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The OJ Simpson Saga Part 4: Theories and Conclusions – Episode #31

Podcast Transcription

[00:00:00] Welcome back to the Conspiracy podcast. It is Sean, Eric, and Jorge again. What’s up everybody? What’s going on y’all? We’re gonna do episode number four, the grand finale. Yeah, part four. OJ Simpson Saga. I like, I just love that word, saga. Yeah. Yeah. This sounds like epic. Yeah. The saga I recall. , I’m not sure.

No, it’s, it’s, I, uh, hypothetically recall, hypothetically recall that I may or may not have done this and Charlie, you know, but if I did, let me tell you how I did it. Yeah. So, the last episodes obviously go back, don’t listen to part four. No, that’d be foolish. Without anything else. We had part one, part two, part three.

 we went over what the story of OJ. The, the trial. The trial. The murders. Yeah, the murders. What actually happened? Yes. The, the book, the Flee book. Mm-hmm. Yes. And [00:01:00] the civil case. The robbery. The robbery, yes. He got 33 years, but he served nine. Nine, yes. And we left nine, we left off at, he was released in 2017.

Yep. living his best life in Orlando. Orlando. Orlando, that’s right. Damnit. so just as a recap, I just wanted to remind everybody. So in 95, he lost the civil court, the, from the Goldmans and the Browns, and he was ordered to pay 33 million, right? Many millions. Yeah. So before he moved to Miami and to Orlando, he did pay 500,000 or so in.

Just stuff from nice being sold. So yeah, a, a meager 500 K out of 33 million. So now when you lose a, a case and you don’t pay, there is interest. There is an interest involved. So like what, what is the, what is today’s like a total amount? It’s like 835 mil. [00:02:00] So it’s, it’s a very small amount, but to this day, he now owes 60 million.

Fuck. Which, that all shit will never get paid. No, he’ll never be able to accumulate that much money. So these are some of the things that are, that he makes now that are protected because of the state of Florida and because of his NFL ties. Okay? Mm-hmm. Uh, so he became eligible for the NFL pension, which pays him about $10,000 per month for the rest of his life.

So it’s 120 K a year. There you go. Right. That’s 10. 10 times 12, bro. Well, he just said bow. I don’t know. Okay. Additionally, he’s part of the Screen Actors Guild be because Oh really? I thought you had to still make movies to be part of that. I don’t know the requirements to join it, but he also gets a pension from the Screen Actors Guild.

What’s the pension for that 1700 a month? That’s, Hey, I should join the screen actors. It’s pretty good. I should join the [00:03:00] screen actors still. It’s nothing. 17 a month. Yeah. Uh, so there you go. So that’s what he’s making that’s protected on a monthly, including his home that he would live in in Florida.

Right. Yeah. So he’s, he’s can’t make you sell your home. Yeah, that’s right. So he’s making about a buck 30 a year for doing nothing. Yeah, for doing nothing. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So then everything else that he does or wants to do in life, he has to do it secretly. And he has to do it to hide it from the Goldmans.

Yeah. Well I was wondering like when he, like say he, like, he gets like a part-time job. Like do they just like stipend his paycheck? They just like, we’re taking 50% of everything. He’s, how does that part-time job? Yeah. I’m just, it’s a hypothet. Hypothetically. Hypothetically recalling Hypothet recall that, no, but he’s responsible.

But I do wonder, like, how the hell does he make money? Like does he take some, I you know, he doesn’t take his rse. I’ve never seen nobody. But like what does he do? I don’t, I’ve never seen him. What does he do? Commercial outside of just the free shit. I dunno. Well, no one’s gonna buy. If you’re gonna fucking hurts commercial, you’re [00:04:00] never shopping there.

Hundred percent. That’s what I’m saying. I’ve never seen, I would assume that he gets paid for appearances at things like showing up at the golf car. A golf course is that I would assume at the Orlando golf course, we’ll give you free lunch. Yeah. You know, like, you know, , uh, what’s his name? Wolfel Wall Street.

Oh. But he does, he does like, It’s a little different. It is a little different, but yeah. Cuz he wasn’t on a trial for murder. He was just like, but he judge, he did owe owe. He did owe millions of dollars. But he’s paid it back though, has he? I’m pretty Jordan fer. I’m pretty sure he make, because he makes millions of dollars a year.

Like today he’s paid it back or he already paid it back. Belfort’s restitution agreement requires him to pay 50% of his income towards restitution to the 1500 clients he defrauded until 2009.

Okay. With a total of 110 million in restitution. Further mandated, further. So he probably got paid for the movie. So his, his agreement was different because his agreement was just 50% of whatever he makes. So it’s actually a better deal. Yeah, I mean if you were to talk about, I know this sounds shallow, [00:05:00] but Yeah.

As far as deals go, well yeah. Cause you could still, you’d be like, okay, so just straight up I make 2 million, I pay a million. But yeah. Okay. Yeah, it does say compared to do everything, it does say, according to some estimates, he may have paid back over 15 million since being released from prison. I see. So, so he’s paid back substantially more than oj So OJ is, I’m just currently at 500,000 paid back and it seems like he makes money.

I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s all the at Leasts that Twitter life. Yeah, I know, right? Like, do it for the Gram. I know. You never know. Never know. He could be living, maybe he’s living poorly. I dunno. Maybe he’s got an only fan. Yeah. I’m just saying. It seems, I dunno the answer yet. Yeah. But we are gonna touch into it and, and.

I don’t like it. But anyways, we’re gonna touch into it a little bit later about, about, um, what he’s doing today. Today, today. right now. Yesterday 2023. Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. , but before we did that, , I do wanted to, I want to go into obviously the conspiracies Yeah. Go into, that’s, that’s the whole purpose of this podcast.

Yeah. I wanted to go into [00:06:00] what are the theories and what are, what do you guys think? What, what are the possible things that may have happened? Okay. If you still believe he did it totally fine, but maybe there was some different parts of the story that we don’t know Yeah. That maybe you have a theory on.

Yeah. You know what I mean? For sure. So the first thing I was like, well first off, let’s figure out where the prosecution went wrong. Right? Like, what were the holes everywhere? Step one. Yeah. The whole case. Yeah. Everything. Okay. So, and the first thing I, I think occurred is that at that time they didn’t fully have the weight of.

The importance of dna. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Right. I think it was probably in, its like bare bones infancy. Yeah. This is not forensic files time period. This is not, oh, even, even in forensic files, what they do is , they, they run DNA later, , should that happen this? And then they’re , oh, we went back, but it’s too late now.

Cause even if they did do it, it doesn’t matter. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. So, just a couple points on the dna, because remember they found blood [00:07:00] at the scene in the bro in the Bronco too. Yeah. So at the scene it was Ron, Nicole and ojs blood at the scene. Yeah, that’s right. Right. Then all three of them had blood in the Bronco, like you’re saying.

Yeah. And then along the, the house steps in the house, in the closet. In the driveway, it’s everywhere. All that stuff. Yeah. On the gloves. All over the place. All over the place. Okay. So Marsha Clark said that there was a one in 4 billion chance that the murderer could have been anybody else because of dna N.

That is. Hmm, that’s okay. So it’s because you know how DNA is very specific. Yes, yes. One in 4 billion. I mean, at that time it’s , it’s, it’s either him or it’s no one. It’s, it’s him or nobody. Yes. It’s like the population of the earth. That time was 5 billion,

 But see, at that time, I think that at the time they were like, dad, DNA is like that magic, magic bullshit. Yeah. Magic. Not really sorcery. Yes. What kind of black magic is this? But also they don’t think they realize like you have higher odds of winning the lottery [00:08:00] while being struck by lightning at the same time.

Then to tovi, to not be ojs blood. Like that’s how, the probabilities are that crazy. So that’s, uh, what I thought was one thing, they didn’t really take the weight of it. You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah. Like it should have Was it even presented? Yeah. Okay. It was, but at this time, like I say, is, Just imagine you’re hearing DNA for the first time.

Yeah. And you’re like, I don’t understand. And they don’t, they don’t realize it. It’s like, it’s so specific. Yes. , yes. Because literally, I’m saying, like your odds of winning the Powerball are like, I think it’s like one in 380 million. Yeah. It’s insane. And this is one outta 4 billion.

Yeah. And honestly, honestly, I bet the only place that anybody ever heard of DNA at that time was from Jurassic Park movie. Oh yeah. They’re in the air. Remember? It’s in the mosquito. I’m the, I’m the DNA guy. The DNA worm man. I took a frog dna. My favorite part is like, uh, uh,

yeah. Insane. The, the shaving green. I [00:09:00] failed system. Go hold on to your, that’s the best line in, in cinema history. Hold on to your butts. So anyways, I, I thought that was a big point. No, the holes and just, you know, the possibility. The next one is the glove. That was soaked in blood. It was just a bad decision to have OJ try the gloves on.

Do you know what I mean? Because they already had his DNA in the gloves, so you don’t need to prove anything further. Yeah, it doesn’t matter. It’s, it doesn’t matter in 4 billion, billion chance. You know what I mean? So then they’re like, okay, so then the gloves are tried on, and then, then visually you go, oh, it doesn’t fit.

And then you go, okay, well DNA doesn’t matter. Right. Does that make sense? Yeah. I mean, it doesn’t make sense, but it, it’s like, no, no. Yeah. It’s like little back then it makes sense. But like we have your fingerprints on the gun. It’s but the gun doesn’t even fit in my hand. Really Nice. Yeah. They’re fucking of bullshit.

It doesn’t really fit. So, and that’s the whole glove. Don’t fit. You [00:10:00] must have quit. You know the jingle. Oh yeah, yeah. You know, I felt like we were onto something there. Like the jingle took hold. Oh, the jingle. Remember we were talking about it like two episode and we did the Oh, oh, oh righty. Yeah. And it just became like this song that everybody just the jingles are grasped to.

That’s why they keep doing them. Yeah. Because they fucking work. That sticks in your head. If you rhyme anything. Can’t get it out. You rhyme anything. People remember that shit.

Oh, oh, Ohri. Oh, Riley. Auto parts, auto parts. Ow. Okay. the next, can’t forget that part. The next, the next big thing, was they just never found the knife. That’s true. Mm. And that’s a, there’s actually a stat but the, there is a real stat that the odds of getting a conviction for a murder without the murder weapon is very low.

Dramatically drops. Really? I think it drops by like 60% without having the murder weapon. Oh, wow. That makes sense. That makes sense. So what do you think? Okay, the scenario of OJ did it right? Yeah. What did he do with the knife? You know, his [00:11:00] timeline, you know, where he was at all moments, all the way leading up to the next day.

Right. Remember, he, he was in his room. He took a shower. The, the limo driver, he flew to Chicago, so he must have dumped it. He’s g of course he’s, he must have dumped it somewhere. Where, where? Like Chicago. He didn’t take it on the plane. Yeah, exactly. You’re not gonna take it on the plane. Maybe it’s 95. This is pre .

Exactly. That. Ah, that’s a a very good point. Maybe you could, that’s a very good point, Sean. Do you think he got to maybe it’s like in his limo somewhere? I, I think he could have, I think he just dipped it on the way, on the way to the airport. They maybe on the highway. Probably just flipped it off the hi.

Like no one would ever, who knows. No one would ever think about it. He put it in his bag. Yeah. Put it in his bag. In his bag. And then he got out the roll. Yeah. Throwing the trash can. Boom. Done. And then it’s just at an airport. Yeah. Lax. Biggest airport on the planet. Literally. One at the time. One at the time.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s before Atlanta. Yep. so in addition to the, the, the, the weapon, he even [00:12:00] said it, so he, somebody commits those murders of that magnitude Yeah. Of that magnitude. They would be covered in blood. So his clothes never found, well see, that’s the thing. It’s , so it’s the knife in the clothes and the clothes Yeah.

Because there would be blood, like if you cut someone’s head, obviously the, yeah, the, the main, there’s two main arteries that go on either side of the, the, of the throat. Mm-hmm. Which obviously pump blood to the brain, they call it arterial spray. Cause obviously ar arterial sprays is obviously an artery, but Yeah, yeah.

You would bleed out insanely, instantly, it’d be four liters of blood, everywhere. And four liters is a lot of blood. Yeah. It’s a fucking shit load. Yeah. It’s not droplets. Yeah. No, it’s, it’s spray. It’s fucking brown. And so that’s the hole in the prosecution, because if there’s leaders.

Where are the leaders on the clothes, on the killer? Well, he does, they, I understand that that is a hole. Yeah. Obviously he’s showered for sure. Yeah. I mean, there’s one thing there. Water [00:13:00] rinses away the blood. Yes. Yeah. But where’s the clothes? And then the clothes, the clothes on, the closing, the knife. Same thing.

So he could, could’ve done it the same moment, same time. He’s got a bag. Yeah. Boom. He’s got a dirty bag and just like popping the trashcan and, and it’s easy. Go to lax, put in a trashcan. No one’s like checking the fucking trash there, there. No, no, no. Hell no. No. It’s true. There’s a, a funny theory, it’s not really a conspiracy theory, but if you watched some of the videos when OJ returned to Brentwood, uh, Kardashian mm-hmm.

Grabs a bag and it’s considered to be ojs suitcase. And he is on video. Cause everybody, all the paparazzi, we were watching him and he was just walking around with his bag and nobody ever figured out where the bag went. Ooh. So the theory is, is that, is that he had, Kardashian had the bag. Yeah. I don’t, and he got rid of it.

But Kardashian I feel like is the good guy. I don’t, yeah, I think, I don’t think that he would like make himself complicit in it. Yeah. Obviously being his lawyer and he has the [00:14:00] client privilege and I’m sure that OJ would tell him things. Yeah. That, you know, obviously wouldn’t. But when you do that, he’s actually making himself complicit in the murder and part of it.

Yeah. He becomes accessory. He becomes an accessory to that murder. Yeah. I just don’t think he would do that. Yeah, no, I agree. I think so either. Yeah. So he got, so he got rid of it on the way to, Chicago.

Chicago. That’s what I think. I think that’s, that’s the most plausible. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Because you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t, you know, get rid of it at your own house. Yeah. That’s stupid. Yeah. I wouldn’t even do it with the limo driver. Oh no. I, it’s gotta be a bag. It’s not just the knife. Oh no, it’s clothes, it’s pants shirt, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Clearly not shoes though. Getting, you gotta keep those babies. No, no. He dumped the shoes. I thought you said he was, it was on the picture was before where it showed owning the shoes. Okay. I thought it was after. I was like, gotta keep the kick baby. The shoes too. Oh, okay. So yeah, it had to be a bag. It had a bag.

It was a bag. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Okay. All right. Well there you go. That’s a big thing. the other part is OJ didn’t really have any wounds. Okay. [00:15:00] Now he had a cut on his hands, except for that. Yeah, he had a cut on his hand. But think about it. Okay. And then let’s think about it. Goldman was a claimed third degree black belt or whatever.

I understand. Put up zero fight. I mean, we, we, we don’t know that. We don’t know. We don’t know. But enough to no wounds. First of all on oj Well, first of all, gold Goldman was what? Like maybe, maybe like a buck 50. Yeah, he was pretty small. Soaking wet. Maybe one 60 maybe. So I, I’m sorry. yeah, you have like great, military training, but , you put like, not military, sorry, karate training.

Karate. You’re in karate. Yeah. Yeah. Karate’s not a super combat sport. No. You know, , yeah. Yeah. That, that’s, so like, you take, you take a man enraged and who’s giant fucking strong as an ox. And he, and if, if the idea is, is that he came mid the killing, then he is already adrenalined up. Oh. Know what I mean?

Annie’s got a knife and this guy’s probably scared he’s not, you go in his blood fuck, , oh shit. [00:16:00] He’s not gonna be hia karate kids. Remember? Remember the choke hold? Oh yeah. Remember the choke hold and cut, cut, cut. Yeah. He got stand like 30 fucking times. Yeah. So no choke hold. There’s no time for karate.

How’s he gonna, yeah, he’s gonna karate his way outta that. How’s he gonna inflict any wounds on him? Yeah. Being behind, being in front of him. All right. And also, OJ literally made a living off of being hit by extraordinarily large men at high speed, right? Yeah. So if, if there was any kind of wound, it would’ve been like, okay, maybe he punched him in the ribs or something.

Right? But how’s that guy gonna see that? Yeah. Yeah. So Ron had bruises on his hands. Um, but OJ had one bruise on his body and the cut on his finger. Well see, I don’t expect Nicole to, to, to put up at, I mean, there’s, there’s no resistance because he’s just gonna overwhelm her also.

It’s also, it’s somebody you know. Yeah. And so you’re not gonna expect that. Right. Your, your husband, you’re not correct. Ex-husband. You expect him to like, oh, stab me 50 times and cut my hand off. She was probably stabbed before she knew what was happening, to be honest. Yeah.

Yeah. You, but it’s, [00:17:00] but like, let’s just be honest. Yeah. Ron’s not like fucking John Jones. Yeah. It’s, it’s like, oh, time to die OJ We would, would hope, you know what I mean? I would wish. Cause cause OJ could, cause OJ would be dead and John, he’d be , Hey, sorry, this will happen.

All right. And the cut is debatable. we don’t know. But it’s also, it doesn’t seem like it was on you, but it was pretty big. But it’s on the outside, of his hands. Yeah. So it’s a weird place to be cut if you’re holding a knife. True. You would think , maybe if the knife slipped, it cuts the inside of your hand.

So it’s almost nobody got ahold of that knife other than oj. Yeah. But it, it just, what I mean seems, it does seem like an awkward place. No, for a cut. It’s definitely awkward outside of a, if you’re, so, if you’re choking someone right, and you’re stabbing ’em, like you might get, you know, maybe you slip a little bit, like I guess you could slip.

I, I mean, I guess so. I’m just saying it’s, it’s definitely pause. It’s not a typical place, Yeah, it’s not typical. You would think it would be on the inside part. Yeah. Okay. All right. All, so I, I agree with that. Yeah. Okay. All right. So then the other obviously [00:18:00] major, major hole is the detectives that worked on the case were just idiots.

Absolute racist too. So I mean that’s just a major, there’s not really a lot to talk about it because, you know, we already went over it a lot. But you know, that’s a big thorn in the side of the prosecution is racist witness and racist people who were conducting the investigation and, and I think that was a shame known that.

Yeah. And that was, I don’t wanna say it’s bad luck, but it was pretty much just bad luck. Yeah. Right. It’s, it’s like the worst that definitely, like it’s the worst possible derailed the whole, yeah. Well, not the whole thing, but yeah, it was definitely part of what derailed Well, the, well, the fact that the lead guy, the lead detective on the case who was at both scenes right.

Was the most racist dude. Like Yeah. On the fucking play with the Grand Wizard of like the Klan that’s like, it’s just terror. It just, it, it instantly makes the entire investigation not creditable. Yeah. Not credible. Yeah. Yeah. Instantly like that it brought it down the path of conspiracy theory. Exactly. A [00:19:00] hundred percent.

It was a plan. Yeah, exactly. But I don’t know why it’s, it’s not like OJ was some visceral figure in the black community. It’s not , like mlk and they’re framing him for murder. That wouldn’t make sense. Yeah. You know? Yeah. But it does, it does put a lot of, it doesn’t look good at all.

Yeah. Shouldn’t make that. It’s not looking good. Just doesn’t look good. Okay, cool. So those are like what I considered to be the big, how they lost. How the prosecution lost. But those were the major points. Mm-hmm. I mean, of the case, I mean, there’s more things, there’s little things, but the overall, if they had those things, those like the major things, major things, yeah.

I, I, yeah. I do think that’s like, they just, they just fucked it. So it’s like, it is frustrating. It’s like, I’m like with, with just watching forensic files and csi, I could have , literally I could have opened and shed this shit like, dude, with no formal legal training, I could have slammed dunked this motherfucker.

Right. Okay. So [00:20:00] let’s talk about some conspiracy theories now. No, that’s finally, it took us four hours game. It took us, so four hours, four weeks just to get to this point. So long. Okay. So the one that keeps coming up over and over and over and it’s got some interest. It’s got a, it piqued my interest a little bit.

 and that’s o j’s son did it. Oh yeah. You heard of this? I heard about that. Ooh, I guess that might, that might explain the DNA part. If it in 4 billion, that’s, Hey, he’s got 13 alleles in common with that. No, that, that, that can’t explain it cuz everybody has their own No, but meaning , since it was one in 4 billion maybe because he does, it’s gonna be close.

He does have half of his, it’s gonna be close. Okay. Like obviously this is one in 4 billion close. No, I, no, just hear Matt , because he does half, half, half of his dna n a alleles are the same as oj. That’s right. So maybe at this time, and back then it wasn’t, it wasn’t as like science and, and it was as perfect as it is now.

Like now it’s I can literally take, and you also needed, [00:21:00] for example, back then they didn’t have pcr, which is, what’s that PCR is called Polymers Chain Reaction. And pretty much what they do is, when DNA first came out, you had to have a certain amount of sample in order to do it. Oh. So now I can have one fucking cell.

And so what you do is you can put the, the sample in this, this little bead, the PCR bead in an, it literally replicates the dna Mm. To a usable amount. So you can literally take a fucking tiny little thing and it will replicate it millions of times and you can have a usable sample. So, but back then, then you needed X amount.

You, and if you didn’t have X amount, you ain’t getting fucking dna. You partial. Yeah. I was like, sorry, it wasn’t, it wasn’t as accurate or whatever. Exactly. I’m saying it’s possible. Mm-hmm. It’s possible. Okay. We continue. Okay. But you have, uh, you know, you have o o J’s son who’s kind of similar in stature, similar.

And how old was his son at this time? Good question. I know if he was like 12, I’m like, nah, he did not do it.

Yeah. Also worth noting, this is, son [00:22:00] from his first marriage, right?

Oh, yeah. With Paula or whatever name was That’s right. No. Remember? I forget Margerie. Oh, yeah. Marjorie. Marjorie. Yeah. Yeah. Marjorie. yeah, you’re right. No, you’re absolutely right. So Jason was born. To the first marriage, right?

 Yes. Jason was born from the first marriage.

He was born in 1970, which would make him, which would make him 20, 23, 23, 24. Yeah. Right, right, right. Yeah. So definitely, totally capable of possible physically could do it. Now, here is the story, and this is from somebody named Bill Deer, and he was a private detective and he wrote a book and it was called OJ is Guilty but Not Of Murder.

Hmm. Oh, and his theory is that Jason was obsessed with Nicole. Stepmom Kind of weird. Oh, weird. Like hot step mom, corn vibes, mom. Yeah. Some weird whatever. Right. And he killed her obsess. I thought you were gonna say it. Oh. Cause she probably, she like refused. He hated her. No, she like refused him. He like, right.

I thought, yeah. Oh, maybe he did the candles. He like lit the candles in there. And he’s [00:23:00] like, she comes home. She’s like, what the fuck? And he’s like, I know you’ve been looking at me, girl. Oh my God. She’s like, leave sir. Okay, so here’s the theory. Here’s the theory. Remember they went to the recital, the kid, the daughter’s recital the night before?

Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So they went to the recital the night before, and then after the recital, they put together a dinner of which OJ skipped. Yeah. Yeah. And OJ went to have a hamburger with. Cato. Oh, that’s right. Cato. Cato.

He lived in the cottage actor. He’s the grifter. Yeah, that’s right. That’s right, that’s right.

Okay, good. So his theory is that they went to the recital and then they went to dinner together and then she skipped the family dinner he had planned with OJ and went to her own dinner at the Goldman restaurant. Right where the guy was. Right? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. So he was super mad.

And in a rage. And then he went and saw her and she was gonna sleep with somebody or had the candles out. Oh yeah. And he was like, and [00:24:00] then he, and then she’s like, you’re fucking up. You know, he’s, he raged out and he’s you’re fucking up our family. You’re slutting and then he killed her.

OJ walked in, cleaned it up. Oh, ah, okay. I just, and that’s essentially the theory, and that’s why his like ojs at the scene. He’s not at the scene. He’s got a couple things on him and maybe everywhere. Maybe, maybe that also explains what he tells in the book. Like, look, I’m just saying if whoever did it, Charlie, yeah.

Charlie, Charlie would have all this blood on him. And, but the, the thing, the only, my only flaw, it’s all circumstantial. The only, there’s no evidence, the only flaw that is Would he be that angry to almost be at her? I know, I know, right? But like he also says that he has, there’s so much rage. Like he, he, he also says that he has a large history of violent mental illness.

I mean, that’s so arbitrary. I know. Like, yeah, I know. But I mean, you [00:25:00] know what I mean? That’s his, I mean, and that’s his, he wrote a whole book about it, and that’s his, that’s a whole book. I can’t even write a book about my life. No. But in that, in that sense, so does oj He has a large history of violently beating his wife.

That’s right. Likes he’s repeatedly He is a charged Yeah. Like person. He’s convicted of beating his wife. Beating his wife. That’s true. But true. Use my hands anyways. That’s I’m responsible. I’m responsible, but I’m responsible. But I don’t touch her. So that’s a, that’s a big theory. I mean, it, it’s, it’s actually a good theory.

Like it’s not bad. It’s not, it’s not like super farfetched. Yeah. No, I just think that like, that, my, my biggest point with that whole thing was just like, why would he be that angry? Yeah. To do that. I could see OJ being that ear cuz she thinks, he thinks that she’s fucking the waiter. Right. And then he goes full psycho.

Plus his history. Yeah. Yeah. Plus hiss history. But the sun being that pissed over that. Yeah. That’s what I, I don’t like, that’s my only flaw. Don’t otherwise. Otherwise it’s actually a really good, I never, that’s a really good theory. Okay. It’s a good secret. Good theory. There’s also a rumor [00:26:00] that goes around that she slept with Marcus Allen.

Remember the running back. Oh, that’s right. Yeah. Anyways, that’s a whole, she’s got a type I guess. Yeah. Who’s this? And Marcus Allen was like the hot, the new oj. Yeah. Marcus Allen was still playing. Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. You still getting the real checks? Not the, not the pension checks. Who do you pay for the, uh, Raiders I think, or no, and the Chiefs?

I don’t remember. I don’t remember. Was good though. Yeah, I remember. I do remember that in, in a present football. That’s all I focus on. Fantasy. I mean, I gotta check now, just real quick. You’re right dude. Good job, Jorge. Wow. When I pull that one out. Huge dude. Back in the day. Yeah, he was definitely huge. He like superstar.

Big time. 11 with the Raiders. Six with Kansas City. Damn. Long career for running back too. We’re both right. We were both right. Yeah. 17 years that’s crazy. We’re gonna edit that in there. Was 16, bam. Bam. Sean? I don’t know, Bri, I

we’re [00:27:00] gonna keep that in there. Yeah. I don’t know. And this is why Eric and then put us. Put us, yeah. and this is why Eric is the editor. I know. Yeah. We’re like super rich. We’re , why don’t you get an editor? I don’t need one. Eric’s like, trust me on this. I’ve got this. No amount of money.

 Anyways, all right. There you go. Next. Okay, so the next one is weird and wild. so in 2012, another conspiracy made the rounds, and it was from, a documentary and it was called My Brother The Serial Killer, and the brother of a serial killer named Glen Rogers.

He maintained that Glen confessed to killing them while he was on death row in Florida. Here we go. Oh my God. Here we go. We now we’re , we’re experts at this. Yes. Death Row, confess, death Row, confessional Confessions, tv, Coopers, several episodes, multiple murders, multiple confessions. All of wants to take credit for it.

Everyone. See? [00:28:00] I’m telling you, they’re already broadening jail, like waiting to be killed. I did it. They’re seven days away. Yeah, they just want, you know, they just want the glory. I don’t buy it the last, and this is why I don’t even hear the rest of it. Like I don’t buy it. So this is why I think OJ did the book cuz he’s Everyone, it’s this weird desperation for relevance, right?

Yeah. Right, right. Oh, I Of course, I I killed her. How’d you kill her with a gun? I mean, a name, a boot. I dunno. Okay, so I’m just gonna read, God, I’m gonna read what the, the story is. Yeah, sure. Yeah. Okay. I’m just not gonna listen. Okay, so the rod, so the Rogers family claims that Glenn called home a few weeks before the murder to say that he was out partying with Nicole in Brentwood, cuz he’s just a rando and she’s like, party with me.

Yeah. He has receipts that prove he was working in LA at the time. I have receipts. That’s it. Right? Okay, cool. So we’re like 8 million other people like working. So they, they also stated that after being found guilty of the murder of Tina Marie Cribs Rogers told them that he’d been [00:29:00] hired by OJ to steal expensive earrings from Nicole Brown’s condo.

And if she got in the way killer. Hmm. I mean, I’m not, I’m, I’m saying So that’s the, that’s the theory. That’s what he said on his death row. And what’s, what’s this guy’s name? Clay Rogers. Clay. Clay Rogers is the brother, and the serial killer is named Glen Rogers. Oh. And he was a serial killer. I was like, what?

His name Charlie, Charlie Rogers my something here. Glen Rogers was the serial killer. Now here’s the problem with it, right? Is he claimed to have murdered 70 people. Okay? This guy’s just, he’s just, he’s lost it. He’s, this guy’s, he’s But claimed or, or was he , no, I charged for this? He was only charged for much less, like less three, much less one.

So I. It’s all circumstantial and it’s one of those stupid cycle. You can’t, can’t just wanna take credit for everything. Yeah. I can’t. The only time you can ever trust that when they’re like, here’s where the bodies are buried. [00:30:00] I know. And then they find him, they’re like, oh shit. He’s telling the truth. But like 90% of the time it’s like fucking bullshit.

Yeah. Mm-hmm. He just wants to be like known and famous. Yeah. He’s gonna, although I don’t put a put, we find out later that OJ has a tendency to hire people to go take stuff out of rooms and you, you know what I mean? Like he does, he does hire people to go steal shit. He, he hired muscle. He went there himself to take that shit.

That’s true. That’s true. That’s true. He was there also. Why would he be , yeah, take the earrings and kill her. Yeah. Just in kiss in the way. Kill her. Make sure she’s dead. Yeah. At that point, gimme the earring. Scream. I don’t know what his financial situation. I know at that point. Oh, at that point he was rich.

He was. That’s what I’m saying. Why did he need, look, why did he need earrings? I bought a pair of Jordans. You gotta get those back. I’m need go pawn it and give the 300 bucks. 300 cash. Jordan. Jordan’s gonna be really good. I guarantee it. All right, well that’s that one. Okay, so here’s Here’s [00:31:00] the outrageous one.

You ready for the outrageous one? Yeah. Yeah. . I’m ready. OJ did it because he was being mind controlled by the cia. Oh my God. MK Ultra it. And why did the CIA want her killed?

Conspiracy theorists say that the football star had been subject of the CIA’s MK Ultra Experiment. Right? Which is, if you don’t know the MK Ultra experiment, it was a, we’ll do an episode, we should do an episode idea lsd. It is a CIA controlled thing where they were trying to get people to do things and see how far they could go by giving people drugs to do it.

So it’s not even about her. It’s about , can we control this guy? Oh, maybe it’s oh, can we make someone kill their wife? Right. Yeah. Like maybe it’s an experiment. I wonder what we could get him to do. So adherence to this theory say that at the time of the murders, OJ was one of those people being controlled by the [00:32:00] C I A or the Illuminati, and in hopes to start the race war.

In the race riots. But, but once again, very similar to the conspiracy of the Manson murders and the Manson. Yeah. You know, the, I I do that pretty much. Manson was like, was one of the MK Ultras. Yes. But granted, Manson’s actually fucking insane. Like it makes more sense for him cuz he’s like lost. He’s like, he’s already insane.

He fully lost. He gives some LSD and like set ’em loose. Yeah. But zero evidence. But it’s also like, yes, right. Most the people that you, but if you’re a good at your CIA job, there would be zero. But even No, but even on, no, but even on the MK Ultra thing, it’s there was. The people that were involved with, there was always the residual effects of the lsd and they were fucked up.

Mm-hmm. They were all fucked up afterwards. Yeah. Oh yeah. And , there’s no one to be fucked up. They can’t remember never ending. Yeah. There’s for the rest of their lives. Whereas ojs, sipping fucking [00:33:00] my ties. I know. Eating fucking cheeseburgers. Yeah. Talking about the latest fucking heat game.

You know what I mean? Honestly, he’s doing like commentary on his Twitter. Yeah. So that’s, so that’s what I’m saying. He just doesn’t show any , residual effects. That’s, I see. That, that’s, otherwise I just, why him? Like, doesn’t seem, it does seem far faster. It’s just , yeah. Yeah. Uj now Perfect heat.

Have you heard the, we’re gonna do another, we’re gonna do episodes on this, which is Robert Kennedy getting killed by Sirhan Sirhan. Oh yeah. And Sirhan Sirhan claims that he blacked out. Yeah. And he has no memory. Yeah. Mm. And that’s a political. Assassination. That’s a little bit different. That’s a little more of the CIA general.

That, that seems, seems more like, that’s more CIA the class. Yeah. cuz that’s a, a hefty goal that was accomplished. Yeah. Not, not like kill your wife. Yeah. And it wasn’t nobody wins and No, no offense to Nicole, but Nicole wasn’t anybody really politically, she wasn’t running for president. Yeah. Or anything other than really just Nicole living her [00:34:00] good life.

You know what I mean? So, yeah. Yeah. All right. There you go. All right. Next one. Then another one is, that OJ didn’t do it and it was a case of mistaken identity. So one of the lawyers, what, one of o J’s lawyers was named Fle Bailey. he was part of the dream team.

Okay. And he said that, he thought a theory, he wrote a 20,000 word essay on his website and it said it was a less dramatic theory of who was responsible. , because the dream team scrapped a number of potential witnesses who could have testified in his defense. , according to Bailey, the defense feared that calling more witnesses would lead to a mistrial.

Oh, so he could he could be tried again. Yeah. So one such witness was a neighbor named Tom Lang, who would’ve testified that he saw Nicole Brown Simpson talking to two strange men outside her condo the night of the murders. They’re like Jehovah’s Witnesses, who knows? In an interview with Associated Press, Bailey said that he suspects the two men were drug dealers who killed [00:35:00] Nicole in a case of mistaken identity.

Oh, they thought like she was somebody else and like, where’s that fucking cash? Yeah. He swears that he will go to his grave defending Simpson for the charges against him. He said, so long as I am alive, there will be one person aside from Simpson himself. Who knows from the evidence that he did not kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald, or she could have been trying to buy some drugs and then, you know, or, or she could have been regularly buying drugs from these guys.

And then they were Hey, fuck you owe us some money. Like, tr true. I just don’t know why this guy’s gonna go to his grave being I know Oja didn’t do it because I saw her talking to two guys. I know that’s, if he would’ve, well he wasn’t called No, but wasn’t called to you. No, but the thing is, like he, and if you were him, you probably wouldn’t want to, you know, speak out about it.

Like, this guy is one of the most hated guys. you’re gonna, you’re going to, I wouldn’t wanna be in the spotlight. No, I’m not, I’m not saying why he didn’t testify. I’m saying , they, they didn’t actually call him to, they didn’t call him. I’m saying that’s okay. So they didn’t call him. So No, I’m saying , why did he, why is he like, I’ll go to my grave defending oj.

But he was No, he’s talking about the, [00:36:00] the lawyer. The lawyer said, the lawyer said that. Oh, okay. I thought, I thought this was the guy who just saw her talking to two dudes. I’m like, why is this guy gonna go? You just saw her talking to two random dudes, bro, then like, watch a attack happen. No, the lawyer’s saying like, look that we had this witness.

I, I see. We didn’t want to put him on there in case there was a mistrial or whatever the . Right. But okay, I understand that. And, and the witness, like, I understand why he didn’t come forward. I wouldn’t, dude, fuck no, I I didn’t say shit. Yeah, I didn’t say nothing. Fuck it. But I mean, it doesn’t mean anything.

It doesn’t, it could have been anybody. It could have been her. It’d be different boyfriends, it’d be different. There was a witness to the attack. So, so where did the theory about they were drug dealers come from? That’s just what he said cuz she was doing drugs because they’re black. Yeah. This guy’s racist.

Mistaken idea actually. You know, if we, if I was an investigative reporter or whatever, I would want to know what the toxicology report on that’s was That’s right. Yeah. On Nicole. Yeah. You know what I mean? That would if they did one. Well, I mean, yeah. I mean, [00:37:00] They might, they probably didn’t. Cause they’re probably like, they probably didn’t, her head’s cut off, so Yeah.

Yeah. That was like right in line with the DNA shit. Like, ah, that’s some new shit. Like, we’re not testing, she’s dead. What is this? Toxicology? This is bullshit. So there’s that one. I don’t know. Yeah, I mean it’s just one wi The problem with that one is there’s nothing else there except for one witness who never testified, who didn’t really see anything special.

You just saw her talking to two guys and I don’t see guys are And how does that explain, the footprint? Yes. How does that explain the, o j’s blood being there? The, the glove? None of it. Nothing. Nothing. Yes. It’s bullshit. I act. Yeah. Okay. That one’s fucked. Next. Also, it could have been OJ and AC Cali.

I know what he said. He’s looking Charlie, he’s looking at the back of their head. OJ and Charlie. Yeah. Doesn’t look like ojs back of his head. It could have been OJ in his son. Yeah. You know, you never know. Yeah. And maybe they hid. An argument that they did have, maybe, I don’t know. You know what I mean? Who knows?

Yeah. Maybe that’s what they didn’t [00:38:00] call ’em the stand. Yeah. Like, Hey, don’t testify, but, sure. Yeah. so then the last real one that has any weight to it is the CTE e Oh, that OJ had cte. What is that? C cte E is the, the concussion situation with the nfl.

 It’s, and CTE is, is It’s encephalopathy. There you go. So it’s chronic traumatic en encephalopathy.

Encephalopathy. Encephalopathy. And for those of us that may not know, just hypothetically, like people don’t know, like, what does that mean? So it’s Okay. So in the nfl in the nfl there’s a lot of, there was a lot of research done on, on players getting concussions and their brain swelling. Yeah. It’s like multiple traumatic brain injuries in the Yes.

And they would start to develop depression, rage. Like junior sale. Junior, junior, kill themselves, kill himself. Like fucking out outta nowhere. Literally, your mental and whatever. Yeah, totally. And, and, and so it’s a real thing. It’s actually a real thing. Yeah. And so the [00:39:00] idea is, is that you played football for 20 years.

Yeah. You have. Concussions, five, six and, and back sort of ed injury. And back when he played there was no concussion protocol. No nothing. It’s like, oh, you get something, woo. He’s like, you’re playing. You better get back the fuck in there. Yeah. If anything, they had like paper helmets, right? Like paper.

But I mean, I think that’s pro, that’s probably the most plausible out of all of them. Yeah. Or at least I’m, it contributed to him raging. Of course. I’m not saying it doesn’t justify his actions, but Yeah. I’m saying that could have definitely been a contributing factor. He just saw it and he’s a fucking snaps.

Mm-hmm. And he’s like, fuck it. You’re, you’re all dead. I’m killing you now. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I think that’s prob that’s, I believe that one. Yeah. Which still leads to him doing it. Here’s a hundred percent. He still, he, he, he done did it. Yeah. Here’s the problem with cte is they still. The only way to actually, fully diagnosis Yeah.

Is when you’re dead. Yeah. And they, they autopsy your brain. Ah. So there’s no way for the defense to even, it’s impossible until, until he dies, approve that anything. And [00:40:00] there’s no, watch my finger. Yeah. There’s no, there’s no test. Yeah. There’s no test. And they wouldn’t have to cut your brain open.

And they’re oh shit. Yeah. Until he was fucked up. Okay. Proven. We’ll find out in the future. Yeah. This one holds up eventually. Yeah. So there you go. That’s, those are the, the theories, those are the, uh, the side theories. Those are, you know, different ideas, different, you know what I mean? What could have happened?

I don’t know. I mean, I, I, I do think the Sun one was interesting. Yeah. I never really knew about that. I thought, I think that’s definitely interesting. I do. I don’t believe it necessarily. Yeah. Right. Right. I, I also didn’t know about it, but I doing some research for this. Then that’s when I found out, I was like, okay.

You know, it’s po It’s possible. Yeah. Possible. But, but it, it’s reasonable. It still, still, it’s re you know, it’s, no, not at all. Not close. Not at all. Yeah. Like, I would never have, like, you have that much rage for your stepmom. You’re like, I’m like, I’ll be hit her. I know. Yeah. Like, come on and then I’ll kill this waiter.

What if, what if, what if she was cheating or not cheating, but what if he was trying to get them back [00:41:00] together? That’s still not then. Then when 24 year olds I’m gonna get him back with my dad. And then when he, when she does it, I’ll kill her. Also, also, it’s the stepmom I know. Is that the actual, it’s not the actual mom.

That’s what I’m, anything you would try to get your mom home. He, he has no connection. It’s like, it’s so loose. That’s true. It doesn’t make sense. It’s, well, if you had nothing to do with it, Jason, and you’re out there, you know, sorry that you’re even involved, but you know, Hey, this is just a theory.

We’re just doing our job, Jason. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a theory. Yeah. Alright, well that’s up. Jason also let his dad up in shell companies in his name. So like, you’re not that innocent buddy. Let’s be honest. I’m like, walk away from the fan. That’s your, my best advice is to walk away. Yeah, your dad sucks. Walk away from, get outta there.

Yeah. So there you go. OJ Simpson saga. I mean, where, where, where do we stand here? So, and I’ll just tell you real quick, present day where, what is OJ doing today? Right now? So, OJ what he is doing today is he lives in Orlando [00:42:00] or at least in the, around, somewhere in the Orlando to Miami range.

You know what I mean? It’s a big range. It’s like a two and a half hour range, bro. Look, he’s got about a million followers on Twitter. And he’s got a couple hundred thousand on TikTok and he’s doing, is he pretty active on social media? Yeah. Yeah. On Twitter especially. Mm-hmm. So he is doing like, updates on, especially during the NFL season, he like will go, oh, how’s, how are the bills doing?

And, you know, and talk about Brady retiring and, you know what I mean? And so that whole thing. So he’s, he’s living his life. I don’t, you know, I feel bad for the Goldmans. yep, me too. Yeah. Same. You know, I don’t know. So they’re still, they’re, they’re still waiting on, 32 and a half million. Yeah. You know, to come their way.

Yeah. So exactly. 60. Oh, am I bad? 60 dude. That’s not even inflation. It’s just like the interest, just interest. Horrible. It must be like half a percent or something. Yeah. Because in like, inflation was bigger than that, [00:43:00] right? Oh, easily. Oh, easily. A hundred percent. Yeah. From 96 to, yeah. You to think you’re, you’re adding, you’re adding three to 5% a year.

Mm-hmm. For, for 20 years. A hundred percent inflation. Mm-hmm. Yeah. , yeah. Yeah. Mm-hmm. So, so here we are, we’re done. We spent four hours on this. Oh, Jason Simpson. What do you think? We spent longer than the jury. Oh, confirm. Oh my god. We did, we actually we’re about the same amount of time. No, we spent way long, cuz we, yeah.

Oh, all the, yeah, everything. Yeah. We’ve been, everything else. We just went a lot longer. You guys just get the edited version. Yeah, that’s true. Trust me, we might release the unedited version for Patreon members. Oh gosh. But anyways, what do you think Eric? Um,

uh, I think he did it. Yeah, I think he did it. And I think, I think all the holes that exist are just parts that we don’t know what happened. Mm. Mm-hmm. Like mm-hmm. So there are things that don’t make sense, like, like, where’s the [00:44:00] knife and where’s, where’s the cut? And, and it’s because we don’t have all of the story.

Exactly. He, for all we know, he could’ve cut himself throwing the knife away. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Or he could’ve No, they, he could’ve surprised them. And they were stabbed before they even could fight back. Oh yeah. He, he, you know what I, he does the guy first. Yeah. Boom. Boom. And she’s freaking the fuck out.

Nobody, there’s no defense wounds because there’s all surprises. Yeah. Crazy strong guy. And then he walked away and took a shower and he could’ve literally burned the clothes. Oh. Easily. You know, there’s an hour window of, we don’t know what he was doing. More than that. No. Yeah. Hour and a half. Hour, about and a half, maybe even more.

And then he goes to Chicago. No, Chicago. That’s what I’m saying. So then when he went to Chicago, there was a way big Oh yeah. That’s the nine hours of Oh yeah. Yeah. That part Then before they even called him. Yeah. I’m just saying if you didn’t want to get on the plane with all that shit, you had an hour and a half to get rid of it before you got the plane.

 On the way in the shower, uh, or at the airport and all that stuff, they, [00:45:00] they weren’t like hitting, they weren’t hitting a shower with fucking luminol back then to like look for blood. Yeah. And it’s pretty obvious. I mean, you remember when Cato said he heard an earthquake? It’s because OJ was walking behind there and he hit the AC unit in an accident that, you know, the ac that juts out.

Yeah. And, and ca and Cato was like Cato’s, like, you know, AC unit? Like the, the like the window unit? Yeah, the window unit. And it just sticks out. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. He just fucking banged into it and kiddo’s like stone and he’s like, oh my god, fuck earthquake bro. Yeah. And that’s it. That’s it. You know what I mean?

And then, and then he just, He’s a liar. He became a really good liar for his whole life. Oh, the thing is like, he’s a great liar and he learned how to keep the face of , everything’s fine, man. Yeah. I love you buddy. See, the thing about oj, he’s actually, he’s good. He’s, he’s good at that. He’s crazy.

Like he’s better than a liar. Cause he’s actually not lying. He’s just not saying anything. Yeah. Mm-hmm. He’s just really good at not saying anything. Yeah. And then , people don’t ask him additional follow up questions. Yeah. I don’t know why. Yeah. He just, he, he’s an [00:46:00] answer that says nothing. He’s nice.

He’s like, not lying, but not telling the truth. He’s he, he’s figured out how to be in the middle. I know. He’s just saying nothing. He’s saying nothing at all. Yeah. I, I mean, I don’t want, he was a great football player, but Yeah. There’s a lot of, yeah. Whatever that means. Nothing to me, but, and nobody really says it much, but I think he’s stupid.

I think he’s a stupid person. I mean, clearly not sense he got away with murder. No. What does that mean? That means like, I mean, he, I think he’s a low iq. Stupid. Individual. Individual. Individual. Yeah. Okay. But what what makes you say that? Just because of how he acts, and he is just because he has no acts.

Stupid. Hey, but he thinks, is he acting like that on I know, but he thinks it’s okay to then write a book called If I did it. Well, see, that’s, that’s why he’s just so , what’s the word? It’s like, like inept? Well, that, no, it’s not inept. It’s, it’s just having, he has zero empathy. Like that’s why. That’s right.

That’s what leads me to believe to the CTE thing, that he’s he’s actually this, like psychopath. Yeah. He’s he’s a sociopath. Yeah, because he is like, okay. It’s funny. It’s funny to That’s right. [00:47:00] It almost seems like he’s always fucking smiling and laughing about it and about life or whatever. Like everything.

There’s videos of him, like making jokes about stabbing people. Yeah, it was, he got, and he got interviewed and then he wanted to play a joke on her, and she opens her door and he’s like, ha, like putting, stabbing. He’s like laughing. He’s like, like, it’s funny, I’m, he’s a sociopath. Yeah. I think he’s a fucking sociopath.

Yeah. I think he doesn’t actually have remorse because he doesn’t see what he did wrong. He didn’t do anything wrong. What’s the problem? Yeah, like she deserved it. Fuck it. Like why should I? Why should I feel bad? And so he’s just gonna hold it to the grave. He already admitted and he did it. That’s where he wrote a book.

Yeah, but I mean, that’s a good point. He wrote a book. That’s a confession. If I did, if I did, I know. How was that? Not a confession error. No, I know. I agree with you. I agree with you. I mean, my God, be hypothetically recalled. I Hypothe recall murdering her. Like Jesus, I wonder, I wonder if it’s in some sick way, it’s a way to feel better about, I think it is telling somebody, you know what I mean?

Where you imagine Hold imagine holding [00:48:00] that in for sure. Yes. Like it’s definitely a way for him to in a weird. In a weird way. In a weird, I think that, cause I think he’s just a gross dude. Yeah. I think he’s an actual, just gross human. Yeah. And I think he did that in a way because it was a game to him.

Mm-hmm. And he is oh great, now I can do this. Yeah. I can make some money in, but it’d still be fun for me. Yeah. I to write this book. it’d be fun for me. Yeah. But, but did he make money from that? No. Cuz he went to the, eventually he thought he was going to, he thought he was gonna, he was going, but then he got fucked by the Golden True Chill company.

Good on the Goldmans for sticking, I know for 30 years. They, dude, yeah. They don’t strong, they, they’re not forgetting this. I’m like that. No. If you’re a father. Oh no. You’re never gonna, I would have like Google alerts on him. Oh dude. A hundred percent yes. Following him. Oh, I’d be a follower.

I’d be stalking that shit. I’d be stalking that motherfucker. I’d be in Orlando. I’d move to Orlando. You’d be in jail cause Oh, he’d be dead. I would’ve killed him. I would’ve fucking murdered him. Yeah. And then kill myself. Cause I can’t survive in jail. Yeah. So that’s true. A hundred percent. I can’t take, I ain’t beating nobody’s bitch.

They ain’t taking me to jail. Motherfucker. Motherfucker. [00:49:00] I think, um, yeah, I think he did it. And, uh, I think, so I think what happened is he, he was an, a raging whatever with her and, he went over there and she was going to have a date. Mm-hmm. I think there was some sort of date scenario.

Yeah, yeah. Going on. And maybe that person never showed up. Or they left already, and then homie showed up just to bring the glasses back. This wrong place, wrong time. And then he raged and then he did it, and then killed them both, and then just walked away. And, you know, he’s crazy, in my opinion. You know, he’s crazy.

Exactly what you’re saying. He walked away from the scene. Remember that? Remember? Yeah. They did the, an analysis of his footsteps. His his, he walked his gate. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. His gate. Yeah. He walked. Yes, he walked. He didn’t run. He didn’t run. He like mosy. He didn’t skip. He mosey back. He walked away. Yeah, he walked away.

So yeah, I think, anyways. And then, and then. I think the prosecution fucked up the case. Just royally. They fucking ruin [00:50:00] dude. Uh, I think it’s, my theory is kind of close to yours. Yeah. But like, not that she was going to, you know, be with somebody else, but that she was, you know, she was there, she was gonna get together with the, with oj No, no, no.

The waiter. The wait to Ron. Ron, Ron. Yeah. Okay. Exactly. Yeah. And then OJ knew, knew about it. And that’s when he showed up. That would, that would be a clean explanation. Yeah. Right. He knew it was happening and so he was waiting Yeah. And waiting for him to get there. So he catch me. So when he found out, catch him in the act.

Yeah. He found out he got enraged. So he goes over there and he is , you know, fuck this shit you to pick this little guy over over me. He has a history of being true, you know, this person that gets en raped and beating his wife. Yeah, that’s true. So he just you know, he just went over the top.

Yeah. And then he’s just , fucking, and it just kept going over, you know, here’s, here’s what I think.

I think that I’m a little different from both of you, but I, well, well, just to That acknowledges I, I, I get it. Yeah. It doesn’t, it makes sense. It makes sense. There’s nothing that says it didn’t happen. [00:51:00] Well, yeah. That there’s nothing that says that, you know what I mean?

I’m just saying like, it, it would make sense. And then, you know, just to finish off, like, you know Yeah. He, the, the, the prosecution fucked it up. Yeah. They just Totally, yeah. You know, screwed it up Yeah. Every which way possible that they could. Yeah. And uh, and he got away with it. Yeah. And then, and money shows that he spent 5 million.

On his defense, which back in the day is like a billion dollars. Yeah. So it just kind of shows. So like No, I’m just saying so much money. I’m just saying if you’re him, you’re gonna say no. I know, but I’m just saying helped. Yeah, that definitely helped. Oh, okay. Yeah. You have competent lawyers money.

I thought you were trying to say something that. No. Prove whatever anyways. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No. Yeah, a hundred percent. He had, he had the, the dream team. Yeah, the dream team. It was the dream team. Yeah. Actually, yeah. So now you’re gonna, you’re going, let’s look, so the aliens came down there. Pyramids.

Pyramids came down now, so the employees, it’s inside joke [00:52:00] between me and Eric. So anyways, no, I think that I, I, I think that OJ was watching the house. I think OJ suspected that she was sleeping with somebody else. I think it was wrong place, wrong time for Ron. I think he came over Okay. To return, I think it was an innocent thing.

Yeah. I think he knew her and they were friendly, but I don’t think she was fucking him just enough to do a favor. Yeah. I, I think he, I think he just came over. I think OJ was, I think OJ was watching the spot cuz I think he was just psycho jealous. Yeah. And then sees Ron get there and he is , I knew it.

And it’s like, it validates all of his psychosis. Okay. And then he goes and he is , confronts him. And I think, I think there’s no defensive wounds. Cause I think Ron was probably Hey man, like that’s not what you look like. I’m not, I’m not here. I have nothing to do with, I have nothing to do with this.

I’m my thing. And he’s , okay, yeah. And then fucking dead. And then he, and then he goes and gets her because it said , didn’t she, there was something about the stairs, but she fell and then she had no dirt on her feet. So meaning she didn’t really, she went outside, out, out and Yeah. I think she maybe tried to get, anyways, that’s what I think happened with that.

But my, my weird, [00:53:00] my other little conspiracy thing that I didn’t bring up until this point in time, I think, I think that the prosecutors fucked it up on purpose. Wow. Hmm. Why? Because of what would happen with the whole Rodney King thing, and then the fact that there was riots because they didn’t prosecute.

They didn’t prosecute the da basically. Yeah. The DA didn’t prosecute the, the cops that beat the shit outta Rodney King. So this was their, like, their way of like making amends. Okay. Because it’s virtually impossible to fuck that case up. Like how do it’s, it’s, it’s too, how do you fuck up everything about this thing?

They messed it up. No, it’s, it’s not that they, they made one mistake they made, are you talking about the Rodney King case or the No, I mean, I’m talking about oj. OJ case. Okay. Yeah. You can, how, because you, you realize that the DA won’t even prosecute most of the times they won’t prosecute crimes that they can’t, they don’t think they can win.

Yeah. Yeah. Because they don’t wanna fuck up their record. Yeah. So And they had a fucking, an alley swam dunk. Like highlight real, [00:54:00] like easy peasy. Yeah. And they fucked, flatter, and they fuck up all these things. So I think it was , Hey, like we gotta do something to , okay, kill the city down.

Yeah. give them a win. We’re gonna have to fuck this up. Really? And we’re gonna have to blow. But weren’t they already chill by then? fuck no. What you, you said it was like two years, like two, three years later. Three years later. Yeah. Like think about the, yeah, I’m just saying think about the George Floyd riots.

What, you know, what, what, what would those last maybe let’s say give it a year, six months. Six months. Let’s just say year. No, but no, but look how that changed. Look how that changed the United States, though. Oh, for sure. But saying, and still like that. So they wanna be oh, okay, look, we give a shit.

Oh, we’re not, we’re not, we’re not, we’re not racist. Well wait. So I can formulate it. So what you’re saying is, is the DA blew the case on purpose, blew the case on purpose because they felt they messed up on the king case. Yep. So then it made it because it made the right look. They didn’t wanna like read and they didn’t wanna re Cause dude, they [00:55:00] convict with what was happening.

It was a fucking powder keg. If they convict OJ then you could, they were probably like looking like it’s gonna be a fucking nightmare. Yeah. And it’s , it’s like, yeah, I think you give the da too much credit, but, but I like your theory. I mean, I like your theory. I think they’ve just messed up. You know what I mean?

But how do you mess up everything? I know. I dunno how they, I don’t know. Yeah, I know. How do you mess up? I know, I know. Yeah, I know. It’s if they made theory, if they made one mistake, I get it. Two mistakes fine. But all the mistakes, the whole case is a mistake. There’s not really anything that was done.

Right. Even it’s like we have a picture of OJ holding the knife. Like, oh, we lost the picture. Fuck. It was crazy too. It wasn’t like they put rookies up. No. Right. These are veteran. That’s my point. Prosecutors, it’s like strange. That’s strange. You understand? they don’t try cases that they don’t think they can win and they f you can’t fuck something up that bad.

There’s, yeah, that’s what I’m saying. you know, there’s like the concept of you [00:56:00] know, there are, you know, there aren’t really no coincidences. Yeah. It’s kind of like that, it can’t be coincidence. it’s not Murphy’s Law. It’s everything that goes wrong will go wrong.

Cause like if that was the case, the fucking earth would explode. Yeah. Because that’s what could go wrong. I’m gonna ask what could hit is we die. Yeah. So I, I, that’s what I think happened. That’s my, that’s my take. All right. It’s my hot, hot take. Okay. But we all are on the same. We’re all on the same oj. Oh, a hundred percent Taylor.

Yes. A hundred with without a shadow. A doubt. Maybe with some other circumstances thrown in. That’s another thing is like, right know, I do think, I do think someone helped OJ on the cleanup, so there you go. I do. Someone helped OJ on the cleanup. I think ato? Yeah, maybe Theto. I think Kato was Charlie. Yeah.

Who was Charlie Drug dealer. Maybe I somebody know. Yeah, somebody definitely helped him in the cleanup. Yeah, like with his own shit. But other than that, or at least they something. Oh yeah. Maybe they weren’t there, but yeah, you’re right. Maybe they clean up. Yeah, because hey, so much blood take, take my [00:57:00] shirt, take my pants, take this, take this bag.

Maybe they didn’t even tell ’em what it was. Yes. Take the bag. And it’s go leg. Let kill the plane. Go dump it in Sacramento. Burn it. You know, like, burn it. Let’s go. Burn it. Yeah, burn it. Burn it. McDonald’s, don’t ask any more questions. Yeah, let’s do it. Here’s ak. Yeah. And a mustache sounds like, sounds like an AC Collins.

That’s a kind of job. Yeah. Here’s 200 bucks. Yes. Don’t ask questions, just take it. You got it. I’ll be right. I’ll be right back with the Bronco. Pick you up. No offense. Ac But ac here’s my question for you. Full of, full of offense. AC is why, the only reason I can think that you took OJ on the chase is if he had a gun to your head.

Otherwise, why would you do it? I don’t think he had a gun. I know. No, he, he wanted to help him cuz they were friends. Yeah. And he, you know, and help ’em what run. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s what it was. It says. Because of the disguises. Mm-hmm. All that stuff. Yeah. And the, he, he’s ride or die. He, he was How many times that He said that?

Probably like four or five. And then you, nobody one was it’s your homie for Yeah. [00:58:00] It’s like high, high school. Yeah. They were high school stars. So he’s your friend from high school, you know, and, and he, he made it big. He probably took you with, you know, took you to the club. Exactly. He’s like one of the crew.

Exactly. Start it from the bottom. Ain’t no snitch. Snitch. Ain’t no snitch. There ain’t no snitch. Fuck the cop. Fuck the police. Yeah. I wonder if they, I wonder if they remained friends. Probably. Probably. Hmm. I don’t know. I, they ac I’d be We ain’t friends no more motherfucker. Yeah. This was your last favorite card.

Yeah. Like we’re done. Yeah. This is your Don’t call my mom anymore. Yeah. Burning the bag was the last one. That’s it. The last straw. Yeah. Yeah. Melting down the knife. The bag that burnt the camel’s bag. Well, there’s one other thing that is just kind of bugs me. So here we are now we’re in 2023 and he’s still out there.

Yep. He’s still living his life. And so I understand and I get it. He was acquitted by legal court. Yeah. And that’s fine. but here’s what I do feel like I’m [00:59:00] obligated to say on behalf of the Goldmans and Nicole and all that is we don’t need to follow him. Yeah. We don’t need to support him. He’s free.

Well, I’m not gonna go, we’re not gonna go arrest him. Right. He’s free. It is what it is. He, we, he, he won the case. But should he have a million followers on Twitter? Fuck no. No, that’s, that’s insanity. No, he shouldn’t. Right. Well, that quarter million on TikTok, all his followers, doesn’t mean that they’re supporters I know of.

You could be like fucking, like trying to watch the train wreck. All of them are are, they’re just like, no, I know. I mean, you’re right. Kind of like Eric said on the, on the flat earth things like, well, the, yeah, exactly. 20%. Yeah, exactly. Followers, execution. You’re right. But the people on flat earth didn’t butcher somebody.

Yeah, that’s a great point. That’s a really good point. They didn’t cut somebody’s head off. Yeah. I’m saying stab a 24 year old. Some people. You know, follow Biden or Trump or whatever, like some of these people that you’re just like, I just wanna see, see what this idiot says, or whatever. Biden and Trump didn’t cut somebody’s head off.

That’s true. [01:00:00] It is a little different. It’s a little different. I, your point isn’t wrong. So, so I But is a little different what? I actually looked it up. Yeah. Joe Rogan follows OJ Simpson on Twitter. So does, so does, uh, Mr. Beast, Mr. Beast follows OJ Simpson, the world’s biggest. I love YouTuber, both of them.

I love both of them. I think they’re, I think they’re great well-intentioned people and super famous in their own right. And doing great, but they don’t need to follow him. Mm-hmm. I don’t, I think it’s so unnecessary. They don’t need to. Right. It’s like watching a tv. What we’re we’re really trying to say is, you don’t need to support him.

You don’t need to support him. Yes. Yeah. And obviously somebody’s gonna say, oh, well, coming from the guy who’s doing a podcast on him. Yeah. We’re talking about him cutting people’s heads off. Yeah. And I, we’re not here trying to support him. Yes, exactly. So that’s all I’m saying. I will freaking tag. Joe Rogan and Mr.

Beast and tell ’em not, you know, but it like, that’s the point is, you know, let’s I agree and I’m gonna tag OJ because it is No, I’m just kidding. Despite, despite , you know, maybe that you follow someone, you [01:01:00] don’t, you don’t wanna support them. But the way that social media works Yeah. Is if someone that big is following it, it is flowing Views you.

Yes. That’s right. If you, yeah. Especially if somebody, if Joe Rogan followed our podcast, we would be fucking huge. Yeah. Instantly. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. And also these are just our opinions. Yeah. You know what I mean? You know, we’re just three, we’re three guys three high school diplomas. But we’re just, just saying we’re, this is interesting cuz this is our first one where everybody’s still alive.

Yeah, most of these, most of ’em, most of the stuff we do are historical. Yeah. True. You know what I mean? And so this is just, or theoretical, yeahs. So. Alright, there you go. I hope you learned something. Yeah. I hope you got, an opinion of your own. Yeah. And you know what’s cool is like a lot of you guys, email us in and give us your opinion.

So Yeah, we love that. Absolutely. And if you have a different theory, we’ll even, we’ll make a little addendum to the next episode that we do. Obviously won’t be OJ but We’ll, we’ll, we’ll literally, we’ll give you a little shout out of, of your theory if, if it’s legit, if it’s like a stupid one. I’m [01:02:00] sorry.

Yeah. I’m not gonna say it. Yeah. But if it’s a legit one Yeah, absolutely. I’ll fucking say it for you. I promise. I’ll put it on blast and then we’ll go to the next episode. Absolutely. There you go. And I have one more thing to say, which is two oj And if he didn’t do it, if he didn’t do it, then wouldn’t you put every resource you have in fighting, fighting, funny, legitimate person.

He did do it. If you loved your wife so much, you loved her so much, wouldn’t you wanna find the killer ex-wife? Well, he, well, he said he couldn’t have killed her cause he loved her so much. Yeah, yeah. I’m just saying wouldn’t, there’s nothing, there’s no action, there’s, there’s no theory there. There’s nothing shows that he’s trying to, nothing.

He’s not trying at all. Zero, zero effort in 30 years. The opposite. Actually, it’s the opposite. So that’s all I’m saying. I will give you, the door is open for you to go, okay, I’m gonna prove my innocence. I’m gonna find it, I’m gonna find out who did it. And so go out there and fucking do it, man. [01:03:00] Yeah, that’s right.

There you go. I like that. All right guys. Night night. Next episode. Peace.