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Walt Disney, Frozen Heads and Is Captain Hook the Good Guy? – Episode #34

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Podcast Transcription

Hey everybody. Welcome back to the Conspiracy Podcast. Yes. We’re here again. We got Sean. Yep. We got Jorge. Yep. And I’m Eric. Yes. And Eric. So, we’ve done a lot of, we did OJ series, the OJ Simpson Saga. We did, Marilyn, we did. Natalie Wood, Natalie Wood, jfk, the moon. Oh yeah. I was kind of thinking, Hey, you know, let’s lighten things up a bit.

You know, we don’t need to serious, a, let’s not get into another murder. A lot of death and yeah. Death, murder, mayhem, chaos. And so, it’s true. So we have an episode for you tonight, and it is the Secrets of Walt Disney. Mm. And, this is also, Kind of dark, so, well, I mean, it’s not as bad, so we’re gonna kind of, you know, the first half of this episode is going to basically be Walt Disney himself.

And then the second half of this will be actually about Disney properties. That makes sense. Like when you say properties, like their physical properties or their direction? Their movies. Parts. The movies and Oh, the movies, yeah. Oh, yeah. You know what I mean? And different.

Theories and different weird things. So it’s gonna be a very light episode and, you know,

okay, so in 1966, Walt Disney, his health began to deteriorate. and he had this pain in his leg and his neck. so he went to the doctor and they, and in x-ray they found a walnut size spot. On his left lung. Oh shit, that’s not good. And so they said, get surgery immediately. and what most people don’t know is that he was a heavy smoker.

Mm. I do know that. Cause like if you look at back in the old videos, he’s like, chief and six. Yeah. Big time smoker. Like a lot of people were back then packed. I, it was like total. It was, that was, it was totally the norm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So you and and the thing is you could smoke everywhere back then.

Oh yeah. There was no rules. It’s like you smoke on planes, you’re working in the office. You guys remember restaurant and the planes? Yeah. You remember taking the old planes and Yeah, the little ashtrays on the armrest. Oh yeah. That would be , oh yeah. Real. That would be real chinky in there.

Like, God, can you imagine the aroma? Just the, the, you walk off, you smell like a, you smell like a dive bar. It’s kind of gross. It is disgusting. It’s kind of gross. Yeah. yeah, he was known to smoke up to about two packs a day. That is, dang, that is extraordinarily heavy smoker. Jesus Christ. He was a lucky straight guy, you know.

Yeah. No filters. Let’s ride. But as a point of note, Disney later. Hid his smoking habits. So it was one of the first instances of not good for the kids. Photoshop. Yeah, Photoshop. So they had Photoshop it, well, I mean limited Photoshop, but a lot of the photos, if you look ’em up, His like hand, his hands are like this, but it’s actually an ongoing joke where he is always like this and he is weirdly pointy.

Yeah. They like erase the cigarette out. Oh, I didn’t say that. It’s true. Yeah. And he is going like that and he is going like this is he three SIGs in his hand. And so basically they just deleted it, you know? Yeah. And there’s, so there’s a bunch of photos and they call it the two finger point.

Mm, yeah. The, uh, but really it’s just him. They, they just, you know, popped it out. And actually in 2014, Rogan. Posted a photo on his Instagram and said, it was a picture of Disney going like that with the two finger point, two finger point. And he says, here’s another shot of Walt Disney with his cigarette photoshopped out.

They’ve recently discontinued this policy at Disneyland, acknowledging the importance of being honest about cigarettes were being the reason that he died young. So , but for a good couple of decades, It was just, Nope, nope. Not happening. Nope. Walt Disney did not smoke cigarettes. Walt Disney created while you were saying that Walt Disney created Adobe.

I was Googling. Even, even the statue at, Walt Disney World has him kind of pointing with two fingers in the air. Let’s keep it classy. Isn’t nothing crazy. Yeah, yeah. Hey, come here, Mickey. Yeah. In 2015, the board of Walt Disney Studios, they. Announced across the board, prohibited smoking in all of their movies.

Marvel, Lucas Films, Pixar and all Disney films. Mm. Can’t smoke at the parks either. So you can see. Yeah, you can see in all Marvel movies there’s nobody smokes a cigarette. all. Star Wars movies. Nobody smokes a cigarette. Well, it’s also Star Wars, so it’s, yeah, no, yeah. In a Galaxy far, far away. Pass me Mar Bro, please.

Actually, actually, one of the Lucky Strike, one of the last animated, movies that Disney did. do you remember, Aladdin and in the Genie? And one of his skits was he’s like smoking a Oh yeah. Sort of like a bunch of them. Yeah. Yeah. That was one of the last, animations with cigarettes.

I think they’re smoking. We were, having our daughter watch, lady in the Tramp and I’m pretty sure there’s they’re Chief and SIGs in that too. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Good portion of this content and this, research et cetera, was taken from, I just wanted to give a shout out to David Mickelson.

In 1995, he did an article, and a lot of this is taken from that. Okay. All right. Yeah. Good for you Dave. So, Disney, Walt left the hospital to attend studio business for a few days. He then reentered St. Joseph on Sunday, November 6th, 1966 for his surgery. during the Monday morning’s operation, doctors found that his left lung, was cancerous and he needed to have the entire lung removed.

Oh, shit. Oh damn. No, no salvage. He had oversized lymph nodes and it was an indication that he was dying. Dying. Yeah. after two weeks of postoperative care, Disney was released. I’m, I’m gonna call him Walt. Yeah, because Disney is like a, it’s just like, means, it means so many things. I know Walt was released from the hospital.

he crossed the street, he went to his studios. He spent another 10 days, tending to work, et cetera. Love. I’m sorry. I love that. The hospital’s across the street. I know it’s my hospital. Right. his health started to fail even more after the surgery. even with drugs . He just kept losing strength.

By December 15th, he died. Mm mm So December 15th, 1966, he died. so this story, one of the biggest conspiracies or theories or whatever, is that Walt Disney was obsessed with cryo freezing, being able to the future, live forever, basically. Yes. And so his, the theory is that he thought if he froze his body, Eventually technology would catch up and he could be revived through his body being frozen.

Mm. I wanna come back to this cancerous body. Bring me back. Yes. Let me be, it’s like, uh, what is it? What is that movie with, Sylvester and, and, Oh yeah. Demolition man. Demolition man. Thank you. Yes. A rat burger. Yeah. See snip. Must say snip. Thank you. Taco bell’s like the fanciest. I want go with Taco Bell.

It’s like five star Michelin, by the way. Sandra Bullock. Prime time there. Oh, very bright. What’s his name? Oh my god. Rob, um, Rob Snyder, Schneider, Rob Snyder, classic. He doesn’t know classic to use the three seashells.

Classic, classic, classic. Rob, Rob, Schneider. Schneider. Yeah. So in the decades since, , his death, the claim that he arranged for his body to be frozen, so everybody, it says nearly everyone familiar with the name Walt Disney has heard the story that Disney’s corpse is stored in a deep freeze chamber somewhere, either directly under the Pirates of.

Caribbeans, it’s like in the wheel, like put me under the path of the Caribbean or somewhere in Disneyland. Basically a waiting the day when science could repair the damage to his body and bring Uncle Walt back to life. God, that’s a, sorry. Uncle Walt. That’s a, I know. Like why? Creepy. Creepy. This is the worst possible name, uncle Walt.

So the idea here is I mean, is cryogenics a thing? You know what I mean? Is cryogenics a thing? Yeah, I think it is a thing. I mean it is, but I think so, but it’s, I don’t, back then it’s, so, I just don’t think, well, we won’t have the te like I think the only probable application of cryogenics is to like preserve a living body.

Yeah, but that’s just for like space travel. Yeah. I mean, the idea is, is that you submerge a dead corpse body in. Like liquid, nitrogen, hyperthermia, like state, basically. Right. And then that is preserved until you release it. It’s very much demolition, man. It is. It’s 100% demolition, man created. Yeah. So that’s the idea behind this.

I mean, there are reports that he reached out to people who were researching it. Mm-hmm. And he asked how is it going? Mm-hmm. You know what I mean? Yeah. And that’s. That’s pretty much it. I, you know, I mean, there’s a lot to go over, but the idea is, is that, I don’t know, I, I don’t really agree with it, and it’s hard for me to read a lot of this stuff because it’s, it is ridiculous.

I mean, here’s the concept, right? Is that your bo this would only work if there was no soul, right? Yeah, it’s true. Yeah. Cause if you’re just the body, just If the body was just the body, yeah. Yeah. Okay. So then if you were to revive. A body with no soul, then it would essentially just be a Frankenstein type.

Yeah. It’s also scenario, right. It would just, yeah. But a lot of people think that, you know, you are just the body and, but it’s also how, how does, has like organs after you, they’ve been frozen. You’re , you thaw them out. They’re just gonna turn to much Well that’s, that’s what he was hoping that technology would catch up and be able to jumpstart him again, I guess.

Right, right. Right. Yeah. I mean, based on all the stuff, there’s, there’s no record of anything. There’s no, , documentation. There’s no, his brother even said, you would think by now, some employee came out and it’s like, yeah, it’s there. It’s, you know, it’s under the pirate Caribbean. Yeah. So there are a couple witnesses who say they worked at Disney and they were walking around.

Mm. And what happened is they stumbled upon his head. Oh my whoop. Just kinda float. What is that? Just kinda floating there. What a cool prop. Yeah, I know. Oh my God. But here’s, so this part is so funny. there’s one theory that says that he put into plan or put into place a plan to create an animated movie called Frozen.

Oh my goodness. Right. And the theory is, is that he knew that people would then search Disney frozen. No, he did not. Oh my. He did not know that he would search fucking Google before this shit. So now he’s a time traveling. He knows. So now for example, if you Google right now Disney, frozen, what comes up?

That’s a good question. Let’s, let’s bring this up. Well, it’s gonna be frozen. The movie Exactly’s Point. Frozen, yeah. Frozen fucking movie. Yeah. There you go. Walt figured it out. The other thing that came up was Let it Go. So, so he was a SEO G? Yes. I, no, in 1965, actually. It’s crazy. he also created something called, and I’m sure you know, EPCO Center. Oh yeah, of course. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Most people don’t know what Epco Center stands for and is experimental prototype community of tomorrow.

What the ? What? So it’s like, it’s a futuristic world. It stands for a bunch of food and drinks for, it’s like the adult Disney. That’s amazing. It’s thousand dollars. Yeah. No, but the idea is, is that Epcott Center was supposed to be the future. Right. And so it was an obsession with the future and Oh yeah.

Technology and community and future. It’s just a, I think it’s just a classic, I’m so rich, I can’t, I want to keep being rich as fuck. Yes. Damn it. Like, let me, let me just live this best life. Yeah. So I mean, that’s the idea is, is that he had an obsession with prolonging life. And I mean, this is a classic rich person classic.

This is like textbook Yes. The top five richest people on the planet that I wanna live forever. I know. It’s I, I have the means, yeah. I can do everything but live longer. Just like all the peasants. I must die eventually.

I mean, but isn’t, isn’t that like the, it seems to be a common thread in, I don’t know, movies or we’re billionaires. Want to just live forever. They run out of time and they go, okay, you know, all I wanna do is figure out life, eternal life.

You know? Yeah. Well, well, I mean, you can’t really blame him. Like, I’m so my billionaire. I’d be doing the same thing. I know. How can I live forever? Spend this money. Exactly, exactly. I’m like, I’m like, how do I prolong my spending power? But, but he was also very focused on, legacy, right? Yeah. So there’s that, but.

So some people say he’s right under Pirates of the Caribbean. But that got built like way late maybe. They were like, no, no, no. Yeah, that was built when? That’s the original. That’s one of the original. That was one of the original rides. Yeah. Pirates. The Caribbean really?

So one of the classic rides of Disneyland Oh yeah. Is the Pirates to the Caribbean. That’d be one of my favorite. Yeah. It’s what the movies are based on. Oh, I didn’t know. I didn’t know. I thought, I figured the ride was based off the movie. Yeah, the other way around. No other way around.

I thought it was the other way around. I thought , the ride was based on the movie. That’s what I thought. Yeah. That’s why I was like, was there an older movie? No, no, no. It’s one of the original rides and it, do you remember in Jurassic Park? He makes a joke, he says.

Ian Malcolm, Jeff Goldblum says, you know, in Disneyland, the Pirates of the Caribbean didn’t come alive and eat the the people. Oh, yeah. That’s, you know what what I mean? Yeah, because we’re talking about like, like the, they’re like, yeah, it’s, it’s, they’re ans it’s a theme park. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. So you go in and you get in a boat and you sit there in a boat and you go through , The pirate life.

Yeah. Yeah. There’s pirate Life is the pirate. There’s like, there’s like hookers and like, yes. Yeah, absolutely. There’s like ships, class throwing cannons at you. Yeah. Yeah. It’s actually pretty cool. Yeah. Yeah. And then there’s a famous scene where there’s a. Guy trying to throw a key mm-hmm. To get a dog to open the prison.

Mm-hmm. Anyways, and they did it. They, they paid Hoish to it in the movie. Oh, that’s right. That’s right. Yeah, I remember that. Anyways, there you go. It’s Arad ride. Actually. It’s super old. It smells weird. You know, but it’s a cool ride.

Like all the other rides, it’s kinda like a small world. Have you ever heard of small? Oh yeah, of course. Small fuck roll. Exactly. That shit’s been there forever, right? That’s one of the original ones. Yeah. Yeah. I need to update that shit. Yeah. So the reason you brought it up is because the idea is that it’s underneath the Pirates of the Caribbean frozen, while millions of people travel on the boats above his body, he’s like the treasure chest. Yes. Super gross. Actually, really gross. What is the, what’s the guy’s name like Davy, Davy Jones.

Dave Jones Locker, locker. , so, so there you go. but the idea then, people started to investigate it because this has persisted for 60 years. Yeah. So they kept going and they go, okay, well did he look into, did he research? Like what’s the reasoning behind it? Right. Did he research freezing human bodies?

And apparently he did. He did. There was reach out to some companies, Google back then. He’s like, how do I live forever? That’s right. He. Apparently was a little bit interested in immortal life and you know, a little bit, well cause slightly the evidence, slightly, you know, I’m might go get cryogenic.

The only evidence that exists, it says that he called a couple companies who focused on it. Okay. As far as evidence. That’s, that’s it. That’s not, that’s not, that’s a little loose. Totally. A little loose. Yeah. Yeah, totally. I mean, I’ve researched two pays, but I’ve never, I’m not wearing one.

So that’s the idea. But I, I thought it was funny because a lot of Hollywood movies and stories, the billionaire or trillionaire or person in charge, the story is always, they have everything except for time. Yeah. You know, remember Alien? Did you see all the aliens? Yeah, of course. Yeah. So there’s one where it’s Guy Pierce and he is like a really old man.

Oh yeah. And that’s him trying to find immortality and he is like, these aliens will give us immortality. And he went and then, you know what I mean? That’s, anyways, so there’s a lot of stories about. Well, I mean, it’s been a common theme since like the the dawn of, of man. Yes. How can you live forever? Yeah.

It’s like the holy grail and like the, you know, the conquistador is looking for the fountain of youth and like, you know, literally the king’s , go find it. I implore you, but would you want to no. Same forever, same body, same everything. I mean, if I was like, yeah, yeah, perhaps fucking yeah man, but like at your prime, Be prime.

I’d be prime. I don’t wanna like live forever as an old, that sounds like a trap, doesn’t it? I’m like, please kill me. You’re 96 and you found for the rest of your life. Yeah. You found immortality. Like you gotta be 96 forever. Yeah. That sounds terrible. It can’t see anything. Yeah. You can barely eat food.

Mm-hmm. Sounds it’s like hell, it’s actually, it’s like purgatory. Yeah. Like a life alert is just perpetually around your neck, but you can’t die. Yeah. It’s only, it’s just to pick you up when you fall.

Have you been to Epcot? I have, yeah. Yeah. What’s it like? I have no idea what it’s like. It sits, it’s cool. It’s futuristic, right? Yeah. But there’s, there’s no, the rides are all you’re not really doing it. It’s just like moving and like, there’s like screw. You’re like, whoa.

That was so exciting. Staying still, but shit is moving on the sides. Yeah, but you’re, and like the chair is , yeah, I don’t remember. I don’t remember the rides too much. It’s that big. Yeah, it’s a giant orb. Orb, yeah. There’s that in there. Big orb. Yeah, that’s kinda like the main thing I would say, but I’m pretty sure.

But it’s the orb, but what’s No, but when you go there, like it’s, it’s mostly shit. All the shit’s inside of it. Oh, okay. Yeah. But what’s inside of it? Isn’t there stuff inside? I don’t know. Yeah, there’s a ride inside of it. Yeah, that’s what I thought. No, I was gonna say, have yous been here?

I have been, but was gonna, I was gonna say the main thing there is just fucking crazy. I rode one, I won, rode one ride. It’s the only place in you can get booze. Yeah, that’s right. Really? Yeah. Yeah. It’s like, that’s the main reason that you’ll see people there. It’s like Disney walk and it’s like there, and I’m like, Fucking, yeah, we’ve gotta go to head hop for a few hours.

I know. It’s like, here, stay here, baby girl, I’ll be back. I have no idea. Go ride the ride. Oh yeah, man. So, so one of the main things is , they do have different uhs sections all around the world, country. Exactly. Like around the world. So you kind of go around the whole lake, the center of the lake, and, and so you go to like Mexico, fucking all these Spain, you got some tacos and some tequila, and then you gotta go to Japan and have some, some sake.

Sake, okay. So that’s why you, the main thing, it’s for adults. Yeah, exactly. It’s Epcot for the adults. That’s right. Okay. All right. Yeah. This is for the kids.

So a lot of this stuff, about, I mean a lot of books were written one by Mosley. , And he, he just made shit up is the problem until there’s no heaven. Yeah. He goes, he basically says, oh yeah, Disney was about to die, and so then he went, And he looked into freeze drying human cadavers, freeze drying.

But nobody knows that. He just made it up and said that he did this. Trust me, he’s gotta take his word. Trust me, trust me. Me, me and Walt, I got a little ansy ins. So we had a meeting one time and he was like, I’m gonna freeze dry. It’s so hard. You know what’s crazy is, books back then were very, you know, if you read something in a book, you go, oh, this is very credible.

Oh, it’s kinda like facts. It’s the truth. Yeah. But honestly, it. If you look at it, it’s almost like the internet today only just more credible. Yeah. Fat. A blog instead of a book. No, you think about it. Yeah, it’s true. That’s true. Well, like they, like they had to get published, so it’s like it’s gotta be credible.

Yeah. So it’s just crazy because he wrote a book and then it became a thing, but there’s no source and there’s no. Evidence that Disney actually did anything other than, you know what I mean? His word. Yeah. Other than this guy, this random guy. It’s not like he was like homie, like childhood friends with him and he was like, motherfucker’s been talking about this shit forever.

So this is what Mosley says. In one of his books, he says The surgeons had taken away his disease lung to examine it, and then they were going to preserve it. Walt was pleased when he heard that because he knew enough about Cryogenesis by now to be aware that it was important to hold onto all of his organs.

Just in case the surgeons needed to treat them before putting them back where they belonged. He made all this up. Yeah. Yeah. But this is not like, , like a statement from my, yeah. I’m very pleased that they kept my love and so really, What I’m assuming is that they just took samples of tissue.

Yeah, because they wanted like, like biopsy, like a standard biopsy and this guy like turns it into they’re freezing his lungs and Yeah. So they dipped it in liquid hydrogen. This is what, this is what Moley said in a lot of his stuff. He says A source close to Walt. That was his source. Like, you know, say you died.

I’d be like, and I say some random quotes about Jorge. Yeah. And then it’s like, somebody I know that’s really close to Jorge told me this. That’s my source. Yeah. My favorite is like, experts. Yeah. Well, who, what expert. I know. They’re experts. Trust me. Trust I, I can put it on my LinkedIn expert in Walt Disney.

Okay. So in 1972, His daughter wrote, there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that my father Wal Disney wished to be frozen. I doubt that my father had even heard of cryonics. I’m sure he heard of It’s just Billy. He’s a rich motherfucker.

Yeah. So then there are rumors, that why would she tell the truth Anyways, super rich. I know. And like probably in the wheel, it’s like, if you want any of my money, don’t say shit about cryogenics.

I believe her over some guy trying to sell his book. Yeah, I do too. And just naming a source close to, to Walt. It was probably her. She’s probably the source. So here are some of the things, just take it, there’s just, there’s just pieces of information.

Maybe it’ll help you decide if while Disney is frozen underneath Pirates of the Caribbean. I mean, I hope, I hope he is. Yeah. The truth of the matter, or at least for the people who think it doesn’t exist, yeah. his body was cremated. Well, that’s very convenient

per information, per source. Close. Per credible source. Per source sources to the Disneys. So if he was cremated, obviously he’s not underneath the Pirates of the Caribbean. I mean, he still could be in theory. In theory. I mean, he could be, maybe he was saving his ashes. Just so could Phoenix and we’re gonna cry all your ashes and then we’re gonna bring you back.

Here’s some of the evidence. Yeah. Walt Disney publicly stated that 10 years before his death, he stated this, he said he wished to not have a funeral at all. Disney family members then confirmed that he wanted to be cremated. He was like, I want to be smoked like a cigarette. I was like, oh, no. Yeah, with the cools, no lucky strikes, no filters.

Disney’s death certificate shows that he was cremated two days after his death. The name, license number, and signature of an embalmer appeared on the death certificate. Are those of a real embalmer? And who was employed at Forest Lawn Mowery at the time? Do they still embalm you If they’re gonna burn your Is yeah.

Embalming is not necessary for a cremation or for a service taking place after the cremation is complete. However, embalming is required that the service will take place with the body present before

I see. So before the cremation, a lot of families get confused. So meaning if you’re going to have a little thing and see the body, they, they have to embalm it first. Cause they don’t want, it’s gonna be like death and, but he said he didn’t want to see, he didn’t went funeral. Yeah, I know. So, Well, that’s what he said, but did they a funeral?

Here? Here. So here it does say a person can be embalmed prior to their cremation. A lot of families opt to embalm their loved ones prior to the cremations when they know that they’re going to stage viewing for them. Right. They might also do it if they’re going to have an so, okay. So I wonder if they had a funeral, cuz then maybe they must, they must’ve had family.

Maybe they just had a viewing. Yeah. One last private, you know, and they’re , dude, a quick embalm. There is a marked burial plot for Walt Disney and it can be found at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale.

, court papers indicate that Disney Estate paid 40 grand to Forest Lawn for that plot. 40. Geez. Yeah. That’s lot of money back then. That was in the sixties. It’s like a million dollars.

People still say, news of his death was deliberately delayed, meaning, so he died? Mm-hmm. And then, well, it’s probably for like stock prices and shit, , that’s true, man. You know, there’s, it is a big thing Yeah. You know, the, the, the person who’s been , oh, huge running this shit, like they died, everyone’s gonna start freaking out.

They gotta get their stuff together. Yeah. So they’ll probably get a plan in place. Right. Succession. Yeah. And yeah. That’s right. That’s right. And there was no. No, he’s just saying like succession. You know what? Spoiler. No. You know what that word means? Succession. Yeah. To secede someone. Secede someone.

So like when someone takes over, even if they’re not dead, even if they step down from something, you have to have a plan in place for someone to take over. Yeah. Okay. Well, this claim that the announcement of Disney’s death was deliberately withheld from the press for several hours oh, we’re just talking about hours. I thought you were talking about, I thought it was like weeks. Yeah. So here’s where the mystery begins, which is Walt himself asked Roy Disney to keep his illness secret. Is Roy like his like brother or something?

Is that his da? His son or his brother? Okay. Brother’s. His brother. Yeah. , but the manner in which the world was I. Notified of the death became surprising. In fact, it was not until hours after he was declared dead that an announcement was made, but it doesn’t seem like that long hours. That’s not bash that bad.

Like why is that weird? You need to alert us. The second he’s immediately, the second he dies. We need to know, you know, it’s not like we have. Or they had, you know, Twitter or social media, like where everything flies super fast, like the news travels. Really? No. Back in the day. And also, you’re not a family member.

Why the do you That’s, fuck you. So here’s the confusing part is in the announcement of his death, they said there would be no F funeral and he was already cremated. Oh. But didn’t get cremated until two days after, or, or, yeah. You said two days after. Yeah. Yeah. Mm. So that’s weird. So that’s the confusing part.

Is, but, but it could have been but it could just been a bad announcement. Yeah. No, no. Or it could have been , Hey, we don’t want people coming. Yeah. Don’t come, don’t fucking show up, up, up. Yeah. They wanted to have their viewing and they didn’t want people thinking that there was somebody there to, to view or whatever.

That’s love. That’s always like random people. We wanna pay ho like, you don’t know him. I know why. I know. But they know, they go down the path of like, he changed my life. And, but like, how, because he made, he brought me happiness. You know what it means? Yeah. Like if you think about famous people when they die and they actually do have a funeral, like there’s, you know, parade of people like showing up.

I know. But to me’s, so, and that’s probably what they were trying to avoid. Like, so duh. Like when it’s like somebody like, like mlk Yeah. Change the world. Of course. But like, you don’t think Disney changed the world. I think he did, but he was just a dude. He started him animation company. Not at the same like next to mlk, but yeah, he was definitely, where’d he put him?

He had a lot of influence. We’ll say that pop. Yeah. Probably in the last a hundred years, probably top hundred. Yeah. Yeah. Top hundred. Okay. Okay. I’ll give him, but I’m saying, but if Disney was alive today and he died, I’m not gonna be , I want to go to the funeral. Yeah, no, totally. I’d be like, that’s up.

I’m super sorry. Yeah. But I’m not gonna like, move my life around to like, yeah. Try to go see him. we, we did an episode on Tupac. Yeah. Like when, when, when he died, there was lots of people on the streets. Lots of people, once again, wouldn’t move a muscle. I’d be like, that’s, yeah, we wouldn’t, I’d be like, that’s a shame.

I mama. I know. I really liked it. I’m gonna bump that album for a week straight. Only thing I’ll listen to. That’s how I, how true. You’re probably 10 or nine anyway. So you ain’t going anyway. Well, I’m saying even if I wasn’t, Jorge, this is a hypothetical Shut up.

So a couple things right is on this, is you die. Yes. When you wanna notify all your, your peeps first. So maybe you need time. Oh, yeah. You know what I mean? I’m just saying, I’m trying to justify the hours. No, I’m sure by, I’m sure. Especially when you’re that important too.

Like there’s probably a whole legal thing his lawyer probably knows that the second he dies, who’s next, he’s gotta activate this whole fucking thing. With his mm-hmm. With, um, you know, the, the estate and like all of his affairs. Oh yeah. There’s probably a lot of legal shit going The company.

The whole fucking whole Yeah. The public company. Yeah. Was it a billion dollars then? Probably. Oh, probably, probably but seven hours is not that bad. Yeah. To get, I thought it was weeks like, yeah, I know. No, when he said that. Hours. Yeah. Hours. That’s not bad.

Yeah. It’s not that bad. I know. You know, they didn’t keep this from the public. No, I know. No, I know, I know. Well, it says that he was worth a hundred million to 150 million back then. That’s a big number back then. Okay, so it says from billion dollars from a stock point of view, the Walt Disney Company stock was worth about 17 cents a share in December, 1966.

It’s now $112 a share. As of August, 2018, it was like 167 billion market cap. If you just do the math, like if you, let’s say just divide it by a hundred, take two zeros out, that that would mean that at 1.6 billion valuation, technically the stock would probably be at a dollar and 12 cents.

Okay. So it was probably like a couple hundred million. So the point is that he had some cheese. Yeah. I mean, plus inflation. He’s like trillionaire. Trillionaire. Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, a couple other things that people, conspiracy theorists or whatever us think, he’s like talking down about us. Piece of shit.

Crazy peoples. I know, when he went to the hospital originally, They said in the press it said treatment of an old neck injury that he received while playing polo. Well, that makes sense. you’re not gonna, so that’s why you’re not gonna like, wanna freak the shareholders out. Right. Treating terminally ill.

Yeah. Man. Who cannot be saved, right? Like, you’re not gonna put that in the thing. Here are a couple more weird parts of this story, which is one, the cause of Disney’s death was never formally announced because like I can guess cigarettes, like they took his fucking long out, bro. Yeah,

yeah. It’s also we, we aren’t realizing this, this wasn’t the, the information age. Yeah, that’s right. Totally. In the, in the sixties. You could control what you wanted. Oh yeah. There was, you could control it. The mainstream media. Could easily be mm-hmm.

Controlled back then. Now it’s like anyone can go on Twitter and say , that’s right. Ba B. Yeah. Like tweet, tweet, tweet. I know. Exactly. And then everyone’s like, woo. Yeah. And then it goes viral, and then like people are talking about it.

Yeah. You know, it was in the news. Yeah. It also, he was probably on a first name basis with all these guys and probably like, Hey, shut up for like a week. Yeah. Like I get shit fixed, you know? Yeah. He probably didn’t know what was happening either, so I mean, that’s another good point.

You know, you’re like, ah, this is an whole football injury. I know. A big deal. It, dude, I played a wicked game of Badman yesterday, so, another one is that Disney’s funeral services were held privately and in secret. Oh wow. Yeah, but that’s, but that’s just how dare they, yeah, that’s not conspiracy what I’m saying.

Conspiracy. His family didn’t want, want the public involved with his fucking, they wanted some privacy with their dad. This is bullshit conspiracy. He was frozen. Some of his last writings. He specified that the public was never to be told of the location of his grave. Okay. I mean, okay.

Also, also not, not weird. Yeah. Yep. Weird. Weird. You know, also not weird. I wouldn’t want, if I’m going to visit my, you know, my dad’s grave, I wouldn’t want some randos, like dressed in Mickey outfits, like, right. Oh, you know, you definitely have that. Especially nowadays. Oh my God. They’d, they’d be living there.

They’d be like tents and shit. Right. There is some crazy people about making, especially if you’re that famous. Oh yeah. Especially if you’re that famous. Yeah. I mean, you don’t want people, there’d be chicks. It’s like drinking beers on your, on their grave. It, it’s like you’ve seen the thing, it’s, I think it’s in France, there’s an old myth that there’s this dude’s tomb.

It was like a body on it and you see the the dick part is all , Kind of like worn because like No, it’s a real, it’s a real thing. Chicks will go and like, fucking no. Why? Dude, I swear nowhere. I swear to God. I’ll show you the pictures. I swear to God. And like they kiss it and they like grind on it.

It’s supposed to be a fertility thing. I, dude, I’m gonna fucking, I’m not full of shit. What the fuck? Fuck.

I oh my.

I’m sorry. How do you know this? I saw some random thing. He knows the most random facts.

The French grave, that doubles as an aphrodisiac. Look at his pants, bro. Easy. Lemme see. His shit is worn off. What? Fuck. It’s like literally no way. I swear it. in France, per Leches cemetery contains a curious tourist attraction that that allegedly grants fertility and an increased chance at landing a husband for any woman bold enough to straddle a statue.

The grave of Victor noir of French journalists in the 19th century is, has become fame, romantic aid for scores of French women for over the years. So literally they go and they grind, just grind on they grind, but like, look at the just twerk

What’d we call it? Really? Oh yeah. They’re French. They don’t give a fuck. What’d we call it in high school? Dry. Dry home. Dry home bin. Yeah. Little dry home. Well, yeah, it’s dry cuz it’s not a real man. It just, of course, it’s drys statue here.

Look at, look at how Warren, that, I mean, I wish my pants looked like that. I told you I wasn’t, I told you I wasn’t full of shit. Crazy . Okay, so there’s one other thing that, people say is that Walt Disney was a Nazi sympathizer.

I’ve heard that too. You’ve heard it. Okay, but what about it? What, what’s the conspiracy? I don’t know if it’s true, but I mean, I’ve heard it. I hadn’t heard about that one. Really? Yeah. it’s a crazy theory. vote. Vote Yes. V Disney. but there’s a bunch of comedies about it. It’s in Robot Chicken, it’s in Family Guy. And they joke about the most worthy, it’s most, most trustworthy sources of hard time. I know. I know. But they just do jokes alluding to that myth.

Right. Which was that. In World War ii, Walt participated in the making of top secret training films for the US military, which require the highest level of security clearance, of which he also, the theory is that he made propaganda films for Gobel, for Joseph Gobel, Gobel, the the propaganda czar, so he kind of played both sides.

This is a theory I’m saying, saying he’s playing the money side. Yeah. Well, I mean it’s, he’s not the first to do this. God. So here’s where the theory came from, right? Is that a German filmmaker named Lenny Rafal Nasal, who? Her documentaries glorified Hitler. She visited Disney in 1938. She was in America to promote her new film about the Olympics. Walt invited her on a tour of a studio, but refused to screen her film or provide support for it.

That’s, you know, the, the public facing Yeah. That’s, that’s the opinion. Yes. He did not screen it. Yeah. At all. He just watched it, it just didn’t screen it. That’s like, that’s like what the stockholders had to hear. Yeah. Oh yeah. The, for the shareholder. They were like, but, but why would he meet with her though?

That’s my thing. I mean, keep in mind it was 1938. This is before the war broke out, although, although it broke out in 39, so, you know, you’re like the, you know, yeah. The Nazis are the bad guys in 38. The Nazis are still the bad guys. Oh. In 38 people are like, people are talking like, what the fuck are they doing?

Yeah, yeah, exactly. They’re like, they’re doing a little sketchy. They’re like, they’re starting to overreach here. That’s pretty much, you know, Walt Disney’s. Theories and what, yeah, I happened. Wish there was more info. I know there’s not, there’s not a lot of info.

We are like chasing at straws here. Yeah, there’s not a lot of info because it’s all, it’s all hearsay and the sources of my brother’s, cousins and the person who was there at a dinner party, you know, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, but those, those are, those are some of the best conspiracies. I know conspiracy theories.

That’s true. I think it’s because the fact that he, there is the classic billionaire narcissism, there you go. Where it’s like they all want to live forever because when you’ve achieved, like you’ve , I’ve conquered life. Why wouldn’t I want to live this? I literally, I am a champion of industry.

Yeah. No one wants to live forever. When they’re totally a janitor and they’re like, totally, I wanna live forever. Like no one true’s ever said that. They’re like, how do I die faster? It’s true shit.

So do you think anything, I think that. No, no. I, I think may, I think he probably looked into it, but the doctors was probably , right, it’s not gonna work. Right. This is 1966. No, they’re , we are not ready for this shit. We’re not ready. That the tech, the tech was not there. Say it was, say it was, nowadays we’re pretty advanced.

Like there, there would be something that, but with all the money that Disney has in the family and blah, blah, blah. Like they would’ve, they would’ve tried something, right? They would would’ve tried to clone it. I would’ve done a demolition man thing. No, but that, but that’s, you’re alive. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Well that’s, they still can’t do that. Yeah. Cuz like, obviously, if they, you think about it, they try to like research it for, you know, say prolonged space travel. Right, that’s true. You know, we’re going, we’re going slow . Not even the speed of light. And they’re like, we’re trying to get 12 light years.

It’s gonna take you like 7,000 years to get to, so there’s three things, right? Mm-hmm. There’s, so there’s deep sleep, right? Cause that’s what you’re talking about essentially. That’s cryosleep. Yeah. Yeah. So cryo sleep. Yeah. Deep, deep sleep for long periods of time. Yeah. Then there’s frozen and alive.

Right. Demolition man. Demolition man. Yeah. Frozen for later. Yeah. But, but in essence, that’s really cryosleep. That’s putting him to sleep. Yep. Right. And then there’s death body, frozen reincarnation. Hopefully. Hopefully. But then where’s your spirit go? No. Like, here’s the thing. It’s like nowadays, nowadays it would just be , they would just try to clone themselves.

Yeah. Okay. Right. But they don’t, but the, the thing is , You got the dna, it’s like you can recreate that, but you can’t replicate consciousness. You can’t Ah, that’s the one thing. You can’t, it’s a spark of life, right? You can’t do that. Like the thing that, the thing that animates your, your existence can’t be cloned.

So, so what you’re saying is , it wouldn’t be Walt, but maybe it could be his, it could be like Walt genetic Exactly. When it’d be That’s right. That’s right. It’d be like a dog. Yeah, it be like

the world’s richest, useless person. Hungry.

It’d be like, slothful,

just watch that. It’s so good. but if, if it is true that he believes in that, then he must not believe in the spirit or this soul. No. Because, no, because I mean that gets complicated cuz like some people think that you know, no, but he, if he’s gonna freeze it, if it’s within you and in your body, if he gonna freeze his dead body, he is like, oh, well heaven’s gonna hold, but I’ll hold, like when I give you credit, I’m actually gonna come back down.

Yeah. He is haunting. The Pirates of the Caribbean where his body is. He’s like, damn, bro, get your science going. He’s running the animatronics. He’s like hanging out with Johnny Depp. Yeah.

Do you know what I mean though? Like if he thinks he thinks he could do that, then you, you have to inherently not believe that. There you go. You go , there is some sort of afterlife for you, right? Because you’re I’m just gonna sit in this dead corpse. Yeah. Until they bring me back to life.

There you go. No, no, but, but the afterlife is, if you die, then you know, you go to the afterlife, you go to heaven. But he believes that he’s not dying. He’s freezing his body and he’s gonna keep on the, in the future. Oh, you’re saying he froze himself while he was alive, but can you really freeze your soul Well, did he actually, I didn’t figure out how to died.

Or did he just, Freeze himself. Yeah. No, the thing, you can’t freeze a living bean. Like that’s the, like there’s nothing, it’s confusing. It is. You can’t freeze. They’re like, look, we’re just gonna stop the everything that makes you live. Yeah. We’re stop it. Yeah. But it’s the same theory as the cryosleep True with, which we haven’t figured out, but Right.

So I can see him doing, doing that. I can see him going that route. Like I’m gonna die anyways. So free me me up. Yeah. Freeze me now. Put me in the back. Actually, that seems to be more, seems more realistic, more logical. Cause then you go, okay, hopefully in a hundred years they’ve solved cancer. And they wake me.

They wake me up. Yeah. They’ve solved this cancer. And they, I have like six days to live. And they’re like, they wake me up in a hundred years. And like, fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it. He’s like, he’s like, I’m so cold. Yeah. Gimme a cigarette, fix it. Lucky straight. Where’s my lucky? I just picture him like waking up and just, yeah, the first thing is like cheaping on the fucking, the whole cigarette goes down and he’s like, what’s my stock price’s? Like, I’m a trillionaire. I know. Imagine like he wakes up and he is like fucking a hundred x richer.

So I have some more. We’re gonna actually do Disney movie conspiracies.

Ooh. Yeah. You know what I’m saying? So before we, before we get into that consensus, yeah. So anything there, I, I, I think he probably could have tried it cuz he had no other options and it’s he’s got unlimited funds. Why not give it a word he’s dying. Why not give it a try. I’m gonna die anyways.

Yeah. Okay. I could imagine him going, Hey, just take a little bit of me, just take a little, little snippet and then recreate in the future and we’ll see. Eh, you know, I’m out. Please recreate me with. Some AI chat, chippy tv? No.

Okay, so now we are going, because that was Walt Disney. So now we’re gonna go into, The Disney conspiracies. So this is the world of Disney. This is Disney Corporation. It’s Walt’s world, right? No, no.

Disney movies. Yeah. Okay. And Disney. Disney animation, stuff like that. So it’s all fake, but it’s all fun. It’s all fun. It’s all real. Yeah. It’s all fun and games. So, Uh, you guys both saw Finding Nemo.

Mm-hmm. Of course. I love that movie. Mm-hmm. Okay. It’s amazing. So you know that Of course. Okay. We all know the story of Finding Nemo a clown fish who gets taken away and his father must venture across the ocean to get his son back. Yeah. So is Aala gonna see, see Cucumber Dad? So I’m gonna blow your mind.

So go back to the beginning of the movie. Nemo’s mother dies. Yeah. Right. When the Barracuda one theory happens, that changes the entire film and that theory is that nobody survived the Barracuda attack. Oh. And, and, and Nemo’s dad, this is like fucking, like it’s crazy.

Yeah. This is grief and he is traveling the Ocean Nemo and he creates all these fictitious, he’s actually in a fish Saint Asylum. Yeah. So some, there’s even some Reddit posts where they, they tied it. The stages of his journey tied to his, the seven stages of grief. His grief? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, wow.

Denial. Gr. It’s denial, anger, bargaining, despair, and acceptance. Oh, cuz he eventually accepts his son. Whoa. That’s a little trippy. God, that’s terrifying. I thought about that. Super. It’s depressing. That’s super sad. I don’t like that. I don’t like that theory. The theory sucks. It’s probably true, but I hate it.

Yeah. All right. It’s probably true. That’s fine Know. Thanks for reading what to say. It’s killing the vibe, man. Fucking okay. Next one. Peter Pan. Oh God. Love Peter Pan. That’s classic. That’s the one, right? Here’s the theory, if you really looked at Peter Pan and the story, you could kind of, as we get older, we kind of look at it and we go, well, maybe Peter Panton was kind of not a cool person.

No, he is like stealing kids. Taking them. Taking ’em to like they were the lost boys. Never land. Yeah. For never. So the theory is that Peter Pan is the villain and Captain Hook is the hero. I know this one. Do you know this one? I actually, I’m like funny. I’m on board with this one. Yeah. He’s trying to liberate them.

We’ll make them like fucking live their lives. And Peter Peter’s like, oh, stay with me. Tinker Bell. Sprinkle magic dust in your face. Magic dust. I know. Tinker. Yeah. Tinker Bell’s like, you know, the world’s oldest drug dealer, like fucking, you know, like methamphetamine these kids up. They’ll, they’ll do whatever you want, Peter.

Keep, keep them drugged up. I know. It’s, it’s kind of, when you think about it, it’s kinda weird. Oh man. It just, it is weird. Yeah, just he literally going to their rugs place. Yeah. So Captain, the idea is that Captain Hook is trying to stop Peter from kidnapping little children and he’s been made the villain.

Yeah. Dude, that’s so weird when you think about it. It is. I’ve thought about that. No, look at today’s society and all the weird pedophilia shit. Oh yeah. And like they’re trying to like normalize it. Maybe Peter Pan was the first. Normalization. The first human trafficker. Yeah, the first normalization of human trafficking.

Like, it’s okay. My God, he’s, it’s fun. These kids are having a great time. Same way. They hated their parents. It goes one step further, which is that Okay. You know, hooks, pirates.

Yeah. All his guys, their kids. That he saved from Peter Pan. Mm. I thought they were gonna say they’re all like the disgruntled parents. They’re all the parents of the kids that were stolen. So the, the pirates that work for Hook, like Shmi were all children of Peter Pan that he saved from Peter Pan. Mm.

It’s you’re, you’re like, You’re tripping me out today. Holy shit. Jorge is in, is in what stage of grief are you in? Like denial. Denial. Marlin. Yeah. I was like, who’s Marlin is the Dead. Yeah. So that’s Peter Pan. Uh, I got another one. Yeah, that’s fucked up on Peter Pan. if you’ve ever wondered why the Lost Boys don’t ever grow up, it’s because maybe they’re dead.

And Neverland is afterlife. Yeah. Oh yeah. That’s why he comes in their night, fly away with me. And so that in this one, Peter Pan’s not the the bad guy. Yeah. But he just is like the guy who shuttles people. He’s the boat, the afterlife. He’s the boat man. Is the boat pan. Yeah. That’s right. Yeah. He’s the angel.

He’s the angel. Like. Shows up and brings it to the afterlife. It hooks the devil and Hook is the devil. Yeah. I kinda, I, I don’t, I like the other one better. Like where, where Hook is, where Hook is a good guy. Hook’s the unsung hero. Yeah. You know, he’s like, you know, he’s the, he’s the good guy that everyone turns on, but he still , stays the path.

Well a lot of these theories on Peter Pan come from, the author was JM Barry. His brother died at the age of 13, so that’s why said it did the dead one. That makes sense. Yeah. Yeah. And I mean, you kind of see it in the whole, never growing up. Yeah. Never growing up. And like you’ll, it’s fun and like you get to like, it’s like a great time.

That afterlife is great. Yeah. It like helps you, like allow them to be gone. Yeah. And you notice none of them grow up past like 12. Yeah. Right. You know what I mean? That’s. It’s actually pretty sad. Bangerang. Yeah. And then, you know, in the famous line is to die would be an awfully big adventure. Mm. Fuck Jesus Christ

better hit you deep. Huh? What a deep show mean that is such a dark line. What a great adventure death would be. Children come with me. Okay, so that was Peter Penn. So now it’s uh, little Mermaid. Ready? Yeah. With the dick and the castle. You know what I’m talking about? Oh yeah, I know what you’re the golden.

The golden Gilda. I know what you’re talking about. It’s a real thing. Sorry. Are you gonna bring up the new one again? Okay. So you gonna redeem yourself. So the idea of the Little Mermaid is that it’s in the same universe as Peter Pan. Oh, I know, I, I know this one. I know this one. Yeah. So here’s the, here’s the idea.

So Peter Pan and Little Mermaid are in the same world. They’re in the same like world. Okay. . So, so pretty much like, so in, Peter Pan. They go to the mermaid lagoon. Okay. And yeah, there you go. And in Peter Pan, in the mermaid Lagoon, they meet a young red-headed mermaid. Mm-hmm. And she’s like, she’s young. The idea is that hook killed Ariel’s mother.

Oh, that was Ariel’s mother? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. In Little Mermaid, Ariel doesn’t have a mom. Yeah, right. Just her Poseidon, her father. Yeah. Right. Yeah. And in the animation, one of them looks almost identical to Ariel. Yes. She, and she’s redheaded and like, she’s like, yeah.

And beautiful. And then he’ll kills her. But there was a prequel to the Little Mermaid and in it you find out that Ariel’s mother was killed by pirates. Ooh. Ooh, damn. Okay. Okay, so the idea is that Hickens, yeah.

The idea is that hook killed Ariel’s mom. And so they’re in the same, same world hooks, like, you know how much money I can get for a mermaid? Like it’s fucking her fault, her fault being so valuable. There you go. That’s a little mermaid. Yeah, I, I heard, I’ve heard of this, like yeah. You know, all these different movies kind of being connected, you know, connected.

Yeah. It’s like the Marvel Universe, but like Disney Universe. Exactly. Okay. Next is, Moana. I love Moana. Mm-hmm. Moana, you guys both have girls, so you’re welcome. well, I hope this doesn’t ruin it for me. Ruin it for you, but here’s the theory is that Moana is dead. Why does everyone have to be dead with these theories? Oh my god. Oh, there’s magic. She’s dead ruins everything. The theory is that Moana died in childbirth. So if you remember, so you go back to the beginning of the film when Moana initially set sail on her journey to, to Piti.

Oh, she, she drowns. Yeah. She sails into the huge storm when she awakes, she, and we realize that she’s drifted to the island that, that Maui’s been stranded on. Here’s the theory, right? , that she actually died during the storm. They suggest that Moana is transported to the magical world where Titi, the land of the monsters and her grandmother’s spirit all lie from this moment on.

The only things that Moana interacts with are demigods and monsters. No, she ends up going home to her family and they hug and embrace. Here’s the word for word theory. Now, keep in mind this came from Reddit. A un trustworthy. My theory is that the storm killed Moana, so she could go to the place where all the weird magic stuff exists, where all the weird magic stuff exists.

And at the end, like the is it the crab? The crab? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The shiny crab. Isn’t it also weird? So shiny like the crab’s also a little like by, and it’s like, is he shut myself?

Oh yeah. That’s so chef. That’s the guy think I’m by, bro. I don’t know. He looks like that’s the guy from Fly of the Concords. , Brett or something? Okay, so, so the, my theory is that the storm killed Moana so she could go to the place where all the weird magic stuff exists, and at the very end, Toi not only fixes Moana’s boat, which had been wrecked, but also brings her back to life so that she can go back to the human world.

Oh, so she’s resurrecting. Yeah. At least she’s not dead in the end. So, yeah. All right. All right. A lot you’ll allow him. All right. I, I don’t believe it, but I’ll allow it. Pass. Yeah, I can pass. So, and then one of the most famous ones that everybody believes in is Alison Wonderland, that she was high on LSD the whole time.

Oh, that, that’s totally, she, like, one of, I thought had it like lick, licked a little mushroom, and then she’s like, whoa, rabbit. All magic, magic mushrooms. Oh. You know, and the bunny’s like, I’m late. I’m late. I’m late. . Louis Carroll was super high or something. You know, the story’s all about getting high. That’s the idea. I mean, that, that totally is like, that makes sense. That makes sense. Right. It’s a, it’s a rocky story, but it’s also like it’s the only thing you could pawn off.

Because only people who would actually believe something that fantastical is like kids. Cause you know, the imagination.

Anyways, that’s the, that’s the Disney conspiracies. Now there’s one other one. you know, and this is just everybody knows who was a teenager in the nineties. What is it? Which is that like, there’s dicks in the clouds and, oh, there is, oh yes.

Like lying, killing sex. Definitely there’s the dick in the, in the castle. But isn’t that just what our eye sees? No, no, they didn’t rape. Bro, they didn’t. Have you seen animators? Have you seen the picture? It’s literally on like the fucking VHS thing. That’s true. It’s a dick. I have that one. By the way, have I have the original like VHS tape?

No. No, you, no, you can’t Google it cuz it’s all doctored now. It doesn’t matter. Oh god. You can’t Google it. You know what I mean? Okay, fine. I have it. Jorge’s gonna bring it in. Yeah. Here’s what I gotta bring here is the, here’s what the next I’m bring next. So here’s what needs to happen. It needs to be an original V original.

This is the original. I’m telling you not okay. Master Master bullshit Blu-ray. It has to bring the original. It’s the original. We have to pause it on. The sex is sex, right? No, we’re talking about the the dick and the In the castle in little. Oh yeah. Oh, I was talking about the Sex and the Lion King. Oh, no, I was talking about, you seen that one?

I’ve seen that one. I’ve never, I don’t think I have that one though. I haven’t seen it. I’ve only watched the new version Simba. So Simba like is like, ooh. Ooh. And he like goes, father, where are you? Why is he British? Yeah. And then he goes, And he stomps, and then the cloud dust goes up and it forms the letters.

S e x. Yeah, I totally believe it. Oh, sure. So you think the animators were just , no way. Okay, Eric, because everyone’s fucking a good person. Yeah. But they brought, you can clearly, clearly, see, I hate you guys. You can see you are the guys who brought joy and happiness to your youth.

You just said six fucking theories. Were all the kids are dead. And you’re like, oh, they put sex in it. They would, they would do that. They would never write the word sex in the clouds, yet they’d have movies based off kids dead. Well, I don’t, I don’t believe they wrote inappropriate things in, in the animation.

Eric, what, what stage of denial? Like you’re in denial. Yeah. Let’s say degree for you. I mean, Nemo No, I think they think they totally, definitely. It’s, it’s clear. You look at it and it says, well, no. Now in the age of. Doctor Photoshop. Yeah, sure. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We’re talking about the original back then.

We’re talking about, did you ever pause it and then Yes, yes. We’re talking about that original video. You can pause it and it says so, and then in Little Mermaid, there’s just a dick pillar. No, it’s, it’s in the castle, in the golden castle. That’s what it is, dude. In the golden castle. Literally. I mean, now that one can go your way.

You, it, there it, it’s a penis, bro. It’s a fucking, like, there’s no if fans or butts about it. It looks like a golden sparkly dildo. It does, does, but it’s a part of the castle. It does, but it’s like, you know, that’s what you wanna see. Oh, I’m just saying like, I don’t know. I don’t want to see a No, I’m just saying. That’s all I want. See, I’m not saying you be north, be castle. That’s what he was saying. Those are the words that came, came outta my mouth. But I’m saying you see what you want. See, I’m responsible, but I didn’t do, I’m responsible.

Responsible, but I didn’t say those hypothetically. That’s what I said you wanted to see. All right. Well, uh, I, do wanna do a poll on, if you see. In little me. There’s gonna be there. There will be. Everybody’s gonna wait. Do that. Can we get a little There will be, well can say, yeah. We say just don, don’t say penis.

Yes. Just say, is there a phallic symbol in the, okay. Okay. Don’t say like penis. I don’t like that word, but anyways. Penis. Penis in the pool. No. Phallic. I don’t like that. Why not? That’s way better than penis. I don’t know. Folic is like, oh. No, it’s not. That’s flacid. That’s flacid. It sounds the same. Phallic just means like, reminds you of flacid.

Yeah, it reminds me, oh, what just reminds me of yourself? I see what I wanna say and I hear what I, I see what I wanna see, what I see, what I wanna say. , all right. That’s Disney, everybody., it’s just not a lot of data on Walt and, you know. No. You know. there you go.

I wonder, wonder if a lot of people do think that he’s frozen under the Pirates of the Caribbean. Okay, bro, we should, we should put another pull on that. Me tell me like, oh, it’s this, is this what I want to see where Right in the middle, bro. Look at the tip of the head. Please show. Please show.

Eric. Are you Googling now? That’s what I’m saying, like, it’s so questionable. How is that questionable? Dude, Eric, see this? I don’t see a dick. Look. Look at the tip, bro. Look at, look at Look. That’s what he’s trying to show you. The middle one. No, I don’t see a dick right in the middle. I mean, like, I mean it’s you.

It’s like, well, there’s a lot of things that look like that though. What? Not in this fucking castle. You mean like it was the top of a building? I know. Oh yeah. Cuz this is how buildings, this is how buildings, this is how buildings look. Fucking that’s how buildings look just like that. Like fucking dicks.

You’re high. Oh my god. Uh, you know, a little trivia is the Prince’s name’s Eric. Yeah, he’s a loser.

All right, everybody. That’s all we got tonight. That’s where we’re gonna end. Eric Ericson, dicks flacid, we’ll count you later everybody. Prince penis 90 night.