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Episode 1: Was the moon landing a hoax?

Podcast Transcription

All right everybody. Welcome back to the Conspiracy podcast. , my name’s Eric is Sean and Jorge. Hello. , today we are doing the moon. Jesus. Did we land on the moon? Did we land on the moon? Who has any, What is the moon ? I don’t know. I literally, I don’t even know what it’s, So this is an episode I’ve been wanting to do a while.

I, a lot of people think still to this day that we did not land on the moon. It’s fucking confusing, bro. Like, I mean, you can’t blame it. I mean, seriously. Yeah. There’s a lot of conflicting data out there. Yeah, a lot. So what we’re gonna do first is we’re gonna kind of just do a crash course in the space race.

Yeah. So, , if. Know anything about it. We’re just gonna do a real, real quick crash course. Okay. Put your history hats on boys. Yeah, here we go. So, um, the space race actually began like towards the end of World War ii. So 1945, , we, you know, the allies conquered Germany losers. Took basically the assets of Germany, right?

So after the war, both the US and USSR at that time acquired custody of German rocket development assets. So it’s like we only did it because of them. It’s so funny. Hilarious. Like, you conquer, We could only do it because the Germans . No, I mean the Germans were ahead of their, like, you know, they were the technological leaders in, uh, ballistic missiles.

That’s true. And so they were, you know, working on that. And so, We won the war and we as in the allies together, won the war. You know, when you conquer a place you absorb, you basically spoils war baby. Take everything from the village. Hell yeah. So that’s what happened. We took them, right? So, or we took that stuff and, and including scientists, we took them.

Essentially. So there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of German. That’s a whole nother podcast right there. That’s a whole, that’s a whole other podcast. That’s a whole other thing. Operation Paper clip . I’m dead serious. It’s a real thing. So, anyways, we took them, and basically a competition began in 1955, when the United States announced its intent to launch, satellite.

Funny enough, four days after the US announced that the Soviet Union responded by declaring they would also launch a satellite fucking, of course, . So all of a sudden, so what happens is, like in the fifties, you have communism. That became really a big thing. And then, you know, the US boomed. Oh yeah.

Right. So we have these, budding heads entities, I guess like two superpowers. I mean, it’s like the real superpower. You know, Germany died and then the SSR is like fucking killing it and working on it. The not. The Nazis died, which was Germany, , I mean, I mean there was no, like, you weren’t in Germany, you were like, I’m not a Nazi.

They just fucking kill you. Like, come on, let’s be real. So, um, sorry. It’s like Mercedes. Like, No, I’m not, I’m not enough single. Well, the Germans didn’t die well, the Germans did not die. I’m 50% German. Of course we die. Duh, Bona, BNA Hill. Um, I lost my whole train of thought there. Let’s ruin it. What happened is, is, is something called, you know, Sputnik was one of the first, um, they launched Sputnik in 1957.

 And Sputnik was basically, you know, the first major development in, in Russian space fight. Well, for people who don’t know, Sputnik is a satellite. There you go. It was, there was the first, it was the first manmade object that was launched into orbit of, of the planet. So there you go. There’s, Right, Sputnik won on October 4th, 1957.

Uh, so, and then in 1958, Eisen. Reacted to the Soviet space lead in launching the first satellite by recommending to the US Congress that a civilian agency be established to direct, space activities, but not military. Right? And that was the birth of NASA and the movie Hidden Figures. I have not seen that.

It’s a spectacular, It’s good, right? Costner? And then a, It’s a beautiful Costner. Oh yeah. Kevin, There’s only one, bro. What do you mean Costner? Kevin? Duh. It’s good movie. So, uh, this whole race, uh, gained a lot of momentum because in the SSR sent the first human, uh, his name is Yuri Gurian. Oh, I remember that name.

Into space, uh, with an orbital. On April 12th, 1961. So they beat us to space. They beat us. It was a huge problem, Absolut, And that was, that was a major, major thing to space, not the moon, right? True. Yeah. Not the moon to space, but still it’s a big thing. All right, just clarify. So they were ahead. It’s really important to know that in the fifties and early sixties, Russia, or not Russia, uh, the ussr, which Russian was ahead Yeah.

Was ahead, right? Yeah. Um, yeah. So it really. Uh, so Darian’s flight led US president JFK to raise the stakes on May 25th, 1961 by asking Congress to commit to the goal of landing on the moon and returning him safely to earth before the end of the decade. So that’s 1960 one’s. That’s a fucking big ask, bro.

Yeah. Not only what we gonna scratch, but people are going for the moon . Look, uh, and I’m gonna read this and it’s super short, but it’s. Better be. It’s taken from JFK’s speech and it’s, it’s actually amazingly inspiring and, uh, and Eric and Eric quotes. It’s amazing. Yeah. Uh, I believe that this nation, I should do, you should, you should do it.

What was it called? The Pan American? No, no, no. He’s got a, he’s, he’s a, he’s a Boston kind of, No, not Boston. No. What’s that act? Remember we looked. Because it’s like, it’s like, Oh yeah, you know what I’m talking about now. What’s it called? It’s like the pan. Yeah, but that was in the forties. No, he’s got the same shit, bro.

This is what he does and I, I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth. No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind. Or more important for the long range exploration of space, and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish.

Let it be clear that I am asking the Congress and the country to accept a firm commitment to a new course of action, a course which will last for many years and carry very heavy costs. 531 million in fiscal 1962. Wow. I know. It’s like and like, but that’s like plus inflation. It’s like 2 trillion. And he goes on and he says an estimated seven to 9 billion additional over the next five years.

Oh my God, that’s so much money back in the fifties, bro. That’s like, that’s like all the money in the universe. If we are to go only halfway or reduce our sites in the face of difficulty, in my judgment, it would be better not to go. Jfk, you just kinda sounded like Eric, though. You didn’t sound like jfk. I can’t do his action.

Dude, I’ve listened to you do it. It’s not what you can dore. It’s like you can, The greatest thing we fear is fear itself. Thank you. There it’s ladies. It’s more of a ladies and gentle. It’s more of a December. December Roosevelt. No, that’s, Oh, Roosevelt. By December 7th, 1941. You’re, you’re actually totally right.

I date, which what it is. And inate. Okay. I keep going. You’re actually totally right it for the. That’s the voice you must talk the voice for, for the rest of your life. So, um, actually, and this is just like a a, so during this time, so that was 1961 and that’s when we launched essentially the US into the space race program.

They approved the money and, you know, they really started to, to do it. Um, and just a, a note that I found interesting when actually diving into it more is Kennedy proposed on September 20th, 1960. A speech in front of the United Nations that the United States and the Soviet Union joined forces in an effort to reach the moon.

Fuck that. Okay. What? No, we’re not joining that. Our arch nemesis. Yeah, I know. I thought it was interesting like that. He would do that. But the Soviet premier NICU Taku. One more time. Say that again, Niru. It’s not ni. He initially rejected Kennedy’s proposal. However, on October 2nd, 1997, it was reported that Kof son, Sergei, claimed that Kof was about to accept the proposal.

I doubt it, but Kennedy was assassinated in 63. Ooh. Then he dropped the idea as he did not have trust in Lindon Johnson. Who’s Linda Johnson? He was. He’s the president after jk. Yeah. Come on man. I mean, come on now. Come on. Jor is not naturalized. He’s a naturalized citizen. He wasn’t born in this country.

Like, I get a pat. Come on now. Come on now. But wouldn’t that, It’s just a crazy thing because wouldn’t that like, can you imagine if we joined the USSR to go to the moon? So I just think it was, I, I think it was interesting.

I had no idea. I never heard of that. Um, which is that there was a chance, and this is from our president in our, in our premier in the Soviet premier, who actually. Considering working together to go to the moon. Oh, that was pretty interesting. , go forward. So here are a couple things and this puts things really into perspective about like the program.

Okay. So there were three NASA programs to go to the moon. Really? Yeah. Oh wow. Uh, there’s one was called Project Mercury. That sounds pretty cool. It was 1958 to 1963, uh, and the goal was to put man into orbit. Oh, okay. So, and return him safe. So it’s like steps. It’s like, okay, the first is like ba and the next get close.

It’s a gradient. Yeah, that makes sense. So Project Mercury had 20 missions. This was the plan, or this actually happened? This happened. This is actually a real life. Yeah. Okay. So they, uh, Project Mercury had 20 missions, uh, 14 of money. Yeah. 14 of them were animals. Oh, this the monkeys. This is where they said the monkeys cause you.

No idea. So think about it. You’re going to, you’re going to this completely unknown place. You have no idea who’s manning the controls. Were the monkeys. No. Oh, damn Houston, man. No, that, that’s impressive.

So they. That was a bigger project where they had to teach monkeys how to be astronauts like Project Banana Hammock. That’s another conspiracy. I think they made a movie about it. They play the, I think it was with Clint East. No way. No. Were they, were they taught the old men? No, were, Yeah. Armageddon? No. No.

 No, that’s Armageddon. It note that was a, Bruce will love it and Ben Af actually the best, honestly. Side note, movie. Movie Knowledge. Listen to the DVD in or no DVD commentary of Ben Affleck watching the movie. And he’s like, I hate this movie. He hates the movie.

 They’re oil rig guys. Yeah, they’re Diggers oil. They’re digging for oil diggers. Anyways, digress. Um,

and like they’d be like, that’s like with fucking, what’s his name? Like a Aerosmith’s daughter. Alicia? No, not Alicia Brand. Her name. Oh, Li Tyler. Oh, Tyler, thank you. I was like Alicia, I was the music video. 

Uh, so after they did the animal testing, of which super dark stories in there, cuz like, Three or four of them died and it was like a whole Oh, they did? I’m surprised it was only three to four dogs and monkeys. I’m surprised it wasn’t like a thousand of them. So then they did six missions with astronauts.

Okay. Of which it ended with the highlight essentially, which was getting the first man into orbit, which was, That’s actually part of Hidden Figures. It’s, they actually get him, he actually orbits and then he goes back down to turf, which is John Glenn. Yeah. John Glenn. He was like colonel or captain or some.

Some deeds. Right. He’s a good guy. So then that program transferred essentially to the Gemini program. Mm. Okay. And the goal of Gemini was to prep and advance space flight technology for the Apollo program to land on the moon. Yeah. Cause the Apollo program was actually to get to the man. So this was just like a, a stepping stone.

This is like you get Yeah. Essentially their goal was to. Like, okay, we’re out of Earth’s orbit. Oh, they, and now we’re space. And they go back in. No, no, we’re in space. No. So now what do we do in like, how do we, how get back? Do we move? How do, how do we dock? Uh, how do we dock, you know, Um, what it dock and space docking.

How do you, Space station wasn’t, wasn’t in there. Yeah. No, no, I know. But you have to go and you have to get one ship to turn around and you have to connect it, and then you have to do all these things. You’re actually totally right up then you. You have to test if an astronaut can go out of the ship and live Yeah.

And survive in a, in a plastic rack. Yeah. And can he like tighten a screw without like his head exploding or like freezing it up? It, So those were all these literally negative 300 degrees. Those were all these, um, Uh, flights. Fresh questions. Yeah. Things. So they did 10 flights. Um, they’ve achieved space docking, and they also tested if radiation was safe.

Oh, the sun, like new. Cause there isn’t like, Well, the mag there’s a magnetic field around Earth. That’s like protecting you from a lot of, like the radiation from the sun. Yeah. Right. So like when you don’t have that, you’re in space. They could just literally just like, Vaporizing. Mm-hmm.

So that’s that, that’s, They ended that in 1966. So then it moved into the Apollo program. Okay. Great movies. Yes. Movie I should say. And the goal of the Apollo program was to prepare and land a moon or land a man on the moon and return him safely, they. They did 17 Apollo missions. Damn. Really? 17. That’s so many. 17. I thought like, seriously? I’m such an idiot. I’m like, there was like two, it was 11 and 13. That’s it. Yeah. . I was like only two 12. They did, um, they did, uh, the first Apollo 11 or Apollo one was the tragic. That the one that blew up, like before it fucking, it was about to launch or was doing a test launch, and they, they were trapped inside and the door, the door wouldn’t open.

And it caught fire. It caught fire, and then they all died. Dude that sucked be. And they didn’t even fly. They didn’t, they weren’t on the ground. They weren’t in airport. God, that’s terrible. I know. And that was in 1967. And that was Apollo one. . What? Like what a great start. Fast world canceled the program, dude, it was such a tragedy, such a setback.

So, uh, Apollo one, that’s what happened. And then they all sorts of different, there’s so many stories within the Apollo program, but essentially Apollo 11 is what made it to. . Oh yeah, that’s right. Why was there 17? Cause we went to the moon many times. Yeah, they were, they were like, Keep going. That’s part of the fucking conspiracy cause Oh, I believe Cause I was like, one done baby.

Never went back, done. No. So, um, i’s forward a little bit to Apollo 11 and Apollo 11 had the goal of, uh, landing in July. In the sea of tranquility. Oh, that’s, that’s like one of the craters. Yeah. Yeah. There’s no sea. No, it’s a fucking crater. It’s like a fucking white rock. It’s just like, uh, July 16th, 1969 at nine 30 in the morning.

Okay. Sorry. Who named it The Sea of Tranquility? I know it seems like a little like Boas name. I know, I know. C Tranquility. Maybe it’s tran. Yeah, cuz it’s silent. There’s nothing, There’s zero sound. Well, maybe we don’t know. Just we didn’t land. Ooh. Okay. In the pocket thickens, god dammit. Uh, so on July 16th, 1969 and 9:32 AM Saturn five Rocket lifted off from Kennedy Space Center, uh, in Florida.

Yeah. So the trip, So the trip took three. That’s so long, uh, after achieving orbit, uh, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, That’s not that long. Think about it. I it’s not that long at all. Right. How long did it take to get it from Florida to California? I’m thinking about like driving. Yeah. Six days. That’s what I’m saying.

Yeah, but when you’re going, you’re going like 70,000 miles an hour. It’s, it seems like it’s a long time’s. Sorry. Yeah. You gotta walk behind you completely. It’s like, I’m about like going 60. No, you only have the rocket to get outta. No, but dude, when you’re going through space, there’s no friction. You’re going like, rocket miles an hour time.

No. Well, you got a main rocket and then you got like thrusters. These are the secondary thrusters. Yeah. Like, listen, don’t you like, why don’t you watch some movies, bro? That’s where I get all my knowledge.

. So after getting into Orbit, Armstrong and Aldrin transferred into the lunar module and the lunar module was named. Hmm. Uh, so there were three of them, three astronauts, and they left Collins in the command module, Columbia. Oh, so he didn’t get to go to the what? So the one one, and then there’s like a little one that they break the, they began their descent.

Um, so how did that dude get fucked? ? Like, that’s so shitty. He’s like, I’m scissors who stay. No one remembers him because he was on the, So he, he set the eagle down on a safe landing. Okay. And when he did, he said the eagle has landed. Oh, and that’s where that comes from. Really. I had no idea. That’s exactly where that comes from.

I just learned something. Wow. That’s amazing. The eagle has landed. Thank you for that. Yep. There you go. Interesting. I never. No, it’s the president for some reason. Is that really? That’s what I thought too. It’s like the bald eagle. Like the fuck. This is an educational podcast. There you go. Gonna say, you know, and I’m on the podcast and I just learned some shit.

Like, so, uh, so they, they landed and they, what they did, I don’t really get it, but six hours later is when he stepped out. Well, there’s like chill. I took a nap. It’s probably like scared shitless. I’m not going out. You go out. I’m sure I’m going out. I’m sure there was, There must have been so many. , I don’t know.

You know what I mean? This is all part of the conspiracy. Six hours later they got the film crew there and like in case, fuck film crew made to the moon? No, not the moon. I know. You know what I’m saying? So yeah, Armstrong left the eagle and became first human to set foot on the moon. And then everyone forgot about be Aldrin cuz he became irrelevant.

Well he was there. I do. He was bad. A little bit for Collins homie was just floating like around the moon. He gets, He’s eating freeze dried food. He’s like, I’ll never be remembering for this. He never went to the moon. No, no. I didn’t even know he existed. I literally had no idea. This man was a real man. So once again, the educational podcast, the first step was witness on live television by one fifth of.

That’s a lot. Well, now here’s the thing about that. I was thinking, okay, you’re streaming from the moon Live stream streaming. Live streaming on YouTube. Yeah. On a vhs. Yeah, . It was. So they’re live streaming from the moon back in the day. And wasn’t it like super hard to like even make a phone call from like California to New York back in the day?

They’re actually, that’s a great point. Like cuz they were using copper wire back then. So like all the, all like the phone lines were copper. You have to think that the, like the plausible delay from that far away to get the is is gotta. Maybe that’s what the, I think it’s four minutes. Three or four minutes.

I think it’s gotta be faster. That’s crazy. Really. I think it’s gotta be slower. I mean Oh, slower. Yeah. Because even if it’s going the speed of sound, which you gotta think radio wave the speed of sound is, is what? Like 8,000. 

Speed of sound is, uh, 3 43 meters per second. I don’t do meters. Goddamnit. Yeah, this is America. Come on now. Okay. This is God, America. Look, speed of sound at MPH baby. 767 miles per hour, Which in space is not that fucking fast, that that ship the fucking eagle was zipping homie. I guarantee it’s going like 7, 8, 9, 10,000 miles an hour.

So it’s kind, it’s a little odd. I’m just saying it’s a little odd. Yeah. Like how could they live stream it? So that’s a We’ll table that to the end. That thing. Yeah. Yeah. Aldrin, Okay. Hold up. Besides just, how many miles do you think it is from here to the moon? Let’s, I’m gonna take a guess.

This is a bet. I’m gonna, Okay. I’m gonna say, I’m gonna say 387,000.

Not a bad guess Eric. Two 10. Two 10. Wow. Better? 2 38. Fuck you Eric. You did the research. This is bullshit. He did the fucking research. Did that. So did like, know speed at the speeds, Like 2 32. Yo. So do, do the math at the speed of sound. Like so, So how many, how the hell were they live? How many thousand miles?

Uh, 238,000. Okay, so look, I’m gonna send you a simple equation. So I’m gonna do 238,238,000 divided by 757. So that’s 314 hours that it would take for a radio wave to get from the moon to fucking. So we’ll do three 14 divided by 20. Yeah, it’ll take 13 fucking days. Yeah. For, uh, for our radio wave to travel from the moon to fucking earth, bro.

13 motherfucking days. No, but how do they talk? That’s a great question, homie. But how do they talk now? Dave, I like This is out of our, our, our, No, no, no, because there’s, the communications is much more advanced in this radio waves. They’re not, they’re not doing, they’re not doing this radio waves. What are they doing?

What are they doing? Radio waves? No, no speed of light. Satellite communications, bro. It’s, it’s literally light. It’s like light speed communication. You fucking flick a laser beam at that fucking, at the satellite and it flicks the laser beam down. It’s like, boom. Yeah, it’s all done. It’s all done by speed of light.

Mm-hmm. like, so maybe that of, maybe that was the case back then. No, but you think of like, no, they didn’t have fucking ethernet cables and shit back then, bro. No, not ethernet, but ethernet is speed of light. That’s, that’s what that communication level is done on in the fifties, they didn’t have fucking that kind shit.

They had a big, you know, the big giant microwaves that were like super computers. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know the answer to this. This is above my pay grade. Okay. But somehow they live streamed it. Live streamed live stream with a 13 day delay, or? Yeah. Or they just recorded it and then sent the video. Right.

And then everybody just watched on the, and maybe it was like a white 32nd video and they send it back and there’s a. You know what I mean? 13 day delay, , or, I don’t know, 13 days. Seems a little dude heavy. That’s the math homie. That’s the math. I’m gonna have to, Yeah, if they did radio, so yeah, if they did radio.

If they had did radio real quick, just before we did, we should have done better research. No, we wanted to digress, but you literally just said they launched. The first satellite in human history was Sputnik. And they’re gonna be 10 years earlier. Yeah, 10 years earlier. And they’re gonna be doing like fucking satellite communications now.

Well, let’s get through, let’s get through. Hold on. Let’s get through before we jump into that. Okay. Cause like I see what you’re saying. Mm-hmm. , I see what you’re saying. That’s what I’m saying. But I’m just, they just started, Let’s, let’s just finish, this is the last part here, which is, um, plea continue. So, Uh, the first step was witnessed on live TV by one fifth of Earth.

That’s a lot of people, which is like 750 million people at that time. So that’s many, many, yeah. One small step. Yeah. What? No, you for man, one lodge for man, giant lead from Mankin. There you go. Sorry. Mm-hmm. I wasn’t lie that, uh, Buzz joined him on the surface. 20 minutes later. buzz, uh, per you go out in front of me, homie.

Just make sure everything’s okay. I know right? Persa, you die per nasa, they spent about two hours and 20 minutes outside of their. On the moon total. Just fucking jumping around. Jump around. Yeah. Jump, jump . Uh, and then the next day they, they, so they went back, they stayed there, and then the next day they launched from the moon to Ren Avu with Collins on the Columbia.

Oh, so they stayed the night in their capsule. Hmm. And then they shut off the earth, I mean the moon Yeah. To go back to. Okay. Yeah. And then they have the dock with it, and then they go back sleep. Would you be able to. Dude, fuck no. Hell no, bro. You’re there for one day. I’d be terrified. I’d be like a meth head.

Yeah. You know, like, like the meth heads are like looking out their windows and shit. Like who? I’m terrified. I have trouble sleeping at Universal . Seriously. Let alone you’re like on the moon and you’re like, I’m not tired, man. I have trouble sleeping when my dog barks in. Like, like, uh, So Apollo 11, left lunar orbit and return to Earth landing safely in the Pacific Ocean on July 24th.

I wonder how many, like how many, how many days was that? Like, what was like, was it there was three to get there? Was it another three to get back or, Uh, we could figure it out. That’s, that’s an obscure question. Sorry. So they landed on the moon on the 20th and they got back the 24th? Yeah. Okay. So it’s okay.

It’s like three days. They said they spent the night. The night. Okay. It’s a little sleepover. Sleepover, yeah. Okay. Uh, so after that, the US went to the moon. Different times. What? Really? I never heard of this Six fucking ti. Six other times. Six total. Oh, so five other times. Five other times, Yeah. And including the Apollo 13 incident.

But that they, But they didn’t make it. They got fucked. They didn’t make it. Yeah. That was a whole other incident. How many times did they land on the moon? Four. Six. No, six total. But you said Apollo 13, They never landed. No, I know, but six total times They actually made it to. . Oh my God. And that went all the way to Apollo.

Wow. Why did no one know about this? What the fuck? There’s like a whole thing that 17 once we never went back. That’s what I thought. I, I totally thought it was one time. One and done. Yeah. This, Nope. Jesus, like nothing about history. I know. . Yeah. Flat earthers. Like fucking spread the false . Yeah, I know.

They’re like, uh, they raise no moon, bro. like the moon is a dish above our dish. There you go. So there, there it is. And then in 1972 was the last time we went to the moon. What, what year? Up to 1972. Okay. I only thing it’s, it’s just it today. The only thing, it’s weird that like they went so many times and.

Over the last legitimately 50 years. Exactly. 50 years. They were like, Nope. No more space either. Nope. Or we just don’t hear about it. No more space. Like with UFOs, we don’t hear about it. No one gives shit like literally no more space at all. Until Elon Musk is like, Yo, maybe we should go to space. And they’re like, No.

Like how is nasa? What is nasa? Oh, they were space. Just not the moon. No, but no, but what is Yeah, like satellites. Yeah. More satellites. Yeah, like satellites. But that was more like earth. Like, we wanted to increase our communication system, not like exploration. Well, okay. We’re getting more like, it’s like shit’s like Wally now.

Like have you seen how many satellites around Earth? It’s crazy. It literally looks like a trash can. Yeah, there’s like a bunch of fucking trash around Earth. It’s ridiculous. 

Okay, So the US went to the moon six different times over 1969 and 1972. It’s still fascinating. I still don’t believe it. So there were, uh, 12 people have, have stepped on the moon. I only know men. I only know males. Two. Yeah. White males. I know two white males. So here’s the white. Is it just me or like, like it, it’s a thing that nobody’s ever heard of this, right?

Dude, I only What do you mean? Like, I mean, I’m m sure it, it, it, people didn’t know. It’s documented in history. I’m sure if its even true, by the way, if it’s true, but it’s not a very well known thing. Like, but people only know that we went many times. They only know the two. No, they only know question. They only know the two.

Before, before diving into doing this research, research. Don’t lie. You’ve heard of it for Yeah, I do, Eric, but his family are like astronauts and that’s true. Definitely he did. Now maybe he didn’t know. Okay. He had the inside scoop from his as astronaut. inside from . Okay. Inside track. So, uh oh, and there were a couple other things I wanted to go over.

Like, uh, basically just to give you an idea, the entire space program. Mercury, Gemini and Apollo cost 24 billion. Yeah, we just gave it to you. Ukraine basically . Yeah. So 24 billion now adjusted for inflation, which this shows how horrible inflation is. It’s probably like 400 billion. It’s 174 billion. That’s actually not as bad as I thought it would be.

I thought it was be like four, seven times. I thought it times higher. Dude, I thought it was gonna be like 400 though. No, like 400 billion. So essentially we, we spent 174 billion to go to. And, and what do we get from it for the first time? Or you’re saying for, for all the programs. 12 people that have landed?

Yeah. All the program rights, but things like, what did we get from that? Literally zero. There was like no advance science got bragging rights moves first ones. You get bragging rights number one. Yeah. But like there was no like, it not like, Like the moon had like fucking gold. And it’s like, well you don’t know that until you get there.

Yeah. But there’s also, you don’t know what’s there. They went there seven ti six times. They, they, they, there was nothing found one. It was like a rock everybody knows about. Yeah. But the way you’re looking at it is from a, like a materialistic gain. Like a, he wants an Y, like we, we He wants to know the numbers.

Yeah. He was, he was a p and l. was a p and l. I’m only, I’m only going off of like the history of mankind. When you con the whole purpose of conquest is to, To literally steal from the other person that you’re just feeding. Well, that’s the whole purpose of like maybe the human, We really land there. There’s nothing there.

I’ll get there. I’ll take your shit and make, get my shit. To answer your question, like what do we get? Nothing. There’s nothing there. What do you want? Yeah, why do I keep going? Do you think JK thought there was some like, I don’t know, maybe there was something. There was. I never heard of the other 12 guys.

This is like, Origins. Origins. It was like JFK’s, like I wanna make some, So, uh, you know, there’s, this conspiracy just doesn’t go away. And it’s, it’s the fact that it never goes away. The, the moon landing was a, . Right. So that’s the conspiracy is is it was a fraud. It was a fake. It was. And what are, it was, uh, what’s his name?

The director, Um, there’s a lot of director. Michael Bay? No, you talking about he did 2001. . Stanley Kubrick. Okay. Stanley Kubrick. No, no. The big co. A big conspiracy. A big conspiracy is that Stanley Kub. Filmed when he was filming 2001 Space Odyssey. Ooh. He filmed, Now that you say that, that’s actually a really good point.

Fake. He filmed the fake landing on the moon. So here’s the, here’s the thing, here’s the thing. Absurd. Here’s the thing about that. No, no. Like, okay. How did they make, Okay. You had to think, Okay, this is the fifties or sixties, sorry. Sixties. Mm-hmm. , like how advanced was their filmmaking equipment. So you’re gonna be, you’re gonna tell me not very, that their filmmaking equipment could literally make film in a, in a zero oxygen.

Yeah. Uh, you have need oxygen. Yeah. You know, you know how cold it is in space, Jorge, It is like 300 degrees below zero. And they’re like, they’re fucking like, I know, but they’re like dash cam. Like, they’re like fucking homemade, like America’s Funniest Home Videos. Camera is gonna like in 300 below on the VHS is gonna record that.

Although, to be honest, or to be fair, like my GoPro worked really well in Wisconsin. There you go. I hate you guys. It’s possible. It’s possible for sure. I mean, what is it gonna do? Just cuz it’s so cold, it’s gonna break your equipment. They modify it. It will literally, if your body is exposed, you instantly turn into an ice cube.

They have the fucking best engineers. They fucking modified that shit. They spent much money, they spent. Exactly. Yeah. Have you had 164 billion? Yeah, I know. Sure. So just couple, like, let’s just take a couple, a couple of the big points, A couple of the big points that I came across. Mm-hmm. , which was, uh, one of the big points was that in a lot of this is photography.

Mm-hmm. , that’s a lot of what conspiracy theorists go. Like the photography was bad, things that didn’t make sense in the photos. One of which is there are no stars in the pictures. Yeah. That is a, You heard of that one? That is a big, Yeah, I heard of that.

You’ve heard of that? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, like, dude, no stars in it. You take a, you take a photo in Florida, which has really no stars or stars in Florida. Yeah. Like, come on. Right. We’re, we’re now the. Okay, so about that, I mean, there’s, there’s two sides of the moon, right? The, the, the one has light side, dark, dark side of, because the way that the rotates into work, you only ever see one side of the moon.

Right? So they landed on the side, they landed on the side with, uh, sunlight number one, right? That’s right. Well, obviously right, I’m just saying, So was that during the day, would you say? It doesn’t matter. You always No, there’s, there’s no day. There’s sunlight is day. No, but Eric, the way that the, It’s, it’s a weird thing the way that the, the earth rotates and the way things are revolving around the sun.

Mm-hmm. , there’s only one side that’s ever getting sun, ever. Right. It’s not like you’re earth, you’re on rotating, There’s no rotation. No. That’s what they call it, the dark side of the moon. Cause that, that side of the moon is actually never getting sunlight. No. Right. Okay. It’s never getting sun. So it’s only one side.

It’s ever getting sun. So they landed in the sea of tranquility, . It’s like a fucking, which is in, which is in the sun. Well, duh. Right? Okay. So now, now, now here’s the debunk of this, in my opinion. Mm-hmm. , uh, you go to the beach, take a, take a photo of me horribly with my shirt off. . In the background, you’re not gonna see a star.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Eric, I’m sorry. Yeah, but we also live on Earth and there’s like an atmosphere like there. It’s like you see the picture and there’s black in the background. Okay. So like they, the sun magically doesn’t delete the black background. The, the white stars light pollution. That’s why you can’t see the stars, right?

Yeah, but I, I understand the lay pollution. Yeah. I can’t help it. Dude, this chairs shitty . I’m sorry. I, I, I literally cracky crack. Crack. I know. That’s what you guys got the good chairs. Yeah. This is the only shitty chair in We’re VPs. We’re VPs. . I know, I’m, I’m like a director. . Bullshit. I need a promotion.

 So the thing is, is you take a photo of the sky during the day. You’re not gonna see a, you’re not gonna. You’re gonna see the stars. I know, but there’s, there’s an, I gotta, there’s an saying, an atmosphere, but when you land on the moon in the sunlight, you’re in day because it’s always day.

Mm-hmm. , you’re not gonna see stars. Yeah. But everything behind them was black. So there’s no light in space. Actually, I don’t, I don’t know. See if I’m saying like, Okay, like I get it when you’re saying, but there. There is no magnetic field around the moon. There is no atmosphere around the moon. And like you can clearly see the black in the back.

So why would the sun pollution only get rid of the stars, not the black background. You would think the the background would be light. Be some fucking vibrant as shit like earth. Like when you’re here. Yeah, just be like fucking bright and Shannon. It’s bright, it’s sunny. That’s why you can’t see stars.

Maybe it’s the. It’s like Instagram? Yeah, just the angles. Yeah. , just the angles. Yeah. I don’t know. I, I don’t know. I mean, but see, to me, that’s not the sky. That’s not the, You gotta remember it’s daytime, so I know it looks dark on the moon. Like those photos, where, where is it? Daytime. Yeah, this is always daytime.

Yeah. Yeah. Good point. You know what I mean? So it’s always daytime. Yeah. So you’re just taking a photo during the day. Okay. So I, that one I’m not that worried about. Okay. Like that’s, that one’s like, if there’s, there’s like sufficient data to be like, Okay. Could be the camera. Could be, Yeah. It could be anything angle.

It could be the lens. Like it’s old, it’s the sixties. Right. Like, you know, Okay, I’ll out it. All right. So number two that I noticed was like a big, I’ll allow it. Big item number two. That is a big item is that the. Is waving. Yes. That dude, that was a big one. There was literally no air motherfucker. Like, But here’s the thing, here’s what I found out when I was looking into this, is that, okay, so you had the, the flag pole?

Yeah, the vertical one. Mm-hmm. , But then there’s also a horizontal, horizontal, like, or pole mm-hmm. so that they could hang the, the flag. Because there’s no, There’s no air on space. That’s right. Right? Yeah. What do you mean? What’s this fucking horizontal pole? What the fuck you talking about? Going up and then wouldn’t going to the side.

They put a pole this way. Oh, really? Yeah. Horizontal. Yeah, they, they, they put a horizontal pull. Oh. So that, to hold it, you see? Oh, okay. That makes sense. Yeah, that makes total sense. Like NASA did that. I actually did know. So why does it look like it’s waving? I mean, it could be like, just, So here’s the other part.

I’m gonna look this place. So here’s, here’s the other part, right? Which is, That’s the great point. That’s one of the half the point, right? Yeah. The other part is that it was literally folded up, right? Six days or however many three days that it took. So get there, it gets a wrinkle. So it was just wrinkled.

Yeah. And then it’s, it’s posted, like you said, with the horizontal Yes. Pole, but, and then the down pole. You know, it’s weird when you look at the, that picture though, when you look at the top part, the horizontal part mm-hmm. , you can see it’s not, it’s not wrinkled at the top. Like it’s because it’s gotta be cuz of the pole.

I have it pulled up right now and you can, you can clearly see the pole that’s in the top. Yeah. You see that? Yeah. You can see, you can see the pole that’s in the. and then otherwise it was just a wrinkled thing that they just, Yeah. Put in a, Yeah, but like, look at this picture. Let’s saying, look at this picture.

Look at that big black fucking sky. Okay? The issue there, there’s no, there’s no stars, dude. It’s a giant date time black sky. I will take a photo of you at the beach next week and there will be zero stars. Eric. Get the photo of it won’t be fucking moon homie. Where the sky is black. It’ll be blue, Eric, if it’s, there’s no stars.

There’s no stars during the day. It’s always day on the moon. No, but Eric, we’re on earth. There’s, it doesn’t, This guy is fucking blue’s black. Yes. Its blue in the, So no, Eric, you realize that only, only like, you know, black shows every color on it. That’s not black, right?

Not blue. Bro, it’s black. It’s pure barn’s. I feel like I’ve, I feel like I’ve won this part. It just, it could have been one those days. Daytime stars. I, There’s assuming that Eric, that every, they just weren’t there, so every picture they take of the, of the galaxies and stuff, they could only not see stars during daytime.

Because, Oh, we, yes, we took a picture of this new, this new solar system. Oh, 10. There’s no solar. What do you That’s right. What do you mean? Have you ever taken, have you ever taken a photo of a galaxy during day? You’ve never taken a photo of the galaxy during the day? . What do you mean? I’m telling you like I know, but don’t when they’re taking, Don’t see astronomers out like in forest during the like noon.

So why Eric at noon? Eric, here’s, Here’s a good part. Yeah, you do. Here’s a good thing, just so how can they, how can they even take pictures of galaxies? Cuz like, it’s, it’s gotta be daytime on like, you know, thousands of take from earth. You take it at night. If you take it from Spain, it doesn’t matter. Take it.

Whatever. So wait, look at that. He came in hot. He came hot. No, to debunk your fucking tar is No, he’s on my, No, he’s on, on Eric side. I’m on Eric’s side. No, not, You don’t even know your own argument. He’s saying, he’s saying that astronomers don’t go out midday. On the earth. So then why would they go out midday on the moon?

Yeah. Oh my God. You got, You wanna use your little telescope and you wanna look your space. You do it at night. Everybody. I’m talking to children. Everybody, like, I’m having an argument with two. Let’s move on to the next one. All right, so the flag is waving flag’s. Waving. The flag’s not an issue. We think it’s not, It’s not waving.

I think it’s a little crumpled. Crumpled and it’s, it’s got the top bar. It’s got the top. Cause you, you can bottom, you clearly see the top bar. You can clearly see that. Yeah. All right. Uh, then, then really the other major point that kept coming up was if we really went to the moon in 1969, why haven’t we gone back?

Well, exactly, That’s what I was talking about. Go back all the way to 72. No, but see, I think the thing, cuz I used to think the same thing. That was my, that was one of my biggest arguments. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. But now, like re discussing. I really think it’s like there’s no point. Why? Why would you waste billions of dollars to go back this 170 billion desolate rocket?

Yeah, because, And it provides nothing for you. There’s nothing to provide for you. I would, I would send somebody back. Cause, But more than why the first people just sucked. I don’t know. There’s nothing with 60 you, there’s nothing there unless you go, How do you know? You go, You go to a different if. But you go to a different part.

You go to a different part. Jorge, I’m gonna give you those guys a different, I’m gonna give you two hours to explore the moon. Seriously. Back, Go back. I do, I do. I’ve never heard of anybody going back, Jorge. But that was just, I’m gonna give, I’m gonna give you an empty bag of chips that six other people have reached into, and there’s no fucking chips in there.

And then you’re gonna be like, No, get another motherfucker. There’s chips in that bag. There’s no chips in that bag. There’s nothing there. There was zero fucking Doritos. Yeah, nobody’s gonna find them. Well, first of all, how do you know there’s nothing there? , they are. Well, what do you mean? I’m saying this is only what’s reported.

Same shit with the fucking UFOs. Oh, there’s no UFOs. There’s now, Oh my God. Now I must be like, Oh yeah, you know, we did have fucking UFOs back in the fifties and the sixties. Your persistence actually makes me, I’m actually on your side now. Okay. Like, like the fact that he’s like, you’re like, Nah, fuck it.

So, so, Theory is way grounded in comparison. No, honestly, I, I think it just came, came down to money. They’re like, We’re not spend this shit. And, uh, nasa, NASA is a very PR oriented thing. Yeah. They’re like, We need, like, you notice you noticed that all this the, but didn’t NASA like live on. I don’t know. 50 more years.

It’s still, It’s still alive. No, they cancel the, They rent budget. Like recently, the budget was reduced. Oh, okay. Their budget was reduced. Reduced enough that they said they weren’t going back out to outer space or something like that, didn’t they? Or at least satellite space recently. I’m talking about less.

Yeah. Oh no. Recently with, with Mr. Elon, not things have changed. Even, even fucking Jeff Bezo origin Notice you noticed the space all the time. You noticed that it was taken up to the moon, 6 million bucks. You, I mean, Elon and Bezos really have created a, a, uh, a new space race. Yeah. Well, yeah. And like, Like like public desire.

Oh yeah. Everybody’s like, Yeah, let’s, You can go to mar enough cash, bro. Yeah, let’s go to mar space by boy. You got a big enough Twitter par. Yeah. You got no training necessary. Here we go. It’s like the batteries included. So I think, I think kind of like the game ended. Oh, the game ended. That makes sense to me.

You know what I mean? The bag, No, no. Yes. I mean, what Eric’s saying makes total sense because. I used to think there was like a big I’m like, Why? Why are they not going back? Like, what the fuck? But then I’m. Well, why they’ve already done it. It’s like, you know, you ride a rollercoaster so many times, you’re like, Okay, yeah.

It’s not like funny anymore. I already know what it’s like 12 times. It’s not like they found six or six, Yeah, 12 people. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s true. But. Like, it’s not like they found life. It’s not like they found they didn’t find anything. They took rocks and the rocks suck. Yeah. Like, yeah. It’s not like they found, um, spice like in dune.

Ooh. Yeah. You know what I mean? Did they, You never knows. Like they haven’t literally sectioned it off enough to find it. What is it? There’s some like, there’s some like base on, on the dark side of the moon. Oh, that’s heard that one. I believe that. I actually do believe that. I a hundred percent believe that.

Can you imagine just. The dark side of the moon is dark all the time. Mm-hmm. . That’s gotta be crazy. It’ss gotta be. Yeah. It’s like living in Alaska, but like on the shitty time of Alaska the whole time. Well, don’t, don’t dis Alaska man. Eric is born Alaska guys. Yeah. I don’t see why we need to throw on the bus.

Alaska sucks. Unless it’s for pussies. . That’s the greatest state in the country. Ask a state.

Do we not see any pictures of looking back to earth? We do. They do a couple. Yeah. I can show you some. Okay. Yeah, I’ve never seen, There’s a couple from, from the lunar module. Have you, Sean? Yeah. I mean, I’ve seen it from like the space station. No, no, no. I’m talking about from not from the moon. From from the moon landing, Not from the original moon landing.

Oh yeah. Did I take pictures of the Earth? No, no, You did. They did. I’m still, I think I honestly, to me, I think the biggest, I think the biggest thing for me is two. It’s one like how could they equip these cameras and these video recorders in the fucking sixties, bro, to survive? Yeah. In the most terrifyingly dangerous environment known to mankind space.

It is. I How did they equip the, Honestly, honestly, it is a fe it is a marvelous feed because cuz those computers are the size of this room. It’s a fe But you, if they can build’s, if they can build, you know, the rocket pyramid and the Jorge pyramids, if they can build the pyramid and they can build jor, you know, I, I challenge you to take your iPhone and take a picture in negative 208 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’m not an engineer. I would, if I was an engineer, engineer that shit degrees. How do we do that? How do we test? The Jorge’s gotta get his space . Yeah. And he is gotta go out and take his iPhone out. The only person could do that is Mr. Beast I, And he would give that, send us to Antarctica, and then gimme the most expensive pizza in the world.

So where are you at on this whole thing? 

 They went, it would take six times. Did they fake it six times? I mean up. No dude. They didn’t fake you fake sounds, but I most people only heard of one mean, here’s such a fury to get ahead of the Russians. I, I think they faked it the first time. I think they faked it the first time.

Like they maybe the Russian space. Yeah. They faked the first time to own, own the moon. They were like, Oh, Russians. And the Russian, you know, when they landed on the moon, beat the moon, they beat the Russians. When we landed on the moon, uh, literally like the next day, the Russians were like, Uh, yeah. We didn’t really want to go to the moon

We just wanted make, wanted to work on the, we wanted to work on satellites. I know they’re like, so they, they, they changed all of their direction to satellites? No, I truly believe they faked the first one. I think they land, I think they landed on it after, I think they totally landed on it afterwards.

Refine the methods and everything. Like Apollo, Apollo was 16 or something. No, I think they totally landed on the moon. I think the moon has been landed on, I think the first time they faked it because they were under the gun and they had to win. I get it. They already lost with, They already lost with Sputnik already lost.

Yeah, and like you, you can’t, like we’re Americans, you can’t lose twice. Yeah. Ally to the Russian, it’s, it’s kinda like the story possible. It’s kinda like the story. It’s a good theory. It’s kinda like the story of, um, Steve Jobs and, and the Apple computer Oh. Where it didn’t work. Like he presented it and like he manipulated it a little bit to make it so it seemed like it worked.

But it didn’t actually fully work until it was released. So they did make it work when it was released. Yeah, but it did work in the presentation was like, fake Dave or whatever the classic fake it until you make it. No, it’s a fake to make it.

I think you, I think you can make a decent argument. Um, yeah, I think that’s a good theory. I think it’s absurd to think that we would spend 170 billion and then have 10,000 people as working on it on a day to day basis, and then coming out, nobody on it. I, I believe, like how do you trick 10,000 people?

Nobody snitches nobody. Dude their hat Snis. Everybody snitch. Everybody snitches. I, me, everybody snitch. Everybody’s snitch. Like, bro, keep this between you and me. You know? Like some of those guys become crack heads, like, what do you wanna know? Yeah, . Exactly. Give $7 and I got you. It just, it’s just like I got all the insight.

It’s just conspiracies to me are so hard to. Like, how do, how are they maintainable? They’re either, they’re either proved to be a conspiracy or they’re, or they’re they’re proved to be true. Yeah. There’s not, like, there’s never like, especially, you know, 50 years later, it’s conspiracy. It’s not proven.

That’s what I’m saying. Like, I, I do believe that Eric has a good point. Like you don’t spend that much money to, like, I’m on Eric side, not like being a dude there. Yeah. But I, I truly believe they fake the. Mm. I think they faked the first one because I think they couldn’t take another L to fucking the sputniks.

Yeah. They couldn’t take another L, so they’re like, Fuck it, we’ll fake it. And then like they finally were like, Oh shit would do it. We did it. I mean, if they did, that would be incredible deception. I don’t know how they did it. I mean, it’s not that, it’s not that difficult dude. It’s not, You just said 10,000 people.

How do you trick 10,000? Look that fucking 4K back then, bro. Like, you wouldn’t fucking believe anything. I mean, Jesus, like you’re watching the Golden Girls, you’re like, Ah, it looks like legit, looks real to me, bro. Like Right. Well, it sounds like we’re pretty, uh, divided on this. It’s like weird. We’re like, we’re like a fra, we’re like fractionating on this.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like we’re like kind of believe each other kind of now. Yeah. We’re God stupid. Well, look, there’s also, the one thing that I, I brought up to you guys on, on like before we did the podcast was like they had a picture of the actual space boot, you know, like the actual bottom of the boot.

Mm-hmm. like that they wore. And then there’s the picture of the boot print on the moon. And here’s the thing about that. They’re completely d different, It’s d. There was a, like a boot cover that they wore only when they were outside boot slip that that’s boot slip. Wow. Like a boot, boot cover, whatever.

They wore a boot slip. What the, You motherfuckers are boots. Shit. No, it makes sense anyways in the sense in the fucking show. Cause its, we’re, we’re getting like there’s boots slip. I wore a boots slip when I go to beach, you know, my boot slip lip . All right. We’d love to hear from you guys. Thanks a bunch.

Thanks for tuning. Message us. Let me know what you. I need to know that you’re on my side. Yeah. Which side are you on? Talk to you later. Mount Js.