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Episode 10: JFK Assassination: Unsolved Mysteries – Part 4

Podcast Transcription

Hey guys. Welcome back to The Conspiracy podcast, is Eric Sean. So I didn’t know four was gonna go first. Jorge. What’s up guys? , , we are back. This is, , JFK conspiracy. JFK assassination. , I think, what is this episode? The speed four. This will be four. Episode four. Episode four. So the last episode we went in, , in depth on Lee Harvey Oswald but he, here’s the thing. Go back and listen to that. If you have not listened to episodes one, two, and three, then just don’t even do this episode. Just do yourself a favor. It’s not gonna make sense. Yeah, yeah, exactly.

You’re having no idea what’s happening. Exactly. And it’s actually a lot of good information to set you up. Yeah. Yeah. For right now. And so this episode is going to be essentially, A majority of the first three episodes were basically like leaned, I guess you would say, towards Lee Harvey did it, it was the Warren Commission, Steve, yourself, , you know, but like, so this, these are the holes.

These are what I consider the holes of the investigation. Right. And, and, and in the final one, the next episode will, it’ll be all about, , the conspiracy theories that exist, , over jfk. But these are just basic small excerpts about each hole that exists and why, you know, the mystery, and I’m fucking rambling.

It’s okay. It’s a, it’s bullshit. It’s so stupid. It’s good. It’s a monologue. Sometimes monologues. , but I do wanna say one more time, please listen to the entire thing before you start yelling at me and emailing me. Hate, hate emails, and horrible comments on social media. Just listen to everything.

Drop the comment on TikTok if, and if after you listen to it and you hate us, that’s fine. That’s cool. Totally. I’ll allow it. Yeah. We’ll take it. But you can’t watch like 10 minutes of the movie and then be like, you know, I hated the ending . Exactly. Yeah. Okay, good. I heard somebody talk about it. Yeah. 

Yeah. Yeah. Hi, let’s go. All right. So let’s go. We’re going to Deley Plaza. Hmm. November 22nd, 1963 jfk, you know, et cetera. Okay. Yes. So there is something called the grassy knoll.

Yes. Yeah. You guys have heard about the grassy Noel? Yeah. Better have heard about it. It is the joke of all times. Yeah. There was another gunman on the grassy knoll. Everybody knows, I know there’s a joke, but, well, no, I know. Conspiracy. Like conspiracy. Yeah. Yeah. Something here. . Well, in like pop culture, it’s like everywhere.

Like I was the second shooter on the grassy. No, I think Jim Carey did some whole thing on it. Yeah. But, , there was a man named Lee Bowers. And Lee Bowers was a switchman, , at a railroad yard that was right basically next to the grassy knoll, isn’t it? A And his name is Lee. Hmm. Hold that for later.

That’s conspiracy. You part of the conspiracy. Uh, so what he said, so he had a, a, , an amazing view of. everything. Basically the murder, the grassy Noel of, of where it was, where JFK was shot, you know, he had a good view and he was just sitting there and he just sat there for like 12 years. He was on his like eight year break.

I was like, Ugh. Yeah. So he said, , that many people came around his tower afterwards and some people were even arrested around him. For what? Exactly. Well, I know that’s so, wait, so like people that were in the crowd kind of like ran over there? Yes. Yeah. And they were arrested and that there were people arrested by Dallas Police.

Hmm. Which is confusing. Yeah, because extremely. In, in the Warren Commission that we did in episode one and two, do you guys remember anything about people being arrested? There was fucking no information about that at all. No. Yeah, nothing. And that was supposed to. , the government’s like, oh, we’re doing the right thing.

The, the, the detail report? Yeah, yeah, yeah. So photos were like, emerged basically of three individuals that were arrested. Now I’m gonna show you this photo and we’re gonna sh we’re gonna, uh, we’re gonna actually put this on our website eventually. Yeah. But you gonna see this check our TikTok stuff. We put this up there three guys were arrested, uh, by Dallas Police, and they were said to be transients. Oh, it’s just like bums, grifters, Cobos. Drifters. Bums. Bums. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, good. Uh, they were arrested right next to the Texas, , book depository right after the assassination.

and just for looking sketchy. Now I wanna show you these photos and you tell me if they are bums. Those guys look like fucking GQ models. Yeah, yeah. Definitely not bums. Dude. The guy in the front. That’s right. The guy in the front looks like, look, look, looks like he’s got it going. I drives a Corvette, right?

Yeah, exactly. Now this is the sixties too, right? So if you were a hobo, would you have a clean cut hair? No. If you were a hobo, would you have a nice, like, do you have a blazer? Would you have pop collars with the tweed chest and all saying like, you got the collars pop. Okay, so, uh, the guy went to Cornell.

Now you said they were arrested by, by the railroad, by Dallas. But it was right next to where Lee Bowers was. Okay. Interesting. Strange. Very strange. Very strange. Um, you know, some reports were that they were just hobos.

Those motherfuckers are not, that they had nothing to do with anything. No, hell no. Those are not, but they don’t, that was, that’s the argument is they do not look like hobos because man, if those are the hobos that are around here, they could be, I, I don’t even, I’ll give ’em cash. I actually, my bad. Super respectable.

Yeah. One of these guys is a Yeah. Pop collar. He looks like Jude Lock. I know. The pop’s got the just sharp, just sharp jaw line. Exactly. So, , that’s a strange thing. So then Lee Bowers, , he was interviewed, the day of November 22nd. And this is what he said. And I quote, I heard at least three shots very close together just after the shots.

The area became crowded with people coming from Elm Street and the slope just north of Elm. . It’s also, it’s, it’s Which is the grassy kno or no? Yeah, the slope. Yeah. It’s also interesting. It says at least three. So he’s for sure of three. So it’s like maybe more like a small little crowd kind of came over.

Mm-hmm. , but here had three shots. That’s right. At least at a minimum. He says at least. At least he says at least. Yep. Okay, good. During the Warren Commission, right? Which is the next year. Yep. , this is the interview with Bowers. , there’s a Mr.

Ball and he says, did you hear anything? Bowers says, I heard three shots. One, then two very close together. Also reverberation from the shots. Hmm. Mr. Ball. And were you able to form an opinion as to the source of the sound or what direction it came from? Bowers. The sounds came either from up against the depository building or near the mouth of the triple underpass.

and that’s where the GRE is, right? Yeah. Like the mouth would be where you They exited Yeah, exited sped. But the kola right, right to the right of it. It’s like right next to it. Correct. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. But it’s not like, I mean, it, it’s still a little bit of ways. Oh, okay. Like, like, yeah. What would you say?

Maybe it’s the shot, 40 yards, 30 yards. I don’t know. Actually, we just posted those. This on Yeah. Instagram. Yeah. He did his post that. Yeah. So you see, you see the underpass. Oh, and the grass. That’s the mouth that he’s talking about. Okay. Grassy Mole is on the right. You can’t see it. So he’s saying it’s from that direction? Yeah. Yeah. Like from the, well, he’s saying it’s either the depository right up against the depository building or the mouth of the underpass.

Well, that makes sense. I mean, he’s saying like, okay, the three shots. So like one and then two from the other side. Yeah. Okay. That makes, see. Okay. , Mr. Ball says, were you able to tell, which says Bower says, no, I could not, because it’s both motherfuckers ball well. Had you had any experience before being in the tower as the sounds coming from those various places?

Bowers? Yes. I had worked the same tower for some 10 or 12 years. Damn. And was there during the time they were renovating the depository building and had noticed at that time the similarity of sounds occurring in either of those two locations. Damn. This dude’s like fucking oh boy. Holy shit. Mr. Ball, can you tell me now whether or not it came the sounds you heard the three shots came from the direction of the depository building or the triple underpass?

Mr. Bowers, I could not see these. The, what? This, this fucking like weird line of questioning cuz they’re like, they’re trying to, it seems like they’re actually trying to put doubt in there. It’s, it’s almost like they set him up to say no. Like I can’t because So you can’t say where it came from? Yeah, yeah.

You can’t say it came from here. You can’t say it came from there. No, no I can’t because it didn’t sound that clear. Well, you know, a lot of the people. hate the Warren Commission, or, I don’t wanna say hate, but like, they dislike, dislike it. They dislike it, whatever. Strongly. Yeah. , they were, one of the biggest arguments is that the Warren Commission decided it was Lee before they did the commission.

Oh, yeah. Makes sense. Everything, everything’s leaned towards it. Everything’s, , like, it’s almost like, you know, when like you have like a murder trial or something and there’s all the media about it. Yeah. And then the, the jury ends up making true the decision before the trial even happens. Yes. Just because all the coverage.

Yes. That’s kind of like what It’s exactly right.

Okay, so Bower says there’s a similarity of sound because there is a reverberation, which takes place from either location. So then ball says afterwards, did a good many people come up there on this high ground? At the tower, Bower says a large number of people came more than one direction. One group converged from the corner of Elm and Houston and came down the extension of Elm and came into the high ground.

And another line, another large group, went across the triangular area between Houston and Elm, and then across Elm, and then up the incline. Some of them, all the way up, many of them did as well. Of course, between 50 and a hundred policemen within a maximum of five minutes. Shit. I mean, this guy’s recalling this stuff is amazing.

Like to be like, I don’t know those fucking people ever. I mean, this is the next year, so it’s not like that, but I’m saying he’s like super crisp with this, whatever, these freaking, you know, things ever. Yeah. And the guy’s been there for 10, 12 years. So it’s like he’s just watching, he watching hobos and transients.

My wife, my wife asked me if I switched the laundry over. I was like, I don’t fucking ball. I can’t remember. I have no clue. , um, dead serious. So Mr. Ball, he says In this area around your tower. And Bower says, that’s right. Sealed off the area, and I held off the trains and they, until they could be examined,

And so that was the, the testimony of, of Mr. Bower’s. Lee Bowers, dude. So what he kinda helped like citizens arrest these guys? Is that what he’s saying there? No, he’s just saying like, he just them up shut down the trains and he, I don’t know whats sealed off the area means. Yeah. From a, for a, from a citizens stand especially, he’s in a, he’s in a tower.

He is like, don’t go over there. Don’t think I sealed off. I don’t think I would seal off any area. . Hey, over there it’s sealed off. And it was like, what is he sealing it off with? Like there’s the, like can you imagine something bad happens at 7-Eleven and then the cops come and you’re like, I sealed the area off sealed.

Yeah. I stopped the trains. It’s all good. Yeah, that’s, you know, that’s, that’s the story of Leap Bowers, you know, and he’s a switchman on the railroad yard. I mean that strange. That’s actually really, I think that’s kind of important. Yeah. Like, yeah. Why was left out of the Warren Commission? That’s the question.

Jor, you know, that is, that’s a question. That’s very good question. I mean, they did interview him and that’s what that, that interview is for. But they didn’t, they didn’t use that. It wasn’t important enough. They decided it wasn’t more relevant. Yeah. They decided it wasn’t el relevant to deciding what happened, I guess.

Yeah. So idiots. Um, so now this one is, is I, I’m so sorry to cut you off there, but I can’t remember cause I know we, on the Warren Commission episode, did they, what was their verdict in terms of how many shots were fired? I can’t remember that off the top of my head. Three. Oh, so they did say three. Okay.

That’s, that’s wanted, I just wanted to three to four because they did that whole acoustic, uh, uh, I wanted to see if that matched to what he said at least. Yeah, I think it, I think it was three and. hit ’em. Okay. I just wanted to make sure that they, that sounds right. Yeah. I just wanted to make sure that one this and they couldn’t find the bullet and or, because if there were like one and this guy’s like Gil.

Yeah, it was three. Yeah. I’d be like, Ooh. Yep. So there, there’s another story. And this is a, this is a story that’s strange and , we had to include it and, , I don’t, you know, from coming, like my opinion of this whole thing is, this part is a very strange part. Sometimes the strange ones are like the best conspiracy.

It’s actually sometimes you’re like, I believe this one . This is mine. There’s a woman, and her name’s Julia Ann Mercer. And I’m gonna read her statement that she gave to Dallas. Dallas Sheriff Department. Right. She gave this statement on November 22nd, 1963. Okay. Okay.

So the day of mm-hmm. , jfk, uh, sh It was notarized. There was a notary there. There, just in the, in the fucking police station. That’s how fucking legit this is. I know. This is like fucking sign sealed. Delivered. Exactly. Something she said on November 22nd, 63, I was driving a rented white valiant automobile west on Elm Street.

So specific I know. And I was proceeding to the overpass in a westerly direction. And at a point about 45 or 50 feet east of the overhead signs of the right entrance road to the overpass, there was a truck that was parked on the right hand side. The truck looked like it had one or two wheels up on the curb.

Hmm. The hood of the truck was open, like it was broken down or something. Right. On the driver’s side of the truck, there were printed lever letters in black and oval shape, which said air conditioning. . This was a pickup truck and along the backside of the truck were what appeared to be toolboxes. The truck was a green Ford with a Texas license.

I remember seeing the word Ford on the back of the truck. This man maybe. Maybe people just fucking remember shit better. This is the most specific, this is the day of it, right? Get, okay. Yeah, it’s the day of it. I cannot do this. I’m a smart dude and I’m like, what? I’m like, it was a vehicle of some of some sort.

I saw some, some green shit on. It’s kinda like, I dunno if the car was green or it’s kinda like it’s, it’s kinda like, close your eyes. What? What color pants is Jorge wearing right now? pants. . I have no idea. The answer is pants. Yeah. Okay. So a man was sitting the wheel of the car and slouched over the wheel.

This man had on a green jacket. He was a white male and about his forties and was heavy set. I did not see him too clearly. . Right. Remember that? I did not see him too clearly. Yeah. Another man was at the back of the truck and reached over the tailgate and took out from the truck what appeared to be a gun case.

Hmm hmm. Or, or in Lee Harvey’s, you know, circumstance. It was his big paper bag. This case was about eight inches wide and at its widest spot and tapered down to width of about four or five inches. It was brown in color, it had a handle, and was about three and a half to four feet long. The man who took this out of the truck then proceeded to walk a away from the truck, and he reached down to free it.

He then proceeded to walk across the grass and up the grassy hill, which forms part of the overpass. This is the last I saw of this man. Hmm. I had been delayed because the truck, which I just described was blocking my passage, and I had to await until the lane to my left cleared so I could go by the truck.

Holy shit. Cause you’re just sitting behind it, watching this whole thing unfold. During that time, I was at this point and observed the above incident. There were three policemen standing, talking near a motorcycle on the bridge just west of me. Then they didn’t see this. The man who took what appeared to be the gun case outta the truck was a white male who appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties, and he was wearing a gray jacket, brown pants, and a plaid shirt.

As best as I can remember. I remember he had on some kind of hat that looked like a wool stocking hat with a tassel in the middle of it, whatever that means. I believe that. I believe that I could identify this man if I see him again. The man who remained in the truck had light brown hair and I believe I could identify him also if I were to see him again.

And that’s the statement of Julianne Mercer. And they were like, nah, no more questions. So this is before, this is before the assassination. She’s saying that she sees a pickup truck, prote, or like on the side. . Yeah. With the broken down on that same street right there, right next to street, to the Grassy K.

And he walks and he walks out Grassy K Grassy. With a rifle. With a rifle. What else could it be? I mean, shit. And the toolbox described it is like, unless he’s got like a fucking saxophone in there like this, there is no other shape that could be that like, okay, now this is where it gets weird. It’s gonna get really weird here now.

Okay. Did she get fucking nicked? So on November 25th, she was then interviewed again by the fbi? Or not again, but she was interviewed by the fbi. Oh, cuz before it was with the police department. Police, yeah. She was shown a group of photographs, including Lee Oswald. Mm-hmm. . She said the photo of Oswald did not look like the person who had taken the rifle from the truck.

This was noted in the Warren Commission? Yeah. Very small note. Yeah. It’s like, it, it’s like, right, it’s, it’s actually in white. It’s in white font. Yeah. . Okay. It’s good. So then three days later, November 28th, she was interviewed again. and she was shown a set of photos, including Jack Ruby, and I remember the description above, one guy was in his early twenties, I mean late, late twenties or early thirties.

The other guy was, that was like his forties heavy set. Yeah. Right. Okay. On, on November 20th, she was interviewed again and shown a set of photos, including Ruby, when specifically shown the photo of Ruby. She said the man in the truck had a round face similar to Ruby’s, but she couldn’t identify him as a person.

And that was noted in the Warren Commission. Hmm. Okay. Now , she was then again shown a photo of Oswald. She said he had the same build size and age, but couldn’t identify him as the man. Okay. And like interviewed again, they showed him seven pictures of all . So now that’s one of these guys, seven outta eight.

So now, so now fast forward 20 years, 20 years forward, 1983. . She’s interviewed by a author named Henry Hurt. Now Henry Hurt is a conspiracy theorist. Am like kind of gay. Okay. Yeah. Love. Yeah. We gotta handle the show. Take that. I know, right? Take that with Henry Hurt. Listen to, right. 1983, she’s, she’s interviewed again and he wrote in his book Reasonable Doubt,

and she said in the interview, she said, at four o’clock in the morning, the following day, men came to her apartment 4:00 AM and they showed her FBI identification. . She went with them to, to the sheriff’s office. Why at fucking 4:00 AM Let’s go the get her in the morning. Why is it gonna be at 4:00 AM That’s so ridiculous.

Well, the president just got shot. I mean, that’s right. You know, heightened. She’s in 83. She’s now telling this story of the next day. Okay. I thought this was in 83. I was like, why the fuck would they do that 20 years next date? Yes. Day. Yeah. So she accompanied them back to the sheriff’s office where they showed her a dozen or so photos, asking her to pick out any she thought might be the men she saw Friday morning.

She selected two pictures. Mercer had no idea who these men were. Mm-hmm. because at that time there was no suspects at the time. There’s not really anything going on. Right. On Sunday morning, the day after Ms. Mercer made the identification, she was watching the assassination coverage on TV with friends, and she saw Ruby shoot Oswald live on tv.

instantly. She shouted out to her friends that those were the two men she saw on Friday, and she told the FBI that What? That is Ruby. And Ruby and Oswald Oswell, Ruby and Oswald in the truck. Mm. But how about, wait, okay, so Oswald’s supposed to be in the book deposit party, but he is also on the grassy night, right?

So is he have like a twin? Is it cloned? Like what the fuck? Oswald is actually a magician. So she said Ruby was the driver and Oswald was, and Oswald was the guy who took the rifle and walked up the Noel or the Grassy Air. Did it? Wait, did it say what ti at what time she saw them? Because that would be an interesting note.

This is like right before, this is like 30, 40 minutes before the assassination. Okay. So this, um, that’s what I’m saying, like maybe, I don’t know. I don’t even, and that doesn’t. Check out what the, with the other, the official statement that was notarized the supervisor inside . The book depository, cuz he saw, he saw I was about there.

That’s why was like 30 minutes or something like that. That’s why I was confused. The Coke that’s confused as fuck. Yeah, I know, right? This whole thing’s confusing. I know. That’s the problem. How was he in two places? In one that so hurt. Who’s the, the guy, the conspiracy author who interviewed her, he said some years later when Ms.

Mercer saw the official reports, , that the notarized statement, she was aghast, Ms. Mercer adamantly denounces the reports as corruption and fabrication by the FBI and the sheriff department of what actually happened. Wow. Oh wow. That’d be super easy for them to do. It’d be like, yep. Not notarize it. And, , Oliver Stone put, , there’s one part in jfk, there’s a woman.

who, , she’s is in the movie and she’s saying, I didn’t say that. Oh, I remember that. Yeah, I remember that. Right. She said, I didn’t say that at all. I j I saw this guy in a truck, and like they were like, broken down. I totally remember that whole thing. Yeah. So that’s a very weird story. That’s Julia Ann Mercer.

That’s super weird. You know, God, that’s, that’s so bizarre. Isn’t that strange? I thought that was, I thought that was strange. There’s anything to that? I mean, it definitely was. I, I don’t think it was Oswald and I think it was possibly our second shooter that comes with a conspiracy. There was a second shooter.

Maybe we should look into, maybe we should look into Jack Ruby’s, uh, military record. Maybe he was a sharp shooter. Sharp shooter.

All right. So there’s a, there’s a, there’s a, here’s a few other things that are, I, I consider holes, holes in the investigation. , there were several witnesses who claimed to see two men in the depository top floor looking out the window at the time of the shooting.

Before, right before it. Oh, right before. Okay. Right before it. , of which, and, and when I say several, it’s several, like three people are claiming that they saw a man and another. that were, and they described them as Mexican and black. Hmm. Of course, as me and Jorge . It was Mexican past Troy . Does it say if it’s on the same , six floor?

Yep. Six floor. All the six floor. Same, same window. Six floor. Same window. Everything. The same window. No, I mean, how so May, so may it might be Oswald was on the grassy. No, depository. It’s, I mean, how do you, how do you, how do you get a black person mixed up with a white person though? You don’t. It’s impossible.

I mean, that’s one thing. That’s never Mexican though. No, you’d be, well, it is Texas. Everyone’s kind of tanned. Yeah, everyone’s kind of tan. I mean, I don’t know how it was back then, but like I was there a little bit ago. Like we’ve said, . You, I, you can’t get a clear picture from the, I know. From that, that far away.

Yeah. You’re like, it’s a dude, but if it’s a black dude, you’re like, that’s a black dude. , come on. Let’s be honest. If they keep you sound, then like the six floor, you’re like, Hey, . Like, you know, you know, it’s, I know it’s very strange. I don’t know. But these, these witnesses, uh, you know, see the thing about that is like, I understand like if people are looking out the window, for sure, it’s like the president’s coming.

Like, you want to see, like, I’d want to see like, hey, let’s take a look. But the fact that it’s also on the sixth floor is super sketchy, right? Yeah. Right. In addition, so the man Liquor Carno was said to be the murder weapon, right? Mm-hmm. . Yes. That’s the, the shitty bolt action. Shitty bolt action rifle.

That sucks. Okay. So when it was picked up, I guess, and when it was inspected by the fbi, uh, the initial reports. Where that, the site was so misaligned. That’s, remember I, I told you about that. I told you that the shit’s not dialed in. So it was so misaligned that you couldn’t see out of it. . It was that bad.

It was that bad. What? So it was like, like it’s just so rough, so warped. Yeah. That you couldn’t see out of it at all. So, wow. So allegedly this sharp shooter . Yeah. Now didn’t even use a scope. No, no, no, no. Now there’s a possibility though. Sharp shooter. Okay. So there’s a possibility though. Now hear me out that he got lucky.

No. Like, so, okay, you take a shot, you have a shot with the man liquor. You bolt action, three shots, whatever, seven, eight seconds, whatever it is. Six. And then you throw it or you put it somewhere. Mm-hmm. and then pick it back up. No, and it hits, it hits the scope. Oh, I see. I see. If you like, and maybe it’s warped out, discarded it.

Sure. I mean, I gu I guess that’s a possibility, but it doesn’t seem likely. So a couple other things on the, the, well, first of all, if you remember, like, they didn’t find it just kind of thrown on the floor. It’s like it hidden placed. Yeah. Hidden in the corner behind a box. Yeah. So he threw it into the perfect kind of place.

after it, it ricocheted off the ground and landed perfectly into the hid place. one other thing. Um, so they did find the shells, or they found shells? Uh, they never found the clip. You mean the magazine? Yeah. So they never found that so Well, he took the fucking magazine out. Makes no sense. That’s just the most random day song I’m gonna say.

They never had it. They never found it. You believe the gun, does it say how many They keep the magazine? Does it say how many shells they found? Three. Hmm. All in the same place? Yeah. Well, first of all, I’m, I’m sorry. Like, I’m not trying to be like Mr. Like anti-everything you say, it’s just. , it’s super simple to get cartridge.

Like, just like empty cartridges, spec cartridges, and be like, oh, here, they’re here. Yeah, yeah. You know? So, uh, then the FBI took the man liquor. They, that’s what the worst name man Liquor, , fbi, . It took the man lick. I mean, I guess it just doesn’t translate Well, no, it doesn’t because it’s, it’s an Italian, right.

I wonder what that means. In Italian, it probably means like, war. God. So the F the fbi, the fbi, they ran fingerprints and they found no prints or even partial prints of oal. That’s weird. Mm-hmm. , because you think, like you’re in, if let’s say he, let’s say he does, he he shoots the president. Yeah. It’s not like this guy who has had 7,000 jobs in four years.

Totally . And it’s like totally true. You know, like he’s not gonna have the wherewithal to be like, oh, I’m gonna wipe down all the prints. Cuz there’s gonna be prints, there’s gonna be prints on the, on the, on the top. Like where the barrel is, where he is holding it. The prints on the, on the handle. Where he is hold, he’s gonna wipe it all down.

Prints on the cartridges. But let me ask you question Exactly. Let me ask you a question. So, cuz I’m not like a gun aficianado. Mm-hmm. Right? So if, if you had prints on something, say I had a print on this can mm-hmm. mm-hmm. . If I can just get a, like a duster and I just go, shh. Are they gone? No, no, no. What what does it take to, to remove prints?

So you wipe, really you have to wipe, you have to wipe it? Like, like wipe, wipe? No, because look, okay, so the reason, yeah, pretty much. Here’s what leave is oily. Here’s what leave the prints. What There’s actually oil on your, your skin produces oil to, to keep your skin from like turning into dust. Yeah. So that’s the oil is what leaves the prints.

You have to actually wipe the oil off. Usually you have to use some sort of solvent. I mean, I’m sure you could just use a dry rag a couple times, babababababa ba and it would, it would make it so even if it was the oil was still there, they’re not gonna be a clear. Okay. So it’d be, it’s partial. Yeah. It’s not that difficult.

It difficult to do. Yeah. Okay. Just wipe it off. Okay. But like, but still, I don’t think he’d have the word. He’d probably be like, oh my God, if I did it, yeah. Throw it. Yeah. Well, a lot of people, by the way, on, on our social media, they posted about how, uh, you know, there’s a test that you can do to see if a firearm was discharged.

Correct? Right. Very, very true. Very true. I forget what it’s called, but it’s, it’s where it’s probably, you mean like a test on, on the person or on Yes. On the person. Oswald itself, no, gsr. The gunshot residue. Yes. So when you fire, when you fire a firearm, it, there’s obviously a chemical reaction between the gun powder and it, it lights on fire and that, so when, when the gunshot is shot, that smoke and powder goes out and they’ll be actually on your hands so they can test your hands for gunshot residue.

Yeah. Which is what’s left behind after that. Gotcha. And I just bring that, did they have that? You know, so they did test Oswald. Okay. Right. And what was the test? And it was on his hands, but it was not on his face. So meaning what? It was on his hands. The argument was that the argument was though that, that it wasn’t on his face.

So like you’re on a rifle and it’s gonna be on your face. Oh, a hundred percent. So I, well I just wanted to bring that up because a lot of people were posting about that and they were like saying, Hey, he didn’t have it on his cheek. That’s extra answer. Cuz you literally, when you, when you cite in your hand, like your hand is, is within two inches of your face.

Yeah. Yeah. So that is weird. Why wouldn’t it be on his face? I know. That’s fucking weird. All So that part was weird. Maybe you got a facial afterwards or, I mean the only thing that that gives, I guess, credence to is that maybe he just shot Tippi. Yeah. I’m saying maybe it’s just from the Tippi shot. Ah.

Does that make sense? Cause he just, he killed tip, it killed Tippi like couple hours afterwards. Right? Yeah. ? No, no. 45 minutes. No, no, no. Tippi was killed 45 minutes later. Oh, that’s right. That’s right. Dallas Street. South Street. Sorry. Dallas. Yeah. Sorry. My bad. Anyways, so that, anyways, that’s actually a good point.

That’s actually interesting. Really good point. Holy shit. Can you just wipe your face off? I mean, no, no. The thing about you probably could. No, the thing about GSR is like you’d have to actually use soap. What’s gsr? Gunshot residue. Oh, there it is. You have to, you have to use SOAP to get GSR off. Oh, really?

Yeah, so unless he washed his face with soap or with a Coke. Oh, he was not that fucking smart. He really was a Coke bottle one down the cafeteria, if I’m not mistaken. It was one of three iq. Yes. Like that’s not a 1 0 3 IQ player. I know. Fourth grade. Fourth grade. Well, bro, look at how many jobs he had . How can you get fired for the jobs that this man has had?

No, the thing that makes the money most sense is okay if it was on his hands, but not his cheek. Definitely makes sense that he is just, just shot a gun. Hang out, tip it. True. Yeah. But like granted, if he did wash his face with soap, that would explain it. But if he wash his face with soap, he would’ve washed his fucking hands.

Exactly. True. You need to put soap on your hands to put soap on your face. Exactly. That’s true. That’s true. That’s true. All right, well, speaking of Tippet, speaking of Tippett, uh, so Jim Garrison, who’s the, uh, district attorney, district attorney for, uh, new Orleans, he was, uh, who Kevin Costner played in Oliver Stones, jfk.

Uh, he claimed, and this is a big thing about his aspect of the Tippet murder mm-hmm. , is that. that the bullets that were pulled from Tippett’s body were not from Oswald’s revolver. What the fuck the fuck were they? Were they a different caliber or? The problem is, is that they ballistically were not confirmed to be a revolver.

Oh. But in the, in the report that was that I read it. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t them, but they couldn’t confirm that it was, they couldn’t, maybe they, the bullets were too fucked up. Yeah. To like decide. Yeah. So that’s another part that’s, that’s garrison’s. You know, like, oh, if he didn’t kill Tippet, then, then, then he’s just a guy.

Like he didn’t, he’s not a murderer. He didn’t do anything, you know, blah, blah. I mean, the thing about that, how many times happened there? Witnesses? Well, I mean, there was like, yeah, there was a hundred fucking million witnesses. Yeah. But the thing about that is like, I do believe he killed Tippit. I a hundred percent believe that.

Yeah. But that’s what I’m talking about. Witnesses. When he killed Tippet. Yeah. And then he ran into, um, the fucking movie theater. Movie theater, yeah. Right. But, but what, like, how many times did he shoot Tippett? four. And they couldn’t confirm any of the bullets. Yeah. See, not that. See if it was one time and they, they couldn’t confirm the one bullet.

Understood. Yeah. But like four times. Yeah. Yeah. So in addition to that, on this is on the Tippit, is that there were three witnesses that the warrant commission never called. And these three witnesses say that there were two people that were standing near the police car. Oh, shit. And, and there were two people.

And so they were saying, oh yeah, there was a guy who fled Oswald and he had the zipper jacket. . Yeah. The revolver who went to the theater, he stood there, blah, blah, blah. , but those witnesses also said that there was another person, see, that’s standing at tip, it’s car. That’s, that’s interesting, dude. The fact that it was three witnesses, not just one, like whenever it’s more than one, I’m like, okay.

Yeah. But they’re not saying that it wasn’t him. Right. That’s what’re saying. No, no, absolutely. But they’re saying somebody with him, they did find the revolver on him, right? Yes. When they found him in the, in the theater’s. Right. It was on him. Yeah. That’s right. Yeah. That’s an interesting thing. Interesting.

Side note, if you go to our, our, , Instagram or TikTok, , there’s a video that we posted of the interview with Oswald. Yeah. He had like, the reporters kept saying, how did you get that cut over your eye? Yeah. Did you notice that? I know, I did see that. Yeah. So that is, , one of the policemen hit him in the theater pistol with him in the theater.

Remember? Remember the part where he gets picked up in the theater? Yeah. Somebody hit him over, like over that. I know. Cuz you It’s clearly Yeah. He’s got a big old, and I’m just gonna say the casting they did in JFK with, Oh, with, , yes. Who played Gary Oldman? No. Who played Oswald? It, was it Gary Oldman?

No, it wasn’t Gary Oldman. Was it it might have been. So anyways, yes. Bigly, you’re right. It was Gary Oldman. He looks fucking just like Paul one, bro. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Like if you look like when, when we first p when we first posted that, , that video on, , on TikTok and Instagram, I was like, I actually was a little pissed at Eric.

I was about to text him like, you fucking idiot. Like you posted Gary, why are you posting post the movie? You’re posting the movie? And I was like, oh shit. That’s actually Harvey Shold. Yeah, man, Gary Oldman looks just fucking left. So a couple other things that, uh, just stood out as big holes. , so we’re, we’re gonna get into a little bit of Oswald’s, what he did, that year. I know the last episode we went over Oswald and his whole, you know, life leading up to, to life.

Yeah. Yeah. . So when Oswald returned to the US from the Soviet Union, he started working at a, it’s called the Riley Coffee Company. Hmm. Researchers found his resume that when he submitted to work there, I would love to see this. Yeah. And here’s the strange part. He listed his height as five nine.

He was five eight though. What? I thought he was five eight. 1 35. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. And that’s the strange part. And, and this is confusing. This is all per, I’m telling you, we, we know this is, I know this is a fucking all swear I got, he was five eight. It’s super confusing because this is Jim Garrison.

He spends three chapters on how he’s five 11. But then if you watch the video on our TikTok or on our Instagram Yeah, he’s shorter as, yeah, shorter. He doesn’t look five 11 compared to everybody. Dude, I swear to God, I’m gonna go back and listen to maybe the footage. Like I, I’m pretty sure he was five eight.

Yeah. So maybe, maybe garrison’s just wrong on this. I think Garrison is wrong. I think so. Yeah. Because I, I’m telling you, I just re-listened to it. Yeah. I just, I just re listened. Yes, I listened. I guess I listened to us . Sorry, I listen our own podcast. Yes. Because I find it entertaining. Yeah. I swear to God it was 5 8 1 35.

Cuz I remember we. We made like 17 jokes of here. I mean, so, so Garrison goes into this whole thing for like two or three chapters and he’s like, why would he lie about his height? Yeah. On his own resumes, he would lie about his height. An argument here, here’s where Garrison’s getting at, that Garrison is trying to prove that he was being impersonated.

Oh. That there was a, there was someone who, so there’s someone else. So they had to put the right height because they were gonna physically be there. I see. And they were gonna be different height their Exactly. They put their height. I see. That’s right. That’s right. Okay. Because, and then I go into the next one right here, which is, so the CIA claimed that Oswald went to Mexico City and when he went to Mexico City, he was gonna contact the Soviet in Cuban embassies.

Yeah, I remember. I remember that. Yeah. Right. Remember that? So it was claimed that Oswald went into the emss and the CIA was watching those embassies and it took a photo. Mm-hmm. the photo though was of a completely different person. Oh. So there, there was like an Oswald body Devil. That’s right.

That’s right. And so Garrison believed that Oswald was being impersonated in Mexico with the whole purpose of, of creating this type, creating story, creating suspicion, creating like this story, right? Yeah. Right. Like where you go like, like, like just imagine I’m framing Jorge. Yeah. Right. Framing Jorge for the murder of my dog.

Mm-hmm. . And then, you know, I go, okay good. So I’m gonna go pretend to be Jorge. He’s gonna go live that. Yeah. And I’m gonna buy Poison and I’m gonna be like, hi, my name’s Jorge. I’m buying Poison. Yeah. My name is a Hi Mel Rodriguez. Yes. . And I’m signing Jor Rodriguez buying poison. Do you know what I mean? And that’s the back story.

Now there is this like documentation backstory, right? It is. Now that you mentioned that. It is kind of interesting cuz remember, I remember specifically that, so he went and he was trying to get, um, he was trying to get a visa to go to Cuba. Mm-hmm. when he went to Mexico City. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm . And then he ended up, he got the visa, but then he left and went back to the us.

Yeah, that’s right. So after he literally got the Visa approved, he went to the us which is weird. Like you went there to get the visa. Yeah, you get the visa, but then you come back to the states. Right, right. So there is, I thought that, I always thought that was a little odd. Strange. Yeah. There’s another story.

In September of 63, a man, a young man applied for a job at a parking lot in Dallas . And he asked the manager, Albert Bogard, he said, Hey, is there a good view of downtown Dallas from this building?

like, why you’re working? So then, so then the manager like did the interview and then he wrote his name on the back of a business card and the name was Lee Harvey Oswald. What Weird. Oh, so he is like, he’s like, so this is, this is what Garrison is saying is that there was a. Backstory, like, like people were going around going, Hey, do you think you could kill somebody from this window?

I don’t know, , Hey, wait, wait, here’s my id. Yeah, here’s my id just in case. See, one of the things I always thought was weird too is, and sorry, just to kind of digress. Yeah. Like, I know, so remember when Lynn Lee, Harvey went to Dallas and he was staying with their friends and it was the friend’s, it was the wife, her brother.

Mm-hmm. , who worked at the book Depository, told him about that job. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. So it’s like, how would he have known that getting this job from his friend’s brother at the book depository would. Would give him the vantage point to shoot the p the president shot. Because that was months before, right? It, it was like, it was like two months before, two, three months.

And, and, but I wonder if the route already had been established. No. No, we, we didn’t. Right. No, we talked about this. We talked about That’s right. We did like the route wasn’t released to look, I think it was like two or three weeks. That’s right, that’s right. Prior. So he was already working there. So I’m like, how could he have planned this out?

Like, this guy’s not like, it seems more happenstance. No, it’s just like got lucky and then was like, oh, fuck yeah. Yeah. You know, but that’s vanish. No, but, but is he, is he like checking like the fucking, like waiting, like when am they gonna release route ? You know, like, is he checking this, this is the right job.

I know. He’s like, I hope this is the right job. Well, remember he also said he, he had a on, he had a good day’s work and he’s probably like, I’m gonna quit this motherfucker . I should have stayed at the Riley’s coffee company. Shit. No. Free down the street, . Hope I get that job. All right. Here’s another part of this whole investigation that, that is absolutely insane of many holes. Yeah. So, uh, five days prior to the assassination, there was a telex that was sent to the FBI warning them of an impending assassination. Holy shit. Yeah. The FBI On the president or just in general?

Yeah, on the president. Okay. Because they knew that he was coming and it was like, Hey, alert Dallas office. And they like, they like swept, swept under the rug. And the FBI received a specific warning about the assassination five days prior. However, none of the agents followed up or even gave the slightest hint to any agency or even the Warren Commission that they received the telex.

Wow. It’s just like the, the agents when, uh, yeah, when, uh, what’s his face? Lee Harvey went into the office and was like, yeah. Yeah. They were like, he was never here. . Yeah. No, dude. And I, I, there’s more That’s exactly, we’re gonna, we’re gonna touch on that. Yeah. Okay. Perfect. So they, they just ignored it. They just ignored it.

No. Ma. Okay. J okay. Yeah. Or I don’t wanna say ignore, but like, they didn’t act nothing. They didn’t act upon, they didn’t give the priority. So maybe, yeah, maybe somebody got it and then they were. . This is, we get these all the time. Just brush it aside because I am sure that they get a lot of like bullshit.

Yeah. All the time. Just constant bullshit and they’re like, I can’t follow up on every lead. But it’s a pretty big, it’s a pretty big statement. That’s pretty big. Yeah. Yeah. And also the FBI and the Secret Service are fairly new. This is not, that’s true. Yeah. Like they’re fairly new organizations. 60 years, 70 years.

So there is a, there, there’s another story. It is a, I guess a two-parter. So, , it was revealed after the Warren Commission. So this is not, so this is like a, this is after, because the Warren Commission was the year after, and then That’s right.

This is, so this is after, and it was revealed that Oswald sent a telegram to dc The FBI in dc Western Union. Yeah, probably. Yeah. Telegram. Yeah. Basically. And he threatened to blow up the Dallas office. What if they didn’t stop questioning his wife? Okay. This is what we were, this is what I was talking about.

Okay. Yeah. So he sent the telegram to them saying, Hey, stop questioning my wife. But wasn’t it, didn’t we, didn’t we establish that he didn’t actually threaten to blow it up? I don’t know. Maybe, or I thought it was that he was like, he was just pissed that they were like talking to his wife, and he was like, if you wanna talk, talk to me.

Yeah, yeah. We, we touched on it a little bit. Touched, yeah. But that’s all we said. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no, no. You’re right. You’re right. You’re right. So, I don’t know what, I don’t know what actually happened. Well, here’s the full. , here’s the full story of it, right? Yeah, yeah, sure. So sometime be between November 4th and November 8th in 1963, which is three weeks before the assassination.

Mm-hmm. Lee Harvey Oswell came to the FBI office in Dallas. He delivered a note to the receptionist and was supposed to be to one of the FBI agents. , and this is, uh, from a New York Times article that was written in December 12th, 1975. Okay. Just to, so it’s, it source it’s way after this is where this 12 years afterwards.

Yeah. So it says, an agent who investigated the assassination of Kennedy, uh, testified today Oh, wow. That he flushed down the drain a note that Lee Harvey Oswald delivered to the Dallas office of the fbi. Damn. He even said he flushed it down, down drain. He didn’t even throw in the trash. He flushed it. So James Hoist Jr.

James Hoist, solid name. What? Fucking, especially he as a junior too. There’s another James Hoist who existed. So he testified, and he was still in the fbi. It wasn’t like he was disaffected FBI agent. Oh, so he, he was still, he was still in the fbi. Okay. , you’re still an active duty.

He wasn’t fired for being a piece. Exactly. . He was in the Kansas City FBI office. Uh, said he had been ordered to destroy the Oswald note by Gordon Shanklin, who was at the time the chief of FBI operations in Dallas. Wow. Really? Wow. That’s why did it come from so high up? Yep. So Hoy who’re the chief of operations, so Hoy testified before the House Judiciary subcommittee that is looking into the charges that the FBI withheld evidence from the Warren Commission.

How much would I bet they were never charged? I bet you good money million. I bet you good money. Nothing ever happened. So in the testimony, Mr. Shanklin, who was now retired when he did the testimony, denied ever knowing about. and said he never ordered anybody to destroy anything and he just didn’t even know about it.

How? How much would I bet Mr. Shanklin has a fucking house on like Nantucket, , . So Shanklin killing it. So Shanklin said, now this is the conflicting part. Shanklin said he was out to lunch when said note was supposedly delivered to the receptionist. I have an alibi between between November 4th and November 8th.

He said the note, two paragraphs on bond paper said If I did not stop talking to his wife, he would take action against the fbi. That’s what it was. Okay, take action. But he would blow it up. Yeah, right. Kill us all. So Mr. Hoy said, now this is the conflicting part, because above he said when it happened that Hedon didn’t know about.

And then later he said, oh, well that, that I was out to listen a stupid note. I was, that was out to lunch. I was at lunch, sir, the note was dropped at 7:00 PM I was at lunch. conflicting. Conflicting info, right? Yeah. Yeah. So Mr. Hoy said that he had previously gone to the home of Ruth Payne on November 1st.

And Ruth Payne is the friend that’s that they were staying with That’s right. Okay. In Dallas. And he was trying to find Oswald because he was looking into his contacts with the Communist Party. He said Mrs. Oswald came out of an adjoining room and he interviewed her with Mrs. Payne acting as an interpreter because his wife was Russian.

Russian and she didn’t speak English. That that correct? Wait, Payne spoke Russian. Yeah, apparently. All right. Probably better than fucking Oswald. Dave. You can . So on the day of the Kennedy assassination, Hoy said he was dispatched to Dallas Police Station to assist in interviewing Oal 

so Oswell said to Heisty, he said, you’re the one who’s been interviewing my wife.

Mm. He’s pissed. He’s like the territorial. Yeah. At a strapping 135 pounds. , talking about my kid. Five eight to five 11. I know. Five, eight to five 11. Who knows His, his bones are very, very frail. Yeah. So Mr. Hoi related and said it took some time to quiet Oswald down because he was all rowdy. Razzled up. Yeah.

I’m a arm shooter, . So later, later he said Chink Lin called him into his office at FBI headquarters and was quite agitated and upset about the note. Mr. Hoi said that Shanklin ordered him to write a memorandum detailing receipt of. , it’s contents and the interviews with, with Payne and Oswald Hasty said he dictated a memo to a stenographer and delivered it to his boss the same day.

But on November 24th, which is two days after the assassination. Yeah. And also a couple hours after Oswald died. Oh, shit. Right? Hmm. He said he, he was again called into Lin’s office. So two hours, two to three hours after Oswald was shot by Ruby, he was called into Shank Lin’s office again, right? There was no note.

Shanklin reached down into the lower right hand drawer of his desk and took out the memorandum and note in question and said, Oswald is now dead. There can be no trial flush, flush it in the toilet. So Host Hosty testified that that’s what he said happened. . Okay, so several days after the Kennedy assassination, Hosty said Mr.

Shanklin ordered him to destroy another Oswald document. Jesus Christ, Jesus. This is way too how many fucking documents sent. 

The document was a rough draft letter that Oswald wrote to Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, and he said that Mrs. Payne gave it to him. Hoi said he had gone to Lin’s office to inquire how he should put the document into the file, but Shanklin became angry and told him, I thought I told you to get rid of it.

See, this is why, like why has said it was clear to him that Shanklin had confused the fbi, the Oswald note with the Soviet embassy letter. So basically there’s a, a letter that he wrote to the Soviet embassy, and so he thought that his boss was saying, destroy the note. Oh, to the Soviet embassy, but not, not the note that he dropped off saying, stop talking to my wife.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah. So they got confused basically. But why would you destroy any of them? It, it’s somewhat necessary. It’s like, yeah, people only destroy shit that Incriminates. Yeah. People you don’t wanna be incriminated. So he said he did not destroy it, but put it into the Oswald file that went to dc. He said the document was highly pertinent and confirmed Oswald’s contact with the Soviet embassy.

So he did not destroy it, even though he was ordered to do so. He was asked if you told the Warren Commission about the FBI Oswald note and Hasty replied, no, I wasn’t asked these motherfuckers. Oh my God. Well, they didn’t ask me about why would I say anything. I only answer questions I’m asking. So he said he was instructed by the, by both by commission and FBI personnel to answer questions put to him, but not to volunteer information.

I fucking, this is, so, does that make sense? Yeah. This is only so you answer questions you’re asked. Yes. But it’s like, almost like you do an interview, but it’s like if they, if they give you the interview questions, you don’t have to answer any bad questions. Yeah. Yeah. I only answered the interview questions.

They asked me an interview question, what wanna do? Another agent that was there, Kenneth, how he confirmed that that testimony existed and it’s correct, but, but see, nothing fucking happened. Like homies still retired full pension, like living the dream.

No. See like this is, this is why I don’t fucking trust the government, bro. Yeah. This is why I’m always on the side of the conspiracies cuz like they just get off. It’s so, but you know, you know, I hate to be the guy, but we need you as the guy , but it’s possible that they were just covering up their laziness in the investigation.

But that, that still doesn’t mean that it’s not a problem. I know, and I hate to use Jorge over and over as, as the bad guy robbing 7-Eleven s. But let’s say, let’s say no, no. Let’s say you and I are cops use Sean . Okay, good, good. Okay. Jorge and I are cops. Right. Beat. Beat cops. Yeah. and Sean commits some atrocious acts.

He’s a serial killer. Heinous, you know, whatever. Like horrible. Don’t have to. He’s black. You just go after him. Yeah. There are no, there are no black serial killers. That’s actually true. They’re all fighting. It’s crazy. They’re all white. It’s serial killers. Fucking white dude. It’s insane. Actually, it’s actually was talking serial the other day and I was like, what’s the deal with no black serial killers?

No, because like, cuz black people will just kill you cuz like, he pissed them off like serial killers were like, oh, that’s like a weird fetish. They’re like, oh yeah. All right. Go. So, okay, so, so Jorge and I are cops. Got it. Sean ends up being a serial killer. So, okay, so Sean, Sean became a, a, a serial killer, but six months ago, Sean came to us and said, Hey, I’m having bad thoughts about killing people.

And then we were like, mom, just go deal with it. Now here’s the thing. I wrote you, I wrote and did, I wrote you a note. Yes. There’s all these red flag flags. Everybody has thoughts, everybody writes notes and then, and then af and then two days after Jorge’s like Eric destroy the notes. Yeah. . No, no, no, no. And here’s what happens, right?

Here’s what happens. And then Jorge and I are like, dude, we gotta go to Applebee’s, bro. Like let’s go get like two for ones, right? And we’re at Applebee’s getting wings and two for ones Apple Hour and go start. And it comes out that he’s the serial killer. But he came to us and we were busy at Applebee.

and we’re like, fuck . No one could know. Came my head. No one, no one could know he came. Yes. Yeah. No, we could have stopped him. Like we could have done something. We didn’t do our job. Yeah. Okay. So then we’re like, fuck it all, let’s, let’s, uh, let’s delete his emails. Yeah. Let’s delete his, uh, like that. He came and saw the receptionist.

He was never on the podcast. He was never here. , we don’t know. And then we’re not liable for anything. Yeah. I under, we’re not gonna get fired. I can understand that. Like, trying to cover up I can understand that. Yeah. Trying to cover up negligence. Yes, for sure. Yeah. I totally, but the fact is like he had, um, this, he told him to destroy shit before, like, mm.

When, when, when was the first? It was two days later. It’s when it’s when Oswald was killed. That was the first time he said, destroy the shit. . Yeah. Fuck. All right. It’s possible as negligence. Yeah. But like, anyways, but it’s weird. It’s still weird. It’s, it’s weird. A lot of people like, like go, Hey, the FBI fucked this up.

And they, they fucked it up hard, you know? Like they, they could have done, I mean, look at all the shit that’s like, you’ve got homies been like, yeah, the warning like, Hey, someone’s gonna kill the president. They’re like, whatever. Yeah, exactly. It’s not gonna happen. But, uh, and what you said earlier is, right, what if you had 10,000 notes about killing, let’s say you were the secret service for Trump.

Oh my God. Its like hundreds, 10,000. Let’s say Trump got killed. I’m not saying Trump’s gonna get killed, and I’m not, whatever, but I’m just saying we condone this. But just imagine you’re the secret service agent who got 10,000 leads and you, and you didn’t do about the one, and you were like the one lead that you maybe didn’t follow up on.

You didn’t really look into. . There you go. Yeah. Yeah. Anyways, I mean, maybe, maybe they would’ve been like, maybe he shouldn’t be in a convertible. Yeah. Yes. Maybe that would’ve been like a good play. Like, sorry, sir. Convertible. That’s right. Okay, so now we’re gonna move on to Parkland Hospital. Oh, yeah, yeah.

Parkland Hospital is where JFK went, , you know, immediately to, and he, you know, was bleeding and he died. Yes. Unfortunately. . This is the thing that makes me go, it’s all bullshit. You know, when it grants my gears. Yeah. . So this is the one thing that I go, fuck that’s so wrong and it doesn’t make sense at all.

I know where you’re, I know where you’re going with this. Yeah. And this is that a whole bullet was found on Governor Connolly’s stretcher at Parkland Hospital after the assassination. An entire bullet. Hmm. And this is, and this is the bullet that literally went through JFK’s body. Yeah. Like, and they hit like six different places and then magically Yeah.

It’s on the fucking stretcher. That’s right. . So yet they couldn’t identify the four bullets that Right. Were shot. Yes. Right. Were shot at, at fucking, at tip it. And I find this to be the biggest hole because there’s no, there’s no chain of custody like forensic. Nope, nope. It’s just there. It’s, it’s just literally, yeah.

Sitting there. Anybody could have, anyone could have dropped the fucking bullet there. So basically a nearly whole bullet was found on Governor Connolly’s stretcher at Parkland Hospital after the assassination. After his arrival at the hospital, the governor was brought into trauma room two on a stretcher, removed from the room on that stretcher, a short time later, and taken on an elevator to the second floor operating room.

On the second floor, he was transferred from the stretcher to an operating table, which was then moved into the operating room. And a hospital attendant wheeled the empty stretcher into the. Shortly after a guy named Tomlinson, the hospital’s engineer, removed the stretcher from the elevator and placed it in the corridor on the ground floor

So it’s just sitting there alone, and it was a long, it was alongside another stretcher that was unconnected with the care of Connolly. A few minutes later, he bumped into one of the stretchers against the wall and a bullet rolled out, oh my God, , what do we have now? Oh my goodness. It’s a bullet. .

Tom Linson said he was not certain whether the bullet came from Connolly stretcher or the other stretcher. The, my fact is like nobody saw this bullet at all, but the commission, the Warren Commission concluded that the bullet came from the governor’s stretcher. How could they conclude that? Yeah, there was like 50 50 chance.

Let’s flip a coin. I know, like, but the fact is like, you realize that. That bullet went through JFK multiple times and then went into the governor. It went through governor’s, uh, once governor, governor, like three times. Oh, no, the wrist. It went through the wrist. No, it went, knocked through his back. Right.

But still the fact that the bullet was still intact.

Yes. Like, come on, intact on. No, I could deal with the bullet being intact, but the forensic chain of evidence, it’s so fucked. I is so off that you can’t, like nowadays fren like it’s on a different floor. It becomes . Oh, Nomi. No, you can’t. You cannot use it. Yeah. If you can’t determine that it was in your.

No, it, it, you know what I mean? Went even if, even if police fucked the chain of custody up, it’s gone. You can, if they, if they make one mistake and it’s like, oh shit, I took it out of the bag though. And they’re like, well, sorry, motherfucker. That’s why I say, that’s why I say it’s the most, it’s so strange layering hole in this entire thing.

But how, but also how could they conclude with the, the data that they have? Like what, what, what’s the conclusive evidence that, that, that this was the bullet that was in both of their bodies because they came off the stretcher, wells on the stretcher. Well, switch the samples. And then, and then there’s, there’s the, the other idea, which is there’s, there’s no other bullet.

Well, the, well, that’s the magic bullet’s all you need. No, no, no, no. But he was shot only twice. Well, apparently it was three shots, but he was shot twice. Yes. So there’s only one bullet though. Yeah. Where’s the other fucking bullet? So there’s three shots. There’s one bullet. , , so I, I just don’t like it.

I, I don’t like it. Like it really, it really rips everything apart and it makes it so horrible. Like, well, it’s not, it’s not like it’s a, you know, it’s just, it’s total bullshit. Yeah. Mm-hmm. , it’s just total fucking bullshit. Mm-hmm. , and then also like even, okay, let’s say hypothetically it was the right bullet.

Does the bullet just like pop out of his body? Just randomly Just like sh just like whoop boop, just like shit out of his body onto the stretcher. Like, where did the bullet come? Oh, when we go, when we get into the autopsy, there’s a part, well, that, we’ll talk about that. Okay. Where it’s like you’re trying to resuscitate somebody and you pressed their chest arm, it poops up a bullet.

No, no. So just imagine the bullet went through jfk, then it went through Connolly, then it went through his wrist. Mm-hmm. , then it went to his thigh. Yeah. So it’s probably not in his throat. Thigh. A lot. Like, it’s probably just like, just poking out. Yeah. Like, cuz it’s already been through, through, it’s already slowed, it’s already been through four body parts.

Okay. So then you’re trying to like resuscitate people. You’re trying to do surgery and then it comes out. But then, but no, the, the thing is like, alright intact. No, no, no, no, no, no. It’s not even that. Okay. I understand what you’re saying about resuscitation and all that stuff. Yeah. But it was on the stretcher that brought him in and they move him in the operating room.

Yeah. So like, what the fuck are they doing on him? They’re not doing like serious shit. They’re wheeling him in the operating room. Like he wasn’t like in the gun shot in the back. Batter li shot under the Yeah, but he had surgery. Yeah. He had shot three times. Yeah. Move shot. But when they them to the operating table, like no one bullet, three, three wounds.

he got shot three times. Bullet. He get shot right under the, the nipple. Right under the nipple. And then the wrist and then, and then to his, his thigh. Yeah. And to his thigh. But you think they would notice a bullet that’s like flailing out of his fucking leg? I guess it does make sense that it would be on his stretcher, because that’s the bullet.

I mean, well, sure. If there was a bullet Sure, sure. I agree. If you’re gonna put it on one, on somebody’s stretcher. I, his, I think this is, this is the logic the warning commission was using. I know, right? Well, I mean the bullet ended in him, so wouldn’t be how to stretcher, right? Conclusive. Yeah. That’s conclusive.

Okay. So now, so put the bullet aside. The bullet is crazy. Thanks. Bullet is crazy. Okay, so now let’s talk about the autopsy spread. The bullet was a, wasn’t like his pocket. So, so, so we’re at the autopsy. Okay. So jfk, so JFK was, , he died at Parkland. Yeah. At the hospital. Mm-hmm. . And they said, okay, he’s dead.

Okay, good. So then, , Lyndon b Johnson said, I’m not leaving without Jackie. And I’m not leaving without the body of jfk. Jfk, yeah. Right. , Dallas, or, I mean, Texas has this thing where you can’t remove the body. It’s now jurisdiction of Dallas. Oh, they own it’s Laars like, so you need a, you need Path President

Yeah. You need the pathologist of some, like in Dallas, the coroner or theologist, the, the chief, the Dallas Chief Medical, whatever, the, whatever. Yeah, yeah. So the Secret Service said, fuck yourself. Yeah. Like, yeah, we’re taking him like, fuck this. What are you gonna do about it? Yeah. We’re we’re, there’s a great, , I, I thought it was a good movie.

It’s called Parkland. It’s with Billy Bob Thornton. You should check it out. Is he drunk? Because it’s all, no, he’s about’s a drug guy. He’s, he, he’s a Secret service guy. And, uh, it’s all about, just about the hospital. So like the movie starts, he gets shot, he’s at the hospital, and it’s all about everything that happens at the hospital.

Oh, cool. Especially I don’t watch that. Yeah. It’s pretty cool. , but anyways, so they, they, they remove. , , jfk, they get into the Air Force One, you know, Lyndon b Johnson gets signed in, you know, , Jackie’s wearing the, the pink dress with the blood. Let them see what they did to my husband and, you know, all that whole thing, right?

, so JFK’s autopsy was performed that night at Bethesda Naval Hospital. , and the hospital, though was not really experienced in unnatural autopsy deaths. , so how was it unnatural guys fucking shot. That’s like an un, I mean like natural would be like natural death. Oh, just like diet.

Yeah. Yeah. Heart attack. Yeah. Flu pneumonia. Yeah. I gotcha. You know that sort of thing. Weird. Weird. Being a naval hospital, they never like autopsy a a shot dude. She’s a military hospital. That’s true. Right? Some motherfuckers get shot. JFK’s physician, which was Admiral. Admiral George Berkeley. He Damn this admiral’s specific Admiral.

So JFK’s physician advised Jackie that it would be best if the autopsy was performed at a military O hospital for security reasons and because JFK was in the Navy.

Hmm. Okay. Yeah, I, I’d be fine with, with that. Cool. Yeah, sure. So the surgeon in charge was, uh, a pathologist he was a Navy commander, James Humes, and he was, , and his second in charge was commander, , Thornton Boswell, both doctors, you know. Yeah. , but they were not really like patho, like, they’re like, this is my first autopsy

I’ve, I’ve never actually seen a dead body. So then they, they brought a third, and the third was Colonel Pierre Fink. And he was a doctor and he was, , with the armed forces, , pathology. Right. But they had not done an autopsy in like two years. Jesus fucking Christ. They’re like, wait, wait, jobs cut, chest open.

No. And it’s marked. Their jobs were, were like, , ivory tower. Pathologists meaning, oh, so like, they didn’t actually, they’re like, we’re the, are we’re the force. Yeah. Gimme the papers. I’m gonna sign ’em. Yeah, that’s right. Right. This is so sketchy. It’s the fucking president of the United States

It’s sketchy. Fuck yeah. Get some like green pathologists here. So there’s three inadequately prepared pathologists rolled up their sleeves to unravel the mystery of JFK’s murder. They, the key of the case was determine, , the evidence of where the direction of the bullets had come from, right? Mm-hmm. and whether or not there was another gunman.

Perfect. So that was like, so they used, three dudes have never done gunshot autopsies. Yeah. And they haven’t done autopsies in years. And they’re like, determine which direction the bullet came from. They’re like, yeah, that’s right. O okay. So the, we’ll give it a shot. So the, the, the final conclusions though of the autopsy report was that there was no conspiracy.

Essentially if you read, like you can go online and you can read the, the autopsy report, it’s pretty obvious that it’s like, no, it’s all good. Like nothing happened. They’re like, what direction did it come from? No direction. , there’s , but what’s interesting, and this is, this is the interesting part, is they were given information ahead of time and, and the argument is that they made their minds up.

What kind of eyes They made their minds up. They’re like, yeah, so they were oswell killed it from this angle. This is the angle that it came from. That’s, they’re like, yeah, it came from this angle. That’s right. Yes. Oh, you’re a colonel. Well, I got a general saying that came from this angle, . So they, they were given this, the following, which was three shots were heard and the president fell forward bleeding from the head.

Right. He got shot in the fucking neck though, and then he got shot in the head afterwards. That’s the interesting part about this whole thing. Right. Fuck bleeding from your head when he got shot in the neck? Yep. Damn. That’s so sketchy. This is fucking, yeah. 

His fucking back of his head blew off. No, because it’s weird cuz he got shut because I even in the video, Jackie’s picking up his brains off the back of the, off the back of the car. Yeah. Was it the brains or the ear? Wasn’t it the ear? No, it was his fucking, it was his brain. She’s scooping up his brains off the back of the car, so that means he had to get shot.

I guess you could get shot in the back of the head and your brains going about the back, but usually you think the exit wound would blow the fucking brains. And she’s scooping up his fucking skull and shit. Yeah, it’s fucked up. And I, the fact that she was like, had the wherewithal to scoop it up, good for, good for you.

Out of them. It passed out. . I’m just like fucking straight up, jumped outta a car. . Sorry, honey. Help come out. So here’s, here’s the weird part about the autopsy. The report is that there were two shots that hit him, right?

Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Yeah. One in the throat. One in the throat. And then remember he grabs his wrist. He grabs his throat, is like, fuck. It’s like, Hey, I’m actually like dying or something. Actually shot in the head. He get shot in the head. Yeah. Right? Yeah. Okay. Then he gets to Parkland Hospital and they, they, one of the doctors says there’s a pulse, which is a miracle.

It’s a miracle. Yeah. I don’t know how he had a pulse. Or a heartbeat or like the faint, there’s something, there’s something alive, right? Yeah. Okay. So they do a tracheotomy, which is pretty much putting a breathing tube through your throat. That’s right. Mm-hmm. . So where, where, where’s the, where’s the other wound?

In his head? No, the other one in his throat. Throat. The first one. Uh, the first one was throat. So now where would you do a tracheotomy? In the throat. Throat. It’s where your trachea is. Which is in right there. So they fucking took the throat wound and cut it and cut it and enlarged it. Oh, so you, oh, so now all traces of the wound of the throat wound is tempered with and messed up.

Oh, so yeah. But you’re not thinking about that when you’re trying to save the president? No, no, no. Here’s no, I know, but I know. But I mean, no, here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. It gets complicated still. Yeah. The fact remains, the Jorge, it gets complicated. So where’s, where’s uh, where’s this, uh, hospital? Maryland? No, the Naval Hospital. Oh, the Naval. Oh, the Naval one. Uh, oh, I don’t Beta Bethesda. Bethe, Maryland. It’s in Maryland. Maryland. Okay, good. So just imagine you’re a pathologist in Maryland, you get a body, right.

And all you see is a tracheotomy. Wound or wound. Yeah. And a head wound. You’re like, you don’t see the throat wound. No, not at all. Yeah. So tracheotomy in your autopsy report, if you’re kind of like amateur, no, you would see it from the back. If you got shot the back of the neck there, there’s still a bullet hole in the back of the night.

But that’s where it gets all really fucking confusing. So the, the initial reports were that the pathologist didn’t even know there was a foot shot wound. What? They didn’t even turn, they thought it was a tracheotomy. They, like, they didn’t even turn ’em over. They’re just like a headshot.

Additionally in the, in the, the report, it’s not a throat wound, it’s, it’s five inches below the Adam’s apple. So five inches is down here. Oh wow. So it’s like, almost like t through his shoulder. So he, yes. So he, so the initial report was that there’s a it up, it comes like right here and he is like, oh, like fuck you grab here.

Cuz it was like, you, you know what the fucking do dude. Weird. So the pathologist claimed Yeah, but then, but then, you know, once they do the autopsy, then they would’ve reported that there was a wound in the chest cavity. But there wasn’t. That’s what I’m saying, . This is a version I’ve like, there’s better autopsies for like randos Yeah.

Than there is for the president. Damn Jesus Christ. . So the pathologist claimed that during the time they had access to JFK’s remains, they only knew that JFK had what they believed was an entrance wound in the back with no exit wound. . Oh my God. But in addition, a tracheotomy wound in the throat, which is what we’re saying.

Hmm. So, okay, so it’s meaning like the exit wound could have been through the throat, but the tracheotomy, it like made that unseeable unseeable. That’s right. They were also convinced that the bullet must have come out somewhere. Well, obviously it’s not his fucking body. Yeah. Because the x-rays had shown that there was no bullet left in his body.

Right. . So initially if I saw it, I’d be like, oh, the bullet’s somewhere in his body. They’re like, he came out his butt. Yeah, but there’s only way to explain it. No. Like gets stuck in there, but then they x x-ray, there’s nothing there. The huge problem is that was the magic bullet. So obviously it had to come out and Yeah.

So there con it hit Connelly. Yeah. Like it had to come out . So the only explanation that they said had occurred to them during the autopsy was that perhaps a bullet had entered JFK’s back, shallowly, and was later massaged out during resuscitation at Parkland. Oh, please, come on. Get the fuck out of town.

So in other words, when JFK’s body left the morgue, they were supposedly still uncertain about the fate of the bullet that they believed. Okay. So they’re saying that like, I hit him in the back. They’re saying like, okay, that bullet massage out. So the, so out of the three shots, two hit JFK and one hit Connolly.

I, they’re not saying what happened to the bullets. They’re just saying. They couldn’t find the bullet and it must have been massaged out of the back. No, but I’m saying like if that bullet was massaged out of his back, the, there had to be a third bullet because that was supposedly the bullet that went through him and hit Connolly.

So if it was massaged out of his back, that bullet could have never been in Connolly. Therefore, the third shot would’ve had to have been the one that hit Connolly cuz two bullets hit JFK and if the one that went through his throat was massaged out of his back, how the fuck could it be on the stretcher that went, went through it’s into the stretcher.

It was massage elevator, two floors down in the lobby. . Cause it falls up a Oh my god. See what I’m saying? So yeah, like, it makes it possible. I hear, I hear. So that was the bullet. So after multiple phone calls back between, , the Naval Hospital and Dallas and Parkland Hospital, like going, Hey, what happened with the throat wound?

They had like four phone calls, like back and forth. Like, I don’t, we don’t really get what happened. , essentially they determined, , that the wound that went in his back exited out out his throat. Out his throat. Yeah. Yeah. See this is why , you can’t do, , after the sixties, political assassinations became a thing of the past cuz like people started asking questions.

Yeah. After the sixties we were like, well wait, what? What? Yeah, exactly. And then they’re like, oh shit. So then Mitch cut this out. . Yeah. So then, , in 1969, Pierre Fink, which was the third pathologist, , he said a an out of place general who is in the room in the morgue who is not a physician ordered, that the pathologist not dissect the back wound.

Oh, maybe So there was just some guy who was a general, that he was not part of his physician network or whatever, you know, department. Yeah. And he said, don’t dissect the back wound. See, see my, my thing with that is like, I, I’m really curious cuz like nowadays, like they’re super thorough when they do these type of things.

Like, I’d be really curious to see if like, the diameter of the entry wound, because an entry wound is gonna be almost, virtually is the exact size of the bullet. And in most cases, cuz the exit wound is one that’s always bigger. The entry wound’s always like, so what if the entry wound was like a different caliber, like different size?

Don’t look at it, bro. That would’ve been the evidence. Don’t even think, don’t even think about it. I know that’s weird. the main thing here is, is that, that even the pathologist didn’t know that there was a wound. in the neck. They thought it was the tracheotomy. The tracheotomy, yeah. Right.

And that, that’s the big confusion. Yeah. That’s the big confusion that occurred. And honestly, it just sounds like a sloppy autopsy and a sloppy, super sloppy, 3d, sloppy, no fucking clue what they’re doing. Fucking, yeah. Why would you put those guys on it? Yeah. So one of, one of the,, pathologists, there assistants, , revealed that he was unaware of a throat wound.

And he said, I quote, I was real surprised at the fact later on that the tracheotomy site was supposed to have been a bullet wound . So obviously the whole crew there just didn’t even know what was going on. Yeah. Wow. That there was a throat wound. Jesus Christ. So either, so the argument is either it was what ineptitude or like it’s a slip shot, like lazy, horrible, like they don’t know what they’re doing.

Or it was a coverup. It just seems that like, when it’s something of that magnitude. Yeah. Like the, the odds of it being this ineptitude are like zero. It’s, it’s the fucking, it’s, it’s the most important motherfucker in the country and you’re gonna have some dudes who have no idea what they’re doing. Yeah.

Yeah. It just seems too weird. Like, I could get a better autopsy tonight if I got killed . I’m not even kidding. And I’m nobody , like, I’m literally no one. So there was one, one interesting part. Um, so author Harrison Livingston reported that another Parkland source. I don’t know who that is. Can’t remember.

Kirkland. Aland. Source. Source. It’s like a janitor. Yeah. . So in a 91 interview, Livington Livingston said that the Parkland Hospital nurse named Audrey Bell told him, oh, that’s her source. Yeah. Okay. Audrey Bell told him Dr. Perry was up all night. He came into my office the next day and sat down and looked terrible.

Having not slept, I never saw anybody look so dejected. You slap me on the butt. they called. They called him from , , Bethesda, , two or three times in the middle of the night to try to get him to change the entrance wound in the throat to an exit wound. What? Huh? Confusing. What the fuck?

So the idea, the conspiracy here is that it was from the front, right? Right, right. Oh, entry. Yeah, entry. Crazy. Oh, maybe that’s why the tracheotomy now. Stat ? Maybe. Maybe. Yeah, maybe. But usually the exit wound is, is far pretty apparent. Far bigger. Obvious. Usually bigger than the, than the entrance wound, typically.

Yeah. Anyways, the, the, the autopsy was just, just so fucking shit. Fucking shit. Yeah. It was definitely shit. Like, how do you fuck that up? It’s the fucking president, bro. Yeah. God. Yeah. But you think it was on purpose that they put these guys on there to cover, cover it up, or just happened to be that they, or just, just stupid.

Yeah. They were just so stupid. It, no, I think it’s like, like they didn’t just graduate and they’re like, you wanna get a promotion on the phone? better do an autopsy. Okay. And then, then, and then just the last thing on this part, which is, , so in the autopsy, obviously you remove the brain. Oh yeah, for sure.

Yeah. So you remove the brain. Yeah. And then, , You’re supposed to like archive it and put it in the archives. I mean, it’s the president’s brain, so I would assume that you would put it in like a vault. It’s an important brain. And do something, put it in like a jar. So in 1966 it was, was it like a standard thing?

Like I don’t, I don’t know about this. I don’t really, the president, you just, I’ve never done autopsy. It’s like, what the fuck? We haven’t had a president shot and killed. So I would assume that that would be a, a thing, an important thing. I don’t, yeah, an important, I don’t know, thing. I don’t, I actually dunno.

Anyway, so sounds weird to me, but keep going. But, so in 1966, it was requested in from the archives to retrieve his brain. Oh, they, so there are archives. They’re like, we need the brain. Yeah. So they were like, let’s do, let’s do more research on this. So this three years information, three years later. Yeah, three years later.

Gone , we misplaced it. I don’t know. It was on, it was on layaway, and literally JFK’s brain is gone, went missing . What stuff? Fuck. Can’t find it. You can’t find his brain to this day. I, I, I mean, I put it in there. Huh? . That’s it. It’s in the archive. Didn’t we just do an episode on Hitler’s bones? They, they, they still have them in the, the Soviet Union.

Yeah, the Soviet is like, we’re never giving a minute, but like two years later after JFK is killed, we lost his brain. I know. They literally still have his like ashy fucking burnt buses. It’s so weird. Like JFK’s burning, like. What are you talking about? Yeah. What brain? What brain.

So this episode was the episode where I was like, oh, there’s so much, it’s just so much weird. So much. There’s so many holes. Yeah. So many holes. Like either stupid or, it’s just insane. I guess. I guess the only thing I, I try to track it up to maybe is there’s so much chaos that people don’t know how to deal with chaos.

I mean, right. Like, oh yeah. Like the foundation of the United States was shook. I understand that. Everybody’s like, know what to do. Trauma. What you, what? Everybody’s in the, in the operating room? Yeah. There’s, there , there were 40 people while they were trying to resuscitate ’em. 40 people in one room.

Do you ever, you know what I mean? But when you’re doing, when you’re doing an autopsy, it’s your, your, your sole job is to cut open human bodies. Yeah. And to figure out what You don’t really get shook. When you’re doing it for like, the 3000th time, you’re like mm-hmm. body, you’re like, whatever. You’re just like fucking, it’s just like, it’s what you do for your job.

It’s like a very mechanical Yeah. Going through emotions, like you can’t see It’s a procedural. Yeah. You see thing, you don’t see it as a human. You see it as like a, as a, a mechanical thing. I’m like, all right, this is what I do. I gotta cut open the ribcage. I gotta look at the organs. Okay. Whatever. It’s not like you’re, I understand.

In the operating room, for sure. Yeah. Like, I, I guarantee everyone’s like, freaking the fuck out in the operating room. Oh yeah. Right. A hundred percent. But like, he’s already dead and you’re doing an autopsy. He’s dead. It’s, it’s, it’s already too late. Yeah. It should be. He’s already, it should be calmer is what you’re saying.

It should be. Yeah. It’s like you’re not really freaking out at that point. Operating room. It’s not even in Dallas anymore. No. It’s like operating room. Freaking the fuck. He’s dead. Yeah. Autopsy. Okay. Yeah. Get to work. Yeah. But I don’t think Eric was saying that they were freaking out in the autopsy. That was more like before, right?

Like operat room. The whole, the whole, whole story. The whole thing is for sure, like everybody’s just the whole. Thing, which I understand. I’m just saying mistakes are made in, in, I dunno. I understand a lot of this stuff is concerning and if we, if like going over the details you were going over, like when they were doing the autopsy, they were definitely maybe not freaking out, but they just didn’t know what the fuck they were doing.

They didn’t, those guys call in, hey, like, what’s the finger? Sure. This is up. Like, is this j k ? You sure. . You said it was a BB gun. It was a man. It’s John Fitzgerald, right? . John Fitzgerald Kennedy

So stupid. You guys have coffee out there? Although we’re not doing the right accent. Anyways, that’s, that’s the, that’s the episode on Holes, man.

I was pretty certain before this episode, like I was like, this is, I get it now, but like these, I don’t know, these ones, these ones really kind of like made me go, Ooh, this is weird.

It’s just cause I’m sorry, but like, this is strange. When the stakes were that high and when it’s that high profile of person there, there, there can’t be that much ineptitude. Yeah. Like if it was a random dude, obviously there’s, people are gonna make mistakes and they’re gonna be like, no one cares. Yeah.

But like, there can’t be that many fucking mistakes. I agree. Agree. When it’s the biggest thing in the history of the United States, like Jesus Christ. And it wasn’t even after, with all the, you know, trauma going on and the chaos, and it was even before like we were going over like, you know, all these things that were reported to the F B I and you know, all just happened to lose this shit and I know.

Yeah, I know. Well, we, uh, next episode is our, our, , all the conspiracy theories. The conclusion, our decision, I guess the, yeah. , . And then, and then maybe we can take a break and move on from jfk. Jesus, thank you guys for staying, stay, staying steadfast. Absolutely. Throughout this six hours of fucking absolutely.

On jf, but it’s a big deal. Yeah. And then No, it’s, it’s a big deal. Then I’ll email Biden our conclusion, which he, I don’t know if he can even read, so he might not get that. I’m sorry, that fam he’ll get somebody to read it to him. What do you think? What do you think, what do you think his email is? Uh, joe us.gov

What? What? What is the thing? He always what? Come on, man. It’s like, come on, man. At aol.com. , aol. Like

Or no. EarthLink EarthLink net. Yeah, EarthLink net. Yeah. All right guys. Have a good night. Thanks a bunch. Catch you next time guys. Later.