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Episode 19: Kennedy, Chappaquiddick and the Death of Mary Jo Kopechne (Part 2)

Podcast Transcription

By the cops, I guess, right? Yeah, the cops were called and the coroner and, uh, but who reported it? Is it safe? Yeah. So there was a, uh, a man and, uh, a child who went fishing. Oh my. And then went fishing and then they saw the car. Yes. Car was, that’s what you said, right? It was sticking outta the water.

Yes. The butt of the car, I guess you would call it, or the, the back of the car was back. Yeah. So without definitely looks fishy, . It’s like, no call somebody. No. No. So without conducting a full examination or even looking at the entire body, the medical examiner on the scene determined that she had. , uh, John Farra without doing it now outside.

They’re like, nip, she’s drown. Yeah, a hundred percent. But here’s the was I know there bruises around it, but  here’s what’s interesting is John Ferra, which is the rescue diver who was called to the scene and he oversaw the car removal from the pond and the body noted that there were many air bubbles that were rising from it.

And the Oldsmobile trunk was nearly free of water entirely. Whoa. This as well as the position of the body that was in the car, and it suggested to many that pec had been breathing in an air pocket for some time before . She died. Oh, fuck. So she was alive.  how the dude, okay. Yes. See, see something about That’s not right.

Right. Exacts upsetting too. No, but upsetting. And how did you, how did he manage to get outta the car, but then she magically can’t get out? I don’t think he was ever in the car. I don’t think he, wait, what? I don’t think he was ever in the car. It’s an interesting theory. Real, I think he was in the car, but I think he might have scoot it out.

For Yeah. She , he’s , you’re drunk. You’re drunk. Shut up. , lift the car off. Okay. Okay. So the mortician man, never thought about that, but that’s a, I actually like that. I’m gonna bring that up. I’m gonna come full. I have a couple things. I have a new theory then I formulated, I dig it. I dig it actually.

Yeah. So the mortician examined the body and found that it contained far less water than most of the drowning victims that they’ve Yeah. Usually when you drive tons of water, completely full of water. So Farra, who’s the diving person? He agreed that she likely did not drowned. Hmm. Like that? She suffocated.

Oh, she’s, oh, she, oh. Because once you breathe all the usable oxygen, you’re breathing carbon dioxide. You a small pocket. Oh yeah. And you, you’re there for an hour. You’re, you’re just breathing carbon dioxide and then you’re, you’ll die Suffocation. Yep. . Fuck. That’s a way worse way to go. Yeah, that’s worse.

That sucks. Shit, that’s  super shitty because you’re terrified. It it, it’s really shitty. And you think you’re gonna live, but then you just die. Anyway. Well, please just die. Anyway, sorry. That’s the worst. So now fast forward 15 minutes. By nine 15 in the morning of July 19th, Kennedy, Gargan and Markham were standing together on the ferry landing on Chappaquidick.

They saw the tow.  and they were being asked by a ferry operator if they heard about the accident of Mary Jo Ney. . Who’s that?  Never heard of her.  Sounds like a great guy. That finally was the one thing that moved Kennedy to go, I need to report this to the police. That’s hope. Really? 18 hours later I’m cut.

I’m cut. Shit. She’s like, that looks like my old Bill. . So this is what, this is what Kennedy said to Gargan and Markham,  mm-hmm. . He said, look, I don’t want you people in the middle of this thing. I’m not going to involve you as far as you know, you didn’t know anything about the accident that night.

Oh, cool. Let me already implicate you by making you swim the gutter. Yeah. Oh, you didn’t now you didn’t know anything.  this guy right away. Shit. Guy. This guy sucks. Okay, good. So then, then this guy puts out a written statement. You ready? MaryJo . So he says, I’m gonna, I’m gonna just plow through this, right?

 He types up a written statement with , Markham and Gargan, and he says, on July 18th, 1969, at approximately 1115, he left the party. 1140. I know what the 11:50 PM in Chu Martha’s Vineyard. I was driving my car’s vineyard. All right. I knew of, yes. I was driving my car on Main Street, on my way to get the ferry back to Edgartown.

I was unfamiliar with the road, and I turned right onto Dyke Road instead of bearing left on Main Street. After proceeding for approximately one half mile on Dyke Road, I descended a hill and I came upon a narrow bridge. The car went off the side of the bridge. There was one passenger with me, one Miss Mary Jo, and he couldn’t pronounce her name right, Mary Jo Ka Ka Kari.

He literally couldn’t, couldn’t pronounce it. He said, Mary Jo. Cap. Cap capitulation. Yes.  Okay. . And then he just says, A former secretary of my brother, Senator Robert Kennedy. The car turned over and san into the water and landed with the roof resting on the bottom.

I attempted to open the door in the window of the car, but have no recollection of how I got out of the car.  I came to the surface and then repeatedly dove down to the car in an attempt to see if the passenger was still in the car. I was unsuccessful in the attempt.

I was exhausted and in a state of. I recall walking back to where my friends were eating, there was a car parked in front of the cottage. I climbed in the backseat. I then asked for someone to bring me back to Edgartown. I remember walking around for a period and then going back to my hotel room. When I fully realized what had happened this morning, I immediately contacted the police.

Oh my God. Oh God, dude. Everything about that story is so full of shit. The timeline, that is his statement.  Place I love, he goes, goes back to where my friends were eating well, eating , . It’s, it’s like, like fucking party. It’s one of the worst statements I’ve ever heard.

I immediately contacted police after my brunch in conversation with my good friend and my muscles . It’s mostly one of the stupidest statements I’ve ever seen. This is the worst , yeah, it’s just a lie. The whole thing’s a lie. Oh, so, okay, so, so he does, does this statement and then he, what happens is he, Kennedy returns to his family’s compound in Hyannis Port.

The compound, which is a, is a compound. It’s, it’s came alot. It’s the, it’s a little, it’s ridiculous. It’s the spot, right? Where, where at Hyannis Park. It’s Hyannisport. Hyannis Park. Yeah. So then how you spell it, he brings in the big wigs. Okay. He brings in Steven Smith, McNamara, Sorenson, Goodwin, billings, you know, Burke, Culver Tunney, Gargan, Markham, all these guys.

They, they, they arrive to advise him on what to do. Basically, these are the top tits of the Yeah. Top tits pr Oh, yeah, yeah. The, the, the political whatever. Right. And they’re called the master fixtures and the business managers  so he brought together all these, these big wigs to determine the PR control and the damage control of course.

Of yeah. Of what to do. This is be president. Yeah. This is the Kennedy golden boy. The only one left. Well, he’s the, he’s the gold boy by default. Yes. . Yes, exactly. Correct. Yeah, that’s right. So their, their main problem is how to protect him from actual charges of manslaughter. Oh yeah. Cause that, that, that of, that ruins his entire political career.

Yes. And any form of office.   About six days later, he does a televised statement. It’s very lengthy. , it was written by Sorensen  it was broadcast to everything. A lawyer. Uh, it’s kind of like the PR guy, like, you know, it was part of his, it’s like his publicist. Yeah.

Basically. Yeah. Just imagine like ojs dream team. , same thing, but back in the sixties. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a plug for our OJ episode coming up. Mm-hmm.  come tune in. Yeah. Coming to come into the household near you,

So the televised statement is interesting and it’s something that you should watch. , we’re not gonna go over it now, but it’s something that you should watch. It’s very robotic and it’s very, Scripted. Yeah. He’s just reading. Yeah, he’s like, like, aye. Yeah, Ted, he just said, you know, his wife didn’t come because of reasons of health.

Yeah. Oh.  Yes, yes. No. And he said he was not engaged in any immoral conduct. Ah, come on. I mean, so, so, so pretty much you’re telling me is , so Ted Kennedy is Bill Clinton 25, 30 years prior, I did not have sexual sexual relationship with that woman.

Look, she came on to me.

 I mean, the speech is, the speech is interesting to watch and, and, you know, we’ll put, we’ll put on Instagram and, you know, yeah.

You guys can kick it out. See it, but it’s, it’s very formulaic Twitter, you know? You know. Yeah. It’s YouTube, all , all the things, but, but it’s very formulaic and it’s very , obviously written and it’s, it doesn’t really add Well, it’s, it’s actually like a story. He didn’t, it’s it’s, he’s just, yeah. And he’s just denying everything.

Yeah. He’s just saying it’s just him reading what they told him to read. And that’s what it looks like. And it sounds like. It’s when, when Biden read that speech and he was like, period, repeat, repeat statement. , you mean every speech on the teleprompter? But, but at the end of it, he basically says, cuz he’s a senator.

Right? So he is an active senator. Right. So he basically says at the end, he says, if at any time the citizens of Massachusetts should lack confidence in their senator’s character or his ability with or without justification, he could not, in my opinion, adequately perform his duties and should not continue in office.

So he’s basically saying , if you think I should resign, let me know him. I’ll let your boy, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll dip. So that’s him trying to , You know, I think, I think for him he was , that was his way of being , yeah, exactly. Don’t put me in prison. I’ll just, I’ll just like step down if you, if you think so.

Only if you think so. Yeah. , I think I’m cool. , I’m cool. But if you think I’m bad, I’ll step bad. I don’t want to like, yeah, I like that. If you agree and you look, you think that this looks bad. I mean, like resign, Right. My head to super pissed about it, but I’ll do it. , look, I’ll go, I’ll do it. . So essentially that’s the story.

, I mean there’s a couple other points that go over  but, , that’s, that’s the story of, of Mary Jo Eck. And, and you know, let me tell you right now that he killed Mary Jo Pec. Dude, that’s my taste right there. Just, let’s just, so I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna do a couple other, I’m gonna give you a couple other things, right?

I’m gonna give you a couple other things. So Ferra, which is the, the diver. . Okay. Yeah. He testified later, right? And he said the following, he said it looked as if she was holding herself up to get the last breath of air. Oh fuck. Damn. That’s so bad. It was a consciously assumed position. She did not drowned.

She died of suffocation in her own air void. It took her at least three or four hours and died. Oh my God. Did. They could have saved her like a million times. Damn. This part is the saddest part. You ready? I could have had her out of the car 25 minutes after I got the call, but I didn’t get a call. Oh my God.

This that. See, that’s not manslaughter bro. That’s murder one. Yeah. That’s such negligence. It’s it’s murder one. A hundred percent. It’s murder one. Cuz he knowingly didn’t communicate that she was there. Yeah. So he allowed her to die. Oh dude. He goes This life in prison, bro. Yeah, 25. The light right there.

So Farra then testified that Quebec’s body was pressed up at the car in the spot where the air bubble would’ve formed. He interpreted that, that to mean that she had survived in the air bottle bubble after the car was submerged. And he concluded, had I received a call within five to 10 minutes of the accident occurring and was able, as I was the following morning to be at the victim’s side, within 25 minutes in such an event, there was a strong possibility that she would’ve been alive on the removal of the submerged car.

Yeah, because , you can’t, he believed that she lived at least two hours. Dude. Wow. Oh my God. He says, I believe that she lived for two hours. So while he was sitting on the bridge, he was , that’s what I’m saying. Is she actually dead, bro? Like, hopefully she’s, she’s like down there trying to gasp her last breaths.

Like, nah, that’s bad. Oh, that’s bad. Isn’t it bad? That’s bad. Oh, this is so bad. It’s really bad. This is like disgusting. I know. . Okay. So, and then one last really , I mean, there’s, there’s a little tiny bit more, but essentially, so the body was moved from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania where the pecs lived, and it didn’t undergo an autopsy.

Okay? The family paid off. Mm-hmm. . So the official cause and the time of death never determines, this is  bullshit, dude. If that was my kid, no. What? There’s, there is not amount, amount of money you could pay me to. , dude, I would be , no, Kenny’s gonna fucking fry. I wanna see him , and I want to hang him.

Like I want to be there. Like, yes, he’s done. He’s done. So right before he did his TV statement that we talked about, yeah. He pled guilty to misdemeanor of leaving an accident. Oh my god. Slap on the wrist, slap on the wrist outta here. He’s like, I played the misdemeanor so that he also, he also kind of removed himself from being charged for negligence manslaughter because Oh, that’s, at a minimum you would think that you would get negligence manslaughter.

Oh yeah. A hundred percent. Yeah. A hundred dude motherfuckers who were driving drunk and get people killed in the car go to prison for life ain’t for life. Oh, wow. Because that’s, that’s true. You were knowingly driving a vehicle. I didn’t know that was true. , I thought that they would just get manslaughter and if you years or if you’re driving whatever a vehicle knowingly under the influence of alcohol, you knowing you’re not supposed to be Yeah.

You, you gonna get  manslaughter. Like no. Yeah, but that’s not life. No. You get murder. That’s, that’s not manslaughter, bro. It’s, it’s felony murder. Really, really look up. , look it up, you get felony murder. Wow. Like if you’re, , you kill your passengers while you’re driving drunk. You, it’s felony murder.

Ooh. Yeah. It’s not manslaughter. But that’s also if it’s, if it’s a regular all today, no, it’s today. Maybe not. Back then, it’s if it’s a regular accident and you’re not drinking or whatever, yeah. It’s manslaughter like it’s an accident. Like you can’t, you’re not re liable for that. , what are you supposed to do again nowadays?

Maybe back then. Maybe back then they were , if. Only had half a gallon . It’s manslaughter . So, so just a couple quick points, right, is Kennedy would claim that, that he was sober and he never had any drinks. Oh, ah, God. So these alive, these guys, these guys just cleaned up the, the Airbnb. Oh yeah. They just, they cleaned it all up and we didn’t procure any of alcohol.

Meanwhile, meanwhile, Simmons like later says all that, that booze receipt , you know, seven, uh, four bottles of Ru and so Kennedy claimed that he was sober, he was fully sober, and he was driving around 20 miles an hour when he hit the bridge. No. Which is reasonable. No way. Right. Told him that’s impossible.

He claimed that he didn’t see the bridge until he was nearly upon it yeah. He should have been able to see it,  the theory or the conspiracy is that he. Was going much faster. Oh hundred.

Yes. Million percent. Much faster. Yes. Right. I mean, come on. You are 20 miles an hour. You hit the brakes, you’re at zero. Yes. Instantly. Yes. You’re instantly not moving. Yes. There’s no out of control. You just stop. Yeah. Going 40, right? Oh, at least five. I’m thinking, I’m thinking somewhere around there.

50. Okay. So there was an attorney named Dennis, and he continually petitioned to try to get the body exhumed and an autopsy done, please. Because, because, , he disclosed that the, the mortician mm-hmm.  said there was blood on the sleeve. Ooh. Mm. And blood on the nose saucy.

So, but, , the judge in Pennsylvania held a hearing on October 20th and, , , the family, the pec family said it wasn’t necessary. Yeah. Cuz Joe Sr. Was like, listen, I can’t have this happen to my son.  literally is my last, literally the family said  against the exhumation saying that there was no evidence that anything other than drowning and caused the death of Mary Jo Kak.

Mm-hmm. Okay. First like, fuck her parents. So, so there, there were, were never no autopsy, no cause of death. No. I’m, I’m actually, I’m actually more pissed off at Mary Jo’s parents Yes. Than I am at him. I’m actually more pissed off at them. Yeah. Like, you pieces of shit. Like you’re not gonna look out for your little girl.

Are you crazy? I know. I don’t like it. I burn the planet down for my kid. I didn’t like You kidding me? Yes. I didn’t like it either. That’s bullshit. So, So Dennis chose not to prosecute for manslaughter because he was not able to do the autopsy. That’s so, that’s so disgusting. The, the copany fin did not bring any legal action against him, but they did recognize a payment.

Oh, see there, there we go. Of $90,904 from him personally, and 50,000 from the insurance company. So they received $140,000. Oh. But see, back in the day, actually, so it was probably like 2,000,007 times. Yeah. Where did that seven. Where did that, how much money? One 40 times seven. Yeah, it’s over. It’s like 1,000,002.

Yeah. Or seven? 700. No, I mean, oh yeah. What 1,000,004. 1,000,004? Yeah. Yeah. So that’d be 10 x he said. He said by seven. Yeah. Seven. Seven. The caps later explain a little over a, yeah, it’s a mil over a million. The caps later explained their decision not to take legal action by saying we figured that people would think we were looking for blood money.

Uh, I’d be looking for. I’d just be looking for blood. Fuck the money. I don’t give a shit about the money. I want blood. So then Judge Boyle released the following findings in his report.

He said death probably occurred between 11:30 PM and 1:00 AM. That’s a way that’s a massive window. Kennedy and Ney did not return to Edgartown at the time. Kennedy did not intend to drive to the ferry slip and his turn onto Dyke Road had been intentional. Mm-hmm.  a speed of 20 miles an hour. As Kennedy testified to operating the car as large as an Oldsmobile would at least be negligent and possibly reckless.

if Kennedy knew of this hazard, his operation of the vehicle. constituted criminal conduct earlier on July 18th. He had been driven over three times by his chauffeur.  Pec had been driven over five times the day before, so shoot would’ve been like, this is the wrong turn, bro. Yeah,  like, like you’re making a wrong turn.

He goes on to say, I believe it probable that Kennedy knew of the hazard that lay ahead of him, but that for some reason not apparent from the testimonies he failed to exercise due care as he approached the bridge. I therefore find there is probable cause to believe that Edward Kennedy operated this motor vehicle negligently and that such operation  appears to have contributed to the death of Mary Jo Ney.

Hmm. But because of his. His quote unquote, per the judge stellar driving record. He gave him two months community service. Oh my. His stellar driving record. He never drove. He had a fucking chauffeur. I would’ve a stellar, so I’m not even kidding. So Ted Kennedy got two months for murder? No, but not in prison. . So that was about all he got. Ted Kennedy then became a, , he tried to run for presidency in 1980 and he lost to Jimmy Carter and this kind of thing. He, like rightfully said this thing kinda hung over him forever. Well, yeah. Cause he of course, cause he knew, he, he knew what he did.

Yeah. . He became a senator for Massachusetts for 47 years. This is really, they called him the lion of the Senate. And this is why I don’t trust politicians. Exactly what? A hundred percent this’s. Why I not up in, in the, in the Freemason episode, the politicians with their piece of shit. . Isn’t that crazy city?

What’s he free mason, by the way? Probably. I would like to know that. It’s crazy. So he was a member of of the Democratic Party. Uh, 47 years in That’s a long time part of the Senate. And, and then in 2009 he died. Oh, 2009. Okay.

2009. So he was part of, he was one of the last Kennedy’s to hold office .

 That’s, but see this is the quintessential problem with, , with, with American politics, it’s you can literally kill somebody and you still rules apply to that. You’re still allowed to make the laws of the land. If you’re rich enough, it actually doesn’t matter.

Yeah. It doesn’t matter.  But here’s what’s crazy is if it didn’t happen, , is that chick be alive, been president? No, of course. Yeah. He actually, Mary aside, he might have actually been president. You’re right. Ah, I mean, Robert Kennedy would’ve been president.

Now, do you think that was a big, do you think that was a big factor Yes. In him not being president? No. Was it, do you, do we know, do we have any data? If it was , brought up in the, like the election. Oh, okay. What’s, okay, that was brought up a lot. I wasn’t sure That was brought up a lot.

 They covered it up with his power and simple as that. I would just like to say for the record, everybody else helped him out to conspired in, in, in cleaning or, , you know, , scrubbing it, scrubbing it in, whatever.

Right? And, and so that’s it. Simple, simple.

 Well, there’s one, there’s one, uh, conspiracy theory that was interesting to me. That Mary Jo got drunk. Well, I think they were all drunk. I mean, for sure. Let’s just search that out loud. Yeah, they were all drunk. Definitely booze. Hundred percent booze, 100. All, all booze.

Agreed. There was booze there, there was fucking booze. So they’re drunk. So one theory is that, , Mary Jo got drunk and went and told somebody that she was gonna lay down in the backseat of the car. And then she went and laid down in the backseat of the car. And then Ted , and a drunken stupor was like, I’m going home, bro.

I don’t want a deer her anymore. I’m going home. And he went, drove the car, crash. Oh. And killed it. Crashed it. He didn’t even know she was in there, crashed it. Didn’t even know she was in there. Well see. No, see she in the back seat, but then was like, oh , you are in here. See, I don’t believe that. So why would he park?

It’s so elaborate. It’s so elaborate. Why would he park? Yeah. Yeah. You know when the sheriff Exactly. Yeah. And they , they’re, they’re getting down.  They, they both left drunk. They’re trying to get it on Right, of course.

And then the, the sheriff comes and they’re like, oh shit, we gotta get outta here. So then he’s , oh, I’m gonna make sense. He’s like, oh, shit sense. Yeah. , I’m gonna make a right turn instead of a left turn. And then it just had an accident. She scared and whatever. Fucking, it’s a common thing in the Kennedy household.

Yeah. Six boiler room girls, boiler room girls. All of them are not wed to the five males that are there. I mean, that’s the thing. I mean  there’s probably , I mean like that’s the suspects. I mean, boiler room suspects. Just the fact that they’re called the boiler room girls. Yeah. I mean it sounds like memoirs of a geisha.

 I got you. Got you. Gotcha. So you’re saying the boiler room girls, I think the boiler room girls were , they were the side sides. They were the side side flirts and like, it was kind of a known about thing.

And like they went there and , they were all kind of , you know, You’re , come on. I mean, it’s the sixties, bro. You’ve, you’ve seen Mad Men. I mean, come on. It’s just the way, it’s like, like it’s true. They were drinking vodka and they were boning their assistance. I’m sorry. , I’m not trying to be rude or crude, it’s just the truth.

That’s it. All right. All right.  The, the, the, they should not have been in that position, uhm, regardless of the Thingsm. M So here’s my theory,

 I looked a lot into Mary Jo Keck. Now Mary Jo Keck.   Was a pretty rad chick  now here’s my theory is my theory is that she got drunk. Okay. He got drunk. Oh, for sure. Drunk. Hundred percent. , yeah. SuperDuper. Drunk, angry, drunk.

Drunk. Enough for a Kennedy to drive a vehicle. I know. That’s pretty, I mean, you gotta be so drunk. It was like blackout. I know. The chauffer is , sir, I’ll take you. He’s like, no, fuck off. So then he went, he drove with her, he coaxed her into the car. He had her park. Tried to make the move move. Mm. You know what I mean?

The move Right under the, under the, yep. Under the blouse. Yep. . And it was maybe a little too aggressive and she was like, sir, a little inappropriately aggressive. Okay. Yeah. Mm-hmm.  then sped off because Sheriff was, what’s his face was there. Yeah. Sheriff fucking right. Then Barnaby crashed it like a donkey.

Oh. Cause he was, he was freaking out. Like he was like crash, like drunk driving and then was a low responsibility piece of shit. Yeah. Makes sense. And just let her die. I mean, I can see that. I can actually see that, you know what I mean? , I can see that theory though.

All right.  Oh man. Here we go. Where are we at? Okay, so here’s, where are we at? Here’s what I think happened. Yeah, I think this, I’m gonna walk you through the timeline here. Yeah. So they’re at the party.

They’re at the party. Mary Jo, Mary Jo’s, like, , Ted. I’m not feeling well. I gotta talk to you. He’s, he’s like, all right babe, what’s up, ? So they go outside. He’s like, let’s go for, let’s just go for a drive. He’s thinking he’s about to get laid. . Yeah. He’s thinking, he’s like, he’s like about . So they go driving.

So they’re driving. She tells him that she’s pregnant with his kid. . It’s so complicated. Damn. No, I’m telling you. You had me until, yeah. You had, right? No, I’m lost now. You’re not lost. No. I think Ted, I think Ted was clearly the bone of her before. She’s. Which is why she wasn’t quote unquote feeling well, and like they thought they was gonna go talk.

So then yeah, that’s why she left her shit at the, at the house. She left the thing at the shit at the house. They go for a ride, okay. He, he purposely turns down the wrong road, right? And then he’s , okay, I can’t have a kid out of, out of wedlock. I already have a wife who’s having a kid. He guns it dips off the thing.

Bam. Somehow he gets out. Either that or he, he somehow gets out and leaves her there to. And then he, then he is like, you know what? I’m out. I’m not, I’m not dealing with it. Yeah. I can’t, it’s too much.  Okay. So I think he was, I think he was partying and like you said, he is like, bad things happen.

Let’s go outside. Let’s, let’s have a little chat. So you, you’re, you’re on board with the, so Oh, I’m on board with Sean. You, he was trying to do some weird shit. No. Oh, yeah. Hundred percent. Jor doesn’t think that she was pregnant, but he, so he was married That I don’t think the part of, of, um, he was definitely trying to fuck.

Oh, a hundred percent. Hundred on.

We got, we got. All the guy’s perspective? No, it’s without a shadow of a doubt. It’s like, I, I would, my entire, I put my life, but he was , was going down tonight. Really? I would bet my life that he thought he was be my life, you know? And or he might have, he might have had sex with her that night.

Yeah. There was an hour missing. There’s no, I, it’s autopsy, so you don’t know. There was an hour, you know what I mean? You don’t know if you don’t know what, between the time they. And the time that they encountered the sheriff. Yeah, it’s like how missing. Yeah. On an island that’s the size of by far more, actually More Right.

By time could four. We don’t, it could’ve been more cause Cause he got home at the hotel at 2:00 AM Yeah. So he left at 1140. , but when did he, when did he encounter That’s two and a half hours. 1240 At 1240. 1240. Yes, exactly. Mostly when left around 11 time. That’s according to his statement, they left at 1115, according, which makes it even, even more time like, and it’s two miles.

This is not like it’s two miles. We’re not like heading down the highway. I could walk two miles in half the time it took for that shit to go down. Yeah. Like so I, by the way, by the believe it’s super upsetting, right? Like Oh yeah. It’s a horrible story. He. 100 fucking percent. I’m with you on that 100%.

I’m with you on that. I don’t think he would’ve thought whatever would’ve happened ahead of of time, she would’ve survived that. And she was down there trying to survive on that pocket or pocket of air and this and that. Okay, fine. Whatever.  I mean, I, he definitely let her die down there.

Yeah. You know, uh, I think we’re all in a, in agreement on that. But the thing that doesn’t like even. If we disagree, what, uh, what happened ahead of time? We all agree. He fucking let her die. He just let her die. Wait, but why you say so? You don’t think they left? And like, he’s like, yo, let’s just go chatting car for a second.

I did hear one story that was kind of interesting to me, which was that he, he was trying to do what you’re talking about where he, he was trying to hit on her. Yeah. You know, whatever. And then he saw. . So like, like he pulled up to the sheriff. Mm-hmm. , he saw Huck. Mm-hmm. . And the theory is that he got out cuz he is like, fuck this, I, I’m Kennedy and I can’t do this.

And then he let her drive home and then she drove off the bridge herself. And you believe that? No, uh, I thought it was interesting because you’re just saying that’s a theory, but like, do you believe it? It’s a theory, but I don’t know why he would. I don’t really get that one because Yeah, I don’t know. No, because he, I don’t know.

I don’t know what happened. To be honest. No. Cause I’m just fishing. No fishing. No. Cause if that happened, why wouldn’t he be like, she took the car. Yeah, that’s true. True. Then why would he swim? Oh, I don’t like that one. So my thing that I also thought too, my other theory was that that he wasn’t in the car when it.

Period. No, when it crashed. Right? Where was it? Because, well, maybe, maybe he like knocked her out and then , what? Put, put a look at because here No, no. Hear me out. Wow. Okay. No, no. Listen, if she, if she supposedly lived and see that won’t come in if she supposed, listen man, if she supposedly lived for two hours in this car, how did he get out?

But.  if he had a way out. Yeah. How could Yeah, absolutely. It’s something he could close and lock the door behind him underwater. It’s knock her out. That’s what I’m saying. I think she was pregnant with this kid. . That’s the only thing you can think of. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me. I don’t know.

I No, it’s the only thing that makes, and he’s mad. No, no. He’s like, he’s like, fuck the shit and no, like a pop. Listen. And then that’s it. It’s, it’s the only thing that makes sense, like I’m actually like logically looking at this. Mm-hmm. , he was able, he was supposedly able to get out of the car. Mm-hmm. , but she wasn’t able to get out, get, had an air pocket.

Could have lived for two hours. Two hours. Yeah. So how the fuck could he. But she not escaped, but somehow she’s able to, she’s not buckled and then the blood, she’s not buckled in, in the blood, so she’s able to go to the air pocket. So she’s not buckled in. There’s the blood and the fact that , so she was hit, if the, if the blood thing is, is true, he could have easily been , then he hit her, like put the little, put something on accelerator, like hit the accelerator, take it out, like slam the door, it goes down.

He can jump in the water, get wet.

Oh my God. I tried. Oh my God. He wasn’t ready. Yeah. , right. So do you think, do you think Uh, I don’t know. I don’t know otherwise, otherwise, it’s impossible. It’s crazy. It’s a wild story because you cannot No, it is. But everything points towards him lying. Yeah. Him involved. And him getting away with it. That’s my take.

Dude. They were in six feet. Everything points to that. They were in six feet of water. Yeah. If his window was open, she could have been locked. So, and then like swam out. Real quick, real quick. So , why did she leave her keys? I don’t think they sh I don’t think she knew she was leaving, right. I think he was , she just wanted, hey, go to the car.

I think that was, I think it was , Hey, let’s just take a quick drive. I wanna talk to you, . I wanna talk to you about my feelings. , right? Like what? No, I mean like, jokes said, , but , what’s the line? Right? No, no, no. When I was getting, just leave yourself. We’re gonna go talk .  Um, so then he, he gets away with it, or at least , oh, he totally gets away.

At least the crew. The crew comes in, how much you wanna bet the crew comes in, do the community service. Yeah, for sure. For sure. Did not even show for sure. And it like them suspending, his license is whatever. He’s like got a chauffeur. He like literal, literally he had a guy who drives him around anyways, the same guy who should have been driving him in the first place.

Yes. So stupid. Like, okay, I’m just wondering. So then, then the rest of his life, he just tried to make it up. Yeah, I think he was trying to make. I think he was actually tried to be a good person. Yeah. To make up for what he did.

Which kudos on that. Like you sure. But you’re stilly shit. Yeah, yeah, of course. Yeah. It’s like Hitler. Like the Hitler was like, I’m trying to do, right. Yeah. I’m like, you still suck balls. I hate you. Can you imagine Hitler trying to do right for the next 40 years? He can’t. No. 47 years he cares. They’d be like, fuck you.

You said because he did 40 I. I know we’re comparing. That’s not really apple. Apples. Apples. It’s not the right comparison, but all right. . We’re all essentially here. Yeah, essentially. Ted, Ted’s speed. Shit, this might be the first one. We’re all in agreement. Yeah. This is probably the only one we’ll ever be.

So what should he should? No, what should he have done? Wait, I think we were all in agreement on Shakespeare. Yeah, we were Shakespeare, we all, we all agreed on. That was fishy. That was sketchy. That’s fishy. I did not know about that either. Yeah. That was super sketch. Oh, I know. But what, , last thing, what should he have?

Call the stop at the goddamn damn fire station. Minimum. Minimum. And then not swam home. . I know . But then fuck call the cops because he’s somebody in charge, right? If he calls dude, the thing is like, He didn’t even call, he didn’t even call the cops back at the Airbnb. I know. And then he had breakfast, he had Benny Yes.

Eggs, Benny breakfast, and then no, like conversation about sailing . That’s true. Right? Cops is regia and then he, then he makes a statement that I immediately, immediately called the cops after breakfast immediately. But if he reported it, what he, what would he have? . I don’t know. Meaning like meaning like if that night, if he stopped the fire station and he was like, Hey, maybe, maybe just nothing.

Maybe manslaughter. Maybe it’s just an accident. Like Yeah, maybe just the same thing he got, he would’ve got the same that he got. Just less suggestion. Yeah. Let’s. Okay. You know, this is more believable, . I get it. And I also put, put yourself in his shoes. , you know, you’re gonna try to hide, you’re gonna try to , I know, you know, I know.

Cover this up. Here’re Kennedy,

do you know how much CSI I watch for real  like, Trying to cover it up some idiot. Is the fool. Move. Okay. Quiet. I would, I would try to make it, look you, Kennedy, possible fix these, but you’re Kennedy. Try to make it look as big of an accident as possible. I know it was an accident. And then, then you get the pity play when you run.

That’s what we’re saying. You, I was in the car with my. Assistant. It was so sad. Oh my God. They’re like, oh, vote for him, Kennedy. But that’s what me and Eric are saying, like, you report it as soon as you can. Yeah, no, I think I seen you.  He’s saying he would be careful as a Kennedy and he’d be trying to like, I, yeah. Thanks . Yeah, right. I, I see the look in your head. I see the GLI piece of shit. Alright, well, well guys, so if you wanted to check out more, uh, a lot of this stuff, a lot of this research was taken from Chappaquidick Power Privilege and the Ted Kennedy coverup.

Uh, it’s a 900 page book if you were so inclined to, to read about it. Or if you’re like me, there’s. Movie about it. Yep. Yeah, you should watch, that’s chap record. Yeah. Or audiobook. I, I like it. It’s all, I prefer audio books. It’s all right. Mm-hmm. Movie. Yeah. It’s all right. This is, this audiobook is 72 hours, so Woo.

You’re so inclined. No, if you’re so inclined. . All right, guys, we’ll catch you next time. Thanks a bunch, guys. Thanks for wa, thanks for listening, guys. Thanks for watching. Thanks for watching our words. Listen, . Night, night, night.