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Episode 18: Kennedy, Chappaquiddick and the Death of Mary Jo Kopechne (Part 1)

Podcast Transcription

 Hi everybody, this is Eric Sean. What up guys? This is Jorge. Uh, welcome back to the Conspiracy podcast. , this is the episode of Chappaquidick. Chap. Chappaquidick is an interesting story, , that you heard, heard of. Yes. It has to do with the Kennedy’s and I know we’ve been on a bit of a Kennedy.

Kennedy, uh, thing. They’re a hot topic kick. Yes, they’re hot. Exactly. Kennedys are hot. Yes. Uh, most people don’t know about this story and so it’s, , yeah, I didn’t really know about this until we, you know, dove into it. I only knew about it cuz Eric kept saying the word chappa and I was like, what is that?

Over and over, over and over fucking meme like what is, yeah. And just to clear it up. So just Chappaquidick is an island. Uh, in the New England area. , like a, like, like a Martha’s Vineyard type thing? Yeah. Yeah. It’s a small little island. Expected a lot of Boston accents going on.  today. Yes. We’ve been practicing very hard.

I got a number. Yes, honey. Like the apples. Matt Damon, we need you. Please. The guest are So, , let’s go. So Chappaquidick, so, , the Kennedys, right? You guys know about the Kennedys? Mm-hmm. , uh, the Kennedy family. Let’s, , most people just talk about JFK and RFK and all that sort of thing, but the Kennedy family in itself, and we’re gonna start with Joe Sr.

Joe Senior was the, I guess you’d call it the patriarch of Kennedy’s family. Papa Kennedy. Popp Kennedy Big. Yeah. Papa Kennedy was an ambassador, for the us. , You know, in the war. And that’s a whole other story. Story. That’s a whole other story. That’s a whole other story. How’d you make all that money, Joe?

Yes. So that’s a whole other story that we’re not gonna dive into right now, now, but maybe later. Sean really hates Joe, senior Kennedy. He’s such a piece of shit, dude, guys, fucking dick. So, uh, the Kennedys though had nine children. Joe had nine children. That is so many kids. Like, I can’t even imagine having three kids.

Yes. So normal back then though, nine kind of normal kind of, were they Amish? Maybe not. Maybe not that normal. It’s like a village. It’s a village. What is Norm to have too? Well, Elon Musk talks about it. Back then it was a thing to do. Yeah. Elon Musk. Elon Musk has kids with multiple. So it’s, it’s a lot easier when there’s multiple women

It’s next episode. Oh, I can have nine kids with nine women. Easy peas, at least nine sexual times. , I’ve had sex nine times. I have 12 kids. Batten a hundred. I’m actually Battening 1500 .  Of the kids there were four boys. Five girls. Okay. Of the four boys. So let’s talk about the boys, because back then boys were, that was the only thing.

unfortunately this is not us, right? Not, let’s be honest. This is societal. This is societal isn’t, not us. So there was a Joe Junior, there was John F. Kennedy. There was Robert Kennedy, and then there was Edward Kennedy or Teddy. Yeah, Teddy. I don’t know why. I don’t know. I don’t get that. Edward to Ted. Edward.

Edward to Ted. Oh. Cause like Ed Ted. Yeah. So Ed Ted sounds better than Ed. Mm-hmm. . Whatever. Yeah, that’s just weird. So in 1944, Joe, which is the older brother, he died in World War II Hero. Okay. So he was the, he was the guy, like he was, he was the man, the oldest. He was the oldest boy. He was, remember like, he was the good looking man, like, and the dad.

The dad was , this is my guy, this is, this is my guy. This is my meal ticket. Or this is my, he was already rich. But yeah, so he died and he, he, he actually died in, in, uh, England. And he was flying a, , it is, it was a prototype partial drone plane. And he went on a mission. And then it’s, it’s weird that, but they would send him on like the prototype, right?

They’re like, lets trust us, bro. It’s , theoretically it should fly . So he was the oldest and he died in 1944. And then in 63, you know, JFK. Is the next oldest. He became president La la. We have six episodes on jfk. So like check, check him out, check him out. You know he died in Dallas. Yes. We went over the whole thing in full detail.

In full nine. Yes. Six hours. Check that literally of jfk. So then, so that’s 63. In 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in LA at Ambassador Hotel. Mm-hmm. And Robert F. Kennedy was the attorney general. That’s right. He was, he was the younger brother to the J jfk. He was the rising star. He was gonna run for president.

He was running for president. Yeah, he was running for president at the time. Exactly. Yeah. Honestly. And we’re gonna do a full series on this and he wouldn’t even kidding, I’ve. Honestly, I hundred percent love Robert Kennedy. I really, that’s crazy. Great. I really dig. Robert Kennedy, he crapped down on the mob.

He, he was, he was, they said that he was the most shoe-in for president in history of, besides Nixon. Well, well, Nixon, Nixon does like 85% of the vote. But, but I’m just saying he was going to be kill. Similar to Biden. Yeah. . Is it real? I don’t know. . Hell tip a , don’t you gut?

So, , Robert Kennedy was killed at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968. Right?  So, so basically Joe Kennedy died. JFK died. Robert died. Okay. Hey, so all your brothers died. . So you’re Ted Kennedy. Mm-hmm. , all your brothers died the last, the Mohicans. Yeah. Honestly, like it’s, it’s actually pretty upsetting.

It sucks, you know what I mean? Yeah. Over, over a period of time, all your brothers have died. So at that point, like a five year span, something like that? No, uh, I would say, well, I mean 60, 68, 63 and then 40, 40, 44. You know what I mean? So it’s just a series of bad, it’s a suck. They call it the curse of the Kennedys.

Yep, yep. The males. And, you know, there’s more to that, but Yeah. But point being is that, so just imagine your, the, the remaining brother. And you’re just like, that’s the point. Depressed remaining. You’re the remaining brother. You’re just , I’m gonna drink whiskey . Yeah. Yeah. And so you’re party, be girls, but everybody’s pressuring you to become president.

You’re supposed to be your brothers, bro. You’re gonna be the, the president. You, you should be. Look at all of your other brothers. They’re, yes. You’re the Kennedy. You’re a Kennedy, you’re a shoe whitten. You’re gonna get it. Anyways, so that’s, that’s where we are. We fast forward now to 1969. Right. So here we are, 1969.

Got it. So Ted has now lost all his brothers and he’s deciding whether or not to run for president. Okay. All right. So he decides to put on this, , I guess reunion and it’s called, and at the time he’s a senator, correct? He’s a senator at this time. Yes. He is a senator. Yeah. Yes. So he decides to put on this like reunion of all the people that helped with the campaign for Robert.

Who died the year before. Okay. Okay. It’s almost like an anniversary. It’s kind of strange. It’s a bit of an anniversary for the year before. Let’s get lit. So, yes. My heartache, yes. So there’s a, uh, so he decides to go to Edgartown and to participate in the annual agri town Regatta, which is like a sailing event.

Oh yeah, yeah. Classic. So he’s done it many times. Classic, rich, white male thing. Yes, yes. What the, assuming Yes. When was the last time you went to a regatta? Zero times. Yes. I’ve never been invited , but he had gone many, many, many, many times. I think he’s gone over a dozen times to this thing, you know what I mean?

So he knows the area. He’s a regular, he knows Chappaquidick Island. He knows all about it. Right? So he invited a group of friends and campaign workers to a party on Chappaquidick Island that was to be after the race. Yeah. About a race. Okay. And we’ll drink.

So they go to this, this party. Okay. Uh, yeah, but, but I don’t know what they do in the sixties.

I know. Like,

hey, barbecue swing, man playing in the back. And,  later on you’ll find out that there was no alcohol found. Oh, they just scrubbed that shit out. The fucking what the hell kind party this crazy, right? No, there was booze. They just dumped that shit out. Yeah, totally. You know, they dumped it. There’s 11 people in their late twenties.

I mean, this is you boys look at a party, but no booze, CocaCola.

So attending the party. Attending the party was his two closest friends who were also lawyers, which is Joe Gargan and Paul Markham.

Okay. These names, they sound like fucking like Marvel villains,  so these are a pair of aids, a civil defense official named Raymond La. Uh, he also invited five other young women who were part of the Boiler room Classic. Mm. The boiler Room. Semi five hottest. So the Boiler Five hottest Boiler Room ladies.

So nowadays it sounds weird to say the boiler room. Yeah. But then it’s a good movie. Boiler Room. Yeah. I think that’s, everybody thinks about G Vani. Yeah. G Van. It’s a good movie. Solid. I like that. Good sales movie. Um, . So he invited these five other women who were part of the campaign to help Robert Kennedy become elected.

So they were, so, they were doing calls. They were on the phones, they were doing dance Men work, , you know, they would call to set up the venues and they were things. And they were, and hot. No hot, you know? And point of point of note, point of note, they were all in their early twenties. That was for the stipulations of rfk.

I was like, yeah, you’re not working for me, , they’re all you helped and you’re over 30. Get the fuck out . He’s like, he’s like Leo. He is like, why don’t you get 27? You’re fired . So that, , additionally, who, who was with them was Mary Jo Kaney. Mm-hmm. . That sounds like a whole, a wholesome name. Say it again. I’m Mary Jo.

Mary Jo Kaney. I mean, she sounds like she was like churn and butter , like on the farm. Yeah. So, And then I just put this part into this, uh, storyline, which is that one of the, uh, AIDS said that he had later on, he said he stocked the house party for a dozen people and he stocked it with three half gallon bottles of vodka.

Half gallon stand. Yeah. Four fifths of scotch. Damn. Four. How many people were at this party? 12. Damn. Woo . That’s okay. That’s a 12 person party . So four fifths of scotch, two bottles of rum, two cases of beer. Jesus Christ. Couple eight balls.  like, my God, that’s enough. That’s like a 70 person party with the drinks.

But you’ll see later on that Kennedy said he had a Coke. Oh, my ass. Oh, of course. Oh yeah. He had he had some Coke. Yeah. . Okay, so here’s setting, here’s the setting, right? You’re at this party. You had the, you had the, the, um, . No, you’re the sailing race, right? Mm-hmm. . Then your driver drove you from the mainland hotel to Chappaquidick Island where the hotel is that , uh, Gargan got, Gargan got this hotel or this, uh, Airbnb call it Airbnb.

Go Airbnb. It’s a little, little house, right? Yeah. And they, they come over and shit’s stopped. So here we go. Party time. Party time with, with, with enough booze for party time for 60 people. Oh, yeah. Now here’s, here’s the weird parts about this, in my opinion is weird. It’s all the men are married and they have a bunch of young, young, single gals.

All the women are. . Okay. This is like a sex, all the women, this is like a sex party. Okay. Yeah. That’s not that weird back then. Like, well, I know, but I’m, and they’re all like, we’re your bosses. Yeah. . So all the women are single, all the women are 10 years younger about party, married. It’s, and all the men are later it’s party.

For sure. I wonder, I wonder what they told their wives. Honey, stop asking questions. So Kennedy, so this is, I’ll be back tomorrow. , , uh, Kennedy’s wife, Ted Kennedy’s wife, , had two miscarriages. Oh fuck. Prior to this, sucks. And then she was pregnant. . And so she didn’t at come time of this party at did the time of this party.

Right. So she didn’t come because she was not feeling well. That’s what, that’s what Kennedy said. So that’s the quote, unquote. That’s what said she didn’t come cuz she wasn’t feeling with his. Yeah. He was like, you’re not invited, you’re not coming. That’s, he was probably , eh, you know, I just gotta go to the office.

He’s like, it’s political. Yeah, yeah. Don’t like, Hey, this, look, I don’t even want to go. Just stay home. My driver has been waiting for 20 minutes. Go. Okay, good. So we are now at the party. They’re partying, they’re drinking a 12, a 12 person party. We don’t know they’re drinking, you know what I mean?  Okay, so we’re partying. We’re we’re having the rum and cokes we’re having the, I know the, the, the multiple gallons of vodka. Three half gallons of three half gallons. What’s the fuck? What’s a half gallon? Even crazy. Fuck. It’s a handle. Oh, no. A half a handle.

No, it know it’s a handle. No, it’s a handle in, in Spanish. You call it patte. Patte. . I like that. We got three

 So now we f we go, we go a little bit. The party’s going on. It’s now 11:00 PM Are they like dancing? Is it like, look at a party. There’s a party, party dj. I’m not even kidding. There’s a Congo line,  this sense, A Congo line. There’s a Congo line. Oh, they’re grabbing butts. They’re, they’re super GRE butts at this con line.

A hundred percent think from what I, from what I gather, they were toasting to the, the vision of Robert Kennedy. And together we were going to create something great and then it was shot down by an assassins bullet. ,  uh, his aid, which is his named John Crimmins Kennedy, told John Crimmins, his aide, John Crimmins, he handed him the car keys and he said that he and Pec were leaving. None of them said goodbye to their friends, which is weird because there’s only 12 of them.

Ted is also hosting this party. I’m out . So he said, he said, we’re leaving. Right. So what’s even stranger is Kaney didn’t grab her handbag and she didn’t grab her hotel room key either. Ooh hmm. Oh, the mystery. The girls were staying on the hotel at the mainland. Yeah. So there’s a fucking hotel key. So where’s Teddy?

Where’s Teddy staying at? At the hotel? Teddy’s also staying at the Homeland. Oh, okay. There’s only two people who were gonna stay at the Airbnb. At the crib? Yeah, at the, yeah, at the. At the party location, put Airbnb . But she, so she didn’t grab her handbag? She didn’t grab her hotel room. Maybe she was taken.

So she didn’t know she was leaving? No, she had, she knew she had no, yes. He’s like, I gotta, I gotta ask you something else.  . Let me ask you. So, uh, it’s, it’s supposed that Mary Joe, it’s supposed that Mary Jo thought she was gonna come back. Oh yeah. She thought she was gonna come back. You shouldn’t have, do you know what I mean?

Like, thought he was gonna come, come back. You leave, you leave all your shit. You’re gonna Yeah, I’ll be her back. Oh, okay. I’m gonna take a Jorge on . No, he probably was like, let’s just have a little chat. Little prompted. I’m gonna take him home. I’ll be back in 15. Yeah. I’m gonna leave my handbag, I’m gonna leave my, I’m gonna leave my shit.

Okay. Yeah, no, he definitely was , Let’s go talk in the car. Let’s, yeah. No, nobody, let’s go for a walk. , let’s talk about your future . Oh gosh. That’s probably a hundred percent what he said. Yeah. Let’s talk about your future.  Another strange point in this is that Kennedy doesn’t normally drive.

Oh, I thought you said he talked to his driver, though. He has a driver. That’s what I’m saying. Did you say he told the driver he, no, he got the driver that he’s gonna leave. Got. Oh, he, I thought he got the keys from the driver. Yes. Okay. I thought he said , yo driver, just get the fuck out here. He got the keys.

He said he was gonna go drive. Okay. Drive Eck home. They’re , Ted, you haven’t driven him seven years. Are you doing Yes. That’s the confusing part in this whole thing is he doesn’t drive. It’s , do you even remember how to do this? He driver, he try , sir, where are we going? No, no, no, no. I’m driving.

So he had a chauffeur drive him to the party. Right. No, that’s, that’s definitely weird. You know, sir. Hundred percent. Okay. . I get why you’re saying that was weird. Yes. Because at first it’s , you know, yo Yes. Step outside for a second. Let’s just talk about your future. . He got a bright, he got a bright future.

So Crimmins the driver, Crimmins said that he had driven Kennedy back and forth multiple times that morning.  a hundred percent. He’s the driver. That’s his his thing driving. That’s what he does. He’s like, ah, shit, I forgot my shoe lace. Get me back. . He’s like, he, he drives him. So, so later on, a judge asked Hermans why Kennedy chose to drive.

Kerman said that he chose  to take Pec home because she wasn’t feeling well. Oh yeah. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. , but nobody else there. Testified that she wasn’t feeling well. Yeah, because she was feeling so he was the only one who said that he, he was. She was feeling just fine. Yeah. And he was , or they were crunk and they don’t what the fuck was going on, dude, I don’t know.

I’m half of this. I’m worry about myself. This is the story. All the younger ladies here, this is the story of Kennedy. Keep in mind. Right. I’m gonna tell you from the perspective of Kennedy, right? Kennedy says that he left the party. He immediately drove one half mile north on Chappaquidick Road, headed for the ferry landing.

Cuz you gotta take a ferry right from the island to, oh, I’ll tell you. Like drive your car the ferry. That’s right. He mistakenly made a wrong turn right onto,  Dyke Road, which is a dirt road. He made a wrong turn onto a, there’s a one motherfucking road there, two roads on the top. There’s two roads. Two roads.

There’s actually on island that he’s driven back and forth multiple, many times. He hasn’t driven though. Oh, he was his driver did his driver. He’s been going there for 30 years, remember? That’s true. That’s true. He’s been going to the sailing thing for 30 years. . Okay. He’s like, I think I’m gonna make a drive.

Me crazy. Yes. . So he was gonna make a take point. He was gonna make a point. So he said, take a right on Lover’s Lane. Exactly. So he says he mistakenly made a wrong turn and he turned right dirt dyke road instead of burying left to stay on the paved Cpic Creek, the road on the actual road. That was only two and a half miles to the ferry.

It probably said like dead end, to the right, he’s this, you can see the ferry over there on the left. He’s , Nope, nope. Going. Right. Okay. So per.  Kennedy. He’s driving down on accident onto Dyke Road. Whoops. It is. Is this ? So there is a, there’s a, whoops. There’s my dick. Oh, whatever. . Oh my God.

My pants fell out. Huh? My But Jesus. Whoops. Is , please help me. Help me please.

 Okay. Okay, so then, sorry. So then now we’re gonna change perspectives to the part-time deputy sheriff named Christopher. Yeah, the Huck  no, I mean, it’s the only sheriff that’s on the island. I know. It’s the only guy. One dude. Yeah, it’s the one guy. What’s the chances this sheriff has paid off?

Like 98. I don’t know. Point. If you hear the testimony, you would be like, he’s not paid off. All right, let’s go. So he says he left work at 12:30 AM.  and he was a gate guard in uniform for the regatta dance and he returned to Chappaquidick Island in the yacht club’s private boat. And he drove east and south on Chappaquidick Road toward his home.

At around 12:40 AM after he passed the intersection of Dyke Road, he saw a dark four Doris sedan driven by a man with a woman in the front seat. Mm-hmm.   Approached him and it passed slowly in front of him. The car drove off the payment onto Cemetery Road and he, and it stopped.

Damn. Cemetery Road. Right. . Damn. Like the symbolism here is like crazy. So thinking the occupants of the car might be lost.  Hu stopped and walked towards the other vehicle. He was 25 to 30 feet away and the car reversed and started backing up towards him. He called out to offer help.

The car moved forward and veered quickly, eastward onto Dyke Road, speeding away and leaving a cloud of dust. Huck  Recalled that the car’s license plate began with an L and it contained two seven s. This was later verified Kennedy’s license was L 78 dash 2 0 7 and it was an Oldsmobile. I’m like, why didn’t like,

Okay. For example, if , I do that now and there’s a cop and I’m , ooh, boop. And they’re , skirt off. They’re gonna be like boo.  I know what’s happening. Like what are you doing that’s sketchy. You sketching motherfucker. . I feel like Huck didn’t have lot of power. Huck Huck was like, I just wanna go home.

Yeah. He’s like tired. I was at the Regal, it’s literally the same time, , this sucks. So I’m getting paid $10 an hour for this. So that was the Oldsmobile. And he returned to his car and he continued his way south. .  So if, if that’s true though, that’s at 12:40 AM Okay.

we’re gonna make the, we’re gonna mark the timeline. Yes. At 12:40 AM 12:40 AM So, so Kennedy said it was 1140 when this happened. When he left. Oh, so it’s been an hour. What were they doing for an hour? That’s what I’m saying. Ooh. And this is a tiny island. It’s not like, It’s not like you can really go far.

Oh, so he pretty much, he, he, they had been, they had been there for a while. Yeah. Who knows? They haven’t pulled off. Who knows? And that’s the mystery of the story. Exactly what happened in that hour. Mm. You know what I mean? Little bit of locking up hour and a little bit of, I don’t see nothing wrong.

So about a minute later, one minute later, Huck saw Kennedy’s party guest, Nance and Mary Ellen Lyons and Ray and all that, they were dancing in a conga line down the middle of Chappaquiddick Road. What, dude? They were lit as cross. He stopped at, it sounded like after like two and a half gallons, two and a couple rums, he, he stopped to ask if they needed a ride.

They declined. Lions, sisters corroborated , or or Huck’s testimony about meeting him in the road, in the exchange. Hey. But they were unsure of the killing. He’s like, y’all good? Y’all want ride? They’re like, fuck off. Hey. Listen, . Hey, hey, hey, hey. Congo. Line

 So now the next part of this story is very murky. Okay? It’s very foggy. Very, very, we don’t know, right? Speculating, but essentially Kennedy and Pec were driving in the car and he went over this bridge, and the bridge, it had no guardrails.

It had no guardrails. It was a bridge you go over when you’re , you know, you’re golfing. Yes. And they have the little, little woods, little Wait. So this is not the, the ferry bridge, like not the, not on the way to the ferry. No. No. No. Okay. No, you took the wrong turn. Right, right.

Okay. Okay. Okay. So an hour later, and this is contest, there’s another bridge on this island, it’s two bridges. Okay. Where does it, where does the bridge go? I don’t know. Bridge. I thought mainland one fish, two fish. Red fish. Blue fish. There’s definitely no bridge to the mainland, otherwise you would not need a ferry.

No, this is  disconnecting parts of the island. Whatever. Fucking weird little, let’s another bridge. Fine. It’s a good point. I like that part of the conspiracy .  A fraction of a second. Before Kennedy reached the bridge, he applied his brakes and lost control of the car, which launched over the southern end of the bridge and it plunged nose first into the channel and it flipped over.

Rest on his roof. I mean, how fast was he going? True. That’s the debate then. Then it launched. That’s the debate. So, so Kennedy says he was going 20 miles an hour. No way. No way, way. When I’m going 20 miles an hour, I feel like I, I could run fast than the car. Yes. It’s , it’s so slow. I can’t even

studies slow later determined that he was going 40 to 50. Oh, hundred percent. Hundred percent. Oh, jeez. Yeah. Cuz he just did a turn. Yeah. And then , fuck that up. He’s played drunk . Yeah. Have you lost control at 20 miles an hour’s? Impossible. Yeah. No. I, I could feel, I could be going down a mountain going 20 miles an hour and not lose control.

No. They recently put up these little, you know, speed detectors in my neighborhood and , I know what 20 miles. , I’m like conscious nowaday nowadays, , you know what, 20 miles an hour is. Slow. Very slow, slow, slow. And you can definitely react to, it’s all kinds of shit. It’s like brutally slow.

It’s brutally. So he definitely was going 50  he , hundred percent. Hundred percent, hundred percent. And he was, it’s verified and he was definitely drunk. Okay. A hundred percent verified . He took one of the gallons with him? Yeah. Okay. So Kennedy claimed in his televised statement that after the car had overturned and landed in the pond below the bridge, he remembered cold water rushing in on him.

He had no recollection, however of how he got out of the car. So he, so he drove off the bridge, fell in, and then cars upside down. Now his memory is gone. Gone. Amnesia. He has no idea. So he got out of the car, I guess the window or the door or whatever, and he flew up. Or he swam up. Yeah. What he did remember was struggling to the shore, regaining his breath and making several attempts to dive back down to the car and locate pec, how conv, how convenient that he only remembers trying to save her

. So true. He claimed that the current was too strong and he quickly became too exhausted to keep trying to save her. There were no witnesses to this.

So his story’s the whole story. It’s a fucking island. There’s 12 people there. There’s 12 people at a party. Yeah. And 13. Everybody else is like 13 including the line. Yeah. Everybody’s partying. There’s no witness for sure. Yeah. So, and I’m going fast through this because nobody knows what happened.

Did he account for that hour of missing time? , I, I also don’t reco, I just, no, I don’t remember anything. Yeah, wife. I don’t remember anything. Wife like, listen baby girl. You know me girl, they . We talking. We’re just talking. No, she didn’t need a ride home. I’ll speak good Samaritan. . What about the hour?

I made a wrong turn. Yeah. . I was driving around and , looking like, where’s the ferry at? Yo said, babe. I haven’t, I haven’t driven in eight years. , you know, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve lost, I’ve driven in eight years. . It’s probably true. It’s, it’s probably true. This is probably true.

Probably never. This is never driven ever. . Okay, so then this, this is his next statement. So after this, so Kennedy recounted stumbling back to the cottage where his friends were a 20 minute. . Mm-hmm. . But he was there eight minutes later on the way , he would’ve, by the way, on a side note, on the way, he would’ve passed two houses that had their lights on.

Oh. He could’ve got the phone and , call the cut, Hey, there’s a girl underneath the water. Some of us accidents, like, yes. So on the way he would’ve passed two separate houses with lights on, two doors he could’ve knocked on and asked you use the phone. But, but he didn’t. In his defense, he is, you know, he’s Kennedy.

How’s he gonna knock on this door and be  , obviously he was doing something with this girl, right? He was, he was, he was drunk. Exactly. He was, he was drunk.  He basically just, you’re, maybe he killed her. Maybe not. We’re gonna get into that. But , he definitely, something’s going on.

Right. So , but what you’re saying is that  . He’s not gonna want stop somebody dying. You’re saying, you’re justifying that. That’s true. That’s true. I’m not, it doesn’t matter about your reputation when a woman is dying. No, that’s in the water. That’s true. I’m just, no Jorge‘s just trying to get into the psyche of this guy.

Yeah, I get that. I get that. Obviously it’s not okay. Yeah, I get that. Thank you. Sean. You’re Jorge. Obviously it’s not okay to let her drown. Yeah.  We’re, we’re we’re saying that that’s not cool. That’s not cool. That’s not cool. That’s not cool. I’m just saying it’s also not cool to cheat on your wife with, with a boiler girl.

not cool. That’s not cool.  on the anniversary of your brother’s assassin’s. Assassin’s. So weird. It’s so scary. I’m telling you. It’s so weird to me. So not cool. I bet if we go back in time, 20 bucks Cause he pulled that card. I’m just really broken up about Robert. Come talk to me outside. Yeah. . I wish we had a time machine.

No, don’t, don’t bring it. Purse that card. What’s funny is I really try to like Ted. I really do he did a lot later in life. That was , yeah. Because he was making a man. Yes. But this moment, it makes me hate him so much. He’s a piece of shit. It’s so weird. Okay. So along his path, going back, he would’ve passed a fire station

He would’ve passed a submarine school. Oh shit. Okay. A school, it’s a, it’s a small Chappaquidick Island fire station. Sure. So it’s, it’s, it’s one guy. It’s Chevy. It’s probably maybe two guys. Yeah. You know what I mean? But still, when there’s an emergency, you normally look for the cops, you look for the firemen next.

Even firemen are second on the emergency. Yes. Are they? But they’re there. No, but even his walking, even in Jorge‘s statement, , you know, he wouldn’t wanna talk to random people. You can still go talk to the firemen. Yes, definitely. They’re, they’re definitely a civil servant. Yes. Like you can go talk to them Yes.

If there’s an emergency, And the cops out there, and if firefighters there, I would talk to the firefighter, right? Mm-hmm.  we’re on the same pitch, so he passed the fire station. Fuck it. He’s like, they’re not open , they’re close. So he went back to the cottage. When he got there, instead of going inside and calling the police, he got into the backseat of one of the cars, , and he sat there, drive me home.

He sat there in one of the cars and then where’s ney? Who knows how much time passed, but he like, he like passed out like Raymond La saw him and Kennedy asked him and said, Hey, get Gargan and Markham.  immediately. Those are the, those are his homies. Like homies? Yeah. They’re, they’re friends from school and they’re actually lawyers.

They’re lawyers. One was attorney general for Massachusetts. And, , you know, , yeah, they’re, they’re, they’re all the, they’re all amazing. So   sitting in the backseat and he is like, and the guy comes out, Hey, you okay? And he’s , get me, give my lawyer Markham.

That’s give Gargan and Mark. So first thing, Gar Mark, he starts thinking about how am I gonna get Yeah. You know, that’s right. He’s like, how do I get my ducks in a row here? Yeah, exactly. So Kennedy claimed to, to have told the two what had happened, and all three of them then , drove back to the scene of the accident again, passing the firehouse and the residence without telling.

for the second time. Yeah, for the second time. So when the three of them arrived, Kennedy claimed in his statement to have sat and he watched his friends spend 40 minutes diving down into the car. It’s interesting how they, they took 40 minutes, , but he, , he was , I dove down once I was exhausted.

Yeah. No, he, he said the current strong, no, he says he maintained that the current was too strong. Yeah. The Kurt was too strong i of them to reach and define her and, and free her properly. But if you look at the, if you look at the photos, it’s this water’s six feet deep. It’s super small. It’s like, it’s very, its like the back of the car is, is out of the water.

It reminds me of rabbit head Mennon. Mennonites were, Littlejohn is like drowning in like a puddle. , . It’s , it’s literally that. It’s literally that. He’s like, oh my God. He’s , oh, you saved my life . It’s like a puddle. You gotta pay the toll . Exactly. Pad that hole, what they call it.

Classic. So he maintained that the current was too strong for either to reach the car and find pec. He even added that gin’s arm was bruised and bloodied when he climbed out of the pond. But later on, , it’s a pond. . Yes. The pond, they keep saying it’s pond. Yeah. Must be small. But the current was like the current motherfucker.

So, but later on let you know that there’s no currents and ponds cuz it’s a enclosed thing. Like there is no current because it’s enclosed. Yeah, true. You can’t have current from , the soil, the soil, that shit in currents house. So, so later on the, , at the inquest or, or the investigation, the party go, nobody, , testified that anybody was injured.

Mm. So he said that somebody that, , Gargan had a bruise and was bleeding. Mm. But nobody said that. But I think I just cracked the case here. Okay. Because there, it’s, it’s, it’s actually impossible to have a current and a pond.  ponds can’t have current. Yeah, but they they might just be calling it a pond, but they might an an island.

Okay. There’s no pond in island. No. Cause a current can only be created by the ocean or a sea. Exactly. You can’t have a current, which is, which was the case. They were in the, there’s island, there’s no currents in  of, there’s no currents in lakes’. Make a note of that.

The fuck, stand downed Noted . I like that.   What happened after that is they, they basically argued, they sat there at like one in the morning. They’re , you fucking killed homie many. He was like, fuck yes. No. Why? I’m a Kennedy . So, so, so Gargan , and, uh, are Markham, Gargan and Markham argued in Yes, they do.

Yeah. And they said, Hey, , report it. Like report this. Yeah. That’s the same thing to do. That’s the normal thing to do. Yes. This is, that is the innocent thing. So, okay. So Sean kills the girl on accident. No, we on killer crack. No, I know. You’re , and we’re your lawyers. . Okay. Okay. You’re , call the cops.

Call the cops. Is an accident. , he’s an accident. He’s like, no, I can’t do that. . And they were arguing and they’re , oh, is this, is this good ? Is this good for the family? And is this this? There’s that extra thing. It’s , yes, you don’t just call the cops. No, but no, but isn’t it, you’re letting the world know that.

Correct. Kennedy possibly killed this girl. That’s right. That was cheating on his wife. He’s thinking about running for president. Yes. But isn’t it worse for the family to not say anything? Well, it depends if people find out or not. I mean, you know, , can they hide it? Can they bury this? I mean, I’m sure the record show, there was only the debate, there was only 13 people on this island this day.

You’re all paid off . So, so, so later you have to make some money. So later on in the testimony,  um, after Gargan and Markham failed to rescue EP out of the water, Gargan implored Kennedy to report the incident, assuring his friends that he would quote, unquote, take care of it, Kennedy.

Then like a psychopath, Kennedy dove into the water and swam to his hotel. Okay. What? Okay, wait, hold the phone. Hold the phone. Hold the phone. Lemme just pause right now. He said the current was too strong for him to save her. Right. This swam the English channel, the back.

There’s no sands. Correct. Now, here’s what he says as the logic, the ferries were closed. , why? Why were you taking Mary Jo home then? The At 1140? Yeah. Yeah. That was early. He was trying to get the last ferry right. So now it’s one o’clock in the morning. He’s like, whatever. Staying. I’m swimming home. So he claimed he chose to swim across the Harbor channel as he realized the last fair he had departed at midnight.

But the, but the current was too strong to get to her in a six feet deep water. The current , what’s crazy to me is he sat there and watched his friends because he was so exhausted and he, all of a sudden, he now has the energy. He swim like a, just swim across a mile, the channel to fucking Alcatraz

How, how far away was the island? I would love to know how far that channel, yes. How, how far that channel. Apparently it’s not that far. Apparently it’s not that far. Later on, later on, um, testified he said that he could do it twice. Twice? Okay. Yeah, I could testify that too. But if you, but if you drunk as shit, I’m, I’m saying I, but if you’re gonna use an excuse.

to be resting there for 40 minutes. He was , he was , he literally watched his homies , Hey, like can you handle the chick in the bottom? You know what he was resting for? He was resting For the swim? Yeah, for the hotel. Hotel. No. Okay. So put this in perspective. I call you. It’s one in the morning, literally us three.

I say, I need Sean, I need Jorge. And I’d be , what the is wrong? Why are you calling her? And I’m , I’m like, Hey, there’s a girl down in the water.  And you’re , no, no. But you’re at the party too. Yes. So you’re , yeah, no, we’re at the same party. So you’re probably, I don’t, I don’t like this situation.

Exactly. I hate this situ. I would never be in a situation.  You guys are concerned about the girl. Like, she’s , she’s dead. I’m , Hey, by the way, she’s in the water. And you’re back, you’re the . And you’re , no. And I sit down on the bridge  I would’ve thrown you in the water and be doing this.

And you’re jumping in to try to save her. Me and Jorge are not accessories. This, this, but by, by this time, he’s probably thinking , definitely she’s dead. Hundred percent. It’s been a lot. You know? It’s been a while. It’s been an hour. Yeah, exactly. So he is probably , just, just let them  like fucking them outta here.

Right. So he is probably sitting there. He is , I don’t know, maybe depressed, whatever. Just thinking about this whole thing. And so he’s , Maybe that’s why he is sitting there. I’m just trying to think through the situation. He’s thinking through, he’s thinking spot. He’s thinking in this spot.

He’s thinking of an strategy. I’m not saying he’s innocent, I’m just saying , if I’m Kim, you walked back, you passed these two houses, pass the fire station. Right? You’re , you go get your homies. He, you know, maybe he’s thinking about , how am I gonna start covering this up? Right? , he gonna think about this, right?

Am I gonna explain this to daddy? ? Daddy, Joe? Daddy. Daddy.  So I’m just saying , I hear you. I hear you. You know, I do hear you. I’m just thinking through the situation. That’s all.

That’s all. Yeah, I hear Anyway. So then he, what he picks up, he starts swimming. So after swimming to Edgartown Kennedy arrived back at his hotel at around two in the morning, SW back. It’s so ridiculous. So it’s ridiculous. So the timeline is ridiculous. So stupid. The timeline’s super stupid. How, which time did he arrive back?

He’s, it’s, I mean, they say that he arrived at two in the morning at the hotel. So it’s like he. No, no, this, this is just  report to like him walking in the hotel. This is like two and a, it’s almost two and a half hours after  no, they left the party at 1140. Oh. And it was 1240 when the, when he was doing the, when the cop little revers reversing.

Yeah. Oh. But see, but you said he was trying to catch the last ferry at 1140 by midnight,  yeah.   Do we know when the, when the last ferry was, was it 12? Midnight? So is at 12. Okay. 12 o’clock. So he is likes 40. Let’s take a quick 40. We’re let’s quick detour. Quick detour. You know, , we’ll take, we’ll take the scenic route there. Don’t worry about it. We’re gonna do it a little, some something, whatever.

And then I’m gonna make it there by 12, right? Sure. That was his plan. Okay. That was his plan. But then, but then he doesn’t get back to the until, until, until two. . Well, well, yeah, cuz she, you know, he fell off the bridge. . Accident. Accident. Mr. Ferry missed the ferry. So, so the accident, and then he walked back, which is 20 minute walk and he sat in the car.

Yeah. And then he walked or then he went back with his homies. Mm-hmm.  and then they swam for 40 minutes trying to save her. I highly didn’t, he definitely swam for 40 minutes. I didn’t see lot. I could see these two guys being , yeah, seems like a lot. Test she’s done. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So, so he, uh, apparently he got back to the hotel at two in the morning.

He did not report the accident as he promised his . He promised them that he would do that. He did not. He told them the next morning and later said to the same district attorney that he couldn’t bring himself to accept what had happened as reality. .  He and I quote, he still hoped that the accident  had not occurred, and Ms. Pec was alive and well, well, of course that is what he willed to happen. He acted as if she was still alive. Okay, so this is a, this is a credible defense. I can, I can say that.

Come on now. I shot him, but I didn’t want him to be dead. I willed him to be alive. . I, this is like crazy, you know? It was crazy. I hope that I didn’t shoot him and that he was still , mm-hmm. , I realize I made a mistake, so I decided I didn’t make a mistake at all. . Have you ever had, have you ever had like a dream so real that you’re like, oh dude, totally.

Oh, a hundred percent. , I woke up terrified, likeactually, like terrified that I did some up shit.  like, and I was like sweating, like, ah, and I was , thank God I’m at home. So maybe that’s. . No, I’m trying to understand it. No, but I’m trying toand it. No, but do you know what I mean? I do know what you mean, but no, this is just part of him trying to cover this shit up.

Justify he’s trying to justify it.  Yeah. So Kennedy also claimed that the reason that he Garin and Markham hadn’t called for help the night before was because that their, after their failed attempts to dive down in the car, they were convinced that it was too late and there was nothing that could be done, and she was already dead.

So, so why call the authorities ? She’s already dead. Okay. Like, that’s so stupid. So the next morning, which is, this is the crazy part of the story, which makes me hate him very much, is Kennedy appeared composed and he woke up and he, he ran into an, a friend and, uh, fellow participant of the Regatta Race Fellow Mason, uh, Ross Richards, who was the first person to see Kennedy in the morning.

And Richard claimed. He seemed normal. He was well dressed, he was groomed. He had showered and he conversed with Richards about the weather and the race and how it went. It was seven 30 in the morning. Those race was crazy . By that time, Kennedy still hadn’t reported the accident, but he was just chit chatting and having a fucking mimosa or whatever a buro you care for.

You care for a brand friend. Yeah, so bur , so he was literally just oozing it up at the hotel just. . Meanwhile, living his life, living his life, email Mary Joney is like deteriorating in the bottom of the bottom. Yeah. What, what did, what did it say he was willing her to be alive? Yeah.

. So Mary, , Mary Jo’s body was, uh, removed from the pond at 8:55 AM on July 19th.