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Episode 14: DB Cooper: The Most Famous Hipster Hijacking in US History

Podcast Transcription

What’s up everybody? Welcome back to another podcast episode. This is Jorge . What’s up everybody? It’s Eric. So this week we’re gonna go over the famous case of DB Cooper. Dun dun. I love this one. It’s so good. This is gonna be a good one. I love this one. It’s very honestly the dude with the glasses. I know.

I, yeah, I love all like the vi, the video reenactments of it too. It’s like he’s always good. The class. Yeah. Surprisingly when I was doing research for this, a lot of people don’t know about this episode, really? Or this, you know, it’s, it’s probably like just maybe people who are a generat. and now like all the, like the, the young books, they’re like, is DBI Cooper?

I, I can’t find it on my, like you on my iPhone. Even my wife didn’t know about it. I was so disappointed. Oh. Oh God. Dam it. That’s right. This is a case that the FBI referred to as one of the great unsolved mysteries in FBI history. The day is Wednesday, November 24th, 1971. This is the day before Thanksgiving.

Mm. Damn. It’s genius. A man by the name of Dan Cooper bought a $20 one-way ticket. Oh God. What? God? 20 bucks. Whoa. My God. I want to go back in time. Good old days of flying. Seriously. He got on a flight for, uh, for Northwest Orient Airlines, and he paid cash 20 bucks cash. Sure. I love what it was. Where, where was he going?

Northwest Orient. Like where the fuck was he go? So he, he was flying from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. What? That’s the shortest flight on the planet. The 17 minute flight. The man had a plan. Come on, you’ll see. Dan Cooper was described as being in his mid forties. He’s wearing. Business suit.

He has a black rain, you know, type overcoat. Mm-hmm. . He’s got a white shirt, black tie, very and black. He so he is like neo? Yeah. Yeah. . Exactly. I picture him as like a hipster , like the tie’s flat. You know what I mean? It’s like a black flat, Guinea black tie tie. It’s got like a corsage on Look. What? So the guy had a dark briefcase and a paper bag, but before the plane took off, cuz this is back in the day, you can still, you know, order smoke safe actually.

Yeah. Ordered drinks and shit. And so this guy ordered a bourbon and a soda and he was sitting in seat 18 C. What a legend. Bourbon and soda before this gee. So after the plane had taken off a little after 3:00 PM Cooper handed the steward as a note. At first, she put it in her pocket without looking at it, but then Cooper said, uh, miss, you better look at that note.

I have a bomb . It was like, it’s my number. I have a bomb. I have a bomb. A bomb. So he told her that the bomb was in the briefcase, and he asked her to sit next to. Sit right here, honey. My baby right on my lap. weird. I know, I know, right? It’s strange. I like nobody else in the plane’s.

Like, this is totally normal. This is completely normal. I would, I would assume that she did like a double take. Yeah. You know, , yeah. , come, are you serious? No. Well, back in the day, like the, the stewardess were , Hot. Well, . Yeah. Like, you know. No, I bet they got hit on a lot. Oh, sure. You know what I mean?

So it was , this is the, this guy, it’s the madman era. Yeah. Like he’s got bourbon. He’s trying to, he’s trying to Thanksgiving. He’s Thanksgiving. He’s Thanksgiving. All right, so he opens a briefcase. He shows her the dynamite sticks. Oh, is that’s what it, that’s what it wasactually. Dynamite sticks.

The dynamite. Oh wow. This is super old’s. Cool. So he is got a bunch of wire dynamite. I know. It’s like hood. It’s kinda ghetto. It’s like, it’s like a Molotov cocktail. This is 1971. True. Come on. True, true, true. Is that like, like a c4? I know it’s supposed come on a nuclear weapon before any security in the airport.

Obviously . . Yeah. After that, Cooper asked the steward is to write down what he was saying and to take this to the captain. Mm-hmm. . So he said, I want 200. Oh. Dollars. . It’s such a small, he’s like, I want $300. I know, right? Like, but I bet that’s , uh, what is it? 71? 71. 71 sold. I bet that’s inflation. It’s probably about a million.

Million, yeah. Yeah. A million, but a million. Yeah. Keep in mind, let me, he also was planning to, well, you’ll see, but you gotta carry it. Right? So it’s great. You’re not gonna ask for 10 million. It’s heavy as fuck. Yes. That’s a lot of money. So take this out. Isn’t, isn’t there an Austin Powers joke about or some, some fucking thing where the, it’s , I want a million dollars and it’s super small looking

It’s like, or like they open the roof or something. Like that’s pretty unimpressive. Yeah. So maybe remember that. So he says, I want $200,000 by 5:00 PM. In cash. Put it in a, in a nap sack. . What? Fucking nap sack. Hold on. What the fuck is a nap sack? It’s like a fucking backpack. It’s a sack that you nap in, bro.

Everybody know? Yeah. But if I texted you and I was like, Hey , can I borrow your nap sack? What would you, are you texting? Texting, nap 71? What the fuck are you talking about? I feel like it’s a stick. You know, , huckleberry fin. Yeah. I would send you my daughters sleep sync. That’s what I would give you.

SleepSack. . So he says, I want two back parachutes and two front parachutes. Mm. So he is got four para shoes, just in case. Like, just to be like super prepared, like. so, well, I, I thought about that. And he’s probably asking for that. So they can also not , fuck with the shoots, right? He’s like, Ooh. Right.

They fuck four of ’em. Exactly. Because they’re , what if he’s gonna take some, um, Ooh, hostages or whatever. Right. Genius. That’s a genius’s. The difference between up front pack and a backpack. Well, the one goes off from the front. Front, yeah. Is that it? That’s the difference there. That’s it. That’s why it’s in front and in a back.

Okay. Hence the name . Sorry. So he, he also said, when we land, I want a fuel truck ready to refuel. Mm-hmm. . And he says, no funny stuff, or I’ll do the job. Mm. No. Funny. Best, I wonder how many people, I wonder how many people were on the plane. Uh, that’s a, a very obscure question, but that’s interesting. Well, I just mean like, cuz it’s, it sounds like he is gonna land, get his money.

take off and take off. Yeah, sure. So , so there was 36 people, by the way. Oh, 36 house. Okay. See how good data could, yeah. Cause uh, you’ll see here in a second, what happens after they land. But, um, here’s one strange detail is that Cooper asked for the 200,000 bucks in only $20 bills. Hmm. That makes it way more me.

I don’t know. Maybe they, maybe they don’t mark twenties. I was gonna say maybe twenties are like, not the feds, don’t have like the twenties on lockdown yet at this time. Yeah. Nope. Interesting. All right, so the flight landed in Seattle, and then Cooper exchanged the 36 passengers. Mm Oh, so he traded Exactly.

I got it. Okay. Get it out. So the note goes up to the pilots, I guess, or whatever, and he is like, here’s what I want when we land, right? Mm-hmm. . Yeah. So when they land, the 36 passengers get off the plane, and then the money and the parachutes come on. Cooper. Oh, he let them off first, huh? Yeah, he let them off.

So, which is another, what’s a weird thing? People blow. Nice guy. No, but I’m saying this guy, like, I was like, nice. Not send the money, like blow yourself up. Nice. Nice guy. He’s a cool dude. So I guess he’s, he still has. A couple of hostages cuz the, the pilots didn’t get off. Oh. Oh, yeah. Okay. That makes sense.

This is only the passengers get off. That makes sense. Okay. Yeah, he did keep, uh, the crew, a couple of crew members too. So the crew members and the, and the, uh, the host Eric? Yeah. What is it, Sandra? He’s like, I’m gonna eat 20 minutes with no passengers in the plane.

dance, dance, dance, dance for me. Give me some of the twenties. I’m gonna need a few of the twenties. It’s like true lies. Making it rain with twenties. Do some more. Do it slowly. Do it. a great do Someo. What a good city. Oh man. Okay, so the plane takes off. They’re headed for Mexico. . Mm. Okay. And then he asked for the plane to stay below 10,000 feet.

Oh, he wants to jump whether there’s oxygen jump. Exactly. I looked it up. That’s the average skydiving. This guy planned. It’s said 15,000. This guy planned it. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, he planned it. You ever skydived, obviously? Yeah, I did. He did, right? I did. He did. It was, it was amazing. It was, I still wanna do that.

The, the scariest thing is just the plane. Mm-hmm. It’s not jumping. It’s not jumping out. It’s just in the plane. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Because I’m strapped to spot, he’s strapped to a very large man in a warehouse, and I’m like, okay, that’s gotta be weird. And he’s like talking to my ears. He sitting on his lap. He’s like, hopefully I packed the shoot.

Right. I’m like, fuck off. See that? I’m like, dude, I, yeah. Oh, that’s dude, it’s a one star review. It’s him. I heard they all say shit, him and his buddy, they’re also doing it. And I’m like, yeah, I paid. This. Oh, yeah. What a bad joke. I know. They’re terrible. No, that’s, that’s what they all did.

 All right. So during the second half of the flight, Cooper put on a pair of dark wraparound sunglasses with dark rims. Mm. And that’s what would later become like that famous sketch. Oh, iconic. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. . A little after 8:00 PM when the plane was somewhere between Seattle, , and Reno, Nevada Cooper jumped out of the rear doors of the Boeing 7 27 with two of the parachutes and the money.

never to be seen again. Ooh, so, so Seattle to Reno. Wow. That’s a, that’s a big, that’s a big area to big cover, man. Yeah. It’s like mostly like, just like desolate wasteland like that. No, no, no, no. It’s very well in Nevada. In Nevada it’s very, obviously in the Seattle area, it’s wooded, but I’m talking about like the Nevada area, and we don’t know exactly where you jumped.

Exactly. Interesting. We just know that it was about that. About that time or about that, you know. Area there. So yeah. One thing that is worth noting is that Cooper took off his black JC Penney clipon tie before Jumping . It was a Clipon, totally hipster. Can you just like throw it in the back of the plane or something?

Yeah. So, so that, so they have it. Oh, I recovered that. And that’s how they were able to get some DNA off of it. A off, oh, this should like, like a museum . Interesting. The clip on touch. Interesting. Yeah. Yeah. I love it. From JC panties too. Yeah. Plug JC Panties. But he kept the sunglasses on the ray. Apparently Yeah, we were they black, all they found, all they found was a tie.

That’s it. And the, and the extra two parachutes I guess. Oh yeah. Yeah. So he took the front and the back one. He took the front and the back one. Oh. And then just left the other one. Cuz it was like it’s, that’s actually a smart move. It was a ploy going into like confuse then. Yeah. . So hold on. So real quick.

So he took a front parachute, a back parachute and then $200,000 in cash apparently in a duffle bag. Exactly. Oof. He was going, Yeah, it’s going deep. Like I wonder if that was like one bag, two big bags. It’s probably one bag, dude. One bag’s, one bag. 20. It’s in twenties. Twenties. It’s still one bag, bro. How much is a 200 Gs and 20?

Like how much is one of those stacks? This is, here’s this. Well, you twentys or no, you guys, you guys can’t see my hand, but , uh, 10 Gs and a hundos is about an inch. Mm. Yeah. So you think twenties, you gotta multiply that by five. So about two inches. So, so there’s just five of ’em. That’s 10. And that’s 10 G.

That’s 10 Gs. So 2025 inch bags. One bag. One. One. It’s one bag. Yeah. One bag. Yeah. Yeah. All right, so you could do it. Yeah. One bag easily. Yeah. All right. So. Once they got the DNA sample from the tie, basically the story jumps into the investigation that was launched to identify this guy who’s calling himself Dan Cooper.

Mm-hmm. , the case was called Noack, and it stands for Northwest Hijacking. Yeah. And basically this goes on for decades. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They still haven’t figured it out. They still have it. No. Yep. So the, the plane was intensely searched for. Desperate to find Cooper’s identity. There was an extra interest in these $20 bills because the EI had released the serial numbers of the bills stolen by Coopers.

Oh. So they do have serial numbers. They logged all of them. Them see, people don’t understand. It’s like every time they ask for money, like they’re not dumb. They like know exactly where the money’s coming from. So they. . That way if someone, if he goes to a bank or something to deposit it. Yeah. Right. They can read the numbers.

He’s, he’s done sidebar. Can you imagine the guy who had to log them? Oh, that’s put the worst , what the worst, worst job in the world? And like, this is in the seventies, who’s getting paid like $1 an hour? Jonathan, are you done with the bills? He’s like, I’m on like the, like I’m on like the 99000th bill. I’m sorry, like, Scanners back then?

No. He literally wrote it down with a pencil and it’s like, also say it’s a pencil. It’s like, it’s like whittled down. Oh nightmare. The erasers like destroyed. He’s like, fuck a nightmare. All so fast. Fast forward to 1989 years after the Cooper’s Escape. There’s a young boy that found a, this like rotted package and it’s filled with the $20 bills that match the ransom money.

, serial numbers. Why would he turn that in? What a fucking idiot. I know, right? I would’ve been. Going straight to the Dallas store, like bombing. But they were like, they were like fried though, right? Well, yes. He couldn’t go spend them. Oh. And he only found $5,800. Oh, oh, so it’s not like the whole thing.

Nah. Yeah. That’s probably a stack, one stack that’s a little stack, little stack of root fell out. , he found him on, , some beach called Tina Bar. Mm-hmm. while making a campfire with his dad. Yeah. This is what the little boy said. He, he says, I was eight years old.

I was on vacation with my parents on February 10th, 1980. So this is nine years later, I guess, right? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . , and then he’s like, you know, I found $5,800 of the ransom money along the banks of columbia River. Mm. It’s near Vancouver, Washington. So that gives you an idea.

Oh, so super up there. So maybe, maybe it like hit the river though and like went down the river. That’s one theory. Yeah. Yep. Because, and you know, he counted that money. He counted 5,800. He counted all those bills. This is is a super dumb question. Does the water go up or does it go. What, what? Like the, the, the current like in that, in that part of the world.

Does the current go’s it north? That’s actually a good question. Or South meaning , oh, if it runs up to Vancouver. Okay. I, not Vancouver. When I see Vancouver, Vancouver, Washington. Yeah, that’s what I saying. Yeah. It had to go up because there was a part of the story that’s, I think one of the FBI I agents said that one of the theories was that it did go out to occur.

So, so there’s a possibility It could have been south. Yeah. Where it landed. Yeah. Where he was and then it went up. Yeah. Curious. So the guys, the, the little boy who says that they were even gonna throw it into the fire for some reason, and then his uncle like, no, I’m gonna say that. God. , wow. Who are these people?

We didn’t go, uncle. Yeah. Serious. If any of you ever tell me to throw the money in the fire, like work. We’re ending the podcast . We’re done. Johnny don’t throw the money in the fire. He’s , you know what, I’ll throw my fire in my apartment. Yeah. All right. So the discovery would ultimately lead to nothing as the FBI basically searched everywhere and all these different beaches, all around the, the surrounding area, and they didn’t find anything else.

So maybe it was planted. It’s all I’m saying. It’s interesting that it was like it’s, you said it was like sent a package, like strange if all the money was in a bag, why is. 558 Hyundai In like in a package? Exactly. Like did it fucking like something. Yeah. He said like said, said it was like a little pack.

He said it was like a package? Yeah. Oh, like in plastic or something? Like a paper or something? I don’t know. Yeah. All right. No, no. He just found the bills. Oh. Oh, okay. It was just the bills. Okay. I thought it was like in a package or something. I’m like, why would it be just that much? Yeah. That’s weird.

He’s like second part with 50. That is weird. So, so maybe , Jumping off and everything. It’s flying everywhere. Whipping , just throwing cash out, whipping stacks. This is racks racks and stacks. I know. Is this actually the first music video in in American Times? This guy, so ra So yeah.

So throughout the years, you know, people have been sending letters to the FBI and some people confessing and Yeah, it was me. I am DB Cooper. Yeah. Really? . Oh, people are just saying that some, and I would. They wanna be famous, bro. They wanna be famous. Exactly. It was, it was a very famous, it’s intense, honestly.

You’re on your deathbed and you’re , I’m gonna just make some shit up. Yep. See, seriously, I’m about to die. I’ll be like about to die. I am moly, . I’m like, what? I killed Tupac. I killed two. They’re like, what? They’re like coming, coming to podcast near you. Yeah. Tupac. What a weird. Urge because obviously not all of them are real.

So some people are lying, right? Most of them are lying. They all were looked into. Yeah. You know what a weird urge of ’em turned out. So I just think it’s a weird urge to want to lie before you die, before you die. Well, no, we’re not saying these people lied before they died. I’m saying might be famous, I don’t know.

Yeah, I mean, in fact in November, 1972, so just about a year later or whatever that, cuz it was in, yeah, November, so it was one year later two guys, one named Donald, , silver Sylvester and, and the other guy was Murphy. , we’re taken into federal custody on charges of extortion for impersonating Cooper and selling his tell all story.

Ooh. To the tabloids. What? That’s so hilarious. That’s so dumb. You go to prison for lying. That you’re about a story about a dude idiot. So dumb. That’s the worst way to go to prison. There were about 800 suspects that were considered over the first, you know, five years in the investigation. 800, 800 people that they looked into. I would hate to be one of the detectives on this. I’m , oh, no fucking Gil. Also, it was only 200.

That’s what I’m saying. It’s like no money. That’s everybody Sounds like Yeah, I know, but like now I’m like, I’ll live for like them 1.2 years. But also they’re, they’re looking like fools cuz the Totally, you know, the fbi so they have to stay on it. All of them. All of ’em. All of them. Exactly. Makes sense.

Good. So out of the 800, , suspects, all but 24 were eliminated from consideration. Okay. And one pretty cool fact is that the initials db, they actually don’t have any relevance to the case. Hmm, yep. The FBI or the media. Yes, exactly. One of the, what’s the b It was just one of the reporters that got it wrong.

Oh no. It like started, he just posted that out there and it became like, it just stuck. No, it just shows like, it just shows how like media can change. Welcome to telephone, you know what I mean? The telephone game. Yeah. So the name was pretty off. I, apparently, well, they don’t know for sure, but Right. Did be , but for sure, his description and mm-hmm.

and his sketch and all that, that’s been confirmed, like several people that Yeah. You know, were on the plane. So Do you, do you know where actually it, , on his ticket for example? It was Dan Cooper. Dan. Okay. So that’s where the data comes from? Yes. That’s the real on ticket name.

Wrote his name. Dan Cooper. Yeah. . Okay. So the charge against Cooper was originally air piracy. Wow. What a cool fuck. The best. That’s pretty cool. The best charge ever. but air par. But that only has five years Statues of limitations. No people. They can come back in the life and like they can’t. So they changed it to, he violated this thing called the Hobbs Act.

Oh, okay. They just made us some bullshit. Yeah, they, they’re like, that’s insane. Just charging with this other, he’s a tur. You know why, tur, if we, if we default on a credit card, it’s six years. statue of limitations. Mm-hmm. Really? Mm-hmm. . Yeah. So that’s insane that air piracy is, is fast . It’s like, I can’t wait to get an Air pirate know.

All right, so before we jump into the conspiracy theories and, , suspects, basically I wanted to point out that the pilot, he told the officials that he himself chose the. For the, when the plane took off. Not Cooper, so he was the one, he’s like, I know where to fly. Exactly. . So he said to go to Mexico. Well, no, no.

So Cooper did request Mexico City. Mm-hmm. . But the, the pilot is the one that was, you know, taking the actual route. Yeah. The, the, the route. Well, he can just tell him anything he wants to, he’s like, yes, Mexico City, whatever you say. He just turned the plane around. , yeah. But one of the things is that there’s a conspiracy that there.

Accomplice with him. Oh, you know, ooh, maybe the pilot was in, he was like, this is the route I took him. Trust me. Oh yeah. That makes more, that makes, they’re like, sir, we see your bank account. Your bank account just got 1000 20. It’s like 20. The pilot was cleared. Is that what you said? The pilot was cleared, so there was no accomplice there.

So as far as conspiracy theories, what are the co. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Or the steward is The steward is, yeah. He was actually boner. Sit here, baby. And then I was like, so she’s like, okay, . So the first suspect that I want to get into his name was Richard Floyd McCoy. He sounds like a name. It sounds like a fucking Western villain.

Yeah. A good name. McCoy Richard McCoy. Dick McCoy. Dick Dick was one of the favorite suspects of the fbi. Five months after the Cooper’s, , escape, the FBI arrested Dick McCoy for hijacking an airplane. Ooh. And when examined McCoy’s highest, it definitely was similar to the Cooper Heist. So, , like Cooper McCoy hijacked a plane parachuted off of it.

Oh. McCoy. McCoy jumped out of the back rear. So like the staircase or whatever, right? , just like, uh, Cooper. Yeah. And so he was using the same tactics and yeah, so he like, this guy’s got a gun, I’m gonna do that. So also like Cooper McCoy requested four parachutes, which is another thing. Mm-hmm. that’s similar. And so he was just calm during the whole thing and he passed notes to the flight attendants too, claiming that he had a bomb.

So it’s like, oh, I pretty much everything. Same. Exactly. Verbatim. This was after. This was after. Oh, so he is like a copycat. So he might have copied it. Yeah. A little copycat. He might have copied it. Exactly. Anyway, so yeah, McCoy was, um, eventually found out that he was home with his family. Mm-hmm. , uh, during the, the Cooper. The conflict. Yeah. . sounds like, sounds like, could have been him. Sounds like he watched it on TV and he was like, mm, that’s a great idea.

He with it. I could. He got away with it. Let’s roll. Yeah, he got it. I could get away with it. I’m gonna do this on the spring break. I know. Then don’t hit things. That’s what, then don’t go back to college and be the fucking, let be the shit I thing. Put beers on me. It’s called an alibi. alibi. The beer.

Mm-hmm. . Um, the second guy, his name was Dwayne Webber. He claimed it be DB Cooper on his deathbed. Oh. So here’s Guy. It’s one of those, it’s one of those guys. It’s one of those fucking liar. So he tells his wife. Uh, Hey, Joe. Yeah, . She, she claims that, , in the last hour of his death, Duane pulled her close and said, quote,

I have a secret to tell you. Pulled her close. I’m Dan Cooper , and he’s like, what? Really? That’s what he said. And he is like, I got another family bitch. I son . Really? I got three other kids. This is so weird now, but I, I, I still can’t grasp why somebody would do that if it was not true. I know. Cuz it’s like, you’ve nothing to gain if it’s a lie.

It’s like, I mean and guess, I guess if you’re , fuck it, I. . Yeah. Say they die. Yeah. I, I had, I did nothing in my life. So, see, I’m gonna pull, I’m gonna, I’m gonna make a legacy. I’m gonna pull Eric closer. I’m like, Eric, come close, come closer. And I’m , I’ve never liked you, . I’ve been friends with you for 56 years.

fucking hate you, . No, but that’s one thing to say something an opinion about somebody, it’s another thing to be , I’m a different human. I jacked a plane. And stole the money. Yeah. What if, what if she like, well why are we still in debt? It’s crazy. Where’s the two energy? Yeah, exactly. Well, where’s the fucking 200 Gs?

He’s like, I’m still paying off your oldsmobile’s. So weird. . So the wife basically started kind of, you know, getting in her head and started reminiscing. Started going over all these apparently clues that she started putting, you know, the things, these things together. And she’s like, well maybe it is him.

Cuz apparently. , uh, he would have nightmares where he would sleep, talk and a about like leaving fingerprints on a plane. Ooh, . I mean, cuz no one plays the long game like that. like, he’s not, he’s not mapping this out. He’s , all right, I’m gonna talk about the fingerprints. likes so ridiculous. It’s like you’re the last switch.

The samples, the sample, the last. Talking in my sleep, I was having a martini with an elephant , and this dude’s like talking about a major. Yes. Was like just absurd. Apparently he also had a knee injury, which he claimed he got jumping out of a plane.

That makes sense. Number two, what was his wife like when were, where was the plan? Fuck. People are crazy. People aren’t insane. Yeah, I realize that. And then apparently also his handwriting was reportedly found in a library book about Deacon Cooper , a library book . That’s when I got him the fucking, remember the library card, the card that goes into the thing?

He is like when you check it out, oh my God. He supposedly, this guy also took the wife to the spot where the money was found what? Before it was found. Yes, that’s what she says. They made sweet Liv on the, on the Rock where they let the 58 end up this chick. But apparently, , the FBI looked into it all and, and they’re like, they’re like, Joe, shut up.

You, you fake, you fake fuck. What actually happened was he was I love you babe. And Joe was like, he said he’s Tapey Cooper , but she’s still allowed dude. One day, one day when we have 12 billion listeners, I want to get somebody from the FBI on here, dude. Yes. To find out how many people.

are bullshit. Hell yeah. How many people go into the, but what are the, what do the statistics look like that I killed Abe Lincoln. Like, you know what I mean? How many of them, because there’s it sound, there’s gotta be so many. So many. Hell yeah. So many. Especially nowadays, there’s so many crazies.

Oh dude. On the text line. Yeah. Yeah. Anyways. We need mine hunters. We need those dudes. Ooh, we need those two. What is that? It’s dude, what we’ll get, we’ll get in that later. I’m gonna, we’ll email you. We’ll get that later. Dissertation you need to watch. Hell yeah. Mine. Hundred. And they need to pay us for this. Plug mine. So we’re need to reach out to the people.

look for this after the fact. Yeah. You owe me bitch. Yeah. In retrospectively you owe me cash. . All right, let’s get into number three, final suspect. His name was Kenneth Christensen. He said the theory began when Lyle Christensen.

So who? He’s the brother of Kenneth Christensen’s. Okay. I was like, good. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. So it’s Lyle and Kenneth. Kenneth is the guy. Right? So Lyle the brother, saw an episode of Unsolved Mysteries and then he became convinced that his brother was DB Cooper. Mm-hmm. Lyle. He made a a, a Death Beth Confession.

Here. Here goes. Another guy. Another one. Oh my God. And another one. Um, so yeah, so he confessed on his deathbed. . His brother Kenneth was basically the guy. DB Cooper. Yeah. Right. He’s like, this is what he said, quote, there’s something you should know. . But I, but I cannot tell you . No way. That’s all he said.

Really? Yeah. So anyways, so that’s it. That’s it. That, that was his confession apparently. That’s what so saying. That’s my brother’s DV Cooper. That’s it. That’s it. No, there’s no facts there. No. That’s it. He’s in a treasure trove of like Yeah. Apparent. And this is one of the top three guys.

So like that tells you like how little, they had nothing leads. They had nothing. Yeah, they had nothing. Apparently this guy fucking jumped out of nowhere and disappeared.

 So let’s move on to the last theory here. And so this comes from Special agent Larry Carr. Mm. Love him. FBI agent. This sounds like a legend. Yeah. . So he thinks that DB Cooper did not survive the fall.

I think a lot of people think that. Yeah, but here’s why. It’s, it’s super probable, like, yeah. Here and here. So check it out. He says that, we, we originally thought Cooper was an experienced jumper. There is a theory out there that he, this guy was military parachute. Yeah. He was , fucking Nate Seal.

Yeah. Yeah. , Jason Bourne. I know, right? No, I mean, if you were in the FBI. , you have to narrow it down by category. Oh, so like you go for sure. Yeah, maybe, yeah. Meaning you, it’s a process of elimination to get to go from 10 million people to Well, they, they, they try to like maybe a hundred, they try to personality kind of divide it and it’s obviously if you are an ex-military guy, you’re gonna act differently, civilian Joe 

right out. , and this guy’s gonna be like off the grid. , like, you know. Yeah. But after all the investigation they did, they just said that they concluded that it’s simply not true. Mm-hmm. , they basically couldn’t figure it out. , in other words. Wow. It’s simply, we don’t know . So a couple, a couple reasons why he thinks this is because, , Cooper jumped carrying two parachutes, right?

Remember that? Mm-hmm. . Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. But only one of them was a functioning parachute. Why? Oh, the FBI trolled him? Yes. Oh, that sucks. That’s so Dicky. That’s super dicky. So the other, so one parachute was functioning, the other one was a training parachute. Apparently it was sewn shut. Okay. So he couldn’t, he couldn’t have used that one.

So he had to use the other one. But the other one was a military shoot. So it’s the kind that you can’t steer, it’s just , Oh, he just kind of breaks your fall. Guess you’re going wherever you’re going. Parachute style or not what’s called paratrooper sow or, yeah, that’s old, , World War One, , please don’t drop me on the tree.

So you know, he, this guy, agent Carr was saying that no experienced parachuters would’ve jumped in the pitch black in the rain with 200 mile an hour winds in his face. And this guy was wearing, You know, nothing, nothing special. Like a black suit’s. Not like he was ready to fucking live out in the woods.

Yeah. You know, he wasn’t dressed like that or anything, so I mean, he took his clip on off. Yeah. , I mean, so he was ready, , yeah. Ready? When I take my clip on, I turn my hand, see when I turned my hat around. Turn my hat around. Hat around. It’s like a light switch. Yeah, exactly. Was 

watch you, me thinking, you gotta remember where this guy jumped from, , where he jumped off, or at least that big area that they were talking about. And it’s basically a big, you know, just wooded area. There’s nothing there. It’s the Pacific Northwest. Yeah. It’s inability indeed. Snow mountains. Those trees will Impala.

You do those three trees are no fucking joke. Yeah. And the, and apparently there was a cloud. . And so he’s jumping in the dark. There’s , can’t steer, can’t steer, you know, you can’t see shit. So, you know, basically the theory just says that the guy. You know, fell somewhere. His toast died. They couldn’t find him.

And that’s that, . But here, but here’s the, uh, weird part, I guess it’s they never found the bills, they never found the parachute. They never obviously found him. , which fine. He, he could be dead somewhere, but, but still, it’s been , 50 years. You gotta find something, something exactly.

Anything like, exactly like it’s been fucking 50 years, you know, were up there, shit. They were up there with the choppers, you know, looking and they never found again, the parachute. At least I know. Or any, any sort of fragment or garment or anything. . Yeah. So, so that’s the, that’s the final thing.

And, , basically, f b I just searched for DB Cooper for fucking decades, one of the longest, most exhaustive investigations in history. And as of 2011, the FBI case file covered more than a thousand suspects. So they basically just closed the deal. Now it’s done. They’re not giving, they, they stopped.

They gave us close. They give up. Yeah. And they close it. Yeah. So I don’t know. So there’s a couple theories. What do you guys think happen? What’s crazy is, is is DB Cooper took the world by storm. Yeah. Still, it was like a coolest, still a legend story, guy with legend thing and the, the glasses.

And he is that bourbon. You know, the whole story is rad. It’s just insane. It’s just insane. It’s so insane that , you love it. It’s, it’s almost mm-hmm. , you know those movies where , you have the villain where you’re , you kinda , you’re kind of rooting for ’em. You’re , damn, , , I’m like rooting for him.

Yeah. Like I, he was nice. He let the guys go. I want, he let him all go. I want him to be in a cabin. Yeah. Right now sitting there like, man just wanted to get paid. He like $200,000 worth of whiskey. So the FBI basically now has said that this was one of the longest, most exhaustive Yeah. You know, investigations in their whole history. It’s gone on for 45 years already. Geez. It’s insane. And they finally gave up.

They just collected off suck. Fuck two. When was it? Finally closed it in 2016. , dude, I, I bet you the government, the FBI spent 17 million in this investigation for, for a $200,000 house. Totally. Like, at least like the amount that they gave away, you know what I mean? Yeah. What the 200. Meaning they, they spent it in resources to try to figure it out.

Oh, dude. They like all for just a dude. Yeah. He’s , DB Cooper might be listening to this . If he is, I wonder how old, how old if he was 40 and 71. Right. Then he, let’s just say he was 40 because the picture looks like he was like 44. The main season, 91 years. . Yeah. Yeah. Bad chance. Yeah. So all tired that he’s not around?

Yeah. Well, maybe. Maybe he’s on his deathbed and he wants to give us a final confession. Another deathbed guy live on the fucking . So Jorge, what’s, what do you think happened? I think. I think he got away with it. Really? I do. Mm, I do. I don’t think there was like, you gotta think this is 1971. There’s not a lot of technology like we have now.

Face recogni little face. There’s still like, yeah, there’s still like ig. Yeah. . Someone was like snapping the pick and then like, and he got through security. Fine. And, and yeah. Well they were checking shit. There was false name and you just write it down, you. Dude, throw down a $20 bill. Oh yeah. They’re like, duh.

And then, and he originally said, he is like, take me to Mexico City. Yeah. So maybe he, you know, he had it in his mind. He is like, fuck it, I’m gonna go retire in Mexico, dude. Yeah. Dude, 200 Gs in Mexico in the seventies. He’s like a bajillionaire. He still, he’s still got money. He’s like in $50. Like, what’s crazy is, is uh, he walked through security with a.

Suitcase full of Dyna. Full of dynamite. There was no security. There was no security. Yeah. You just walk up to the gate. Yeah. Remember when you used to go meet your family at the gate? Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh my God. Those are the days that shit’s gonna be like, actually I’m gonna, those later.

No, they were still meeting at the gates though. Yeah, yeah. No, the thing is like, that’s gonna mean the history books like, you know, Two or years ago they used to meet their family the gate. Can you believe it? Yeah. It’s crazy. What do you think? What do you think? What do think happened? I think that motherfucker got impaled by a pine tree when he just died, dude, I think.

And then the na and the nature got him, dude. It’s if he didn’t die on impact, . . He’s in the middle of , he’s got , yeah. Money doesn’t make fires and , get you food. Yeah. Right. He, I’m pretty sure. Yeah, I’m pretty sure maybe. Okay. Okay. Let’s say since they haven’t found any of the evidence, maybe he didn’t get land in a tree, but got down, it was like, yeah, I did it and then like died in some fucking ravine, maybe some, so you think the money’s out there?

with him. It’s probably, it’s probably the, with his to turn to ash skeleton dis disin. , we should go. It’s like the Goonies, we should go. So then the 800 that they found, what? It just fell off while it, it probably just like flew out, , you know, natural from the nas. From the zipper, from the nap sack.

I think it was the nap sack. The nap sack let it out. Yeah. So then he didn’t, if he did survive, then you’re saying that he didn’t even have any money? No. Maybe, maybe , you know, let’s say he’s going through the forest and shit and he, he, maybe he passes through the river and like some cash falls out.

He’s like, shit. Yeah, yeah. And then floats downstream and it goes up and they find it there, but then he just dies of like nature. He’s not he could fucking bares, he could’ve broke his leg and then, oh, he just stuck. You know what I mean? You’re just stuck there under toast. Yeah. And then eventually, and then the infection kills you.

Yeah. Yeah. That found anything. I mean, I know it’s a huge, I know dude, there’s so much space like it is, they’re not gonna like handle that space over 200. I think we underestimate how much space there is, dude. It is in how maybe we’re underestimating how much resources we’re put into Listen, just to give you a concept.

uh, in the Amazon there was a giant massive civilization, this, massive civilization mm-hmm. . And they’ve only found one of the things, but , there’s this thing called Lidar where they shoot this radar signal down into the, the force base. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. And they do how we talk about, there’s fucking, yeah.

Hundreds and hundreds of , dude, there was millions of people there, , yep, yep, yep. But , I remember now, you know, you, you walk, you walk through the jungle you can’t find, but that’s different. You’re not searching the. You’re not searching this did search like people were searching fucking Yeah.

Like they were like searching, really trying to find this guy. Yeah. Making the FBI look like an idiot. And you know, they were looking everywhere and they at least knew kind of where to look. It’s not they were fucking looking in New York. Like a grid, you know, A basic grid. Yeah. Yeah. So nothing in 45 years, but like, who’s looking?

No one’s looking into the fucking force, man. Like no one, like no one cares that much. You know? Yes, they did. Dude, this fucking, this is one of the fucking biggest cases ever. Oh. Also, also, you know, the money that they found could have just fallen out of the bag. Mid parachute, Midge sack mid jump. He could have jump, he could have gone somewhere way or maybe he purposely , no, but the the fucking knapsack is Jorge closed up.

It’s not gonna just jump off $800. No, but it’s true out. That’s true. What if. No. What? Like listen to me. Go ahead. He’s a smart guy. He can clearly plan this out. What if before he jumps, he just throws a little brick out? Like, like just those little like a deflect. Like a little flu.

Yeah. Throw these motherfuckers off. No, that’s like, that’s why he’s like 5,800. He’s like, I could probably with 15, 800. Yeah. And it’s throws 5,800 off and then dips out. That’s really, it’s not a bad idea. Be very smart. I mean, he playing the whole thing out. Fuck yeah. I kind of feel like he died.

Me too. I’m on the same thing. He just like making, saying booms. Yeah. I kind of feel like he died, like hit one of the side of the mountain. Just, it’s so hard though. I don’t really get really What fucks up the whole thing for me is that the kid found the money. Yeah. 10 years later. Just doesn’t, that just messes it all up for me.

Why? Because what happened? There’s gotta be more story. Oh, see, that’s like, there’s gotta be more story. We don’t even know. I know. It’s like a, I think he’s living, he lived in Mexico, but also, uh, when they write down all the serial numbers. Okay. Are those tracked? Like if you go to the store and you’re , you pay for something?

Well, like, not at the store, but once, once it gets deposited into the bank, then it gets flagged. Then they’re , well, this guy, it came from, you know, Sean’s convenience store, whatever. Yeah, let’s go talk to him. Yeah. So let’s say Dan, to Mexico deeply, let’s just say. But dude, like, you know how far it is from Mexico?

We’re Reno. Reno to Mexico, dude walking Reno to Mexico. Who said he walked? Yeah. No, you hitchhike. Why can’t, yeah, 71. Yeah, I probably did. Hitchhike. Yeah. I mean, Ted Buns is out there that time. I, I, I got two twenties for you, man, friend, say 20 20, 25, 20 20. So, no, let’s just say, but then eventually it would’ve been,

Yeah, I guess so. So let’s just say he, no, if you use that like a fucking public, they’re not gonna like, they’re like scan in the fucking barcode. No, but the bank will once public’s, eventually, eventually, eventually, eventually. It will get somewhere. No, no, because, no, but the thing is back in those days, They would only actually check a large deposit.

They wouldn’t check if you deposit one $20 bill. They’re not, they’re not like scan it. They’re not checking it against the fbi. Nobody deposits a one 20. If I paid you 20 bucks, did you live in the seventies, homie? Like it’s 71 20 bucks. That’s a paycheck, . That’s a paycheck. That’s true. So let’s say he makes it to Mexico.

Okay. He made it to Mexico. He’s got. 195,000 Cuz he, hundred, he lost five. No, he’s actually got a hundred, hundred 90. 194. 200? Yeah. 1 94. Two . So then let’s say he, he goes to a hotel and he is like, I’m gonna celebrate. Right. They’re not checking shit. Mexico. Mexico, stop. He pays a thousand dollars for all.

Stuff. I mean for what do you, the hotel bottle service he’s gonna have, he’s gonna have a party. Yeah, he’s gonna have a little celebr celebratory thing. Right. Wouldn’t that money make it back to America? I don’t think so. The serial numbers are written down there though. But the thing is , you don’t understand.

it, it doesn’t work that way. It’s not, it doesn’t, not every time you deposit cash, they’re checking serial numbers. Maybe nowadays, , cause now it’s digital and you’re gonna scan the picture and it’ll automatically cross reference it. But back in those days, yeah, they had physically read and match the numbers.

So it’s they had a computer to just read all these bills and the only you, it would, you would only do it in a suspicious circumstance. A guy, hey, a guy is trying to deposit a hundred thousand dollars. Maybe we should look at the bills. Definitely. Because it’s a lot of cash, especially in those days.

Yeah, it’s a lot of. If someone deposited only did 600 bucks, they’re not gonna be , check the bills. If he was, if he was smart, he would’ve done like $900 deposits. Yeah. Over time. Yeah. Like literally very small deposits. Yeah. Pop, pop, pop. It would be none the wise, or, because it’s like, yeah, it’s my job.

Because there’s a, there’s probably a certain number of money that you deposit at the time that like flags like. Like, okay, nowadays just, just check it nowaday, it’s , just check it. Then , I don’t know, but sure. But, but for sure if you go and spend or go and try to deposit a hundred or even a thousand back then, like that’s a lot of money.

Did a, they might be , I watched, uh, a documentary on this recently on. on, uh, Netflix. And it was this guy who was convinced that it was a certain guy and he went and he basically stalked him. I saw that one. This, you saw that one? Yeah. He just fucking stocked him for , like this guy thinks it’s in present time in like the last 10 years or so, right?

Yes. No, and he’s so convinced. He’s like, it’s him. . Yeah. But does he give any facts behind him? Yeah. No. And then they do hidden cameras and then they go and they’re like, it’s you, isn’t it ? And he’s , what are you talking about? About poking the guy and the guy over and over and over. He’s like, please be alone and alone.

And I dig that he’s so confident. But at the same time, I don’t really see much. . It’s evidence. No there’s not. Yeah. That’s bullshit. A poor guy. No, it’s not a waste of time. I spent six hours watching this. Yeah. And I was , what the fuck am I watching? This is waste of my life. A waste. A waste of time.

Waste of my life right there. Yes. And it was mainly about him, parked in front of his boat. But see like here’s the thing’s like how . I mean, we should do some stupid shit. Get on Netflix. Yeah. I mean, that’s, it’s that easy. I’m in anyways. I, I think, I think in summary, I think, I don’t know, I think I, I’m torn a little bit on this one.

It’s, I think he a hundred percent died. Hundred percent. I think he could have made it. I think got away. He could’ve made it. He could’ve, but he didn’t. He could’ve made it. He fucking died. . I know. Like fucking DB Cooper, man. If you’re out there, you’re 91, 92. Dude, I’m 20 bucks, 89, dude. 20 bucks. Said some bomb in the middle of force, found a suit and was , dope.

What a great story. It was like DB suit, like I know. What a great story though. You know, and they, yeah. Well guys, he didn’t hurt anybody. . I’m not saying that that was a, that was a No, I did that. I’m not, I did that. Yeah. I look, he’s not a dick. Yeah. Like he’s actually a pretty solid dude. Love to have a beer with him if you’re still alive.

Mr. Cooper. All right guys. Well, hey, we’ll catch you guys next time. , we’re gonna have a nice episode for you, next one, and, , catch you on the flip side.