress. How did she fit in it and lit the outrage that people , what the, are you doing? Yes. Fucking piece of shit. She wore the dress.

How did she, you can look up fit. How does she fit in the dress though? Oh, yeah. It’s like one of the first things that pops up. Yeah. How did she, she wore it to the metcal, the same outfit, but fit in the dress. The, they see the white, , fur thing that she’s wearing. Yeah. Same thing. It’s the exact one. It’s it’s not a it replica.

It’s the one, it’s the one you see. The thing that annoys me about that is that Kim Kardashian thinks she’s Marilyn Loro.  Like if you’re listening, Kim, fuck that shit.  I don’t like, no, she’s a piece . . I’m sorry, I just, I just hate that it was crazy. People like her have become so influential in our society.  and Kim Kardashian, I’m sorry, is idiot. You know, a hundred percent.

She’s a low IQ individual and it’s not a, it’s not a slight against her. It’s just, it’s like, it’s what? That is an actual slight against her . No, I’m, no, I’m not, I’m not saying it’s like a mean thing to say, but you know what I mean. What I mean what, you are the lowest IQ person I’ve ever met by, no, I’m not saying.

Stupid. You just, no, it’s, you’re IQ shit. . What? I, no offense. No offense. No. What what I mean by that is that it’s not, it’s, I don’t hate her because she’s stupid. I hate her cuz I, she literally has influence over 60 million people. She has too much power is that she’s all this power.

 So she’s flying there. Mm-hmm. , she’s flying there. She’s got the dress. It’s got, it’s covered in thousands of beads. It’s a beautiful dress. It’s beautiful. Yeah. Beautiful. , so the studio though, is super unhappy because she stopped filming on something’s gotta give in order to do that.

We paid you for this shit. We need this. Like, we need this. Yeah. So, . So let’s talk about the birthday. So the birthday party at Madison Square Garden. Right. Um, what’s strange is that Jackie was not there. Jackie was not in attendance for this birthday party, which is kind of, that is strange. People say it’s a little weird because, well, you know, Jeff gives like Madison Square Garden, he’s the biggest thing.

Don’t show up ever. Yeah. He’s like, listen, if you know, she knows what’s going up and or what’s going on. She knows exactly what’s going on. So that’s what they say is that she knew Yes. She has. She 100%. She of course she was stupid. Fuck you. She wasn’t stupid. Jackie was not stupid. Yeah, Jackie was not Kim Kash.

She was just kind of allowed it . Well, okay, well what’s the argument there? Like why would you allow it? Because you can’t like in back in that day, obviously hyper conservative.  and then it’s it’s really taboo to get divorced, especially when you’re the president. Yeah. Especially, especially she, she probably just saw  the bigger picture for her life and was , look.

Mm-hmm. , he’s gonna keep doing it. , yeah. It doesn’t help me or behoove me to divorce him. Right. , so I’ll just allow it. Right. It’s just , you know, you look back in the day and like you have these old, these, these couples and these women, guys beat the shit outta their wives and  they would never leave and it was terrible.

They’re miserable. They’re attached in some way, but it’s , you know, it’s the tradition. Yeah. And they were attached to the tradition of it. True. Yeah. True. Which is not okay. You should leave. Yeah. So I think that’s what it was. Yeah. Yeah. That’s my opinion. Okay. Maybe, maybe.  So here we are at the birthday. So this is one of the most famous things in American culture, actually is Happy Birthday. Oh yeah. Just as an aside.  . And we’re at a karaoke place.

Yeah. And it was Happy birthday, Mr. President Karaoke Monroe. That’s how famous it’s, yeah. That’s how deep we did the research, by the way. It was super deep. It’s, it’s, it’s all in our lives. Yeah.    So, but point of note, point of note, before the event, there’s somebody named Mickey Song and he’s Marilyn’s hairdresser and he was doing her hair and Bobby.

Kennedy came into the dressing room and he asked him to leave. Oh, he was pissed. So outside, stop fucking my brother. So the, the hairdresser went outside? Mm-hmm.  and he just heard them yelling at each other.

after about 10 minutes later, Bobby left and then she went on stage and she did the performance. Mm-hmm. . And she was all like sultry? Yeah. Mm-hmm. . Oh yeah. And Bobby was like crying in the back. Weeping, . Fucking stupid shit. Okay. So then, so then after that, so Marilyn attended a post gala party at Arthur Crims with both the Kennedy’s and attendance.

Now they fight. I wish I, I wish I had like a fight though. So, so what happened though is after party is apparently they had a private conversation with both of them for 15 minutes. Hmm. I wish I was a flyer at that wall. It’s the only photo of the Kennedy’s with Marilyn. Oh, both of them Really? It’s the only one, both Bobby and Joe ever.

Ooh. . I know. Jor, you should look it up cuz it’s interesting. See, I would love to like, I’m gonna look it up right now. I would love to be in that. Right. And, and they’re both like Boston, like, fucking listen to me. I got a number. , I like them.

She was my fest. It’s this, it’s that one? Yeah. There’s both. It’s the only photo that exists. Oh, okay. So that’s done. And that’s Bobby right there. Yeah. It’s the only photo I was waiting for.  A, like a reel scandal? No, like they’re, let’s pose.

So this was found decades later in somebody’s attic. Oh, wow. Yeah. Cause it’s a super, side big.  and who’s , who’s even looking at the camera. Like who, who’s fucking this guy? Yeah.

So it’s reported that she danced with Bobby five different times that night in Ethel, which is Bobby’s wife was watching and super mad. Oh, Ethel pissed. She was like, fucking fuming. Then she allegedly left the party. She, she left the party allegedly in the morning with jfk  

so that was the last night she ever saw jfk. Uh, oof. Bam. .  anyway. So Monday, May 21st, 1962, Marilyn returned to something that’s gotta give. , but she was on amphetamines. Oh. And so she Oh no. Was kind of like hyped up apparently. Well, no shit. They were like, that’s what amphetamine, that’s what amphetamines do.

Go home, Marilyn. You trash all. Paranoid. Paranoid. Exactly. Fuck cops coming. Motherfucker honestly go home like, yeah dude, get outta here too much. So then now we’re, it’s like, but let’s, like when Sean gets drunk we’re like, go home, Sean . Okay, I don’t know why this turning into why you test Sean. Okay, so Thursday, May 24th.  J Edgar Hoover schedules another meeting with jfk and that was, this is a couple days after his birthday.  No one knows exactly what was said.

But following the meeting, JFK tells the Oval Office switchboard to refuse all calls from Maryland. Oh. Hmm. You know what? Yeah. Who? Hoover was like, we gotta, we gotta kill her. We can cut it. Cut . Sorry. So the private line he’d given her was then disconnected. Kennedy also called his other mistress, which was the Judith, Judith Hener, he calls his of mistress.

He did the same thing with Judith. I was like, cut off. He just cut. Oh yeah. He said, no more. Dude. This is a terrible PR for us. Like you gotta just stop doing this. Like we’re all fucked if you keep fucking other chicks.  like so. But JFK doesn’t want to tell Monroe himself. So who does he ask? What law?

Lawford Peter Lawford. Lata Lawford’s doing everything. Lawford’s telling Lawford’s, telling everybody like, he’s like, not a Kennedy. He’s , this guy is like marrying in. No, but you know, he’s , you want to be one of Kennedy’s brother? You can do my dirty work. What you gotta do? It’s , he’s , I’ve done it enough.

He’s, I already told fucking. I told Frank’s he didn’t come there one more time. Cussed me out and he’s like, this is the last one. Yeah. . I guarantee this is the last, like you’re never allowed until the next time. Any concert I ever hold for the rest of your life, call Marilyn Monroe  and say, I hate you. I I love Peter.

He’s , Hey Marilyn. It’s, it’s Peter again. I got some muse. You know, you can’t call, you can’t call John. Sorry. Okay. So,  the evidence shows that on Saturday, which is, uh, three, three days later or so, Peter Lawford called Marilyn from Hyannis Port. Mm oh. Which is, which is the compound compound.

The compound, yes. And he says that she’ll never be able to contact him again. , she’ll never be First Lady. And that JFK wasn’t even serious about the, it wasn’t even a big deal, , it wasn’t even, oh, wow. He didn’t even like you, . He said the sex was subpar. So worried. Worried about the potential fallout and Marilyn’s craziness.

 Pat Newcomb is then elected to move in with Marilyn. That weekend she brought sedatives with her. She was the one who allegedly slept at the foot of Marilyn’s bed the whole weekend, and the handyman handyman said Marilyn seemed to be a prisoner in her own bedroom.

I love how he would know. Like, was he like, Hey Marilyn, can I come in ? No. Damn. She’s a prisoner. . Well, he just, yeah, he noticed he’s, she’s in there for days, I guess, or what? I guess so maybe she was sedated. Maybe she actually, yeah, she was sedated . So Monday she. 20, the 28th of May in 62, she arrived on the set and she apparently was upset.

One of her fellow actors said, from the moment she came on set, she looked like a piece of fine crystal about to shatter. I’ve never seen her like this. She looks like she’s falling apart. Wow. What a, what a, so this is Marilyn. Like put a metaphor piece of fine, crystal, maybe shatter. That was a great metaphor there.

So this is like Marilyn kind of like falling apart. Yeah, yeah. You know what I mean? Like she. She’s on the breaking, she’s falling apart. She’s on the assumption breaking point. Yeah. Um, so June 1st, it’s Marilyn’s birthday. She turns 36. Her coworkers give her a small celebration on the set. On the set. Um, No Medicine.

Square Garden. , . No, no.  So on June 4th, which is three days later, , she’s unable to come back to set because she’s feeling ill. , she spent the weekend trying to reach John F. Kennedy and they’re like, sorry Ms. Green, no success.

like, you can’t come through. She tells several friends about that and that she’s very disturbed. She keeps calling, and so instead of using, now, Mrs. Green, the code name, she’s like, it’s Marilyn. Like Marilyn. I’m calling over and over and over trying to get a hold of John F. Kennedy. It’s also like he’s not like an easy person to reach to.

Right, right. You know, it’s not like you’re calling like. . You know Publix? Yeah. Feel like a, it used to be for her. Yeah. But I guess I am. So on June 23rd, Bobby Kennedy flew to la. Bobby and Marilyn both were invited to a dinner party at Peter Lawford’s house. Peter Lawford is like, he is the common denominator in all, according to Patricia Lawford Peter’s wife, which is Patricia Kennedy.

Oh, that’s right. Right. Yeah. Yeah. The purpose for Bobby’s visit was to stop Marilyn from contacting the president. Stop calling, please. Stop. Stop calling. Gotta move on. He’s just not that into you anymore.  like, come on. So in order to save her career, he tells her that she needs to cooperate and stay quiet.

Mm. . Yeah. So a Sunday, June 24th, Bobby Kennedy visits Marilyn at her home in Brentwood. Mm-hmm.  her housekeeper, Eunice says Marilyn showed him around, but didn’t seem enthusiastic about the visit. So it basically, it’s just showing that Bobby comes to her house and it’s like a Yeah, like a, yeah, like a, I’m the highest, I’m the highest law in the land lady.

Stop it. So in July of 62, the Cuban Missile Crisis is going on. US surveillance has captured photographs of long-range missiles in Cuba. Yes. Like this is whole thing’s going on, right? Yeah. At the same time, Hoover receives confidential document from his FBI office in Mexico informing him. Of Marilyn’s suspected friendship with the Soviet agent, the communist kind of ties person.

I’m sorry. It’s like shit’s like fucking popping off right now. Like we’re about being like a massive World War iii. Yes. Nuclear Holocaust. So this proved deeply concerning to the fbi and they were then they were , this is a problem. You can’t have the president us. Yes. Even. Remotely associated with  not enemy.

Especially of while this is going down. Yeah, right. It’s, it’s too bad. So the idea is that even if she didn’t mean to, she was providing info. Oh, for sure. Yeah. And you even said like she was providing, like she had in Yeah. Information, class information that was classified information. Yeah.

You know, it’s like bit like pillow talk. Her and jfk, he is , oh, you have no idea what’s going on, baby.

Okay, so in mid-July, Hoover meets with Bobby Kennedy, and though their exact conversation is unknown the following day, Bobby then cut ties with Marilyn, and I was saying it’s , why is he still , yeah, shouldn’t he also not be talking to her? I think he just tried. He just tried and tried and tried to do the cordial thing and like, yeah.

And then he was , okay, now you can’t even do this. Yeah. He was trying to be a good dude. Yeah. And then I was , yeah, fuck. So Marilyn tried to reach the Attorney General Bobby Kennedy numerous times, but couldn’t, and she was, she felt blindsided and angry. , the telephone records indicate that she tried to call Bobby eight times during the month of July.

She tried to reach him at home. She tried to reach him at the White House. Well, I mean, let’s times a try. It’s eight times in a month, so it’s not that crazy. . In a month. It was eight times in a month. Yeah. And no, I thought it was like eight times in like a day. Yeah. I was , whoa, she’s crazy. But it was like eight times in a month.

That’s, that’s, that’s once every, yeah. That’s crazy. But that’s still , dude, , that’s like once every three and a half days, but eventually a lot. Eventually she got so frustrated and mad that she was being, What is it? Ghosted? Yeah. Yeah. She’s been ghosted. She got, she got so mad that she was being ghosted that she said to, , she said to somebody, she said, hold a press conference.

I’ve certainly got a lot to say about this. Ooh. And she’s got all the juice. He gonna call me back now. She’s , they all got some all Dicks . She also said the, that she knows about the involvement with Mafia head honcho, Sam G and. Oh, who is also friends with Frank Sinatra? I know. Mm-hmm. . Ooh. Ooh. This, that’s spicy, right?

 Okay, so now this, this part is a little dark, so just, just a heads up. Right. So, July 28th, 1962, Frank Sinatra invited Marilyn to fly to his resort called the Cal Neva Lodge to discuss their next picture, maybe. , right? But that was not his actual intent. Apparently Marilyn didn’t want to go that weekend, but Frank convinced her.

She later told Ralph Roberts, which was her masseuse, that it was a nightmare of a dreadful weekend. Oh shit, what the fuck happened there? Also present was Mafia Boss, Sam Gian Giancana, and Paul Skinny Dema. These are all like, yeah, like, like MAF names. Yes. So skinny later said there was more to what happened that weekend than anybody has ever told, what the fuck?

It would’ve been a big fall for Bobby Kenney. What happened? Oh wow. Did we find out what happened?  So several sources confirmed that it was a dark weekend. Monroe was given a lot of. Oh no. Did they like do some, many of which seem to occur while Marilyn was unconscious? Oh, no. And then photos were taken of her on all fours being raped.

No. Holy shit. By Jean, by the, by the mafia guy. That’s so fucked up. Yeah, so she was drugged, oh man. And over the weekend it said that she was threatened by everybody and by the Kennedys themselves to keep silent. Fuck. First of all, fuck you, Frank Sinatra, you fucking . . Like, that’s bullshit. That’s not, okay.

So the photographer, which is Bobby Woodfield and is the same photographer who later took the pool, you ever see the pool photos of her? Yeah.  Yeah. Yeah. You know, it is. They, he later saw some of the photos. That were being developed for Frank, Frank Sinatra, and he said that it appeared that Sam Giancana was having sex with Marilyn while she was on all fours, and that she did not look well and looked sick in the photos.

They were extremely disturbing photos and obviously taken under coercion and Woodfield advised Frank Sinatra to burn them. Joe DiMaggio. Married originally married to her. Heard that he, that she was at Cal Nava that weekend and he tried to check into the lodge, but  Sinatra wouldn’t let him get in.

Dude. Frank Sinatra like, what a piece of shit I something. The guy was cool. He fucking sucks. Yeah. Fuck Frank Sinatra, Jay Joe stayed nearby, but tried over and over to reach Maryland, but never did. And after that weekend, Joe DiMaggio never spoke to Frank Sinatra again, and he actually refused him to Maryland’s.

Wow. Oh wow. Standup guy. Joe DeMaio, standup guy. Yeah. Super standup guy. So on that Sunday, Marilyn flew back to LA from Cal Neva with Peter Lawford. And wait, so Peter Lawford went with her there? Yeah. Peter Lawford. Fucking Peter. This guy is a piece of shit, dude. This guy is, this guy’s a double agent.

So Marilyn appeared heavily drugged still the next day.  and they landed in la. Well, after midnight on the way home, Lawford stopped at a payphone and it was later learned that his house had been bugged. But he knew that and he was on the phone for 20 minutes.

We don’t know who he called, but it’s some suspected that he called the Justice Department. I wonder what he like don’t to, to get immunity for himself or being a fucking. Sex trafficker. Crazy. Right? Basically. Horrible story, dude. He was, dude, he was just like, this Peter Lawford guy is just like, he’s just like the fucking petal man for, for the Kennedys.

And like, you wanna marry in, you gotta do exactly what we fucking tell you to do. Yep. Dude, that’s so fucked up. Oh my God. Poor Marilyn. I know. It’s a horrible story. And on that note, we’re gonna end off this episode. Yeah, that’s such a good, unfortunately this is like a terrible place to end. I know. Unless you gotta come back for 0.2.

It’s like, so all this has happened to Marilyn and now we’re gonna kind of go, what happened to the night of that she passed and see if, and then we’ll get into our, see if we can figure out what happened and we’ll get into our conspiracies after. Obviously that’s right, we go over all the information, but man.

Like, I already hate a lot of the people in the school. . Fuck, really hate them. But , we’ll catch you next week. Yeah. Sorry Anna. I’m such a, such a low note . I know. We gotta end it on this. I dunno what to say. Like, like, like there’s a lot to, that’s just what it, this what It happens. We’re actually, we got over more to get into.

So you guys gotta check it out next week. Next Come next week. Push. Wait, wait. 99. Na na, .