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Episode 12: AIDs and HIV Epidemic

Podcast Transcription

All right, everybody. Welcome to the uh, conspiracy podcast. My name’s Eric. My name is Sean Jorge here. , today’s episode is, where did AIDS come from? Hiv aids. Aids. I don’t know why there’s two different names for it. The conspiracy persists. It’s crazy. , it’s pretty heavy. And we’ll try to keep it light, , as much as we can.

As much as we can. Yeah. As much as we can try our damnedest. Uh, but what I thought we would do first is what’s the difference between AIDS and HIV? V. Yeah. Yes. Cause it’s good start. It’s, it’s, yeah. Because I’d love to know. Yeah, exactly. So, so HIV is the virus that causes aids. Okay. Okay, so, but it doesn’t start, but it, it has to progress into aids.

Yes. So it starts, its hiv. Okay. So you in, like if you have aids, you have, you started with hiv. Oh, so that’s where you’re HIV positive and then that will develop into aids. That’s right. Okay. So it’s like stage four cancer, but. That’s right. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. A hundred percent. So it damages your immune system, uh, making it so, so a lot of people who, who pass away from aids, it’s actually they pass away from like the cold or pneumonia.

Oh. Because it just deletes their immune system. It’s like murders your immune system. Yeah. So it’s like literally it’s like you’d sniff like some dust that’s. Dead. That’s right. So AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Oh, hmm. Immune deficiency. There you is. Yeah. And just so we’re all clear, HIV and AIDS are not the same thing and people with HIV V do not always have aids.

Measure Johnson. Right, right, right, right. So, and obviously AIDS is the most deadly. H I V. You can survive for a while. Yeah. It’s like a progression. It’s a progression. Okay. Okay. So HIV is the virus that’s passed from person to person. So over time, HIV V destroys an important kind of cell that’s in your immune system and it’s called CD four cells or the T-cell. Oh, okay. And that is what helps you. , protect you basically from infections.

Okay? So when you don’t have enough of these CD four cells, your body can’t fight off infections the way a normal, healthy person can. Uh, you just test. Yeah. So aids Okay. Go ahead. Mm-hmm. . Cause maybe you’re gonna get into it, but AIDS can’t be transferred. only hiv. That’s right. Because HIV is the actual virus itself.

It’s the Yes. Correct. Whereas AIDS is like the, the progressed version of hiv. Yeah. Damn. This podcast just turned into the doctors. Now that’s serious. We’re, we’re all not certified. . . Literally. Yeah. So AIDS is the disease caused by the damage that H I V does to your system? Okay, so you have AIDS when you get dangerous infections or a super low number of the CD four or tce.

So AIDS is the most serious stage of HIV V, and it eventually leads to death. Okay. Yeah. Without treatment, it usually takes about 10 years for somebody who, when they get HIV to develop into aids. That’s right. Okay. Okay. So about 10 years if they had no treatment. Oh, so there’s like just like no factor, like they’re not doing anything.

Yeah. They’re just like, I. And then 10 years goes by basically , the human body can’t get rid of HIV V and no effective HIV cure actually exists. Is it because you have hiv? Slow it down. Is it almost like a cancer thing where like it, like she mutates and like you can’t like actually identify the.

the actual thing. Is it kind of like that? Because that’s why like, you know, cancer can’t be stopped cuz like they’re No, but you can get of cancer. Cancer. I think you can, but I’m saying like it’s just constantly mutating. So it’s like you think it’s one thing and it changes into a different thing and then you’re like, fuck where it go.

Yeah, because I think when you get cancer it attacks your immune cells or your immune system. Yeah. And so it’s like thinking like it’s attacking itself. So that’s why it keeps mutating growing. Oh yeah. But there is cures out there. , you know, to actually stop it and get rid of it. That’s true. Not the same with hiv, not, yeah.

Aids. So apparently what, , HIV has been a problem because they couldn’t, for decades, they couldn’t get rid of it. They could suppress it and make it less, but they couldn’t. And we fully dispose it and we, and we still can’t. Correct. Yeah. Yeah. , so here’s the theory is that HIV infection in humans came from a type of chimpanzee in Central Africa.

Mm-hmm. , , studies show that HIV may have jumped from chimps to humans back in the 18 hundreds. Is this like via sexual contact, or is this like via blood? Not necessarily like blood. Like you, you, they, they blood flung into someone’s mouth and like, , no. Yeah, so, just imagine you and I are in Africa.

It’s like late 18 hundreds and we’re like, we go on a hunt conquistadors. Yeah. No, we go on a hunt. Right? We kill a chimp and we kill a chimp. Yeah. Right. And then we eat it. Oh, that sounds like terrible. I would not eat a chimp. Right. And really not interested. Say you have a little canker in your mouth. Oh my God.

Yeah. And so not only do you have cook it up, we cut it, we cook it up. Now you got HIV and her teeth. So that’s the theory is that, that we were hunting. And then eventually it just transmitted into our bloodstream. I see. From, from, so it’s like undercooked. They were like medium rare for me. Please. Yeah. . It was just like, , so the chimps, , chimpanzees actually have a version of the virus and it’s called, , Simian Immune Deficiency Virus.

Hmm. Chik? No, but now it’s called Chik Chi. Yes. But now do they, do they die from it too? Is it like just as deadly to them or? I’m not sure if you know that, but Okay. I mean it’s, I don’t think the studies have been done enough on the chimps who has probably siv, I guess it’s called the siv. As humans, I think we only give a shit about humans.

Yeah. all. Yeah. But the idea is that humans hunted the chimps for meat. And then came in contact with the infected blood. Okay. So however we did that. Yeah. , and then over decades, HIV spread across Africa and then later into the other parts of the world. , uh, the virus itself, records wise, , was in the US , late seventies.

Okay. Okay. , and just so we’re not like super Debbie Downer on this whole episode, but the good news is there there is new effective HIV treatment. Oh, dude, for sure. That suppresses, yeah, it’s like the virus. It’s like the immuno fucking suppressant, like blockers and like, I mean, look at Magic Johnson has been living with hiv Yeah.

For like 30 something years, and he’s like, forgot about that dude. He, he weighs, he still weighs like two 70. Yeah. Like, it’s not like his body’s like breaking down, like the dude’s like fucking living it. Yeah. Like he’s killing the game. He looks healthy as shit. Yeah. Yeah. So he’s also super rich, so Oh, true.

What? I mean, it’s a factor. , it is a factor. So like nowadays, you, the, uh, medication that you can be put on can actually suppress the HIV so much that you can, can’t even detect it. On a, on a test. Oh, that’s a little, almost getting rid of it. See, it’s like, it’s not a, it’s, that’s why, that’s why they have not, like, isn’t a little sketch though.

Like you can suppress it so much. You’re like, I’m not HIV positive. Let’s have sex. Right? Yeah. Like, isn’t it a, it’s a little sketchy. Like, I, I’m kind of not into that. Yeah. Like. Because then one day you’re like, I’m not feeling so hot. Yeah. And then you’re like, I got, well, presently present day in the us most people that have HIV don’t even actually develop aids because they’re taking the medicine to suppress.

Oh, it’s a suppress to sit down. Mm. So we’re like, it’s like almost, it’s like the, the news Best thing to cure. If we did the podcast in the nineties, oh be like, bad news. Darkest fuck. Like bad news. You dead. Bad news. Bad news. You were dying soon. And just so we know, like a, a person. Um, to define somebody with hiv, it’s, it’s, um, that has progressed to aids.

It’s when a certain number of their CD four cells falls below, um, 200 cells per cubic millimeter of blood. Oh, so it’s like once you’re like it’s very measurable. Yeah, it’s a very measurable, so, um, so that’s when they tell you have, . So that’s what, it’s eight. Yes. It’s like, yes. There you go. Yeah. Yeah. And so, uh, now different points in time like.

You know, I know above now it’s without treatment. It usually takes about 10 years. But back in the nineties it was about three years before you die. Yeah. Damn. That was like the life expectancy. Fuck dude. Like you cannot complete your bucket list in that much time. fuck. Also this is like a public service announcement basically.

So if you don’t know you have it and you don’t get tested, , you can’t, you can’t fix it. No, for sure. So the like, get tested. Oh, I should be tested multiple times. Yeah. But because otherwise you just kind of like, And, and you’re spreading it too. And you’re, you’re also, you getting pneumonia, you’re also spreading it.

You’re what I like. You’re, you’re infecting other humans. And it’s actually, I think it’s actually you can, you can actually go to prison. Like, it’s like a illegal mm-hmm. If you knew, if you know mm-hmm. You’re HIV positive and you don’t tell your sexual partner, it’s you, it’s a crime. It’s like a fucking crime.

Yeah. So this is, , this next part I’m just gonna walk through, , basically, so we are all knowledgeable. , the transition from, from nothing to an epidemic. Yeah, basically. Yeah. , and then the, and then what’s interesting is that, , in here there’s a certain point that’s they in the media, everybody was freaking out about it in the eighties and they thought like, spitting like spit.

Oh, would, oh yeah. Would, would spread it ski you fucking piece of shit. Much misinformation. Everybody was so scared. Like Yeah. If you knew of somebody, you’re like, oh god. Like you don’t even wanna go close to them. Yeah. Yeah. I’m not gonna, I don’t want your water. Yeah. I’ll bring around bottled water bitch.

So like, just, just so we’re all clear and we understand you cannot get h I V from Kiss. from sharing food? No sharing drinks. Isn’t it only from like blood or like, like That’s right. Or like actual like, like semen or blood transfer and semen transfer. Yeah. Yeah. So you can’t get it from hugging, holding hands?

No. Like if you cough on me, I’m not, you’re not, you’re trying to get AIDS to me. , sneezing. , toilet seat. None of that is real. None of that is real. A long time ago, like back in the eighties, people did get it. Blood transfusion. Blood. Oh, a hundred transfusion. A hundred percent. , but that’s not, that’s not happening now because, because nobody use, because they screen all that shit.

Well, first of all, like, nobody uses the same needles. Well, also when you, when you give blood, they test the blood. They’re not like gonna like, give you like some, like they have a heart transplant. They’re like, here’s a HIV blood homie something. Okay. So 1981, June 5th, 1981, the, , CDC published an article that five young, uh,

Mm-hmm. got a rare lung infection. , these were previously healthy gay men in Los Angeles. Okay. Okay. , the colleagues of the CDC basically, , reported that all the men have unusual infections indicating that their immune systems are not working. Oh, I see. And two of them died by the time the report was published.

Mm-hmm. , oh fuck. The other three died soon. Okay, so that was June 5th, 1981. That was the first. So that’s when they’re like, something’s happening. That’s something’s going down. Yeah. Like it was a strange thing. June 16th, a 35 year old white gay man exhibited symptoms of immune deficiency. Uh, and he was the first person that they said he’s got aids.

uh, and he was admitted to that, basically the hospital, and he died, uh, four months later. Oh. So this is like when they first classified at his age, like they were like, okay, this is what it is, this, okay, this is a thing, blah, blah. Yeah. Okay. So now August 28th. . So this is June same year, 19. Same year, right?

Same year. Okay. Uh, so from June 5th to August 28th, 108 cases were reported, dude. So it’s like it’s fucking spreading like wildfire. Yeah. Yeah. And now that we’ve gone through Covid, we kind of know. It just takes like a little shaking some stuff. It takes like, it’s like, it’s like, hey, two weeks to fucking spit the curve, and it’s like the whole world locked up like so of So 108 cases were reported.

Of those 108, 107 were men. Okay. Oh, okay, so it’s like predominantly male. Yes. Then 94% reported that they were either homosexual or they were bisexual. . Okay. 94%. 94% of all that makes sense. What it was. The man, it does, it does make sense If it’s, if a man has it and the man has sex with a man. Yeah. Like it’s gonna stay with the man.

Like, so by August 28th when those cases were reported, 40% of them died. Oh, fuck. So it was like pretty, like, it’s devastating. It’s like fast. It’s like quick, like, yeah. , by December they started getting cases of children. Oh my God. Yeah. How the fuck did that happen? So they found, wait, how old are these kids?

I know. Like, so, , of the children that were diagnosed, , it was found as a common denominator that the children. Of parents who were Yeah. Drug addicts. Oh. Or, or prostitutes sharing the needles. Okay. That makes sense. Yeah. God, that’s so sad. No. Or, or they could just been, if it was a gay guy that’d pass it onto a girl.

Like maybe they’re bisexual. Bisexual, yeah, bisexual. They’re bisexual kid. Like there’s, you know, , you know, and so, because it can be transferred on through blood, obviously. That’s right. Then that’s why the kids have as well as semen. Yeah, so it’s basically like fluid, it’s like bodily fluid.

It seems like fluid, bodily fluids, but like saliva doesn’t count, but into your bloodstream. Yeah. It’s like s body fluids that are actually , like I said, saliva is not technically Yeah. In, in that category. Yeah. Okay. So by the end of the year, end of nineteen eighty one, three hundred and thirty seven cases were reported, 

mm-hmm. , , 16 of whom were children. . Oh my God. Yeah. Of those cases, 130 were dead by the end of that year. Dude. Just 30%. It’s like ra it’s like fucking deadly. So 1982, the New York Times published, an article and they coined the term grid, which was a gay related immune deficiency. Oh, so they were the blame.

Well they didn’t have the terms yet. They were just bla they were blaming it on, but New York Times fucking put gay related immune deficiency. Well the New York Times wouldn’t be cut dead doing that now . So that created like this public perception that it was the gay virus. Right, right, right. Obviously it’s a New York Times.

It’s almost like trusted publication in America. So that was September. It’s the problem with the fucking media man. Yeah, so that was May. And so then fast forward to September, the CDC used the, the first time, used the term. , , and they created a definition for aids and it was a disease, at least moderately predictive of a defect in cell mediated immunity occurring in a person with no known cause for diminished resistance to the disease.

That was their first definition. Let me ask cuz they didn’t know what the fuck was happening. Yeah. They’re like, you’re getting sick. Real, real easy. Yeah. We don’t know why. So two years later, In 1984, the New York Times, again, I get this bastards, , publish, publish something that said scientific evidence has been raised at the possibility that aids could be transmitted through saliva. Oh my God. Oh damn. So that’s it can’t, that’s ridiculous. But that’s when the start of , The shame game. Yes. The shame of, oh, you have aids. Fucking don’t spit on me, me, don’t, don’t look at me. I don’t want any spit on me. Don’t, don’t even look at me. So then 19, so fast forward from 82 to , 19 85 in the fda, , licensed the first test to detect hiv.

Okay? So then July of that year, you remember Rock Hudson? Nope. Nope. Don’t remember. Super famous. Don’t remember him. Super famous actor. , yeah. I was like fucking three years old. Yeah. He acknowledged that he had aids. Oh, that was the first, the first guy to come out like Yeah. He was like a man’s man.

He was like a John Wayne. Like a Burt Reynolds. Yes. What’s the game? Very. We don’t know whispers, , okay. Yeah. Whispers in the, in the community. Yeah. , that September Ronald Reagan mentioned AIDS for the first time publicly. Okay. Hmm. Yep. , that October Rock Hudson died. Oh, shit. Yeah, it was quick. Whoa.

, also that October Congress allocated 190 million for the first time for AIDS research. Damn. Yeah. , so in December, , a poll was found that, , by the United Nations that, , there was one HIV case in every country on earth. Oh, fuck. So it’s like, it’s it’s spreading. It’s happening. Yeah. It’s spreading.

Yeah. Yeah. , in. 86, January of 86, the CDC reported that, , more people were diagnosed with AIDS in 85 than all the years combined. Oh, so it’s like rapidly spreading now? Yeah. , October of 86, the CDC reported that the AIDS cases were suspect disproportionate towards Americans and Latinos. . So me and Jorge.

Yeah. . So that was Eric and Safe. Me and Jorge are fucked , uh, February, uh, ever here of Liberace. Yeah, yeah. Liberace died in February. He’s died of AIDS from aids, so his doctor claimed that he died of a heart attack, a heart attack. Uh, but the coroner said in the autopsy that he. Oh shit. Yeah. Uh, go forward to March.

The FDA approved the first medication, which was an antiretroviral drug that was initially developed for cancer that they’ve approved for this, basically, because it’s kind of the same thing, right? Cancer attacks your immune system. Yeah. That’s how it grows. Destroys, So then fast forward to April and a lovely woman named Princess Diana. was photographed, , shaking the hand of an HIV positive patient in London because she’s smart, and she’s like, I’m not gonna get AIDS through skin contact. Yes. And she, so she broke back ground and episode on Princess Diana.

That’s right. Check that out. We talked about that in the episode that she broke ground. Oh dude. She did by saying she was awesome. Shaking hands and, and going, okay, public what year was. , , 80 87. 6 86. Okay. Okay. 86. Yeah. , then in August, the FDA sanctioned the first human testing for vaccines against hiv.

Hmm. Okay. So 89 failed miserably. So now we’re gonna fast forward to 89. Yep. , number of cases in the US of AIDS is a hundred thousand. Okay. So nine. Fast forward to 91 in November. Magic Johnson announced that he had hiv. Yep. Yep, yep. , three weeks later, , Freddy Mercury announced that he had aids.

Oh, yeah. Yeah. , and he actually died that month. From pneumonia. Yeah. From aids, of course. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know that guy. What have you heard? A Queen? Queen? Well, okay. I heard a Queen Freddy Lead singer Mercury bro. Oh man. Talk to me about fucking rap and Mexican music. That’s Freddy Mercury. When Jorge didn’t show up tonight, he was listening to some Mexican music.

It was actually pretty fire, I’m not gonna lie. It was, it was pretty hot. Okay, so fast forward now to 1990. . Yeah. Um, AIDS actually becomes the number one cause of , death for us men between the ages 25 or 44. Wow. 1992. That’s a hardcore man. Yeah. Now it’s like, Or heart disease or whatever it is, but yeah.

And that’s an illness related dust, not like car accidents or anything. No, that’s what I’m saying, like, yeah, yeah. Like now it’s heart to disease cuz we all eat McDonald’s every day. So . So, , I remember there was a lot of attention, you know, in the news, especially because of Magic Johnson and shit. Yeah.

And. It was just like everywhere. When’s the last time you heard anything about aids? No, it’s been, it’s been 10, 15 years. Yeah, it’s interesting. And you’ve heard shit and that’s kinda why peep, that’s kind of why I wanted to do this. Like, like, like build up kind of Yeah. Look, basic bullet points of what happened over 30 years.

Yeah. It was a big fucking deal. Yeah. So, , 93, now we’re at 93. , the CDC. , expanded their definition of AIDS to say anybody who has under 200 on the CD four account, just so we know, 94, we fast forwarded 94. It’s be aids has become the leading cause of death for all Americans. Holy shit. Damn, that’s a lot.

Age is 25 to 44. And as a note, and I just wanted to put this in here as a note. So the percentage in 1992 of. that were attributed to black people from HIV was 6,490 people. Yeah. 

Okay. Okay. That’s 25% of the deaths of black people. from illness. . So it’s 25% of the, of the deaths. Deaths from illness. Okay. I understand that from black people.

Okay, so that’s a huge number. That’s a massive, massive number. 25% of the death. That’s a massive number. So now just as an fyi, the white male deaths, where it’s 14,400. of aids or of hiv. Okay. All right. So that’s, that’s 10. That’s like 11,000 less, 12,000 less. white people. White male deaths were 14,004 six.

Oh, because you said 6,000. Sorry. Yeah, I’m sorry. So now, but keep in mind, the population is higher of white males. Yeah, yeah, of course. So the percentage are percentage percentages different. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I just wanted to put that as a point, right, dude, 25%. It’s fucking humongous numbers. It’s ridiculous.

Like, yeah. So 95, we fast forward, um, Eazy-E dies. Oh, that’s right. I forgot. He died of of AIDS date of. . Yep. Dude, what a how, what a shame. Yep. By October, 500,000 cases of AIDS in the us Jesus Christ. 96, uh, we turned a little bit and AIDS. Declined for the first time since the early eighties. , and it became no longer the, the leading cause of death.

So by this time they already have the medication, or at least the awareness. Yeah, awareness. Awareness, awareness too, for sure. But they already had the medication for HIV at that point too. So this one, Trojan really started making cash , just like just banking. So 97. Uh, president Clinton is Clinton now. Yep.

Announced that he had the goal of finding an effective vaccine for h hiv. Within 10 years he failed miserably cuz he was too, too busy. Uh, getting busy. They all, honestly, shit, honestly, he, they did fail. He failed miserably. Yeah, they did fail on that. Cause they all talk shit. They all going fucking Yeah.

They’ll tell you what. So the UN estimated in 97 that 16,000 people are newly infected every. That is so many people. Yeah. What the fuck? So 99, the World Hor Health Organization, which is who announces that h, hiv, and AIDS, has become the fourth biggest killer worldwide and the number one killer in Africa.

Damn. Who estimated that? 33 million people are living with HIV worldwide. Boo. Who? . Who? Yeah. The world ho. Uh, okay. Oh God. Wow. You just totally played us both. Yes. Damn. Played us joke. Both. So literally supreme. So what’s interesting is, is even though in the US it started to decline in Africa, it started to.

Well, they, they obviously they’re, they have like far less like Right. Availability to like proper medical, medical care. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So, in, so fast forward now . So in 2003, a San Francisco based biotech company announced that they were, that their vaccine trial failed.

Yep. 2004 US Congress authorized 350 million for AIDS research. 2007, CDC reported half a million people have died from AIDS in the US since 81. , 2012, , the FDA finally approved a first at-home HIV test that let users learn their HIV status immediately. It’s like fucking light years from when the shit first started back in the, well, when it really started back in the eighties when it really started spreading.

Yeah. But, so after 2013 or 12? Yeah. Infections declined by 50%. Oh, wow. Yeah. I mean, it’s kind of after the HIV home test. Yeah. Oh, right. Yeah. I mean, I don’t know if that was the reason, but, , in 2015, , they released a report that said 15 million people were on the antiretroviral. . , and that more than doubled since 2010.

, 2017, , Bill Gates Foundation announced 140 million in new HIV prevention tool. In the, the, what they were trying to donate to was a, , in implant that made it so it was time released. medication. Yeah. So you didn’t have to take the pill every other day. Oh, like every, like fucking, so it was like a released whatever, and it just happened to have a micro tip.

Guys, it’s a microchip thing dying up on the farm Bill Melinda Gates. So, , fast forward to May, , HIV related deaths drop by 80. in 2017, , since the beginning of the album. Worldwide. Worldwide Or just us. Okay. Us, yeah. , but overall, like the summary is, , 84 million people have been infected with hiv, and about 40 million people died.

She’s 40 fucking million people. Dude, that’s a lot of fucking people, bro. Mm-hmm. So, , there you go. That’s basically the timeline all the way up to a lot of homies. A lot of homies. Like that’s one of the theories out there. There’s no facts, there’s nothing to, you know, necessarily support it, but there’s one of the theory conspiracy theories out there that, you know, they were targeting minorities.

Yep. And easy e classic example. Yeah. They didn’t like that. They didn’t like fuck the police . Yeah. Had to get rid of ’em. So, , So as of 2019, if you were to break down, by race, if we were to take it from a race standpoint mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. , 25% of HIV is white. Okay. Okay. , 29% is Hispanic. Okay.

Latino. Okay. Ah, yeah. Yeah. 41% African American. That’s so insane. Whew. Now is this, is this worldwide St. Us. Oh, okay. I’m just saying cause like, if they’re taking the account, Africa, obviously if they’re all African American, they’re all African, like, okay. Wow. So that’s just us. That’s an, that’s, that’s crazy, right?

That’s ridiculous. Yeah. , just as the end of our lesson, , Spike Lee said something in Rolling Stone Magazine. , in 92. He said, I’m convinced AIDS is a government engineered disease. Mm-hmm. , they got one thing wrong. They never realized it couldn’t just be contained to the groups. It was intended to wipe out.

Oh, I see what you’re saying. So now it’s a national priority. Exactly. Like drugs when they escaped the urban centers into white suburbia, which is another episode and you should come back to listen to that one. Yeah. On the, the whole drugs conspiracy. Yeah, the whole conspiracy that crack cocaine. Yeah. You know, was, yeah.

You gotta listen to the episodes on that. But it’s just crazy because I was, I was reading up about, , some focus groups that they did actual, surveys on and , one out of three African Americans think the government created AIDS to decimate them. Yeah. Damn. . Well, would you put it past them?

I, no, I know, I know. Look, I think I know. I mean, numbers are, numbers are staggering. I’m not gonna get, like, numbers are staggered always at the end. My my opinion. Should I wait for my opinion? Go? Should I go? You, Eric, Eric , you’re the czar. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . I think, I mean, I personally, I personally believe that AIDS probably was created, I don’t necessarily believe it was like, purposely, destroy the, the, the African-American community.

I, my, I am a myself from African American, but , I don’t, I don’t believe that was like the goal. I, I think it was more or less , you know, I, I feel when the government does this kinda shit and when they’re, they’re actually trying to create this stuff. I think it’s more biological warfare.

 In the purpose of forwarding the aims of America, like I don’t think they’re deleting the black population, really actually serves the goals of America. , the black population, although it’s like smaller than the white population actually comprises a very large part of the workforce that they need to survive.

Like, yeah. Yeah. But that’s a whole nother, that’s part of the interest, that’s population of control. You know, that’s part of the infrastructure of America though. It’s , you know, you can’t just delete the black people. , but based statistically, it’s, it’s, it. Gay men. Yeah. And African.

And then the next level of that is African-American. African, African-American. There’s some real fucking evil because the gay men, the gay men, bisexual slash gay men mm-hmm. Was 90%. Well see. Maybe it’s so, so obviously race is included in that. No, but see, but race isn’t just fucking evil. People that are just, but think, think of it like this.

I’m sorry to cut you off. All right. Go. Just like, okay. Imagine it’s like, alright, so maybe in the African American community, maybe it’s , you know, people weren’t. really into using protection. So it’s infection can spread. Is that a culture thing? Like what’s I, I don’t know. I’m just saying like, I don’t know that anybody was, man, I think everybody started being hyper aware of that shit after this whole shit, you know?

Yeah. After this whole pandemic and shit. No, but I’m saying, okay. Let’s just say you’re in a shitty fucking, everything’s a pandemic. Nowaday. Let’s say you’re, let’s say you’re in, , it’s a little different now. Yeah. Slightly impoverished fucking black community. Yeah. , you know, are you really gonna spend the extra cash on like some rubbers, or are you just gonna go like, fuck your chick, bro.

But I don’t know. I think that was in the fucking white community too, like dude, but I’m saying , I know. Why? Why wouldn’t, that wasn’t like, yeah. I don’t, you know, that wasn’t a huge thing where you’re , oh my God, what’s interesting too, I gotta be protected. Maybe you’re trying to not get pregnant.

Okay. But not necessarily for protection against STDs and all that shit. Right? That was. Such a thing. Well see my thing is , I don’t think they were targeting the black community cuz there’s no way you can biologically only target African Americans cuz there’s gonna be collateral, collateral damage, the human human care, the human genome, the human fucking biology, they’re all the same.

It’s the role the, there’s not a fucking mar just cuz someone has more melanin in their skin doesn’t mean that you can target it with a virus. It doesn’t work out. No. Okay, fine. Maybe for the black community. Right. But what about for the gay community? Like you got. evil motherfuckers that I know.

The problem is though, that, that, what’s the word? Not racist. What’s the, what’s the word? It’s not sexist. Yeah. What’s not sexist, but it’s kind of sexist. But you know, you got some people that are very, let’s say they’re anti, they’re anti-gay. Yeah. Anti-gay. Maybe they’re very religious no, I know what I mean. Isn’t there, isn’t there the concept of , there’s a stigma taking No, , Diverting from conservative values. Okay. Well, I think it’s more. . You know, Catholicism is super hyper antigay.

 It is true. But continue ho for the, no, I mean that was my point is , you know, maybe it was this group of people, this I don’t know exact, obviously we don’t know anything, right? But just theory out there, that group of people. That want to take out this community, the gay community, it’s this is the perfect way to maybe pull this shit out.

It does, it does make sense. , you know, it’s fucking, you know, God and country, it’s , you know, you’re so hyper. You’re, you’re so hyper, what’s the word? Like conservative that like, you know. Yeah. It’s the far, it’s, it’s really side it, it’s really easy to blame it on, you know, one segment that you don’t like.

Yeah. They’re ruining society. Yeah. Look at the gays did this. It’s really easy for them to do that. Yeah. And then like, really push that narrative. , this is what it is. Yeah. Yeah. C you should be straight cause God wants you to Exactly. Look what happens if you’re not , you know, they can really happen on me.

Well, the main conspiracies that exist for it are a, that the Pentagon or the government or whatever. We’re trying to knock out gays in African-American. African-American. That’s like the main, main one, two birthstone. Right? There’s another one that’s about, , in 78 in the Nixon era. , where they were doing hepatitis B experiments on black people.

Oh shit. And, , you know what I mean? And then it got outta hand I guess a little too, too. What far, you said bio warfare, a similar Yeah. Like biological warfare along that? Yeah. If we can, if we can destroy our entire enemies with like some fucking thing that and they don’t even know they’re spread.

Yeah, that’s what I feel like the government is always looking into that shit. And that was 70, what? 78? 70? 78. 70. So 81 is the first case . There’s still a lot of racism in the seventies, right? Like, yeah. So yeah, they could, that could have been a plan. Take these people out. Yeah. It’s far. I mean, I’m saying it’s not impossible.

I just don’t, yeah. I mean, we just fucking, you know what’s just strange? Again, there’s no facts of anything that I, it’s, there’s 40 million people died. , 20 million of them are white. I know. I’m so like, I definitely don’t subscribe to the, somebody banged a monkey. I don’t think that’s true at, I don’t think that’s true at all.

I don’t think that’s true. You know what I mean? Like you’re , you’re hunting and then you’re your arms cut and then you’re , but first of all, eat the lip bangs and then. . It’s so unsanitary, but like, have you ever seen how, how strong a monkey is? The chimps? Yeah. It’s like, it’s like, it’s like me trying to go , fuck.

Arnold in his prime, he would just like break you in half. He just like kill you. That came outta left field. We weren’t even talking about fucking monkeys, just we were talking about eating monkeys and left. Eric comes outta left field. Fucking monkeys. See, well, Eric’s a Caucasian here, , so this is why it’s

Whatever. No, that’s probably what it was. Eric’s part of the, it’s part of the, that 1% something. Me and Horie are like the one like decimated by, figured out how the natural white immunity is. Monkey, monkey banging monkey. I got that. I got the, , just figured it out. The, what do they call? The, the antibodies.

The antibodies. No. You know what’s interesting about it that I was thinking about, uh, when I was doing some research is, is we’re now in the world of a pandemic now, dude, we’re in like, pandemic fucking Yeah. Covid, right. Universe. Right. And what, what I found interesting was that they knew about this in 81. This is spanning 40 years. Mm-hmm. 40 years. Lot of data points. 81, all the, and this is an epidemic. This is like people are dying and people that medication million people, the medication is too expensive and you know, that probably has a lot to. 

Another thing. Poverty. Yeah. Back then it was , it was really diff That’s why obviously magic has been good for so long. Cause he had to, he could pay to , take the medication. All the treatment. Yeah. Yeah. But what’s interesting is now that we’re in the Covid mm-hmm. , so the fda, the covid, well the CO like, think about it , so, so there’s basically been no vaccine for aids?

No. Stay tuned for the episode of the Covid. Oh yeah. From 81. , millions of people are dying. But what’s what’s strange to me is that then we have Covid in 2020 and it’s all, everything’s all government subsidized, right? And then within nine months, nine months, We are all taking vaccines. Yeah, but see, the thing about that is , that’s, we’re gonna get into that a whole nother episode because it’s , yeah.

Think about the though you nine months, you know that most vaccines take roughly 10 to 15 years to develop tests. Studies, yes. Trials. Trials. Online animals, uh, humans, all the two trials. And that shit got super hyper fast. . Yeah. Because of obviously legislation, which I don’t agree with. That’s so political.

And that’s, that’s where I’m going is , I’m not saying that, that the, the code vaccine is wrong or doesn’t work or any of that. No, but what I am saying is that why was this not done in the eighties? Yeah. Why didn’t they , fuck it the same, the same mental. Oh, like we have to handle it now.

Let’s handle it. , let’s push something through to handle it. At least to help it. And it, it’s just, it fucking sucks to be honest, dude. It’s because it was black people and it was, it was homosexuals and Freddy Mercury. He was homosexual. It sucks, dude. That’s fine. He was, he was by, what was that again?

No, how dare you. . Don’t you dare say that again. No, but to your point, like why? Because Covid can be trans. any kind of way. Mm-hmm. that we don’t know. That’s a, you know, that’s actually a great point. That’s probably true. That’s actually a really good point. It’s probably right. It’s not, it’s, you could sneeze on somebody and they got kind.

Yeah. Like, yeah. Whereas, you know, with, with aids, we, you had to fuck we thought or like, take the play what we thought. It’s like, oh, don’t get close to that guy cuz he’s going to, you know, sneeze on you and you’re gonna get it. But obviously that wasn’t the case. So it was just kind of a, it was, I don’t know, more control.

I think that’s a very valid, that’s a super valid point actually. . I know it still rubs me in the wrong way. It does. Plus the political stuff. Of course. And I obviously, you, you see how, , you know things nowadays. Everything is hyper politicized. Everything nowaday. Yeah. Everything is used as ammunition Yeah.

To, to push an agenda. Whereas back then I think it was more. It the government didn’t have as much power as it does now. Oh, you think so? Oh yeah. Yeah. Oh, agree. It’s more narrowing. Oh, dude. I because just with the advent of social media and the advent of that stuff, in manipulating a message, dude, it’s, you can, you can so easily skew something.

I could literally, if, if I, if I had enough, if I was Kim Kardashian and if I just wanted to say like some rando. And try to push like a belief it would fucking, , that shit would be fact within a couple weeks. You would be be on board. You’d be fucking donating to my campaign for it.

Mm-hmm. , so I do believe that back then. , there wasn’t this ability to, to, to really create a movement, to really push mainstream agendas, instantly, instantaneously where it’s , yeah, within a week, it’s , there’s a fucking problem. Handle it now. Everybody, the whole country’s pissed off.

Instantly. Yeah. Yeah. Well, what do you think, um, . To summarize on this topic, this is the conspiracy podcast. So it’s kind of , what’s my, my, my, do you think, do you think this is just a, a freak of nature? My, my and then it just, it just took off and then we just couldn’t control it. We couldn’t figure it out.

We didn’t do, we didn’t respond fast enough. Sure. Yes. To, to all those, but not a freak of nature, I don’t think. So my actual conspiracy belief is that this was this. pretty much a, a fail and testing of a biological weapon. Mm-hmm. , I feel like they, they really, I feel like what they did. Yeah. I feel like they actually tried to test it on, on apes, because apes are the closest thing to sentient humans that, that we have mm-hmm.

on earth. And they’re , okay, let’s see how this affects these guys. And then, and I think that happened , you know, some, maybe some got out of the containment center or whatever and , motherfuckers 8:00 AM Cause it’s , they’re , you know, whatever survival. Feel like that Was it on breakout?

Dude, that movie I, I really, truly believe, I truly believe it was, it wasn’t, it wasn’t to single out any, , any like, sector of humanity. It was just , yo, we just developed this crazy shit. You’ll fucking kill motherfuckers within three to five years. Let’s test sell on these apes, apes escape, cuz they’re, they’re giant and they’re strong as fuck.

You can’t contain them. And then people, whatever ate them or wherever, you know, it transpired and then it was , fuck, we’re fucked. It was , you know, it’s, it’s almost just, it just spread. Imagine, imagine every resident evil movie, every, yeah. . Like, that’s exactly what happens. Literally it’s resident evil and they just went to our core, which is like sexual pleasure.

And everyone’s like, oh, it’s like the, it’s like the eighties with fucking . , everyone’s like hammering shit was weird in the seventies. So we’re like, yeah, let’s get down. I know we got like, fucking Rick James is like, yeah, glam rock. Glam rock came out and weird. Literally , that’s exactly what happened.

But like air bands. All right. Jorge, where you at? I’m kind of on the same, you know, camp as, uh, Sean. I just think that it was, , you know, they lost control of it. I think that they did want to test out. But do you think it was a weapon? I do, yeah. I do think that they were developing as a weapon of, you know, so like testing it at least, and then it kind of got out.

Mm-hmm. and I, but I feel that it was more, I mean, I don’t really have this any, any data bases on, right? Sure. Yeah. It’s whatever I, what I feel is that they were targeting the gay community. It’s probably some that fucking hateful evil. This makes sense you. Hyper. Hyper Christian. Hyper, yeah.

Catholicism, against it. Something like that. Yeah. That’s what I think. And so then, and then, but what about the black community? So is that just, I think that is this, it was collateral. Collateral, collateral damage. Maybe that spread because it was such a, a. Epidemic, I guess, of, of drugs and stuff like that.

And so the needles were getting passed around and that That’s true. That makes sense. Yeah. There was, there was a big, you know, crack cocaine thing going on in that time period. Yeah. And then it just gets outta hand and starts spreading, spreading, spreading. And then you can’t stop it. You can’t stop it at that point.

You can’t fucking stop it. Yeah. Yeah. Especially you’re living in , you know, shitty fucking. Inner city fucking dwellings. Everyone’s around. Everyone. , and it’s not like there’s testing. No, there’s, it’s no, there’s not. Like you’re doing your rapid test at home, Linda. No. There’s nothing that shit that didn’t come.

You got Walnut, Walgreens for a rapid based on this. Based on this. They didn’t even get that done until like 2012. Exactly. Fucking 40 years. 40 years. Yeah. You gotta figure it out. Fuck. I still think it’s weird that we had a rapid test for Covid. Just six months in. Six months later. Later. It was like, it’s more than weird.

Oh, it’s more than weird. I know. It’s a conspiracy. I thought that was strange. It’s a strange conspiracy is what it is. It’s a conspiracy theory. . All right, you, you want to hear my. My theory on this, Eric’s like aliens, . I feel like they, the pyramids had aids and, uh, there’s a limestone. Mm-hmm. pass aids on.

Yeah. Pyramids had aids and then it was like, aliens bring it down. No, no, no. Not, absolutely not. Uh, I hate to say it like this, but I think it was neglect. I think it had this, didn’t get, this, didn’t care. Well, , expand, well, the lower, the lower, uh, the poverty line. Mm-hmm. , they just didn’t. Act and there was no, I think you what?

You’re right, you’re right in what you said about social media and, and, and yeah. There, there was no way to, like, they don’t care. They, they give a fuck. Like they just didn’t care. And there was some sort of, uh, disease that was starting to spread and then they just didn’t put the money, they didn’t put the research, they didn’t put the vaccines.

One of, one of the testing, one of the telltale signs of this too is like you mentioned like the New York Times is like, Mm-hmm. , I mean like, and that was the social media, like the newspaper. Yeah. Yeah. And when you have like the biggest publication on the earth of being like, Ugh, it’s the gay, or whatever they’re saying, like, that’s what’s believed.

Yeah. That’s what is fact. Yeah. And to the American population, what was interesting was that the message that was spread was , if you’re gay, you will. . Yeah. I think that was, I think it was pushed, I think it was pushed, pushed spread by the news, by the, , they’re , all right, there we go. Fake.

Yeah. Like, you know, and so I don’t know about a weapon, um, but like, it seems like a pretty ineffective weapon because you were like killing your friend. You’re killing, yeah. You know what I mean? You’re killing everybody. No, but like, I’m obviously, obviously biological, biological warfare is, has been going on for a long time and, and , you know, yeah.

I think it. They didn’t know what was gonna happen. Yeah. . Then it happened, and then it got outta control. They’re like, fuck, they’re just lazy. What about, it’s obviously , it’s not a, it’s not a premium biological weapon that’s gonna kill you in 10 years. . About What about the theory of population control?

I mean, that’s, that’s so what? Is that fucked? That has been kicked around for a while. Decades. Right? Like even now with the whole covid thing, there’s theories out there of population control, whatever. Oh, that goes back to the Nazis. No, no, I know, but I’m. That’s exactly what I saying. It’s been eugenics going on for decades of this whole population control theory, but at the same, same time, it’s just another one.

How many, how many Nazis were gay? That’s, that’s a question that I don’t think anybody knows. I don’t, I don’t think anybody knows the answer to that. Minus No, I’m just saying like, I’m just saying , you over you, you are even bisexual. Right. You’re , you’re, was that, was that allowed? No, in, in the fucking, no, in the ri No, that was, that’s that.

I thought that was like, that’s like genetic abnormality. But I’m just saying on on, in relation to population control. , what are you, no, I mean, what are you trying to control? No, it, here’s the thing. Fucking population. No, no. I mean, no. The over population. What would, what would be the purpose?

No, the purpose is what would be the end game? No. To control the fucking, no, the end game is the end. The end game is this. It’s like, okay, cool. We can get something to spread and we know that we won’t get it because we’re not gonna be in contact with anyone that has it. Mm-hmm. So if you get this to kind of run rampant, and then obviously we’ll eventually d like either they even, they already knew kind of what would suppress it or knew that like within, you know, 20 to 30 years we could handle it.

Because obviously with the advent of technology and the way things are going, Like, okay, if we can weed off, you know, even like, you know, 3%, 4% total popul. 

Yeah. I don’t know if it’s about what you want, what you don’t want, or who do you want. Yes. It’s not about, it’s about a, it’s about control, right? It’s, it’s not, yeah. It’s not about like the color or, or your, your sexual preference. Yeah. I was gonna say, I was gonna say, the powers that be, you know, they, I mean, I would assume that they, they put from different roughs.

Mm-hmm. . Oh, for sure. Meaning like a hundred. It would catch up to. . I just, from a disease standpoint, no, but like, know what I mean? But not on a disease. Maybe they don’t, not on a disease that’s on a disease. They’re immortal. No. See, it’d be different. It’d be different with Covid, but Covid is passed via like air, like through the air as opposed to something that’s passed through bodily fluids.

Mm-hmm. . So that’s a much more controlled thing. 

But, but now that we’re getting deep here, so there are people at a mahogany table. Mm-hmm. Rich, mahogany Rich Mahogany table. Many, many Live books. Books. They’re like, get that disease. Yeah. Like, yeah. Yeah.

Dude, look at what. Okay. I know this isn’t off top. That’s deep. That’s But look, that’s crazy deep. That’s, that’s a conspiracy. That’s like a, that’s like a table of 10, Eric. And they’re like, what? Are they all white males? No. No, but Eric, yes. They’re all balding. Yes. Heavy arm hair. Yes. You know, but Eric, they look exactly like me.

you Literally describing yourself. Yeah, exactly. So funny. No, but like the thing. , what is the purpose of gain of function Research then? Of what? Gain of function research. I don’t even know what that means. What does that mean? What, what gain of function research. That’s, that’s the whole thing with the covid thing. The covid was develop, I’m lost.

I’m lost too. Okay, go. Literally, the Covid Covid was developed in these gata function research labs. Where what? Okay. Do you know Wait, ? Yeah. . God damnit. You guys are, let’s start the next episode right now. Like what? Okay. So I’m gonna give you the definition of GA function research. Okay? Okay. So, uh, Gaina function research seeks to enhance the transmit ability or other qualities of a pathogen.

Mm-hmm. . . So it’s you’re the game of function, the function of a pathogen is to spread. Mm-hmm. . So you’re actually researching the game of that function of spreading, of spreading a pathogen through the thing. Mm-hmm. . So the whole thing with Covid was that Covid was developed in one of the gain of function laboratories in Wuhan, which is a giant gain of function laboratory there.

Government US government approved funded lab. Mm-hmm. , in cohorts with Chinese government. . , and that’s where Covid came from. Covid came from that lab. That’s where it went. I see. Gently then. But, but then they were , okay, it came from the vass in the caves. But , so they’re doing testing and then that’s what my point is , yeah.

Why, why is there an, an actual science that is literally about how to spread a pathogen? Hmm. Why, who, like, why are we paying cash? Cash tax dollars to find out how can we spread there. Nuclear weapon, no, but how can we spread a pathogen better? So it’s, how can we better spread a virus through the pipe?

So the idea, why are they researching this? , it doesn’t make any sense cuz your enemies are fucking researching it. That’s why this fucking insanity. It’s, you wanna be the only one not researching. Yeah. I see what you. It’s literally, it’s it’s exact thing. Someone mentioned nuclear bombs, how do we make nuclear bombs more powerful?

It’s like cool. It’s a never ending cold. My God. Who idiots. It’s , how do we kill us all faster? Yeah. Okay, so in summary, I told you what I believe. Yeah. Yeah. Eric, what, what, what’s your final say? Eric? Fucking wishy-washy as shit. . There was no answer from you. You were like, I don’t know.

Well, I, I mean, maybe I don’t, I don’t have any definitive thing about a bio weapon. Well, nobody does. I know. I mean, what do you think? I do? Same. So that’s why I’m saying like, this is all just theory for me, like facts. However, it. Whether it’s a monkey and they had romance and they romance, you know, they, they got together, bro.

And then it spread Slow baby. Yeah. And then it spread. And then because it was only hitting people that the government didn’t care about. Mm-hmm. , the attention wasn’t on fixing it. . Okay. So then, oh, okay, that gotta make sense. Then they’re , it’s like, well, why do we care? Yeah. Why do we care? Why are we putting money lost?

They’re likes actually kinda working out. And so then it took, took a decade. It took a decade for or for the public opinion to , become a thing. See, that’s an interesting, that’s an interesting take. So then they sort of putting money, I kind of like that take. Yeah. But they’re , so then they put money into it.

They look at the stats and they’re like, oh. 25%. Oh, we gotta pay attention. Yeah. They’re like, uh, and then they’re , oh shit, the whites are dying. Fine. , , we gotta take control . This is backfiring on us. Anyways, I think it’s, I think it’s a disaster. I think it was one of the hundred worst things. It’s a hundred and, you know, but that’s all we got tonight.

Thanks guys. Hit us up. Hey, tune in next time. We got some good stuff for you. Yeah, yeah. If you want to, uh, rage at us, let us know at [email protected]. Until next time, guys, catch you later. Peace.