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Episode 13: Adolf Hitler: Bunker Death or Escape to Argentina?

Podcast Transcription

All right. Hi everybody. I’m Eric. I am Sean. What’s up guys? This Jorge, welcome to the Conspiracy podcast. Tonight we are talking about Hitler. That fucker should be a good one. Adolphus, , Adolphus Delphus, Hitler. , so for the longest time, actually, since he died, , a lot of people think he got away.

Did. It’s, it’s, it’s part of the conspiracy. You know, it’s a conspiracy. I’m just saying like, it’s possible. It’s a huge thing. It’s a huge thing actually, when you’re the most powerful person in the fucking world. It’s like you can kind of get away from shit sometimes. I know. in like 1944, uh, it was starting to get a little bit obvious.

I may be 45 even. Really, it was starting to get clear that Germany was gonna lose. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, we were still worried. In 44 probably. Yeah. You know about what was gonna happen. But in 45 it became pretty clear that, , Hitler was gonna lose. Germany was gonna lose. We were gonna slowly advance the allies.

Yes. From Russia on one side to the allies on the other, and Russia just throwing millions of their soldiers into death. . Yeah. Well, and one of the biggest, , battles was the battle of Stalingrad. when that, like, I think a million people died, did, if you, if you look at this stats, it’s like Russia took the heaviest losses then.

Yeah. I think like 13 million Russians died. It was like ridiculous. Yeah. It’s insane. So just imagine you have world domination in your mind. You’re gonna conquer, uh, the Arian race. Um, you know, you were going to take over the world. Eugenics. Yeah. . Yeah. And what’s interesting is, so you start off in 30. 9 30, 8 30, I think it was 39.

He starts invading and he does this Blitz Creek. Right. And Blitz Creek is basically, , overwhelm, takeover. It’s dumb. So you go back . Yeah. So yeah. So the concept is , it’s a military strategy. You go, I am going to take over your home. By surprising you Yeah. And taking you over instantly. Yeah. With its overwhelming forces instantly.

 You know, you look at, on a map and Germany from 39 expanded to just, they took over Poland, Yugoslavia, et cetera, et cetera. Like France. They just started steamrolling with all their ar artillery tanks, bro. Oh, everything. So, and this is still 44? No, that’s actually 39.

That’s the beginning. That’s the beginning of the war. Yeah. Gotcha. And that’s when actually, that’s when people were like, this isn’t cool anymore. Yeah. Yeah. That’s when, that’s when things were like, Like we have a problem. Yeah. Because like the world was like, it’s not our problem. Yeah. And then I was , oh, shit.

The US was not part of it problem. Right. Um, all the other, a lot of places were not part of it. Yeah. And then, then it became real when they took over basically all of Europe. Yeah. They, they dominated. So, uh, you know, and then, and then England was like, Hey, we need help. Yeah. We’re like, we’re just like an island hunter bro.

Obviously this is a very short description of World War ii. A lot happened. There’s other podcasts to give you the full download on the Oh yeah. For Dan Carlin’s podcast. Amazing. Shout out to that podcast. It’s amazing. World War I, world War I, you know, if you want to really get an in depth of what it is, it’s incredible.

Free plug, Dan Carland . Yeah. No, it’s, it’s, it’s fantastic. So, but this, this story is about Adolf Hitler and this and Ava Braun, and, and this story is about what happened to him at the end of the war. And did it happen the way they said it? The histories have written it. Yeah, exactly. So, so in about nine, uh, 45, 19 45, in about January, um, the Soviets were coming in on Germany.

So the Soviets, Soviets were there first. They were, they were getting there before the Allies, you know what I mean? Allies were advancing and, uh, Germany’s like on the rocks. So up to like 43, 44, , Germany was winning. Essentially. They were winning the war. They were fucking dominating. Yeah. And so then finally with Normandy, with the Battle of Stalingrad, things started to turn for the allies.

Uh, and I include the U S S R in that, the Soviets into that. Yeah. Yeah. They were the allies. They, of course, they were until they, but they were coming the other way. Yeah. You know, coming that way. And so, anyway, so in, in January of 45, , . Hitler withdrew to his bunker, , in Germany. , this was 55 feet under the Chancellor.

, and it contained 18 rooms. Ta it took a fucking mansion under ground. Yeah. . And it had 18 rooms. It had water running water, it had electrical, , you know, pays to be the fewer. Yeah. Jesus. So he had a whole thing, and this is when everybody’s coming in. Like the Soviets were coming in and the Soviets were literally at the doorstep.

They were fighting in Berlin. , the allies were probably like a month away, you know, and so he just kind of retreated. , he was with, he brought into, , couple of helmets, his little thing. ? No, he brought, , Herman Goring. , and he brought Joseph Gobles. Yeah, Gobles is like his, like Gobles is like, yeah, the propaganda guy.

He’s a propaganda of Czar. Like he ran all that shit. , he also brought Ava Braun, which was, he was not married at the time. LeBron Ava Bra. . LeBron. LeBron. LeBron. Yeah. LeBron bro. Sorry, Ben. I knew he wasn’t 18. Nope. So Ava Bra was like his girlfriend that he never married. Mm, yeah. So his like mistress, ishish.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But wait, is is a girl. You never marry a mistress? I think in the forties it was, yes. Yeah. Yeah. I think, I think in the forties it was your mistress cuz like you would, so if you’re not married and you just have a girl, she’s a mistress in the forties, bro. Yeah. Like obviously now it’s your girlfriend, but I don’t think they had like girlfriend term because when you’re an adult male and you’re not married today, it’s like it’s It’s almost taboo.

It’s a taboo. No, but she’s not a side of anything. Well, that’s true. You know what I. We’ll just call her Misre. Yeah, I like that. That’s, I mean, no, it’s, that’s, yeah, that’s what it says too, you know, based on what we’re reading. Anyways, so the brought, brought Ava Braun, the steady girlfriend. Mm, there you go.

Steady girl. Mis friend, friend. , and so Russia was advancing across Poland. , two and a half million Russian, Russian soldiers, , came into Berlin. And so, I mean, like, he can you imagine you’re just, you’re like, you’re done. I’m going on the ground. Oh yeah, you’re done. I’m going on ground like this. Like, , and so, okay, so we’re gonna kind of walk through his last, I guess, night, night or two, kind of see what happened.

Try So the brandy? Yeah. . No, actually, one of the first things he, he did was,. Hillary was going nuts. Oh dude. Essentially full. Yeah. Yeah, actually, so what, , his like liaison, which is his name’s Herman Fig line was Fig Line.

I almost said that right? Fig Line. Yeah. Sounds fig Herman. Yeah. It’s like some of my favorite parts of the podcast is like watching him, some of the it like, , he was his, , liaison officer was Himmler’s liaison officer. He was executed, , that night. And , for what? For being just cause liaison officer.

Yeah, . But what’s crazy is that Fig line, fig line, fig line, fig line was Ava Brown’s sister. Or his, no, I’m sorry brother. Whoa. I was like, that’s a chick Herman. His wife. His wife was Ava Brown’s sister. Okay. Oh, I was gonna say like Herman Feland is a chick . Damn. Like the dude Ruth man name. How ruthless is that though?

Like, you’re, doesn’t give a shit. You’re lovers sister and just pop ’em off. Didn’t he have like syphilis or something? I think like his fucking brand getting nicked, like, uh, so Hitler didn’t do anything as far as issuing a pardon? Um, he was like, fucking . Yeah, no, I mean, he was shot, shot from behind in a, in a, in a cellar there in the bunker.

That night in the bunker was like left the corpse in the bunker. Yeah. Fuck it. Okay, so April 28th, 1945. , About midnight, there’s somebody named Gertrude, uh, and that’s Hitler’s secretary fucking shit jab. , and the secretary would describe the atmosphere in the bunker at the end of April as having an aimless dreamlike quality, noting that Hitler had finished dictating his personal and political testament within the, like midnight to 1:00 AM So like his final, you all good Die , but not me.

Did you do Hitler in a Yes. Yes. In a Roosevelt accent. Yeah. That’s December. . Yeah, vine. So 1:00 AM comes along. Hitler marries Ava Braun. . Oh damn. Oh wow. Just like, okay. So one. Yeah, this is a 1:00 AM ceremony that lasted 10 minutes. Is this like for the life insurance policy or something? ? I have no idea. I mean, there’s some element of humanity, I guess, right?

Where he is like, I wanna marry you, or this part of conspiracy. I know. I don’t, I don’t really get it really. Was she a, was she a citizen of own country? We’ll find that out later. So keep going. , the GOs was there, Dick? , no. Females were there for some reason, except for Everbo. Um, yeah. And then Hitler returned to impatiently, oversee June.

The, the, the secretary who was still transcribing the shorthand notes of his personal and political wills that he dictated at the night, in the night. So he basically went, married her and then ran back 10 minutes later and was like, are you done? Damn. You know, with the notes, like the, the testament, yeah.

 What kind of ass hat stops mid wetting to run and make sure his last words are transcribed, shorthand properly. I mean, maybe it’s a dude that’s what he did.

Who was wanting to commit genocide on, on, on a race of people based on like the religion and it was like eugenics for religion. . I can only imagine sense. I can only imagine Ava Bran as like such a wimpy character. Oh, for, I mean like, sure. 

I’m pretty sure Ava Brava Brown’s like the original girl, Digger . She’s like, I’m only with you cause you run the world. . Yeah. I have no pity for Ava Brown. Sorry. Neith. Do I? Yeah, yeah. All right. So, um, anyway, so they got married and, , you know, Hitler described his final things, and this was in his last transcribed items or whatever, I guess will.

He said. I, myself and my wife, in order to escape the disgrace of deposition or capitulation choose death, it is our wish to be burnt immediately on the spot where I have carried at the greatest part of my daily work in the course of 12 years, service to my people. Hmm. So that was one of his last whatevers.

And according to judge, she was then asked by Hitler to take note of his final political statement. In it, he decries that he never intended to be faced with war in 1939, and he blamed the Jewish people for the carnage. It’s your fault. Yeah. Your country. Country. What a dick. This is like the most stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard, ever.

I’m sorry. What a dick. That’s a Jew’s fault. I mean, I know. Just saying what a dick doesn’t really communicate what he did. Yeah, but what a dick. It’s their fault that I killed 3 million million of them. Like this doesn’t make, like how, how self-righteous can you be? Like Jesus Christ. So closing the first part of his political statement, Hitler.

Hitler again outlined his intention to end his own life saying, I have therefore decided to stay in Berlin and there to choose death voluntarily. When I determine that the position of the furor in the Chancellor itself can no longer be maintained, . So he’s basically saying, I am gonna die. Yeah, yeah. I’m gonna just kill myself.

That’s made of it. That my, my, my country. I can’t do anything else. Blah, blah, blah. All right, good. There’s that accent again.

I don’t even know what that accent is. . It’s definitely not like, like British. No, it’s like British. Less transatlantic slash . Okay, so April 29th at four in the morning, Hitler’s political testament is done being transcribed by June. June, shake down, and is signed by Goebbels, Boorman, uh, and then two general’s, name Bergoff and GREs.

Uh, it was distributed with three messengers, one copy to be sent to the admiral, one to the Marshall, and you know, et cetera, et cetera. Five. Hitler still awake. Yeah. Jesus man. I’m like, exhausted. I’m exhausted. He’s over 40, right? I know. I think it was the amphetamines. He was getting his fucking drinks.

Yeah. So Hitler retires to his get to tw to 12 and I’m 40, it’s almost 12. And I’m like, I’m out. Stop next week. Yeah, we like next week, part seven, . So, uh, 5:00 AM Hitler goes to his quarters with his wife Ava. Now it’s like you say it like that. I don’t know. Quarter, uh, JK is left to finish typing. Go’s testament.

Dude, this chick’s the fucking slave. So made enough. So first was Hitler’s Testament, his final. It’s Gobel now it’s Goebbels as like, you know, second. He’s like, Hey, by the way, by, you know what? That looked kind of cool. Let me, let me try my do this. By the way, Goebbels was a fucking loser. This guy’s a second shit.

An absolute loser. If you want to go read about it, loser. . You go to Reed Goebbels, he’s like fucking bullshit his way into that job. Loser. Yeah. Um, aside from everything he did in the war with propaganda and creating genocide and killing many people mm-hmm. . Yeah. Right. Uh, at the end, he essentially tricked his entire family into committing suicide.

Whoa. Six children. What the fuck? Wow. Six children. How did he trick him? He is like, eat joke, dude. How do you, what the fuck? That’s crazy, man. You know the, , the capsule. The, the cide capsules. Cine capsules, yeah. Oh my God. Fucking horrible. Yeah. That’s, that’s really fucking, they didn’t even know.

That’s why I say this is a trick. He’s like the Flint. He tricked him. The Flintstones. Yeah, that’s true. . That’s why I saying Joseph Gobles is the piece of shit of the day. Yeah. Right now, uh, aside from Hitler. Yeah. Honestly. Fuck that guy. Gets me going. Um, okay, so here we go. So by 10:00 AM so we’re, that was 5:00 AM and so at 10:00 AM all communications cut off because we’re asleep.

It’s fucking genius. . No. And like, like, yeah, and like, like, I mean the Soviets are coming in. Oh, they’re fucked. Yeah. Yeah. Like all the radio communications, the towers, the blimps or whatever the, um, the zephyrs. Yeah. The, whatever the hell they are, they’re shot down and Yeah. You know, things are getting fucking wild.

That bunker. You’re done. Yeah. So at 11:00 AM on April 29th, Hitler’s valet. Heinz. He’s got his valet there. Yeah. He knocks on the door of his bedroom. Uh, sir. Uh, and for six years it was his job to ensure that Hitler’s dressed and up on time and ready to go. . Okay. This time Hitler was already awake.

He was already fully dressed. He was ready to roll. Hitler’s barber. Then Tim attended to his hair, said the whole crew there. He was super, super, you know, fucking super stash, right? Super narrowed up. It’s like give a fresh fade in a fresh, fresh shade. Gimme that bald stash fade. And per his barber, he received cocaine, eyedrops.

What? Damn. This guy was so, they’re like little eyedrops that have little traces, uh, little bits of cocaine in it, right? And he numbs your eyes, wakes you up. He was also, you get going. Yeah. Wasn’t he also getting like amphetamines, like from his doctor? Dude was on all the shit. Yeah. Super drug addict.

Yeah. Yeah. Couldn’t get a heart. Well, because he is big time. Yeah. Yeah. Cause his blood, his blood’s so thin. Fucking impotent. Impotent, impotent. Yeah. It’s the Jews. Yeah. Like put an asshole. So, uh, there’s a lot more about like how he took strict nine and a bunch of fucking other shit, you know? Damn dude.

He was the brand bro. Can you imagine how psychotic he was? Dude, full psycho. Insane. Yelling at People Brink. There’s a great, uh, German movie that they, they came out with and it was the last Hitler . No, it’s crazy. It’s all in German and it’s the last days of Hitler. You should actually watch it cuz it’s, I’ll check it.

It’s fucking, you’ve probably seen, uh, super like, uh, the clips. Yes. Mm-hmm. and memes where it’s your fantasy team and it’s Vine guys. And it’s Hiller the Bunker. Yeah. It’s from that movie. Anyways, so 2:00 PM that day. Hiller has a meal with Ava and a bunch of secretaries. , , you know, , he’s, he starts discussing what’s the best method of suicide.

Um, , uh, what’s the, what’s the public debate? . Yeah. , so he considers shooting yourself the best way. It’s quick, instant, painless. AVAs says she wants to be a beautiful corpse, so she likes cyanide. Oh, what a fucking D right? So you’re like, God, this chick is a fucking ass. Okay, so this, this is a shitty part of the story.

, the whole story is shitty. Yeah. I’m like, this is, yeah. At three o’clock, , , Warner Haste, , is told by Hitler to test cyanide on Hitler’s dog. , and Hitler’s dog was a very famous German Shepherd named Blondie. And, um, just to test it, and, okay, this guy’s feet, um, like, how, I mean, how low can you go?

Oh, no, Jesus. And so it was described, , Blondie was, , put a capsule into the mouth of the dog and, uh, and then fell sideways as if struck by lightning and died. And then there was a sudden smell of almonds in the air. Yeah, that’s the same in there. Yeah. And so fucking piece of shits tested it out and their dog first out, right out the gate, 

then, uh, fast forward seven hours, , at that time, Mussolini, you know, the Italian dictator? Mm-hmm. , , Hitler received news that he died. , yeah. Fucking good riddens, you know, and, , I didn’t know that happened, right at the same time. Same, yeah, same like week. Yeah, same week.

So 2:00 AM uh, they, he has a bit of a party . Seriously? It’s a bit of a, oh my God. Like, yeah. It’s inside, inside the mind of a fucking psychopath. Yeah. It’s a, it’s a bit of like a party, a farewell, a drinks for the wedding. A Vik . Yeah. So some, some of the guards, some of the SS members, , and they said, you know, he was just out of it almost like he was drugged up.

Just kind of It was Oh, yeah. Staring off. He was drugged up. So, uh, they partied for a couple hours. Hitler went to bed at four 30 that night. Jesus Christ. This guy’s a fucking thing now. Then on Coke. Yeah, you’re just gonna be fucking up for five hours . Woke up two hours later, Brad as bushy tail. So, so Hitler was up at six 30 on the 30th of April.

, and he was fully dressed and then he went to visit the garden, see the sun. , but it was not very sunny . I’m literally, they’re being bombed. I know. It’s like fucking clouds everywhere, you know. , anyways, and so then they went back into the bunker and, , so 12:30 PM comes in, , Ava chooses her final outfit, Hitler summons, , rice letter Bowman, to come into his study where he explains that he’s going to take his life, , and has instructed his bodyguard to cremate the bodies.

right? , supposedly. Supposedly, yes. So then , 1245 Hillary summons him to the time has come, , and that his body should be burned. 1:00 PM he eats his final meal. Wait, but I thought, I thought that homegirl wanted to be a beautiful corpse. It’s not really beautiful. Corpse your’re fucking burnt truck riff.

True. true. Makes sense. Yeah. , so at one o’clock he eats his final meal, uh, with Ava, and it was spaghetti with cabbage and raisin salad. That sounds fucking terrifying, Matt. Like, why would you eat that? This your fucking last meal. I love a raisin salad. fucking spaghetti pussy. I’ve been like a little loser corner house.

Yeah. Fucking Wagyu. A five. Get that Taha hot. I’m gonna eat the bone too. Uh, so 2 45 comes around, , and then he gathered all the staff in the bunker to say goodbye. Goebbels. Hello. Borman secretaries. Yeah. All that stuff. , there you go. Right. Peace out. So 3:30 PM April 30th. , Hitler kills himself. , he shoots himself in the head.

Yeah. , Ava takes a cyanide pill. , I everyone else is like, we’re not gonna kill ourselves. . Yeah. They’re just waiting for, we’re gonna stay alive. I said I would, but I’m not gonna do that. Like so, , Goebbels Boorman, all these other guys are just waiting outside.

, and it was, and. reported that somebody said the following, and I quote, Borman went in first. Then I followed the valet. Hitler was sitting in a chair. Ava was laying on the couch. She had taken off her shoes and placed them neatly together. At one end of the couch, Hitler’s face was covered in blood.

There were two guns. One was a, , Walther, P p K. It was Hitler’s. The other was a small pistol. He always carried in his pocket, and Ava wore a blue dress with a white collar and cuffs. Her eyes were wide open. There was a stench of cyanide in the air. The smell was so strong that I thought my clothes would smell for days, but it may have been my imagination.

And that was from Hitler’s bodyguard. Okay, good. So this is the important part. They’re dead. No . Yes. Yeah. Finally, this is the important part, right? Okay. So three Ss guards in the valet, Carrie Hitler’s body to the garden as Martin Boorman lifts the body of Ava. She’s covered in a blanket out into the corridor where, , this girl or no, Eric Keka carries her to the stairs before.

, the guard takes over. , the chauffeur arrives with, , gasoline. The bodies are placed in a shallow depression outside the bunker, near an abandoned cement mixer. Joseph Gobles produces a box of matches from there the Ss guard lights some paper to create a torch and sets fire to the bodies as the funeral party returns to the safety of the staircase.

A final hile, Hitler is shouted. Arms are raised before they descend again into the underground of the bunker. Some man, I can’t believe, like they, they like. Stayed true to him. This whole time. I’ve been like, let’s fuck it. Fuck this. Let’s get the fuck outta here. Look, fuck it, I’m out. Yeah. So Hitler’s chauffeur said at the end of it, it said, even after the bodies were burned, we were imprisoned by the very presence of Hitler.

Again, we could not get away from the smell. It smelled like burning bacon. Oof. That was from the chauffeur. Oh man, that sucks. I’d love the smell of bacon. So, at four, I’m not trying to be weird, it’s just like, so at four, at four 15, Otto sits down next to judge, grabs a bottle of schnapps. And the fuck is that from Otto, by the way?

, is that the Otto’s, the Bodyguard. Oh, okay. Bodyguard. The S bodyguard. Okay. Yeah. Is it? Otto says, and he grabs a bottle of schnapps, which the, the most disgusting, by the way, have you had schnapps lately? It’s terrifyingly bad. Yeah. Yeah. I haven’t said schnapps in a while. Yeah. No, dude. Don’t think I ever had.

It’s disgusting. No. Okay. I never will. Uh, so he grabs a bottle of schnapps and he says to her, he says, I’ve carried out the fear of his last order. His body has been burned. He’s like, now what about you, Jen? Get over here. snaps . So six 30 comes around. Two Ss officers managed to partially cover up the bomb crater, or not the bomb crater, but the, the hole.

Uh, it’s more, it’s been more than two hours since the bodies were brought up and the s men have returned to the remains with more gasoline to reignite the fire and complete the job. , interrogations say that 200 liters of gasoline were used. That’s a fuck. That’s a fuck load. Jesus Christ. Yeah, that’s a lot, dude.

So the next day Joseph Gobles arranged, that’s a hundred hundred 50 pounds. Yeah. The next day, Joseph Gobles arranged the deaths of the six children in the bunker Jesus. And then kills himself. Fuck Gobles fucker. Oh my God. , the next day after that, , the city surrenders. So who, where did this recounting come from?

Like, who gave all this data? It’s like interviews from the guards, , the Hitler’s Bodyguard, Colonel Otto Gun, uh, the secretary, remember Judge. Mm-hmm. . , and that’s where they’re getting a lot of that information I from I see. You know, and also, um, , so either a great name for a movie 

hitler’s bodyguard. I am, yeah. I mean, man, that I’d watched that movie. Yeah. I don’t even like, like I Sounds like a great movie. . So then May 4th, which is about two or three days later, three days later, uh, Hitler, it was announced that Hitler’s remains were discovered by the Soviets. But how do they know it was his remains? Like some, we found some crisp, we found the bacon, crispy ass bones. They found the remains in the garden of the Chancellor above the bunker.

It’s, it’s two people burnt, you know, like wrist, you know, they didn’t, yeah, it wasn’t like forensic files back then. They were like tested their name, don’t, we don’t really know if they found his remains. That’s right. So then, uh, later on in 19 45, 2 German U-boats arrived and it’s documented that they landed at the ports of Argentina.

Exactly. Dun, dun, duh. So as far as like reading a story and all that sort of thing, that’s kind of. I’m kind of ending off as far as what we know because that is true. Yes. The Germans did have a couple U-boats land in Argentina. Right. And it is confirmed that there are. quite a, there were quite a few Germans, uh, especially Nazi members that were living in Argentina.

Yeah. And especially in one specific town in Argentina. Yeah. They had like their own town. Yeah. It was like a little community. Yeah. Yeah. And there’s like, so that’s actually documented. That’s true data. Yeah. And you go there and everybody’s having a fucking Frankfurt sausage. So the fucking literally Yeah.

In, in the words of the great, uh, Brad pit sa casts sandwich. Yes. , literally, a bunch of people are just having empanadas and sauerkraut . And they’re like, well, this is kind of weird. Yeah. E strange sounds delicious. God fucking killing empanadas. Right. So the theory is that one of the theories is he could, he got away the idea.

One of the biggest ones that keep keeps going is, is, , Joseph Gobles was the guy of pr Oh, propaganda manipulation of, right. Like an idea, a concept, , an argument, whatever. And he was. The one, two, he was one of the last three people to verify his death. See that? That’s what I think is , right. So anytime you have that, yeah.

It’s, it’s really, it’s really weird how they, , it’s all perfectly documented to corroborate. I mean, obviously not weird cuz it’s , oh, the truth. You say the truth, you know, the truth happens. Okay. But it is kind of interesting that they’re all still super subservient to this guy.

Yeah. It’d be really simple for him to be , all right. All the way to the end. Yeah. Like you’re gonna say, this is what happened. Me and my lady, we just got married. We’re gonna ski out all over all these U boats and we got parked. But that, but that’s what got in back who in a cult or whatever, right?

Like, you have this one guy who’s controlling you, who’s God and you fucking, so it’s like, and obviously not that farfetched that they, it’s still being Yeah. And people that are as narcissistic as Hitler was. . I highly doubt that he would be , I’m just gonna kill myself and then never say anything about anything.

Exactly. I was like, he’s so obsessed with himself. Yeah. Why would he kill himself? But at the same time though, he seems if you went to a party, he’s a talker. Oh. And he just won’t shut up. He’s the guy just keeps talking and talking because he’s on Coke . He says Coke, Coke drops his eyes.

No. So it’s, yeah. My eyes roll red up. Theoretically. Theoretically, let’s say he ex saved, right? He’s gonna be silent for the next 40 years. Oh dude. I mean, this is the guy you know, the, but he knows craziest. He has, he doesn’t, don’t have an army. I’m pretty sure. I’m pretty sure Hitler created Twitter.

I need an outlet. I need to talk. I need to speak my man. I mean, probably if he were to have lived, , I think he was born in like 1898. Somewhere around there. 1899. So if he were to live to an old age, he was probably 70. I highly doubt that 75 drug addict would live that long. Yeah, kidding. It was not. It was not.

He was not an healthy specimen by any means. Oh God, no. So he was probably a 70 if he were to live. I’m just saying if he were to live, he’s like a 60 tourer for me. Like Yeah, like he was like so late sixties . So that would be like late sixties that like if he made it to Argentina. Yeah, he probably lived in Argentina for like late sixties, 30 days.

Yeah, late sixties, 30 days. And then he died early seventies. Maybe if he was living clean life. But you know, he was, it was highly doubted dude. He was eating fucking bro worse and like even, you know, he was going deep. I love how we constantly have a braw joke. , I love Broers. I’m, I’m 50. I love it. I’m 50% German.

So like, I love Braw, I love Braw. It’s delicious. Give me some tacos. Good. I love tacos too. And I’m 0% Spanish, but in Argentina is like tacos a thing. No, no, not at all. No. That’s definitely a Mexico thing. That’s Mexico for sure. But if you go to Argentina, can you say, can I get some tacos? No. If you go to, I mean, maybe nowadays you can go to I feel like Korea.

No, I know Korea. No, no. I feel like’s True. I had it last night. Argentina. Argentina and Spain. Like those, like traditional Spanish things. It’s more like, it’s like paella. Yeah. Oh yeah. Like that’s where you get there. It’s not like me, Mexico, which is in , you know, the street food, , right. Yeah.

Easy, cheap. It’s delicious. Well, so my, , from what I was, I’ve been reading about it and watching, I mean, the amount of fucking documentaries on this that I’ve seen are ridiculous. , they drive me up the wall because they are the, you ever see those documentaries where it’s like, Hunting the gold of, I know Jack Sparrow.

There’s all, there’s and you’re these ones about the gold from the Nazis Bro’s. In Insanity. It’s 30 episodes, . And the 30 episodes we found no evidence at all. Yes. And they go, well, we found the chip in like the chip of the gold thing and it was a spoon. And find out on episode nine, and you have to go through the fucking episodes.

And they’re like, and I get so bad and I’m like, bro, did you find anything about Hitler or what I, I kid you not. I watched 15 episodes of hunting Hitler or some shit. . Nothing happened. No. Oh, I think I rage on it to be honest. I think in all reality, everyone had Hitler as like this, all this like fucking mastermind.

And I think maybe in the beginning he . He was doing good. Obviously. He was almost he, if he wouldn’t have been such a psycho, I think he would’ve conquered the world. But then he went full psycho and I think, yeah, everything went out the fucking window. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t think there was any , thought process onto bearing gold.

It was, I I think it was literally he was living one second at a time. Yeah. Didn’t know what he was doing next, next to fucking clue what was happening. Yeah. Like I feel like Bitz, the Blitzkrieg was a good idea. No, it was a great strategy. Right. Military wise. I don’t know if it was his idea or somebody else’s idea.

Some general was like, this is a great idea and we do it. It worked. And, and then from there it was a series of bad choices by Hiller and they, they were like, actually, you know what I mean? Militarily equipped much better than else. Yeah. They had far better, yeah, far better. Weapons. Far better tanks, far better planes.

They were, they were actually equipped to win. Yeah. Yeah. What kind of idiot invades Russia? ? Dude. When you’re dealing with, , you’re dealing with Churchill. and the US looming. Mm-hmm. , you know, fucking homies out. Homies out the play. Right. on the left, and then you’re like, you know what, I’m gonna fucking invade Russia, dude.

Russia. That’s dumbest idea. I think. I think Russia at the time, I mean, they had, there’s so, there’s so many people and so many 80% of the country is like inhabitable. This is like the worst terrain ever. It’s like this is a bad. Yeah. So, so the gather, you think he got away Dude, at first I did. At first I did Episode 19.

no, at first I did. I got an episode 25. I changed my mind. Honestly, I’m out. No, no. Honestly, I would say I did years ago because, , couple things. One is, uh, years ago we thought Russia would not release the bones. , they would not release the DNA because they were the ones who came in and conquered Berlin.

Yeah. So didn’t It’s ours. The allies didn’t Oh, no, no, no. We were, we came in later. Oh, we were clear. We East Berlin. West Berlin. The Berlin Wall. Yeah. The whole thing happened. Right. But we weren’t there first. No. So they took it, whatever. Right. We didn’t know for 40, 50 years the dna. Right. But do they have like a, a comparable DNA sample of Exactly.

Dental. . Oh, dental. Right? That side. So for the longest time it was unknown. La la and then all this , and then History Channel got me going, bro. They sucked in. They got the heck, honestly. Got ’em. Honestly, in the nineties, early two thousands. History Channel and me were tight . Yeah, we were tight.

I hate them now. I hate them. If you’re listening now, you ruined it. Channel listen. History Channel. You’re not that bad. I like Fortune Fire to me. It’s a good show. Stars. Did Fortune Fire is great. You ever watch Fortune Fire? It’s the shit I love history. They make historical weapons.

Yeah, that’s a whole, we’re gonna do a episode on history channel, a conspiracy. But point being. Point being for at the beginning, I actually thought about it because, because. There is a lot of people who did escape. Oh, a hundred percent to Argentina. Yeah. And it was all the people who were all the powerful, rich people.

Yeah. And, and there’s the most powerful, most rich person. And there are, there’s a lot of German culture that, that, that grew. It’s prevailed from Argentina that also Chile. Um, it, it like grew from there. And that was from the forties. And so there was a lot of evidence that showed there were Germans that made it.

And there, there is. And that, that’s why I, I totally believed it. And then the more I thought about it, I just think that, I don’t think Hitler at that point was in a state of mind to like, yeah. Pull it off. Yeah. I think he could if you would’ve just been like a regular dude Yeah. In that position. He’d be like, sweet.

Put me in the U-boat. Yeah. Fake the death. Easy peasy. Yeah. I just think he was so fucking lunatic at that point. Yeah. He was like, fuck up. I’m killing myself. Bitch Bob. And what’s crazy is, is he is so vile, he made a mustache taboo. . Literally, I did not, like, for example, if I went and did the Hitler stash, nobody would accept that.

But it just, it just doesn’t look good though. No, it’d be different if it was like, well, what’s crazy? Like it, like, like a beard and like, ooh, could you imagine when you look like without it, maybe all he had to do was go . And then he is a totally different dude. Hitler Hitler’s still alive. Yeah. He just shaked it off and everyone’s like, oh, I have no idea.

You’re, yeah, it changed his name, like Goldstein. It could have been, uh, a lot of the Goldstein, a lot of accounts, a lot of people seem, I mean, this is all internet research, so you know, take life, take it for, you know what it is. But a lot of people who believe in that, say he got away, made it to Argentina, and then he passed away around 64, 62.

In that timeframe. I mean, that makes sense. One theory. It’s totally possible. Like look, I, I, granted I say what I believe, but super easy for him to have done that. Yeah. Yeah. They had the U-boats. I do agree with that. Like the U-boats were by far the most advanced fucking thing in the wall. So you’re saying, so he was in the bunker.

He knew it was the, he knew it was ending. He knew it was the end fucking seven days later. Sure. For sure. He went, he brought Ava, he’s like, Hey, yeah, go girl. Bring it in. He probably killed a couple SS members. Just throw their fucking bodies and then you’d burn ’em down. Take the Jeep, you know, US grade , US grade Jeep, all the way the Wrangler.

Yeah. And then you hop in a ubo and you ubo it all the way. I think it’d be super easy. Or maybe you fly to Italy, I don’t know. You know, whatever, wherever. I just think it would be really, because Italy’s closer to the water. It’d be really easy for them to do that. And , I’ve seen all the movies and documents about the U-boats.

Man, those things were fucking way far superior this. They could, way better than us. We could barely fucking kill a couple of ’em. Those things are just like, just, and by that time, the war’s over. So , you’re not looking for him. Yeah. So I think he probably, I think it’s a good theory, but I, I do think that he did kill himself and he just killed himself.

Yeah, that’s what I think. You know what? Fuck you guys, right? He escape. I know. He escape. I’m flipping, I’m flipping. No, after everything I seen, everything I’ve read all the documentaries, all the, the whatever, all the theories, all the history channels, all the hunting, Hitler, fucking, I hate you hunting, Hitler.

All the things I, I just kind of like resolved, , yeah, he killed himself. Yeah. Cause I agree with you. Like he would. Be the one to like, he couldn’t shut up. Yeah, exactly. He would not shut the one to not, you know, to keep that a secret. So yes, even on his deathbed, he’d be like, . Do you know what I mean?

Like, yeah. This way my finish running my manifesto. Yes. It’s just that kind of personality, that kind of person. No, I think, I think he was, he so psychotic, he would’ve try to like re you know, was realist Start, yeah. Start another revolution, like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s not he, yeah, it’s not I, I’ve known a dictator before in my life.

So, you know, that’s kind firsthand. I’m not saying I know that personality in and out, but I’m just, I just think you can tell, you can tell. , I think he was. the guy who , wanted to be interesting. You know? Exactly, exactly. Wanted to , people wanted the eyes on him. He’s, well, here’s, here’s a good, here’s an example is , we just did an episode on Tvb Cooper.

Oh yeah. There’s five dudes on their deathbed saying, I’m TB Cooper. I’m like, there’s nobody on, on their deathbed saying I’m, it’s just weird. You would think and be , yes. It’s just weird. Remember me? It’s just weird. Hitler. I was Alf Hitler dude. If they really did make it out, uh, I mean, they must have died in the sixties and if they did, but not if they did, but I don’t see them.

But that’s a weird thing. It’s like, I just don’t see it happening, but like, it’d been so easy. For like, I know anyone in that paper, three off your pipes and you just, yeah. , I got peppers. that, what the fuck? I don’t know. Was that, I don’t know. But it, it was like, you sln, what the fuck? No, no, I’m, I’m going to a gate.

You have your papers? No, I’m going to a gate. I pull up in a jeep to a gate near the guard. But what country am I’m, I’m the guard of German. I’m trying to leave Germany. Oh, trying to leave. Yeah. And I pull Upk. No, no. And I up fuck. And I pull up and I outta I’m, what do you say? You’re no’s No, come on.

Do you have your papers? No. It’s like a, a paper? Yes. Mm. That’s all I wanted. Ekk Pep. Yes. Anyway. So he could have got smuggled. He shaved off his little beard. No, but like why would he show papers at the German border? He fucking owned Germany. Exactly. That’s not like he’s gonna have to like show his fucking passport.

Yeah. Going into the U-boat. True. But the odds of him making it through enemy lines, cuz either he goes he is going to try to get through the Soviet line or he is going and he is going through the ally line. Dude, I’m gonna never doubt a guy. He got an 18 bedroom bunker fucking 55 feet on your ground.

That’s true. That’s true. I mean, it’s like saying , Oh man. How did Elon Musk , you know, like, well that’s shrimp. You know, a couple Billy, you can make shit happy. There’s some lines, there’s some really crazy ones where he’s on the moon. Wow. Okay. He had a bunker that was deep under earth. There was also another one where the hit, where the Nazis were exploring Antarctica.

I’ve act. Yeah. There’s actually ones about that. And there’s also weird ones about how the Nazis were using alien technology. Yes. Also with the moonwalk. And they were literally using Hear about that? They were using the U. They were using the U-boats. Yes. To go into, they were actually sending U-boats in the space because they were pressurized, my god for that.

And they were sitting U-boats believe A shred of that. I mean a little a shred. It’s possible. A shred. A shred. Really a shred like Marvel level. Like where there’s a guy, you know, the guy with the red. He’s , fuck, hit. We’re crazy guy. Old. Who’s that? What’s that guy’s name? You know, I know exactly.

Titles in Captain America. Yes. He, he’s like the leader of Hying. He’s like, nuked. And he is like banished to like the fucking be like the guardian of the, the, the stone. But so the, do you believe like a shred of it? A shred. A shred. A shred. They were maybe researching something. I think it’s totally possible.

 See when, when it comes to the shit like that, it’s , it’s, it’s, it’s not completely impossible. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . So that’s why I mean, like, if you don’t believe a shred of it, you’re insane because it’s not in the infinity of impossibilities. There is responsibility for sure. Yeah. If you have a conspiracy podcast, you’re gonna, no, you’re gonna believe a shred something.

No, but I’m saying it’s like, okay, like, oh wow. Everyone’s like, well, this is 60 years good of a technology. I’m like, well, yeah, aliens don’t care about 60 years ago. Yeah. It’s if they’re coming here, they’re not gonna be like, oh shit. Yeah. Well, we can’t have the technology now. I’m so confused.

Are you talking about aliens and Hiller? Oh, I thought you were talking about the, that’s what we were just talking about. That’s talking about, that’s what we were literally just talking about. You asked me if I believed a shot of that. Oh, I didn’t know what we were talking about. Aliens and Hiller. I thought we were talking about like, Nazis creating technology to go to the moon?

No, but they, no. Oh, you, you mentioned No, the theory, the theory is that they got that technology. Oh, I must have missed the, they got that technology. Oh, I didn’t know that. Alien technology. Oh, I didn’t know that. No, I didn’t know that. I didn’t know. They clearly more like a Raiders of the lost arc scenario.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. All I was, I was tracking now. Yeah. I was thinking more like fucking, uh, last crusade. Mm-hmm. the holy Grail. I know. Yes, I know. And she’s like, I can almost touch it in day. He’s , please bitch, you’re too hot. Don’t drop. Dude. She was top level dude, but she, she wanted the grail, bro.

Wonder where she is now? She’s in the cave. In the, in the pit. Yeah. I mean her, I mean, in real life. That’s what she, she died on set. No, that’s what she is. If you are out there, she’s with Hitler in our studio. . Oh my God. If you’re out there, send us, we’d love to have you as a start the podcast. Yeah, dude, I would do a super side episode.

Oh, a hundred percent. You kidding? Was is the grail real? Yeah, that’s hundred bucks. The conspiracy. Give her the, the, the name. I have no idea. I I an imdb that shit right now. Pull her name instantly. She’s probably like 65, 70. No, that’s fine.

She was beautiful. She’s probably still beautiful. I know. She probably is. No, no . Well, I, I, I, uh, I’m gonna have to go that I think, I think he’s dead. I think he died. Well, I think he’s dead now. Sure. Yeah. 100% now. But, I think, I think that he died then he committed suicide. Yeah. Yeah.

Committed su. I think he’s here, and I’m just gonna get dark real quick. I think he’s coward. Yeah, I agree with that. Yeah, I agree with that. Yeah. Do you know what I mean? I totally agree with that. He’s coward in a loser, evil person. You know what I’m gonna, and so that makes sense. That’s true.

That’s true. D and he would just, I’m actually gonna go out on a limb here. Side theory. This is what I believe. I believe that he was gonna kill himself, but then the fucking secretary snapped and killed him. Really? A hundred percent. I think this was her one time. She’s been fucking under his fucking boot the whole time.

She’s, she’s just, and she fucking typing his fucking last will and shit. She’s like, fuck, that would be a fuck him. That would be a great ending to a movie. Literally. It’s like Aquin twist Tarantino ending. She like shoots him in the head like a hundred times. Yeah. Nah, I like that. I like that theory. I like it.

All right. Well, what do you guys think? I’m with Eric. I’m with you. Yeah. Yep. Unfortunately, I, I hate, I like theory though. I hate when we’re all, when it’s a hundred percent. Yeah. I hate when we all agree, but like, he’s just, he was too batt bro at that, at that point. He was, if it would’ve been five years, we didn’t, didn’t even do, we didn’t even go in deep about his drug.

Oh, dude. Right. You know, he has a lot. He was getting steady dose of methamphetamines for years. Yeah, like years. The cocaine eyedrops is dude, that’s just, just level. Who does, who’s ever done that? Dude, I’ve watched every, like, I’ve watched every drug movie, ever. And they don’t even do that. No one does that.

They don’t have that now. I know. It’s too intense. Where is that? Cocaine drops. Wow. I’m gonna have to re, I’m gonna have to do a little, like, where did I get that information? cookie drop. Like, did I shit burn like, God, like your eyes. But it makes sense now that I think about it. , you’re super tired, you’re.

  1. He’s like, it’s four. He’s like, I gotta be up in two hours. Yes, . Gimme the blast. Yeah. I had softball last night. It’s fucking crazy. I had to get going. Softball.

All right everybody. Well thanks for tuning in. We’ll cut you next time. We’ll cut you guys next time. All right.