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Episode 15: Denver Airport: What Lies Beneath?

Podcast Transcription

Hey everybody, this is Eric shown, and Jorge, what’s up? Uh, we are doing an episode on Denver Airport. This sounds weird. It is weird, but it just is this weird conspiracy that just keeps going. I don’t really get it, but I guess we’re gonna dive into it. It’s weird. That’s why it’s a conspiracy. Yeah.

It’s like . It’s kind of one of those things you go, I’m not even kidding. I always do a layover in Denver and it becomes like a. That this airport is weird. Heaven having a brisky with some ran. Its like you know about the airport. This comes up ps you know airport beers are now like $27. Yes.

Second, hate it. Me and Eric had a, had a little suaree at a

at an airport bar. Tell that story. Tell that story. Oh my. Okay, real quick guys. This is hilarious. So we go and we’re in, where are we? Where. . It wasn’t DUIs. It was dull. It was dull. No, it, no, it was, it was not du it was Reagan. Reagan. Reagan would’ve would’ve been better if it was Denver. Yeah. It would’ve been better.

So we’re at Reagan airport. We’re, we’re flying back. We went to my parents’ farm and we’re sitting there and we’re, we’re, we’re buying the most expensive beers on Earth. Mm-hmm. , not even $16 for a Stella. I probably spent like $90 at the smoking hotel. That’s like ridiculous. Yeah. So then they have like these iPad.

and Oh yeah. And so that’s what you order on and whatever. And it’s Eric’s like, oh, I’m just take a look, look, look, look at Lou. Yeah. And next thing you know, Eric is hacked into this iron , the whole network. Like change. Change the password. There’s this picture of Betty White flicking. It’s like the main picture.

Yeah. And so, yeah. So Eric, pretty much, uh, you couldn’t, you couldn’t hack into the fucking No. So check out charging the bill system so no. Check out. Suddenly the beers are only a dollar or check it out. What you can do is you can actually, if you get into the, behind the passcodes airdrop, you can do an airdrop iPad in the airport.

Airdropped, everybody, like seven, seven people accepted it. Yes. There’s a thousand people in the airport with iPads. So you can air phones. Yeah. Yeah. And you can airdrop to everybody. And it’s, we were looking around to try to see who we’re , who’s gonna look weird. Yeah. So we airdropped Betty White.

There’s a picture of Betty White flicking them off. Yeah. Yes. There you go. Seven people accepted it. Next time you gotta airdrop one of these episodes. I know. Hundred percent. Oh bang. The QR code. Okay, we’re going back to Reagan. Oh, there you go. To bank. We’re gonna airdrop the cure. Cut . So many new listeners.

So there you go. We’re hack. and we’re talking about Denver Airport. Yeah. So, Denver. Anyway, so we’re gonna get into Denver Airport. So here it is. , so in 1983, somebody by the name of Fred Rico Pena, trustworthy, he was elected mayor of Denver. Denver. Denver. Denver, okay. Denver. Yeah. . He was elected mayor of Denver and he, as part of his campaign, he was planning to expand the original airport.

Anyways, but he, they got sued over noise concerns essentially. So pen struck a deal and he would rally the citizens to back a plan for Denver to annex 54 square miles of the county to build a new airport, which was 54 square miles. That’s which was a way from the neighborhoods, right? Oh, so the idea was to handle the noise complaints and stuff like that.

So he. You know, anyways, so he got that approved by voters in 1988, , to make that airport. Okay. That’s the mayor for fucking ever. Yeah. So the proposal though was , uh, Not a lot of people liked it because the airport is 24 miles from Denver downtown. Oh, God. Let me, let me fly into Denver, but not really.

Yes. You’re not actually really flying into Denver. It seems like. It’s almost like the, so the Cincinnati airport CVG is in northern Kentucky, so it’s like you’re flying. Yeah. It doesn’t make sense Southern. It’s called the Cincinnati Airport. But this is in a different state. No, that’s right. What? That’s right.

It’s like the, the fucking New York Giant stadium. I know. That’s Where’s the New York Giant Stadium? It’s like New Jersey. Jersey. Jersey. It’s in Jersey. It’s a jersey. Yeah. It’s doesn’t make sense. Yeah. So like it’s New York bitch, it’s, it’s New York. Like I can’t keep the name, but you know, it’s a metal lands.

Um, anyway, so it’s 24 miles from the heart of the city. , but seeing the importance of a Denver Air Hub to National Transit, the government, federal government put half a billion dollars towards the new airport. Oh, federal. Yeah. The Fed, they were like, Denver’s hot, like Denver, remember? Remember that? Yeah.

It’s , it’s a, it’s a middle, it’s the middle of America. Not, not the middle. Not really the middle, but , Eric’s . Okay. Eric, you realize, Collin, I’m convinced that I went in going yet, like I’m gonna show you. I was gonna get a bunch of nods. I’m gonna show you a Yep. I’m gonna show you a map cuz Colorado is not in the middle of America.

It’s a not middle. It’s like That’s Dallas. Dallas Middle. No. Well, this middle down talking from a Texan. , right. Okay. Go Cowboys. So here, here, Eric. So Colorado is, it’s close to the middle, but like Missouri’s, like middle America. . Hmm. Okay. Yes. Yeah. If you wanna go middle, middle, middle. Okay. Anywhere that you spend like $19 on a fucking latte is not middle America, bro.

Yeah. Okay. All right. The sand. This, this didn’t throw that out there. All right. Well, it’s middle-ish. Middle-ish, man. , middle-ish. Like, no. It’s a good spot to be , if you need to go to Seattle. No, it’s a good hub. San Francisco. No, it’s a good, you need to go to Dallas. You need to go to, it’s a hub la It’s a good hub for sure.

Chicago, you’re like right in the spot. Okay, good. So in September of 1989, they broke ground, started digging with their half of Billy. Now that’s September of 1989. Okay. , there were years of construction delays and this is part of why people hate Denver airport. Just cuz it, it was pushed back years so.

The original opening day, I guess, or opening whatever was supposed to be, in 1992. So three years later. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . It was pushed back to 1993, then it was pushed back to 1994, , and then it went on strike. And then not doing this anymore. Fuck no. And then it was pushed to May 94, and then by February 95, they finally opened.

That’s a long fucking time. So is what is it was six years. It took six years. Took years. It was supposed to be three. And it was supposed to be three. Yeah. Oh yeah. So very far behind anyways. I mean, that’s fine. Construction happens and things happen, whatever. You know what I mean? Unless something’s going on underground.

Oh, the, the water took so long. delay. Go right the premises. Leave the premises. You’re all released. Go on. Where were motherfuckers flying into before this? . There was another airport, but it was smaller. Oh, it was like a little shitty. One was smaller. It was, uh, Stapley. Stapleton. It was called Stapleton.

Yeah. Sounds like shit. Yeah. It’s tiny . Tiny. Uh, so they rolled 2 billion over budget. That’s so much. It’s not like, All right. We’re every budget with couple thousand, no, no, 2 billion. Hey, hey, we, we ordered a couple extra subway sandwiches. , we’re cool. Whoops. Yeah, but we’re a little over budge. 2 billion.

$2 billion. Billy, who fronted that cash flow? Where’d that cash come from? Government, of course. So I don’t know where the cash came from. You decide question everything. So the massive airport didn’t just take up time and money. It took up a lot of space. So more than two decades later. So now, It’s still the largest airport in the us.

Really? It’s so weird. I didn’t know that. Like built in the nineties. It’s so weird. It’s still the big, why is it so big? It’s not , it’s not like motherfuckers are coming from Dubai to go to Yeah. Denver . Okay. Just to give you more simple team sucks. Yeah. Just to get biggest as far as space.

Yeah. Square miles, space. 54 square miles. It’s ridiculous. Okay. It’s crazy. Not necessarily the busiest yellow, you know what? Yellow Ranch. You know what’s weird? Now that I realize it, I’ve, I’ve been there, I’ve been there quite a few times and the last time I was there, it doesn’t seem very big. Mm-hmm. , it doesn’t look that big.

I’ve been there once. Yeah. It didn’t seem, didn’t seem, that’s right. It surprised me when you just said that. Yeah. It doesn’t seem that big. Maybe it’s just the runways. So it’s not the busiest though. Like that’s kind of what the first thing that Atlanta. Atlanta Atlanta’s huge busy. Mm-hmm. and Chicago. I hate Atlanta Airport.

Well see. Well, Atlanta, Chicago, Atlanta’s the, Atlanta’s actually the, the, the biggest and Newark it. It’s the biggest airport hub on earth. Which one is it there? There could only be one . Yeah. Chicago, Newark, Dallas. No. And Atlanta. No, Atlanta is the number, is the number one air airport hub on the planet? Is it?

On the planet? On earth. On the planet. Jeez. For traffic of, of, okay. So Will Denver is the biggest space-wise. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Largest. I guess we’ll go with that. Yeah. , it’s the largest in North America by land. It’s the second largest on. Jesus right behind, , the airport in Saudi Arabia, which is , which is like a country

It’s called. It’s called King Fight. airport. Of course it is because everything in Saudi Arabia’s, like it’s, I need credit Likehonestly. Look at how fucking king look. Big Mexican kids. Yeah. Wouldn’t it be dope though if you’re like, like airport Eric . I would not fly into that motherfucker if I was , you know, I don’t know.

Let say the the Saudis are, are, they’re, they’re that conceited. There’s literally this guy and you can, you can Google Earth this. He’s so rich that he literally had his name dug into the ground. And it’s , it’s massive. It’s mile wide, like, and you can see it from space. Damn. And it’s his name and water’s running in it.

, who’s that fucking rich? That next level graffiti, who’s that board? He’s , you know, fuck it. And that rich, that rich, , I’m gonna spend money to dig a hole. My name in it, you see from space . It’s like ridiculous. So this airport just has weird things about. And that’s really all there is to the, the, the stories of Denver is, there’s just weird parts of it, so we’re gonna go over some of the weird parts and you, you know, you tell me if it’s demonic, you tell me if it’s, it’s just stupid and it’s weird and sketchy.

Conspiracy. Yeah, it’s weird. Yeah. Maybe it’s just Colorados being fucking weird. Is that a word? Ians? No, I don’t know what they’re called. Calians. Coloradans, IRA, Coloradans, koans, Lonigans, . We all get, okay, so, so the first thing that happens when you land into, if it’s a sunny day you land into Denver airport, you will see this massive motherfucking blue horse statue.

That’s necessary. It is a massive statue. It’s blue, they call it cobalt blue. Right? This is color. Mm-hmm. , cobalt blue. And it, and the eyes are red. Statue of what? Horse? A horse. Yeah. A massive horse, right? I know. Yeah. It’s crazy. , we’ll put up a picture. I I, I’ll show it to you, but it’s crazy. It looks like, just imagine a horse that.

demonic. A demonic horse, right? Well, I mean the red eyes are so unnecessary. Like why? Why the red? Like could it have like fucking regular eyes? Like why are they gonna be red? So here’s what happened though. So the sculptor was named, , Luis Jimenez. Jimenez. It’s Jimenez, yeah. Eric. He’s like, yeah, not Spanish culture in Denver, huh?

Oh yeah, A lot. Really? Yeah. This is weird. They’re pretty far away from Mexico. Yeah. I wouldn’t have thought the state name is Spanish, Colorado. Is it Colorado? Spanish. Colorado? It means red. It means red. Okay. I thought I thought Ro bull. How did that know that? I thought fucking roho was red. That is, that is red.

Colorado’s like a different shade of red, but say shit still red. I mean, how the fuck would we supposed to know that Colorado was, that’s crazy. Colorado. I mean, you could say, you could say any word like that and come in. That’s good data. I didn’t know that. Make didn’t that at all? Yeah, it’s not. That’s, that’s very, so Colorado is a lot of like a shade of red.

Yeah. Colorado. Yeah. Or how do you say it? Colorado. Colorado. Yeah. No, but there, there is a lot of Spanish. Uh, why is it all sexy too? I know, but hit me on the hotline. Yeah. I say I’m like, Colorado. I know Jorge is like, ik. And I’m like, Ooh, that sounds fucking legit. Okay, so, , in 2006, Jimenez. Jimenez Jimenez.

Yeah, Jimenez Jimenez was working on his piece and it was titled the Mustang. So part of the sculpture actually fell while he was building it. It severed an artery and it killed him. . Oh shit. Sacrifice. He literally sacrificed, died while he was making this demonic horse. I didn’t put like, why the horse?

He’s like, oh yeah, this is gonna be hot. We wanna make this big ass horse. Okay, so then first of any kills . I know the first of many Kills . Not the damn. That’s why Red First Blood. So then his children decided to finish the sculpture. They, they, they get fucking new kids and they finally unveiled it in 2008.

But his children, Let me let take a stab at this. Yes. Literally I would love, not even sculpt, I would love the unveiling too. They’re like, you ready for this shit? . They pull it off. They’re like, oh, cool. It’s blue. Maybe. Maybe the kids were the ones that were like, let’s put fucking demonized. True. Cause they killed my dad.

They killed my dad. Either that or like they, they fucked it up and so the dad got killed. They got the life insurance policy, like old bastard , probably good cash. Uh, so anyways, there you go. So today some still think the statue is cursed. While others believe the horse’s glowing red eyes are a reference to the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Yeah, I’ve heard that too. Thus earning the nickname Lucifer. Lucifer. So Denver, , Denver airport calls it Lucifer like, look, they on their website. Really? It’s called Lucifer. See, they embrace, they’re hiding in plain sight. They embraced the fact that the fucking statue maimed the architect they killed.

And , can you imagine that? Like the, the, his, his fucking legs cut off at an artery and he bleeds out. And then the Denver airport’s like, ha ha of a bitch of a 2 billion of a budget. Can you believe that? It’s fucking insane. Is that why they were two Billy over for the statue? Okay, so, but per the children, The eyes are a tribute to Jimenez’s, uh, owned.

He owned like Neon Lights shop in Mexico. How the fuck did he become a sculpt? So the eyes, yeah. So the, that’s apparently, that’s the, the tribute to this guy. He was like, he was a, Marty was a bartender in Mexico. They’re bright red eyes. It’s freak. Yeah, like we gotta, you gotta check out the lights. We’re gonna pick a picture on there.

I know that photo is not that great, but if you look at the lights are, the eyes are like illuminated. Yeah. My thing is , but , you know, there’s other neon colors other than red. I fucking, no, but they gotta be red if they’re gonna be on a horse. What do you want? Green eyes. That doesn’t even make sense.

You gotta make and put red eyes. Do you, have you ever seen a fucking horse with red eyes? Have you ever seen a blue horse that’s you’re at, you’re, you’re adding to my point, that’s what, what does that even mean? Oh my god. Yeah. So, , He died two years before it was actually done.

The part of the statue’s leg fell on him, severed an artery in his leg, and then he bled out. It’d been weighed up if it was like it fell over and like the horse’s penis like, like severed the artery, like cut his arm. Fucking crazy. Got dick. To daddy. Isn’t that crazy? That’s insane. It just happened to land on his anus.

I’m like, oh, no. Imp pale by the by. What’s going on here?

Landed on his mouth too. Keeps, keeps falling and going repeatedly. . Lucifer. Lucifer. What a stupid name. . Sorry. It’s not even creative. It’s creative. because it’s Lucifer. Like the Yeah, that’s exactly why Eric, why I knows. But we got it . I know, but it’s not, I don’t, I don’t like it. does. He don’t have to like it.

Okay. So Denver does, it’s, uh, 33 feet and it’s uh, made out of fiber loss. So 33 feet is like, what? Three feet? It’s like three stories. Stories. It’s three stories. Tall. It’s three stories. It’s fucking story’s 11 feet. It’s pretty big. Yeah, it’s massive. It’s pretty big. Yeah. Anyways, that’s the horse. That’s the Mustang, that’s Lucifer.

That’s the wild spirit of , the American West . I thought it was, I thought it was the wild spirit of Middle, middle America or, or Mexico. Colorado pen. That’s actually why they made the eyes red. Yeah. For Colorado . Yeah. That. Can you say it again? One time we just solved the mystery Colorado. Come on now.

It’s a C, bro. It’s not a day. It’s a sea. Yeah, I know, but he does it. So like, say it again. Jor, Colorado. Do you say that to your wife at night, Colorado?

Do it slowly. Do it. do it. Do you remember, do you remember, uh, do you remember, uh, true Lies with Arnold? Oh, fuck yeah. Do it slowly. Do it. Do you know my favorite Arnold line is, is from , what’s the one where like they’re on what, uh, Mars and shit. Yeah, true. Total recall. Yeah. Recall when he is , he’s making a go voluptuous

The way he says, it’s like he’s all, I don’t really watch that voluptuous. Is that the one where he says it’s not the tumor? It is not a tool button, I don’t think. No, I think that’s a different one. Okay. All right. Well, we’ll look into that. We’ll do research later. Yeah, that’s another.